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Home Design Star : Decorate & Vote for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved designing initially. This app is great fun! However, if you are unable to afford the upgrades to give you better design options, it becomes very difficult to design anything worthy, this makes it very limiting for those who cannot afford it. Also, when people are voting for which designs are the best, they have no idea what the clients brief is and so many of the rooms that win have not followed any of the clients wishes. This defeats the object of the game.
I love this game! And I'm hooked, BUT I find myself wanting to throw my phone sometimes bc the rating system is awful. Some of the designs that are in the top three are nothing like what the client asks for, and are often hideous. I feel like most just tap any design to earn cash. And about the cash, I have hundreds of thousands but never enough diamonds it seems to buy anything. It would be nice to win more diamonds. I hope my input is recognized. I spend enough money buying diamonds!
The voting system is weird. The winners usually have rooms that have nothing to do with the actual category given and still get 1st place. Also, the rooms never update so when you finish you just have to sit and wait. Is it even worth updating every three days? Yep another con, you need to update it often. You don't design the room just a heads up, you color it!
Voting is trash, I wish there was a option where you can design roooms without having to submit it in for voting. Colors are dull & don't look good. You run out of money and gold too fast. This game is literally another decor game but more dull. I do like the rooms we get to design so that's the positive part of this review.
Great game, no adverts which is the best. Plenty of rooms to design, but the graphics definitely need improvement. Often the colours do not show correctly when picked & it is not great quality. The selection of materials is also poor. Voting system has changed but people often do not stick to the design requirements & they get the highest votes. Maybe design requirements should lock some materials that have to be used on some furniture pieces so its not just a free for all & voting is more equal
The in-app purchases are a joke. You buy these jewels to purchase more material types, BUT it's a chance you might get what you wanted. Ate all my jewels ended up with 11 of the same thing I did NOT want and never got what I was after. Download Redecor, I've never had them do this to me before. And I have a screenshot in case anyone wants to question it.
Amazing! It's very generous game with neat designs and fun challenges. I love it. But i wish the colour choices would be more vibrant than what we have. However, unlike other games, you don't need to pay money to have fun with this game. They are very generous with their prize system. 10/10 I recommend it. It is very releaxing. Playing this game is self-care.
Bland colors. Color pallettes that don't work well together. Colors that are so washed out, your wood tone choices are between pale yellow, paler yellow, and barely there yellow. Ugly materials. Furniture that seems to have been sized for dwarves... or the legs cut off of furniture to accommodate them. Unbalanced, uninteresting room designs. No pure hues, especially real reds, oranges or browns (what tone of coral would you prefer?) Paltry selection of mostly ugly artwork. I'm done. Sorry.
Overall better than most interior design games. However, it provides extremely limited design options (fabrics, colors, textures, artwork, etc..) and most of these items are ugly. The game becomes quite dull from working with the same unattractive materials over and over and over. It is not even worth buying extra jewels to unlock more design options, as the locked options are often just as ugly. Plus there is no guarantee that you will receive any new materials when unlocking, it's a gamble.
I absolutely enjoy this game among similar ones, however there should be more options or ways to gain more inventory. I also do not particularly care for the new voting option... its not a dating game lol. (Swipe left/right) Additionally there seem to be quite a few glitches since the update and am unable to play most of the time. Once fixed i may be able to rate a bit higher..
I enjoy playing this game w/a few exceptions. It's problematic to match colors when one shade is offered but then in another material, it's a few shades off & doesn't go, making it hard to put a cohesive room together. Then the descriptions; when given guidelines for decorating a room for a client, you try to observe these and decorate accordingly. Once the room goes in to voting, it's labeled something different that doesn't accurately let the voter know what was being asked for.
It's an awesome game... super fun to play and easy to use. I like how the rewards allow you to have more options and items, unlike other design apps I havent liked so much because the rewards dont help you with anything at all. Super great job! Its great how it keeps updating to give users new options and items.
