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Home Design : Caribbean Life for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game, their is a lot of ads but at least you can play on going. Better than most games you can actually beat a level with out playing for days.
Game play is very confusing. If you want a match 3 game, then make it one. Yours makes it difficult from the start, thus ruining any potential fun. The design choices are fun, but don't expect to get very far in the game without spending big money. Kinda says a lot when the game offers their "best value" starter pack for $49.99. People want a fun experience and maybe spend a few dollars doing it. Greedy games don't cut it.
Too many adds!!! Lots of fun. But you can't do anything without adds. Yes as a free game I do expect adds. But this is ridiculous. Some adds have to be closed more than once. Uninstalled. Fed up. Done.
I Love This Game, I Was Playing On My Tab And I Found This Amazing App, I Started Playing And It Was Easy! It Was Great You Guys, If You Are A Home Decorator, Download This Game Now, You Are Gonna Love It I Rate It A 5-Star On This App,
Great until it stopped credting my coin score after games. You need coins to buy furnishings etc. You play games to win coins. The app stopped giving me coins following wins. Cheats
Its a good game πŸ˜€ . I like it!! The mini games are not very hard nor very easy and we get so many coins as well. I like this game but there is 1 thing i didnt like about this game is that there are so many ads coming in between πŸ˜‘
I love this game, it is fun and looks great. I would have given it five stars except there are alot of ads, and sometimes they freeze and you don't get your bonus.
Way too expensive to play. Great game but you quickly have to pay $4.99 for only 400 tokens that will be gone in few minutes. Too bad designer is so greedy because it's a fun game.
Excellent game ...easy to play and nice design. Relly enjoy to play and relax... But, now I give 2 stars, instead of 5 , because very frequent is impossible loading the game...at all ! And you need to wait hours or days to continue..So , good buye.
It is AMAZING!! the pay is so much higher than other games usually other games would be like 300 dollars but here u get 600-700 dollars and u can watch ads everytime to increase the pay into 1k+! I love this!!
in this game there are a lot of ads but overall Whenever there are ads you get really great things out of them and yes you do have to play a different game in order to earn coins to design things but it's a really good game and I would definitely download it
i have tired so much games this one is what i have always wanted i love it everything from the grahfixes and everything :) :) :) :):):):):):) i have so much joy when i play
I wish they would make one of these where you can just decorate without having to win points or play games in between. It is a fun game.
READ THIS.....Pretty cool πŸ‘Œ. But maybe have a daily reward and add some gems to buy money. And cut out some of the candy crush part. So most of it isn't a rip-off of candy crush. Make it a little easier to get money
This game is great fun I loved it so much and it was really fun no complaints besides the adds can be a tiny bit annoying some times, but u get used to it eventually I guess. Overall it's a great game and exhilarating to play! 😁
Just installed the game, so far i am enjoying it. I am impressed with the amount of coins the game gives. Also the option of getting more coins if you choose to watch a short ad.
Excellent game even the levels are also quite easy.....but not a game to be 5 star rated just because I think it lacks somewhere
This game developer hooked me on all of their Home Design games. Yes, I really have all of them on my phone! They're all so fresh, smart, uncluttered, and addictive. The graphics and gameplay are smooth and responsive. Literally the only thing I would change is to add a skip button so I wouldn't have to deal with the storyline, though theirs is faster than most others.
Lovely app..perfect, The reason why i am giving 4 stars is that there are too many ads like after every move...so yea but its worth it
The game is good but it is too easy and I like hard please make it Little bit hard I would definitely give it 5 stars
Very fun game because you design houses and backyards. You can unlock different furniture by playing a (toon blast) kind of mini game. I love that you can see the before and after because it feels like I am watching a HGTV show. Very good app, I would recommend installing this app if you are interested in this designing apps. Out of 5 stars I would rate it a 5.
Fun to play but on the expensive side to keep getting diamonds. No cheap options spend a lot to keep playing.
