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Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Pixelberry located at Pixelberry Studios 1245 Terra Bella Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo, Alcohol Use, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game, but gems are hard to get! You also have to wait for almost 2 hours or maybe even 15 hours till you can continue the quest which is kind of dumb. Also it would be nice if you could do an update ;p
I was such a fan of this game and High School Story but they're pretty much unplayable now. The content is almost all 'premium'. It''s a MOBILE game. Excuse me Pixelberry, but who do you think you are charging so much for a 'freemium' currency? You're not providing content worth the cost. Why is your mobile app currency worth more than an actual console game? The greed is unbelievable. Thanks for taking a fantastic, engaging game and making it a cash cow. Listen to what everyone is saying.
I love Hollywood U! Its perfect for an adult who still likes games for teens. The waiting can be a bit annoying but its completley understandable. I rated 4 because it seams like theres alot of pressure to get the A-Listers when you can just buy them later when you have the diamonds. Overall, its a good game to play for when you need something to do if youre waiting for something irl.
It's a great game, but there's a glitch where I can't find the "zombie hangout". Apparently this glitch has been happening since few years? Anyways, if anyone could work on the glitch it would be great! I do love this game, as I had enjoyed playing this as a teen. However, things are expensive compared to the amount we "earn". I have learned that patience and choosing what to spend is helpful on enjoying the game.
I put some much money into this game. It just restarted itself and now all moy effort and my money is all for nothing. I would be so happy to see my effort and now everything I've done was for nothing. The fact that you have to spend real money to make good progress is bad enough, but for the game to lose all my information is even worst. Do youself a favour and don't download this game, it's just a headache and a disapointment. I'm very upset with this service.
Had this game a few years ago now I installed it, it won't let me connect my facebook data to my new account will give more stars if fixed
Sometimes it just go black screen and when you swipe it fast it will just disappear...anyways i love it
This game is honestly really entertaining, the storyline is interesting, the quests are really fun to do, I like how you're able to choose options, you never get bored with this game! The only disadvantage of this game is how long the quests take to complete, I think it is utterly ridiculous that in one of the quests, it took 13 hours to complete....I like how realistic it is but at least have the times more reasonable because its really infuriating.
OMG, I love your game so much I love movie star hangout and the otherπŸ˜˜πŸ’ and I am waiting for updateπŸ’–πŸ’–. Please make the loading offline
I've always liked it to play but the thing with the gems is really messed up. For the most things you need massive amounts of gems. Like for the best clothing, for the date things,etc. At the start you have some but when you used all, theres really no way to get more fast enough other than buying them with real money, bcs the little amount you get from some missions (rare) isn't enough! You can't continue, when you used all and won't pay real money. You basically abadoned the game, it's sad
I like it but there are a few problems. 1. It's to hard to get some characters, they are either to expensive or to rare to find please make them cheaper. 2. It's easy to get money but diamond are to hard to get, the only option is buying them with real money. 3. There should be more career options for your character then three, that would make it more fun. But other than that it's fine.
This game is fun BUT i wish there was a way for us to get diamonds. I remember playing this before and we could watch ads to get diamonds but that feature isn't available anymore which sucks. I hope you bring that feature back please
Completely one sided stories, where the main character doesn't get to speak their part and stand up for something right and the villians always win. Plus, diamonds are impossible to come by and everything requires high diamonds or high cash in this game. Fed up of the torture, so uninstalling it.
I really love this game but when I was installing something else it accidently got rid of this game so I came back to reinstall it but because of it it meant I lost all my progress and I was on level 18. Please don't do this I was so mad.
I love this game.. the storyline, the characters and the decor and effort that's been put into this! However this game has still been the same for years. Ive been playing for a long time and recently I've restarted it. In fear 101 it gives u tasks to do however haunted dorms nor zombies are in stores. Id also like to point out that there are very few skin colours or hair colours and quests take forever to complete if you don't have gems. Meaning that u have to wait around for hours..
I just downloaded the game and it's nice but Everytime I play something pops up saying I need to update the game but then I don't want to but then I try and go back and then the game just stops working.is there anyway to fix it because it is just so annoying.
I give it a 3 because it is a game that is fun and everything like that . but there are some things about the game that i think should be fixed . first off, there aren't many ways to earn diamonds like you can money . maybe you should give diamond rewards instead of money rewards . another thing, the last update was in 2017 . i think that you should update again because the game is kind of getting boring because it's the same thing over and over . and there should be more career you can choose .
