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Home Design : My Dream Garden

Home Design : My Dream Garden for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
HOME DESIGN : MY DREAM GARDEN . Looks like a great game . Such a shame that it keeps stopping and going back to my home screen on my new tablet . If it would have worked it looked like it would be a great game that I would have enjoyed . I hope the people behind this app sorts this problem out so we can actually play the game .
Game itself is cute but the commercials are literally like one per minute!!! Ridiculous! Another uninstall due to WAYYY TOO MUCH COMMERCIALISATION!!
I took your app off 1 phone & put it on another because of its size and ads. Well, I have to take it off this as well. There are way too many ads,I understand having ads and why,but this is rediculous! Also been playing for 1hr & game keeps crashing. Sorry but have to remove game. Shame,because game is excellent.*bots answer these, or ur ignorant, or can't read.
Was great game until 18/11/20. Never had any problems but Now won't load in. Won't play video for daily rewards and can't the video pop up off screen. Will be uninstalling. Not happy as wasted time getting into the high levels only for game to now be non functional
I'm in level 157 which is the pond level, it only left one spot to design but how am I suppose to do it if the ads and the piggy bank block the button?? Maybe you should move the ads and the bank somewhere else where it wont disturb the full view of the place
Just started playing this. No ads so far. Games arent super hard. Awesome game so far. Went from 5 stars to one!!!! All of a sudden theres an UPDATE. In order to update now id have to delete like 7 of my other games!!!!! SORRY, but THIS ONE will be deleted instead!!! Its too bad because this one worked fine before the update.
Very nice game but the premium things are too expensive... too much adds but it reminds me of my own garden .⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I don't like following a blueprint. I would rather build my own garden in the style I like. I'm notvsure yet on if it matters, but why else would they have a bp? I've been playing about 2 hours.
Once you get up to a high level...it becomes just insane on some the puzzles.3 days an i havent beaten one level that in truth seems impossible without buffs. And earnin for your own garden is a pain. Like the game just cant move forword
The graphics are good and this one is easier compared to the other one. But there's also a lot of problems here. The game doesn't open if you don't have internet connection. It also cost a lot of coins for a simple decorations. Some decor cost 2000 coins and you get only 800 to 900.. lastly it gets harder to finish the game as the level goes higher.
Wana know about the background music. It's enchanting, instead of playing the game I was just listening to the amazing melody for quite a long time. Could you please tell me where to download the music used in the game?
So far i really like this game cute to look at and fun way to garden when you are old like me. But young at heart. Lol
Yes I am enjoying it very very very interesting and I love it nice game and the gardens are very beautiful love it And please like subscribe and share
It is a nice game , there is only one issue that it stops working after one garden is finished but starts working once we reopen the game.
Wish I could post pictures because it's hard to explain my situation. I'm stuck on garden #4 and can't continue because there's a advertisement button for another game download in the way of my next game move... I seriously dont want to delete this game I was actually enjoying it.
This game is really enjoyable because you get to complete everything you set out to achieve and the very reason you choose to download it. The side game to be played, is also lots of fun, because every level is very easy to play so it's achievable .
Was great game till I reached level 277 , started acting up , than wiped out most of my progress, I contacted the help center , 10 days later still haven't got back to me or made it right ,
A pleasant game that let's me reimagine my own garden...close enough! The sounds are not irritating. They are more subdued than most, which is good. Game rules are what you'd expect. The secondary character's dialogue should be reviewed. Just sayin. It is why I didn't give 5 stars. Its tone deaf. However, it's enough of a happy diversion that I'm going to carry on for a bit.
The game perfect I loved it... But now I reached level 250 and it won't let me get in the game no more,there is a black screen. Please fix it Thank you.
Could be a good game except for all the adverts, lots and lots of adverts. Uninstalling because I like to play a game thats not constantly interupted by ads, yes some ads are ok but after ever piece placed in garden or every match 3 game played so sorry goodbye
Relaxing. Only thing, I don't want to stop playing! Lol. I complement you on creating such a relaxing, fun game. For anyone that love to plant their flowers or design their gardens, this is the game!!!
The first 4 gardens are free to do the match three blast games and build up your points to buy plants and fix up. After that it doesn't matter how much you play, try to watch long adds, the levels are unbeatable without paying for boosters and bombs and even every combination of those is not guaranteed to bust the double chained and boxed and awkwardly designed board enough to win the level and get any money in the very few moves allowed. Not fun! Will have to uninstall.
