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Home Street—Dream House Design

Home Street—Dream House Design for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Supersolid located at Supersolid Ltd Kings House 10 Haymarket London SW1Y 4BP. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game hasn't worked since the last two updates. I would love to keep playing but ... I'm gonna try to uninstall and reinstall. If it puts me back to level one then I'm done. I was at level 46
Great gameplay and graphics. Events are fantastics 😊 Good for those who like decorate/design games
I love it! But does the game have like a small phone on it maybe? Cause i see so many vids with it but I cant find it on the game ,
Love this game so much but the only problem I have with this game home street why are we limited to how many friends we have please fix this problem for everybody
Have been playing since Beta. Simply the best sim type game available on Google Play! Your can play relaxed or very competitive. You can play alone, or with a team of actual people. There are several regular competitions per month, you can play or not & they're all different types of competitions. You can choose your own goals, be it make money, earn vouchers, earn gems, win trophies... Or just design your house & yard! And lots of cute clothes options, costumes, & even pets you can customize!
A complete waste! Doesn't deserve the one star because it didn't even open. I waited a good one hour and twenty minutes waiting for it to load up and I finally gave up
This game is beautiful, because I can visit Mia every time I want !! And I'd already decorate my house really beautiful and I got a lot of gems and queen thank you for making this game a lot I love you whoever Creator you are this game is awesome and amazed because you can get a Gorge skin and I look fabulous thank you. 😘😭😢
My phone messed up and so i had to restart my phone totally. I had Home Street already and loved it. Just now downloaded again and started over. Its that fun! Great graphics, entertaining, and just FUN!! Thanks
I like the game its really cool can you make leveling up faster less glitching at begining but I like, it really.
This is a nice game but how can some advatars walk around town and from house to house but my advatar cant !!!! I asked this question several times but noone responede!!!! could these be hackers? please let us know if we can do this. I give s stars to the game but not the hackers if they are
I think its pretty fun, but also pretty average. Im not saying its bad, but it is just generic. There nothing that really want to make me come back to it daily, or even weekly, but thats just me.
When ever I'm feeling down I play this game and it takes my bad thoughts away like I'm so interested in this game! I told my best friend this game and she's obsessed with it! but can you make the meat minutes to like 5 minutes?? Thanks. I'm giving this a 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!❤️❤️ Love this game!!
Another issue your prices for packs are too extreme. There's no need during these times to price everything so high. It's a game, dont be so greedy.
i really like this game allot its nice that you can dress up and telleport to your freinds and have a pet decorait your home and much more to do in this game you can play with a dog you can go to the pool you and relax and earn daiamonds,earn monny''s and more stuffs to do in ths game make your dream home really really fun! if you want to downlowd it OR if you dont want to downlown it i dont its ok if you dont want to downlowd it!
This game is really great but this game is too much like the sims mobile so maybe add some more features that the sims mobile doesnt have :) like maybe some minigames that you can earn coins for and maybe a feature where You can tye dye clothes and create your own clothes, but this game is awesome and Maybe a feature where you can get famous
My home street does't work more than a month i want to know what it is two minutes into the game Arriving at the display just before loading please help me hurry up I want playing the home street
Dear supersolid, Sorry for the single star. Since afternoon, my game is not opening. I sent 100s of email to u but still no action was taken. There is some kinda error stuck in my game. It's again and again showing me that *something went wrong* . Pls take an immediate action and return my game back😭😭. My player id is *Riha*
There is absolutley No problem with game. You can earn things by completing jobs, like gems, coins, etc. There are other players that you can be friends with. You can create your own character and design your home. I Love it. You can do almost everything on this game. I highly recommend it to everyone! GOOD JOB TO THE CREATER! 😉😉😉
I love the game and the pets are so fricking cute!!!!! But I don't really know why it's so hard to get the green hand :/ AND you can decorate your own dream house so I recommend downloading this game
This game is very fun but i didnt have the chance to get a pet and pets should be back in the game there should also be a bit more clothes so i rate this app 4 out of 5
I love it! The quests and tasks are much easier and faster than The Sims Freeplay and it is very fun.
