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Home Design Game Offline for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good time killer... nice graphics... there's one problem tho, as you progress, each item gets more and more expensive.. you have to play 3 or 4 levels just to pay for one item... please stop increasing the cost per level.. it's frustrating!
Word building, interior and exterior design are a perfect combination for me. This game is highly recommended.
I haven't been able to play for a month. It gets stuck. I finished several rooms. I finished a room and it won't go to the next roon. I thought I maybe didn't totally finish, but I don't see anything else to do. It's a fun game. The furniture and things you decorate with are great. A lot better than other games similar to this. Too bad it has these issues. Somebody at Home Design needs to deal with the problems and take care of their machine and work on the stops..freeze ups.
I love word games and designing and this fit the bill. The levels between the early 500's into the early 600's is all messed up, what is with abbreviated words, I was able to figure out most but there were some I never would have gotten. Same goes with proper nouns especially first names. The harder levels deserve more than 500 or 600 coins too. I just finished all the levels and hope more is on the way, albeit with a better word puzzle, perhaps using words from the Scrabble dictionary.
Not so good. Crashes evertime. I literally have to restart the game after every few minutes. Otherwise the game is fun and great for creativity. Only problem is the crash part, which is worst in this game
it is a good app but if we want to redo one tile it is very hard to tapp. when i tap on one thing something else pops up instead. this is so anoying but the app is still not that bad
This game is enjoyable but is so slow. After finishing each word level, I have to wait for the game to finish counting up to 500 coins. It starts counting from 1 to 500. And the time taken is really slow.
After every game you have to spend time on advertisements.. super annoying... install only if you have real money to spend. 2 stars for the original game which you get to play 1/10th of the time spent on this app.
I would give this game 5 stars if they would get rid of too many ads! I cant even enjoy the game 2 or 3 ads pop up after round. It's ridiculous to have that many! Drop the excessive ads PLEASE!!!!
I don't this game at all the first and second episodes where free so the should be downloaded so last week i on my data to download it but i press it it brings me offline. Wat is the meaning of that. The game is nice but i only play two episodes
1st. Great game love the options so far. The only thing so far it steals your points after watching ads so you can not get letter hints. 2nd Dropped 2 stars. The further you go the more it cost for each choice of decor.
Im very happy i a good game for me because most of the games are like candy crash i like this one because its different from the other ones but wish there we could do the inside 2
Besides a coupla bugs, the House of Words could use a dictionary. It's more like the halfway house of words. Way too many common everyday words are not recognized by the game, yet some are just made up. It's truly disgraceful, and stars are lost for this lazy incompetence by a game that makes words its puzzle centerpiece. Clearly, someone with no English skills just threw this game together in an attempt to make a few bucks. ... And it hasn't been updated since Aug '20.
I would have totally loved the game if the dictionary wasnt so limited seriously words that should go to bonus are refused. Then l play offline, when l go back online it wipes out everything and l have to start again. Your other games arent so difficult who dropped the ball on this one!
This game is simply ridiculous. Just guess some 3 or 4 letter words which takes 10 seconds and then you have to watch tons of ads. Uninstalled it.
Love this word & home design game, works well offline too. Makes my brain excersise and keeps it sharp.
The ads that help you get the diamonds doesn't work .it's been like that for about a month now . I can't collect the diamonds. To keep on playing the game . What's wrong with the game The
It's amazing I recommend a lot but it lags alittle . I log the game it's really easy and calming. You can understand the game easily and I personally love it it's amazing and 100% recommend
The game is very nice BUT, sometimes it takes time to load and I do not know why? I even think it's maybe a data connection problem but it's not. I even turned on my data but still it took 2 WHOLE HOURS to load. Other games are not this way pls. After trying to play and it didn't work out, I went to play other games with my phone. I was extremely annoyed. Except that, it's a good game.
I gave this game two stars for two reasons. One, the game doesn't recognize simple english words and two, the developers are so lazy they use the same exact rooms in all of their games. How lame on both counts. The game should, at least, pull from an English dictionary. And if you have to copy the same game profile and use it in multiple games under different names, how unimaginative. Took a star away because the games used proper nouns (cities, countries, names, etc). How could anyone guess.
I would give 5 stars but the talking from the characters and the characters themselves are NOT needed.
