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Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello there, I enjoy playing this game a lot. I like the designs and when I completed one design I felt happy and satisfied. But..but it's very testing and time consumed especially when encountered with difficult puzzles. It's even more so in my case as I am not able to buy more moves. I try to open an account for transaction but failed. Please advice me how to get it done. Furthermore, my piggy bank is full but unable to claim it as the feed back is "error production loading".
I really like the game and puzzles. However, I don't really like it that you can click the blueprint button accidently and ruin the thing you were gonna buy. I think they should make it smaller and move it somewhere else.
I really enjoyed this game but got frustrated when it froze (daily) causing you to lose that game. It's also frustrating that this game doesn't transfer to a new phone and if you want to play, you have to start back at level 1 and the first room to design. Very disappointing . . .
This game is frustrating because the only way to get money is to play a puzzle game. In my opinion is not fun.
I hated this game so much! It is super slow, it doesn't always acknowledge where I am tapping, and IT IS SOOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!! I 100% recommend not getting this game!๐Ÿ˜ก
This game WAS awesome but as of today, you can't even open it, the play screen stays purple and no play button to push, cannot report to support without opening the app fully, And yes I have updated and uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times.... Please please please fix it! I have spent too much time and money into this game. Still doesn't work..... And I did the update, it opened and wouldn't play then wouldn't open again, back to blank play screen.
I really love this game but the levels do get much harder and then I just lose them but still I reccomened this
Amazing game absolutely brilliant, I've had no problems, no ads and no bother but I've noticed everyone saying it won't work or packed with ads but mine is perfect. Never had a game that is as fantastic and ad-free as this 5 stars ๐ŸŒŸ
Why is it not working anymore? I don't want to reinstall because I'm way too far on level and i don't want to start again from level one! So please fix or if not maybe I'll just uninstall it forever! :(
I realize I have been playing this game for 3 years. Like most game, you have minor problems but it a puzzle game and decorating game that I truly enjoy. So keep up the good work so it dont like Bakery Story 2
I love this game, but levals are getting so hard. Finally made it to level 1800....it is impossible...one of the best games I've played...would be nice to finish a challenge .๐Ÿ˜”
I really enjoy this game, but the app keeps bugging and graphics stop working. I just see a black screen a lot of the time, and so the design element of the game is totally nulled and has been for a little while. I got in touch with the developers who could only recommend I delete and reinstall the app.
Love this game but When i reach the second job its so hard and takes a lot of money I hope in the future u can make it less pricey and not so hard thank u
[edit: listen. I haven't played over 3K levels just for the game to totally break and not work.] one of my favorite games to play. it's insanely addicting for sure. however, after the most recent update, I can't open the game. it crashes as soon as I try to open it. เฒ ๏นเฒ  still give it 5 stars tho
Good game. However I'm unable to purchase any gems. I have been trying since the first time I exhausted the free gems (over 4 months). I reported to the support team and they made me send screenshots of the problem, it was never fixed. It's a recurring error such that it's hard to progress from a hard level. How do I purchase the gems from the already filled up Piggy bank?
Don't download game if you have problems their customer support won't help. I had made a purchase and I didn't get all the coins that came with the game. I contacted customer support and they gave me the run-a-round and refused to refund my purchase or compensate me the coins I was owed. DON'T NOT DOWNLOAD GAME. TRY OTHER GAMES INSTEAD.
My phone was broken by accident. I have completed so many levels and purchased so many items and now I have nothing. Why does the app not back up like any other game?
Umm absolutely loved it but it keeps glitching whenever i change the colour it goes completely blank also it would be a lot more simpl r if it let us have a bit more freedom and variety of furniture also i thought the whole puzzle idea was a bit boring and we should be given a buget of money in the beggining and if we go over buget we could do puzzles overall i think it was wonderful but has room for improvement
I have been waiting and waiting for a new room or level to become available. It just says "coming soon" for weeks. It's ridiculous. I have all these coins and no level to play unless it's a challenge level. I have spent a fortune on this game and for what? Bring on new levels allready....
I love this game. Only thing I can I don't like is the coupon challenges the decorating cost takes a lot of coupons and not enough time.
This game is very fun but they don't give us enough coins to buy the things that we need to make the house look better.
Unable to restore game. This game has no avenue to restore a lost game. My tablet when out and all but this game was restored to my level of play. I've made contact twice and it takes an act of God to get anything answered. Oh but wait, my review from 2019 was still there. Moral- be prepared I still like playing it. WTH? Stop the ads!!!
