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Hop Ball 3D: Dancing Ball

Hop Ball 3D: Dancing Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing you can play to the music and you can do your favorite music on it but you have to scroll down for a long time
I like the music but it keeps freezing and saying I lose so there's no point in playing PLEASE FIX THIS GAME
It is glitchy all because of Samsung. Samsung is so glitchy the game is very fun but Samsung ruined it all.
Great game but there are a few problems, one of them is that this game has too many ads! I would also like if it had the ORIGINAL music but other then that Amazing game
I love the songs they start you off with a song that they put a lot of thought in the songs they take like the most best songs and just make them into short clips but it's good short clips like I was doing 7 years old and I loved it so I hope you do too please give rate 5
OMG this game is so fun. I love the the song that ive been listerning to them on spotify. DEFFENTLY WORTH 5 🌟 S
It's a nice app, but there's not enough difficulty. I played an entire song without having to touch the screen once. Super easy, but if you like a challenging game, this is not for you.
I love this add but, it's very hard to install and open it. So I'm going to give one star? idk cause it's kinda hard for me to play. Sorry if I said that much. I hope this add going to be the best when I open it, cause I 'm still waiting for it to happendπŸ˜‚
Game is nice but when i want to play its lagging i dont know if i only have that problem and im everytime losing i can go maximum 30 score the ball is lagging and it goes through circle things and falls thats so annoying πŸ˜’
Ugh! Just like your other game. You make us watch ads about every minute. Your game may be fun for others but this just completely disgusts me! Giving us ads won't give you any profit. I hope you read all the 1 star reviews and reflect on yourself. It's a shame people don't care. I hope you change and understand that giving us ads will not do you any good. I hope you understand and fix this ad problem in ALL of your games. Please understand Hop Ball 3D creator.
Why why does this exist 1st problem is that to ball goes too far sometimes 2nd on faded it blends in with the moutain 3rd learn to use grammar it says get gems to unlock SONG should it be songs. Im new to this game but its super bad please fix this!!!πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
They added beats to the BG of the songs and it makes them sound worse, also you managed to.make these additions off beat so the songs sounded even worse.
I actually love this games, but its quite difficult so I advice you play this game when your in a happy mode. Also I love the songs its relaxing. I give this game a 5/5 starsπŸ’πŸ’ Well done!!!
Well developed game.. graphics are okay, however the songs are inaccurate. I was hoping the song '7' would be by the original singer, but no, of course not. Not recommend for installing.
Although it deserves 5 stars but there are two problems while playing one is that many ads and the second one is that it take much time for loading the song. Overall it's a good game πŸ‘πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
Graphics are ok game is fine gets boring arter a while but i fix your music its terrible whoever sings your songs are awful and off key its like listening to a karoke track they don't sound at all like the original songs and ruin them for me i get excited when endless mode starts just so the song can speed up so i dont have to hear that awful music if your gonna make a game about music at least put the official songs in or even better singers because if that the game hurts my ears to play it
This is an awful game if you saw that ad that let's you play any song yes but you have to pay and it doesnt even let me play it just keeps freezing while I try to pick out a song even though i have full bars of wifi, if I could rate this no stars I definitely would so please do not get this awful game I am deleting it right now.
Its a a Lovely game but it as to much adds only if your wf is on but insut it girl or boyπŸ˜πŸ‘¦πŸ˜·πŸ‘»
There is a bug in the game. where the ball just go super fast and instantly drop and lose... You need to fix it
I really want the Alan Walker songs back , because it's easier to control the ball in this game !! And plus , I know his new songs well enough !!
Better listen y'all,my kids wanted to play this game,wouldn't work they all have autiusim , they got sad,pls fix till then I will not recommend this game.
This game is realy amazing, it's lots of fun but please can you add some cartoon remixes like the SpongeBob remix song or the Iphone remix etc.thanks so much
Horrible game stupid easy but not with headphones the music throws everything off the woman singing makes me clench at the worst moments once u turn the sound off and start hitting panda heads actually fun
It seems you guys somehow managed to put a minigame in between all of your ads. Not sure how on earth that happened, personally, but you might want to remove it to ensure a full-ad experience for your consumers.
