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Home Design : Miss Robins Home Makeover Game

Home Design : Miss Robins Home Makeover Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a really good game! I played it a lot, but it keeps stopping everytime i win after a lot of tries so i have to redo the level. Ive lost my last life because of it! Please fix this its really annoying! Im close to deleting it, because whats the point if it will stop everytime i win?!
This game is really cool and fun plus relaxing. If you want a fun and cool game I recommend this game. Plus there is no ad at all iven a ad is 5 seconds.There are so many rounds and options. I really like the candy crush part and this is the BEST GAME EVER . I love it so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nice game am enjoying it most of all what makes me enjoy it the most there is no add while playing so great job
Was enjoying the game very much, then you come to a level that you cant seem to win unless you pay with google play cards, not fair on people who cant afford to do that
I love this game. All changes in appearance are explained, therefore i know how to play. I still dont understand how portals work. Overall, great game!
I really enjoy playing this game . Ive played every 3 match in the playstore just about and I always quit and uninstall cause too challenging. This game is fantastic but im stuck on level 44 and it will probably be your downfall for me. Its just not enough moves even w\ boosters . Yippy Skippy for Heavens sake. Im sad cause I really love this Game but i cant stay on level 44 4ever...Sorry...UPDATE IM BACK BEEN OVER 6 MONTHS WAITING TO SEE IF LEVEL 44 GOT EASIER !!
This is great! The game peices are large enough for older players to see and it's easy to navigate through out the game! Colors are vibrate and natural-looking! Good job developers!
I loved the game at first but at level 69 turned into the "you can't continue without $$". Uninstalling after this. Thanks for nothing again.
At level 200 all of a sudden i get a notification to connect to internet to load new room. I AM connected to my wi-fi and i also have data. I have spent money, now I am NOT happy!
Game has a fun concept but it is like any other matching game. You cannot use game coins to purchase power ups you have to break out the debit card for that. The only thing the game currency is good for is buying more lifes and a few more turns to win the game. The design features for the house is limited to 3 options so you can't get really creative. No extra features just a money pit game
Very entertaining game. I love all the amazing details for each room and magnificent graphics. I highly recommend!
It was okay but it could be more better! I mean it's fun to play but I feel too much obstacles are coming in way while thinking about design. Because the concept of the game is a thought full design which is getting hurt every time to collect points. If the earning points would get less, it may help the designer to think and get fun of arts.
Very fun game but just one problem, the game turns off on every other hand and you have to play that hand over which causes you to lose a life every time that happens.
I am stuck on one game right now started from top to bottom ,bottom to top! I can understand why people quick ,I am about to! No sense getting frustrated.
Was nice but it starts becoming a little ridiculous! Every game gives some busters but this one does not help at all. Have to stay on the same level forever, hate that. Will you do something about it? If not I have to give up your game.
I like the game so far. I read some of your review of ppl and I haven't had problems yet colors ar asome game play is good not to hard to rich goals so far I rated you a 4 star if you give me more time play and I love .I will reat game a 5 star and post to friends and family members to come and try this game. TY
I love that it is a match 3 design game without the silly story. I also like the style of decor and how quickly lives refill. What I don't like is that after 4 rooms there were no more rooms to decorate. I continued to play match 3 levels and bank 27 stars. Then finally another room was added, but sadly I am unable to load it😩
The levels are not too hard, quite easy to win and I'm already Level 50 in less than a day playing. Graphic is beautiful too. Love it!
Fun game really enjoyed playing until I got to the livingroom level and it just wont load. Keeps telling me to connect to the internet and press the load button. NOTHING HAPPENS!. Very disappointing. Would have liked to complete the game.😕
I only had this app a short time but so far I'm loving it. I wish they gave more than one star for each level you complete. Other than that I enjoy the app, keeps me entertained .
Don't bother with this one. At level 79 it gives you 15 moves to remove 45 yellow tiles and 45 blue. Also, double clicking to do so. Ridiculous.
The only complaint I have is more like a request than gripe! And, it's actually minor as well! But, it is" Terribly Strenuous" on the Ole Peeper's when trying to see how many stars you have earned\ to spend towards the decorating part of the game after a couple of rounds played & won
The levels are getting a little to hard. I agree with the game that the levels need to get harder, but not as much. Please at least give us an extra booster to help us to win the levels. Thank you! Lorie Hunt
This game dose not offer reward i mean booster reward. It is better to have more rooms for designing.
