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Home Design : Word Life for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really enjoy playing this game but I reached level 1500 and it says my internet connection is lost when I have data and Wi-Fi. I uninstalled and re installed it and still doesn't work. Is this the end of the game?
This game was great in the beginning. Now it rips me off about half the time I watch videos for points. Also...it started crashing right after I finish a round... causing me to do the whole thing again. I'm so close to uninstalling it 😫
I have several design apps. This being my 2nd favorite has gone to my least favorite. I made it to level 900 and I go any farther being the next design is "coming soon". Its been coming soon for a few weeks now. I still get notifications to keep playing as well. Im assuming its a money scam because they aren't shy on the videos at all. I have even emailed their customer support twice and no reply. So basically the app is taking up space on my phone so ill be deleting it. Good riddens word life.
This is a five 🌟 app!!! Guess what it doesn't have like any ads!!! The ads it does have u can X out if them right away. This is a exciting, amazing, fun, and can work ur mind. The only thing is that there is some huge words that I don't know but I can ask my family!!! That's why this is a five 🌟 amazing awesome app πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
Fun at least we could change levels more easy than lots of similar games ty for that the only thing that would be perfect is more choices of items Modern rustic and more colours often dont like the choices but very addictive game.
The game doesn't function after the 2nd property. Don't know if this game is in development or what but it doesn't show the design options or the characters on the 3rd property. It's the same problem on my android phone and on my iPad.
There are a few things I would suggest to work on. As mentioned by another, upgrading prizes as decor prices increase would be nice. Maybe every 100 levels. It would avoid making the game too grindy while still giving player a challenge. Lastly, it would be nice to improve on the hit boxes for decor for the indecisive players. For example, if I ended up not liking the color or texture of the floor as it clashes or just doesn't go well with another decor. Otherwise, great game so far.
I lost all of my progress!! I dont know why! It took me hours to find the words and now even my money is gone! Please fix this.
I do like this game alot. So why only 2stars. Game freezes. All the time. Needs to be fixed. So came back to try again Still doesn't work. Very disappointed
Fun game, but stuck on level 149. Can't go further. On level 149 you must make compound words, but no words is appearing, so you can't make the words. Help! I don't want to delete the game.
Not real exciting but it's fun I'm enjoying it graphics are nice choices...the design choices are kind of lame.... .... But I like the word games so...Bottom light its a nice little time waster...lol
This game has so many glitches it makes it impossible to play for more than 5 minutes. The most annoying - freezing mid game or just stuck on the loading page. Not even restarting app helps. Ehh.
I just don't comprehend why i can't log in anymore!! Its keeps loading but still....i can't play the game..i don't know why??
The game is cool but sometimes it is difficult to alter an object when something blocks it ... I can't change the color of the floor😏
This is one of the best home makeover games around. The best things are you don't have a limited number of lives and you earn more money for each additional word you find. edit 1. Removed a star as this won't accept words I know are correct such as prim i.e prim and proper.
I like this game and I love the fact that it has word puzzle game instead of the match 3. The only stupid thing I find are some words and the categories. It feels like a school dropout has made those words. The spellings wrong for so many words. Plus the categories like you have added butcher and burglar in your careers category. Like really? People just grow up planning to make a career as a burglar??
I like the game I can play a lot, my problem is that the screen will not show where the furniture is so I can finish the scene and move in. Just a blank canvas.
Was really good at first and everything ran smoothly and was fun. However, after a few days of having it, I would go onto the app and the wrong location would come up with no tasks to do in that location. Everything was still running smoothly with no glitches or anything but this location would not work and you could not move on from it either.
This game is terrible need to come up with different words to look for they have the same words to look for find new words to look for possible normal words to look for gonna uninstall it in level 4 hundred and something and its the same words over and over terrible game.
I love the game but if you don't restart it sometimes it will network when your trying to drag something but the game is amazing for your mind and its easy too so i recommend this game 😁
Im getting very mad at this game. Love to play but lately, levels that are finished and tasks paid for disappear! Keeps like erasing my progress! Fix this glitch! Lots of issues!!! Games crashes CONSTANTLY! RIDICULOUS!!! HAVING TO RELOAD AFTER EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE NOW!! I AM UNINSTALLING! THANKS FOR NOTHING! ZERO STARS!
Like the game. For two weeks it is saying no internet. Will someone please fix the issue. Over 6 weeks and game internet connection issues still not fixed. I guess this is the end of the game.
