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Is a Simulation game developed by FlyBird Casual Games located at 9/F, MW TOWER. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game keeps crashing 😀 many times I thought my phone needs updates .I think it time to update the game . Plus no more weekly new kitchen and stuck with the same limited kitchens for the past 2 months is over , the game need a huge update
Originally gave this a 5. I do love the game but there have been no new levels added.....doesnt seem like there will be any kind of Christmas event...just getting bored with it now
I just love the game before.. but not now. Just because of the lucky wheel.. it always stops at 360 coins only. I just hate it. It's happening since 3rd update. Only coins are not enough to unlock the levels, right? Then why it happens? I just can't enjoy the next levels because of this irritating wheel
The game is fun to play, but the wheel is always landing on $180 or $360. Very little chances of landing on a steal, visit or gem. Disappointing, you always are spending money! Not enough free encentives to keep playing, much less no update to game for months....not worth the time to build, gain money and nothing to spend it on!! Not a good design game. Don't waste your money on this game!
I really like this game however Ive reached a problem... Im on a level that I cannot progress in because I dont have an option to upgarde a cooking pan of three slots but only on one side. So while Im able to keep up on the oppisite side I ultimatley cant pass the round due to only having an option of one pan on the other side.
I really like this game alot. It has the best of both worlds decorating and cooking. You also don't have to spend any money to play this. It actually gives you the chance to win the stuff you need to keep playing. Its so much fun. Def worth downloading.
interesting game but the wheel item is problem ,, every time i want to target the item ... Always stop the money while turning ... so can not to go the next round .... always stop the same place only ,, take a long time to go to next level..always stuck same place,,im very pressure
I love this game! Its fun and effective. You dont have to use money to update the food since its free. You can collect money and rainbow apples free every hour. The storyline is amazing and dramatic too lol. Best cooking game ive ever played!!😘❀🍾
I don't like the fact you have to purchase items and boost just to be able to pass a level when they make it to where you can't pass a level unless you have the right boost the farther you get on the game the harder it is to pass levels with out spending money:(
Update: The rigging gets worse further down the line. Don't even bother, you'll just get frustrated. Would've been a great game if some of the levels weren't so obviously rigged so you'd have to buy extra time or customers. They are generous with gems so it's easy to buy them, but it's such a big blow to my pride seeing x10 combos but failing the level. When you fail it just tells me to upgrade my stuff, but I already have everything on max level.
This game is sooo awesome..i wish to go on new level coz i have finished all the cooking level already..
I don't think that its fair that we have a time limit, and it takes over 5 seconds for the first customer to come out. Also, how can you compete for more points, when there is no way to upgrade the cost of your food. So if I have to get 480 in 60 seconds, how do I get 960, in the same amount of time, and the food is the same price? Also don't like the fact that they don't even start you out with helpers..
Nice game but what i need not giving... I need visit option in the game.... Not giving long time this option i am waiting but still not giving 😾only this one i have problem.... Just why i don't like to play πŸ’”
Very good game, could be better as it takes too long to progress, as you need to get visits on the wheel.
This is nice game and I really enjoyed playing it...but now it's stuck in the 3rd upgrade of the level....and the most annoying part is the spin wheel....it's just stops in the 300 coins....and am in this level for 6 months...but i could not get into the new levels....I hope u will do something about it....
I love this game...it's so much better then the other ones that I play...I have like 4 cooking games installed on my device and this is the best one...I like that it doesn't charge alot of coins to upgrade... it's very easy and simple to play...this is the best cooking game I am playing so far
I really really love the game.. but there's another problem on the spin, it always goes to 180 coins, I have 2000+ spins but the visit and steal i get only once or twice, it always goes to 180 coins
I am playing level 103-12 and I am unable to upgrade and use all the three cooking bowls for noodles only one of them is usable so kindly help.
I love this game, so interesting, But im tired of one thing, while i get door in spin their I need those gifts that I get only if i spin to door, but it give coins or nothing, It was so frusticated, some time i feel to uninstall
This game is awesome but i have one problem, i played till level 5 but unable to move to next level even if my level 5 restaurant is completed. The challenge chart showing coming soon message.. Can you please rectify this issue.