Downloaded it today, its REALLY nice. I didn't give it 5 stars because I wish you could also play a game to win gems without having to use real money to buy them. And I wish you leveled up due to completing a design over playing the game to win money, seems kind of odd, you'd be at level 11 already without even completing the design. Other than those, nice.
This game is so fun and you can match or mix the furniture.Also it is nice to just see what kinds of houses you can design.
Purchased 110 jewels,app froze up. Money was charged to my credit card. But i never recieved my jewels. Can't find anywhere to request a refund.
I actually really like this game so far. Mini candy swapping game is fun. Helps to earn cash to buy your remodeling items. No real money spent so far. Nice relaxing slow game.
I love this game, but now I'm stuck. The icon I need to continue designing my room is behind the icon for the competition and I can't get to it. What do I need to do to continue?
The description for game does not say anything about a puzzle. When i start the game i have to play a puzzle to get coins. Thats false advertisement 😑
I love this game it is so creative and when it gives you options on what you would like the colour scheme is amazing. I recommend this for everyone
I love the game! It gives me something to do and I can match up any the schemes in the game with anything i picture in my mind
I love this game, fun puzzles and beautiful decor. Unfortunately, around level 1130 it started getting slow and crashing, and by the time I got to level 1138 it won't even open. It was very fun while it lasted, even with all those ads!
I like this game very much and I like this because very nice and I will Design this Home...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ thanks so much
It is very good. The game doesn't have an ads and doesn't need data. The puzzles are very relaxing and its easy making money for renovations
Super great!!!! This game is really created good! I cant imagine this game out of all other decorating game, it really makes me addicted
I'm changing my review to let you know this game sucks! I never get any kind of boosters for completing any levels. and sometimes you must play the level 3 or 4 days in a row in order to complete the level.. at first videos were offered in exchange for power ups.. now nothing
Love this app I really enjoy if you get ads wernt there it would be extremely great but otherwise I gave it gave it five stars because it's really fun and enjoyable
I love this game. It gives you to do many designs,styles,etc of your choice. There is also a time crunch to do when you are bored and also because of which u get many coins πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
Its really fun! And there's no bad things about this game- well at least not for me YET maybe there might be in the future .......... But i recommend it for those who like designing stuff and like interior disign im just doin it for fun....
Nice graphics and puzzles, it's an engaging game.... but what I didn't like is every single step there is an analog which is not necessarily needed . Thanks anyway.
This app is good πŸ‘ I really like this there is no problem in this app I really love this . Bts forever πŸ’œ
I installed this game a week ago and so far it's pretty good. The graphics are great, the 'Candy Crush' style levels are challenging but doable and it doesn't require spending money every level. HOWEVER... I do have ONE MAJOR COMPLAINT. There are four powerups that are shown and the game tells you to use each one in a new scene. What you DON'T KNOW is that once you try them you have to BUY THEM or they're gone for good. Seems sneaky to me.
I love picking out the different items you have to choose from to create something awesome it's fun and challenging !
This game is outright stupid. 1. As the levels go higher its gets more and more hard 2. The hard levels are easy???? Like really people. And lastly 3. This game does not give you enough money to renovation the house. Especially when the levels get insanely hard when you reach level 100 😑
This game is amazing your allowed to make new bold designs the only thing I would like to change is make sure the game also allowed people to decorate the inside of the house.
Haven't been able to load game for 4 days now. Very frustrating! Guess I'll have to find another game to play.
Easy game play. Very addictive, and the rewards for completing levels makes it worth playing. So far I have no complaints. Loving it!
Awesome game! Very easy and rewards are not difficult to obtain. Ads are not that long and are worth watching because the rewards are great!