The covers for the song are absolutely horribe(nothing like the orginals). Not a very challenging game, it is extremely easy. Not as advertised
The game is good... but there's a click sound when u hit the platforms. It messed up the song and makes it hard to focus. Pls fix this.
it's good actually. but i rate 1 star its because IT ALWAYS LAGS! i don't know why! FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE!
This game is very joyfull.It is awesome.The 3d effects are beautiful and songs are very precious.But a nice suggetion for this game it is very difficult to play.so,please decrese the difficulty level.It is very nice to play when you are in moodoff.
I like the game play but the songs are horrible like i don't want to hear a remake of a good song the whole music part of it ruins the game if you going to have music at least have people who CAN sing or just get the real song other than that its ok
This game is the best, I give 5 stars it bc I love the song and is not making me lag :D and I can beat all the song if I can, Idc if there ads all I want it's [ENJOY] :D
OMG I LOVE IT! AND SAME CREATOR ON MY OTHER MUSIC GAME! I Was try and try to complete "Don't let me Down" song and i complete it YES! OF COURSE CUZ IM A KID AND I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS ByEπŸ‘‹πŸ™πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸͺ
Love the game,love the songs,but could you add more songs and make the game a bit more trickier and reduce ads.other than that i love this gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
So close to giving this wonderful game 5 star's.than after the 4th song it happend. It Stoped loading songs, even the ones i payed dimonds for. It is a nice game but not worth 5 stars. I am going to try this game again in the morning so if everything inproves i will glady give 5...
It was hard but not that hard it was amazing the controls were so good I never died yet and well the game is pretty cool I never thought this game would be like that the music was on point I could have never chose a better game than that the way the blocks for moving was cool to and the detail cuz like the detail looks like you're going up a mountain or something like that and I was like wow look at that I never did something like that before and like I don't know what else to say so yeah hehehe
My sisters and I love this game because are older sister sead get this game and we went and got so that is pretty it for the most part.
it is so good i love it cus i love music but i think if you get it and you have nothing to do get this game and play it like i play it for 4 hour`s and i sing with it and can get it i love this game who ever made this thank you oh and i love music so you if you love music and love playing video game`s get this game it is the best game i have so you can get it
Ughh...You just put like ads and you edit the ad play the game and remove the song and add old town road to the music?! You just want everybody in the whole universe play it. I mean like the whole whole people in the universe. These ads you make are fake, like cmon just put the old town road music to this and every music you have in the ad, they are not here, you are the wrost!
I think this game is good but not the best i wish it had country songs in it but it doesn't so that is fine
This is so amazing game,i love to play a song everytime.Its fun and more interesting because of the song.πŸ₯°
This Game is so very additive. I only got to level 2 and 30 trys later I'm on level 3. I love how you can play music while you play.
Good game. But with good games comes complaints like Axel F was not originally crazy frog and please add Imagine Dragon's believer.
I trust all of you guys end it doesn't matter if it's fixed because I think it's good I'm at a what it's amazing you never know how much I loved it and I've never played it before the method template and think it's very good but once I have played hop titles it's very good game you play it you probably love it but you can actually make you go endless
This game is amazing and the music is cool and I know all the songs! This is q nice upp... yara_m! I think the problem is not in the game, THE PROBLEM IS IN YOUR PHONE!!!! SO DONT SAY IT'S THE GAME'S PROBLEM! THIS GAME IS GOOD AND DONT HAVE MANY GLITHS. SO, DONT SAY ITS BAD yara_m
Every time I put the X on for the ad it took me back to play store that's why I gave it to Stars but otherwise it is a good game.
Every time I open the game it crashes and goes back to home screen. I reinstalled it a couple times but did not work. Maybe it's a bug??? Please fix and I'll raise my rating. Thank you
I have had games like this before and I loved them however this one is just too laggy. The songs are messed uo with this and you keep falling.
