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Honey Magazine -  Free otome dating sim

Honey Magazine - Free otome dating sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by OKKO located at 〒167-0043 東京都杉並区松庵3-40-9西荻窪駅前永谷ビル2F . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app is good actually and I have no problem with connections It's just that I'm not satisfied with the graphics. You don't show the female lead characters and the male or the characters shown are just stagnant, their mouth moving only when they want to talk. I think it will be better if the female lead character is shown and the ones shown move. At least let's see a little bit of action and less talking
Love it .. Only one problem and that is that there should be like 2 or 3 videos to obtain more passes . If this happens then it might become more better and also if there was like ya know sound behind every story and those honey stones would have been more better .. but it is already very good
The game play was great my only problem it keep said please check yours internet connection but when I check my internet it was fine 😒 . I suggest please improve the honey stone by watching apps with limit 10 times then only 3 times/ reduce the honey stone that use in story & I also suggest this game give a daily login for player
The stories were so addicting and amazing. I read an episode everyday. Really is a great game. The only problem that bothered me was that the sprites had the same poses just different clothes.
🚶Compared to other games like it, I think it's pretty good. It's just that 20 gems for a good choice is a bit too much and it's a choice in every chapter.. There's options where you get to see a picture and that's more Interesting than the normal ones, 3 honeys a day aren't much I wish you could get one each time we watch an ad but it's not limited to 3 yk? Maybe dropping the normal good choice to 10 honeys and the one with the pictures stays 20 honeys that's all.
Loved this game. it's relatively F2P, and not all good chices needs pts to choose. I just wish there was a way to check and compare your book progresses together at one place. like i was waiting to have enough pts to unlock hidden side senerio but until then if i want to continue with any other book i had ongoing then i have to select and play each one chance by chance to check whether even they are stuck at a senerio or not. its gets very confusing. I hope you'll fix this.
This game is highly enjoyable however I find that I have to wait 5 hours for a ticket to play a chapter? That's too long. Also you only gain 1 stone per chapter, I find that too less when In comparison for a premium choice you have to spend 20 of them... not cool
I LOVE this soo muchh, my favorite is Rental boyfriends and i love Taisuke so much! Can u please make more books about him and the mc? Its so entertaining! I recommend this app, its very addictive and u can watch ads for a honey stone or i forgot what its called hahah lol. And overall its amazing this is the actual first time that i spend time on making ratings lol. The stories are just my type espesially the Rental boyfriends one. So pls make more books abt Taisuke Nadauchi!! <3
Honestly i love this app! It is so addicting and instead of normal otome games, there are multiple stories in one app! And i like how there is a otome genre for everyone! I also like how there are story crossovers! (Crossover: Mover boyfriend & My rental boyfriend) I have had this app for almost a year now and i still never ge bored of this game!! Keep up the good work!
You know i really love this game sa in,I am so so addicted to it,but there is two things i don't like about the game,1st is that the time for the scenario ticket is so long can you just make it short,and 2nd the gems will be gone if you use it,but when you watch an ad it only gives u 1 gem,i would like to make 5 at least for 1 ad,and at least i would like to recommend that not just three ads to watch but 10 or at least 5 ads so the player can gather some gems and could enjoy the game more.
The best app I could've wanted. But it would be great if they made a side story for Takuma Fukazawa from Decoding Desire.
In the middle of the story and even at the beginning of opening the app it keeps saying error occured return to homepage/connection time out. There is nothing wrong with my other games just this one. So what is the point on playing with all these problems. You can't even use the help page to contact them becaise of it. They need to fix it asap.
Pretty good so far! Just hoping that more books and more characters' stories will come out for Rental Boyfriends as only Book 1 for Aito is out and I would love to read the other guys' books too! 💞
Game is good and all, though, I did not get the item I purchased.... and then I contacted the customer support, it has not been replied at all for 2 days. Sigh.
for some reason, i can't open the game. it shows two green blank options. one exits me out the game. the other takes me to my gmail, where i'm emailing the honey magazine company. i don't understand what's happening. is it just me? hopefully you can fix it because i literally can't play anything.
