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Horror Clown - Scary Escape

Horror Clown - Scary Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by PUZZLE STUDIO located at Cau Giay-Ha Noi. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it a lot especially chapter 1 I love the graphics and everything .keep going and make lots of games like this (Thank you)
Super i like 1 st first one but i don't like 2 like second one i am on trame i can't escape from that trap but 1 is suuuuuuper
game is good, graphics are good but pennywise is not very scary and can you add something to kill pennywise.
it is not good.............it is the best horror game in the whole wide world. you are soo hard working. this game is soo scary, i love it 😍. but can you make the big πŸ”¨ (hammer) of the clown a little more scary please πŸ˜…. this game is better than other game like Granny and the nun, etc... can you add these things please 😣. Gun that kill the clown for 2 minute or more(your choice) more rooms, more items, can you add more scary noises.thats all 😁. i will always support you. THANK YOU! πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€©
nice app but in the next update you must give us a weapon to kill the clown for some time.and in the cupboard area where lots of cupboards are placed but I saw some new area behind the left side cupboards and I also saw some new area behind some windows so this is my question that can u really give us the new area behind the cupboards and windows?if you can than please tell me when will this update come.and please please make your official Facebook pg and if u have your pg than tell me the name
A good game... Played it on nightmare mode and got jumpscared and it's also kinda related to IT chapter 2 which is lovely. Especially the part where the game made reference to 27 years same as IT chapter 2
My mom yelled at me and my sister for screaming in horror and almost peeing ourselves while playing this it's really scary 10/10 recommend
great game. but the chapter 2 is way to easy . it will be scarier if there is another clown who guard the basement and will chasing us.
This game is so horror😱,but I think it needs to update like it should have more floors but its soooooo good
It's a awesome game and graphics don't talk about graphics they are the best but 1 problem so many ads
this is the best game i enjoyed very and the ghost is so funny . who cannot tried this game please try and dont scared because the clown is so funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
this game is okay the graphics are good but this game doesn't catch my eye as much are other games do xx
This game is jumpscare and i like it, but i can see the hint only once but i like it much because it interesting
I can't see anything,I installed this game thinking this looks great but when I started to play it everything and I mean EVERYTHING WAS BLACK I saw a flashlight thought it would automatically turn on but it didn't and there was nothing to press on the screen to turn on the flashlight, would not install again.
I love this gme especially chapter two, i have a idea maybe u can add a chapter three where pennwise comes back or u can add something to chapter two like bill beig able to save beverly.
its a good game the graphics are good the concept the story is best and the excellent feature is that u have inventory in it. and u can save things with you and best thing is there is a ghost mode i loved it its great game must play this
Nice Game Interesting game. Name that movie you told penny wise. No I didn't see the movie. Name that movie.
can you add 5 days to get a game over ending i don't like to die fast like the clown attack the player and game over appear and fix and optimize relax mode i played the and game starting to be laggy and buggy please fix your game and optimize it
Good game and i deleted my previous comment.. bcoz .. I played this game one more time care fully and its a good game waiting for its 2nd part... And plz... Make the penny wise little real bcoz.. The joker is too much fat.. And in the film penny wise in flat shape... So. Plz.. Do the joker more better than this....
Hey could you add quality setting to the game it some time lags when I open a door and when pennywise sees me could you fix this btw good game. hope you can respawn thanks
This game is very fun I play this game for 3 months and please improve on graphics because I am not see clear graphics in this update specially in any room I try to watch the wall wall is not see clearly please improvement on your game and everything is good
This game is too scary. I'm playing it at 12 in the morning and my heart is racing soo bad I 100% recommend this app. If you are not on a data or wifi connection the game is slightly better, because it will not play adds when you aren't connected
This game is awesome i give this game 5 stars and also the basement will be opened on on the next version on August 5 2019 the second chapter was awesome but i was wondering what happened to the police officer.
This is a nice game find things cosmo chessboard losing the cabinet mission game and I will not only for a few weeks of the day of the day of the day of the day u can be used to be a problem with the doctor and the council of ministers in uuu up to the song and dance and call me if one boy who have not received a call from you sunu image and call me if I'm going for it is not rated user reviews on 30-12-2019 the same day flowers page of your own personal email is confidential or a used in conju
okay I dont rate on a usual basis but reading what you said during the game that you were a fan of horror games, that kinda gave me the vibes to type a review. the game is good and real scary I gotta be honest and yeah I have found alot of things. knives m, fuse, medkits etc. the game is good please work on it and try to make it better. work on the graphics also. very good game. I recommend it
Graet game their is a bug though once and a while it will glitch back to where u originaly and i got killed twice but other wise geat game
This game was pretty good but finding some things were confusing but over all it was fun and very mysterious. It was a fun experience and I cant wait for the next part.