This game is simple. It will die out quickly and that is why it's packed with ads, to make the most out of it. That is also why the rounds are only a minute.
This is a very good app. And will be peaceful and joyful game of enjoyment when you are bored and tired.
I absolutely love the game but it won't load my music in it even though I gave it permission to do it so plz fix this
Game is owesome but it does not get acces to external Storage so i cant add my favourite songs from external storage.
Its a very fun game at the start but when it comes on playing, it has too many ads. First of all, why did I gave 1 star? Its because of lag and ads. When I play Faded on Endless Mode (I already got 3 stars in Faded) it keeps on lagging and thats why I fall down. Thats the reason why. Second, the ads. It is so annoying when I fall down because of lag and then if I want to revive my screen freezes. It means there is an ad going. And when I touch my screen, I came over here. The ads are late.
I like the ball bouncing on the pad even though it's gives ads I like it that's because it gives me diamonds when I watch those ads
Just started playing I am enjoying so far adds are not to bad and I really am enjoying the selection of music for that five stars !!!
It's amazing experience it's 3D which makes great graphics also the gameplay you can set the sensitivity (controlling) to suit you.
Like a lot of people said,there are WAY to many ads and the music for example you could have put faded as the Alan Walker version but you didn't.So overall the music and the ads start to get anoying and that made me delete the app.(also I'm not trying to be mean)
The songs were good but the game was really bad it was really laggy and all it did was freeze so this is why I am rating it a one star so if you don't like laggy games don't download it thank you for reading my review have a good day or night πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I like this game very much its amazing i dont know why this people are saying about this game ggg whats wrong you people
The game is the best it mostly only gives you ads after you try the song twice. It is not slow. And the songs are THE BEST
The game is really fun and a good idea, I like it. But there are way too many ads. I cant do anything in this game unless I watch an ad. This made me uninstall the game. Why would you ruin this game by adding so many ads. I'm not re-installing this game unilt all of the ads are gone. Bye
bad experience I can't write what I want what I want to hear but it's okay but the thing I love about it is there's the music everybody has to have music and they sleep everybody has
I love this game it is fun but ads are a bit much after every level and it is very glitchy. Otherwise a great game.
Well when i saw is as an ad there was a Tik Tok song and I thought it would be a song in the game and it's not so I think that they should make it so it's in the game.
This is a pretty good app bc at first i was like, Such a good app i love it, but after a while it gets a bit boring and after you complete it if you do the song again then it goes faster and its inpossible to do and also after just ONE quick song a add or two come and when you go to main menu to do another song what do you know a add comes what is with the adds LITTERLY. Im not saying that you should not get this app im just saying that peaple who REALLY REALLY like songs i'd get it have funπŸ˜‰!
It is so much fun it's the best game ever if you really like music this is the best game for you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΆ
I join on October 6 but I am almost a really good pro / Hacker! And i also download other app from the creator's thing where you make other games but for the very first song you play in hop ball 3d, I think I need it to be easy. But thank you for making it. Love it!😘
This game is really fun but it has a lot of adds.So if you are some one how hates adds this game is not for you.And the game is nothing like the adds you see to get you to downloud it. So Ido not recamend this game.
Very fun game! I dont think this game is difficult, but this is coming from someone who played Temple Run years ago. The reason I didnt give this game a 5 star is the advertisements are a 30 seconds long. If they were shorter, I'd enjoy this game a lot more.
It would be a great game if it wasn't literally just an ad machine. There are ads before you play any song and when your done with a song. MOST ADS ARE UNSKIPPABLE. So you literally have to just sit there for about 1 minute everytime you play a song. So you play for like 2 min and watch an ad for 1 min.
The games great and all but why cant there be a searchbar to search songs you actually want to play? For example I really want to play centuries and infinite power but their not in this game that's thing about why this game sucks.