I was really enjoying playing this game. Im now on level 260. All was good until last update and now I cant play. Itbwill load up, no problem. I click on button for puzzle challenge andvit goes right back to loading and play. I click play, it takes me to next page. I click on play and it starts all over again. This repeats until I clise the app. I try again same resultss. Ive tried everything but uninstalling as Im too far into the levels to start over. If that be the case I will not reinstall!
I've been playing this game a very long time. I'm going to miss it. They recently made changes. Now there's a hand in the game that can prevent you from completing the level. Also, there's a piggy bank that pops up & tries to get you to spend $$. Good bye Home Design
Way to expensive for me. I don't like to play games with puzzles they end up costing you Way to much to play, I will stick to the non puzzle games,, more fun!!!!!!!!
It was alright to play, but it was a bit laggy which is weird. The wallpaper didnt show correctly too.
Love this game. The matching levels vary from easy to hard. Wish it did not take so long for the lifes to refill. Having to wait 1/2 hour for just one life out of five to load.
This would have been a fun game except for the fact that at some point they make the level so difficult it is impossible to pass without purchasing anything. Their gem system is also insanely pricey. You get 200 gems to start but it takes 90 gems to buy extra moves. I've been trying to pass the same level for two days and now it's time to delete the game. It was fun while it lasted.
I love this game. I have a hard time putting it down. I just have one issue. When I change phones, 95% of the time it is because my phone broke. To start where you left off in the app you need to take a code from old phone. That isnt possible when old phone is broken and unusable. I have started this game over 2 or 4 times. I dont understand why it cannot be opened to last level played through facebook or google like all other games i have!!!
Money Grabbing is so Obvious! They start making it difficult to surpass levels without spending money and then make some clearly shady decisions on their analytics side. The 4 square match is suppose to make a square that when hit will get the most helpful square. I had 1 flower pot left and hit 4 different squares like that which randomly deleted other squares not THE LAST ONE I NEEDED! Or on the challenges with the glove their be levels where a glove never drops. SHADY!
Awesome... But everytime lives go out I hate how people have to pay for them! Also we even have to wait like 2/1 hours just for the lives to refill!!! This isnt like what I like please fix this- its very annoying for me. If your able to fix it please do!
It's okay, but it's just like any other money grabbing game , they make it hard to pass levels so you literally can't even enjoy the game unless you pay for gems or whatever, everything is expensive without enough ways to earn the money , plus you just end up forgetting about the game cause you can't even play without lives . Bottom line is the game is cute but it's not worth it .
Great game. I enjoy it! I am editing it today, I am back to days of processing ๐Ÿ™„. Please fix this issue. And only issue I have. If you have to exit game in the middle of an add or just because you have to, it will do this. Otherwise, awesome free design game I love playing
It used to be a great app, but they raised all the furniture prices! now it's to expensive for the furniture, It really sucks!๐Ÿ˜ค
I really like this game and have spent countless dollars until today I work hard to get this points and coins and you want to charge 4000 coins for a door matt that says welcome. How realistic is that. You just got your last dollar out of me. I'll play till I remove the game.
II enjoy playing the game but I have a big issue....I had to change tablets and when I installed the game on my new tablet I lost all the progress I had....I contacted Support and they kind of helped me...I was on level 3415 which I got back but I lost the team I created and lost all completed rooms!!!please help me get all my progress back!! UPDATE:Still waiting to hear from you but so far nothing!!!
This game was fun at first until the levels started getting extremely hard,.The reward you get for beating an extremely hard level isn't even enough to get one item.Also it is frustrating when you only have three options for each design. Overall I am uninstalling it.
As much as I'm loving this game I will have to uninstall it. Many of the alike games reward you by giving free (ammo or in this instance free pink diamonds) instead of 1 hours freeplay and 100 free coins. I'm stuck on level 95 for days and can see that I won't move. We are all not in a position to activate the piggy bank. Some of us play this game for relaxation. So until you can accommodate some of the above I am deleting and have to play a game that has boring decor and rewards to move on
Love this game but videos for extra lives have now disappeared which is quite frustrating. Can take a while to get enough cash to complete.
Not what i expected. The app keeps asking to refer friends, pay in order to get extra coins, and the process to get coins and tickets is getting more difficult with each new level. I was hoping for nice relaxing game but this is just another game asking for my money. Not worth installing.