Game was fantastic till i reached level 48 it started to say server error and pushed me back to level 1 so upset now i have to start all over again
This game is a total disappointment. You think you're going to design homes? No. You're going to spend 95% of the time playing a stupid Tetris-like game to collect "money" so you can buy stuff and finally play the game you actually signed up for. But just for a few seconds,then it's time to "make money" again. Don't waste your time with it because it's not what it pretends to be. Oh, and they delete negative reviews too. I'm posting this again because it "mysteriously" disappeared.
Was likely game but getting annoyed as at times I pass a level and it doesn't register and I end up having to do again. Disappointed Going to uninstall
I hate the claiming rewards part because it won't work that i have to close then relaunch the game again. The x button, the claim button and everything freeze. But other than that this one is a great game. Please help to advance that part:)
Can't open the game. It always says fatal error. I've been trying to open it for the few days but still same thibg pops out. I even updated it but still nothing changed
I just love this app. Because it allows you to be creative and do what you want to do with your dream life.
It's a very good game but I really don't like that the game is glitchy every time I try to play a game it goes to an add but it's very hard and also it doesn't even give your money to you after you did all that work just to have the same amount of money you had before it really hesitate because of the game that the ads come on every 5 mins I don't recommend that game unless you can deal with the ads and you like puzzle β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€ŽπŸ–€πŸ€πŸ₯‘πŸ‰πŸ‰
This game is pretty fun like every other game like this. However, everytime I complete a level I have to re-enter the room im in to collect my money which is annoying. Updating the app would be nice
I'm very interested in designing and this game is the perfect way to be able to express myself and what I love to do I've actually done some work with friends of mine and playing this game as well as others gives me great tips on what's up to date and in style which is one of the reasons I love it so much I will continue playing and enjoy each and every room that I design thank you for making this game and also taking the time to find out what it is that I love about it please continue
Not so many options but fun and u can play offline too I don't recommend it if you want to improve your design skills to
I bought coins from piggy Bank and it is still loading my money has been withdrawn and it is loading still. Why don't you fix the problem always it is stuck and says loading.
I use to like this game however as you go up in levels it stops letting you earn boosters. I'm on level 138 and haven't been able to earn any boosters for 20 or so levels.
It's just like other games like this every time you need to buy something to put in your house to decorate it you have to play a game and win the game in order to get the coins to furnish the house and that can get to be tiresome but other than that it's a good game
Worst game ... You dont actually get to design anything of your own and its not even close to authentic
I adore this game! Not for the designing part, which is ok, but for playing the levels which gives you money for the design! Keep making more levels, guysπŸ˜€"
This is my favorite of these types of games. I like the game within it and I like the decorative options. I do wish I was able to skip areas if I don't prefer them. I'm not very interested in remodeling the outside of a home.
When I am seeing the view of swimming pool and then I am tapping on it to start the game but it's not starting I tapping it many times everywhere it's not. Please this game users tell me the solution of this
Way to many glitches I've played an passed a level but won't pay me out and won't give me the next level unless I go out the game and go back plus it becomes very annoying that after every level the ad vidoes start and cant be stopped if it wasn't for these glitches it'd actually a nice game, but if there font get sorted sadly I'm going to delete it SD there sre loads more games similar to this
This game is great but it just keeps getting stuck and I've downloaded it 2 times and it still stuck so now I unistalled it I give it 1⭐star my daughter doesn't like it at all
Starts out easy but gets harder as you get further into the game. As frustrating as it gets, challenges are fun. Get to channel my inner interior decorator.
Love it. Choices of color and setup just simply beautiful. Easy to move on to next level without being stalled at one point where you give up. Hope it continues to be interesting
Why do your home design games keep crashing? I've tried to play this one & milion dollar homes. It takes ages for them to load & when it eventualy does the game crashes & goes off. Sort it out please!!
This game is so pretty and prfick sorry if i spend it wrong but I don't like the ads. I'm can never sleep so I plop on my bed and I play this game and my sis loves it like a πŸ‘‘Queen,
Well, it's a good game, I just don't like how it's crowded with the ads, but great job. I think you guys should like increase the options to choose different interior designs - but regardless I'm loving it. A question tho - how do the diamonds work? Like what are you supposed to do with them after collection them?