Yo know this game is e best thx so much for making it !y as was crying when I started playing she wanted to play so she stopped crying thx sooooo much 5 star
You have to fix this.this Game when I downloaded it it was taking time to load hh please fix it if you can
This is a 5 star app I gave it four stars because they removed my favourite song revive of sture zetterberg and placed another Version of revive please fix that or I will quit hop ball 3d 😒😒😒
Its very cool but it has too many ads and so hard but its still alright i dont know why people rate it 1-3 if its so hard for them and it has too many ads because this game is really fun to play even its hard its still 4 stars for me its awesome and please dont hate or uninstall this game if your annoyed, also people only play this game to relax and listen to music. Also please remove some of the ads for better πŸ‘
I Like the actual game but the music that goes with it sounds COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the real song. Basically all of the songs (unless you put on your own) are FAKE
This is probably the king of every single hop game thing (idk) the graphics and jumps are smooth and not very laggy, there is nothing wrong with this game and it needs a 5 star, this is an actual game I enjoy, i've only been playing for a few minutes and i'm already in love with this game, I can't explain how much I love this game, right now I think i'm dreaming because I have never seen a game this good in my life and I can't wait to see the games development in the future.
This game is beautiful but it copyright tiles hop it looks like the tiles hop and this game is litterally same and tiles hop didnt deserve to be copied by other games☹☹😦😦
I like the songs but, there's an issue; they make it more difficult to land and even when I land on edge of one, it shows I DIED. rude...and I'd like it if it plays the song instead of skip first part on 'dont let me down'. Please fix this, I don't usually do a full text or whatever it is..so Pretty please fix this.idk if the game is lagging..and is it just me or does it lag alot? +I'm new..idk if it's the game but, IM UNSTALLINGπŸ‘Žβ˜ΉοΈ(what my child said to be honest)
Good job i love this game it really helps me learn how to make songs and music thank you who ever made this game and make more games like this one please please please please please!!!Bie
I gave it a 3 stars cuz its laggy and when comes to endless mode WHY DO I GO UNDER THE TILES?! Pls fix that and how do we get gems our only way to get gems is to finish a song and get gems at the end can u make its easier to get gems and ik u need adds and all but when i get a new song using adds i cant play it even when i watch the add its takes hours and i cant play the song pls change that and everything else is great! 😊😊😊
Is a great game but there are lots of glitches and bugs if you can do that and fix the music that will be well.
Nice, however there is a bug that when i want to import my music it doesnt find any file neither when pressing the search button, even tho there are .mp3 on my phone, yes i have allowed storage permisions, also tried moving .mp3 from the sd card to the internal storage just in case and rebooted my phone, nothing fixed it
It is amazing the controlling is perfect it is not hard and not easy it is medium it seems like it is 3d i love it so much install it it the best game it is perfect more than tiles hop install it all please and it have many songs and you can choose high or low or medium quality
I have nothing to say its just the best game iv ever played no one wants some stinking piano tiles this game I would recommend people to play ;) Keep up the good work and add more songs that u dont have to watch a add to unlock the song :) πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Omg!!! It's very amazing i never played this game you are great game maker it's very intresting and very fun!!!! I like this game i love musics and jumping games it's make me very happy " thank you, you are great".
This game was alright except for the few death bugs when you land on the edge of the tile but also when you do the endless mode after completing a song the song just goes really high pitch and it just annoys me and this wasn't an issue before it was during the last update pls fix it
BEST GAME EVER!!!!! I loved it because it can sometimes make you watch adds to get revines and maybe will make you trade for 5 diamonds or somthing. It probably has some songs that Tiles Hop didn't have. The cool part is when you are close to the finishing point, you can get more diamonds πŸ’ŽπŸ˜πŸ€©
The graphics are okay but the songs are really bad covers not even hitting any notes like the original and in the ad they had original songs do the app isn't like how they advertised it, from all the songs on there I know only 4 and old town road isn't one of them like they advertised...