Hi umm this game is very good but it gets boring maybe get Maried quicker and can you please add maybe more fun things like you get Marie and you get a baby.
Cool game but now that I am in level 50`s it keeps crashing and running slow. Can't get into chat anymore either.
It's a good alternative if you don't have enough phone space for sims freeplay, it's easy to level up and earn money and generally enjoyable, but since it's a 'life simullation' game some things like dating, marriage, babies kaybe should be unlocked. Just saying
Gameplay is good however I would suggest a way to gift ideas, items, tokens, and currencies directly to other players (without using request or shop). This will help in promoting event participation and community. Thanks
I gave this three stars because you kind of lied this is not a single player game you can visit other players my other reason is that I would like to control where my character is going instead of her going wherever she wants and can you make it a little bit easier to get tokens like a thumbs up friendship token or the green hand token and I wish you had more options to customize your character there is only one body type
I gave this game five stars but since i did the update the game kicks me out! Ive asked for help 3 times since yesterday and nothing. If I uninstall I lose 33 levels and I wont play anymore.
I had this game for years and uninstalled it, and now years later I reinstall it and it's still one of the best games to play. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone!. It's literally on of the best games play store has....
Love the game I play everyday. Just wish making stuff for the event is not a long time to make. Still I recomend to try and play.
I love the game so much but the thing is that the game kicks me out every few sec i enter the game. It resets everything! And I've been playing for only 24hrs. I don't think i can play like this anymore. But i enjoyed playing. Sad i can't continue. Unless this problem is fixed i don't think i can give good reviews.
Super addicting game! Fun, relaxing, although l find myself buying coins and gems to enhance the experience. Worth it, though. Having a great time; highly recommend! I think it's better than the Sims games! 🙂
Thank you for the amazing game! Love every bit of it but little disappointed with the limited time sale items which one can buy with real currency.. i am fine with purchasing but the fact that the difference between US Dollar and currency of my country is almost 30-40% more than what the price is charged. It should be equal to what everyone pays, not more. Please dont discriminate and kindly put equal price for all countries across globe. I am sure people outside USA feel the same way.
Beautiful I love it so cool and the graphics oh yes it's great love it love it love it. Thank u Developer for making this game. Oh and if u would like an Idea why not add features like Sim 4 in the game and a school for kids daycare for babies. What do u say and a school supply section and school clothing and backpacks for them to pick out and lockers wouldn't that be awesome. I know it isn't what your looking for but I'm just saying for an Idea please. I love the game
It's a lot more fun than I expected. It's addictive. The the job and quest systems are easy to complete. The events are fun. There are a few things that I wish we're a little easier. It's hard to get the gloves, which are needed for so many things. I run out of space in my storage all the time. You have to spend so many gems to increase storage, or try to find the items, which I find almost impossible. Still, I find the game as a whole extremely fun
I love how you can get coins different ways and how there are endless ways to decorate your house, by simply paying for wallpaper and floor tiles only once. This game is so relaxing and I love how each npc has something nice to say about your character. I love everything about this game and the rewards you receive. Absolutely amazing game, definitely 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Can we get a "block user" feature? Some way to see who all are following us and edit who we don't want anymore? PLEASE! People keep bookmarking and stealing items not meant for them. Joining neighborhoods, reaping benefits and leaving. Also we DESPERATELY need a 'refresh market' feature! That turn around time is atrocious. All event items also need to be made quicker. I liked the game at first but it's much better with friends and a good neighborhood.
Gave it 5 stars but now as I'm trying to play and I'm trying to collect and turn in my stuff for the haunted bingo it keeps going off Everytime I click on the bingo thing and says it's not responding. I've turned my phone off, reset my phone, cleared all my history from everything, have full excellent internet connection, everything is great on my phone and it still keeps saying the same thing. It don't even save the stuff that I do craft and collect even though it lets me do a couple things.