Why i give three star becouse of i love the game but i realy disappointed the spin when our i spin it . I got only two things for conditiously . And ad does not supported . It never give the double energy. please required it.
Super fun game and beautiful decorations and events, but some levels can only be beaten with boosters or the limited daily free ads. It's obvious it was designed this way on purpose. I will not spend money on such a cash grab tactic, so I only play a little every day or so. (I do spend $20/mo on other games for cosmetics, but not this game! P2Wsucks). Impossible to get all limited decorations in the time frame without boosters. Can get very laggy, which forces you to use boosters to beat levels.
well their are some unrealistic levels in the game where they make you compulsory to use boost ups or spends diamonds in game without that u will not be able to pass them so such low review else over all. its a beautiful game with beautiful graphics loved the concept but yes for those unrealistic level such low stars
I love this game more since the last update. If you bet 3 energy in one spin, you will get more resources in a visit. It helps alot with the building. Thanks developer. Still my favorite game so far. One thing needs to be fixed though. Ads freeze the game. The game also still glitch alot. Other than that everything is ok. Change my review to 4 stars now. Still waiting for another area
Very easy game the best cooking game I have ever played.....thank u so much for creating this wonderful game
Great game, anxious for the next levels. Unfortunately while playing i found the amount needed to get to the next upgrade took a lot of games and was quite boring after a while.
A very good gameplay, but too bad at one level it gets too hard. Even when usung all kinda of boosters, i still cant win because of the time, unless you use gems at the end of the level so that you can add some seconds. But 100 gems haha lol
I would give this game more stars but I has to many glitches I cant even open it up half the time!!!!! It won't open at all fun game when your able to play it..
It was playing nicely for a few minutes , then it started to freeze, then logs itself out now it won't load it stops at 71% I can't play it anymore
I took back 2 stars and give it 3 finally the game is funny and great but why do u want me to keep stuck on a level need your luck to draw the last piece of puzzle or else u won't able to move on to next. I stuck here for 1 week and all my patience was gone, if there isn't another way to go, I need to uninstall anyway as I can't keep playing same thing without up or down 😠
There is a defect in level 103. Only appeared 1 cooking pan for the paella. Upgrade button kept showing exclamation mark when there is nothing to upgrade.
It is a really good game. However I think it purposely let you lose in certain levels to force you spend diamonds and watch ads. Now I cannot go to the next area it keeps saying cannot connect to server. I contacted you already. No answer.
Liked the game but without a map I don't know my status. Got tired at making pancakes after 51 levels and not knowing when the next restaurant will be available.
It's so annoyong that everytime I have to download resources or open a new a new game it keeps on poping "Failed server, or please check your internet connection". In fact, my connection is high and steady. I've downloaded 95% already then later on it will be back to 0%.
this is so superb game i play its very well fun game its cooking and decorating game i love this game but i give you 4 star the reason is that it have internet connetion problem when i was on level 4 the spin wheel problem they say you have not internet connection it is not true i have internet connection all games are working of internet connection but this game was not plzzzzzzz fix this problem!!!
Super fun game and beautiful decorations and events, but some levels can only be beaten with boosters or the limited daily free ads. It's obvious it was designed this way on purpose. I will not spend money on such a cash grab tactic, so I only play a little every day or so. (I do spend $20/mo on Cooking Diary for cosmetics. Pay to win sucks). Impossible to get all limited decorations in the time frame without boosters. Can get very laggy, which forces you to use boosters to beat levels.
It's a fun game but why does it always take nearly half a year for each update to come out? I mean I get that we're in a pandemic but even other games update every month
I absolutely love this game its not like the other boring games where 1. You have to play candy crush to do everything and 2. It's not just a house your doing you can play with the restaurant aswell the only problem is I have been playing this game for 3 days straight now and I have only gotten visit ONCE on the spin I'm starting to think it only let's you get visit once and tahts when its demonstrating other than that the game is amazing and I finally have something to do!!
The limited time to make the customers happy puts too much stress on the player to allow enjoyment of that part of the game. The rest of the game is pretty cool. Please remove the timed element of this game to make it better. Games are supposed to be relaxing, not stressful.