I love this game so much l can play it all day it is soooooooo much fun and relaxing if you had a long day
The reasin i put 1 star is because your game is horrible it works too slow create something interesting
This game is a misadvertisement and says "oh you can pick whatever song you want!!" Which is totally not true there is a very limited amount of songs you can play without having to watch an ad and if you are a rap/hip hop fan like me dont even bother edit:I will download this again and see if anything changed. 2nd edit: nothing changed
It is a great game I can play a game and Lisin to music it's so easy for me but a little bit hard but it is great πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜₯πŸ˜—
It's so fun. One of the beast games on my phone. The thing is. When I download a song on the game, sometimes it cuts it off. Most of the time it doesn't though.
So it's a good game but to match adds they need to lower the adds in poorly turn off your contact 4/5 that I read it☺
Its laggy! And the ads are annoying,it would've been amazing if there wasnt any lag or some of the ads will die down.
Good but stupid adverts . Amazing game, but long adverts after every single play is extreme and rubbish. Will be uninstalling the game due to this. Don't mind occasional adverts but I'm spending more time watching adverts than actually being able to play the game. Shame!!
It is a good game but the songs that you play are sometimes not the original song and other people sing. Another thing is the game is a little laggy when you start playing it and on endless mode. There's not that many ads so it's okay. It's a good game. I personally like it but these little problems bother me but if these things that I said don't bother you at all go ahead and install it
I like this game because it's my favorite game and I am giving the game four stars and I don't mind the ads the game is someone
Nice job following custom music beats. Kinda annoying that there's an ad after each music but I kinda don't care since I post long music's and play em long. That may annoy others.
This game is super!,beacause it have my fav song and like to listen;its back ground is nice too,thats why i rate this app.
Good Game!! But still Cant Download The song.I gues My DeVicE Has a problem. At LeAst I Can still play my own song but just have to pay it with 20Diamonds....
It is simply awsome . No words I can apply as many songs I want . I make my own song on groove pad And play it here.just on problem take require virtual money to add songs but it's ok. (β€’β€Ώβ€’)
The game is just awesome. I have an issue that at the starting of the game it takes more time.And if my mobile data is on the game gets hang.Is this is my mobile issue or the game issue.
Why I can't not put any of my music!😑but pls fix this .wish this will be fixed and I wish the music's are aloud to put but I keep on spending my diamonds!😑😩😑
This game is lovely but its too difficult and it pisses me off how can we cope with such difficulty for some reason i prefer magic tiles this game is rough draging the ball plus the obstacles 😒😒😒 its no more a challenge its a punishment ..😠😠😑😑
Im giving this game 3 stars, because of BUGS!!! All the time when I play the screen goes black for no reason, then I die😑😑also when I want to watch an add for a song, and after I watch it, it sais "Sorry, could not load song" πŸ™„Why does all these songs you can play need ads? Is this a fun game or an advertisement board? PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
This is great game overall.I like the idea,but I have a few issues.There are WAY too many ads.You get one right after you lose and if the level is difficult and you keep dying it gets really annoying.I feel like you guys could cool down on the ads.And there is also a bug that when I try to play my own songs it says that I have no songs on my device.And this was supposed to be relaxing but ends up being frustrating.I dislike the fact that there are small rocks around the platforms to jump on.
Okay I gotta admit I love it but nonstop faster mode is kinda tricky and extremely hard for me but don't worry I'll get used to it great job on the game you guys are awesome don't ever quit and always stay awesome :3
This game is so cool and it's really fast but fun to play and all the list of songs I really like them This is A Awesome game Good Job Whoever Made This Game
This game is awesome but i have a problem, every time i lose i don't want to watch a video and without knowing it pops out.
I hope you like it it's a very good game you can pick all your songs all you want but you have to go on those things will you cat get all of those things play fall off on cliff and you die over
This game is the best game ever electric has once I was 7 years old and Old Town Road and this game is super fun everyone needs to play this it's so fun but the second round you have to go super fast they're drawing you have to go very very fast this game was super fun I wish you could send it to everyone that has a phone so yeah it's games fun
I like games ispshely this game but I don't like the add it poots becose the X is so small and my fingers are big so that is why I gave it 1 stars if I can post 0 stars I would have gave to 0 star
This game is amazing but its kind of a little bit hard Just a Little bit but I Love the song because The song is kind of pretty so yeah I Love this game so much
I don't really like it the songs are rip-offs and COMPLETLY different voices then the original voicea in the song,I recommend tiles hop instead.
