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Hook for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rainbow Train located at Miedzylesie 32 66-213 SkΔ…pe. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really fun, simple, but challenging game. it was well worth the $1 to go through it all. Sadly it only has 50 levels right now and I burned through them all in one afternoon. hopefully the developer will release more levels. I very much recommend this game.
Hook is an excellent puzzle game. And it's really unique, imaginative, asks for your attention every step of the way and has an interesting and queer gameplay. The controls are Simple, and easy.The game, though fun, is not relaxing because of puzzling premise and increasing difficulty. The graphic is simple and very visually pleasing.The only flaw in the game, is it's resemblance to other games. It relies again on repetitive gameplay. Though the game is great, the price might be an issue to some
Very nicely put together game. Only problem was that it was really really short. Like 1 hour playtime max. More levels would be great!
Well this game is amazing. Its simple and minimalistic gameplay makes it look awesome. The levels and addictive. Truly love this game. Easily completed all the 50 levels of this game. I enjoyed every bit of it. Add more levels if you can. Thanks for making such a great game.
Really interesting. The levels are tricky 😬 and I'm impressed to see that how eloquently the levels have been designed. I loved it.
Really, I have not seen any game like this. But you need be good enough in calculation to play this game. If you have an good IQ, just go for it, you will definitely be surprised!
All that, AND a bag of chips!!! Not for know it alls, insufferable or otherwise. Don't play it with your boyfriend / girlfriend. Open your eyes, take a breath and see with your logic. Thank you Dev and well done!!
Little different than other games, it is so much challenging but also relaxing because there isn't any time limit. You can take as much time as you want. I completed all 50 levels in one day (cause it's holiday). You can definitely give it a shot.
Game has 50 puzzles with first 30 warm up levels that are simple enough to breeze through. The remaining ones only need a bit of patience to solve. Overall a straightforward puzzle game to test planning and patience. Not much replayability unless you enjoy mundane repetition. Too few puzzles to pay full price for though.
Game was awesome, great I enjoyed playing it it's tricky and needs some hard thinking to solve them but not so hard eventually it is a great game I urge everyone to play it
This game is fantastic! What a great concept. My career involves electrics and electronics so the game was easy but as an introduction for youngsters to understand series and parallel circuits, it's perfect. I just wish it was a more complex and possibly add relays and include an additional goal at the end of the game - maybe a light must stay on when a game is completed. Just an idea and suggestion, otherwise great job and bring us more!
Absolutely love this game! I have struggled to find puzzles that challenge me, oftentimes I'm going straight for the hardest levels without exercising my mind. This game has me, pardon the pun, hooked!! I'm past level 40 and I don't see myself stopping. Actually challenging, and in a very clever and fun way! Update: I finished the game some time ago, and I would love more levels! Please tell me there is an update planned?
Not very often I give anything full marks, but loved this game. You got really think about your moves. Easy to learn, hard to master
The game is really too good. Its brainstorming and fun at the same time. But the game ends too fast. After you finish the game, you feel like the real fun scenario of the game has just begun. I feel more levels should bee added really soon. But overall the sounds are too soothing, graphics are really good and the end levels are quite challenging and solvable. It was totally worth the payment.
Worth to purchase. Game is realy great to play and challenging to play realy great game. But I wish the game comes in dark mode.
Fantastic, simple, genius puzzle game. Introduces new concepts in a very easy way, and integrates them beautifully. Clean and minimalistic aesthetic, with relaxing sound design. I only wish there was more.
This game is a delight to play. the gameplay is smooth and consistent. Since the concept is so clean/simple there's hardly any chance for the app to have any bugs/glitches. I can play this game for hours. I just hope it has a lot levels as I've already reached 48 in just 2 days.
FABULOUS puzzle experience. Very simple concept, brilliantly executed. I like how each new mechanic is introduced. There is only 50 levels so not masses of replayabiity but I happened to find this on a night I really needed some zen chill out. It was PERFECT!! keep up the great work!
Nice little logic puzzle that ramps up in difficulty, wish there were more levels! I was expecting to have to clear the puzzles with the least amount of button presses, maybe a challenge mode?
Love the game. It requires logic and attention to detail. The difficulty increases in easily managed steps. I just wish I could turn the sound off.
The only "negative" thing about this game is that it doesn't have more levels. I had a fantastic experience and would recommend Hook to anyone who likes puzzle games. Fun fact: this game is the closest you'll get to the kind of puzzle that is shown in all those misleading ads for games like hero wars.