Such a fun game but they have made some levels literally impossible to beat without spending money! So needless to say, uninstalled
Overall a fun game & time burner. Some levels are way too hard & the game is no longer fun with those. The app is glitchy. It will ask if you want to watch an ad for an additional 2 turns & then it won't give you the 2 turns. The DIY projects are interesting, but I am unable to opt out of them & the gloves are still on the board. Also would like to opt out of the comments from the characters.
This game removed an integral piece of play that people liked, and they won't ever respond. I'm going to ditch the app, the free play they gave me made me more likely to purchase in app. Bummer.
I loved this game, especially the weekly challange, but am sad to see the opportunity to get extra time and some rewards taken away after one day. It's impossible to win all those games in one day to collect the extra time and rewards. Most games of this nature have a daily reward for playing, would be nice if this one did.
Loving the game so far but cone across a couple of problems, 1 I cannot even contact support, the email doesn't work and there is no other way if contacting them about a specific problem that is not listed on their support section. 2 the system of adding friends is ridiculously awful, it doesn't work and very complicated and as I cannot contact them about this problem, it cannot be fixed.
Loved playing this game. Recently got a new phone and realized there was no way to link from my old phone, once my old phone was gone. I lost all my progress.
Hi.. I've been playing this game for about a year now... I really lovveee this game... But the problem is whenever I play I loose by just a bit.. Then I had to play the same level again n again... So plz cud u give us more extra moves so that I can complete hard level... Do think n reply
Love this game but can't stand the money exchange.... but it takes entirely too much money to finish a project and often not enough moves to complete a goal, so you end up playing it over and over. When you win, the money is maybe $800 and you need to play at least 50 games to complete half the project. A set of pillows aren't typically $18,000. It's a love/hate relationship.
It's more of a puzzle game where you match pieces than it is a design game. The levels are hard to pass too so it takes forever to get any money to do a step in the design part of it. When you are able to design a room and add furniture, there's not very many choices to choose from. You can have grey, brown, or white walls. Whopee.
I really liked it at first but it got too hard fast. I've learned from other games like this that it would become a money pit.
This game is pretty fun. You get to design rooms. The only thing is, the levels are super hard! I tried 1 billion times and still hsve not got it. If you change this then I will give 5 stars.
I love this game bcs its blue print. But I don't really love the lack of furniture choices, there's only three like whaaat?! And I'm still wondering why all of the home design game, the designer is struggling for design also for the money? And client who's actually using our services is just talking? LOL.
I have enjoyed playing this for a year. The reason for 2 stars....one day the shortcut to my home page disappeared. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but I still can't get the shortcut. So now I have to go into playstore and open it from there. Very frustrating ๐Ÿ˜•
Loved this game until the new update. Now every 3rd play a video comes on and I?have to swipe the game closed to prevent it from playing and using my data. Thinking I'm going to have to Uninstaller this game
This is meant to be a design game but they've set it up to be a puzzle game. They make the puzzles impossible to solve without purchasing gems. You don't get any extras like other games, and when you get four in a row you don't get a bomb like in other games it just accumulates more pieces. Also the decoration choices are hideous so at the end of the day this game is a waste if time unless you spend money and I don't spend money on games.
it would be nice if you could make your own moves instead of you guys deciding when and where on the board you're going to move oh wait a minute that means you're not allowed to win the level because you only had two left oh wait a minute we're going to make one for you because we're jerks and well we just feel like it so you can take the game and stuff it and it's not the first time it has happened it has happened to me at least two dozen times during the 200 and something levels I have played
Unless you want to spend money, DON'T download this app! I liked the concept of this game, but it only gives you 5 lives and after that you can either spend money on getting more, or quit. This is okay if you are only killing time for 5 minutes, but I wanted to play the game. I got tired of them trying to extort money from me, so I deleted the game. :/ Dissappointing!
Fun game but sometimes you get opportunties to earn extra lives, moves and gems... And then you go days without being offered any extra boosts ~ it can be frustrating. Also, the room items get more expensive the higher your level but the designs are the same. When you DO earn free hours for completing tasks you HAVE to use the time immediately ~ you should be able to pause๐Ÿ˜’ because most people cant play for 5 hrs consecutively and if you don't your chances of winning the tournament go down ๐Ÿ˜ž
its actually fun and addicting but it gets boring later so I just uninstalled this game. the diamonds are too expensive to buy with real money and the puzzle is too difficult to win and I had to repeat the level all over and over again
Redicoulous!!! I have sent a help message for the last 4 weeks because the 'coupon crazy' feature is not working. I keep getting a message to update the game. How many times should I update if it still isn't working? What is the point if you aren't going to fix it??? The part where you charge money is working though!!!