I really do enjoy this game and it's concept, but I miss the concept of Tiles Hop where there was an endless mode right after the song you've played was over, continued to build you score up, and continued the same song you wanted for as long you wanted or till you've missed your cue. The graphics are good, the controls have less to no lag, and making it 3d made it a bit more appealing to me. All I hope for is that the "endless" concept will return back into the games.
This Game Is So Ralexing! And The Music Is Very Cool But There's To Much Ads In This Game But I Still Like It!
well to start it off it was a Good looking game but when I saw it I think u could've made it without Ads but if those people out there love this game then you can keep it however you like I'm not saying you should restart the game and make it better I'm saying u can keep it however you like or want it doesn't matter but it's a nice game overall but if u don't care about this game and u think it'll get sooo much likes then u better think again but it's fine
When you are playing there is so error and there are so many adds and if you want to escape it you have to wait I am not going to play this game ever again!
Fun game but music way to low i have my volume all the way up and not loud at all then a ad comes up then your def from having to have volume all the way up trying to even hear the game ..
I hate this app because in the video is that that you can type in the name of your song but you can't because it's locked the plus it's to 3D you can't really see what's going on so you keep losing so please make this app as the video
It really gets you in a musical mood . In fact I love this GAME so much I downloaded it . Immm sorry that really made no sense . But I love this game . πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
2 stars. Its laggy and there is background beats in faded. It really annoys me!! Please also try fix this because that never happens. Dont download this and waste your time
I have purchased an advertisement removal pack of Rs 300 from your game Hop Ball 3D. But the ads in my game have not been removed yet. My β‚Ή 300 has been cut but the ad from my game has not been removed yet. I already sent you email about this.
This game is very relaxing. But the ads.... I have been experiencing some ads thar include adults, and the money app might make kids get it.. overall this game is wonderful and I recommand music lovers for this game! ❀ πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†
Well this game was so cool but it was so bad because l have to go on top but SERIOUSLY that is so sad but l like it and seriously i just go back to the beginning of the ball to hop but it is no used l think hmm this is my favorite game of Amanotes so l install Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road and also this as well but cause like l always like it but does a matter about that
It's really fun and you can pick some of your fav songs to listen to while your playing! The songs aren't the real version but it makes sense so they don't get copy striked.
I love this game it is soooooo fun I'm actually better than I thought you should get this game it is so addictive
It's the best game ever! It's easier than the rest of my EDM rush games. It's hard to drag on the screen cause it's stiff but it's worth it for the game. You should try it out
Overall I don't have very big problems with this game and honestly the game play is actually amazing it's just the lack of songs that I get to play. I understand that this is a new game and it will add new songs in the future. But I just don't see any songs that I really like. I hope that you will add more recent songs to the game but other than that, the game is pretty good. Highly recommend.
Hi there developers this game is good if you wanna play a game and vibe with your favorite music at the same time and theres a feature for it that you can play your song from you downloaded playlist but there are a lot of bugs like: β€’when you try to upload a song it says unsupoorted format making me unable to play my song β€’sometimes when I upload a song it doesnt end. This game is super good but it just has a lot of bugs like a lot it will be 10x more enjoyable and fun :)
Hop Ball 3D is an example of a copy and pasted concept that has been formed into an advertisement instead of a game. Sure, the graphics are okay, the gameplay is decently smooth.. But you get constant advertisements no matter what you do. There are much better time wasters than this. Please, move on from this and find a decent concept and don't REALLY waste your time with endless advertisements. This game doesn't deserve anything more than 3 stars. If I seem like an angry grandpa, try it.