I like this game, i really do. However, the wheel is VERY irritating. I let the wheel auto spin and EVERY SINGLE TIME it stopped on 50. Even when i spun manually, it stopped on 50 at least 5 times in a row. It will take forever to earn enough coins when nearly every item cost thousands at that rate. The characters' grammar also isn't the best, and it takes way too long for a neighbor's place to load when trying to visit or steal apples. If all of this can be fixed, l'll happily give 5 stars.
Liked the game, but, hard to get what you need on the game. Also, it cost 100 gems for 30 sec. The mojority of games want only 50
I just love it. But there's no more level to play. I just keep on replaying hoping there would be new level but none until now.
This game is really very slow plz put some new things and some effort to go this game fast.I gave u two stars,that's it.
This game is adorable. It includes cooking to get coins. And you have to so tasks that help you decorate.
I really liked this game when I started playing it then they did the updates. I cannot get any of the new areas open it says download and when you do nothing. There is no reason to play it anymore since you can't advance to any other areas. The areas that are open are all completed. I did uninstalled and then reinstalled the game hoping it would help it. It did not, I reached out via the game in the help section asking for the issue to be looked into nothing.
I hv to give 5 stars. This game is awesome. At first i tot it's so hard to generate money, but all you gotta do is spin. N the energy for spin is easy to obtain coz the cooking game is not that hard. Well done. You guys managed to hook me up for the whole day doing nothing but play this thing..lol πŸ˜†
The update makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Suddenly, There's a mansion sitting in the front of everything and I would like to know why. Also there are new selections of the upgrades I selected previously. Although it is the same game it feels as if I am playing in someone else's account. The update is extremely mysterious and bazaar. Pump the breaks on the nuances developers. No shade, just strange. Also how many games can you compile into one? Find out playing "Home Master!"
a very excellent and interesting game but the only problem with his is that it takes a lot of time just to load the game every time I open the game....idk why but even though my internet is strong and steady enough it doesn't load....it just loads till 50% and then says retry....plz plz fix it. Iam not gonna uninstall it...but plz fix it...overall an Excellent game...β€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈβœŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»
Home master is the best I don't know what I would do with out it πŸ˜ƒ it just makes me smile and have fun when Im boarded then once I play home master I'm don't get board anymore so get this game everybody because it's the best.
Rated excellent before but now I'm loosing interest it barely loads without closing down completely fix or will be uninstalling and removing my good review
It's a good game but is extremely time consuming because I just can't get those green jewel boxes. You really need to fix this problem.
This game is awesome I love it it's so cute this is the best game ever so fun I would recommend to everyone
Because this game has a pretty decoration and i really like the decorations but we need to collect money and treasures and its interesting to me so i give it a five Stars and really really good game ive ever played and also my mom play this game too and she really likes it and thank u for making me happy because of this game :D
Fun game & cute story line & graphics 😊 it's nice to get free apples to build some of the things. The wheel & visiting other players is quite fun too. Quite addictive 😁
I really loved this game and I worked hard and finally opened my bbq restaurant. I was so so excited and then 2 days into playing it my wheel started messing up. Everytime I land on the cat or the door it freezes. I have tried everything to fix it but unfortunately it won't work πŸ˜” now I am stuck because all of my task require going to the door and visiting people's places. Please help I really don't want to uninstall.
I really thought I was going to like this cooking game. Beautiful graphics, great story line, great cooking game. But then, you get shocked by not being able to keep up with the pace of the customers orders, and not being able to find your needed resources from your spinning so you are stuck either buying what you need to advance or just waiting for a chance to maybe get quick enough to pass the level.....so upset..
I'm very much in love with this game. It's hard to find something that I would really like. I must say since playing another one of my favorite game, this game is right there beside it. Keep up the good work and please keep the cooking games coming.
Your games Fly Brid are the best games I have ever had. Now I look four your games and download only them. They are amazing I'm 65 and live on a fixed income and could not spend money on them. But you care about the people who download your gamers. And not only that I enjoy them so they are very interesting. You guys are number one. Thank you so much. Your number one fan
It's a fun game.The first cooking game I found that you are not forced to paid to play. Just when you start to really have fun you run out of Jewels or coins and have to stop.the only problem I had in the hour I play is I had to buy rooftop furniture for the greenhouse twice.