Thankyou for using English words. Makes it so much more enjoyable. Would give it 5 star if I could carry on designing houses. But unfortunately I've come to a standstill, the rest of the games are locked. Please sort this out
Unfortunately it's not allowing me to play whilst logged into facebook, tried everything possible to get it to work, keeps saying no internet but love this game so much. And it won't let me go past level 1500, where it says there is no connection, so i am now unable to progress onto the next level until this is fixed, and its an amazing game!
It would be better if you got more money as the levels get harder instead of just the same 500 every time. Yes I know you get extra for finding extra words, but as the level difficulty increases, so should the money.
Nice game..but everything is expensive the coins get over soon again n again u have to make new words..that why I gave 4 stars...
I really enjoy playing this game but it seems to be stuck on the 3rd level (swimming pool swank). It will not let me do anything. Please can you fix this.
Would love to give it 5 stars cause I enjoy the game. But now it's stuck on the cabin place and when I try to decorate the options are blank. It takes my money but still blank. Have tried uninstalling it and install again but still stuck.
Some of the many ads are for romance games. The design aspect of this game is really fun and the graphics are good quality. The word search part of the game can be enjoyable too. However, sometimes the words are barely connected to the category. For example, the word "runabout" under vehicles category. The word "hobo" under careers category. Some words are rare, like "billabong" under bodies of water category. So that makes it tough to complete the word search aspect of the game.
First of all, everytime I exit the app, it takes my progress a few steps back making me replay some levels about 3 or more times over. I really like the game so I was alright with that. But now, it's showing that I'm at level 1 in the word game but in the home designing, I'm still at the same level. I had already gotten to level 390 and it won't even let me play the word games anymore. This is the third cook app game I've downloaded and there is always some issue.
Perfection , ran out of rooms, you need to either be able to start over and redo rooms, or add more rooms, I need more I'm addicted to this one and HOUSE OF WORDS, I ran out of that one too, more rooms thank you, new message 11.6.20. THANK YOU IM SOOOOO HAPPY MORE ROOMS, THANK YOU. Ok it's been 11 6 20 since no new rooms, what is taking so long?
I love the game but sometimes when you get the right word it doesnt work and some words dont even make sense also the only way to get through a level is to spend real money on gems to get a hint . so uninstalling
Lots of fun. I especially like the fact that you can get points (coins)by finding words. I don't really care for Match 3. I like playing with words. Great game.
The game is great the only reason that I didn't rate it with 5 Stars is because if you don't or cant buy Gems you have to watch sometimes 2 movies if you get stuck and it would be nice to have a little more choices in the design. But as a Whole is a enjoyable game for people who love to design and good for the brain" Can't ask for more it's a Winner*
This game is awesome but the only thing is the ads because when I was about to Finnish the house one of the ads came up but other than that I love it πŸ˜πŸ’©
It's fun. You earn the coins by playing a word game, then you buy the furniture and decorate. The amount of coins they give you are generous. The ads are short, thats a plus. I'm enjoying playing.
Fun design game with good word challenges to earn coins for decorating. You spend a lot more time playing word puzzles than decorating so this game is for people who love word puzzles. I really like the design challenges too. I also like that ads can be skipped after just a few secs unlike any other game I've played. Didn't give five stars because of the annoying stories and creepy designers staring at you at start and end of puzzle challenges. I would much prefer a beach bg.
I enjoy this game a lot. The only reason I won't give it 4/5 stars is because when you make words there are quite a few that are not recognized in the game but are in the dictionary. There are words that are recognized in scrabble and words with friends but not in this game. It is very frustrating when you make a valid word and it isn't recognized!!! Please fix this and then I will give 5 stars because it is a good game!
This game is so cool i legit love it!!! The ridles/word guessing isnt too hard and the decorating is so fun and looks amazing!!! 😍
I've been waiting for a long time but the game says "coming soon" on the next level and it has said that for over a month now...yet I somehow get notifications from the app saying it needs me to play...but when I get the app open, there's still nothing for me to play (no room to decorate, that is) :-/
I had to come back and update that l finished this game and it was so much fun! I played over 700 games and got to redo over 30 scenarios. I wish there were more games like this out there! I was bummed there were no more scenarios to design. The word search challenges were much more fun than the connect three and create word games. Please update with more levels!!!
