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Horror in the Darkness

Horror in the Darkness for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Karmic Shift Studios located at 30A Harrison St West Featherston 5710 New Zealand. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I liked the game but i think it would cool to like add backgrounds or pictures to really make you feel in the story if you know what i mean
A gripping story, although it highly benefits from some thematically appropriate music playing alongside it. It captures the feeling of loneliness and the feeling that something awful has happened very well. My only gripe is that the puzzles are quite simplistic and it is easy to put two and two together.
Neat little game, pay attention to your walking directions because the map won't tell you everything. Will be trying out the second part soon!
Awesome text game!! I found horror in the Pacific first so now going back to the original games! Love curling up in the dark with head phones in :) the music sets the tone.
I love how it gives off a creepy vibe but still go to places safe without getting yourself killed. Or is there a moment where you'll get killed? I really enjoyed playing this game
A short but interesting story game. Well written and a bit different from other text-based games. Rather than following a linear story line and making choices along the way you actually "move around" in the world and solve puzzles.
I'm a massive fan of Lovecraft's work & this Lovecraftian themed story while it was short was highly enjoyable & well worth downloading to play, it is very good
For a short story it is really engaging, with very smart puzzles to solve. It has all kinds of crazy and creepy stuff.
Nice to introduce people to the basic concepts of text adventures. Not great writing & very short. The map was essential and useful. Decent hints (only needed for people new to this kind of game).
Omg😳😁 Loved this game!!! Its simple, but makes you think what do i do next and how so i do it😒😏 Its great for 2mins waiting in line, or 20mins waiting for your pizza to come out of the oven😋 Can't wait to play the next one.
I installed it 5 years ago, I remember I played this game effortlessly without hints. I played again yesterday and forgot all the storyline, the only thing I remember is that it was dark, horrifying. I enjoyed playing this with hints now. I love that it feels so vivid and engaging. Small size, no annoying ads. I highly recommend this game for everyone.
really is mind bugging since it is full of texts and you just have to find an ending every now and then. the color really suit well the horror and thrill feels. one of the best text rpg in the past before bitlife and Torn mrpg came to me. i rate it that good. make more! (o・・o)/
I loved it so muchhh...it was very well constructed and you could tell that it is very enjoyable and eerie at the same time..
A delightful little text adventure. Not very long, but thrumming with spooky atmosphere and setting the stage for a larger story. Excellently done.
First time playing this kind of game. Highly reccomend if your looking for something new. Plus a great story. 👌🏽
Simple enjoyable horror adventure This is nicely written with well designed play system. A bit short but that can be good too
Very well done! Gameplay relies heavily on you examining everything, even after you pick it up, and paying close attention to details. My only criticism is a lack of breadcrumbs around the toybox. The only reason I figured that out is I started just using all options with everything. While that is technically a staple of old school text adventures, it can mean that maybe you aren't communicating as well with your players as you'd prefer. Overall, fantastic game! Can't wait to play the sequel!
Was excited to try this. Sadly, a lot of tedious flipping back and forth. "Puzzles" are so dead simple that there is no feel of success, after a while you just want it to be over. Sorry.
Exactly what I expected. Enjoyed it greatly and will definitely look into the sequels. It's fun despite being somewhat minimalistic in its form. Keep up the good work :-)
This is short easy text based mystery game. The puzzles won't be hard for anyone with some wit. The music is nice. It's a good game for 1st time mystery game players. I would've given 3/5 except for a couple things; not enough scares, strict path to beat game, and a horrible glitch. This glitch makes it so items don't disappear in my inventory when I needed them, and its happened to me consistently so I never beat the game. I sent email to devs for 4 help but no answer. Will try deluxe edition.
All four are amazingly awesome to play. I've ended up buying each one in Hope's it will give enough support to ensure future games
The puzzle mechanics were interesting but not unintuitive, which was great! A nice mobile way to play a point-and-click type of game! And very good atmospheric music!
No graphics to speak of in this text based game. It was a touch confusing for me until I started to use the map. The hints help too. Challenging but not too hard to complete.
A fun semi-traditional IF game (this isn't Zork, but it has plenty of "use the x with the y.") It's easy—I only had to resort to a hint for one puzzle, and I'm usually a hint user. Many room descriptions don't mention every exit, but they are almost always visible on the map, so it's not a huge problem. Overall very satisfying and atmospheric. It's definitely worth the hour or so it takes to play.
Really enjoyed, completed it within hours. Wish there was more with the lore but Im sure thats in the sequel.
I am leaving this 5 star review for two reasons. One, because it deserves it. Two, to try to outweigh the idiot that complained the text based game was only text based.
At first you might find difficult and boring but once you got the hang of it..you will enjoy every bit of it. The plot is simple yet entertaining.
Really had fun playing this game, the words are very comforting to me. This is a short story but indeed is good.
I really enjoyed the story! I kept expecting a little more horror to happen, like a great beast to attack me! I think the suspense could be added with some timed text! I really enjoyed the world exploration, the using items to interact with the world (like collecting, and combining objects) and using items to passively interact with the environmental conditions (boots!) All together, solid! :)
Excellent, just make sure to check your inventory if you die. The game may have not have saved since you last picked something up.
Simple yet interesting horror game. What could be improved, imo: -game length -more endings as well as deeper story explanation -a tiny bit of visualisation would improve gameplay. For a short game it's alright but if it was longer and I opened it after a few days break, I would be lost in the black plain text design. (the hints are helpful tho)
Immersive, atmospheric, & gothic... Creates a creeping & understated sense of foreboding & mounting dread. Horror before cheap jump scares & gore. Highly recommended!
So fun. Just like walking through a Lovecraft story. I've made quite a bit of progress, and can't wait to solve the mystery...or die or go mad in the attempt : )
Pretty solid puzzle game. SPOILER ALERT: Only had to use the hint feature twice for the butter knife on the heater grate and the darn hammer on the loose metal rod, most players should be able to breeze through the game within an hour or so. The horror elements though was only present for me when investigating the corpses, the notes left by the characters, and the lake. I wish something would have changed when picking up the artifact/idol, an initial reaction at least to possessing the idol.
A decent choose-your-adventure style game. The writing has good Lovecraftian vibe. Unfortunately, the is very short, rather simple, and dissapointingly light on plot. Having hints built in the game is a nice idea, but it is too easy to accidently click on the hints button, spoiling the game.
Were the story longer I would rate higher. Puzzles are not impossible. Story seemed to only follow one path, but developer openly advertised bigger and better in the paid sequel.
I really love this game! One of the very best Text Based Games I've played in years and I have downloaded all the games from the dev to try out! I woud certainly review the others after I played them! (I fixed the problem I have with this from my previous review now)
I loved playing this game so much.. The story was intersting and the gameplay was something new to me. I had to keep my eyes out for anything that was described to make sure I didn't miss a thing.. It was short but fun nonetheless. For anyone expecting anything more from this game don't.. It is a simple storytelling text game and nothing more.. You have to play in the dark as there is nothing to rely on but your own wits and memory. Great job developers and I hope you make more games like this..