This is one of the best horror game but pls update se rooms, and some creepy things i will be fun and scary to play once u download it u will never reject!πŸ˜‰ This is the bet horror 🀑 clown game ever!!
I complete the game and first time I complete a horror game I download granny chapter 2 granny chapter one and many of horror games but I don't be continued on this that games because that's games are so danger and the I don't like that games with in the scheme The youtuber wonder hubI see him and then do the escape I love this game because first time
This Is The Best Horror game I Tried it on ghost mode And i gotta say WHO LET THE DOGS OUT So I Liked it So It's like Evil nun And Evil kid and Evil Snowmen
this game was so good.I love the suspense in game and all the chapters. I also played the basement chapter it was soo good.I love this game.^_^☺☺ . . . . . . . . . . . . . (are you going to make another chapter?) . . . edit: you should continue in my opinion and if you want to make another game it's okay with me:-)
I am giving your game 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ because of the speed . You should increase the speed a little bit but the game is fabulous.
Your game is best compare to other horror games GTA is failed to makes games like you but the face of the ghoost is very funny so I can play it on nightmare mod you should make scary ok????? And also think more for new updates My openion you should add car to escape ok??? Bye and also I have share with my friends They also like this game thank you for making this game ok ? Bye but plz plz update the game I am support you to grow your game my promise is I make your game popular this is m promise
Felt like this was real, I played with one eye open. It was fun and I hope it did not end at level 2..keep it coming...
Good game. I'm new to these scary games so I'm not great at them but I do think you need a run setting so you have a chance to escape
It really is a good game .... The house version is really scary and I love that they made 5 modes...... I eventually played on baby mode .....but I think the basement one is not that scary so I suggest that u could add some fighting with 'it' in the ending ......it would be more action type ,....so please I think u should do some more updates in this game thank u..
I enjoy this game and iam complete this game two chapters thanks making this horror please making another horror game!!!! #Superhorrorgamers
Its So Scared My Heart Beat Fast"But i enjoyed playing Horror Clown"Its so Very Nice game:But Its Also Scared And use To relax Always Because I dont want That Penney wise'.going to kill meπŸ˜‚
really loved the game. I can't seem to do much in the basement. not sure if this is because it's incomplete or because I just don't know what to do. but I would looovvee more chapters. I usually can't find good horror games. but this is the type I like.
The game is superb , and the graphics awesome, but I played almost 5-6 times in both baby And ghost mode for almost 40 mins each time but I didn't find the first aid kit πŸ˜£πŸ˜” , plz see
Listen up Horror fans This game is awesome I finished the game and it was amazing the scary thing that got me was the spider that had a human head so awesome thanks for making this game please make more like this
What a horrible game is it.. I recommend this who want to enjoy more horror. It's very terrible game..
It's really a thrilling and amazing game.. Being such a nice game it was still offline game. I really enjoy this game.. And my one request please make more offline games like this game.
The Game Was Wonderful. Pls Add The More Clown's Terrible Voice And Pls Add The Ending Scene That How The Soul Killed The Pennywise Clown. Thank You When Is Your Next Update
This game is really super game, I was very interested to explore many many rooms it is a wonderful game, so, friends i hope this will help you to understand about this game, if it is helpful pls ckick yes
This is the best game I have ever played the graphics are good but please make the best graphics I know it is but extreme graphics please and please make the chapter 2 fast please I can't wait for full chapter 2 Fast
When you reach chapter 2 the game stars glictly the game quality is very bad the player is very slow please fix it
This would have been a good game but it wouldn't let me play it for even two minutes it kept taking me the my home screen so I'm uninstalling
This is a very good game. I played this game 1 year ago and escaped this game without watching the video.
I would think it would be better if I could actually stab him with the knife I'm carrying-what is the point of having the knife really?? not being rude....just curious just saw ur reply back to me-ty btw!- ok cool, ur game is an awesome game so I DEFINITELY will do!! my 4 year old loves this game as well!!
OMG its superb game there are nothing boring in this game no complains just waiting for part2 i have completed it whole and i fell really intrested in this game this like my best game i will never unistall this game its superb,amazing,fantastic,wonderful,short of words ......just love it
Overall a great and entertaining game but you can't finish if playing offline. After it prompts you an ad is coming the game will suddenly close and you have to start over, losing all progress which is quite frustrating. You should be able to play this without any internet connection. Please fix and I will update my rating.