A very cool application, it takes you to a very beautiful and comfortable fictional world, I hope to add more stages
Im very disappointed! I'll purchase your 90% off to get the items I need to improve my design in your MY DREAM GARDEN Games then suddenly 2days until now you gave me this kind of trouble "loading" how long do you plan to fix this. I can't take this anymore! You broke my heart because I truely like your game😒😔🖤💔 NEXT TIME DO YOUR VERY BEST!!!!!! or else other gamers who played your game can call you guys scammer when it comes to purchase and then they cannot played anymore😒😒😒😒😒😒
Excellent and well-balanced. Progresses nicely without frustrating or boring. Really enjoying this one!
I really like this game but every 2time advertisement 😑and once I complete my task. can't go to another task untill I restart my phone or switch off n switch on .. kindly look into this issue
I was enjoying the game and even watched a couple of ads but then one of the ads that popped up was for an extremely vulgar game. I couldn't it off my screen fast enough. I figured it was a fluke. Look at what I am playing. Who in their right mind would think someone playing a game like this would want to see something like that! When it came up again, I decided to get rid of this game. If playing this game means seeing ads like that, I don't want it.
Really love this game the graphics are very life like and the levels are hard enough to make you think but not get bored, plus if you do get stuck you have a little garden to get extra help with extra help, it can take time to load and does have ads which is just the way I guess these games have to do to keep going, sadly I seem to be stuck as it won't load pass 75% at the moment 😥
This game is the best🥇🥇🥇the ads are short and the games are easy but sometimes its hard its a perfect game for me and after winning this game it gives you a lot a money so you can design your garden im already chapter 2 the rooftop request and i already love this game so much i love it its perfect and awesome 5 stars 🥇🥇🥇
Now this is a good game! Some games in this genre are all about the boring story and not the game play. This is about both! Keep up the good work!👍
Its a really good game, all tho theres SO MANY ADDS and its just like a game i down loaded, i rate this 3 stars because of the adds and i almost got hacked. Be safe.
Like this game except for the things that you have to do it takes a long time and I don't have any patience .
Finally, a game that doesn't break you. Mentally and your pocket. Love the designs too! This game definitely keeps me playing!!
this game is alot easier with my lap top it was takeing up alot of memory on my phone but i do not want to have to carry my lap top around with me all the time but besides that i love working on the garden and makeing things look more pertty
This is a really good game its helped me alot since ive got anger issues so when i get angry i sit down and play a game. Its really helpfull and im already on level 20. The reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because of the limited moves you get otherwise good game but i am close too deleting it. So app creators please work on this.
I just start playing and I love it, played a bit more, it had a lot of freezing up, it would freeze up when you are getting your booster, and you will never get that booster after all, first game was so beautiful and joyful, without crazy levels that would take you forever to pass, then its got crazier and crazier, you can't even pass these levels with boosters. Even though the game storry and design is beautiful, but because of all these problems, I am uninstalling it.
Loved the game until you started putting all the "please buy our rip off in app purchases" icons on the right of the screen! So many of them I could go no further in the game. Because I couldn't click the last garden bed to finish the garden & unlock a new garden. Will be sure to never download a cookapps game again! Don't beg people to buy stuff & they will! Don't beg people to play your other games when you create a bad experience on this one, because they won't, I'm sure not! Uninstalled!
It is early days for me as only just started playing. I have read the reviews and they were favourable. I will have to see how it goes,but the gameplay is good and the graphics are great. Thanks.
Do not buy anything for this game. I accidentally purchased $259.00 on my credit card and got nothing at all in return. Thieves. The game keeps telling me it is offline and yet my wifi is working enough for the money to go. Give me my money back
It's okay. I played through level 75 and they weren't hard. But, I thought the plot/dialogue during the design part was stupid and I didn't like the design choices. Many of the options didn't look good together. I was also confused about some of the things that popped up during game play. (What's the My Garden thing about?) The ads were annoying and I thought it was bullcrap to hold the gems I earned as hostage for real money. Try it if you want, but I'm uninstalling.
Enjoying the game the only thing that spoils it adverts all time when in middle of playing a level in game. Apart from that the games fun.
The fact that it's one of those games that offers you a prize if you watch an ad, you hit no and it makes you watch the ad anyway really takes away from the fun of the game. They do this pretty much every other level too, so...pretty sure I'll be uninstalling it sooner rather than later. Edit: Knocked it from 3 stars to 1 since the ads are even more of a problem than originally thought. Watched one for 2 extra moves to solve a level. Not only did I not get my moves, it cost a life & reset.
It's a fun game but the game gives "Check your Google account status" error every time it opens and it won't let you go further and the game freezes ... VERY VERY REGRETTABLE!