I'm dissapointed with this game it's because i have to buy the lamp at the kitchen to many times and i was tired....so please fix it...i hope you can answer my question:)
Yea...not so good. I got bored with it after 3 minutes. Why is all the furniture so expensive?? I would make each piece of furniture...maybe...300 coins? And the decor 200 coins. But it's an okay game. Also, when I got to the Swimming Pool Swank level, there were no pictures when I was selecting my furniture! So I had no idea what I was doing!
this is a very fun game I was just looking in my app store and then I saw this and it is very fun It helps you with spelling and you get to learn about interior design. I have no idea why I undownloaded this but Im getting it again fun game right...
Its been sooo good. I've been playing this for 2 days and already finished 105 levels. This game is good for children which are bad in vocabulary and can learn new words! This game will help the little architects and children a lot! Love this game!! Its super easy! 5 🌟
At first the game was nice but they need to fix the bugs, I'm really disappointed because I thought I don't need to download. Sometimes I'll buy the appliances then it stops and then I have to restart it, but then it just lessen my money but the furniture wasn't there.
I love that this game combines vocabulary with architectural design! It has to be my favorite game. Unfortunately, it's difficult to alter an object's design when something blocks it. (I can't change the color of a roof again if a modified balcony is right in front of it) If there was an easier way to access each modifed piece of the building, that would be fantastic!
game would keep stalling so had a check run on my internet and was still providing high speed so thatg was not the issue.I would lose coins and diamonds periodically and if I hadto stop in the middle of the level I would lose my extra words and my score for the level would be much lower. I finally got tired of the issues and uninstalled.
Better to kill time. Too much ads. Free gems will not collected into the gem box even after watch ads.This happens sometime. Getting struck the game as well as the tasks. Please fix bugs soon.
In the beginning i liked the game but later it was getting annoying as i would watch an add for 25 gems but after i watched it i got no gems at all . I tried again and again but nothing happend my internet is not bad or anything. Fix THIS ! And this happens with almost all of your games it is very annoying and if this is not going to be fixed then i wish you best of luckπŸ‘ as not many people will download this after facing the same problem. Am deleting the game. πŸ‘‹
Good so far except you can't go back and change some of the decor that you want to. UPDATE: Level 1620 puzzle words not loading on the screen but the category box shows up along with all the buttons on the right. UPDATE: Thank you for fixing my issue. I love this game!!!! UPDATE 12/18/2020 I have not been able to play this game since Wednesday. I'm on level 1700 & when I click to play, keep getting the message "CONNECTION LOST" PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. My internet's fine. HELP!
Like the words game, but it stops working all of sudden and goes back to first design. Sort of buzz kill. Please improve
Brilliant game love it so much better than the match 3 games they are so boring beautiful items to buy everybody should try this game
Relaxing game. Helps my anxiety. There is no rush in the game, no time limit, one of the best things. Oh! And designing different rooms, thats my favorite thing!
It's really good but after some time it turned me to level 1 and I don't know how some people turned up to level 900+ Another problem is the spelling like butcher . Who can't type butcher because I can am 12 years. In the other side its Good it's the easiest word puzzle home Design .pliz jus change that and you'll get my 5star
Home Design: Word Life is a cool and challenging word search crossword puzzle game that enables you to design your home with bold creativity, it definitely inspires better living than imaginable.
This became one of my favorite games but as stated by another person here, I cannot proceed past level 1500, it says I have no internet connection yet I definitely do.
Love the game, it's super cool. Never downloaded a game with that format. The words are in blocks that you can just swipe in any direction. Love it
The best game I have ever played in my life & I have played a lot of games in 74 yrs!!! I only have 1 complaint....when not connected to FB, caption says I'm not on internet.....no trouble playing connected to FB, why can't I play w/o being on FB? I always have played & now since I gave a great rating the other day, cannot play this game unless connected to FB. Please fix or I will be forced to delete this game.....I'm sad!!!
It is the best game ever it has so much fun into it but sometimes the levels can get in impossible because right now I'm on level 23 and that's hard
I have not been able to connect to game since early June. I just tried to delete and reinstall to see if that would help. I still can't connect. I don't get what the problem is. I've played before with no problem.
Not a bad game good graphics not only that the game is also educative becuase there are some words we may not know we guess it out and then look inside the dictionary.
This is a word game lover's dream! You play,you get coins and you design plus the designs are awesome!!! Love love love this game πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ€©
Really fun and cute game. I live that it combines vocabulary with architectural design. My only problem, is that it's difficult to change something. For example, if I want to change a wall from blue to white, if another renovated area is in front, it picks that instead
This app is total mess it was fun at first not until I got to level of pool and I was ask to connect data before I Access it yet if I on data it will still say off line.