I'm just blown away by this display it's breathtaking I give it 4 stars even better this is the best review I've ever gave anyone and I think this game is actually pretty easy and very nice
Won't pay what it says once I got to the 3rd room. Will only pay me 300 every time. Even when I watch ads to earn more. Never get more only less than half of what I earned.☹
It's game is so fun like I can't explain it like I love it but the only minus point that I don't like that it gets little bit hang during the game , so plz fix it , otherwise it's a good game for kids actually and for time pass also , it's a good game πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜€
Having fun developing design and decor for my own home or others. Hoping I can design a second home on this app.
Nice app has great designs and you can make your own fashion choice for everything love this game so much!! β€οΈπŸ’—
This game is very fun and you can be really creative but when it gives you a offer you have to pay REAL money. You cannnot earn gems and if your piggy bank is full the gems that you earn just go to waist. Its has a bunch of missions so that you can keep playing. A very fun game and i do recomend it.
All of a sudden the game was going was going great until it went to Emma's neglected bedroom at the starting I didn't even get to play that part it just shut me out of the game everytime I enter it please fix that problem other than that it's a great game hard levels but l love the app I am 12 years old. πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ€―
I love this game and Im really far on it, but since yesterday the game wont let me play it. It just says loading and stays on that loading page and you can not do anything else or play the game at all.
Fun... best options when choosing styles. Most design games give you choices that look horrible and dont even match up. Hopefully this game is better than the others.
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so fun the ads are so short it's a easy game and theres three option for the stuff
Game is great and am having a great time but after finishing two rooms the rest won't open. Same with events. Everything stays locked πŸ”’ its obviously an error glitch or something fix asap.
Nice game but the most irritating thing is that for coins we have to play the game candy crush type and everything is above 500 furniture etc things so money becomes less super fast in minutes my money came to 33coins and was having above 6000coins
I like that you can watch ads to gain money to pay for what you want in the game. Also that the items that you have to buy in the game are reasonably priced. The levels do get more difficult the higher you go.
this app is good great graphics and almost realistic but u cant move to the nxt level i played it 5 times hoping to move to the nxt level but i cant plz do something
It was so much fun playing Home Design Caribbean Life as I got to do lots of different colours and themes i my selfiked to do the modern asspecicated theme as it was very posh
I do enjoy this game but I constantly run into an issue with being able to change or modify the furniture. Until that no longer happens I can't write this game any higher
It is so good I would rate this app 5 stars but I think you should be able to do the inside of the house so can you update the app so you can do the inside of the house but it's till a good app
Great color sets, create immediately , can even redue. Easy, exciting & relaxing. Great game for this terrible time we all are experiencing.πŸ˜·πŸŒΊπŸ˜‰
I am so impressed that when you finish making matches your reward it is not a tiny 30 gold coins. I have played a lot of games like that and it takes you all day just to create one thing. So kudos to the designer this game!
This game is so funny because I actually get to the land stuff because I'm going to dye my rendering and it give me so many ideas I just love this game guys tell you like friend and stuff to play this game it's so fun
It's fun but I just don't like all the adds. I recommend this to everyone who is good at puzzles. I don't like the part were you erna money. But I don't love decorating everything to make it how I like. It's fun and you should get it. Also Love is Loveβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œ
I would more than happy to give 5 stars, just everyone would like the game to be more diverse. Meaning? The carribean states are colorful and diverse in nature. Vanilla should not be the only ice cream for me to choose to eat. Can you allow us to pick and choose who I want as the realtor and general contractor. Our choices should include male and female characters that are black, hispanic, asian, arab or (etc). 31 flavers gives our taste variety!