The game is extremely slow and keeps on buffering then it talks about internet connection when there is nothing wrong with my internet I literally cannot play the game because of how slow it is and it keeps on coming off and I have to click on it again. The only reason I give this two stars is because I see the potential but honestly you guys really need to fix this game it is too slow and buffers too much.
i like this game alot its a better verisons of sims i feel like! but there are a few things id hope you guys would improve on. 1: make it easier to get drills, measuring taps ect to increase storages. its so difficult to get them! its frustrating. 2: when events are happening limit some things down as in take away game showdown so ppl can focus on the events a little more. 3: LETS SEE MORE RARE TICKETS! make it easier it to get them.. youre board where u claim free stuff throw some gold tickets
This game is really fun and it is really cool that you can design your own home but what if it was a Sim game.
Love itsooo fun amazing game I love the people who made this game it's super good it's for everyone I love that you can make your own character and create your dream home it's so amazing how you can do anything something like this game is exactly what I need and when I get sad I play this game and it just feels so good to me I don't really know why some people are rating this game bad because it's actually really good game and I don't really the game is super fun good work
I really like it and like learns you to live your life to the fullest and nothing is impossible and I really love this game like really
I love this game but I really wish you guys would update the clothing with new styles and not just color variations of existing ones. I'm always disappointed when I open up these so called 'new' clothing items. Just more of the same.
No bad. Pretty awesome and very free to play friendly. Just avoid the 10 year olds playing this game, they are pretty toxic
This game is really fun. It is about making your home and getting into new levels witch its really easy to get into the next level. Please get this game!!
I really enjoy the game quite a few things to do and when u are making an order u don't have to wait ages,u can also get gems u don't really have to spend real money which is good
Great game 👍 the graphics are good, easy to make a house and expand room according to your creativity (plz don't take away that feature) but the prices are too high and earnings are bit low from the missions so you run out of coins easily. There are few furnitures and other stuff. As you level up it gets difficult to get helping hand since most of other items is dependent on it. Also there is only one body shape and few faces for the characters. Game needs specific character editing option.
I love this game, and on my tablet I am makin a bunch of alt accounts, but it is starting to become ridiculous. Here is why: 1. They don't ACTUALLY respond to reviews! 2. Every time I go in, it loads for ever, glitches like CRAZY, then kicks me out. What a disapointment. 3. Anyone else notice how latley the chat has started going? It's not just me. Everyone is getting it. PLEASE FIX!!!!! I'll shame the review when the problem is worked out.
I love this game it's fun and creative thank you for putting all this together. I really like it because there's always a way to get jobs, money and more. There's so many characters and clothes and hair styles.Yall please download this game.God bless y'all.
This is the BEST game ever I LOVE it because: 1. It doesn't have too many adds in it 2. it doesn't have issues with trying to get in the game 3. Its an awesome game 😁👍 4. lastly the game always has new adventures on every new level. So i suggest y'all Download the game
Interesting and very creative game! I like that buying products, creating our own house, own design... but prices are high. But it's not like suburbia where we need energy that they give for 15%. This game is very good and cool!
I have low expectations for this game but it is really entertaining! It's like Sims but I enjoy this more than the Sims mobile. Very nice!
Awesome game🤩😍😍I've made great progress so far....love it I have a ton of friends now and I even have a best friend....how cool is that🧁🍫🍫💯
It's amazing game I really love it because we have so many activities and friends and Mia house it's perfect and exelent work supersolid
Excellent! But u know its really hard to earn money for every work stations because each of them gets even higher cost in every level.... I think u might consider to lower the work station price for the players to avail it....
I enjoy the game a lot, and I would give it a five star if: 1. earning diamonds and vouchers were not so time consuming. 2. there was the possiblity of rebuilding the house. 😁
I love the game overall a lot of choices of clothing and Items for your home, but can you please add a update for second stories, and add family updates like add a kid size and teen size? Thank you :) but overall, Great game!!