It's fun game. I've give you 5 star for the graphics..I really enjoy a lot this game within a two week I completed all the level of this game but there is one problem that is I'm on level 18 n it's clear show that others player are level 22πŸ™„πŸ˜ I'm already updated so where is the problem please fix this I want to play more but where all the task have been completed it's showing coming soon so tell me what should I do now please do something as soon as possible πŸ™ sorry for the poor English.
So far so good. Still working my way through the first few levels but from what I have played, I may keep it installed. Enjoy the Coin Master element when it comes to gaining coins.
If I download the new update... It tells me can't be install... Why can't I update in peace... Work on your app please, so I can update the new version..... I'm starting to hate it
I like the game overall, but the app frequently crashes when watching ads for rewards, or just doesn't give me the rewards after I watch the ad. Please address this!
The levels went from fun to beyond hard. I made it to level 28. Unless I use the power ups at the beginning I can not beat the level. Guys these levels are way too hard. I have ever played games like this for ages. I know about making combos to make more money but these levels are too much. I had to uninstall.
The cooking part is a really cool change, but the fact that I've been stuck on the same area for a week now because it takes soo long for the wheel to land on visit - and when it finally does I can't get three successful digs and win a chest, it just keeps giving me nothing. If you'd fix that please I'll give it 5 stars because I really do enjoy the game.
There are items that can't be baught. Why thoes the game not have the option to obtain them differently? I'm stuck at the same part for more than a week now and that spin just doesen't land on visit. I would like to go to the next chapter but I can't. Please do something about those items. Meybe put them for sale only for dimonds. Or put a rainbow apple price on the missing parts.
This game is no doubt addictive and great. But the game keeps on hanging in higher levels. During spinning the wheel, 50 comes deliberately multiple times as compared to other gifts, the treasure door or the stealing cat comes once or twice after spinning atleast 20 times and in higher levels, as the treasure door comes, the game stops immediately. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling it, the problem has not resolved. The game makers should look into this problem soon.
I am completely stalled I'm at level 4-262 I need visits to get the items I need but rarely get visits and when I do I cant find the chests to get the items or when I do get the chest it's the items I dont need. As of right now I'm really only playing levels, nothing new and no progress.
Love the game but I have been stuck k on 2-71 forever!!!!! Why can't it just let u win after so many times on hard levels. Not be stuck for weeks
Spin always lands on coins...seriously losing interest to play game...too bad spin concept. rarely lands on visit...and entire game depends on visit..boring to play sane level many times
You don't have to be a genius to know that you call it challenge or difficulty to the point where you force the player to invest real money to advance. This game is frustrating, I spent a lot of time following the repairs and the boring script of this story. Uninstalled, bye!
Could be better. You play the same short cooking game, but in a few levels. You can't even pass because customers take their time walking to an open spot, time goes down fast, so you have no choice but use items to help. Later through the game, you use apples more than coins. What's the point. And you also have to visit other players and dig the right spot to receive more coins and/or cards or whatever to be able to use that item.
I got to the end of level 17 and wont download next area to build up and the task area just says coming soon! I enjoy this game ..Can you fix the problem???
Fun at first.. then TERRIBLE! Game offers "10 second " additional time for watching ads...The "10 seconds" is literally 4-5 seconds (timed) on average. App won't load anymore of the game now. NO response when using the "contact" email form. I wouldn't waste your time on this game, you won't advance levels due to "glitching"!!
Please fix this game. I'm sick of losing cause of the game freezing an cutting off. I got plenty of storage it's not on my part. I will hit the 10 more seconds an when it's time I can't serve cause nothing working but yet my time ran out. I have lost diamonds an games over this. It's a great game but it's to the point it's not worth playing. FIX THE DAMN GAME PLEASE . THIS IS THE 5TH TIME I ASKED..
You are offering to watch ads to get rewards to avoid lose in a stage. But after watching it there are no rewards that i receive. Please fix this problem there are so many ads in this game.