Playing 2 years. Good game. Puzzles get more challenging which I appreciate but I don't like that the furniture gets so expensive. You have to beat at least puzzles to add one thing to a room!
I do like this game, but a lot of the levels are really hard. I've been on Level 1063 for almost a week now and I'm finding it impossible to get past. I don't really want to delete this game, but the last couple of days I've come so close to doing just that. I've already spent enough money to get to Level 1063 and I flatly refuse to spend any more.
This is the best game I ever played it is not hard at all but I only have 20 diamond's and I really want to use a jumbo and a hammer anyway it is the best game in history!
I've been playing for over a year. In general I enjoy the challenges but how is it possible that the amount if coins you get after finishing a level is stays the same, around 800 but the cost of an item in the level I am on is over 15,000?? This means I have to pass over 7 levels to get enough coins to obtain an item - where is the logic?? That is why I give the game only 4 stars.
It takes waaaaaay to long to design each room because the game doesn't pay you enough coins when you complete each level...I'm on level 95 and I just decided to uninstall the game...when you can't win enough coins to design each room, you start to get bored...the game focuses more on playing matching games than designing rooms...so sad, has so much potential.
I love this game. I give it three stars because it should have better rewards. More hammers or something like that to help with moves but make it easy to get the rewards and more lives then just 2 when you watch the videos like other games. I should give it two stars but I do enjoy the concept of the game
The game itself functions fine...and the beginning levels are fun but I definitely don't play it as much as I used to because the higher levels have items that cost so much to renovate and I have to win a bunch of levels to even afford one object. Then the weekly challenges on top of that...unless I'm playing all day every day and spending money for extra lives, it doesn't make sense to me.
I love this game, some levels are really hard and takes a while, but we'll worth it. How must you get passed level 131, I can't afford busters I deleted this app then reinstalled it again as I love it but once again I'm stuck, any tips please
2021 I have no idea what update you did, but now when you do the design for keys to help your team you do not get the extra time, I have been playing this game for years now but I think it would be a good time to uninstall, and I am not going to spend any more money for extra diamonds.
I did like this game but it now keeps freezing and you never receive hammers. It cost entirely too much to complete a room and you receive very little for winning a level. Installing today.
I've been playing this game for about a year now and it still has my attention. It's super charming, and the levels are challenging! The puzzles are super cute with excellent animations; It's really satisfying to get a string of combos! The only thing I wish they would add to it is an undo option for the puzzles. Sometimes, I try to swipe one direction and the pieces move in the other direction. ๐Ÿ˜… It's cost me a win on a few occasions. Altogether, it's an awesome, entertaining game!
I enjoyed the game at first, although don't understand why you can't win gems? But after the latest update where you have to sit through ads whenever you loose a level...that's a no from me.
You guys really need to step your game up, this game is really starting to suck big time, no new levels and yet on a level for almost and hour, you always gotta spend money for damn diamonds, and yet you get like 5 lives. The game design is good. But not worth my time if I gotta keep playing and redoing the same place I design over and over, until something new comes along.
Renovating each room and completing the puzzles is fun. I mostly enjoy the gameplay aside from a few issues. Firstly, I feel as though there are a certain amount of times I'm set up to lose the puzzle (there have been SO MANY times I've only had one piece left to clear but have run out of moves). Secondly, we cannot earn gems without paying real money to open the piggy bank, which is ridiculous given the amount of gems powerups and extra moves cost (90 gems). Please allow us to earn gems!!
Not for me. Just not fun when you have to play the same level over and over and over. I guess you need more patience than I have. Not fun.
I am absolutely obsessed with this game!! I have reached level 4,000 and it is super fun and challenging! I love the DIY, but I love the timed makeovers better. I enjoy getting as much tickets as possibleโ˜บ๏ธ No other design game compares to this one. Thanks for the amazing gameโ˜บ๏ธ
I was going to give this app an outstanding rating but as I got up to the higher levels the match games became impossible. (Especially 858 & above ). I realized that the higher levels were designed to continue to drain your gems quickly, not to challenge you fairly. As well, there are less moves! Piece of advice to developers: reward the players that make it to the upper levels & have invested. Don't penalize them for staying the course & trying to go higher. You have lost a very loyal customer.
It is a fun game but there isn't enough time for challenges when the hard levels are hard to beat. You shouldn't have to use gems to get extra moves. Maybe watch an ad or something because otherwise you don't have time to complete the challenges.