I've spent a lot of time playing this game, and I really enjoy it most of the time. BUT there are a few words in it that absolutely do not exist, which makes it quite complicated. The only way to find them is just make up words until they fit. Also I've recently had to uninstall because it seems to think there is a network connection error, there is not. I've reinstalled several times, thoroughly checked my wifi and my device connection... Still not working. It's a shame and very fustrating
I was having a good time with this game. Now I am at a loss that I have no idea why I can't get to the last level. It keeps saying coming soon. That was over a week ago. I think I will just uninstall
I just love this game love love love any game that has something to do with words and decorating is so freaking fun you've got to try it it's so much fun it is an awesome awesome game thanks
I love this game there's so much to do. You get to decorate a room bathroom and so much more. It an also game. The minute I passed a word level I fell in love with this game. It's so much more fun than the other decorate games. I'm only on level 21.
Very relaxing. I rarely give 5 stars to anything, but so far, this game comes close. Sometimes, puzzles do not recognize legitimate words, but I have learned some new words as well.
I love this game! I am on level 1700 and it keep telling me I have no internet connection! I can open and get the free stars on the home page but as soon as I try to play the level I get the no internet box.....please help this is my favorite game, thx! I'm still waiting for help I will have to delete the game if I can't get any resolution
Awesome game. One of my favourites. It's relaxing and it trains your mind. Should download if u like interior designing and word games!☺
Very nice game, got me addicted to my phone. And it's quite easy, as long as as you have a vast vocabulary knowledge. I'm over level 200 and I'm still playing.
Love this game word puzzles versus the game puzzles. Much better. Only complaint is the foreign words. Need more word puzzles to design instead of the game ones which are very annoying and less challenging
I enjoyed the game but lately it won't let me play levels it's says theres no internet but there is. I've deleted the app and redownloaded it and it's still won't work. So it was good up until that.
After buying some upgrades for d kitchen disaster,the game freezes and i dont get the items i purchased but the coins are deducted. Moving on to the swimming pool shank,its not even commecting. Its annoying
It's a fun game but way to many game ads. You solve a puzzle get an ad fix something get an ad Even though it's a fun game. I'm thinking of uninstalling it
Perfection , ran out of rooms, you need to either be able to start over and redo rooms, or add more rooms, I need more I'm addicted to this one and HOUSE OF WORDS, I ran out of that one too, more rooms thank you, new message 11.6.20. THANK YOU IM SOOOOO HAPPY MORE ROOMS, THANK YOU
Positive points are it's easy to progress in the game, there aren't any bugs or repetitive missions. Only got 4 stars 'cause there are a couple of in-level spelling mistakes that could cost you some gems. For example, "Luttuce" was correct for vegetables. And please increase the prizes once the decoration prices go up. On average you'll still get 500 even when the prices are already up to 1500. (Tip: find words within the words or words not required by the level for extra points)
I am enjoying this game, the word challenge is MUCH BETTER than other games which have the 'match 3' games, I play this game for the designing aspect, not Candy Crush, for achieving the next level. The rewards however, could be a bit more lucrative. HOWEVER, many times when I have watched an ad video to collect gems, I DON'T get the gems but the number of videos decreases anyway .........
Love it. Easy. I like the choices and being able to change my choices. My only complaint is I have to pay cash to buy back my piggy bank savings!
Good word game, challenging but not impossible to beat. Scenes and furniture are terrific, can decorate most of the time, do not need to spend real $ to play
It's a really fun game, I just don't like that you have to use diamonds to shuffle the words, and sometimes I don't receive diamonds when im supposed to and sometimes they take my bonus words away and start me over when I get extra words, otherwise it's a cool game
GREAT GAME!!! I love the word search alternative to match three games, BUT I wonder if all the designs are based in the Caribbean or if we get a change of scenery ever? I only recently started playing.
So much fun! I dont like match 3 puzzles, so this is perfect! Creating the homes is awesome, and they look so good!!!!!!!!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ€—πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚β˜Ί
Very fun design game and I like the word match part of it way better than the match 3 games along the same lines!! Way more fun!
I find this game challenging enough to keep my interest. Not frustrating to be a game I would delete. Overall I like it because it is fun as well as relaxing.
