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Home Design : Amazing Interior

Home Design : Amazing Interior for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cannot change walls & balcony. Once a furniture is chosen, if we change it, it reverts back to its previously chosen. Sorry, other home designs are better.
Nice and how are things with you have any other suggestions of reasons for this is the most popular of a few weeks back from work with a wide variety of reasons for this is the most popular of a few weeks back from work
Its a nice app. If u want to design ur own house then refer this. It has options n we can choose any we like. But the option section is limited...hehe...anyways its cool n u can try it once...
Meh. It's okay. I didn't know that it was another match 3 game. I was looking for more design, less matching.
I don't have much words to describe this game...it's a nice game i wont say great 'cause there are wayy to many ads but otherwise...awsome app...πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ½
I don't want to play games to earn coins I just want to do home design. Should be able to turn that off
It stopped opening last week. The opening screen will load, but hitting the play game button no longer starts the game. I'm stuck on the opening screen.
If you like designing you will like this, just wish there were more design choices than 3, but the games are lots of fun with exciting graphics.
I enjoy playing the game, but always had issues with ads not playing. Something about network connection (obviously not) or advertiser's policies. So my only option was to PAY for jewels or replay until I won (including not being able to watch an ad for more moves when I was ONE away from winning). I was patient, but I'm now stuck on level 210 for days. I'm refuse to be SCAMMED into paying, free options still don't work. So I'm done. It was nice/fun while it lasted, though.
I really enjoy this game, but it's been glinting the past couple days. Last night it wouldn't let me load the room or the levels, and today it's just crashing. It's a great game otherwise. I hope these bugs can be fixed.
I love this game! It gives you the choice to design your own home. I only wish you could choose color, but other than that it is a really great game. I highly recommend playing this game for all ages, and I'm only 11. This game is great for all ages and it's a pretty good stress reliever aswell. I am addicted to playing this game and how it involves 2 types of games. Over all it's an amazing game in the end.
I like this game first becouse hasnot any ads and its an amazing game it has adesigns and nice things
The reason why I like this game is because instead of just having to do other things for the money you get to play a game to get money to play the game. The game you have to play is like Candy Crush and if you don't like those I suggest not to download this game. But if you do then this might be the game for you.
This game is nice but it consists of too much ads and the levels limited after some levels it stops working the we have to spend money to play more there should be changes in it so the games became more interesting
Boring.... I just want to design a space without having to play stupid little games in between. Options are very limited to design and designs are basic. What if I don't want block pillows on the floor? Oh too bad, you are getting pillows on the floor.
I don't really like how I have to play a different game to get money but otherwise it was really fun game to play.
So far, it's fun. But waiting for the axe to drop. I have tried so many games here and just had to uninstall them. Why I do not have money to spend on games. And would not if I could. I thinks we are nuts to pay good money better spent else where. Ok you did it I knew it was too good to be true....bye bye.
Don't like all the ads other then that the game is fun an give u all the extra cash an point as long as you pick more ads to watch it doesn't freeze it's a great game to relax ur mind before bed time for sure
This is the best game ever decorating with designs of your own choce can't stop playing very interesting
The game is interesting l like it there are no po- up ads which disturb momentum and focus . Interesting levels and it's gives us challenge you need and to be careful focusing on your moves.
Made it past level 300 and decided to purchase the piggy bank. Big mistake. Ads wouldn't load so I could get the extra moves. Then past level 400, I couldn't even get to starting screen because it would never load. I cannot play anymore to finish spending the money I wasted. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!
I am playing this and all similar games , but one thing makes me angry....the creator of this game ...created some other games too....like Hawai life , Carebean life ,...etc. And they repeat completeley the same room in several different games...then I need to redecorate again the same room that I have already decorated in some other game , otherwise I can't go on..I dont want to do the same job twice !! Then i detete the game what else do. Please REMOVE DUPLICATE ROOMS in different games...
It's a really good game overall I get addicted some times , but every once and a while it will glitch but go back to normal so nothing worth about. I totally suggest this to you and your friends
Love this game but..... It won't load the advertisements anymore so I can't refill my lives or get my extra moves! I'm on level 1455 so I'm pretty into this game but all of the sudden its not worrying like it used to.