Spinner is the most annoying thing in this game! As the level passes, coins you get on spinner increases by 10% and things to buy cost increases by like 60% You get treasure chest ONLY if spinner rests at VISIT.. which rarely happens! And you need like 10 cards for each thing? How is it going to happen when there's only one way and that too gets rarer
It might be better if you have money for this game. It requires gems to purchase anything, push advertisement is so much, we don't get gems after watching advertisement also
It's a good take on the normal building games. The latest update wasn't really an update. A large mansion which seems to serve no purpose. The daily tasks are almost impossible to get without spending a lot of money on boosts. That is , if the restaurants actually give you the tasks you need. I played alot yesterday to get dishes to complete my task. Only got coins, or likes with no opportunity to complete the dish task.
I will give 5 star if the levels will be easier for me to pass... I've been waited for the new food truck to be done but unfortunately the digging thing always unlucky.. And some of the levels need diamonds to extend.. When I finished the diamonds it need to watch ads.. And ads will only give me 7 or 8 diamonds per ads.. And one extra move for the level will need 100 diamonds.. Please.. Some of the levels are too difficult to pass, especially the time limit levels... 🀣
I really liked this game in the beginning but just after complete one stall it started showing its colours. They ask for more number of chest but they give very less number of visits. That too if with so much of struggle you get visit not all the area will have any reward. Out of 4 areas u dig two will show nothing. How do they think people will be able to complete the collection of special items if visits are only not given. Really disappointing. Fed up with it. Sincelast week i m stuck😠
I loved the app at first but trust me this game has the worst Pay-to-Win system first 5 levels are fine but then you really start to see the problem UNINSTALLED. 😠😠
Really fun game but early on you hit a brick wall..daily list to complete you have to have 250 apples and 300 etc..but yet you only get them one way..by stealing. Only one way...the one slot on wheel...it never stops on stealing!!! Even if does you only get a few compared to what they want to complete...now makes your coins obsolete...other than that good game
Can't play the cooking part of it keeps kicking my off but looks like a good game if it works I did send message to contact us but nothing back uninstall next step
This could be a great game, but it was made to be boring. Some of the upgrades have to be found by digging in the front of another players restaurant. Should've made it that you can purchase the items needed for the upgrades in the store using the coins that is collected while playing the game. The next problem is that you have to keep playing the same restaurant for too long. Over 50 levels in one restaurant, and that's after all the upgrades inside the restaurant are done. Could be better.
This game is woo fun you get to cook and build andtheres a story behind it so it adds to the fun but if you don't want to read the story you can skip it!
I am giving it a three-star because it keeps saying internet connection loss. There is nothing wrong with my internet I have no issues playing any other game but this one. I like this game I like everything about this game but the internet issue . Please fix this or I will be deleting it and please don't ask me to send y'all it more information I just told you what was wrong.
I really love the game and the graphics. But even after playing around 60 levels it's only one dish we can prepare, which is unlike other cooking games. Do this game support other foods as well. If so how to get to those?.
Great game that I absolutely love. Unfortunately it feels like the developers gave up on it. Their FB page hasn't been active in the last few months and the game itself hasn't been updated since September. They promised to add more levels, but so far there is only 6 ( the French Restaurant and garden is the last one). I'm giving it a couple of months and if things don't change I'm going to uninstall it. Too bad, because it is really fun.
Really love this game, i enjoyed playing it from the start, but getting tired of waiting for the release of the new levels, its been too long, when the new area will be unlocked ? and one more thing, the loading in the spinning wheel takes so much time ( burglar cat/visit other player). Over all, this is a great game, hope there will be update soon.
The game is good in the rebuilding aspect. But ive been stuck on rebuilding flowers that need puzzles for 3 DAYS because i havent visted a neighbor on the wheel for 3 DAYS. There needs to be another way to earn the puzzles cause if i dont get the last puzzle piece today im done with this game..just a waste of time and frustration at this point. And also the past 5 times i spun to steal apples they had no apples so whats the point then??
I love this game! The only thing is I wish the home renovations weren't so expensive. It's hard to do anything. Other than that it's great πŸ‘
I like the game, but it has several glitches. I've lost so many boosts because of lagging and the game not responding. If it wasn't for that I'd give it 5 stars.
Super fun game. Beautiful decorations & graphic design is excellent. My favorite game. Waiting next update. Cuz hold up 18 level.