Addicting and fun game, but some of the designs that win are honestly ugly or not what the client wanted. I can tell the voting system is getting better, but it still needs work. And ever since the new update its been really glitchy. 😞 other than that this game is awesome!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
With the new update i can't get into the game 😡, this now the third time that there are technical issues with this game I have once again paid money into this game and I can't get in all the tome wasted is less time me using my vip purchases and this is stealing either you reimburse me or fix the glitch, as much as I enjoy this game im considering deleting it and making sure that all future players know the issue
Love this game! Much better than Redecor and it doesn't eat all your money. Graphics are bigger and bolder and easier to see then Redecor. I love that items are not picked by clients,thus forcing you to spend money to complete a specific design. I've been playing both simultaneously for 2 months,,I'll be deleting Redecor. Plus their players are BLIND, they vote for the ugliest things . Here the win ratio is fair, I get a lot of 2nd and 3rd place ...and I'm good with that.
Poor selection of design challenges, and frustratingly worse selection materials to work with. Don't waste money on their vip pass, you get ripped off when you pay with stars to open new materials. You don't get what you select.Slow to provide new designs, this time took more than a day, then when I open game...can't play...update needed.
Did truly enjoy this game, since they did the last update, it continuously kicks me out. There is no exact point either. I can hit start, design and sometimes while I'm designing. I've tired uninstalling and reinstalling, but does not seem to help. I'd really like it if the game can be fixed. I'd give it a much better rating.
I love this game but...people are winning that are not going by what is requested! It says pastel, and they put black and purple, they end up winning. I went by the instructions and end up 10th even though I went by the instructions. That is not very fair at all. If they do not have what is requested, then they should not be allowed to win or advance or.... Please make it more fair! Thank you!
I really love the game. It's really enjoyable and the challenges are great. I'm just experiencing a bit of technical issues. When I'm on the game it just exits for no reason and when I go back my progress isn't saved. Tip: Try add a feature where you can follow other designers and you can see their designs on the feed and vote for them(like it or not).
New and quirks are still being worked out but well on it's way to being a 5 star game. I wish there were more material options and not a huge fan of how the unlocks work. If you use gems to unlock a category you should get 3 new unlocks not materials you already have. It has room for improvement but it is a fun game. Colors are also very off in most challenges. I feel over time it will only get better.
Love the game, but most often the wins have nothing to do with what the client asked for. Follow the rules and come in at the bottom while complete disregard for client wishes seems to get top spots. And forget about getting new stuff unless you pay real money. Winning is the challenge...anyone can buy stuff.
Fun, fun, fun, I have my moments! Only problem is other designers think that the darker you make your rooms the better they look and those designers are your judges. There is no way to interact with other designers. The rooms are nice but the selection is limited unless you buy rubies or gold bars. It can get expensive. I hope as we get into new chapters we will find more colors like shades of blue and green etc. A true color of red or gold would be nice to choose from as well.
I do love the game, but those who win sometimes do not follow the clients ideas, also much of the patterns and colours show up as just plain white or some insipid colour, this needs to be fixed. Also when we've bought surfaces etc, let us use them on anything, don't restrict us as to what we can and can't use, please.
I love this game, it's so much fun and I find it can be quite addictive. However it would be really awesome if the graphics could be fine tuned a little eg: the textures and colours are flat and off key which is a bit of a let down.I think that once that area had been worked on and improved it will most definately step the game up to a whole new level.
It has a very good start with lot of resources BUT as you continuously play it, the cost of room decoration is definitely expensive. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to add CASH as Reward/Consollation to ALL participants fro top (1-10). Amount of Cash varies on their rank. I hope you will consider my suggestion for the greater good of both players and the developers of this app. Thank you. I change my rating as soon as i saw an improvement on the game phase.
I love redesigning games. But I cannot find one that is fair, or that doesn't cost a lot of $. The choices aren't that great, and the colors so not match or even look right, once put together. Also, everytime I finish a design, the screen says can't reach the game, to retry, and I do....I did! Again and again. It didn't work, so Uninstalled. Thanks Have great day🙃🙂
I'm a faithful design home player... However I really really like this game.. im fairly new but I already am a B*I*G fan... I like the fact that it's many opportunities to earn incentives (Money & gold)... Also you can design as many rooms as you want without using keys that you earn/buy in order to design a new room... Design home only allows you to place decor in the room whereas this game you actually choose the flooring, walls, decor and choose the coors to those items...
