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Road of Kings - Endless Glory

Road of Kings - Endless Glory for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by SkyDragon Games located at Room 810, Changhong building, Hi-tech Park, Nanshan District. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Language) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not too bad of game..but why does it censor everything..i couldn't even type in dogπŸ™„ and the prizes could be a bit better..at least give out what the individuals could use..other than that I've had no problem playing for freeπŸ‘
Its good there is a mail tho that says update for 500 diamonds reward but when I try it won't let me update i tried to Uninstaller and reinstall
After the update the connection become much worst also when I click one of my lover it says "Loading Model" and it just continue loading...I can't raise my intimacy on my new lover and can you fix it I'm a little disappointed in this update
This is a great strategy fashioned mobile game. I have noticed advertisements of this game but didn't download it right away. When I finally downloaded it I took my time leveling up my kingdom. Eventually I joined an alliance, participated in battles, gathered resources and leveled up the technology required to advance. I'm still new to the game, and so far it has been an enjoyable experience.
Nice game but a lot of issues... plss add accept all button on finished tasks... made another account on different server and game crashes when i go to world map... game lags when collecting finished tasks pls optimize the game.
People say about ads I don't see them and it get on do the daily thing you need to do and get off I like the game and if you get an ad it a free game not a payed game so your going to get ads just play and have fun.
I have many suggetions but the top 3 are as follows 1) The hallows shall be up for battle like temples and arenas. 2) You shall implment a way for players to send gift packs to other players. 3) There has to be at least two alliance resource mines at the same time. And finally the number of lvl 6 and lvl 7 resource tiles in the middle are way too small.
Fun game to play lots of things to do which keeps you busy. Only drawback is the soul stones for individual heroes. You don't get them without purchasing them!!!!! Also don't even bother to do the diamond digging game, unless you are from a foreign country you will NOT get the big prize.... I've spent some decent money to achieve the big prize and twice the last gem came and then just popped away imagine that!!!!!!! All the winners they show are from foreign countries!!!!
Have had this game for a couple of months. Good game but last 2 days have had problem with it saying not logged in to do the daily quests and lost something during this please fix.
Deleting the app today was enjoyable at first but not aney more ended up wasting money and no refund your face book page has been contacted We don't support the refund at present. You have enjoyed our service and used the items in the giftpack. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any advice or feedback, please send us.
Great game if a little frustrating at times, especially when you try to update something and you then have to up date other things first.
Was fun for a few months. Server i was on slowed way down and got dull, and it started to feel like a resource farming simulation. It is possible to play and be successful without spending big, though it does help.
It was okay until the last server maintenance. Now I get attacked whilst shielded and when the shield runs out and there is no time left, the shield is still active and I can't activate a new shield. So I have no idea when it will finish.
The game wants me to update but when I press update it come to play store and all I can do is Uninstall not up date. Also my gripe is when you go to clear resources it does not say how many men it needs to clear it., then when its not cleared you get mail giving you a hard time because it's not cleared! Put something on showing how many men you need to send. Also how do you transcend a fighter so you can up grade them? Iv asked a few times and no reply. Thanks
Just a thought maybe you should be a little more generous with your packs for 4.99 dont get you much at all apart from the daily deal @4.99 the rest is overpriced to say the least loosen up a bit I how about a free chance at the diamond jackpot everyday for starters or how about a trade program for the spenders to share a bit of their extra stuff with allies how about dead cities that actually refill the RSS produced say 2x a week or something I think that would be a good start
Happy so far, leveling quick, the only problem I have is the lack of guide information available both in game and online, other than that it's fun.
A nonsense of game only problems to log in and lots of money to buy items I will delete the account. I'm very disappointed
Terrific has lots to do to begin with I really like that I get lost in it but there all the same you run outta things to do so your just constantly waiting on troops to come back or a building upgrade:(:(:(
Decent game to have open and play once a day. As you proggress the wait times to do anything exceed days without paying $$. Only gripe is with the hero combat system. There is no way to control skills and I'm noticing many battles are fought without any skills being used.
