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Home Fantasy - Home Design for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Smart Fun Casual Games located at TOWER NO 111. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
started off well. designing first room went smoothly however when it was completed and came to next room they made the candy crush type game you have to play to collect tokens to design room to hard. so ive uninstalled it. I want to design rooms not spend days on end on candy crush type games which i dont like so not wasting any more time on this
Update: I gave this a few more days, but I'm done. When I have to spend day after day on level 85 there is something wrong with your development team. It's a casual game, not war strategy. like the game, but I have the same complaints like the others say in their reviews. Looks like there's always a response, but obviously no change to the game. I'll give it a day or two, but this will more than likely get uninstalled.
OK, this game is really bad. I get so many adds and I freeze all the time. I levels are really hard and it takes a lot of time out of the whole part of getting to make your house. Its annoying and I would not recomend it to anyone.It tells you what to do and gives you only three colors to pick from and gives you the same color of things so its a little hard to be crative. The worst part about this is all the adds and the constant freezing.
This started out fun. The furniture/decor are very stylish and modern. Playing the color-matching game in between purchases was tolerable at first, but eventually became very time consuming. I just wanted an app to test out my interior design skills. That's it. I suggest giving each level a budget to work with from the client. I want more designing, less candy crush. If I go over budget, I can play the matching game. Tons of ads. Would be worth it if I could actually design rooms. Uninstalling
I Love these types of games however the match 3 gets ridiculously hard at a certain level. I WANT TO ENJOY playing the game! NOT be aggravated and frustrated because I can't get past the match 3 level. Please make the match 3 a little EASIER because the WHOLE POINT of us PLAYING this GAME is so WE CAN DESIGN !!! I finally uninstalled it. Better luck next time guys.
This game is seriously best.😍 because, I like decorating my home and garden.😊 This game is for neat person. Best of luck😄 ☺☺
I've only had this game 3 days and I'm totally into it, but I do agree with most comments, the levels are pretty hard. and getting 9 coins after using half my extras to beat the level freaking sucks. I'll keep playing for a few, but I quit my last matching game bc it was doing the same; however at least with that one, I was on level 500, this one I'm only on the third chapter so probably not close to level 500.
Was injoying it , then I was playing the little game to earn coin , and I passed the level and it said I had to retry because I left a plastic covering.( which I did not ) I am now deleting this game, the little games are hard enough to pass without the game itself ripping you off.
Still too early but I really have high hopes for this game! Been through dozens that start out great then run sssooo slow! This one is so cute and fun! We will see. Won't load, says no internet.
Personally I love it! I got this game just a few days ago and I’m already so addicted to it. It is challenging yet still so much fun, I will definitely continue playing. I have recommend to friends and I would again. However there some things I don’t like. The levels can be a bit too hard and there aren’t very many opportunities to get extra coins or power ups. I would love to see more decoration choices there aren't very many and the ones given are kind of dated.
I find that in this game and others there is no way of regaining blasters or a list of those blasters and what they do!!! Also must everytime you need some part of the game you have to spend money!!! I also feel that level 43 is impossible!!!. Sorry but I 'm ready to delete the game!I just realized that the higher you are in levels the less coins you get for winning those levels- how come? You need more moves, it cost 500 coins, you only have 130 why do you ask do you want to keep playing?
Design is great optics are okay but to play the game is just a rip off to get your money. It traps you after the easy part. One get one difficult then they wham you. The option of get three moves free only leads you to think you can win, but it only gives you one color around each bear left. NOT VERY FUN EITHER. MORE FUN WITH JEWEL QUEST. Am uninstalling quickly!
I ignored the other reviews about ads but man it's really that bad. You get an ad before the level starts, after you finish a level and if you lose a level, and funniest of all they give you an option to watch an ad before the level for one extra move, so either way I have to watch an ad so what's the point of giving us the option? Other than that, the sound effects are underwhelming and it can get kind of laggy. Overall it's very boring and blends right in with every other match 3 game
I enjoy the game overall but the ads are viciously annoying. At first, they weren't so bad but now anytime the loading screen pops, which is often, an ads follows. Before a game, during a game or after a game, it doesn't matter. You will be met with an unskippable ad. And don't ask me to watch an ad for a reward if you're just going to force an ad on me anyways. Greedy developer.
I was having the problem of buying coins getting charged and not receiving them. this is continuing to happen. when I play other games and it says there's a problem I'm never charged. I'm tired of trying to get coins and having to email the help email constantly. there are problems that need to be worked out. I will be uninstalling this game. it's a good game but needs the bugs worked out.
Keeps you interested as it's not your ordinary match game. The graphics are bright and beautiful. My only issue is playing the games when I'm on Facebook community. It leads you to app adjust and you end up at the install game page, which makes no sense at all. It kind of shuts you out.