Nice Game But When 2nd Part of the game Comes cuz the game is not completed otherwise the game is so beautiful and the graphics are awe some
THISSSS GAAMEEE ISSS AMAZIINGGG!!!! if there is more stars i would give it 100 stars... I love everything! In it.... I love love this game... The graphics the tricks the mystery!!!
I got scared out of my mind! first i was like like okay.. then i saw the clown that scared the heck out of me! and the hanging bodies best game ever! ^w^
Your game is very nice I liked it sooo much and now even the basement is opened which is like the coolest thing ever
Wow the best game ever played this is called a real horror game. Rescuing many peoples. The 🀑 is very much funny when he laughs and dangerous when he runs behind us . Good game
i like the game , Graphics and atmosphere of the game but the problem is i cant find the other items like batteries and rat food....thats why its only 3 star....plsss update the bug
The game is great...nice gameplay and storyline...and the graphics are decent...one issue you can't pick two items at the same time...like when I'm having a knife in my hand and wanted to pickup a match box....the knife will disappear as soon as the I picked up something like (match box , keys , etc....)
Me and my cousin were playing this together! I reccommend it bc it will distract you and u will have fun! It takes alot of effort!
mind destrubing scene please left the scene the legs and eyes of human are seeking in wall very detrubing scene πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅
I love this game, I love how scary it is, I love everything about it. It's really good, I like how there are different settings. This game scares me but I love to scare myself so that's why I love it so much. There is not really a single thing I want you to change about this game. Keep up the good work!
Best game ever loved it so much, it is both scary and full of mystery... waiting for another chapter...
It is a very good game but I have give it 3 star because here many things is lock and there is no hints. Please Please Please give some hints. I request you.
This game was a very scary experience for me..... I played all the modes in this game..... I would totally recommend to make a part two for this game and trust me i would be the first person to play this game if a part two came out....... Please do so..... I would hv to say that the hard mode was my favourite.... Everything that is in inside this game is just mind blowing and amazing....... Plzzz do make a part two out of this
love this game. nightmare mode was awesome took me a few days to get to the end but a great game if u like freak dolls, jump scares, finding objects, story mode and of course Pennywise.
❀This game is wonderful . It gives me horror experience . Graphics was not too good, But i love this game❀
Can you add shotgun and another room but the room have a mini game to unlock key or something please?!?!?
I played the full chapter 1 . Full of mystery and suspense. The one who can win the game can only understand the feelings of victory. Awesome graphics. Erie music . So I rate this game 5/5. The one who created this game is really one of the best example of human intelligence. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
IT IS VERY VERY GOOD GAME EXCELLENT. I love scary videos and game THANK u so much for 5 modes yes it has 5 modes ghost relax BABY adult or nightmare mode I always play in ghost mode but when I saw a clown his eyes is very scary it is not suitable for pregnant women ok plz don't play this game if you are expecting
Super fun game, I played on nightmare mode and beat the game!!! You should add more levels then just the 2.
Honestly.... I like the game very much...... Love this game...i want to enjoy this types of game more and more...
wow wonderful game i really enjoyed and completed the both chapters in 2.5 hrs almost... its better than granny i think as all required things can store in this game no need to collect one by one... waiting for another chapter...πŸ€ͺ
This is best horror game....amazing sound effects.... Really suspense....and really interesting..... Chapter 2 to is so difficult.....and request to you...plzz next update's....and update the pennywish character ❀
Cool game, but are you going to add things and is there ever going to be an end to the story. Also can you add a Pennywise mode where you are IT and you have to kill the player
This is very scary and i love that game because i love scary games and i find a very interesting game it is my best game ever that i am download
Even though I hate clowns this game is the best. I love it and it was very fun. This is the first horror game I ever beat. Also a cool game.
Omg I love thos game sooo much this game is very very. Very. Very good it was the first game in my life that I play I baby mode means I fear to play horrer games but I also want to play horrer gamer so I play game in ghost mode . But in this case this game is not so horrer and not easy means 61 persont horrer and 39 persont easy and for the formation of the house I can diffence my self form it andi died for 6 or 7 times from it and one thing I notice that we should follow the footstep thankyou
Fantastic game. Looking forward to the next part! Only thing Id recommend is a kind of nightmare mode that changes the house to super horror gore house. Also, um, the clown. From behind he looks exactly like a very large goth guy, in a comical way, even has the walk lol. But its a really awesome game, glad i found it.