Such a refreshingly well-made game! Minimal interface, simple rules, and increasingly complex levels that compell you to think laterally. I'm glad I paid and bought this.
It is fun and interesting... and incredibly short. I thought I was just starting to get into the game only to find out it is only 50 levels long. Considering how many levels are tutorial levels, it all goes by very quickly. Add more levels to get more stars from me.
EXCELLENT GAME! Starts off easy, to introduce you how to play this logic puzzle game. It was a great diversion and I hope therwill be more levels coming. NOTE: There are no instructions, therfore you will need to figure out how to play/succeed!
It's fun, but the puzzles are all super easy. Try Naboki instead from the same developer. It's awesome!
A wonderful Puzzle experience!!! Brilliantly thought out and nicely executed. The only negative is that the game is too short. Overall a pretty good game.
If you love minimalist puzzle games this will not disappoint! However if you like instructions &/or hints then this game is not for you (actually you can always cheat and watch the solution online as I did for a couple of levels!). I do think some instruction would be helpful for the more complex levels as I'm sure I only passed a few by fluke (& doubt I could repeat what I did). Having no instruction makes those levels frustrating & resulted in a lot of swearing at my phone!
soothing and enjoyable! meditation-like music with 50 levels of puzzles. one of the few puzzle games I've completed on mobile.
The game is fine, just ridiculously short. There were levels that were basically tutorials for new game mechanics still showing up with less than 10 levels left in the whole game. As such, out of the only 50 levels in the whole game, MAYBE 3 were challenging at all. It just feels like a pre-alpha game that never gets updated after the developer gets your money.
A simple and intuitive game. Worth the money? I would say yesπŸ‘Œ. More levels, a bit difficult ones, would have been nice. But enjoyed my time on it. Would try speeding up my solving process. Note to developers - Throw a clock in there. It'll double the fun!
Got this app while it was on sale for free, and for its intended purpose of being a time passer that should be played in a patient manner, Hook fulfills this role rather well. Consists of 50 levels that become progressively more complex where you restart the level if you make a mistake, with a life system included for the later levels to allow for multiple mistakes before a reset, and replayability in the form of scrolling between the levels beaten. A short, relaxing game overall.
This is a really unique style of puzzle. It gets difficult sometimes, but never frustrating. I would love to see more levels. This game is worth the price.
Highly enjoyable and interesting game that challenges one's logical thinking and memory skills with increasingly more difficult puzzles. The animations and sound are pleasant and you feel genuine accomplishment after figuring out the more difficult puzzles. I played through the game in a couple hours while watching TV, perhaps could've done faster with full focus.
Nooooo, I almost cried when I reached level 50 and that's the end of it 😭 please add more levels, I love this game so much. I love the fact it grabs your attention and you need to carefully observe and focus before making any final decision. This is the only puzzle game that I find very interesting and remarkable for brain stimulating. No rush, there's no pressure even if I've failed, I can always try again without feeling defeated because it's actually pretty relaxing and I enjoyed playing it.
Best puzzle on the store. Only 50 levels so don't give up! Gets a bit tougher from 30. The last 5 need a bit of thinking. Not sure if an error in last level as one of the hooks is a bit ambiguous as whether it is over or under. Had to take a guess. Thankfully guessed right. Maybe as the last level that was deliberate. The only thing I would say is it does drain battery if you play too long. Not sure if there is a lot of work needed for the processor.
Very nice and innovative game I really loved it it's very good . I hope I can see new level's soon I completed all the levels (50)
Nice puzzle game with a clean minimal design. It's short, but it's cheap. The learning curve is well thought out, but it could be a bit more challenging to my taste. Take your time, double-check, don't get intimidated by the seemingly chaotic structures and you'll do fine. I guess that's where the dopamine comes from: it looked like spaghetti and meatballs, but you did it! Very entertaining.
Loved this Game,sometimes its frusted because too difficult but i challenged this and complete 50 levels within one week approx
Like it a lot but I'm confused... Is there a rhyme and reason to the solutions? I'm stuck at level.. 38. It just seems like there is no logical way anymore to do these puzzles.. There was for a while but now I just feel like it is a matter of luck. It's it true? If I'm just not understanding the challenge correctly I apologize but as it is now... I'm bummed. Can someone help me understand if it's just now a waste of time or am I missing something?