All the characters are so beautiful, but none of it makes sense to me and I feel the stories could be more interesting. Overall nice game, but I would prefer it if you could choose your choices and if there were avatars you could dress up like a role playing game but it's just stories.
Really beautiful graphics. The stories are really sweet, although the gems are a little tedious. But I don't mind waiting for the keys. I really like the pictures and it's not that you miss too much if you don't take the premium choices:) I am currently waiting for some stories to update eagerly(extremely hot beautician😉 in Rental Boyfriends).
It's so good. I'm addicted to it. I would like to give it 5 stars but can u do just one thing? The scenario tickets..It takes so much time to get a ticket. I have to wait for long. And I'm not used to spend money on apps. So can u reduce the time to get a ticket? Other people will be interested more bcz they don't have to wait much. Take a look if this can happen? More than this the app sucks at start. It shows grey boxes n says connection timeout. But the content is good n I really liked it◐.̃◐
The stories are absoulutly stunning. the ads are at reasonable times and you can't run out of books 100% love this but the thing that bugs me most other games take 1 hour to re-load the tickets but this takes 2 hours. But over all love it 🙂.
Pretty good game, would recommend it if you like this kind of games, good stories and characters. The reason for why I only gave it 4 stars it's because I'm having troubles with the in-game purchases, I've bought several times across the months and every time I buy "big packs" with more than 4 or so tickets that supposedly come with a number of extra of these I never get them. If it's a real problem I hope it gets resolved, and if I'm mistaken, my sincere apologies.
This app is amazing! I really hope it gets more players and gets popular cuz it deserves every bit of it. Every story is just unique and well thought of, including the characters and graphics. Keep it up! 🧡
I love this game only thing is I wish we can watch some ads to get more tickets or play some mini games .
This app is great i really love the stories ❤ but I prefer tickets should be increase in number as some people can't buy them . And except this u LOVE this app 💜
I really enjoy the app! I am kind of disappointed/sad from how long it takes for a ticket to restore. It takes about 8 hours which can be timely, especially when you'd like to continue but have to wait for hours, maybe by the time it restores the ticket, you aren't in the mood to read. I do understand that you need money somehow you probably made the time long so impatient/interested readers would pay for more tickets, it is unclear why the time is so long. I'd better understand if it was 1 hr.
I love this app there are so many cute and hot boys on here and it's entertaining to play I hope u guys out have fun with this app there is so much to do on here like playing stories and more
Just downloaded it and immeaditly fell in love with it. Very addicting, takes time for tickets to reload but it's very easy to get more gem. Definitely worth downloading. I love it!😍👍
Guys!! You know if you have an account if you uninstall it and install over and over again each time you can watch adverts for honey stones after the limit without losing progress!!! The stories are the best and this app is the best manga app i had downloaded!!!Just the tickets take too long to get, maximum amount ahould be 5 tickets and 3hrs per ticket! This is for feedback and please dont change the feature!! :)
I just done read the book 1 chapter 9, but why I can't read book 2 chapter 1? Evan I put 2 gems already to read the next book 2 it's still not allow me to read it!! so, I just wasting my 2 gems just like that?
The stories are great of course but I prefer the stand-alone apps🙁 The stand-alones felt more challenging and it's actually quite satisfying even without making in-app purchases. But now it's kinda obvious that you should make in-app purchases since the waiting time for a ticket is 6 hours and the completion prize for finishing a chapter is just 1 diamond.
I've loved a few series/stories, but some of the new stuff is disappointing. A large part of the drama in many stories is female love rivals, manipulative parents, arranged marriages and women who are pushovers. I read love stories for the fun fantasy. (Female love rivals get old fast) Tropes & cultural nuances aside, some values/morals are twisted and are upsetting, and not fun. Wanted: Son-In-Law is the only one with this setup that mostly got it right. I think I'm about done with this app.