I like this game for over a year am logged on everyday and have spent over $4,000 on this game and have given good reviews in the past however i am locked out if my account and have sent 8 messages to support team with no response and my kingdom is at ancient Battlefield and my castles is unprotected. If i dont get a resopnse before i get zeroed and lose the good rewards. I will never spend another dime and will delete thae game. This is acceptable
The hackers are insane. They are not even trying to conceal the fact that they have unlimited anything they want. What was a fun game where people grow, some faster than others due to money spent, over time and learn to fight and farm and play as teams has changed. When a player can come in at 5pm and loose all his troops and completely heal them all and triple the number of T5 troops that he had within 2 hours it is unheard of without hacking. Is it a GM? Or just a hack they are allowing?
The ads on this game are downright sad. I don't care enough to even open the game, and this review isn't about the game. The ads demonstrate a woman being tied up and harassed by a king. Sure, she kills everyone after, but you do understand kids and teenagers are seeing this, right? Plus you're not allowed to upload any sexualized ads, if I remember the terms and conditions right. Shame on you guys. You seem to be a responsive team so I look forward to your response
Playing this game for about 5 months. Not bad at all and game's structure is good. Still experiencing some bugs in building timers (sometimes jumping backward). And I think it need "zoom out" function in game world, it's really hard to find nearby items when you don't want to use search option.
This game is for people that have a lot of money. If want to play make sure you have money to spend or you won't last long playing.
What is the point of playing a game you can't update.. If people who can't update to the new version lose out on gems why would we want to play. I'm not wasting my time or money on a game that doesn't compensate all players
UPDATE: I enjoy the game, however, your daily quest change sucks! I'm likely to be on here less because of it. No incentive now! This would be an above 4 stars game when you do improvements that it actually improves the game. If you don't do another change to the daily quests, then there's no need to keep playing or recommend the game. I was visiting this site well over 10+ times a day. Again, unless the incentive is brought back to daily quests, I will reduce it to 4-6 times a day.
Language translation errors, system errors, over emphasis on spending. Unresponsive to comments. They reply that they "pass it on" to another department.
Too much destruction and hard to understand mechanics. Obviously intended as a money mill. Hard to develop and encourage friendships. Feel lost...
Nice concept and execution of game. I want to give 4 stars but the fact that hero skill descriptions are very poorly written in English. It is very hard to know which heros to use and which heros to grow. Also the interface opens so many dialog boxes which can be open and closed with different buttons that do not appear consistently in a specific place and I had to look for it to close. Sometime built-in "back" buttons on my phone does not work, and had to search around the screen.
This game would be more fun, but figuring out where info is so frustrating. There are items needed like (stars) talents, I don't know how to earn them or get them. Rings for the wife are unattainable as you can't purchase them or seemingly earn them. Nothing is there to tell you how to get them.
Half of the time you'll only get about 80% of what you pay for. Like how I should be a level 81 or 82 lord, yet it keeps resetting as a level 80. Or you buy something with diamonds that you've paid for, yet you dont receive. Obviously someone isn't doing their job.
Pure P2W game, you'll be up against players dumping $$ thousands into it. Game balance is non-existent, a pure cash grab by the devs.
I would love to change my rating, but I have been muted yet again for making normal conversation without threats or abusive language. This game is rated M17, yet you get muted for saying a child's joke in Kingdom Chat. You get muted for asking someone else about something they posted. They have near naked women you have sex with, bed rocking an all, to have children in the game. Yet you can't speak in chat with out getting muted in this M17 game. This needs to stop. Again, stop this idiocy.
Not bad of game if u know what I mean hehehe joking but in all honesty animation not bad havent had a problem yet n hopefully non in the future hopefully this game thrives.
This game is great for the F2p world. You can advance pretty easily and for the p2w players. Plenty of side attributes to keep you entertained while growing your castle. Every attack takes out way too many troops. "Battle Ferver":is my biggest complaint. It makes you take a hit whether you'll win or lose you cannot defend during B.F. Troop speed is slow as hell and graphics are a bit cheesy but easy upgrades make it addictive. Customer service is non existent hence the rating.