Simple, relaxing puzzle game. Graphic is minimalistic (some people might like it, some not), controls easy and intuitive (every time new mechanics is introduced we have easy level to get used to it) and gameplay really good. I'm waiting for more levels though, 50 in my opinion is not enough.
A great game. The price is negligible and it easily provides a couple of hours of fun. The puzzles are just hard enough to keep you hooked :P but not so hard that you end up being a frustrated mess. Hope the developer adds more levels to this wonderful game. Waiting to see other releases from them.
If you love puzzles this is a worthwhile addition to your library. Has a gentle difficulty curve, meaning it gradually eases you into harder puzzles.
I find this incredibly relaxing, and satisfying. It would be nice to get more levels, but even after making it through them all the first time, I now go back and do the harder ones one at a time when I need something to still my brain a bit. The music definitely helps with that, too.
Short but worth your time and money. 50 puzzles well designed and need some brain to solve them. Loved the music also. I would give 4.5.
Hook is a simplistic, relaxing puzzle game with a simple gameplay. The gameplay is simple yet the puzzles are getting harder and harder with every level. It's been my always installed game which I play from time to time to relax my mind.
A most wonderful puzzle game that I absolutely recommend. The only downside is the number of puzzles. 50 sounds like a lot, but my brain is still hungry for more. I'd be willing to pay another couple of dollars for another lot of puzzles.
Very minimalistic, easy to understand & solve. Although the further levels seem complicated, they're actually pretty simple, but well-designed. I was able to finish this in 2 days, playing for less that 30 minutes each day, but it was enjoyable. Also...I was playing this while watching Flamingo, which makes my braincells go πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ, but I was able to do it without searching anything because this is a game of logic, & it's not like games with "trick questions".
I like the game, but it is easy and fast puzzle to finish. It only got 50 levels. I think you should just make this app free and add some ads. Then, using those money maybe you can afford to make lots of levels that can exceed 50 levels.
This has been the most meaningful purchase in my adult life. The short while I spent while playing this game was amazing. I prefer difficult games which tend to finish at some point. Kudos to the Creator and the team.
If you enjoy untying knots and snarls, this game will delight you. Its puzzles are challenging and elegant and, like any knot, ultimately solvable with patience and attention. Each new mechanism for untangling is presented in a simple form first, so they are learned by doing them, before applying them to more complex puzzles. This is a beautifully designed game.
It's really one of the best games I've ever played since.. It's a stress buster,mind realxing game and the best in the genre..
Nice and beautiful game to challenge my brain The controls are simple and the levels are well made. Probably wished it had a bit more levels. I'm glad I downloaded the game while on sale, but if I had the money I would totally buy it!
Relaxing. Difficult. Not impossible. No nonsense, direct game. After 40sh it starts getting difficult, which is good. This game is good for building problem solving skills and dependency resolution skills. Good gob! Btw, many people say stuck on loading screen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Guys its first level. If you can't figure this out then this game is definitely not for you. πŸ˜‚
Superb game. Didn't want it to end, but alas! Developer can add mute support for the music so one can listen to other music well. The game music is still quite nice though.
Yes,it's a little short (50 levels to be exact) but every level you play has an uniqueness. Great concept and equally great execution It's funny that most reviews are about being stuck on a loading screen when there is no loading screen. The level starts with a tutorial,just push the circle to get started
Worth 50p, I saw a complaint that this game was too short and that they'd "wasted" money. When you consider this game is 1p per lv and it entertained me for about 2 hours I would say that's pretty good value for money. Lovely, well made, little puzzle game. Well worth it.
A very nice and relaxing game with puzzles that make you think without pushing you to straight up frustration, but if there are things that could be improved, it would be: 1. A settings menu, to be able to toggle music/audio, perhaps even with a setting for dark or light themes. 2. Perhaps some optimization as I noticed that it drained my battery quite quickly. 3. More levels! :) As has been said, it's a very enjoyable game, so it's a shame there's not more to it.
Great little minimal game! Immediately uninstalled cuz I don't like to go blind with a completely white background on ALL THE DAMN TIME.
Definetily worth of time nd money ....intresting levels and nice difficulty too... not too difficult nor too easy i say.. but yess definitly worth of money and time...
I loved the game, didnt know what to expect when i first got it but a few levels in and i was hooked. My kids (5 and 6) like to play it to, they made it to the 20s. Cant wait for more levels