Will the beach decorations come back i never had a chance to finish building the circle camp as it has no seating in it plus i only have two other decorations i never got to build any other beach decorations?
I love the game, am so addicted and yes I got frustrated but I still come back for it. but I gave a 3 because it's hard to find the items from the wheel like it's either 180 or 360 I mean I have to do it at least 30 times in one go, so I can visit someone and that not even guaranteed to get whatever I want. But I still love the game anyway
This game is cute and graphics are great ! I love this game the reason why I gave it 4 stars is, I keep getting about my internet connection when my internet is fine it happens alot with the Lucky Wheel and I had alot of Steels but never recieved them cause it keeps popping up about the internet Please Fix this problem ! Thank you , but overall this game is fun except when that internet connections come up saying failed it gets rather irritating so, Please Fix this problem on your end !
I am in Love with the game already....However....it won't let me! Keeps freezing up, making me lose bonuses and shutting itself down. Very Disappointing cause I was enjoying it. Uninstalling it Now.....i'm over it
I actually like this game. I gave it 3 stars cause it keeps kicking me me off. Very frustrating!! Even after the update. Fix this problem please!!
I truly loved playing this game. Once I find a game I enjoy I'm all in. Even spend cash if needed. But I have reached level 2-41 and it won't let me proceed. I keep serving the same customers they won't leave to switch no matter how times I fill their orders. And it runs their timers down and I lose the board. I have clear game, entire phone cache. Restarted phone. Even deleted and re-installed the game. Save issue. I can't proceed in the game. So I will unfortunatel have to delete.
Very addictive.. They also allow you to watch videos for coins and gems if you don't want to spend $$$ or if you like to spend $$$ there is a buy option to get rid of the ads πŸ˜‰
It's a fun game but why am I still stuck in level 17 while I can see others are in level 22 where all the task have been completed n it's showing coming soon n I've already updated.
This is the best game. Love this game. Graphics is very good and I love cooking, desine/renovate. It is in this app. Download the app now.
I really like so much this game. I'm playing it since two months and I already get to level 22 without giving any money(for all of the haters who think that is not possible). The only thing which I don't like is...when the wheel stops on VISIT and I'm going to the 'neighbors' who are also on the same level like me ..I'm seeing that they built something 'on the beach', which is downstairs of the BBQ area. So my question is...how can I build something there..is it a next update, limited event, ..?
Love the game, but find the wait for new levels annoying. Also you need to update Facebook page and I have not gotten any treasure chest with Halloween or Easter decorations.
I absolutely love this game!I great graphics and lots of decorating items to choose from .love the cooking game too!
Love the concept of cooking, then decorate, much like Gardenscape except in lieu of puzzle, you cook and serve. Unfortunately, the ads that pops up after every cook through is very annoying. I'm already watching ads for double energy/gold/gem. No need to keep forcing ads on players! Also, the spinning wheel is bugged. Any gold or gem won from spinning the wheel does not add to my total. Would like to rate Home Master higher if its not for the bug and constant ads.
I am completely enjoying this game. It has a few Ads here and there but no more than these other cooking games. It's also relaxing if you like puzzles and redecorating.
I've only played for a little bit and have enjoyed the game well enough. I like that they combined the landscape designing aspect of gardenscapes with a one of the cooking games I've always enjoyed playing.
The game is fun but, everything is super expensive. Just setting up the decorations is no less then 600 house points just for one. So I have to use all my spins and I still barely get to do any task because of the price.
So far the best game Ive played love this game just wish they would make it easier to play without making a purchase and like the money you put in the piggybank you should make it to where it goes back into the game
This game is the one I have been looking for. The graphic is perfect,serving food is really exciting.The fact that spending money is not that expensive makes me wanna play it all day.
It is a fun game, i love the graphics and the food. The only problem i have with the game is the decorating, u have to spin wheels, and visit other people's houses and dig around just to get the decorations you want for your place.. I wish you guys can make decorating less complicated. Like use diamonds and coins even stars to decorate.
Enjoy the game!πŸ™‚ (There's no way to add cooking pots for the rice from level 103 onwards which makes it impossible to make rice dishes on time to pass levels! Hope you can correct this as soon as possible!)