Let me start off by saying I've been playing 2 years, and I LOVE it! You don't have to spend real $$ but I'll admit, I've spent over $100 on those cool bundles/pets. You compete in events, make friends, become neighbors and design your own character and house! I am level 45 and I am addicted. The only thing I would add is a market slot for team mates only, so we can sell to them easier. So excited for the new Steampunk theme instead of the repeats. Great job SS, keep bringin' new themes 😍
This game is one of my favorite games to play when I get bored so I'm. suggesting for you guys to play it. I really like the way that we get to build our dream home I always play it with my friends and family neighbors I have like played this game for 3 years. we also get to visit our friends house or invite them over . with the updates and stuff. I wasted real money for the events like over .$$100 dollars
Loved playing HS and got hooked on it for my sanity at the time. It really helped me have something else interesting enough to focus on to escape my reality that was really bad for a year. I got addicted to to the release of anxiety and stress. I don't think I can put another thing in except I want the pool table in my HS Vegan Dinner. I have put money in but it was with it at the time. I've won some trophies in events but I'm not in a neighbourhood right now as I had to stop playing for now.
I like this game, but, you can,t like go anywhere but people,s house and make your own home can you please make like a city you can go to shop,s , hospital police hotel. Please can you improve your game.😐😬 I am not really happy with it . I will give it a 4/10 please can you get your game going thank you.🙂
This game is a great game,you get to create your house with your own style and there is completely no adverts.But it would be better of you could extend your house to a double story house and if you could have complete control of your body and have vehicles.
Hey, super solid ! So home street keeps saying it needs and update, and I updated it a few days ago. Everytime I want to play it says to go update it and when I come and try to update it, it says it doesn't need and update cause I already updated it and it takes to much space and memory in your tablet or phone, Please fix this problem ! Thanks :)
The game is very fun and it is very easy to find stuff but i dont like how you have to pay ( the money on the game not your on money) so much to get stuff on the game. But Home Street - Home Design Game is a pretty good game and i would download it and play it and see how you like it. I hope you have fun playing the game.
I love this game but for some reason it keeps crashing on me now please fix this its the only reason im giving 3 stars or i would give 5
This game is fun to play but it takes to much time to get a pet so if that was easer I would enjoy this app more :)
Good game it would be better if you could move your person by your self. It would make it more fun. The only reason why I gave it four stars is because it needs to be better but there is no adds so that is good Overall it's a fine game 👍
So fun playing helps bild a new home dress up if you are a new player pick your cerictor. That is my favorite game now! <3
It good game very hard to find and get money once you get to level 8 definitely recommend if you want to get to level 40 in 4 year not spending any money
I've had absolutely ZERO issues with the game; one of the most stable apps for ChromeOS! Gameplay is fun and engaging, especially during the pandemic, where we virtually hang out with others!
Next month itll be three years since i started playing. Love this game 💜 11/19/2020 Still love this game. Its surprisingly kept me sane through this pandemic.
Could not play, the graphics are WAY to high. Causing really bad lagging issues. The developers need to add a graphics option where players can choose to lower the graphics when lagging issues occur, it would definitely help the game work better. My tablet couldn't handle the hight graphics. I couldn't even log into my Facebook account on how slow and laggy the game is. It works fine on ipad but definitely not on android devices that are updated to 7.0 or lower.
I found that when I play it keeps taking me back to my home screen it would be a really cool game if not that so please fix that if possible.
Really enjoying this game. Working with team makes it very interactive. 2 suggestions to developers - make help flags for ships different color (would make team work easier), green hands always a shortage since both are required to make both the advice and chips. Make 1 pink requirement
HOME STREET IS AMAZING!!It is one of if not the best game ever. IT is fun and u can make friends design it avatar as well. One little thing is for the event maybe a hotel theme would be nice but otherwise this game is outstanding
Was missing the supply shed, developer updated the bug. So I've now changed my 4 stars to 5. Thank you!
I love this game!!! Actually I really like how you can do a bunch of different things and how cool it is when I play it I dont want to stop its also fun how I get to use my imagination to decorate my house I think that this game is amazing
I really like this game. I play home street for 2yrs and i enjoy it so much. But nice if you put a season or day and night.
Its really great but you should add more choices on what you want you're character to look like like height and weight(you should add it to we can make our characters fatter
it's fun and if you don't understand someone help you and it's a really fun game you can go to people house but at the same time you have to put your mind together and it really work your mind. I love it you can love it you're self.
Fun game for the whole family. I play with all four of my kids ages 16,15,13,and 9. We all help each other out by asking each other for different items that enable you to reach certain goals in the game. We love it.