Great game, however it starts getting too hard and stressful. Otherwise i would have loved to keep playing.
Fun match3 game! Not to easy or hard. Best part is there isn't some silly story line, you play your levels & decorate your rooms. Nice & simple
Beautiful design options (except the girls room) which has way too much Pink! This room needs more color options. Quick refill on lives, which is great. Some very challenging levels. Need to add more rooms or maybe some new challenges because once finished with the available rooms there are no other goals to work towards making the game no longer fun.
so far I haven't had to buy anything and it's a really good game I really enjoy playing it it's better than some of the ones who have played like this .They want to spend $300 t to buy a piece of furniture or something. This one is really good price so keep up the good work guys . And don't change anything cuz it's good just the way it is thank you for making this game.
I have finished all Levels of the designs.. what's Next!.. I'm stuck on level 351 but it just keeps repeating the one level 😣 I love the game but dose it goes further!.. please fix it I can't wait to see what the next designs are!!
First of all I do like the game and the rooms/decor are really nice. However 15 moves to clear a level with ice,bubbles and gingerbread men that you have to get to the bottom is not enough! Even used all my boosters trying to clear it and still haven't managed! Will keep trying to clear it today but if not I will be deleting which is a shame cos was really enjoying the game til this level!
game is good,more improvements required (1)facebook log-in so can be played on other devices(2)google achievements (3)free-spinner (4)daily log-in rewards (5)rewards for different stages,eg reward for clearing 10/20/50/100 stages,or reward for aquiring 20/50...stars(6)different competitions,rewards for certain stages(7)some other mini-games in it with certain levels with good rewards,coins,boosters(8)bank to buy coins,boosters...etc, Game is good,controls should be improved,electrifying-smooth
It's very early for me to give you an honest review but so far I love the game , it's a fast game ,the graphics are good , it's easy t understand.
Can't get past Level 91 even with purchases, so I am uninstalling the game. I really enjoyed it otherwise. No ads.
This game is more about matching than designing. Early on the levels become very difficult to clear without purchasing items to assist. I do not recommend this app if you are looking for fun. It is very frustrating!
This game is challenging yet very fun I am enjoying it immensely. The designs are are cool and unique and you could add your own touches and flares. It's fun super fantastic awesome
Now I played this one I had fun and I still have fun with this one of decorating I love decorating houses and hotels everything I enjoy it
A great game. I'm not having any problems passing the levels as there are plenty of boosters to help you. Am enjoying decorating the rooms. Well done.
At first this game was fun but it became oblivious you couldn't collect furnitures unless you played the same level for over 2 days (due to striking out too many lives) and for what? a dog's pillow! If you don't mind straining your hand playing the same game (that you won't win) over and over and over again ....then this game is for you.....
So far so good. Nice graphics and the match 3 seems ok too. Just hope it doesn't get impossible to pass levels like some other games I have.
So far so good, let's hope it stays that way, normally these games get so frustrating with the hard levels and the amount of stars to pay for an object.
It would be nice if this game was connected to Facebook so when you come out of the game it doesn't go back to the beginning as I was on level 35 I came out of the game as it was a bit slow and then back in and its like I've just installed the game. It's very annoying. But other than that its a good game.
I have run through many match 3 games, and I really don't care for the side play aspects most of them have. At first I thought the small differences in mechanics would keep me in the game longer. Then I got to level 326 and lost once, beat it the second time and touched the play button for the next puzzle. I thought it looked the same as the last one. When I beat it I saw that it was level 326 again and 326 is the next to play. There is no support link so reviewing is all I can do.
Just when I started to enjoy and love the game that's when I reached level 49 "nightmare" a hard level and spent hours and days on it and still couldn't pass it.. then I finally got mad and frustrated and the game lost it's charm.. it's not worth spending hours and days on one level.. so I uninstalled.. I thought this game was supposed to be relaxing.. but as the name of the level says it turned out to be a "nightmare".. uninstalled
All the negative reviews that you get, are true!!!! This is the third time I have played this type of game, and it is same! I am uninstalling and never playing again. There are many other games out there. I don't need this. You should be ashamed and take this app down!!!!!