Daily quest change is heavy handed and in poor spirit of the game. Makes it extremely difficult for new players to join. The old setup worked well. Why change? Are you trying to kill the game?? Will update review when daily quest is corrected.
Getting better now that I am learning what to look for. Be careful not to start castles in kingdoms you don't really want to. GM makes it very difficult to get them deleted.
Love this game but the new report function is unreliable. Complaints are not being properly reviewed and people are being muted on chat for no reason. This game is 17+ anyway and censors a multitude of unnecessary words to begin with. Hope this gets fixed.then I would rate much higher.
I used to love this game until they blocked my one account saying I should contact GM but I can't as I can't get into the game. Bought a new phone got into my main account and still waiting for GM to reply to my message 48h later. Both these accounts I have spent money on. Just shows you.
So, made a small purchase on the game, simple $0.99 starter for a builder hero, then the $4.99 version of that bundle after that, went to check my card info, instead of arpund $6, i was down $60. Game is a money scam, dont spend.
If you decide to actually play this game. It's not a game for a Solo person. You have to join a group or you won't succeed at it. It's overall a good game. If the development team would have left it with the original set up it would have been better. It was ok! By the way I'm THE REVENANT. So anyone who's played should know I am a bad A.s.s. on it!
Even though its possible to advance in the game without paying RL money, the fact that cheating is tolerated makes it hard for me to take the game seriously. There are a lot of farm accounts in each world and in most of them the players arent even trying to hide their farms and in fact they go as far as naming them after the original account (for example "X's farm" where X is the name of main account) and parking them next to their main castle on the map for easy access.
Fun game to play lots of things to do which keeps you busy. Only drawback is the soul stones for individual heroes. Getting them without purchasing them is about non existent which is frustrating. Otherwise it's a fun game to play.
If you can spend amount 700$ just for start so try it, not good graphic and speed,in every new realm(server) big spenders can upgrade their castles up to 23 lvl in just 1or 2 days and for others it takes over 2 months,big spenders will occupy all over the map and take all advantages and never let others to growing up.dont waste your time if you're not a big spender
I had to reset my phone and when i tried to sign back onto game theres no way to recover your old game without going through your tutorial so there goes a year+ of my life and hundreds of dollars down the drain. Make a way to recover accts easily I dont have time for your stupid hoops.
Thank you for making some improvements. The personal activity rewards are happening consistently now. The special event rewards are now actually worthwhile. I'm not in the beta, but from what I've heard, it adds some good features. Mythical heros are still too expensive to advance. And the transport tax on sending resources to alliance members is too high. 20% discourages people from helping other alliance members. 10% would be much more palatable.
This game is a complete waste. They don't know how to update. They have features that they take away (that you are using) and don't tell you they are going away. You never get replies when you have problems or ask questions. Almost everything you need you will have to pay for at some point. People may have downloaded this game but few are playing it. Don't waste your time.
In the shops to browse items. You only have to touch close to the buy item and it buys it. But in delegating a DN crystal. It's a 2 step process. I have bought several iij tems that I didn't want because of the fact it is way touchy. I'd like to see a 2 step on buying with diamonds. Also the abiluty to update is bugged. I tried to update. Would not let me. So I uninstalled it thinking that would do it. It will not give the reward for upgrade.
I had given this game five stars but l take it back because this start to get me in bad mood anytime I login/ online, l see my power power be reduced.l report to GM and no respond if you care about much spender than low spender then you guys are wrong cause my time playing your game is much more precious and worthy..
power levels aren't realistic, only one build without specials, monsters are stronger than should be. pre-established marches for monsters. no reason to work together in alliances.