This is a great game but how long does it take to get more rooms I'm at the casino and for over two weeks it says coming soon I'm still waiting for another room. If I don't get more rooms soon I will delete this game
Hi i love this game but i was having a problem right now because i cannot download the swimming pool area..i was done in the kitchen and bedroom area so im going to play the swimming pool area yet i cannot down load it though i have a internet connection
Game stop working and tried to make me do the challenge all over again. I also spent over an hour trying to figure out a word that the game was spelling incorrectly lettuce was spelled "luttuce". if you make a word game it is very good idea to actually know how to spell the word. I will be taking this off of my phone very upset about the whole doing everything over again not going to do it sorry.
This app is so much fun!! There are only a few adds, but it's worth it! I wish this game was real life so I could decorate my house like that! πŸ‘ My rating is not a lie
All my levels are gone. Frustrating. When I opened the app it started from all over again even though I was at level 45. Gonna uninstall this.
I gave it 4 stars ✨ It's a really nice game I love it Um...... My problem is that when I did the first room it was just sooo 2d like The bathroom 🚽 looked like a sticker and the bed looked untidy But I highly recommend this game download it!
Great gameplay lots of hidden words to boost your coins to buy things for your home picture perfect designing algorithms to choose from.finding 25 - 30 hidden words to collect gems could give you more then $1250 otherwise still great game
Like the game. For two weeks it is saying no internet. Will someone please fix the issue. Over 6 weeks and game internet connection issues still not fixed. I guess this is the end of the game. After two months of saying no internet the game starts again. Then after one week it continued to day no internet. Very fustrating.
I love this game, however, I paid money to get rid of the ads which worked for a week and now they have come back again. So not impressed.
I love everything about this game. It's like two games in one. Graphics are cool too. Helps with the spelling. Also helps pass time.
its fun and addictive . the only problem is it has so many advertisement . but over all i love it 😍 keep up the good work .
Interesting ,entertaining...and enjoy the game..only for a certain time phone lagging maybe due to taking too much time on the game ..but overall..really entertaining.I would give 5 stars for this game..
Just started today per recommendation from the wife as she has been playing awhile. Easy to use and never a dull moment....
It's a really good game. But along with that is a lot of glitches, bugs. First of all, whenever watch an advert for the gems, the advert finishes and I don't get any of the gems. My WiFi is completely fine so please dont reply with 'oh you need to check your internet connection' or something like that. Also if i have the max bonus words (15) or over that, if I exit the game, it resets all my bonus words so I only get under 600 coins when I finish the level. And your repeating rooms.
Nice game but I have to repeat some level too, and I'm stuck on some level for some days it can't even loading.....
Lots of fun. Not so much now. Uninstalled because it wouldn't let me play. Two days it said no internet connection. I had internet. Would give it two stars now
Y'all I LOVED this game!! I've racked up so many coins and have put real money into this game. But a glitch on the swimming pool level has prevented me for going any farther... Can you please fix this? I don't want to uninstall it and lose all my money....
I am not saying don't get this game, because it really is fun in the beginning, but after a little while it starts to have glitching errors.
It is so good I am UPSET I don't really like games where you can't just make the house but this game is so good and I love it and trying to find the word definetly reccomened and I give it a 5 star because I love it and it is so good all the options of the decor and walls and floors and everything is so good so defiantly recommend
Love this game ! So far no glitches ! πŸ˜„ Uh uh , glitches ! Have reached level 1500 but getting message " no connection ,please check internet " have uninstalled & reinstalled but same msg ! Can play all other games except this !! Please fix, would not be able to get on game at all if no internet !!
The other designing games have us match thing but this it has you find words and me being good at word searches this gives a chance to do the two thing i love word searches and designing
Love the aspect of the game, word puzzles rather than match 3, but it's the same category's over & over. The coin to puzzle ratio sucks, way too many puzzles to decorate one room & now there's no rooms to decorate, for days it's said coming soon, how the hell do you run out of rooms?? And last but not least, more times than not, you watch ads but receive no gems..🀨
The furniture are beautiful so I gave it a five star. I hate the shuffling because I have to use diamonds to do so.
This is really good game l love ❀️ it there are no too many adds before l play so many home design game but it so good the word puzzle in the game was really good it was interesting to the words l really like it that's why l am giving five star
This game is amazing!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž I highly recommend it to anyone who is into word puzzles and interior design. πŸ€—
I have a problem each time I play and win, the item I purchase and the points just disappear. I the game freezes and I end losing all the winnings and forced to start from scratch. PLS FIX THIS OR UPDATE THE GAME!!!!