Wow, what a cool game. Love it. Addictive too.👍 Everyone please try this one. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Love this game! Great design choices and gameplay is flawless. Also the tutorials for those not accustomed to match-3 gaming are the best I have ever seen. I have been looking for something like this to teach my Dad how to play and I have finally found the perfect app to do it. Yeah!!!!
Good game. I like that you are not up against the clock so you have time to choose your best move. It would be nice if the hard and nightmare levels earned more stars. Not enough rooms to decorate.
Enjoyable game. However I finished my fifth room and can't go any further. Kind of worthless and disappointing. Uninstalling until the developers can come up with a real app.
The game is fun. The only thing I dont like is that the numbers are too small & too faint. Its hard to see them.
I saw this game was going to be better than I love decorating house but not cleaning this game I thought it was going to be the best but I can't get past level six and now I'm just having trouble I don't know what to do and if you don't fix one of these I'm going to let straight your stars so please help 😳😳😳
Each level scores all these high coins but they mean nothing. You really get nothing for them and the only way to get the main boosts is to spend money.
I downloaded this game hoping it wasn't just another home remodeling game and so far it isn't! There's a few variations that made it a different game for me. You know what I like the most...I haven't gotten discouraged to the point of uninstalling it within the first hour because it gets too difficult! It's a smooth game. Not too hard, not too easy. It's so far a keeper for sure!
What is this??????????how can I play the game.....when I open the app and starts playing the game it freezes for a moment and goes back to my phone homepage...then I have to start the game from first .....I loved the game but this problem is so bad and irritating ..if you guys solve my problem I am gonna give the game 5 STAR 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Love this game. Very relaxing and fun. I really like how you just have to earn stars to decorate instead of having to make a lot of money. Highly recommend.
I am really enjoying playing this one. Great at to pass time. You folks done good!! Well I'm back again to enjoy some more of your game!
Game could be fun IF you actually gave props to help solve a level. I'm on level 69 and I have tried for 2 weeks to pass this ridiculous level. No way to watch ads to earn anything to help with. No daily prizes. I am not spending money to buy help, I'll just find one of thousands of other match games that is generous enough to help some and make it more enjoyable.
Like this game that is until I hit level 69 you say it's a NIGHT ARE you not wrong lol sheeee I've been on it every day for 2 weeks and still can't get past it oooo well keep trying.
This is the first design game I've found that's actually homey And has beautiful style. It's too bad, because I can't get any further than level 15 and no boosters yet.
I used to enjoy this game.... but once I got to this one level I cant get past it.. I dont have money to get boosters and there is nothing that can help get past it. Gonna uninstall.
Love this game simple fun, beautiful graphics. The game is easy to play with very beautiful designs. I recommend. 👌👍
I think that it is best if instead of writing hard or difficult level, just write impossible level, or impossible without paying level. I am unistalling.
It' super entertaining love it!I LOVE LOVE the free fall part it look so cool so thats another reason why i love it!The design options are cute a nice!I haven't had any issues with the game yes it might be hard to beat but over all great game!
I am very pleased with this game so far. This game looks like it has improved since I last played it. I am looking forward to moving to higher levels. Still like this game.
Hi. I am strugling for a few days now on level 79. Dont havr money or any boosters. How do I get past this?
This game really challenge me. There were times that I was tempted to Uninstall I'm so glad I didn't because I absolutely love it. The option to decorate allowed me to see different colors and furniture that I could use to play with. Thanks for opening up my creative side
I want to play a design game not a match 3 game. You barely get to do any designing because you have to play this super difficult (@ level 40) match game. I hate games like this. I dont mind having to play the match game but when it takes over the game, its not fun anymore. Delete.
First time I played it. So not a good game to play. No matter what I did, the game would just kick me back to the beginning. Don't download
This is now one design game I enjoy playing. As long as it does not get so difficult later that you needs days to get through one stage.
Life is tough. Games are for refreshment. So, unnecessary puzzles are sometimes not welcome... It appears as if the maker is more prone to cut the pocket of the player to fill his faster... Unfortunate.
So far so good. I've been able to solve the puzzles easily enough and decorated the whole veranda. However, if this gets impossible to beat without purchasing something, I'll sadly delete it like I have all the others.