I am giving this a 3 because the dictionary is very limited, the same rooms over and over again, just different people, with mostly the same options of furniture, colours and furnishings. Worst of all is that I am cheated out gems when I watch a video to earn them. This happens every time and I don't get the gems at least 6 times out of 10
Great game love the options so far. The only thing so far it steals your points after watching ads for so you can not get letter hints.
I like the word version much more. It would also be nice to also increase the money as the levels rise and to have more design and furniture options.
If you using wifi instead of data it's really awesome. I like that the items aren't too pricey and the word games are quick and fun too
It is so cool everything is so cool the people in the game are sassy sometimes but idc it is fun and child friendly so good for little kids like me i am 12 so this game is fun and some ads but idc right now it is fun
Waaaaay too many ads! Interrupted game play constantly! Uninstall after minutes of play due to all the ads.I have never played a game like this that was interrupted as bad as this 1 is.
Great game at first but when ya need stars, it won't load a ad to watch so you can get more stars.. I waited 10mins for ad to load and never did. I'm on level 83 now.. it's a ok game.
I absolutely love this game and have been playing tons. But the last few days I have not been able to get into it. It has just said loading at the home page. And I waited a long time. Please help me fix this!!! (It's not a problem with my internet)
It's a great app but when I was done decorating the first house,it refused going to the next level so I uninstalled it and installed it again it it still refused so if u want to download this app plz don't it will just finish ur bundles 😑😑
I don't love it. It is almost identical to Renovate to Rent, which didn't take as long to complete since the word game isn't included. As for the word game part, it's annoying that it doesn't recognize words that are DEFINITELY words (cats, teas, lam are just a few examples). It also is annoying that you can accumulate diamonds in the piggy bank, but the only way to access them is by paying. It's an okay game, but I don't like it enough to keep it.
Dear developers, I love your game. It was really well made. Not too many ads, not too hard and certainly not boring. Although, there is a slight problem relating to the third level. Your game says that it is offline, no? The third level apparently needs internet connection in order to download. This seems to be a common problem and I'd appreciate if you please fixed it
It's a nice game, that I pretty enjoy. The thing is I got stuck on a level that needed me to download it so that I could go further, which is confusing because it is said it is a game you can play it offline
the game is amazing.. the ads are not a lot like other games it is very interesting and if you wanna upgade your house.. you can use the game.πŸ˜…but its a nice game😍
These games are very good but the second room (living room) is not working. This was the case with Wordlife. Perhaps developers could look at this?
I'm pretty disappointed. I pay for items several times. They're expensive. I love to play this type of app, but it's really aggravating to continue paying for things already bought. I'm getting ready to uninstall. I hope they can fix this major glitch.
I enjoy this game. The only thing I would like to change would be to be able to receive all the diamonds that I have amassed without having to pay for them. I feel that I earned them by spelling extra words. I find the Scatter Slots ad to be highly offensive and unlike other ads there is no way to shut it off! I am considering deleting this game !!
The game is ok, but be warned: they use words that are not in the dictionary, which means they are not legal words. Like Bot, which isnt a word at all, Dev, which is an abbreviation of a word & so on. But the game itself is good. If they only got the fact, that tons more people would play it, if they cut down on the ads. Some game developers get it. And thats why they are so successful. And some dont. Update: Got my refund.
Good for now but the game seems to return to stage one when my connection is finish to enter a new era
This is a really nice game but any time i try to collect coins three coins don't go intothe coin bar the alway stop on the way and untill i close the app and restart it again before it goes in but i love it
It is very interesting, but you can reduce the amount of ads that come. Everytime I finish a level, an adult comes. Pls consider fixing this problem.
Love this game! Played the exact same one - Caribbean Version - but ran out of scenarios. Glad to find this one!
I love it its not to challenging like the others you can express yourself as well there's conversation and you even get jewels in this game most games like this game do matching games with moves but with this game you have as many attempts so play its a wonderful game
I plat 12 or 13 mini games .. Then decorate..all my coins everything is gone. Wiped out. This is my second attempt .. Same results both times.
The game is REALLY fun. Seriously. Genuinely enjoyable. But I got to the 3rd level and now it won't load from the home screen. It just says loading and won't ever actually load. Disappointed.
Great fun, however they don't seem to have a basic understanding of the English language. So many extra words you should get credit for.
It re-uses scenes from similar games, but I like it. I prefer word games to match 3. However, I've not been able to get on it for over a week now as it's grtting stuck on the main loading screen before I get chance to play, and doesn't move past that.