My daily rewards do not ever show up except the 1st one of the week. Kinda NOT happy... 3 stars other than that fun game
I really like this game but everytime I go out of it and try to get back in, it won't reload at all. I have to uninstall and reinstall starting at the beginning. I'm going to try connecting with Facebook and see if it will put me where I leave off. If not, I'm done I guess. In regards to your reply, it doesn't seem to matter where I'm at in the game. No other issues.I did connect to Facebook and now when I reinstall I'm where I left off. But can only download 1 time/install
2 much junk in the rooms! Takes forever! Furniture is ugly! I'm not playing a game with ugly furniture! Deleting
@tammy Macdonald very correct almost all their design games. It gets to a certain point and they start writing check ur internet connection,you are offline. It's really pissing me off
Pros: - Great concept, theme, graphics, music. Cons: - LAG!! Caused me to click an ingame popup while trying to play but no idea what it was. - Crashes frequently. - Mixing items is backwards and confusing. - Plays offline but requires you to download each chapter. My lack of good wifi connection is why I needed an offline game. Minor complaints: - Dialogue isn't natural, some grammatical errors.
I loved the game and thought it was great until I completed level 53 and then right then it dropped the game and deleted all proof that I finished that level and was going to make me play it again! And also took the life I used to play that level! That's bs if you can't make a game that doesn't crash and lose your data without Facebook that you can save on your device then you shouldn't be making games at all!
This is no longer fun at all, it's just redundant. Why are these designing games fixated on completing annoying challenges rather than the designing aspect?! Being forced to engage in these damn lengthy challenges made me forget that this is a "designing" game. There should be more designing & less annoying challenges. Furthermore, if the challenges weren't so difficult to complete I would have more opportunity to actually design... which is the reason I downloaded this game in the first place!
I can't move forward with the game unless I buy. It is a strategy the developer is using to get more money. There are no moves left and it is always a deadend. They make it impossible for you to pass the level so you don't have a choice but to buy. Will uninstall this purchase app. Not a gaming app at all.
REALLY enjoying the game so far! Game is easy enough that you win enough to be happy but complicated enough that it's better if you plan 2~3 steps ahead if possible! The "extra" games/events have even more of a CHALLENGE to them so BE PREPARED! Not ALL is a "walk in the park"; sometimes it'll let you "skate on by"; but, as for me, I'm enjoying it & isn't that what we're ALL trying to achieve with ANY game we download??! 😉😏😁
The same sort of idea as most games! Such as, Homescapes, Gardenscapes and Wildscapes. I know it is hard to create an original game but I think it is best not to try copy others. Anyway on a positive note, I like the designs! There is a lot to do in different home spaces but it is nice. I like a bit of challenge in games that I install and this game has a bit of that, which I appreciate. Thx!
I love this, it was such a good time user when i was waiting during my mom's chemo. The only problem is the ads get annoying and I ran out of levels. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS!!
5 stars cause I personally think rather it is an amazing game to be played. It is unique and better than other games that includes fixing or making it ur dream house . I just personally love it . If u like making ur own dream house then why not download this ? I would definitely recommend it for u , yes u ,the one who is reading this. 😉😍😍
I got through the first room with no problem. The second room will not load. Message keeps saying to check my internet connection. I am playing the offline version on my chromebook. I can go back to first room and keep playing. But when I go back to second room it still will not load. This is an error that needs to be fixed. Other than that, the game is good.
I love this application. I have already completed 95% of the living room. I'm not an interior designer but I do like using my creative abilities. Also I like the challenging levels. This is my 2nd designer app on my phone and I love both of the applications. I also love the fact that you can design immediately.... This game is very addictive. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
it kept kicking me out. the app would just shut down randomly. i uninstalled and reinstalled it. still did it. waste of time. there were no pop ups, no messages. it just kicked me back to my home screen. no particular place in the game. none of my other apps or games have don't this so i don't think it's my phone.
Just started; love so far. However after level bonus ads freeze game. No other ads lock up...just the one so I'm just "no thanks" till you fix it. More: the ads build to much cache. I have to keep leaving game to clear it. You need an in game 'cash clear' to keep this from happening. Most will be frustrated and just delete your game. Thanks for your response :)
Played for 15 minutes and the app crashed 5 times. Game not bad, but the number of ads is ridiculous! Between every round of the matching game there is an ad. Hitting play brings up another ad. I spent more time waiting for the same 2 ads to finish than I did actually playing. Has potential, but is pretty bad in its current state. Would not recommend. If you want to design use Design Home instead. If you like the matching use Matchington manor.