I really enjoy playing this game and it is probably my favourite mobile horror game however on Chapter 1 whenever my graphics are above low the fusebox,the fuse and the giant doll are just plain black. Please fix this! Other than that this is a great game and I really recommend it to horror fans.
Literally couldn't finish it. I couldn't get to the lever which appears to be in the basement, but to get the basement key you need to get the safe code from a man you have to rescue..which you need the lever for! Jesus
Pretty smooth gameplay, loved it at the first go. It really deserves much more than just 5 Stars, like an award.
I will tell you about the best update in that update you have to add pet of horror clown that is big incects and they walk around in house to hunt people.
This was a very good game me and my friends were so happy when we found objects this kept me so intrested and occupied for a long time if you can please make a part 3 becuase me and my friends are curious to know whats next !
This is not so entertaining game I have completed this game 12 time there is no adventure it is so simple and easy
4 stars because im not scared to this game and please update it. I can give a 5 star but now 4 stars only
OMG,very cool game!!!Even if second part didn't show ,whatever game got very intetesting and sometime even scary!!! Nice work! Really waiting IT2 for watching!Advice to everyone ,it's cool horror game!
omg I Love this game soooo badly. even though its a ripoff of granny its way better. this time pennywise can't hear you. i am not up to chapter 2 but i still love it when i get my heart pumping when he spots me. i recommend this game to anyone who loves escape games. this game should on the top recommend games!
I played the baby mode of this game but I don't understand what happend in the end plz some one tell me
it's an awesome game.Please add more stories with meanings.And make it posssible that we can also play with different characters from IT.πŸ‘
so so awesome,the story of it, the it 2 coming soon,i want the chapter 3 as soon as possible,i played second time so awesome,and i waiting for next update
This game is too scary. I'm playing it at 12 in the morning and my heart is racing soo bad I 100% recommend this app. If you are not on a data or wifi connection the game is slightly better, because it will not play adds when you aren't connected. I cant find much of anything in the 2nd version and I'm glad that there is hints, but I wish you could unlock more then one add for the hints per game.
I loved this game... It is so nice to play... The graphics are so good... Chapter 1 of this game is superb but the Chapter 2 is something which I don't like... I thought that Chapter 2 Demo version is not having the full story and the Original Chapter 2 would have something more and new but there were no changes in that and I couldn't understand what happened in that chapter... Plz give the whole story in chapter 2
This is the best horror game. Before I play this game everything was going good but when I started playing this game i heard a screaming voice when i look to window there was a scary person standing outside i was so scared that i closed my eyes and when i opened my eyes ther was no one standing outside so scary 😱😱😱😱😱.But I like this game so much 😁😁😁
it's so scary i even can't sleep at night bro this is a awsome game but you need to low the darkness and could you put some telloportation so that it easy to explore the house
I love this game because I don't like jump scares but there is a relax mode and I like it oh and on chapter 2 I don't know if it's the game but when I turn my screen it takes me out of the app
Finding things are the best part of this game. I love it very much . Thos is the real story of IT movie
Great game and very scary! Looking forward to basement update in a few days!! I'd donate money to support more levels beyond that too! Thanks for making it!
This game so many bug.at level 1 flour 3 have a big door.when i go inside,i got fell anda i stuck there.this game not very good and not very scary LOL GAME!
oh yes i Love your Game you did a great Job on it its The Best Killer Clown game ive ever play and i i hope you keep making more of them
I'm looking forward to the next part if was a fantastic game I finished it on my first try but it was pretty hard to find all the part good game five stars thank u for this
I can not know what do you want to show in the ending of the game please tell me what you want to show OK, so you want to say in this version how can I know it in this version
Excellent graphics! And that scary music! Wearing headphones adds a lot to the experience. The blood, racing heart, footsteps, the scream effects work so well! There were a number of times when I had goosebumps! Truly scary, but the story still seems somewhere incomplete. The purpose rag doll, or that of going into the long passage with cupboards, and the paper saying run now or how dare you is not clear. But the game is unique and in itself an experience. Waiting eagerly for the next part!!