I love the design choices and finding words is how I start my day with breakfast...but your app does not accept a LOT of common English 3 and 4 letter words.😱 Please fix your Dictionary! Just cannot handle the bad Dictionary...i'm out.
I love the game,so far I'm still playing offline...I hate playing games that uses data☺it's good the puzzles are not hard...I'm still playing;I'm renovating the third room nowπŸ˜‹πŸ˜Ž
Mostly like the game but lately not so much. Some of the words aren't English and would not be allowed in Scrabble, lots of common English words aren't recognized. It was nice that bonus words were rewarded at $50 coins per extra word cut it cuts you off at 1250. Today I had 74 bonus words racked up trying to solve theword Puerto which is Spanish and it only paid for 15. This started happening when I hit level level 1040. I don't even like this room I'm working on. I may be done. Feel cheated
Very fun and generous with diamonds. I use an anagram solver when I need help so i can save my diamonds for doubling gold. There are lots of scenes. Be aware that this game uses some proper nouns and acronyms. It's hard to change items after you choose another that goes on top of it. I'd like to suggest a button that has a symbol for each item of the room that you can easily tap so you can change what you selected. I finished the game and uninstalled, but I'll be back when new levels are added!
This game is very nice but I've given it 4 stars cause at the level of 19 it becomes very difficult to solve and I tried getting more diamonds by watching the add but even the add takes so much time to load.
I just download this game. its installed and it's just loading loading loading...but wont let me play. I wanna play but its not letting go in the game to play. In couple hours if it does't let me play. I guess I'll delete this game🀞
Another "pick one of 3" design apps. Not a true interior design app at all, more like a match 3 with side decorating that is much too simple for my taste. And the cover photo and actual game play look nothing alike.
Always takes forever to load. Great once you can get on to it. Hate the idea that you have to pay money to unlock diamonds that you have already earned. I would rate it a five if fixed.
I like the game but this is sort of a...let me just say this is just a tiny waste of time.Why does everything have to be more expensive?I think that in every level,when it becomes more expensive,you should increase the earnings.Thanks!And by the way,when I reinstalled the app,I couldn't do the house anymore!Please fix this!
i downloaded this game before but i uninstall ot because everytime i exit the game when i came back i will go back to the 1st level,,now i downloaded again same time happen,,,uninstalling it now,, 😒
I love decorating games. And this one offer Variety of different styles. I love to fall asleep playing this. I wish it was easier to get gems and emergency moves.
Love doing crosswords to renovate other games dont give ya enough times with those squares ya need to do...and it hasnt froze on me either yet! Check out this game
I think the game is nice just that am presently at the swimming pool renovation and it refuse to upload don't know why it is hanging..
It was good.. but now it is not opening it just shows loading on the screen..for past days it is been like this..tell me the solution
I tried loading it and its at 15mins and still loading. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the game? Now i have had to get rid of it.
This game is amazing, everything you'd wish to do with your own home is possibly here on the game . I have one problem there are too much ads...
Game premise is good. Nice to have word puzzles instead of image swaps. However, the game builders need to check spelling better. Legit words show up as disqualified and there are mispelled words within the puzzles. So word knowledge is not helpful in puzzle resolution. You have to just keep playing with the letters until the game decides you have the right word.
I really enjoyed the game but eventualy it would not let me play it and would not get past the loading screen! So i havnt been able to play it at all for ages if it wasnt for that and i could actualy play it it would be atleast a 4 or mabe a 5! But as it wont get past the loading screen it is only 1 star and its been 3 months and it still wont work
Well its good but when i reached the 3rd stage the game is keep on loading and i was so exited to open the next level, the loading tooks me 10 minutes or more than that, so i closed the app and open the app again and Nothing changed! Please fix this. It will be more better because of the loading the game looks like a waiting game.
Starts off great and the words are really easy to find but then after level 10 an ad pops up after every single level. It's so annoying and makes it hard to enjoy the game. I'd give it half a star if I could.
I am a new down loader of this games. After my 2nd level, on next level the game is not working anymore. Stopped and loading. Big dissapointed! I want you to return my data and I will not be able to use your game and it will just load down and not open again! you are scam of data!