I have been playing this game since a while now but since last update, the game takes forever to load. The next design level just doesn't load beyond 5% and I'm unable to play. I tried reaching support on the game but even that doesn't load. I guess the only thing left is to uninstall this. The only reason I gave 2 stars is this annoying update.
It's fine. I don't have any complaints-except the levels get hard but anyways, it's good to get your mind off things and always keeps you...entertained. I have always wanted to design things-a trailor or a treehouse or what kids defenitely want-underground caves. No problems!
I downloaded because of fashion story diamond rewards but didn't get it yet I am waiting though this game is ok only that the objects in the play time is too small to see. Don't make it too difficult it should be enjoyable and relaxing.
Please let players win DIAMONDS! They're so expensive. Or get more lives somehow. Some levels are just impossible sometimes - not enough moves are allotted without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money to win it. Love the new team chest challenge & my team is great! But, please, consider letting us win diamonds. I personally pay a lot of money to play your game
Love this application... I mean the game... It's amazing ๐Ÿ˜... But only thing wrong with it is that... There are a lot of hard levels... and when I am new then they porposly put the sequins so that I know where it is...
Ironically, my 7 year old grandson got me interested in Home Design Makeover. I LOVE IT! I'm not always thrilled with the choices I'm given in re-decorating but that's just me. It's fun and relaxing (even though you have the game to win the credits to play! lol). Would recommend this to anyone!
I love the design portion of the game and I don't mind the challenging puzzles. However, some of the levels are extremely hard to pass and I get stuck on them for several days at times. It takes too long to get lives back, there are not enough rewards for accomplishing tasks. Compared to similar games, it is very hard to get rewards without buying them which also costs more than other games. Special challenges end before I can even finish them due to running out of lives all the time.
Upgrades needed....newer levels as continuously play same ones over and over....issues with ads....pause menu comes up randomly.
Would be a Great game. Accept all day it's been showing processing. Not sure why. I hope it's not to get you to Uninstall and reinstall and lose where your at. Otherwise. Good game
its annoying when i cant pass a level bc they dont put in the colors you need so then i have to waste moves. but its fun to decorate when i can.
II enjoy playing the game but I have a big issue....I had to change tablets and when I installed the game on my new tablet I lost all the progress I had....I contacted Support and they kind of helped me...I was on level 3415 which I got back but I lost the team I created and lost all completed rooms!!!please help me get all my progress back!!
I enjoy playing this game and being able to design. The only probably I have is it doesn't allow you to earn boosters to help you pass the hard levels. When you win a level the coins and boosters you earned are placed in a safe for you to purchase. Great game but I wish they would allow users to keep the coins. Also, the higher you go in levels the less time they give you to solve that level.
I love this app โ™กโ™ก ยฐIts gotta be one of my top faves & that is no easy tasks when it comes to these kinds of apps. I've played alot of the orger designing apps available and most, I end up hating but not the issue here. This app is a keeper โ™ก
Loved this game until they removed the bonus extra time unlimited play. Now impossible to get the rooms finished in time if you have hard levels.
So much matching!!! The amt you earn is $100 coins for completion!!! Ridiculous! Very hard to move on to new levels when all yu do is match. Very disappointed!
I find the game too hard. As the level rises the cost also rises but the prize money is still the same. The challenges also not updating.
This was a great game until recently. Now, there are so many ads that it's not worth playing. There's been no response from the Support Team as to why some players have to watch ads and others don't. Disappointing!
HORRIBLE support team. i needed to transfer my account to a new device and after writing to them several times they DID NOT respond, even after 24h. very disappointed, i had a lot of progress which was ultimately all LOST because i couldn't get a response from the team. also, this issue could have been solved by having accounts and passwords, but no, if you don't have a code you end up losing ALL of your progress.
I just really enjoy playing the game. But get frustrated when you get stuck on a level fir days. Also quite upset I purchased extra points etc. Twice did not receive my purchase and have not been able to get any assistance.
It was a pretty fun game I didn't understand it that much and was most likley the home games for "Recommended"
Love the game...especially not being continuously having to watch ads....so annoying..good that you can just play the game.love make over games
I like this game, but am a little frustrated. I have played now until I've run out of rooms to design. It takes a while to get a new room to decorate, so I'm always waiting. Then because I play the levels while I'm waiting for the rooms to be downloaded I have so much money it takes me minutes to design the new room. Then I'm playing the waiting game again. Wish they would come up with the new rooms faster. Plus all the dialog gets a little annoying. You could cut that out entirely.