Love this game! It's not to complicated but just enough to keep you concentrating, ads are short and minimal.
a lot of times the game crashes n stuck at blue screen, didnt load the game n yeah, deducted the lives when you reboot it. so many ads. there'll be ads after every game. some forces you to watch til the end. some you can skip it.
Love it!! Easy to play and I love the selection of options for decorating. The only issue I have is when you can bump up your coins and you only get a limited number of 50 percent.
I like the game, but I wish the gems in the piggy bank were mine to use instead of having to buy them. If I won those gems I should be able to use them so I can play on
I really enjoy the game its amazing but i am not a fan of adds it gets me very mad. When i think the game has too many i delete it so its why on my end it deserves a 4 not 5.
I love this game but at first I thought you didn't have to buy will not buy coins but I thought you were just did the things and not play the game and just join coins from playing for so long
When i reach level 302 this game had stopped i cannot enter the next level, always telling internet connection lost. I have internet, too bad.
Enjoyed the many features of lights, comfortable furniture, and amazing ocean view. For instance, the pillows and futon couch or wooden table set.
I am loving this game, graphics are good, some levels are tricky to get through but I just love a bit of a challenge providing the levels aren't too hard or impossible to get through as that tends to ruin a good game like this one.
Match 3 game, design options limited to 3 pre-set options per item. Nothing like the screenshots make it look.
The +3 moves, and 3 free videos, refuse to play, therefor, I am stuck with whatever moves they have. Three days now. Whats up with that? Fix it please All my other games work.
Great game, but I wish it wasn't candy crush related. So many games are candycrush it's kinda annoying.
It's a really nice game but when you build a really expensive house you will only get 100 coins. So I recommend you get this game if you don't care about THE MONEY YOU WASTED OR YOUR WORK!
I'd really love this game a lot....unlike other free games this is very genuine...this also improves our creativity and a great addiction free time pass...thanks to the developers!!
I've have downloaded so many house games play 2 levels and it messes up your lucky I'm not swearing.if you cannot make these games properly don't bother. Making money out of people and I'm on a pay as you go phone. No one's gonna give me bk my data are they........
i think this app is super fun but the two things i dont like are how the game is fine until you get to the candy crush level, then its all glitchy. also you onlu get three choices in what furniture to add. i wish there were more options
Love the choices and that its not so difficult to get through the levels like some others I have played.
It was good in the first and second room but in the third room it says "check your internet connection" what the hell was that my internet connection is good. I dont know whats wrong in this game.
I logged into facebook to save my progress but if i go into the game again i have to start over.i wil uninstall if this is not fixed :)
The game is nice but the price of the piggy bank gets higher and higher. It's not like that in any other game.
This is one of my favorite games, i love to sit for house just picking out furniture. Though i wish the in APP purchases for πŸ’Ž were cheaper and maybe even earn more quickly
i didn't expect it to be this fun, only played the first level. i really gotten into interior desing recently so i have really enjoyed playing :)
This game was super fun because it shows how you can make a garage into a beautiful home that's to die for in ending thanks again for the challenge
Game cheats at times. I won level 1146 & the game stop just before going to the next level & had to start the level over again.
Love it! Better than the rest.. very few impossible levels and a few easy ones to break up the monotonous level repeating designed to fail.. isn't cheap but no ads which always sees me uninstall what could be a great app but its ruined by ad after ad.. Well done guys! Thoroughly recommend this game.. I hope the scenes stay fresh .. one is a repeat of other apps but so far all the others are new for me.. its nice to see different scenes to decorate instead of the same tired rooms and decor.
I like this game 1 no ads 2 it make me smart 3 it always makes me happy this game put a happy smile on me
I really enjoy playing this. The game is challenging but not so challenging that it gets aggravating.
I love this game but I wish things weren't so expensive. I also wish that when it came down to voting that it was a little more far. Someone who is level 14 shouldn't be going up against someone who is 100+. Always going to place lower because the other person is going to own far better items.