I love the stories you guys provide but I got two mihapes on this app. for starters the app will say I have bad connections in the middle of the story making me restart to whole tire story line seven. and second the tickets take forever to get new ones but I do reccomend this app if you have patience, lol
Wile this is the best reading game I have ever had. There is one problem. I have to wait 4 hours for on ticket. Thats too long for me to wait. But If you change it to 2 hours it wont be so bad of waiting. And change the max of tickets you can get by waiting. Then I would consider this the best app I will ever have.
I like this it's really good but There should definitely be a story log to go back into the story and read back on what happened.
I love the girl LI side stories!! I wish there could be also more like full length stories with multiple girl LIs 🥺 Honestly it's super well written and it makes me feel so happy because it's hard to find visual novels where you can date a girl and it's not super cringe 💞 so I'm really happy I found it here (I especially love Yukako) 💝💘
Please change the amount of waiting time, when the stories finally gets exciting but I have to wait 6hrs for a next ticket. Overall the game is really fun and interesting.
I rlly love this app! Its got amazing stories and intresting characters! But its sad i cant get all the extra scene's cuz its cost 20 honey gems maybe lower it down a lil? Like 10 would be nice, im way to curious to see all the extra scene's on different characters. And about the watch ad to get honey gems? Maybe make it 5 honey gems when we watch an ad if u dont wanna lower the extra scene price.
This is a really good game/love stories....just don't let your kids, younger bro or sis know about it. 😄
The game is nice and, if you don't mind waiting, you can play for free. I think replenishing the tickets are a little slow, but since I have a busy schedule, I cannot play too often. I currently am having a problem because the game is frozen. If it does not correct itself soon, I will uninstall.
Excellent app of romance, it almost feels like i'm in one the stories it's a good thing you fixed that bug, keep up the GREAT work ;)
So i have been playing this since last week and the stories are really good, however, it's absurd how long it takes to reset the tickets, and there's no other way to earn tickets too. Pls make it two hours and add some mini games to earn the tickets.
this game is so awesome it's the best best best best game if I can rate it a million star I will do right away but I have an amazing idea that it can make it mooooore beautiful what if adding a beautiful music to the game while playing the story it will make it even more interesting and by the way the characters in this game are so hot 😍I can even imagine myself with them~♡ AMAZING GAME I REALLY LOVE IT 😊😘 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
The story is the best, never get bored as I like the cheezy things..I could give 5 stars if OKKO can fixed the bugs. I purchased 7 Scenario Tickets for 3 times since I install this app, but only 1 time I got the 7 Scenario Tickets. Another 2 times I got nothing! Already restart the phone & send email to OKKO, the reply I got was very slow as almost a week just to get a reply said they already pass to respective dept, but until now, already 1 month, still didnt get any respond. Very dissapointed!
Absolutely love this!!! Stories are really good and so are the options either way, graphics are pretty too❤️🌈💎!!! Only problem "3hr wait PER TICKET" RIDICULOUS!! Erm yes you DO GET different ending (comment down below is wrong) and there's plenty of choices with the characters!!🖖 FYI pretend boyfriend is pretty funny 💎♥️😏 some subtle music would be niceeeeee♥️🖖🌈 I think this game is really enjoyable, and the length of books are really good too!! Team Kuze♥️♥️Aito ♥️♥️ and Berg♥️♥️!!!
i love the stories and how they develop with each book but the reason for 4 stars is because i hate how its only 2 tickets and it doesnt allow you to watch videos or nothing like that pluse it takes 5 hrs to load up one ticket
I love this game. I wait for every wednesday for new chapters. But the only problem is we can't earn diamonds as much as we need for the premium choices. It should have other ways to earn diamonds.
love it it is the best game in the whole entire universe. it is so fun you even get four stories a day well new ones are updating!love you guys xoxoxox 😍😍😍😍💖💗💝💘♥️❣️💟💋💗💓💕💌
Thank you for this app! I revisited your games a couple years later since I first played them. I was worried when I couldn't see any of the original stories anymore! But turns out they were all merged into this one app. I love it!