This game is great and all but there are quests that need "Composers" and i dont have enough gems and when i throw a party there is not a composer , PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!
It's a great game with amazing characters and storylines, but there is one thing you NEED to fix. Whenever I try to click on something, it will act as if I clicked a bit below that. Please fix this, because overall, it's really a great game.
The app is really fun and entertaining! I love the storyline and quests, It makes it so fun and exiting. I also really like the fact that you can choose your own choices without paying with gems, because thats a really big deal with choices or episode. I can play for hours and days without getting bored. The thing that really gets to me is that I have wait for hours just for a quest to get finished. Other than that I do reccommond, but this app has not had a good update in years.
I love this game. But I'm in the middle of level 25, and every time I go to collect the experience points that will help get me to level 26 your game continuously crashes without fail leaving me unable to get any further from where I am now in the game. This is extremely frustrating and irritating whenever I want to play the game wgich I've been avoiding because of the buggy issues lately. Please fix whatever's wrong with the game and I'll change my review here. Thanks.
Really love this game but wish it had more story. Choices has the opposite issue and could be less story oriented. I love the mix of both but I feel like with this game there just isnt immersive story, like for example with romance. I would love to see a new game by the developers mixing this games mechanics with choices mechanics and making something really cool, both can solve what the other lacks.
It's very time-based, as in you have to wait like 8 hours for something to finish. Then they restrict you by making you pay for things like dorms and characters with game money and diamonds in-game. Then to get more money and diamonds you actually have to pay real money!!! I'm like come on! Don't be so expensive and restrictive! I already downloaded this, stop draining my money!!! The actual choices are okay though.
I love this game but... Clicking on thing isn't working. I've gotten very messed up because it clicks on the wrong thing or nothing at all, I love this game so I'm sad that it's not functioning properly. If this is fixed I would happily gave the game a shining 5 review. 🌟
All in all I love this game, but I do have an issue with the fact I am unable to complete the quest "fear 101" due to the fact I can't find the haunted dorm of any zombie's. The graphics are really nice and the different story lines are entertaining, but I wish I could get zombies
I genuinely love this game. It was my favorite mobile game a few years ago. But, despite backing everything up, when I changed phones back in 2016, The game erased ALL my data and I lost like a year and a half of gameplay and I've not been able to get back into it since because I've not had the desire to re-do that much playing. Despite that, though. It's a fun game to play in downtime
I use to love this game but find it ridiculous how much diamonds u need to spend on special quest, dates and more. it's also unbelievable how u need to buy new plot of land to get too the next quest.
Really enjoyable experience. The quests are engaging and fun. The wide assortment of clothes is absolutely AWESOME. The fact that there's always something to do is great. Just wish there were more ways to earn diamonds like a wheel you spin every day and get a prize of sorts. Cash, diamonds, characters, etc. Overall, I love this game! 😁
I personally really like this game, there may be a few glitches there an there. But overall I really like the storyline, characters, details, and everything about the game overall.
It's probably the best mobile game I've played. Interesting storyline, the quests are actually fun, and it's a great time killer. The only thing I dislike is the diamond system. I could use most of my diamonds art the start of the game, then only have a few left when I actually need them. There should be a system where you get diamonds for completing actions instead of money. I probably have 43,356 dollars in-game me only 3 diamonds. I need a way to exchange money for diamonds.
Does this game not have any saving or autosave feature? I looked for the save button before exiting the game but found none. I still exited it thinking that since I linked my facebook and google play then it would be fine. Turned out, when I opened tha game again, I had to start all over again. Hours wasted playing this game. Uninstalled.
I really loved this game. However, they removed the option of adds for gems and now it's very hard to do anything. The quests give you some, but the targets only give clothes. I wanted to get a limited time Halloween character, so I bought a gost but the dorm isn't available, unless I get one for 1475 gems.