This could have been a decent game , but you have to accumulate a lot of money to move ahead. If you don't spend it takes a while to move ahead. You get charged for every single wall , really??. And of course ADS ADS ADS ADS......... ( sigh )
I got this game today 30 minutes ago and I LOVE it its sooooooooo fun usualy I hate "match three" games but this one is awesome I only rate it 4 star because I only just got it but its great :) and btw there isnt so much ads that you dont wanna play it its a perfect amount of ads (besides no ads hehe)
It's Homescapes, just not as cute. A match-3 game and you purchase "upgrades" for clients with your winnings.
I give this game 5 stars because you have a lot of options to pick for the house you are making. I think it is a lot if fun and in my opinion one of the best house game.I have not played this game much so I don't have a lot to say but I like it so much.
It's a fun game though I played a similar game that had nearly the exact same thing except it didn't have the connect 3 bit (which I liked because I don't want a decor game with cheap copies of candy crush) and I'm just wondering which one came first and which one might have been a copy especially since some of the rooms are the same.(and I know one is a copy because their made from different studios)
This game this is really creative and it takes a lot of time to design the place but other than that it's okay I give it five stars
I love it! It gives so much money when u win the minigame. Try dis game, for me i really like it and im alot better than wher i started. For what i know it has good effects and good furniture im addicted! but it gave me 18 moves when i just started. along the time it gave for about 20+ the game is great.
It's too hard to tap sometimes. It's the only prob I encountered in this game. The graphics are good and so as the gameplay.
I just started the game, but so far I like it. I always enjoyed playing the candy crush type of games so to have to play that in order to receive coins to buy furniture, plants, etc I like. I do wish there was more than just 3 options to choose from but besides that I'm enjoying playing the Caribbean home design
It's interesting but it keeps taking u back to the step u were at before, I've played one part like a 10 times it's annoying Great work is still needed
this game is very nice wih very less ads we can play games, collect coins and gems, make our clients feel happy by making their Caribbean house.
This game was even worse then the others I just hate how you need to play a mini game and waste your time and also in the mini game you get limited moves so horrible this was supposed to be a -1 rating but I can't do that bad bad BAD
OMG I love this game! The modern styles of the designs are just pure greatness. So far no glitches and the levels are going smoothly.
This game is amazing for people who like to customise and do there own things. It very FUN! I really enjoy it and love it.
i changed my review since this app wont work properly like the previous version. ive bemen uninstalling and installing it just to get back at the game. now after i installed it again it gets back to previous levels and all my work was gone. πŸ€¨πŸ˜‘β˜ΉοΈπŸ€¬
I think this game is great, there are no bad things in it. It is also perfect for kids. I don't mind the little puzzles.
Fun game but constant glitching. Recently, the game freezes and I have to wait hours, sometimes days, for it to let me play again.
Great graphics Interesting boosters. Luv the twirl one. Improvements are perfect! Easier to get rewards and boosters. Love this game and Modern City for the same reasons.
Great game with good choice of furniture etc. Too many adverts, so didn't usually collect extra money as had to wait for another ad which is so boring, then on occasions it goes wrong and you have trouble getting back to game. I did enjoy playing the game though on the whole. 😘
It is a really fun game the reason why I gave it a 4 is because it keep on frezzing but other than that it is a fun game
Lot's of fun, relaxing, and addicted all at the same time. App is easy to understand, just an all around fun game!!!
Liked it at first. Started freezing, and have played so many levels but can't get past the first renovation. Says I completed it, yet the others aren't unlocked. Thought maybe I needed more money so I've been playing game after game and I'm at 33k and still has not unlocked the second renovation for me to do. Doing the games for money is good but If I wanted to play JUST the games and not renovate I would download something else. 🀷🀷
4.5 some adds that weren't necessary but other than that not many adds! Great game!!!!!!! I totally recommend if your int to matching shape puzzles and home decor.