I love this game the stories are so lovley the most book I like is royal misnight kiss I love it so much
I don't know how to explain it but when I read a story I get kinda flustered I feel like they did a good job on all the story's I presently love it
The game is really fun and interesting but it's kind of annoying that we have to wait three hours for each ticket and twenty honey stones for the good decisions is to high as well.But apart from that it's great.EDIT: and maybe make it so we can make our own characters
This is an amazing otome game...... It's full of fun n the story plots r quite good too if u r looking for something which isn't jst romantic but also filled with fun then u r looking at the right otome game...the only demerit I have found is tht honeystones r difficult to gain I mean u can gain but still it isn't enough
I miss the original Okko apps. However Honey Magazine is lovely, too. Okko's art and writing is excellent. Thank you! (More of Rental Boyfriends and Decoding Desire soon, please!)
Great controls, stories and best overall! Also very responsive & helpful team if you encounter any issues. 6hrs for a ticket is reasonable and I have no issues with the stones as well. People want everything for free 🤷
i really love Sinbad's and Berg's routes. it moves my heart so much! i wish there would be lots of side stories, especially for the Arabian Nights! can't wait for Kais and Alibaba's route! ☆
Best costume service ever!!!! Recently I've lost my phone, but I still wanted to play the game due the awesome stories, but again stupid as I'm, I did forgot my own information. I contected the via email and they helped me get my account back, taking care for not transferring the wrong data. Again a big shot out to the hole team! You guys are awesome!!
It's a very great app! The art style, the episodes and everything are amazing. I just suggest that you add some music..? To make you more into what's happening. Other than that, it's an amazing game!
I love it, but I wish you could get daily rewards as diamonds. I don't have that many diamonds and you only get 1 diamond at each story. At least have 5 diamonds?
Absolutely love it. It's not too time consuming and you can read 4 chapters a day and new chapters just keep updating. I have always loved OKKO games, so it's amazing that all the stories are at one place. There is not a thing that I not like. ❤❤❤
The organizers are really helpful,if you need any help they reply to your message and help you this is a wonderful app I hope it continues to be successful in life!!!!
Unfortunately I'm not impressed, I play other game's like this and they all give daily login rewards and free adds to earn diamond's throughout the day plus 1 ticket every 2 hour's but this one only gives 3 tickets every 24hours and no login rewards or adds to earn stone's throughout the day, just 3 stones so there's no way you can get enough to enjoy the stories, without buying lots of stone's the stories are boring, o don't have a problem paying as I pay on other game's but they also reward
The stories are good...im slightly mad about the honeystone choices tho. If I spend 20 honey stones to see an exclusive part of the book...there needs to be something WORTH spending 20 honey stones for. 😒 I spent 20 honeystones for the guy I like to push me away after a kiss 😒 and here i thought I was finally gonna get some wit this guy. I don't wanna pay 20 stones to get rejected 😪
I want to rate it in 5star but I'm not satisfied for only 3tickets and you need to wait more time to gain 1 ticket . I really enjoy this game and I love to read all the stories but lack if tickets . I hope the cool down of each tickets can be fast uhmmm I hope you'll make it 1hr and 30mins for each tickets . And make some ads to gain some tickets! Not only for dias.