Need back/save option so one should be able change the dialog option by loading from that point. 10 minutes of gameplay daily and then wait. Ridiculous
This is a great game and I love playing it but it would be better if you added more ways to get diamonds (I hardly have any), also please can you make the quests/levelling/admissions/updating a bit shorter, and it would also be better if you had the chance to be a model, pop star, make-up artist, etc, instead of just a movie star, director or a fashionista? But otherwise I absolutely love this game, great fun and good entertainment πŸ’œ
I love this game i have 3 reasons and i will tell 1. I have mod apk with unlimited everything. 2. I buy everything i want 3. I make me and my 3 besties in the game but i don't make myself the first character πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
This game is amazing and has everything a great game should have. But I suggest to improve the graphics a little bit or maybe make it a little 3D in the next upcoming updates, that will be much more amazing. Except for that this game is amazing and has a great storyline. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’œ hope you will consider my suggestion too. Thank you-
I remembered playing this game years ago and I enjoyed it very much. Reinstalled it to relive those feelings but its been three years since this app was last updated and to be honest, it doesn't make me feel giddy anymore. I uninstalled it again immediately. Seems like PB completely abandoned this after releasing Choices. I will definitely try playing again once PB decided to fix all the glitches in the game. And please, fix the graphics. Everything look blurry since my phone got a wide screen.
Way too much waiting time. Can't binge play this. You basically click a few times then wait for hours, a cycle. Graphics are really good tho.
it's fun, it's just like high school story and I like the weekly goals but I personally think it's a lot worse because of the meagre rewards for the normal character challenges and how it's a lot harder to earn money. I get that it might be more of an incentive but high school story literally gives you 2000 coins for them and on this game you get 25, and everything is still just as expensive! just seems like they want you to buy coins with real money... So disappointed tbh
This app forces you to upgrade every time i open it .It was working perfectly well on my old phone and i just dont know why it keeps disturbing to upgrade
I hope you make this completely offline just like High School Story. I loved all your games! But mostly I'm playing on my province sooo, there is no wifi or whatever! Soooo make this offline pleassssssse :C
I love the game but like most people, you hardly get enough diamonds and the cost for the premium quests and the A-listers are way too much. It would be impossible get them without paying for diamonds. Even Choices is more reasonable than this.
I downloaded this game before but today I couldn't download it is tried and tried but it didn't work, I know what you're thinking whatever I don't care but it is true so go on press install but I'm telling the truth I end my case.
I love, love, love this game! I think some parts could definitely be improved - but all in all, great game! I think I would definitely recommend this for everyone. Just be careful you age.
I don't like the waiting time in the game. Why does every mission have a waiting time? If we rush it all the time we will end up losing all our gems. I don't like the fact that when your character is still in progress in a mission they can't do another mission. This game has lost my patience >:(
So far I like all your games. This one is great. I'm playing this along with HSS and Choices. The stories are cool and nice designs. Glad you added the ads to get diamonds. I hope you add more ways to get diamonds from quest, etc and maybe make the quest shorter. I really do enjoy the game. Can you also add more romantic storylines. Not just for the main character but explore couples and dating storyline scenerios. It be interesting. Thanks. Keep it up. Hope to see more updates on all your games
It's quite a good game wish it was less confusing. Such as Alison wears an outfit then she changes it. When you watch her she's wearing the same outfit. When a question pops up with what outfit she is wearing your unsure. Also alot of the times there are alot of quests which I enjoy but there is so many that your not sure what has happened to the story.
It's a really good game, I like it, the graphics are good, everything is good however I do not like the fact that the quests take so long to complete, because if this the game gets lame because people don't have that much time to waste. Please consider changing the time duration for quests so I can actually enjoy the game.
I absolutely love this game! Its so fun and ive had this game for a long time. The only thing i dont like is that things are too expensive and money js not generated fast enough. Other than that the story lines are great and its a really fun game to play :)
I couldn't even get started. I had to continually tap on the button for something to work, but it just didn't work properly. My have been fun, but, I uninstalled right away.
Love it, but... I'm stuck on helping my Vampire. For her quest line I need to have another vampire. I've been trying to get one from parties for a year or 2, but nothing, and can't buy another one from the store. Please fix this somehow
I love pixel. games. This one just won't get downloaded. It downloads itself and redownloads itself over and over again until all my data finished. I left my phone and went out hoping that when I come back I would already be installed, but no, all 2 gigs gone! I restarted my phone over and over again (why did I do this you wonder, well because I was desperate to have a game okay?)your games are great but...you know the rest. PLEASE FIX LIKE NOW!!, IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS SORRY I AM UPSET
This game is awesome but I would have added 5 stars if you added 2500 or 500 gems like in high school story you get 500 rings.
To the Pixelberry Team, Firstly I have to say this app is so awesome, I simply adore it, it's so exciting and the character customizes are fantastic, the graphics from the clothes to the hair and everything as usual makes it worth a 5 star rating..The developers really take the time to create apps based on the audiences taste, it's what makes Choices, HSS and Hollywood U truly the best games to me.. I've never had trouble with any of them, I only have good things to say which is why I reccomend!