Okay im sure i speak for a lot of others when I say this please get rid of the ridiculous blast match and switch over to the cross word puzzle like wordington game.. please.. It would be so much more better I really love this game layout but I hate the blast it's like you only get so far and then it's impossible to get past the other level's......
Amazing game my friend told me about it . ever since I doanloded it I played it all day but then my brother uninstalled it now Im doanloding it again . but the thing that I don't like about it is that the more you play things get so expensive and the game that gives you cash is so hard , so then it takes alot of time to get cash to buy things , so I wish you can make it easier. In advance ,
This game is very good so far but like always after ahile they start getting harder to beat the levels. But keep trying, dont quit, unless its impossible.
I enjoyed the game until you made it completely impossible to pass. It's annoying when I have tried many times to get all the teddy bears to drop down and then suddenly I run out of moves. You made this game to hard in the higher levels, which is hard to enjoy. I am going g to try a couple more times. If I am still stuck, I am going to delete the freaking game.
First room loaded fine then 2nd room keep saying no internet. Would have been a good game but when app's don't work properly uninstall them.
If you enjoy ads, ads and more ads this is the game for you! Its unfortunate because the game itself is rather fun, but when you're spending significantly more time watching ads then even playing the game, its unacceptable. Uninstalling.
Home Fantasy?! Erm.... no. There are adverts before and after every level. I understand that you want to make money but, that is just excessive. I uninstalled approx 20 mins after downloading Edit: In response to the reply from the developers.... if there are ads before and after every single level, I wouldn't call that "balanced" it detracts from the gaming experience, hence why myself, and many others have uninstalled.
The matching games are so badly designed that it's a tedious chore just to get through the very first decorating assignment.
Unplayable. After decorating the first room, the mini games that are required to play the game become almost impossible to complete. Lose 5 times and you are out of lives. It takes a whopping 30 mins to refill one life! Incomplete mini games means no money to decorate rooms. If you ever get enough coins to buy something, you have very little choice of what to buy. You can choose from one of three couches, one of 3 plants, one of three tables, etc and can't choose placement. Avoid!
It's your basic collapse style game with a room design dynamic. Unfortunately, the room designs, so far, don't take the customer into account at all. It's all the same cookie cutter designer showroom bs you get in every magazine. Take the first room: an old woman and her dog, there's absolutely nothing dog friendly in the design. No beds, crates or toys, stuff he'll knock off on every surface, and potted plants. Anyone who has ever owned a larger dog knows potted plants are a bad idea.
Way too many ads at least one after every level. I get it's a way to make money for the company but nobody wants to play with that many ads. It's a shame because it's a nice little game, but just too annoying with the ads especially when you're getting 2 in a row, completing one level then straight back into an ad. I shall be deleting this game unfortunately.
It à woubdeful game, it way of decoratibg and thé little puzzle game are all amzibg simple but plrasebt, and ut variété of choice are so dense that nyself i got trouble of choosibg as they are so beautiful i love this game and also its inspiré me to become an unteroir decorater, Thank yiu very much for creating this game
The game is really nice,but i dont like it when you have to play the game cause yiu have to match these pairs up. Furthermore, the games ti earn the money could be like words, and we have to make areal word out of it instead of that other game.Second reason, is that some of the levels are really really hard and you only have a small amout of moves and its just not fair. I had to delete the game because the level i was on was soo hard and i only had 30 moves.
When you first start playing there aren't any ads at all. Once you reach level 10 the ads start. There is an ad before and after each level you play. Not only that, but each ad you have to exit out twice. Once for the video, then another for the install. Ads also play before and after each chapter. That is entirely too many ads.I think they wait to start the ads so you're a little more invested in the game before you're bombarded with them. There are more ads than gameplay, that's not balance
When I tried downloading this game , bc I accidentally removed it, it took Forever to reload. Then when it was done it wasn't an app to open. I found it in play store library, but it still won't play, or even open. Game was interesting. Let me know whats wrong. I removed it from my phone. When I first uploaded and encountered this problem, the main problem is there was no play button, couldn't engage the game at all. I wrote to you and tried downloading the app again and second time it works.
Nice game. Thank you for the many commercials and the choice to watch more. I don't play block games, but I thought I'll give this a chance since I like to decorate. Tired of the commercials. I watched more commercial then design. Not a bad game tho. Delete.
fun at first, then becomes sad. When i have reached close to the end with 2,3,4 moves left and havn't cleared anything, again and again and again and again and again and again on the same screen. I mean really, I'm not spending money on this game.
like every other game of this kind. levels get harder, furnishings get more expensive and yet you don't get more money for solving harder levels. takes days, almost a week sometimes, to buy one piece. I think as levels get harder and furnishings more expensive, then we should get more dollars and coins for winning the levels too.