I love this game . It was my best game ever I played so many games but this game was best No ads nothing hard and so cool graphics My brother also play this game😘😘
I love it.... I request to make some more games just like this I really like this game... Actually this is very interesting game..... I am very excited for next game just like this.... Please make some more games just like this please...... I really love it 💖💖
Supersolid I can't even get into the game let alone play it.Soon as it is done loading it just leaves the game.I thought this would be a fun game but I can't even decide if it is fun coz I CAN'T GET INTO THE GAME!!!!!🦍🦍 This is very upsetting I see all the other reviews that are saying this game is so much fun but when I get the game it DON'T EVEN WORK. Please do something about it 1Star💔💔
its a good game fun and for designers its colerful and u can earn a lot of money in the game and get pets and bad thing is that there are jobs in the game and you get tools to do the job but its makes you spand your money but any ways its a good game and you should get it
This game is pretty fun. But i wish there were more free hair and cloth options. Also more colors in glasses. Pets are too much money. And i wish it wasn't on internet. But awesome game otherwise.
I must say, this is a very good game! Very well designed and has a good layout. This game will teach you, not only to have fun buying things for your home, but how things in the real world work. But every game has a downer. This is not a bad one, but it's just to tell you what happens. When you go to BUY things from trade (which is at the bottom of your screen) some things say people have already bought them, but others you 'can' buy. This thing comes up and it's VERY annoying. Fix it! Pls!
This is much better game than sims free play and i love this game 😊downloud now !!!! And if i could play the sims that cost moeny i would play this and that 😁!
Like it so much))) This game is awesome! No ads every 5 mins and many interesting activities, it won't leave you bored! 5 stars
After the update the game is not even opening. I eagerly downloaded the update but now I'm at a loss. I really love the game so the problem should be solved ASAP.
I love this game .It is awsome.I love it.So fun,and Ilove my friend Mia who is ahead of me.I love this game so much that in 2 days I was on level 9 almost about to be 10.I recomend this game for age 3-56.Every adult ,kid and teenager will love this game.
I feel like its virtle srry if i said it wrong theres no bugs no nothing but what i want is that we can have a boy friend when we first play or have a quest to find one but overall ITS PERFECT thanks for making this game i APRICHIATE IT ALOT LOVE IT ITS A 5 STAR RAITING!!!!!!
Beautiful Game. The only thing is I which you could chat with others and lvl up faster, but other than that this is one of the best games in HISTORY!!!! Keep up the good work
If you want this game you should try sims it is so beter and more fun but homestreet is also ok 👌 in my opinion this game is not just a game it is beginning to end "Starting to get boring 😴 "
I love your game its amazing and really makes me shine but there is one problem its just that the pets are kinda hard to like buy but other then that its an amazing!!!!!!! Game
I love this game you have so much to do costumize your Character costumize your house and do some jobs many!!!
Best game in the whole world. Everyone should play this espically kids upto 11 years it helps them learn lot of things when they grow to stand for themselves. Its good for grown ups as well
I have played this game on & off for a year. Just recently returned & have noticed how difficult & expensive it has gotten. At one time you could unlock slots with gems and it would upgrade work stations with a different look, I noticed the only station to upgrade was the supply shed. Not sure if it's a glitch or game devs have removed the ability to upgrade but I feel like I wasted money & rubies. I have been told they don't reply to emails so I won't bother complaining nothing will change.
This game is nice, I think, I haven't played much of it because it keeps crashing like every 5-15 seconds, I don't know if it's my phone or the app has a problem but please try to fix this issue ,
Home Street is a super addictive game for home design lovers Iike me! Not only can you design homes, but you can also design your avatars and get to know people worldwide! You have to try this game for must!
Good and fun. Wish it didn't take so long to get the items that drop occasionally for completed jobs (tape, planks, shovel, can of energy, etc).
Cool Game. I love it! I love the way it shows our creativity and shows how our dream house could look like! This game is the best! I rate 5 Stars!
I love the game its sooooo fun but here is the thing that could improve the game and be more attractive its the prices are too too high how about 500+coin items can be minused by 50coins
A Rewrite. I really enjoy this game, but today its acting up. I started out with two slots in my Friend Ideas and now I have four. The game is taking gems all on its own. I dont understand. It must be a bug. Please fix. I only need two slots and my 200 gems back. Gems are so hard to get. This makes it so hard for me to play. It may take more gems. The next slot is 250 I think. Please help. 2star for now. Lv35.