It's a good app, but I can hardly access it because I keeps on saying cannot reach server. Even when my data or wifi is on. What does that have to do with me and my GAME!!!!! Also, adding something educative might make it more fun!!😊😊😊
When i play this game i thought it was awesome.But one things is feel mad.workshop take 1000+ days for character level update 4 to 5 Seriously!! It takes 1 year or more for update one character.Now game developre company stop updating this game.
Nice app, I'm such a big fan of this game its pretty good, the graphics are fine the quality good but I have ONE problem please fix THIS I hope this was like uhm offline so when were traveling or something I don't get bored because this is online so please noticed this comment/rating and thank you very much if you rlly understand how badly I want it to be offline
Very fun. If they made it multiplayer without having to link to Facebook that would be nice but it's very good without that
I really love this game, but the developers haven't fixed any bugs or glitches in years. Like fear 101 for example; it says recruit a zombie and get a haunted dorm but neither are available in the store. And when the characters walk they look 3D from the front but from behind they're 2D, also, there's only five hair colours to choose from when customising characters. There's more issues but I'd probably run out of space. Overall Hollywood U is worth downloading but it does disappoint sometimes.
I love the game... Though getting resources can be quite hard. The problem is after adding some of the characters like Shae , Marco, Lance etc they tend to talk with themselves when I send them on some quest. Also Lance still works with Blanca to downplay me and he's now my Entourage member. Can this be fixed?
I'm a fan of this game, but the biggest downside is the unbelievable amount of diamonds they require you to pay for almost everything; special quests, a-listers, dating, etc. It makes gameplay really hard and not as fun bc it's so limiting for someone like me who's not willing to pay real money for in-game currency in a mobile app. Having various ways to earn more diamonds in-game, thereby making it possible to experience every aspect of it, would certainly make it more enjoyable.
It's a really fun game though wish there was an easier way to earn more diamonds to do some specific quests
The game is great but i only wish that they'll add more stuff and a diamond store that you don't have to buy with real money. And also a money store too.
It's a great game ...but uh I can't find the 'zombie hangout'?...and since Halloween is near I expected the update to be there already...and things are quite expensive seeing with very little ways to earn money Other than that...I love the game
It is a good game and after I uninstalled it about 2 months ago I decided to give the game another go. There were more outfits and better updates.
Why does the game need data to start it makes me not really like the game. The other is it that to level up is too slow,I think you need to consider impoving the game
This game is amazing but it contains to many ads and I don't understand why this takes data and high school story doesn't but it is still a good game πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love think game but it needs more updates. I like how it includes the kids from High School Story I think that was creative! πŸ˜ƒ Sometimes when I'm playing the game the screen goes black and I always have to reload the game.
So, I really love this game, but I just found out that the Haunted dorm is no longer available, and I never got the chance to get it. I'm so freaking ticked off that I don't get to play the Halloween quest. 😀 Also, I'm mad that there are no more dates to go on with Thomas or Chris. I still love playing it, but it's not the same as it used to be. Hollywood U, please step up yalls game.
It says play free not true but this game is awesome but the thing is it uses my data so that was my dealbreaker because of it. But on another note this game is the best if the data problem was fixed it would have got five stars or make it like high school story and make it offline please!!!!!!!
This has been a great game and I have been playing it for a good few years, but it needs more updates. I noticed that the ads for diamonds were removed recently and when you go to the prizes under weekly goals, the bonus prize is glitched. The time it would say that it would end is the year of 1927.. πŸ˜• It would be nice if there can be some updates on the game. Otherwise, it's still a great game. πŸ‘
I like the game alot but i dont like the fact that it is an online game. There isnt enough network coverage where i live at. Therefore, it becomes difficult for me to play the game
I am not able to get the haunted dorm and also I am not able to recruit a zombie making it difficult to complete a quest! Please fix it, other than that the game is good πŸ‘ Hope you will do the needed.
I really liked it because I was able to download the game and it does not take much data it is really a likeable game so many fun features and so many chraters i love it so much
I've been trying countless times to log into my Facebook account but every time I do, the game says it doesn't match the account linked to the game when there isn't one linked. It's irritating.
Its a great game but this morning when i logged in the game restarted and now i lost my diamond boutique what happened its on level 1 now😑😑😑