I love this game so much! It has all my favorite songs and its really fun and easy, but it does get harder as you go on
AMAZING! This game is easier than Piano tiles so it gives me a nice break from that while letting me listen to my favorite songs!
Thank you for the game it's the best thank thank you I love this game so much I haven't had any glitches or any thing thank you I hope the won't get any problems or anything else thank very much πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβ™₯️β™₯️
The game is good and all but the reason I gave it a 2 star is coz when i downloaded the game it chose the song i should play why doesn't it let you choose your own song and second of all ✌️ the game is very similar to tiles hop it's just that it has different colours .. But the game is kinda goodπŸ€—πŸ€—
Horrible app. If you choose to play your own music it speeds it up around 30% of the way done and there is no way to get to the next tile because it says you died without giving you a chance to move
I love it! And to the person who said "oh giving us ads won't do us any good making us watch it every minute" that's annoying although I give it a five star review
It is good I love it and it has music it is the best game I ever had want to say that but I wouldn't say it because it is an okay game but it's perfect I think it's a little hard for younger kids!☺☺
This is great its fine that there are glitches because I think it's from this phone cause this phone is old :) and there are tons of ads because I think it's my fault that I kept turning on the wifi, I love the app it's just simple and I like the music mostly the faded song cause I'm a big fan of Alan walker :3 , I'll give this 5 stars I wish I could vote this more than 5 but the play store only allowed five, this game is one of my most favorite game
Its just like the other game I downloaded but easier and the other game that I got that was like this was made by this company. All of your games are the best games ive ever played
Hmm well i would say i like this game if i did. This game freezes up as soon a i start playing and when it does it says i lose. Please fix and until then i w9uld not recommend it.
This game is amazing, and I have only been playing it for 7 minutes, it helps pass time, and I love the songs, and keep updating this game.
A.O.A! Well Thank u for letting us give a Feedback. The Game is amazing the graphics and the controls are just amazing because controls are challenging . But please dont take it as a negative feedback . The games amazing , but please mix the song with game mean to say that when ball hits the plate then songs next lyric start. Mix it otherwise games relaxing and just brilliant! πŸ‘
This game is amazing!!!! I absolutely love it! I play it so much and it really helps the time go by theres about a million songs in one app! And it's all free you don't have to buy anything and it's really not glitchy. (Thx for reading!)
This game is fully STUPID !!!!! It was fun but now..... DUMB APP !!!!!! Because of the DUMB UPDATE !!!!! I updated this app and I opened it ....I opened a song it told me......SONG NOT DOWNLOADED !!!!!! AND I ALREADY HAD IT !!!!! Like " Tiles hop " It was fun but when I updated......SAAAAAAAAMMME !!!!!!😠😠😠. THIS APP IS GABAGE !!!!!!πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ IF YOU FIXED THIS I WOULD REMOVE THIS COMMENT FOREVER !!!! THANKS !!!!πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
Got a great experience! This is just the coolest app ever, but, whenever I try to play with new songs, have to wait for a very long time and that's why I can't give it five stars. But it's sure that the app would be the best, best game ever, I am gonna play it every time when I am bored. Thanks for this awesome app.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
First of all, the sounds from the platform when the ball hits, it messes the song up and I can no longer focus on the beat of the song. And the sensetivity changes throughout the song. It is annoying. Pls fix.
This is an excellent!πŸ˜‡ game it has good graffics the game is challenging πŸ˜„πŸ€—! ! ! This game is a lot easier than magic tiles and piano tiles if you find piano tiles hard then get this game!!!! it gets really fast and hard thanks for making this game bye!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
So is best game ever in the world i see. I too watch to yt this game actually i buy no ads about is great! Now these music are being to be popular and then i cannot die now
I like your game but I wish it had Old Town Road if it does I'm sorry but I can't find it and if it's blocked please not that way I can always say that this game is horrible and stuff but I love kicking so much thank you for letting me play it I love you so much
It's so fun because you don't stress don't like say that your bad because all you do is move your finger!So that means you great at the game!