This game was good untill kitchen is unlocked I'd just completed the kitchens decoration only lights remain but I stuck in this level I win it several time but don't get any star in fact the next level is also like previous one please do something about it.
It's a good game, so far. Haven't gotten to finish my first room yet. The graphics look nice. Not hard to figure out how to do things. The only thing is that you have to play the other game after every piece you place in your room. And if you don't score right, you can get timed out. That last part was why I took a star off my rating.
I am so excited when I first installed it on my phone. I am also happy for the wonderful graphics etc. All are beautiful but the levels is limited only four levels ( balcony, room, girls room and the attic room. Only 4 levels hopefully they will add some levels for more fun.
UNINSTALLED! Never install it, you will be stucked at level 79. never passed level 79, more than a month im playin with.Better dl LOST ISLAND(more fun) level 79(17 moves to complete 45 blue, 45 yellow total of 90), its nearly goin 3 weeks that i am stucked in this level. No boosters, already used. You said you updated this game, it seems there's nothin new. i keep on playin everyday but still, can not pass.Did you find some other options on how to get more boosters?hope you notice this. Thanks.
I love this game! Im glad I don't have to watch a story and watch characters stand and talk it just let's me play fun matching game and design. If I could give ten stars I would!
My only problem with games like this is they get to hard to quick. You have to hit spots more than once but you have the same moves to do it.
Love this game easy and fun don t keep stopping bec I hate and leave most of these designer home games tht u have to eventually buy coins love the fun won t throw out money so far playing game for 1 hr no problems in fact found this and favorite all time design game you guys rock do not change it or I just uninstall and your done,On a scale 1 to5 its def a 5 Laureen
I loved this game, then I got to Level 64, and after numerous attempts, I realized that the counters were not counting down correctly. I had probably beat the level on my twentieth try, instead of just giving up on my fourtieth attempt. I still like the game, but now am frustrated.
At first I liked this game. Then I started to notice the playing field was glitchy. At times the playing field was too sensitive at other times not sensitive enough. The move I would try to make was not always the move I got. Uninstalled.
This is a cool game. Bit challenging sometimes but good. Not many ads, good graphics. Nice selection of items to choose from. Great job developers! Recommend for sure.
Love the colors, items are more realistic than in most games. I'm having issues with the game not giving me the point for winning the level. Are there any more rooms to redecorate after the kitchen.? If there is they are not showing up. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for new levels to play and I have emailed the game designer twice with NO response. If I don't get a reply by Monday I will be deleting the app.
Really nice match and decorating game, fun and addictive decorating each area, beautifully detailed, very few ads, and not to difficult, recommend downloading this game
I love the exciting game. Love the grafics. Wish it was my home. Im doing the claring house sweepstakes. Maybe Ill get a house just like the one Im decorating.
Cute game. Loved the designs of the furniture && the graphics. But while playing. The game froze && turned my screen black. So for that to happen immediately Uninstalled.
Horrible! I bought a $19.99 package. Didn't get anything so I bought it again. Nothing again. Then the game won't let me buy powerups with coins I already had! Yeah I definitely want a refund.
I like this game because it is so interesting game and have so much fun also with it we also know about that how to decorate the rooms and our house
Cats rule! Cats are the best! Cats are the only pets worth it!!! I'm so beyond done with all these games having dogs instead of cats!!
Been trying to get through a level for over a week now, the games are very difficult, I guess if you paid money to get through the rounds it would help, unfortunately I can't afford to, so I will eventually have to delete the game
I like this game, but the pointy finger at the beginning of every level is so annoying. I don't need to be told how to play the game.I deleted this game in July because of the annoying pointy finger, which is still there. Also when I purchase items, the money doesn't go down. Very confusing. I will carry on and see what happens.
Once you get to the kitchen design there no going further. Basically you are stuck at level 326 it doesn't give stars and keeps repeating the stage.
Beautiful decorative furniture 3 choices very realistic great colourful puzzle lots of fun I've played a lot of these type of games this one I have to say as gone way beyond my expectations for a match 3 game it's lovely it's relaxing amazing game outstanding guys 5 stars I've rated you and you deserve so much more I'm really impressed with it I love it we'll done guys
Great game but I finished quite some time ago.. Still no new levels? Uninstalling I guess.... Hope u get new levels soon. I need to correct this last post... I'm sorry, you do have new levels! Updating this great game!