Keeps freezing. I've tried exiting and restarting and still does the same thing. So annoying!! This is happening when the bingo event happens!! This has happened again now that the new bingo event started.
I have played this game before and left, but have found I missed it so... It is very action oriented for those who like to stay busy. I like just about everything except the length of time needed for new workshops etc. Still way too stingy with diamonds, & the daily spin is a joke since it rarely lands on anything decent. I've no problem spending money and have, so an actual cool deal on a variety of hard to get items would be appreciated. The gameplay is smooth, no glitches or ads, great job!
Are the characters supposed to have voices because if I turn the volume up I hear no voices. You could also add second floors and curves to houses.
I love the game but like the Pegasus is 670 diamonds its like a person would like have to save for months without spending one diamond so its impossible to get it and the girl has musels and some people dont want musels and can u like add a new color like a rainbow or colorful color and the only thing u can do to your charectars is change there lookk so can u like add things to do with the characters like get married adopt children that you make it much funner so if u if u made that its great
I like the game but anytime i open it, it loads, it just exits. Its like there is a glitch. A TERRIBLE one. But above all its pretty cool. Great way to pass the time away.😄
What is going on with chat? It's been down for hours then comes up long enough to enter a text then is down for hours again. Is there a fix coming soon?
I love it! It's really fun and so adicting. The other day I played it from 7:30 a.m. to alomost 11 a.m.! It's cool how you can create yur own style and name and house and stuff. Some things I would change: 1. You can't change the eyebrows, and they look kind of weird 2. The market place opens at level 8, and before that you have to do quests to open half of it 3. You have to wait until level 10 to join or start a neighborhood But other than that it's great and you should get it! -A 9-12 y/o
Love the game but the ruby gem things are starting to tick me of so l would love for you to upgrade the game at that point and other points as well but other than that it's the most awesomest game ever although Sims 3 is better it can let you invite friends for your parties and lets you fish but still love the game
As a big fan of another similar game I actually didn't think I'd enjoy this one, but I've only been playing it a few hours, and already I'm hooked! If you like life simulation games where you can design your own home, & also feel productive, then this is for you.
After the update to 3.104 version,the game stuck @50% and not loading? I really love the game so need help fix the problem ASAP...
Every update just breaks the game. Now I can't even get on. Not only that but once I won a prize from the fb community only to never even received it.
Greatttt love it you can make a houseee and make your avatar it is so fun but it is hard to level up but I love it.
I gave it five stars because it is fun. You get to decorate your house. And you can invite your friends. This game should be able to get aloot of five stars.
I'm in love with this Game!! And I love the way there always different pets That you can Buy!! It will be better If There's an update that You make levels in your house Like a Mansion. Because In the first floor Its pretty boring , but Fun! And Please Take Care Cause of The Covid - 19 Supersolid!!
Great time filler! Would give it 5 stars if the jobs/ cruise ships earned you more coins. The effort it takes to produce items should to be rewarded with more coins when completed. Also would be great to interact with others not in your neighbourhood with a small note maybe particularly those you build a relationship with or want to send an invite.
Nice game played for over a year now. But Im annoyed that in the world store you put up players selling the same 1 item all the time it's rare you actually find someone selling an item you actually need. Why have that option if we are not able to buy anything (and even after 10 minutes it resets, you show the same people again) offer players more in the world store market that's my only complaint with this game.
I really like this game but my problem is that the styles are not good but thats not a big deal anyways!
Love the game however it keeps needing to be updated and takes so much memory. Also the events are too regular and repeated event items in the store. I would like some new items in the store for an event.
I really enjoy the game and story of the game, but I also like how the devs respond to every review within hours. I really appreaciate it.
Super addictive and Fun. Just wish it gave you more room in your storage without making you buy everything.
A good game to play. Not addictive. Easy to play. Earn coins by doing jobs and use them to decorate home. Some items are hard to get no matter how many jobs you do though.