What a nasty money hungry this game is. To much work to many pop ups navigation is confusing. It's a tragedy I have to give one star. Since u shut the game down so many times shut it down for good
I think you should be able to move buildings where you want to and and the levels you have to be at to open up Tier Tropps is retarded no other game does that also all heros should be able to gain gems so they can level up
Very fun! I had issue where my main account on an old cracked phone which I had money put into and I wanted to transfer to my new device with attrition and many attempts and the help of a really great team memember from GM from game management help me to resolve the issues to transfer my main account from my old phone to my new phone thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without you! I give you five star rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Aww it really hurts that each update keep on decreasing my interests and number of times I spend playing. The daily quests wasn't restored back or improved and with the latest upgrade, you gotta send more troops to a tile. Please do well to improve it and if not just don't give anymore updates. It's sad Imma bout saying goodbye
The ads they chose for this game is outright disgusting. To me as a gamer and a rape victim. A lot of these games are over sexualized and this has gone too far. Sexual harrasment/assault isn't a game and sure as hell shouldn't be a money making tactic. The fact that more people aren't mad about this is a shame. And the fact that you are still airing the ad is worse. Who the hell even thought to okay this?
i would like to tell everyone do not install this game.. this is a money steal game.. first they ask u less then keep on making u pay more and more.. later when u thing you are strong then u got killed by developer own tricks.. allow small level castles to kill big castles to take out money again.. either developer himself or hackers are playing this game to win..
I was once happy with the game, but now they are banning players from the Kingdom Chat and their own Alliance Chat because people are butt hurt about conversations. This is a M17+ game! They should not be censoring and banning players from group chats for saying a bad word or two. As a leader this hurts the alliance not the individual. I can't communicate with my members because of this BS.
Love this game. Once you get higher up only down side is you have to save alot of speed ups or the wait is long.
There is nothing worse than investing in a game that has very bad customer service. The game is fun and at a low cost initially. As you progress in the game you have to spend some money which is fine, but for weeks now on multiple purchases on equipment to better the warriors I never received what I paid for. The customer service is horrible and you never get what you pay for after multiple attempts of messaging them. Get ready for plenty of frustration with customer service.
Horrible ads depicting a woman getting sexually abused. This is completely inappropriate and not suited for anyone, especially considering kids see these ads too. Very disappointing.
Don't waste US dollars on this game. It's a war game that you can pay to excel however game masters play this game where it can put paying users at a disadvantage. I have evidence of purchasing speedup packs, using them with the intent of reducing time for improvement on acpects of the game and screenshots where the time to complete a research project literally started clocking backwards during my "idle" offline time. Fair Play guidelines are not followed by this game.
I think you should be able to move buildings where you want to and all heros should be able to gain gems so they can level up
So far I'm okay with this game. Just got some bugs in speedup times, sometimes it can be faster or even slower. But still acceptable. The only one I want to request is.. please improve the TRANSLATOR. I had to switch to google translate cause I didn't get the right translation especially from Persian, Spanish and Italian to English. Thank you~
Used to be a really cool game but they recently made drastic changes to the map and overall gameplay including mergers that left some kingdoms with incredibly low population densities and other kingdoms with such hight population densities that its nearly impossible to collect any resources or grow in any way. Seems like very poor planning. But my biggest problem is that you pay soooo much money to advance but then when you encounter a problem the devs dont even address it costing even more
Very good all around strategy war game ...nice smooth game play.....good graphics and variety of Hero.
Addictive game and fun to play. I'm giving it 5 stars provided that there are no more issues with the game.
A really fantastic strategy war game. I give you 4 stars because it's really exciting to play, can be addictive and unlike some other games, you don't always need to spend much to advance well in the game. I just wish the battles can be watched instead of just seeing the attack and getting a report.
Very good games. Still there bugs to be corrected especially when upgrading construction and research. When it prompt FREE 6minues + seconds, when you click on it and it reset the time to 7 minutes.
The ads can be triggering to rape and violence survivors and this is a disgusting approach to marketing. I guess you can't manage your brain and your ads at the same time. Understandable. Brain is not for everyone. Reply to the response of the developer: Not an excuse. I usually choose what to see depending on my background and my choices. Ads mostly I don't choose. Therefore, you are forcing me to see violence and the fact that is fake is not an excuse. Managers HAVE to take this in account.