Its a great app i really loved it this is actually my dream app im obsessed, everything is amazing except i wish that everytime i log into the app..can i get daily reawards? or everytime i watch an add can i get more than 1 honey stones?..Anyways putting aside honey i love the app its great.. Highly recommend.👍
Frankly I am awed by this game I highly recommend playing ...... But like winning gems from those ads you only get one gem 💎 after each ad like it could be 5 of then you know apart from that it was a memorable experience playing this otome game.. thank you please take my request under consideration developers
I'm very happy to see most of my favorite OKKO games compiled in a single app! This is indeed more convenient to use. I love the art and each of the character's sprites. They're beautiful! 😁
Love the stories but I feel that some of them should be longer because some problems in the stories do not come to a proper resolve and that make me feel as though the story is rushed to fit in the 4 books. I also feel if you pay the highest honey stone amount for the best ending you shouldn't have to pay again for the continuation. I do like the characters and scenario and hope a new store will come out.
I really love it I'm like so immersed into the stories. The love that is waiting to unfold is so beautiful. I can't wait to read more, and I need more tickets because I need to read like everything! That's how hooked I am!
I find this app, extremely interesting and exciting to play what a thriller and so many cliff hangers to leave you wanting more.
I really enjoy the stories on this app and they are super addicting. I wish that we could keep tje stories after using all the tickets to read them, it only seems fair to let us leep them afterwards instead of charging more tickets to read them again. It would also be nice if there were a way to get free tickets and a better way to get honey stones since for any good decision you need 20 of them.
Getting honey stones are really time-taking. I loved stories, I think they are well-written. Even though our choices doesn't effect and couse different walkthroughs, maybe that's a good thing. I wish I could able to translate it to my language by myself for the others.
I love this game alot but there is a problem sometimes the app goes blank and then it tells you the connection to the server is timedout meanwhile my connection is perfectly fine
The story is great! I really like how you show both sides of the story. Currently I am reading a royal kiss and I like how persistent the princes are especially Prince Edward. The only problem I have Is that it takes so long to get a ticket I think you should put in adds to make the time shower. I would definitely recommend this game for anybody who needs to get away from realty.
The special scenes are way too expensive it's hard to earn gems (only one per episode) and the scenes cost 20 gems. Ridiculous.
i like the app, allows you to choose a huge collection of storys BUT the time limits is 8 hours for 1 ticket, i would prefer it be a shorter time so i would enjoy the story more
I really like this game! Even tho sometimes the character I'm playing as does things out of character that I wouldn't normally do irl it's still torelable! I just have one small request if possible.. On some scenes at the end of a character's route, my character is shown with the character I'm reading the story of (an illustration,which is great btw) . As a blonde person it kinda bums me out that I don't look like my character. If you could add more variety to that, that would be great! Thanks!
i love the cg's and the premise of each story. i just hope that you'll give us more story tickets, and the waiting time for the ticket to replenish should lessen. Still, the game is reall good.
Great stories just wish could see MC and there are minor translation errors and missing dialogue sometimes but I can understand what was trying to be said. But still worth it! Love how inexpensive it is too. Almost done with 1st book and still using the free gems the game gave me at the start of the story. (:
Well I mean I like anime and I like some of the stories but like it's mostly story instead of multiple choice questions. I wish it was more like episode where it's more exciting.
This is the first game which make me fall in love with .And when I come to the end of any story I was literally upset that it finished so early. But we have to need 20 ticket for a choice and there are only 3 tickets we can earn from the videos in a day which is very less please give at least 10-15 ticket in a day from videos.
I'm addicted to Decoding Desire and would love it to be an anime/manga/drama. I agree with others that it's frustrating it's so expensive (20 stones) to choose options but you can only earn a few a day. I don't like the in-app micro purchases structure so never do it, but I would consider giving a one off payment if it gave me access to all the books in a series to play and replay scenarios. I think they would sell a lot with that structure.
Really a good game. Sooooo many magazines to go through. I love love love love love love love love it. Nice app in my whole mobile.