I really enjoy playing Home Design: My Dream Garden. It has a very cute colorful design and the characters in the game are adorable. The match 3 is fun and you are able to earn coins to use to design your own colorful garden. You get to choose between 4 differnt items which in similar games you have only 3 to choose from. I gave it 5 stars, very fun game!!
I love this game truly but just when I finished my 4th entry I got some notice of download I pressed it and it says that my internet is unstable but it's nonsens. I tried thousand times, including restarting my internet modem , restarting my phone and still the same. I'm devastated if won't be able to play again. I really could relax playing this game. Did anyone have the same problem ever?
This app is fun, and I love the puzzles, but every time I finish a garden or some times when I finish a puzzle, the game freezes and I have to close the app and start all over. Sure hope that gets fixed soon. App still needs alot of work.
I liked this game very much this is my favorite game in world this house is also my dream house I love the house and the game like this game create more please I like the tree hose level I love it so much I have completed 3 level in one day very easy game much people have like these game only thank you 😋🥰😋🥰😋🥰
Really fun game and I love that the levels are challenging but not impossible. But I do think It would be funner if you could win back a trowel or lawn mower once in a while or be able to buy them. Also it's really annoying that some items are impossible to change because when you try to click on them it only gives you the item next to it. No matter where you press on it it gives you everything except the one you really want to change. You should be able to change and click on everything always.
Nice garden and so beautiful🏵🍓🌸🌹🍀🌷beautiful flower ,nice fruts and other beautiful plant.
I love the game only if it would not freeze every time I play the game. And that is why I gave a two star. If it gets fixed I would be glad to give all the star's.
I am upset that when I try to play this game again, after getting out of it, I cannot get it to load back up, because it never get's beyond 75%. This makes me mad!!!!!
This game is scam. Ive been stuck in the same level for a whole MONTH. A MONTH. And I'm in lvl 471! And their customer service sucks too. 3 days of waiting of complaining ingame and got nothing for answer. There is much much more designing game that is way BETTER than this
Games okay, but the constant adverts are a ball breaker. Have progressed quite nicely, but have become so annoyed 😒, it's time to say sayonara
Was really enjoying the game. Then the next day when I tried to play it it would only load to 75%. Iv tried to reload it 5 times now and it still won't load. Deleting game 😡
I really like this one very much love flowers and and love to see them grow they make the yard smell so good and look good too.
I love this game, but lately it constantly glitches. It won't load for rewards & now it won't load at all. Just stays in loading mode. Please fix it!!!!
I like playing this game it's fun. Home Design and My Dream Garden if i had a home i would design like this.
I like the game, I hate all the ads. Way to many. I spend more time watching ads then playing. It's ridiculous
Just started. But at this point i enjoy it. I like that i actually win the games. I play this instead of likys garden because it doesnt take 27 times to win a game. So at this point i cant stop playin UPDATE....im about to delete this game. Stuck on the same level 15 days now. You make it almost imposdible to complete levels. I have tried and tried to get through it . if things dont change im done and will tell the 2580 ppl on my fb not to waste their time
Its an ok game i guess☺, but i wish someone would make a home design game that didn't have a puzzle to solve and get money from 😕
It's a very cool game 👌👍 .I loved to play it but there's a one problem which is very annoying that I can't play it offline ☹️☹️☹️☹️ plz fixed this 🙌
I just love this game it is an excellent game and a brilliant brain tester...has super duper cute design..and I just love it (like a lot).if I could only rate this app a 100000000 stars....love it.............. :)
This is a beautiful work of art with nice graphics the game is interesting I have spent most of my time on t this game is really nice wow I live the game so much good job producer I really did not expect this much well done
I actually will be reccomending this game to my Family and Friends! 💕 It's great soothing music with Terrific Graphics in the game. I deffenetly think you should give this game a go. 😌
I'm on level 128 and i love the game . I dont spend money on games very often but i did this one , and bought some boosters . Well they are gone and i didnt use all of them . Im thinking ,surely they dont just go away if you dont use them right away !?? Do they ??Cuz that aint kool if thats the case .Wouldve given the game 5 stars if not for this ! I sure hate to delete this game but if thats the way it is gonna be then ill have no choice .✌💛
If u looking for a game that can release your stress after hectic day.. well this is not the game.. at first it do release our stress, after that it'll increase our stress.. it's getting too hard till its get annoyed... Stuck at the same level for more than 2 weeks, really doesn't release my stress when i thought game supposed to release our stress. done Uninstalled
I loved the game until the 200+ levels. It doesn't give enough moves or jewels or boosters to help you. If you fix those things then you'll have a game that every garden lover will want to play.