I'M NOT PLAYING THE GAME AGAIN UNTIL THIS IS FIXED. Pls fix endless mode music after completing a song the song just goes really high pitch and it's so annoying when you are trying to listen to the music while doing the harder mode it's unbearable. All you need to do is just make it so the sound is sped up but the pitch stays the same. It was like it before and idk why it changed.
In this game everything is perfect but the thing is i can't find my fav song as you people said that we will be able to if you update this app by keeping search option i will be giving it 5star. I have given 2 star bcz there i can't find bts song if u update this app it will be easier to find our fav song so please
I like the game, its awesome....but the way it moves need to be changed, I'm sorry but you guys need to change it to a very easier one, like that of magic tiles, you just tap it yes that's it , not this one you move it here and there you need to change it mr creator ....i love the game, but the movement needs to be changed please, so that more people can download it thank you .
ABSOLUTELY 5 STARS!! this game is the best game i ever played! The only thing is that when i gone to stage 5 of closer i realised that when the song is over then the hoops dont end. But its still a great game. All of my favroute songs are on it and its also i bit hard. But i like it that way. 10\10 great game.
Absolutely amazing and time consuming. My little sister (age 5) steals my iPad just to have a go and to my surprise she doesn't complain if she "dies" like she would with other games (e.g. slither io) I recommend it to ages 6+ because of how fast your reflexes have to be to keep the ball bouncing. Check it out!!
This game was my favourite,now not so good in every song blast music is coming? Why? It was a great game now I don't like If u can't remove these blast music and fake songs by fake peoples I will delete this game😀😬πŸ˜₯
Well overall its a good game, but when i get to around endless 5-6 or 7 it never fails to "miss" a note. The ball is right on target and it fails me out for some reason, happens the most on chandelier. Its not just me cause i recorded it, and clearly the ball falls through the pad. Will rate higher if it gets fixed.
I love the songs and the game but it's a little tricky and also sometimes my brother Elliott always steals my ipad so he can have a go but he's already got this game on his ipad so I don't no why he always takes my ipad but good game creates and its a little tricky by
not as advertised. they make you watch ads to unlock this SHITTIEST covers I've ever heard in my life. I know yall dont want to pay to use the real songs but at least use people who can sing πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
I love this game but, the problem here is that this game want network so, you can open your favorite music and I font have Internet on my mobile
Now this is called an excellent game i love songs everything usally i don't give full star but this game deserve more if i there's option of 10 stars i would give 10 /10 star Recommend work:. Well there's alot of songs i love this thing but i want you to add search option so this will be easy for us to find our favorite songs Some tiles are too fast please little bit slow And there's nothing more please add these things i will be very thankful to you And you guys deserve more love
I can't calculate also that how many times I had played it.It's so amazing,but there is a lot of ads.One hip-hop completed and ad started.You should modify it and give some new type of musics,so that I will give you five stars.
I love this app so much . We can enjoy while listening songs and also use songs in our phone . Can you please add some more Korean and chinese songs ?
This game is fun but can you add like future like where you can go into easy mode if you'll began and will you are expert please and thank you for this feature update
I like it .so I gave 4 star because there is so much songs that I like . The Ads are there but also good πŸ˜…
I really like this game!! And i am so happy you guys made it! I like how whenever you let go of he screen it pauses so that if u need to eat dinner or something u can just let go of the screen and i also like it how the tiles are bigger then they are on: tiles hop ANOTHER awsome game made by you guys πŸ˜„ i also love the backround(s) and how you can choose your own song! I ALSO LOVE that all my fav songs are on this app IF I COULD I WOULD DOWNLOAD EVERY APP THAT YOU GUYS MADE highly addictve!! πŸ˜‰
This is a great and amazing game but it has 2 major things that could be fixed. The first issue is it has too many ads.the second being it does not have coffin dance song(astromania) and other songs that could be added but other than that great game
I think this is a pretty good game. The timing could be better in my opinion, but as I just got this game I dont know if it will improve. So far I am really enjoying this game.