I will rate it a five star its a good game, this is for the creators could you add more tickets. It takes very long to get the full three can you guys put 20 tickets or shorten the time or put some activities to win tickets fast something. Please answer
I really like this app it is very entertaining and interesting but when we mistakely press the button to get out of the app when you are reading a story then the story gauge is also less when you get back in and also we won't know how we actually look so we don't know how beautiful we look but i have been really enjoying it and also the STORY GAUGES TAKES TOO MUCH TIME TO LOAD so it would D be nice if you made that faster that is why i have given four stars
I just started using this app & I love it. It would be nice to see the text/story history, in case you accidentally skip over it though. Which has happened to me a few times. Also it'd be nice to have a way to get gems more easily. Like we can watch adds to get gems & when picking a choice that has the gems on it, it uses to many gems. Paying 20 gems for the choice in the story is a bit to much. So watching adds to get more gems would be nice & paying less gems for the choices would be nice too
Best otome game I ever played. First thing , the graphics, characters are so good . It's different from others because you had to choose your path at the starting . I like the idea that you don't need money for good ending .4 hours for a ticket was a bit annoying atfirst but then I relized actually it helping me to give my studys some times😅.And I love the MCs so much because they r just like me plain and simple , her way of thinking all are just like mine. It teachs me manythings .Thank you🤗.
This is my favorite otome dating sim thus far. After reading a couple stories, I can confidently say that it's definitely worth it. Sure you get 3 tickets to start with, but that's 1 ticket per chapter. Tickets regen 1 every 4 hours, & if you're like me you can read up to 5 chapters a day. When you first start they give you like 240 gems & when there's a premium choice it's always 20 gems. Only thing I wish is that it didn't cost tickets to reread books you've already read.
This game is actually REALLY AMAZING,if you're reading this review before you download the game then fyi it's a damn good game,I've only had it for a day so far and I started the book 'decoding desire' and i chose the charecter Yushin for my story and ITS DAMN GREAT there isn't any signal or WiFi issues with the game and you don't need to sign in which makes it easy to get in...also if you wanna make a friend,my instagram account is @e.u.p.h.o.r.i.a_13........HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GAME.BYE👋🐸
this game is really fun but the wait time is a little long 5 hours and 30minutes is a long time to wait for a ticket.
This game is Just Amazing!!! I love the art and others.I found this one after okko closed all the other games.I was a bit sad but I am glad I found this after they closed everything. But The story tickets recover time is Too long! (3-4) hours and you get 1??!! Without that Overal its super Romantic! Unbelievably Good! 👌
5 STARS!!! Great game, I love it. There's always twist, turns, and water works! The stories are so heartwarming, funny, sad, ugh I just feel it all. There's a great variety of stories to choose from, along with a nice verity of boys to chose from! In all honesty I don't really feel the honey stones are a problem. Though we need to have a little talk about Hijiri's story... like why y'all do him like that. Also if you check out their YouTube channel, they have cool videos featuring the guys!
Love the stories in this app! A little expensive for premium choices but good stories even if you skip those.
This app is really good game. I always love to be on this app and pick my own choice in games so that is why I really like this game. Also I really like that I can pick different story's to read and make choices on so that's another reason I like this game a lot.
It's the best game ever!!! The stories really draw you in and actually make you feel nervous, happy, sad etc. The graphics are really nice, the stories are long and well written, but i have one thing that bothers me a lot. You can't watch more than 3 videos per day. It gives you like 100 honey stones as a gift, but you run out of them quite quickly. 20 honey stones are way too expensive. Please the game becomes boring without the scenes.
I love it but I've been trying to get in for a few days and he won't let me. A sign appears saying that the charging time has been exceeded and that I need to check that I´m in a place with a good connection. I'm at home, I have a good connection. I can enter literally any other app that requires internet except this one and I don't know what to do. I am really frustrated, could you give me a solution?
Would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for some mistakes they made in some on the app. First it takes over 3 hours just for one ticket to refill. Second, you may have choices in the story but you DONT get to pick what happens, they all end at the same outcome. Third, Each story only has ONE love choice, it would be more enjoyable if you had a variety to choose from. And lastly, all of the love choices in all of their story are Male. Would be better female love interests to choose from and well.
