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Towntopia : My Adorable Home

Towntopia : My Adorable Home for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Finished first 2 places won't let me go any further please fix it I really love the game Thank you for responding it's working now love the game going to the 4th place but not opened yet when will it be opened? When is the next update can't wait for it love this game Just updated game but won't let me in next place please fix
Gameplay is fine,graphics okay but i do not understand why are the chips so thin and invisible?and also it takes time for the chips to fall after matching on the board.and even the chips do not move to the empty space.pls improve on these and i would definitely give a 5 star.
It's a great game, I love the characters, the game itself is all that I hoped it would be and more, thanks!
Loving the match 3 experience in this game and the characters are adorable. The building aspect of the game is great as well. Vibrant colorful choices of buildings and animals to choose from. One of my favorite match 3 games and I'm a match 3 person. Absolutely love this game and so will anyone else who plays. 2👍up!!!!
Love the graphics and gameplay. Storyline is cute so far. Absolutely Love The Ads For Extra Star Feature! One of a kind in games like these!
Fun and challenging puzzles. Cute characters and storyline. Been playing for a few weeks now and enjoy playing the game.
I like the game but it has just updated and all of my progress is there but it has sent me back to level 1 😯
I'm enjoying this game, don't know for how long but staying for now. Hope to stay for a long time. Thank you
Just started playing, on level 16. Enjoying very much, hope it stays this way. Would like to stay at another game as long as I've played Township, going on two years now. Hopefully I can say the same for Towntopia!!!!!!!
Very good game, pleasant, easy to follow. Good graphics, colour and easy to follow, we, cannot wait to continue and and complete. Everything is great, my daughter is having a really enjoyable game . I allow her a certain amount of time that together we can play this game, she even has me drawing the characters and teaching her how to draw better herself. Good game, pleasant, bright colours, and her patience is becoming better . When she gets something correct, she giggles
Good game. There is obviously some bugs that need fixing... each time I win a level, I end up with a cluster of stars.
You have outdone yourselves again! I am playing 2 of your games and now I am playing this new one also! Bravo, I love Towntopia Build and Design Your Own Town. 👏👏👏💞 I highly recommend this game!
This game is sooo good i love it i just wish i could get more boosters though. Its definately worth 5 stars.😃😃😃
Beautiful graphics. Nice town. But, the progress are quite slow. Loving it. It's just that it takes quite some time to load the game while beginning playing. The play menu need at least 2-3 minutes til the Play button appears. At level 5, my coins seems to have glitching...then, the game suddenly back to the main menu. I need to repeat playing the level 4 that I have past. Keep on upgrading. Will reinstall again next time. Awesome games.
When I first started playing, the first match-3 level gave me 1500 stars instead of 1...so I knew that had to be a glitch so I restarted the game and still had 1500 stars. I'm not one to cheat so I just kept playing the levels until I was completely finished renovations the first area and it gave me an error and started the game over from the beginning. I will be uninstalling.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
I just started playing the game and so far I do like it. However, I think I am cheated out of stars from each level I play. When I started on level 1, I didn't get a star until level 2 🤔? I seem to be one star behind. The graphics and characters are amazing and I do want to keep playing. Maybe fix any 'bugs' or glitches during gameplay?
Loved this game in tuber beginning, but now when I play it, I may get over 600 stars and as I use them, the game will give an error message and then start over. When it starts over, I have no stars.
Board I am on has a bad glitch. None of the yellow arrows are recognized and you cant use or move them so you cant clear the board. Restarted my phone and reinstalled so now I cant play. Stuck. Each day I try to play the glitches get worse.
Was an awesome game until level 54. Glitches are too many. More than one piece on the field was flashing. Was impossible to play. Also lost stars and progress when the glitch happened and game froze. Uninstalled it. Very disappointing.
I have completed two areas and I cannot go any farther. It says only 45% complete on the farm area but it will not me play on. It's super frustrating. I will be deleting the game soon if this is not fixed.
Was enjoying the game got to the farm and completed it.. But it wont let me continue on! Made it to Level 67 and then nothing????? Tried to unintall and update 3 times .. Will not let me continue on .. Sooo disappointing.... Tried to install again on the 29th.. Still stuck on the farm.. Did the update not come out on the 28th?
I absolutely love this game. Challenging, but not difficult enough to make you want to uninstall. Love The option to get extra stars or diamonds. Just waiting on new levels now. 5* game
I am somewhat enjoying this game but only gave 2 stars because every other level I play, it goes crazy with stars. Gives me over 700 of them and i have to restart every time. Please fix it. It is quite annoying.