I think this game is the best designed and detailed overall this game is one of the best makeover houses ive every played
5⭐as of now. Like the game to earn πŸ’°to buy furniture, plants and other decorations. Enjoy very much and finding I'm not bad as a home designer.😁
Is that it? I downloaded this app a couple months ago and have apparently done all of the rooms/levels because it's been 3 weeks and the next level just says "coming soon". But obviously nothing is coming. This could be a really cool app... sadly you're done after 18 levels...LAME!!
Great. Enjoy playing. The thing I find interesting is the fact you have a beach home exterior that is the exact copy of another game. You cant proceed to next level/room without completely doing the level you have already done.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Was enjoying this game and another of your games and on both, as soon as you get to Level 300, it gets so difficult to pass. I have been struggling for days and cannot get past it. When this happens, most people just stop playing your games. Give freebies for playing so one can get past these levels eventually.
I mistakenly re-installed this s....... game, it is very irritating and the matching game to earn points etc is even more irritating
Another home deco with match tile game.. make me frustrated coz i like home deco but hate match tile game
Its really a amazing game.I don't have any questions and complaint against this game.Who ever is going to install this game please install this game and play.
Having trouble loading game. I have only just downloaded and played a few levels, but it now won't load. I really love the game too.
Gave up and uninstalled. Enjoy these design games and have installed a few but this is my least favourite as takes ages to load and graphics are poor compared to other design games such as Interior story.
Great format and graphics. Gameplay is smooth, and the story isn't overwhelming, though I admit I'd love to have a skip option. I don't have any fondness for storyline. I click through them as fast as I can. The ads are timed well and really don't interrupt your game. You don't really get them often, and usually when you do it's because you want the bonuses.
It's a nice and interesting game but I got to the third part and they are telling me I'm offline meanwhile my data is on. It's just annoying .
The game pictures and summarized description don't indicate at all it's a match 3 game. I was looking for a decoration app that doesn't make me play mini games to earn money. Wouldn't have downloaded it if description was more accurate.
Overview, is nice. I like the design. But it keeps crushing. For example, it's now the second time when the it gets stuck on the blue screen (right before the beginning if a new level). And, if I want to change some items (for example, a flower or a bed), I cannot.
I love this game...I hate that you have me redoing scenes again ...I was almost finished with the spa...I will not play again till you fix this.Please....I am on level 298 not 297 I have already beaten 297... It's a difficult level and I don't want to do it again...please!
I could give five stars if they had more options not just do one part of the house let's do a whole house all the bedrooms all the kitchen the bathroom the living room dining room basement whatever part of the house everything that goes with the house and door then out
This game is so fun, there are barely any ads and the levels are so fun. I played similar games to this, but this one is by far the best. 😍😍
I enjoy decorating and I would enjoy doing my own home like that my husband and I often thought of doing something like that.
It's nice, but i can't decorate the second room because it's not opening and i can't enter it i don't know why. Please help
Great match 3 game until you get to level 114. Impossible to complete because you need to get lots of toast ( can achieve) and 40 green triangles (Impossible) that never show up. The game drops red, blue, and yellow, but the needed green may drop 7 to 10 at most. Deleting the game.
This is an amazing app. Here I spent countless hours to earn 300 to 400 points. It took forever to a cou h. I had almost given up on this type of game. THANK GOD I DIDN'T. You have to try this ... you'll never try another one. Tank you for intelligent Developers that actually want you use, enjoy & play their game for hours o end!!!
I love the designing and the games itself. Then l came to modern day beach house and everything went haywire. It started freezing at start up and will be 'loading' forever. I switch off data and it opens. But then l cant open a game to play nor buy furniture. I try restarting only to find my money gone and the matching game has gone back to level 1. Umm what should l do?
I know some people love these games but I want a game where I can just decorate houses and not have to do levels I don't want to give it 1 star because it's not that's it's a bad game it just isn't what I'm looking for
Design would b great if I didn't have 2 play games 2 earn points or money in order 2 design, it's longer fun Designing!