Amazing stories I love coming back to read again and again. And I'm totally ready for any further LGBTQ+ routes. Preferably full routes though. Its very dificult to get attached to characters when its only a side story.
Wow i like every single story on it !! Its realy amazing i love the storiese and the way it makes you feel like ur actually living this romance is there anyway to make an easy way to win tickets tho just like the jewerly like watching adds or somthing
In my opinion I think it gives me a...like it gives me a perspective on love and somewhat lets you get to see wat you want
I am so in love with this app!!! 100% recommend!!! The art is beautiful the stories are amazing, I get really into the stories. It makes me sad when the story gets sad, it makes me happy when it gets to a happy point. I finished one story and started a new one and the characters came across each other again I felt my heart sink because it wasn't his story... i felt a real connection with each story i read! Very well done!!!🥰💞
Its really awesome just hope that the tickets 🎫 would get increase so that i would not have to wait too long to watch my favorite book.
Little disappointed with the app. I thought it had been targeted advertised at me due to my sexuality but unfortunately it looks like it is for ladys only. It would be a simple fix, be able to change your gender in settings and a few parts of the scripts changed and some slightly different art would make this game a little more inclusive. But for now it looks good for the girls out there.
This is the best game in terms of collection of otomedatingsims games. The graphics is really good as well as the story. I have seen few players complaining saying whenever they try to read a book it says error occured return to home page.I too had faced that problem and it's probabaly due to the weak connection.Off then On your wifi(mobile) and try to open the game it'll say error occured and again try to open it and you'll be able to read^^ Or if you don't want to do that just change your wifi
Nice game. I started by reading Eiji Kyogoku and I was bored by it in the first book but then in book 2 I thought did someone put hot pepper on this Cuz like damn. Then the other books where amazing also I would like if the time for the ticket could like for 2 hours because like it takes so much time to wait for 4 hours for 1 ticket if you are going 4 hours then make them for 2 tickets or you can do 2 hours and 1 ticket
its a rly good game n its welly designed. the characters makes u fall head over heels for them in just one day of playing it. its miraculous! i definitely recommend u to try this game. n most importantly, u can play it for free n still get enough content to satisfy ur desires.
I really like the game! But the honey stones are a problem, I watch a 30 sec video and got 1 stone, I think we should get more than 3 stones a day.
This is honestly the best story type game I have ever played!!! At the end of every chapter it's always leaving you waiting for the tickets just see what happens next! I love how you always want to know what happens next and are eager to see if the the chapter ends good or bad. I really recommend this game to everyone because there's such a big variety in shorys and I love it so much!!!!
It's a really good game. It's got loads of cool stories in it, etc. The things that could be changed are the '2 scenario tickets max', and the Honey Stones. The 2 scenario tickets maximum makes it petty if you haven't been able to go on the game for a while. It's underwhelming if you've only got two, after not playing it in forever. The Honey Stones are a strange situation as well cos you're not able to get many Extra Scenarios. You have no choice but to pay for the HS, cos you only get 1 per Ch.
This is an incredible game. I absolutely love all of the options! I am in amazement that its a free game as well! And really the only tjing that bothered me was the shard earning. I wish that they would have some ways to earn more than just 3 from ads. But again, this is an excellent app!!
I LOVE THIS GAME! Its so interesting plus the guys r SUPER cute 😍. There r some things I don't like like getting diamonds. U start with 300 and get 3 daily but that is NOT enough. 😒 The other thing is the names r sometimes pretty complicated😅🙈 but the story line is just great! The good thing is tho, that u don't always have to use dimonds to do a choice. I mean like usually in Story games u need diamonds just to kiss a guy, but here u sometimes can to special moves WITHOUT diamonds! I❤it😊
I want to give this app 5 stars but there's a slightly issue that bothers me. After each chapter it will give you 1 diamond. Can you please add at least 2? But besides that it's an amazing dating story. They have much interesting topics.