I really like this game but something that is really frustrating is ill spend 4 or 5 lives on a level and beat it and then the game will freeze so I have to close the app and reopen it only to find out I didn't receive the coins for that level I just beat and I have to do it all over again. Makes me want to throw my phone down kinda angry.
I'm playing the game for a long time, but since yesturday it doesn't want to open the game at all, it just says loading... Please fix this, i really don't want to delete it, I have a lot of progress.
I love that you don't have to use real money to buy your furniture I also love that you can play as many rounds as you want to buy whatever furniture you want
The app is great!!!!!!!!!!! But, some of the puzzles are almost IMPOSSIBLE. On level 296, I tried that level for 8 days and I still could not solve it. Plus some of the furniture is too expensive.
This game is good....its just the extra game that frustrated me apart from that it is fine and enjoyable
This game is really nice but you know,it's have many rooms in house.But 2 rooms are open and other rooms are locked.If you want to open other rooms,you will open your Wifi connection.So I gave 1star for this game.It's nice game but it's bad too. How to say I don't know.
I'm not the best at bubble popper but I really enjoyed playing it in this game. But the ice cream on top is definitely the decorating afterwards!
This is the best game EVER!!!! I love candy crush games and decor games so a game that has both together is my dream and now I found the best one EVER!! All the other ones are not that great like this one! I think you should get this game.
Crashing constantly. Can't play because as soon as the app opens it crashes immediately. Was fun until this started today.
Such a good game. Fun,my only thing is that yoy have to play almost like a candy crush game to get dimands to build.but they give you lots of coins Download this game now!!
I can't leave this game it's so interesting and gets out the artist in me i really adore this game but just i need ads to get diamonds but i still will give it 5 stars ( everyone install this game now )
I really am enjoying this game! The ads aren't too bad, and the graphics are great. I've had no hiccups with it or anything. Fun!
Absolutely love this game and would recommend it to anyone who likes to design homes and likes match 3
I have been playing the game a while on level 245 and have made several purchases. Upset because I made a purchase today and they took the money but didnt add my rewards jacked up my winning streak so I want ALLLLL my money back now the type of customer I am....I'm going to need my money back.all it every purchase I've made. Immediately
Really liked this game in the beginning. Now you need so many points for everything. Then ads πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ time to delete.
Love the choices of design's. Not stupid decor like some designer game give you. To bad I can't really have the home πŸ˜”πŸ˜©.
I do enjoy this game. I love designing different rooms! You can refill your lives by watching a video which is cool and the graphics are really nice. I am rating 3 stars for a couple of reasons. One is some levels are almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat with the amount of lives you're given and even if I use 1 or 2 powerups they practically do nothing helpful and you have to pay in order to get more. Another reason is there is no daily reward. If there was it would be more helpful. But I do like it.
Gems are too expensive. If you want people to keep playing the game you need to make the gems less expensive. I have spent too much money already. I will be uninstalling
I just stumbled across this game and I was Wonderfully surprised~~I play all of the Home design games, but this game is more encouraging. It doesn't drain your pocketbook the way the other's do. Now I can sit down, and really enjoy myself, and play without worrying about the high cost of playing~~THANK YOU HOME DESIGN!!! πŸ₯³πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ€€
I love this game you can make swimming pools and make your people feel happy don't change change for who you are
Just started. So far i like it. Goals are obtainable. I'll see how long that lasts. I have tried many decorating games where i had to spend days on a level to get menial amounts of points.
This is the best game ever,it helps me my brain get sharper a sharper when ever i play the game puzzles
I loved this app it was super fun from the start I love designing and making other people happy but this game made me realize I have great taste in design and I'm only a child
This game is very interesting but since yesterday night have not been able to log in,it as been soon loading but it won't load
Love the game! Didn't mind spending money because I was given options by watching an ad. I had a blast spending my money, which i never say. Other then the Boosters not working after level 65 or above i still had fun. Great job, good luck! Oh, im only stopping because I cant afford to spend as much as I was, ugh!