Great Game!!! also please add a option to crouch the Graphics are AMAZING! make it more better(not telling that it is bad just telling that you can make the graphics more good I am giving it 5 stars it truly is Awesome :) edit: thanks for checking my review also add a Madness mode
THIS GAME SCERETS ARE VERY CREEPY , I Love It VERY MUCH , THATs' WHY I RATE 5 STARS To IT. I am Watting For New UpDATE August 5th... πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
This game is so so horror and in this you have some clue and who love horror games shows and you love hunted place you will love this I want to tell only that play this one and then you crazy 😜 for this game you can't lived with this and plz review this game once
Hi after I have broken some bricks with my hammer to get the lever 'I wanted to use it again but I didn't see it again please what should I do
Over all I like the game but they need to fix the attic u fell through the floor and got caught making it a massive struggle getting back up it would be better than grany just gotta fix the attic
It is a good game but I think that there is a lot of darkness even in the baby mode like in granny we may select or may not select the darkness option
A very very very very and very horrified and agame with so much puzzles l think that you should download this game and have fun with this thanks play store for such a wonderful game
Idk I cannot find the spell to release the spirit nah I just come back and forth from second floor to first floor.
This is a nice game. I am playing this game for 2 years and my cousin also like this game. It was very horror.
Good... no great graphic and content, no jumpscare, hilarious translated ( nhện mαΊ·t lΓ¬n, chuα»™t IQ vΓ΄ cα»±c, im dying XD) i think u should add night mode ( using candle or some think to find the way out ). Luv this game so much<3
Please optimise your game. I have 6gb RAM phone but then also it is legging I think in your game some issues are there please optimise and fix the bugs.
It ok,the clown is scary as hell and he runs after us fast but sometimes I out run him witch is amazing! His laugh is scary and cool at the same time,love this game! Definitely 5 stars
I think this game is the best . It is better than game nun and granny , I it's super duper cool . I never played any of the horror games like this. It's very good this children can also play . There are too many options and graphics .
Completed the new version of the game and it was sooo interested. Story and solving the puzzle were awesome. One of the best horror games ever. This ends at the basement and next chapt may be started from there,I think so, I'm looking for next chapt. Its awesome, thankzzz πŸ‘Œ
I love this horror game and this game was most amazing game I have played I have completed this game ch1 and ch2 chapter 1 was amazing
This is really very nice game than granny But I don't understand what is the ending of this game after running out of the basement I opened the gate of the basement and it is completely black however it is a very nice game
This is the best horror app ever . Its very scary. Joker is so scary and evil . Not for small kids because it cause them so scary and fear
Im very upset. I just wanted to play the game but i cant even make it past THE MENU! PLEASE FIX THIS! It seems like a very fun game and i really want to play! I will change it to 5 star if this is fixed. Thank u
This game was actually funner than i expected. I completed it and i wasn't disappointed with it other than the fact that it ended. It had good gameplay, it made me pretty nervous here and there when you had to go down the hallways. You should definitely try it, it doesn't take much space and its worth trying for sure. The developer is quick to respond if you need help. Chapter 2 is coming soon and i can't wait!
5 Stars, This game is awesome, but please fix lags when I put the cable into the fuse and the electricity comes, it lags alot. But in other latest horror games, there are no lags, even my phone is 3gb ram and it still lags. Kindly fix the lags please.
game scary you can get really and start screaming . pennywise does not look like pennywise from the movie it looks just like a normal clown . is really scary and I am only ate so I get scared easily
it was ok. not too great tho cause the controls sticks.. and in other games u can look around when Hiding. I guess later this ALL will be updated
this was a awesome game, very scary. took me 2 days to beat it but I'll keep it and keep playing. I want a chapter 3 now. lol
It is the most horror game ,i ever played. First I thought let's take nightmare but the clown come so suddenly and I was totally scarred .Seriously it was so adventurous ....whenever I open a door I just close my eyesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.House is also so confusing .....dont know where to go .......U should try and recommend ur friend to play πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I hope you update now.. Im waiting for next season i already finsh the game and im waiting to open the basement..
.this game was actually phenomenal it was so amazing I'm so glad I completed the game thank you very much hopefully you guys can download it because it's amazing.
When I go into the library and click the hand button to open the draws the draws don't open this happens to me all the time can you plz fix this.
I loved this game but I went through the whole map and found no match box, no keys, no first aid kit, no food only a knife, the spider, and film but overall everything was good
can you make it more hard can you add a new puzzle on the safe like uh ohh can you add a spider blocking the safe and no bugs pls hope you like my puzzle that l said (:
I loved this game but is very horror game 😱 1 thing that wrong this game not mode ex practice, horror ,extreme, normal............