I really enjoyed the game but eventualy it would not let me play it and would not get past the loading screen! So i havnt been able to play it at all for ages if it wasnt for that and i could actualy play it it would be atleast a 4 or mabe a 5! But as it wont get past the loading screen it is only 1 star and its been 2 months and it still wont work
Its relly fun if you like desining its a good game.i like becuse i like desining things clothes and anything i see.when i grow up i wanted to be like my mom a designer.
It's not working after 2 levels . I have decorated 2 places and now I can't access the third one even if I turn my data I can't enter the third level
Same problem as others...I've finished a few houses/rooms I'm trying to get to the next room it doesn't allow me. There's even no need for an update so i wouldn't know what the problem is
Everything was going really well. I really love this game. I've downloaded about three home design games and this was the best. But now, I can't move to the third apartment. I finished the second one and I don't know what next to do.
1st. Great game love the options so far. The only thing so far it steals your points after watching ads so you can not get letter hints. 2nd Dropped 2 stars. The further you go the more it cost for each choice of decor.turned ugly.
Just started playing and so far, things could be better. While the graphics and gameplay are fantastic, the decor hit boxes are out of wack. It makes it hard to switch to other decor options after the initial choice. It's rather off-putting. At least it isn't overloaded with ads like the app that lead me to this one. Overall, not bad but not great either but I won't be playing it again until the issue is fixed.
Excellent game!! Uninstalled other word games due to having to play many rounds to decorate 1 item but equal time on this game! And not so difficult it takes the fun away. Good job developers. I'm addicted! Lol
I love this app because it's sometimes challenging to create all of the words. I enjoy designing and interior decoration as well. All around it's my favorite.
I love this game! There's no lag, which I usually find happens in other games. And it's the best one yet for me!
I have had problems with the game for two days now, with it allowing me to play the game. It stops right when it says you can either log into facebook, or just play the game. Honestly, it doesn't even give me the option to play. All it says is loading. It is starting to get me frustrated because, I think the game is fun to play when you're bored. Other than that I have no other problems. It would be much appreciated if you could fix the problem, or the errors with the game.
It was going all good but I needed data to load the next 3rd level and after collecting alot of coins from playing game when I on the net to load the data....the whole game re-started!!! What the hell is that! 😠 I felt so disappointed πŸ˜”
Game is great but when i try to double my reward it doesnt work and watching a video doesnt give me any diamonds tried doubling reward by video and nothing, very dissapointed.
Fun and relaxing. Good way to pass time without stress. (Still hoping Design Stars returns, too, as both are quality apps)
I give 3 because it started off well but when i reach the third level it wont open .keeps saying am offline .hope you can fix that .All other things are great
It is the best game but I am unhappy because game level is too short and 30 minutes I complete the game level
Good app so far.. Only done one level though. I like most of the choises but the fact that there are alot of adverts through out the game. I would give it 5 stars but i felt that was abit to nice
Very nice app ❀ this game is very much good than the other home design games as in all other games there candy crush so it was very boring.. but finally I got this game and this game is very nice and perfect for me 5 - Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Very relaxing, better than the extra hard match 3 that become very difficult!? Love this game, awesome graphics!
I love the game. Crossword puzzle excites me plus i like decorating.5 stars.. more levels...now i am in level 1002.. the level can't be open? What happened? Pls kindly fix them
Six seconds of play, then minutes of garbage to click through! You have to watch a video AFTER EVERY GAME! It would be a GREAT GAME, IF you could just play it! WAY to many ads, and asking you to buy a starter packet! You have to click through six or seven things, and watch a video, just to be told you don't have enough points to play! Then you are back to jumping hoops! Extremely frustrating. BUT! It is one of the few games that you dont have to MATCH 3 to play! I dislike Match 3.
I love this game. It's playable offline, & I don't have to spend money to advance in the game. The furnishings are stylish, & I appreciate having options to furnish the room.
Love the game but there are a couple of problems. The main one is that your word list is terrible! There a lot of every day words that it will not accept. And lately it has started not giving the gems after the ad is done. This has happened at least 4 times now. If you can fix these problems I would be happy to make it 5 stars.
I am at level 420 and I am stuck because the last word I need is not a regular word. I love this game but am frustrated because your word list sucks. You do not accept a lot of normal words, yet you do accept proper names and abbreviations. Also stuff like CIA, CEO etc. This is so unlike other word games. I would dearly appreciate it if you could fix this. If you do I would be happy to upgrade my rating.