Well I like the fact that you can see progress without having to constantly play for coins to the point where its annoying and thats what makes it more fun when you can just play without being annoyed
I just started the game so far im enjoying it. I have 1 issue tho. When i tap for extra coins or the continue button it takes a couple minutes for it to go.
It's a match 3 game but it is fun to play. Decorating is lots of fun. I really like it. You only watch ads if you choose to.
Don't download this game. It was great to begin with - few ads. By the 3rd garden the ads had become intrusive but I put up with them. Now on the 4th garden, the ads are relentless, ruining the game. I cant wait to finish 4th garden then I will uninstall. (if my patience lasts that long). 7th Sept. I have uninstalled the game. I realise ads are necessary but other similar games have a more balanced approach. Regards
Terrible..... I've been playing this game, I have spent money, app stopped loading for play and now the game finally has new levels YET now will not load to play after using your boosters and your boosters from your GARDEN that you've built...... Delete dont Add it just temporary like Hells Kitchen... RIP OFF APPS
Awesome game experience especially since I'm allergic to flowers so playing the game makes it possible for me to be able to be around flowers.
This game very amazing to play But this is an complaint that this game is very hanging and if i put my finger to skip but it not touches my finger and i reopen game this game will be fixed but fews minutes later the situation is the same thing please fix this game
So useful I could make sales by showing my works of home partitioning to my customers,this is best if you need to set up your home garden
Every time I watch a video I do not receive gift for watching video cuz it restarts the game. This really bites cuz game is fun and addictive
I love it. I'm a 53 year old woman and disabled. And always dream of a gorgeous and beautiful flower bed and landscaped. I'm not able to do it. But I can always play it on here. Like it is my yard. And I have gave y'all a 5 star on here. This is so awesome to play. And I recommend anyone to this game. It's so fun. And you can choose anything you want when it comes to flowers and outdoor furniture. I just love it. Thank you for making this game just for me. Thank you and God bless.
Fun game but as you get to the higher levels it becomes as much luck as skill to get past levels. Now I'm at level 585 and am fed up with being stuck on the same level for days. No longer fun so will probably be uninstalling.
Ad at every level. Some icons get in the way, so when gardening, you can't finish. Some games are extremely difficult. Stressful at times.
Really enjoy the game play just wish there was a way to earn diamonds without paying maybe from special levels or events (but not a real issue as I dont have to spend them to further the game).... just wondering if the developer did a story game as the characters seem familiar particular Andy, Ethan and the blonde women
First game no money watch ad and get what you need. And l love the garden olive in a apart so this is the best of both worlds. Thank you
This game is so exiting pluz the option are so beautiful n im loving it. Thank.u so much for such kind of games.
Not a bad game except the longer l play I'm getting at how to advance and complete the garden because it want you to keep solving coin puzzles that are made confusing to solve?
I really enjoy the game. I am, however, close to deleting it. I am two items away from completing the garden. The pig is covering one item, and a game advertisement is on top of the other. I cannot move on in the game if I cannot get to these things. You do not allow the picture to be moved or the size changed.
Colourful, fun, fast play and rewards. Excellent details on the rewards and the matching items😘😆
It's fun and I love flowers and plants ,the levels are just what I was looking for .the other games like this you get to certain level and they want you to pay to continue. Thank you .they only issue is the, jewels that go in the piggy bank says full .the rest should go to the players? I can't afford to pay for the rest in the bank .otherwise I love the the game .
This is a fun game. I don't like having to play the mini game like jewels between each addition to the garden. But over all I like the choices of fixing up the garden. Thanks!!!
I am really enjoying this game. I like that the challenges give you coins to buy your items. The choices are great the graphics are awesome. Great job.
This was a great, relaxing game for awhile. Now the levels are so incredibly hard to pass that it has become frustrating and not relaxing at all. It's too bad, really, but I play to have fun and relax. Deleting this one.
This game is fun took eberything wrong with my old match games and fixed it ads are when you want and need the designs are beatiful and its fun to try the new levels i also like the storyline great job to the devolpers also if you have kids i recomend this game as its much easier then other match games ty devs so glad i found this:) Fineally a match hame that isnt pay 2 win if i ever get the funds i will donate here and there:)
Very easy to use for someone who has dexterity issues and very easy for the brain to handle & exercise, for either a short period or long period of time, (depending on the person)..... Especially if they enjoyed gardening in the past or enjoy a change from the house decoration games!
It's like all matcb games except even when you ace a level you get a set amount and have to watch a lot of videos.
I'm having a problem getting past pond provision. Just below the piggy bank right where you show a new app, behind it i can't do the last flower please remove where it shows new app so I can finish pond provision. This game is so good. Would love to continue playing.