It is hard to design with the free choices. You can buy more choices. The part that I really do not like is the judging. You are giving details on what the client wants but then someone wins and it has nothing to do with what you were told. For instances , they want warm colors but the winner has all blue.
The voting system is so rigged. I feel like nobody actually reads what the client wants. The client wanted warm colours and people vote on the ones which have black or neutral colours in it. That leaves behind the designs which are actually good and appropriate. I played for a while but when I realized what was happening, I knew I had to quit. Don't tell me that I should be fine with a white room with white decor being on top.
It's a lot of fun to decorate the different rooms and have other designers rate your work, but I have noticed one big drawback. There are certain criteria to meet for each room, and I try my best to follow that. However, I notice that not everyone does that. For example, if we are supposed to use vibrant colors and patterns, I see some people using white walls, white or light gray furniture, and creating a room with a subdued pallette. They end up with high scores, but didn't follow the request.
I paid for the VIP Pass and I have been receiving this message for days whenever I try to play the game...You've completed all the challenges. Please stay tuned while we prepare more. Meanwhile, the hours on my VIP Pass keep ticking away. I should be reimbursed for my payment or the VIP pass should reset to the total amount of hours once the update starts. If this issue is not resolved in the next update, I am going to delete the app. The choices are terrible and I've already spent too much
It's OK. but there are some issues. Colors are off. When you spend to unlock new items sometimes you get no new items, but repeats of what you already have. It's frustrating , and I've slowed down on playing it because of it .I purched tokens to unlock new items but got zero new items.
What's the point of a challenge when designs are voted on that don't follow the discription (design a Man's office space, picture of the man) and the winning design is some frilly pink & white design. It should be disqualified. Also inventory is limited, ALL inventory should always be available on every challenge. that is why I don't spend money on this perticular game because it wouldn't help me anyways.
So, at first I experienced lots of glitches when downloading textiles. That has been fixed. The app experience is unlike any other I have tried! There are no annoying ads and it isn't necessary to spend money. Each designer can earn money for textiles in various ways, one of which is voting on other designer's projects. This is my favorite decorating app!
It's a somewhat alright game but the choices are too little and you can never find the right materials for your design. Take me for example, I'm an aesthetic decorator. When I look at the options, everything screams either boring or 1900's style.
This app has to be updated every other day. When I select update option it takes me to the play store but there is no update option. It's extremely frustrating. I have to continuously go out of the app and it will eventually give me the update option. I don't understand why it has to be updated so often. The REDECOR app does not have to be updated so often and it works perfectly fine. Disappointing
It's an entertaining game. But the visuals of colors and textures Really need to be improved!!!! It seems like a waste to buy anything other than regular colors cuz nothing really shows up.
The colors are a bit off, and after a bit of voting i felt nauseated. However, this is good, simple fun. It is easier to earn rewards and acquire items for play. Today i did see that after submitted a design black boxes were stuck over the image (if it seems glitchy pause and go back rather than submitting). The black boxes will remain until you pause and reopen.
I have downloaded many apps over the years and I do like certain home design games this is probably in my top three favorite . Yes you could enjoy the game a little better if you spent money and bought things but you do not need to you can just simply enjoy playing the game and daily challenges. It does challenge you and it gets frustrating sometimes when you think you have the perfect room and yet you don't win first place. The more you play the better options get regardless .
I Enjoy this game but am appalled at what very BAD designs win. So I recommend a person just enjoy their designs, and not worry where their designs end up in the voting. I also wonder why many designers ignore the requirements or suggestions made by the clients, and still win....makes it harder for those that do. May 27 Ok, now I can't get into the game UNLESS I pay. What's going on with this? I've tried for over a week but no new designs .....and I am Not going to buy with real Money!