So far so good, i like it.... Tap once and you'll tap another one, then you'll realise you are actually playing it.
Recent update ruined the game for me. This game was changed significantly in the last few weeks - now it requires you to play it like a job. You have to work constantly with your alliance to build and protect buildings that let you play the game. Game is full of well established experienced players that jump across servers and bully all new players and destroy what you built. The game is super expensive and impossible for new players.
Game could use more often updates. It seems like staff doesn't really care about improving the game. I send msg to gms and they don't respond a lot of times. I like the game but I don't like how the game feels dead on the staffing side updating the game. Selling different things, creating different stores, making costumes and more events and stuff like that. I believe it should be like that considering how expensive this game can be. Anyhow, is a good game, just needs more energy from staffing
This game it good fun but can be abit difficult to understand it all thankfully if you are in an amazing alliance like the one I'm in everyone is friendly and helpful so join evil, the devils tribe if you can, my only issue is sometimes when they do updates they give you extra diamonds I think this update they gave 500 but for some reason when I press update it wont do anything and wont claim those much needed diamonds. Other than that I have no bad thing to say about this game.
Fun at first sucks you in have spent lots of money and how can't beat anything even with characters over 100...its no fun anymore and I can't afford to play if it takes diamonds for everything can't get resources to forge or move forward...
Pretty good f2p fun. The p2w heroes are tough but have flaws. Just deny their main attack. If they strike the back row than just move them forward :)
Really enjoying playing this game, you have to use tactics and strategies to make good decisions. Highly recommended if you are in to theses sort of games.
I do enjoy the game mechanics except I use a Samsung Tablet and playing in portrait mode makes it difficult as need to hold tablet all the time. I would give at least 4 stars when an update includes an option changing orientation of the game to Landscape.
Downloaded not to play, just to complain about the messed up, disgusting ads. And the fact I'm just going to get an automated "we're sorry, we'll do better" without change is gross. Seeing a woman tied up and *ahem* spanked, is pretty messed up before a video talking about a Pixar movie. I may be an adult but I don't really care for straight up porn being thrown at me at random. And the fact this garbage isn't even in the game means it definitely doesn't need to be in the ads.
Not just guys play this game or would want to. But I won't play it it is totally misogynistic. It's a shame you guys don't make games that include women and don't make them objects. I'd like to see some games with a woman as a hero. Absolutely not going to support anything like this. Women have earned the right to a game that would include them not subject them.
Well that's actually a pretty good game good graphics it's a typical building game but it's split up to two different kinds of games you know you won't make it past chapter two because they Stonewall you really super badly you can't level up your characters anymore unless you use real money play to mean that real money you can't unless you use real money I tried it's impossible can't go any further and then for the leveling of your town at once you get to about level sixπŸ’²πŸ§πŸ’°πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ’ΈπŸš«πŸ–•πŸ’²πŸ§πŸ’©πŸ’°
I tried the browser version but the gameplay is horrible due to poor optimization. So I downloaded and installed the mobile version and when I loaded the game, it automatically logs me into somebody else's account not mine. I tried to unlink, unbind or switch the account but the game doesnt allow me to. I kept msging the GM but nobody responded. Imagine you are the original owner of the account but you log in one day to find its binded to somebody else but they do nothing! What horrible service!
The last update will not let you get your update diamonds. Got your email in the game but your game will still not update through the playstore. And you sent another email to update with more diamonds that I still can't get up to 600 diamonds now.
Game was great till they left our server in the dust and will not update our server to the new gameplay.. 12 servers have old game while 38 plus servers play a different game basically
Have played now for a while and have enjoyed the game vety much there are way to many updates seems like one a week. But other than that great game.
Ok I should change again my review, The customer service contacted me, a little late but it's ok anyway. Important is , man knows it that the developers care about what we say.