Dont like that the gems given at the end of a game go into a piggy bank you have to purchase to empty and when full any more are wasted go no where you offered to try the game again i did and nothing changed i could see and also i have deleted games like this because of frustation too many stars required for too small of items and too hard levels
What I love about 😍 these games is that you can restart it and do it again. Plus it's a great way to remodel places with out spending "real" money.
The game only gave me the front page. Not even a clue if it's loading or what and stuck like that. Uninstall 😑
Only 3 lvls cant enter the 3rd. Has some good aspics like making a boost sets it off and you still have the boost. Its cute, uses ads every other lvl, takes too long to load then the game to load. Can use a video to reload lives which is very nice. Just needs more levels added. Now it just crashes. Lose a star
I thought this game was more about decorating. If I wanted to be breaking gems, I would play candy crush or something like that. This game is repetitive.
When will this game work, stuck on the second land to help the bunny farmer...no 3rd land yet ...desapointing have to wait long....but I like it so give me more and faster. Thank you for your reply and yes I will be there to play...Ok the new area's are in but It won't load so I still can not play..
I absolutely love this game. Not sluggish at all, including the ads, very quick getting thru them. Great decorations. I really like everything about it. Thank you!
I've just completed this and I've really enjoyed playing this. I've played a lot if games like this and this is the only one I've actually enjoyed playing. Looking forward to the update. Hopefully its soon. So the game has been updated but yet I still can't access Helen's house. Why?
Well my 1st review was deleted by someone. The game won't continue on. I completed 2 of them and after that, it won't go any further. It says 100% complete but then I can't go on to the next one so I go back to the previous and it says 45% complete but I have nothing more to do on it. I sent an email with screenshots but haven't heard back. Let's see if this post stays up.
I love this game. It is fun and relaxing. The only problem i have is i am on level 76 and the next level is in development it says.
I like the game but I'm stuck on Peter's farm. The game says his level is complete but I can't move on to the next place.. Still stuck. I'm racking up stars but I can't do anything with them. Unless I can get away from Peter's farm. That I am still stuck on
What the heck?!?! I had 24 stars, then some glitch happened that gave me 609 stars. I played a few levels and left the game. I just went back in and now I have only 1 star!!!!! TOTAL rip off!
Enjoyed the game up to level 170. Can't progress past this level though because the amount of cherries to clear is actually one more cherry than the level has. I've cleared all the squares but still fail the level because I am missing one cherry. Thought it was a glitch but it's happened more than once.
The game only let me play the first two & it says the third is coming soon & it's been about 2 months. I'm trying to play the game again & it says error 500 & the screen is black. It says the last update was April 3.
Initially liked this game...but after finishing the farm it wouldnt let me move on to the next location. I could play for stars, but it does me no good it I cant progress in the game. Fix the glitch & maybe ai will download the game again & give it another chance.
The match 3 aspect of this game is good but the story seems unfinished. An by that I mean when the characters are talking there sentence finishes mid sentence, if that makes sense. Like they only say half of a sentence. This game has great potential, just seems unfinished at times.
I always enjoy these types of games, especially when one of the available moves include a match 4 in a box shape. I am also very appreciative that you offer an optional ad at the end of each level, to get an extra star. Many of the items you have to "buy" cost 2 or 3 stars, and sometimes more. So, it makes it a lot easier that I have the option of getting up to 2 stars per level, instead of just 1. Plus, I can watch an ad before each level to get 3 extra moves, which is very helpful at times.
I had a problem launching the game on a Galaxy tablet. The developer responded right away and fix the problem. Just started playing the game but it is a lot of fun and I appreciate the developer taking care of the situation I had so quickly.
Addicted to this game just like I am the movie it's designed after!! Can't put it down once I start playing it!! Nice and different from the other match 3 games, thank you!!
I love playing the game. How every, I've completed all the towns, one has been under development for quite some time now. Is it ever going to get done. I've racked up quite a few stars and no place to spend them on. The game has become stagnant.
Fun fun fun...characters are so cute. Cleared both areas just to find out that i can't go ant further cause it says " COMING SOON" please hurry i'd like to keep playing the game
The game is OK, but that's about it. I didn't bother find out where this company is based, but there are times when the dialogue makes absolutely no sense because the English is so poor. It has a couple of cute moments, but not enough of them to make up for a lack of imagination. The game play is just your average Match 3. The decor part is OK. Nothing special. The game is FABULOUS in the way they use the ads, giving the option to get a booster or an extra star. That part is wonderful.
Has a major glitch.... freezes about every 15 minutes, gave me 750 stars when I was cleaning up the farm then said I had an error and froze again for 2 mins then restarted the entire game.... so I have never been so disappointed in a game it has been uninstalled