Love this game have played for about 3 yrs...hard levels can be frustrating..im on level 3029 How do u beat with only 15 trys...and please make the design challenges with more time to complete..PLEASE!!! Never enough time to beat the challenges with such hard levels ๐Ÿคจ
I really love this game but why is the only way u can get gems is 2 pay 4 them. Why no daily bonuses or smthg? Another thing as much as i love this game im contemplating uninstalling because the higher the levels the higher the prices...ridiculous
Sept 2018....Very challenging levels, but fun, different. Keeps the mind flowing. Oct 2020.... I've now been playing over 2 years, and approaching level 2000! I agree with other reviewers that items are too costly, gems don't stretch far enough, and the rewards when completing a challenge dont seem to measure up to the effort. However, I really enjoy the challenging levels. If you want a strictly design game, try Design Home, and Redecor. They are fun too, without puzzles.
I love this app! I totally reccomend it. It is a time killer and it's really fun to do puzzles and decorate the house. Some people complain the levels are too hard, but on my other phone, I've made it to level 2000 something and I never paid using real money. It's supposed to be challenging! Anyways, 5/5 experience with this app!
This game is alot of fun, but they make it really hard to earn the coins to remodel the rooms. I've completed one room, and half of another. And I got so frustrated with with the game I decided to Uninstall it.
I am so bummed they removed the unlimited play during competitions. I usually spend $20+/month but no more. I also hate that the treasure chests are only available for roughly 2 days of the comp. Please bring back the unlimited and give more time for the treasure chests.
This games fun and interesting, but there are no rewards ever! I don't get it. They give nothing but coins and coupons/tickets...
I love this game, but I used to love even more when it had that event when we could get hours of infinite lives to play on weekends. That's the only moment when I can play, and it was a really fun way to spend my quarantine weekends.
The game is fun and I don't think the levels get necessarily harder as you go.Some are labeled "hard" but you can straight up ignore that, I've passed so many of those on first try but got stuck on others that aren't labeled as such often.My complaint is the "inflation" in the game. You start out with items "costing" $500,now each item you want to makeover is about $7k.That's so much time on playing puzzles and not the actual design aspect of the game. You don't make more money as you go either.
I love the game, however when buying diamonds the game tells me. I already own it and when it finally releases it, it appears that I have paid for it several time and it cheats me out of my money. I am constantly losing gems gloves and money on this game. It cheats badly a d I am never reimbursed anything. WHY
Very easy and good game i just love it because the puzzle levels are also very easy and you can solve the hardest level in just 1 min it is very easy you can think that if the hardest level can be solved in 1 min so easy level can be solved in seconds you can use your net to download the app from this store please give feedback to the review ok thank you it is a very good game and it can be used offline that's the bonus point ok bye.. and i think so that this is the best game i ever played ok...
You dont win or advance unless you spend a chunk of money. I have played for 4 days and have not won 1 level. Don't get this game.
Fun game but it can often take days to finish one level. You get 5 lives to start and each life takes 30 min to get one new one. If you use up all lives on one game in a few min, that's it for a long time. They have rewards, but you never earn lives(gems). To buy them is so expensive. You used to earn free play time on weekend competitions and now even that is gone. Play, but don't spend $$$. It's not worth it.
Why can't design games just be design games? If I wanted to play a toon blast or candy crush game I'd download that. And if you're going to have these puzzle games to earn points to design, why make some of the levels so incredibly difficult? The only option for boosters is diamonds, only way to get diamonds is to buy them. Very irritating. If these things were fixed I'd love the game.
This game is addicting, I play every day. I haven't had any problems. You get to design rooms and the game is fun.
At first I loved the game... But I realized that they are only few moves when I jump to the next level.. Sorry but I am uninstalling the game!!
A lot of downside on this game. The match 3 is not attractive, boosters can't contribute enough because of the fixed placement. The objective somehow a bit crazy and its not really friendly user, because you wont get any boosters or play on. Theres no way to get diamond without paying. So its an exclusive game for paid player and the event is flat and didnt give any useful reward for players. Thats it
Super fun, didn't think I'd enjoy it this much! Learning a lot about home decor too since I never delved into that sphere :)
i liked the candycrush theme but i would like if i could be done when i wanted to be done with my makeover decor. Thank you!