Anyone who is like me and came across this from an ad on YouTube that was ridiculously inappropriate, be sure to report it. I've only installed to report it as there was no reason for something so explicit to be on a YouTube ad
Love the game. GM is very responsive and usually has an answer or a fix in 24 hours. A few tweaks and they could improve. A kingdom watchtower alerting the king of invaders would be nice and would allow the clans to collectively build it and raise its level of detail. Improving the search function so it only shows tiles that don't have someone already going to it. The menu UI needs to be uniform. On one screen back is at the top left and in other screens it's on the bottom left.
Fun game but would like to be able to have 2 research going at the same time. Just like the construction. Other than that I'm really enjoying the game
Lost all my data due to the bug of bounding your account it won't let you do it no matter which one you choose
Game developers don't care. They knew there was an issue with the game that allowed your castle to be attacked even if you had an active shield. I contacted support as the game did not register that I had set an 8 hour shield, even though I verified that it was active. I was attacked and lost major troops, power and resources. All the game admins would say is that there is no log that a shield was activated and they refused to assist any further. No compensation at all. Very poor support.
Lots of fun lots to learn just don't like how written discriptions of what's going on in city always on left of screen hard to work around when there's a lot
This Game provides the best of MMO, RPG, and (though MUCH less enthusiasticly) PvP on a single platform! Despite personal reservations about/against PvP, this game has enough of everything else I like to make up for it! :-) ...Just hope for a strong alliance...
Great game, not necessarily pay to win if you can place yourself in a good position but overall great experience and a really good community engaged in each server
Don't download this game, find a different one. They allow bots to cheat. We kicked a terrible guy from our alliance and he made a bot for a lvl 4 castle to attack us over and over to be a pest. The game has allowed him to do this after countless complaints filed, it has been going on for three days now
Experience has gone downhill recently. They promised a 2-hour maintenance break, 8 hours later to still going on. Cannot login to the server and cannot switch servers. Do not download this game too many glitches very laggy.
I tried downloading this latest update which is 55.54 mb but when it gets to the required 55.54 instead of going into install it just keeps going it never stops downloading megabytes no other game update now or in the past has ever done this so it's hard to think it's my device
Great game, but not gonna lie this game is pay to win im VIP level 9 [10 now] now so if you got a job and want to dedicate your life savings to this game this is is for you.
Hi. I have been playing this game for a long time and i spend a lot of money on it, i have only one problem i don't understand why it's not allowed two castle in same server? If i want to castle in same server need to use to devices it's not good at all, no everybody can afford that! I think to uninstall the game very soon!
It was okay until the last server maintenance. Now I get attacked whilst shielded and when the shield runs out and there is no time left, the shield is still active and I can't activate a new shield. So I have no idea when it will finish. What is wrong with this game? Now for the second time, I tried to build a resource centre and both times it has labelled it as a fortress and cannot be used. It is a waste of resources to build something that can't be used.
Not to bad, Monster Hunt could use some improving, The cost of energy is too high. But overall not a bad game :)
New to the game haven't even been on it a whole day! I just love that it's simple to follow along has awesome graphics (Only down side is that it's another clichΓ© of another building and war game, but to go back to some our the other games and compare them to this, i'd have to go with this one)
Here is your one star, you're welcome. I have no idea what this game is about but the ads started to grind my gears. And of course the uninstallion will follow this comment.
I was just watching YouTube and the ad for this game is downright disgusting - a woman bound by her hands being repeatedly sexually assaulted. I am disappointed in Google and in the creators of this abomination. Shame on you, there are kids who see this stuff. I don't want an answer from the devs, instead I want you to have a good hard think about your morals.
nice graphics. This game seems ok. But it is targeted towards male gamers. They sexualized the game. I never had an issue with scantly clad pixels before but this is different.
You'll be fine and enjoy it until your shield drops, then you'll be absolutely blasted by super powerful pay to win players ravaging anyone who doesn't. You will get constant alerts of attacks and every time you log in everything will be burning. Uninstalling.