I love this game is so amazing my house look beautiful the words are being a bit more hard than I thought but I really really really love this game πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜œ
It's truly an excellent game! I've been tired of match three. This game uses a game similar to wordscapes to earn coins, and a fair amount of them, too! The options allow you to stick to certain themes, and everything is strikingly modern and simple. The characters are fun, and not all that many ads compared to most mobile games! I believe I will actually look into other games from this company and download them. 5 stars for sure!
Great game, I much prefer the word puzzles to gain coins rather than the match-three found in most of the other home decorating games. Getting rid of ads is optional but it's a small one time payment if you can afford a couple of bucks.
Love the game but something has to be done about the gems. I watch the ads to get the gems but it cheats me out of them. I know I'm not the only one to hate ads but I will watch them to get stuff. BUT when I watch ads & don't get the gems it upsets me. See if you can do something to fix the problem!
Great game. But it's been a week and my screen goes blue when I start playing. Please fix I have homes to furnish
Very addictive. Highly recommended to anyone out there that loves word search games. It's absolutely brilliant. Well done to the creators of this word game. You have done a well thought out game. Keep up the good work.
Its supposedly an offline game but constantly asking for a data connection to access any level. Terribly dissapointed
It's a fun game... but if you're waiting for the adds to load to get more jewels... don't bother...it never happens.
Not too hard to progress theough & im not bombarded with adds which is nice. Great little app i must say!!! My only suggestion would be that we could pick our own colours for objects etc.
The game is addicting and fun until.... you pass level 650 and the words become harder and take much, much longer to find and solve. It becomes increasingly frustrating. After a stressed day at work... nah, no good. I deleted the game. Oh, and the interior design of the Coffee Cafe was very disappointing. Nothing matched or flowed. Ghetto for Hawaii!!!! That scene needs to be changed...
Just installed the game. And Christ ad after ad are you really that hard up for money to keep hitting the player with all the ads? Get a real job so you can get a real paycheck seriously
Way too many ads,I do understand that ads are needed but after every game? Also" normal" words are rejected as extra words but they use words like "del"?
So far ... so good. I enjoy the word games, and the decorating is fun. I just get irritated by the conversation bubbles between the characters.
You think they would make something else, beside the same games with the same characters, the same design plans and but different locations, really you guys are really disappointing, are u serious, these are same two hosts in Home design..Hawaii....lmaooo, The cookapps games are unless
I rate this game 3 stars it's a wonderful game but the adds always interup me I hate being interrupted πŸ™„
Scrabble and search for a word to design your dream home. Free offline game. Can you scrabble and solve all the crosswords and anagrams? Challenge your brain in the best offline home design scrabble game ever. Expand your vocabulary and demonstrate your interior/ exterior designer skills as you search and scrabble words, solve crosswords and hit the highest score in this free offline home design word search game. Pinterest like decor items are wait
I love this game it is my go to game above any...but I am really getting disappointed with the diamond situation. I watch ads for diamonds and the I don't receive the diamonds...and the fact that you only get 10 ads every 24 hrs and it takes 4 to make 100 for the clue letter sucks! Please come up with a better solution or I will move on!
Absolutely love this game. Very fun and extremely addictive. I love cross word games and I love remodeling games. Do it's cool how this is a game that is 2 in 1!!! Highly recommend this game if you like cross word games and furniture game too.
CookApps just keeps reusing the same characters, story lines and renovation projects over and over, with only the locations different; ie, one app is based in the Caribbean and another is Hawaii. CookApps has about a dozen duplicated renovation apps with slightly different names. The best Is the original, Renovation to Rent, because you Don't have to waste time/frustration on Match-3 or Word games. Just wish they were much quicker adding new reno projects.
I've been playing for months, alot. You don't have to spend any money just so you can decorate with different pieces, if you don't want to, you still have enough choices. It's very relaxing and satisfying. I really don't have anything else i can say except, i love this game!😁
It's fun but when I want to download another room it say check my connection but my connection just work fine
Everything was going really well. I really love this game. I've downloaded about three home design games and this was the best. But now, it took me all the way back to level 1 while I'm still at the 6th apartment and I can't even play the level. All these cook app games suck which is really a shame cos' I really liked it. I downloaded another cook app game- word lite. And the same thing happened after I had gotten to level 390. I just had to drop my review before uninstalling.
Love the game except for the ad for Sky Tents that make the game freeze and can't be removed. Have to cancel and start over.