Love this game. It's fun, challenging at times, and makes your brain work. Having reached 3318 levels, I wonder sometimes if I will reach the end. However, the Developers keep adding more levels and challenges which makes the game one of my top favorites to play.
Takes way to long to pass a level, who wants to play a game they can't win? The game cheats, and it doesn't matter if you are good at the game because after playing the same level for more than 24 hours all of a sudden you pass in 9 moves when you couldn't pass it in 24 moves for so long. It's like it's on a timer. And the higher you get the more expensive the items and less reward you receive. I am on level 5000 something and it takes like 3 weeks to finish a room due to items costing so much.
If I could break down the stars this way 50 for decorating choices, 50 for graphics, 0 for earning extra boosters and minus 50 for the recent change making you watch ads in between trying to win the next game, if I want to watch ads to earn extra try's or a booster then that's cool, but now I HAVE to sit thru useless ads to play the game, not sure if I'm going to keep this game of not, it kinda sucks now bcuz of these stupid ads, I play this game every single day, 5-6 times a day!! ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
You guys are out of control with all the ads. It's ridiculous! You are ruining a good game. Can't even play and enjoy because of them
Giving it 4 stars because some games take forever to complete, sometimes loosing out finishing the challenges unless you are constantly playing it. Also items become expensive to buy even the little things. But overall it's a good game. I'm currently on level 1791
I like to design that's why i got the app in the first place. Spend all of my time playing a totally different game to win in game coins to spend on outrageously priced items. The games get harder. But the coin value doesnt increase. Would like more time in the design part of the game . Propably will uninstall soon .
I was really looking forward to this game, especially since I have been on a design kick recently. However, after playing for one evening, it wouldn't let me proceed unless I paid more money. I tried for 2 more days and couldn't move forward any more without paying to do so. Not worth it! If you are going to be free, then at least make it possible for you to play for free, even if you have to grind. Sadly disappointed. The investment of my time was a complete waste.
Only giving 3 stars. I enjoyed playing then deleted cause levels were impossible to pass. I downloaded again to give it another go but can't even play for long cause some levels are so hard. The level I'm on now you only get 15 moves to get 100 Orange things. So you go thru your 5 moves quickly then can't play anymore cause you don't have any lives left. I like to be able to pass to keep playing. Thinking about deleting again which is a shame because it has the making to be a great game.
Another thing why I keep loosing gems when game freezes up.. I am about tired of buying gems. I'm not able to win like I used too. I have paid to much money for gems. It's not worth it anymore. It gets old after a while. I'm still playing. I also had 48 keys ya'll took away 2 keys I did report it. Lost gems cause game froze up I would give a 5 star. Not till it gets fixed.....
We are playing puzzles to get funds for makeover..game levels are not as easy and with one level u can't even refurbish one piece of furniture Ridiculous .like I am on level 80 and I have designed only 2.5 rooms till now..if I have to play those games then candy crush is better...also read that levels after 250 are almost unbeatable.. No I am not going to spend a penny will quit when the need be. Oh yes and imagine u run out of those 5 lives so u can't even play them
Fun game at first but now I can't play, it keeps telling me to check network connections and try again. It's been a week and still can't open.
I really love this game,but it gets frustrating when you give an hour or two to play and it takes that or longer to past the levels. Need to consider a way for people to earn the diamonds. Nine times out of ten most have already have had to use their diamonds after that you have nothing to use to go further. Please consider a way to earn the diamonds.
This is a great game, love the concept and the mix of gaming to earn funding for the design jobs. Only thing I would change is the piggy bank. Makes no sense to ask us to pay real funds to empty it rather than to be able to use it in the game. I'd rather watch ads than use my real money for these games, especially when the ask for funding can be continuous. It used to be that there was a one time fee to buy a game and stop the ads. Nowadays everyone wants a subscription type set up ... smh!
The firsy few games were great. I am now stuck on a puzzle that can never be solved. Not enough time or plays. I have played the same puzzle at least 12 times. Sorry I am uninstalling you.
I will be uninstalling this game I've been playing for a long time. I tolerated the ads until the advertisements with Cardi B began. I can't willing give money/time to a company that would use or promote filth.
I really enjoyed this game until it started forcing me to watch ads (the same ones too) after each loss. It's a good idea to use ads so that the player can gain a couple extra moves or score a few more diamonds but this is just overkill. I once played this game probably too much but now don't even want to play anymore.
Played for well over a year, always really enjoyed it. With the last update I'm now subjected to ads after every 2nd or 3rd game. Really disappointed and will no longer be playing.