Wonderful game took a minute to figure out how to navigate through the chat but once I did game play was pretty good
This game is a complete waste. They don't know how to update. They have features that they take away (that you are using) and don't tell you they are going away. I have contacted them in game several times with no response. They send you an update in game that doesn't work. It gives you the option to either unistall or play. Best option uninstall. Almost everything you need you will have to pay for at some point. People may have downloaded this game but few are playing it. Don't waste your time.
Excitement cannot be denied, everytime I played this game I always check if my Mythical and Epic heroes are stronger than others but when I collect my rewards it seems an unusual because it shown on the status need to upgrade their power so I did click it each of them but there's an error if one - hero upgraded all of a sudden all the rewards cannot be claimed on the other heroes. What's going on? like this rewarding diamond just I need to react then collect my claims if not it is wasting time
This is what customer service looks like... 8 hours later I didn't respond in a timely fashion so the ticket was closed... 8 hours later I didnt respond, dont worry about how i waited 8 hours for a response. I didn't see when the responded so I'm in the wrong
Pretty decent so far. Devs doing their jobs. I like it. Way 2 go. Only thing i dont like is that lvl 10 unlock just to chat in any of the 3 chats
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The only reason I downloaded this app was to give it 1 star. The ads are downright disgusting. A women is tied up and being sexually harassed by a king. Young children can see this. As a young girl this really hurt to see. This happens to women daily and is not an appropriate thing to put in ur ad. It can be so triggering for sexual harrasment victims. The ppl who make these ads are disgusting if they think that's ok to include. It's 2021. This needs to stop. Be better.
Wonderful game no problems except for this maintainance thing is never ending it says one hour until finished then when i go back the timer is at 2 hours and then back to one hour...pls hurry this king has a kingdom to build lol
It's a good game and I love playing this game. It seems to be an issued when i playing my screen reflect there's a merger of two kingdom and my phone hang. So I closed my phone then when I open it again it cannot continued. So I uninstalled it. And then when I re installed it, When I open it again, the server is under maintainance for 2 hours but almost 2 hours pass by when I open it. It always under maintenance. So I cannot play these games. Could you help me, what happened to this game. Thanks
I honestly dont see what everyone in these comments was whining about, the game altho not my cup of tea as it has no flip feature and the graphics are what id expect from my ps1 emulator isnt bad, simple dungeon crawler, get champs hit things, grind stages get things upgrade champs..rince repeat. For those who sooked about its illicit content 1, be a parent dont let your kids play it. 2, GTF up and dont rate a game on your own life experiences.
I'll change this back to a good rating if they remove the report option. Getting real tired of being muted for saying hello
Good fun. Just annoying everything is too expensive. U reach a point in game (battle) and even though youre characters are so far higher in level then the enemy. U get destroyed always which isnt fair at all in the slifhtest and unbalanced. Even after lleveling up more
Purchasing items has changed the game completely. Someone could have a castle level 30 and millions of troops within a month if they pay enough.
It really good and fantastick Because: 1.it grafic is really good 2.its a good stragesy game 3.it have a lotof boosts 4.and it have a lotof kind of hero
You run into unkillable lvl 4 castles against a 25 or higher. They can attack every 5 or 6 minutes on a schedule and always the same interval. Someone tell me what human can do that. You can't progress your hero without $ it's not apparent in the beginning how expensive it will be. If I'd known that this was the only option I would never have spent money. You have to buy improvements for your hero or you can't level up. Some lesser heroes are free but have much lower lvl limit. GM knows of bots
Odd, but good? This game is the strangest love child. Game of Sultans, meets Idle Heroes, plus a side of AFK Arena and games like Rise of Kingdoms or Evony. They have a lot of the same ideas as Rise of Kingdoms, but stole a few bits (like the teenager boy pleasing "dances") from GoS. Definitely P2W. They are not nearly as free with the bonuses as other games, but overall that's understandable. Basically, someone decided what they love the most from other top grossing games and hoped for $$.