Its a very very good game i have never tried any horror game exept this I love this game because of 5 mode. I have played it everytime in baby mode so that it will more esaier but one thing has gone wrong ❌ there is no other cp exept this that boring πŸ˜‘ u should make one more, I am waiting do it fast.................... πŸ˜€
This game is great but I am stuck in the third floor when I was going to the basement but I thought I should check third floor and now it's dark and I am stuck in third floor
I loved it so much... The type of games that i like the most.... Although it needs sole improvements on grafics.... But the whole idea, the story and espeacially the hiden items and the clues that you have find is so exciting.
This game is very fun I love it it's the best horror game in my life I love scary things play this game now!
to the developer who just responded to my review...I played both the baby mode and ghost mode and in ghost mode the ads DO happen every 5 minutes. How do I know? Because I can read a clock. Also, you don't have to explain how ads work - we get it, but I don't need to know that you spent months developing this game. And this clown is NOT Pennywise - have you seen the movie?
It is very horror game .it is very scary game I complete the game 2 times and just love it . Make more games like that πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love this game , it's so good and scary , please do more updates and longer ways to win , it's so good but it will be more interesting if you made it longer to win ( but please don't make it so scary it is already so scary ) but I love it , i completed the game a lot of times , i really love this game
Why i can't play this game when i started this game the game's home page come but when i start to play then i come on my mobile 's homepage please fix my problem i want to play this game but i can't please please πŸ˜₯πŸ˜°πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜£πŸ˜“
best it game i ever played really scary awesome game play hope this game has some updates coming soon like extend the house and add weapons so we cn slow down it and secret passage ways like air vents and holes in the wall would be very appreciated
the game is certainly a challenge. good game. the only problem is there is not enough time given to escape the hands of the clown. its too difficult even on easy mode. need a little more slack.
The first chapter was awesome but chapter 2 was boring. It probably would have been better if the clown was in it but in another form like a spider demon or something.
amzing game very horror game.but can add jumpscares or something interesting.and a weapon.other wise graet game(please reply)
Its A very good πŸ‘Œand scary gameπŸ˜΅πŸ‘»but I loved it this game so muchπŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™
This game has lots of details I would like to seen more scariness and more locks but I really love it thank you so much for putting your hard working time on this you did really good GREAT JOBπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
Yeah the game is really good . To explore the whole area of the house is exciting. I just find it scary interesting.
It's a nice game but when I wanted to see hints there was no adds available. The game is not that much scary. It's not scary but when you don't have hints and you can't find a thing then the game looks boring.
sir I love it and gonna upload gameplay video on my channel soon but ,,, your clown doesn't look like pennywise ,,and u can add more jumpscares such as ,,in library when we on projector then a big pennywise should come from wall same as in movie
Very nice game chapter 1 and 2 both are my favourite πŸ’“πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ the best part of the game is we shoot the joker πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
There was a recent update for the app, but I find chapter 2 a little boring because there is nothing really scary, I think it would be better to have something that will still scare you still. Still, graphics and logic were there so that is a plus factor, but I felt like this is less impressive than the previous chapter. Please remediate.
4stars for me. i like the game start from the first chapter . But in the second one i found it way too difficult but still i passed the game . Nice story but i couldn't understand the first chapter the lady and man talked about weird but at the end i found them dead . hmmm . i still love the game so much . And at the same time , i'm so excited for the IT movie part two showing on september .. more game like this pls!
It is one of the best best horror games It is really amazing , scary and mysterious🀑😨😱 The first is more scary than the second I want more chapters of this game 😘
The game is so scary. I love the game. When the IT saws us his laugh is very spooky. The graphics are also cool. Thank you and I am giving you 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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it was one of the osm game I have ever played...... but it had finished very soon..... just in 2 chapters... but it was great
I love this app, it got me so addicted when my cousin and I downloaded it! One of the problems I have with the game is that it would glitch out, and I can't put the meat in the bowl, because it says it's already there? And then sometimes it won't, let me put the medicine in the bowl. I'm stuck on chapter one, so can you please help me? But anything other than that this app is so good πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
I would give it a 5 star if I didn't fall into a void in the attic room. And with the press button . Should be able to click on it with your finger and not have to be precisely on the object. Takes to much time
Wow this game is one of the best horror games ever. Yeah the clown is scary but the game contains different modes 😁. I finished the relax mode and am heading to the baby mode πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚then I shall be moving on but I suggest if you want a cool , awesome horror game OFFLINE TOO!!!πŸ˜„THIS IS THE GAME TO GET πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—