I love this game BUT now when I go to play the game just closes on me out of nowhere and it's becoming very frustrating when I'm in the middle of playing the game and almost finished with the level the game just shut down and goes to my main screen on my phone. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and it still continues to do the same thing.
Really enjoyed the game for the first few days. I've got to level 103 and simply can't complete it despite trying all day and repeatedly running out of lives. Unfortunately it's now not enjoyable and I'm going to uninstall.
I sent an email and my response was to contact through the app. Well, if my email wasn't about my app continuously freezing up and taking my diamonds away, I would. But I can't because it's froze. I love this game and it's been very therapeutic throughout my cancer treatments, but I am getting annoyed. Otherwise, this game is a 5 in my opinion. Fix it please and thank you
it's not offline: i strted playing for the first time and when i had to choose wich wall color to choose from, all of them showed on the wall as the same thing. Im guessing it's because of the wifi connection. Roblox was working, and it's a more coplex game that can only work with great wifi connection. Also when you play the game you spend half your time playing puzzles for earning coins. I also wish they would let you design your own stuff instead of choosing from already existing options.
Love the game, I think it's at the perfect level of difficulty. Very few ads. Would be better if it were possible to earn diamonds some way (edit: they've added the option of watching ads for diamonds - just occasionally, tho). Nice graphics, the reveal (before/after) when completing a room is a lovely touch. The weekend challenges with coupons are also fun.
This is a fun game but the hard levels are really hard for what they want they dont give u enough moves to get threw the level and you need more boosters and daily rewards need to fix.this game is terrible its not fun if you are stuck on the same level for a week straight.
Playing the game, completed the bedroom and could not move on to the farm house kitchen, had over $10,000 saved up. Opened the game back up the next day all my money was gone and I was started over to the first design. Tried to purchase my piggy bank twice and both times never rector coin. Money was pulled out of my personal bank account. Tried to get the money back with no luck.
This game sucks because i hate tile/candy crush games and for each object i want to place I HAVE TO SKIP A LEVEL IN CANDY CRUSH PART if not A FEW levels. There are only 3 boring options for each object/feature. Such a time waste :(((
It's a really good game, I'll say that but I play fantasy forest story and it said I would get stuff if I got and played this game. I was thinking I could sign in to my fantasy story account in this game then I get the reward, but theres no way, that I know of, in this game to do that. Please tell me if there's a way to fix my problem
I enjoy the game, but lately it has been freezing in the middle of a game. This happens at least once a day and is causing me to consider uninstalling it completely.
Your game stinks, do you really read these letters, because something needs to be done about this game. You don't give enough time, everything is to high and it's really getting boring, and people will just delete them and you won't make any money. Fix your game. I'm not giving any stars because I don't think the game deserves them.
Overal its a really great game but its very annoying having to wait hours for lives to refill along with limited levels. Also when ur piggy bank is full i cant get to empty it. Thats really annoying.
This game was great until the introduction of ads. No body likes being forced to watch ads. Uninstalling
Updated version on 26/4/2021 says, "new levels and new makeover". But no new makeover was there after updated. I sent email to the developer raising my concern. However, no problem was solved.
I loved it at first but once you get up to higher levels they get so hard that you end up doing them over and over again and don't get anywhere unless you spend money on it... (which also means you can rarely complete limited time challenges) I tried to reset it to the beginning so that I could enjoy playing it again but it won't let you.
I've been playing this game for quite a while, i'm at level 3182 but it's getting ridiculous, each item of furniture is a minimum of 13k and up, at a max of 975 per game you play it takes forever to finish a room!! Just about to flush this game.
I like it very much .. but I hate the adds that I have to watch in order to get only 2 extra moves (at least make them 5 moves).. also some levels are too hard to pass, you could keep playing it for more than 24 hrs but then suddenly the game decides to let you pass. The problem I have now is that the game got frozen and stopped working completely. It's been like that for several days. Every day I try to open it .. but it wouldn't even load.
Gets expensive. I can't progress in this game unless I buy the diamonds as some levels are just so hard. I think, as others have done, that I will have to uninstall. Which is a shame as I have enjoyed it.
The graphics are good and if you like swapping games you might like. But the theme is pretty boring. While it is modern and doesn't have weird choices, it is very basic. No style option for decorating and basically black, white, gray or beige.
Ridiculous, just beginning to enjoy, but far too shirt on lives,and far too long to wait for refills..am NOT spending real money! Uninstalled