I was loving the game, and then even with boosters and bombs and whatever the game is so hard you can not get three plants to earn money to move on.
This game is so interesting I always played this game the levels of these game are so interesting and really the house of this game and the garden is like dream come true !!!
Downloading (YOUR GAME) and yet it (YOUR GAME) still will NOT let me escape! The advert (of YOUR GAME) just repeatedly pops open. I hate to break this to you but IT'S SO FREAKING IRRITATING!!!
Fun, fast game play. The puzzles are not too challenging, but nice to add coins with extra bonuses on every game. Hope you enjoy also! ☺
The graphics are nice and it's a good matching game if you don't count that sometimes the game required you to see ads. I used to like this game a lot until I reached level 250. The game becomes hard and harder as it requires playing serveral times to pass a single stage (mine is over 10 times per stage) and it starts to make me getting boared. This isn't my purpose for playing games cause I play games for fun and relaxing, not only to win or challenge, too sad but I'm deleting the game...
I've reached to level 252 and always stuck to collect my coins cannot do anything and close the app. After reopen then I lost all of my coins. So annoying and ridiculous. Sorry uninstalled!
Love decorating the arboretum. There are roses, tulips, daisies in pink, red, and purple hues. You can build a greenhouse with a surrounding gazebo fencing. Lights and added glass features help to soothe a comfortable home.
Only just started playing great fun so far very challenging although I had to start over again cause my old tablet broke
Great game. Would've given 5 stars but it freezes up when you open blueprints or advance to the next level.
Super game and nice game is on problem loading is very late but I'm happy for game thank you so much for garden City Hall said I'm telling very very good and plants tree very much so that means you alot and sweet dream about you all so good at all but one Chang loading place but not good loading
I give 4 stars the game. Because the game is too match gaming in the garden set. I don't like the match playes. So i give 4 star 😡😡😡😡😡😡👍
I am upset that when I try to play this game again, after getting out of it, I cannot get it to load back up, because it never get's beyond 75%. This makes me mad!!!!! I am deleting this game, because it just takes up unwanted space. I cannot play it, because no one hasctajen the time to fix it. This could've been a good game.
I am satisfied with the game but the only thing I don't like about this is the piggy bank which stores all the purple gems and it only opens by real money. So i hope to solve this problem
So far, I am only on level 4, but I really like the game. I love the flower aspect of the puzzles and the very different way that it features the special moves (rain drops, etc). My only complaint is that the puzzle boxes and flowers for the levels are a bit too small for sight. It is hard to focus on the game and move the flower pieces if everything is so small. I see a lot of background during a level that could be utilized as an increased box with bigger flowers. I hope that this gets fixed..
Disappointing. I love this game, the details the options, the weird story. But there are TOO. MANY. ADS. You can't even look at previous completed gardens without watching an ad. When you have limited time for bonuses you dont want to watch ads for 1-2 minutes (minimum) of a 10 minute bonus. They even play ads back to back. I would say at least half of the time spent on this game is watching ads.
The graphics are not impressive. On one hand it's mentioned in the details of the game that the park belongs to the player and on another hand it's mentioned that player will offer help as design expert. I do not play such games in which the player has to act as a worker. The game could have a different story in which the park would belong to the player and the player could hire the workers for renovation or the player could renovate by himself.
It's a really good game but it's hard to get diamonds unless you pay for them which is such a shame because I end up spending money which I don't actually need this year so I will have to delete it. I really like it. The developers could actually achieve so much more if they made it easier to get diamonds without having to pay for them
Fun game. Would give more stars but the adds are ridiculously to many. Seriously thinking of uninstalling because of the adds.
Fun games...but the ads show up when we're finish the mini games without our agree or want to see it,,,,it's very disturbing....I think it's enough the ads from when we want to add the coins reward or more step etc,,,,which one is that our want it or agree with it....not just right now,,,ads show up without permission....if you can fix it,,,I will add my STAR for you teams....thx
This game is fun it azmaing it has a lot of ads but besides that the game really fun i play it a lot.
I understand you needs ads. However, when I have to repeatedly listen to an ad for an app I have already tried or currently use, it stops being fun and relaxing and literally makes my blood pressure rise. Also most people install a match 3 game if thats what they want. Why is the match 3 portion always a requirement in these design games?
I love the game don't get me wrong, but I try to load the game and it won't go pass 41% so I can play the dang thing.. this new update is a drag. x.x
i love the game but what annoys me is that,it takes too long before you can open the game.it sucks! you have to wait for a couple of minutes or even longer..pls fix it,thanks.