This game is very fun it gets harder but if you like decorating this is the game for you definitely and as always make sure to rate the game good if you like it
I was enjoying this game until it doesn't want to open anymore, I opened data thought maybe it works with data but nothing Pls fix this problem
I have enjoyed this game more then a great deal of others i've played. Try it you will not be disappointed. Its both easier and cheaper to get more diamonds (which you need for purchases) then any of the others i've played and the choices (pick one of three) are just as beautiful.
Fun game. It has an easy match game to earn more cash when you need it. It is simple to play, and has the average amount of ads to pay the bills.
Your match games made no sense. It was only luck when I did reach the goal. It has a LOT of ads and constantly want in me to purchase a group of helpers. I wish there was a game like this with NO cash needed.
Very bad app don't install it 😠😠😠I want to give 0 star but it is not in option. when you decorate 2-3 location after 3 it needs net to decorate locations and when you on your net your all money gon lost and what ever your level is you came at 1 level 😠😠😠west of time
I really wish I could find a match 3 game that didn't cheat or become unwinnable. I know that ads are necessary, w/o $, to support the game. But this isn't just a game that moves your pieces in directions you didn't, it's also a game that, in room 5, begins forgetting items you've already won, then asks your email to send an error report. That one classist luxury hotel game with no inclusion? Has the same boosters-in-box-carried-by-delivery-man setup, too, so they'll wax ethical if it makes $.
It is very fun but I don't like it because it has those games that you have to win to make money and I don't like that anyway why I gave it four stars is because I wanted to be designer when I am older and I really like it but I don't like the games it should just have it should just have it
I love this game...I hate that you have me redoing scenes again ...I was almost finished with the spa...I will not play again till you fix this.
Weirdest game ever, furniture first, then decorate ?? Once you complete a room, you get a free hours play, which will not let you win a level for almost an hour, can play an easy level, and when you match up a stripe and ball, for no reason they will move ??? Have played a level over a hundred times and all of a sudden you will win the level without even trying, balls, stripes just appearing together, makers of this game, should realise just that,and games are meant to be fun
The game is amazing because the designs are beautiful and for interior we have to play very interesting game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ₯€πŸ₯€I like it & love it so much .... My wishes are here that it will go so far and will famous like ludo and others.
Alright first of all. I HATE the games where you have to play the match games or something. They need to make a game that doesnt require you to spend coins or play games, I want to be able to just design a house. Any product is open and you dont have to pay for pro or extra add ins to the game. Thank you for reading the whole time and not ignoring my thoughts. 😁
This game is super fun I spent hour s playing this game ong soooo fun u should definitely play and rate this game 5 ⭐ stars and have fun playing this super fun game I hope u like this game as much as me πŸ™‚ bye thanks for reading this πŸ’“
I just love it..it's really really very interesting and amazing..!!and lots of fun to play also..love it❀❀❀❀
Not to complicated at all lots if fun not too many ads and bo glitches I love it. And the second picture is the one I did in this games!!!
I absolutely love this game! The graphics will keep you playing and the scenes to be decorated are REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!
Absolutely love the decor choices and room designs. I wish there was a button to be able to see all of the things we change in the room. Other than that 5* would play it all day if my kids didnt demand me for themselves lol!
I like this game because it's easy to get money and you can be so creative! Also you get a lot of coins when you play the mini games i β™‘ this app:)
Really enjoy design games But after several designs the game just says " coming soon". At the beginning of this game I rated it a 5 star but because of this issue I have removed 3 stars,, the makers of this app need to make sure there is Always a room to move forward to so the players can move forward. Personally I will save my money in the future when I see apps from this maker
For THIS type of game; they have the best pick of designs in my opinion! Not a deliriously boring story line and the prices and games arent attrociously hard. Overall 5 stars~~ M.R
I love this game and it looks real it's one of the most interesting decorating game I have played so it's a thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘
So far it's great as long as you don't mind watching short videos and playing short games to earn coins and gems to keep designing.
I really love this game it doesn't have any ads and it I can chose from different decor that's why I am giving this game five stars
I just really love being able to design my own house! This game is a lot better than some of the others I've downloaded, that's for sure!!!