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Hollo Ball

Hollo Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Bigger Games located at 17 Savile Row, 3rd Floor, London, England, W1S 3PN. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is full with ads. Let's say a game takes you between 20 and 45 seconds to finish. An ad will appear after every game you finish, doesn't matter if you won the level or just lost it. So, every 32.5 seconds you will watch an ad which takes minimum 15 seconds. Penible. It sucks. I don't recommend this game.
VERY addicting, but would like to see some upgrade and something you can do with all the toys . I'm on Level 3400 and I've done bought everything you can with the coins.
the game is tooootaly not filled with adds more than a overly fat shper massive black hole, and it is tooootaly a good fun and fair game. honestly I wanted to give the game a sckond chance, I played until level 7 and can't beleve how many adds this game can show you in just 5 minutes! the game adds show the game as relaxing and satisfying, but it is as satisfying as watching a goose be eaten alive by magots while screening in agony. simply: too many adds, not satisfying, tried to be cool, failed
I gave this game a three because the game is really fun, but for some reason the game is very small on my screen!?! I dont know if this is a glitch but i dont really like that so i suggest you fix this, and can i say this game has a lot of adds and it wont let me skip Kind regards Arvindh Gangoo
Good time killer, fun physics. Wouldn't hurt to add some sort of progression ie: avatars, background colors, achievements, maybe a distance mode that's infinite until you trip. lots of potential, but at the moment a little too easy with no customization or goals to aim for. (except the finish line)
Not a bad idea, just terrible execution. Extremely laggy, and advertisments will take you to the store page for no reason which is the worst part. THERE IS AN AD EVERY SINGLE GAME. ADS TAKE YOU TO THE STORE PAGE FOR NO REASON. sorry but this is just unplayable.
Fun and addictive. I don't have problems with adds because i turn my internet off when playing. It does need a little more, something. I'm lvl 2380, it's the same thing over and over. Still satisfying to play but nothing new. Would be fun to track how many block are on the board and how many I 'vacuumed' up. Can do it with the diamonds, would like it with the blocks. Game is a little glitchy when a big mass of blocks fall. But that helps make it a little more interesting.
It's laggy, but that's not my biggest problem. Not only is it laggy, you get an ad before you start a level, after you end, and sometimes when you start. Along with, the levels are horrible, you just leave the hole in front of the ball and boom, you win. It's extremely easy, laggy, and too many ads. I've really the 5 star reviews. All "great game" or "challenging" or "no ads". Its all fake. There is no way taping on your screen and waiting less then 30 seconds is challenging!!!!!!!!!!!
Good game, but there is nothing new for a long time. Please make more updates and features in the game. E.g. add achievements, add more game modes.
I gave 4 stars because when I start playing, it seems boring but when I completes more levels then I started liking it .the problem is ads only if you off the mobile data then there is no problem. I completed 1400 levels..
I think I watched 15 ads in not even 5 minutes the game would have been MUCH better if there was less ads. 😒 like when you die you have a choice to save your life with an ad. but if I didn't I restore my life you STILL watch a 30-second ad. most of them are playable ad so I can't skip them!!! I did not install an all you can watch ad app. (that's what's YouTube's for lol) I am very annoyed with this and will not proceed to play this app anymore. best advice is to go easy on the ads seriously.😑
Decent game but not worth playing as an advertisement appears after every level. I played 4 levels each taking around 10 seconds and ads of 30 sec, 15 sec, 30 again. Free games have to have trade offs, so there are ads. But to have to spend more time watching ads than playing the game is no good and not worth my time.
Yet another quickly thrown together app using drag and drop coding and graphics meant only to make a profit by bombarding you with ads
The advert is not true to the game in fact it completely removed something that was in the game. And you can legit sit with the lil black hole at the top of the screen in the middle and never lose. It's boring. There is no scoring system. And I am going to uninstall it.
This is one game that at some levels require patience and dedication. It lagged a LOT on my phone, despite which I reached level 493 in just a week. Really fun game, but might get a little boring as you play on, because there's no real challenge here. A great time pass, kept me hooked on for hours, VERY VERY ADDICTIVE. 5 stars.
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I got to level 586 before giving up. I also only used the second chance option like 3-4 times. It's definitely a time killer, and I only gave it a 4 star because it just gets to the point to where the levels become so hard you can't beat them unless you spend all day on it, which I'm not willing to do because I have a life lol. Fun game though for sure, try it out and see if you can beat my score
fun to play. however, i don't know if its just my phone or what, but there's a bad lag when you move the whole around. and when you're trying to get a block you missed, the hole starts flying everywhere other than where you needed it to go
This game was not like what it was shown to be in the ads. The controls are too sensitive, there is no sound (other than the ads), you'll get an ad after not 3, or 2, but just 1 LEVEL, and this game is just bland and laggy. I would not recommend this game to anybody.
You can't even get onto it if you have more than two other games installed then it's like just goes black and if you do anything is just goes back to what you were on before.
Well this is an okay game. one problem is to MANY ADS. Every time I die and finish a level an add pops up and then when I'm about to play another comes. It even happened DURING A LEVEL (It made me lose) I would recommend u not to get this game if u have no patience for ads.
( i would rate it 0 but it wont work)just installed it and uninstalled it 5 minutes later because the graphics are horibble and it sucks. the ad makes it look like so much fun but it is not. dont install it. IT SUCKS REALLY BADLY no body should install it in the ad it says you have to protect a BALL but you protect some stupid animated PERSON who cant avoid obstacles😡"HE IS STUPID"
It's a good and addictive game(especially when you just cant seem to overcome a level) but i gave this an average rating because of the amount of ads. i understand that most free games have ads, but i know for a fact, not this much. you have an ad to start a new level, redo a level even sometimes an ad after an ad. it gets really frustrating and i would not recommend it to anyone who lacks patience.
Start game, ad. Win, ad. Lose, ad. It's disgusting. Not only that but the "gameplay" if that's what you call it, is so bland and uncreative it's criminal. All you have to do is either swipe side to side blindly or not even move. This is just a shameless, talentless, ad infested joke of a game. I feel used and violated just for having let you force those ads on me. You don't deserve any money you make from this garbage. I hate you, I hope your pet gets hit by a car and your computer breaks down.
WAY TOO MANY ADS. everytime you die, AD. everytime you win, AD. Once even in the middle of a level there was an ad that caused me to die. it would be relaxing if you weren't interrupted every ten seconds. i was trying to listen to my music, but it kept stopping because of the ads. would not recommend.
I'm giving this game one star because although there are loads of ads, (after almost every round and one constantly at the bottom of the screen) it runs so slowly that I cannot play it without dying straight away.
Too Many Ads. If you beat a level, a 30 second unskippable ad will apear. If you fail a level, a 30 second unskippable ad will apear. You also have the option to continue the level if you fail, but you must watch a 30 second unskippable ad to do so. And most of the time, I wont even continue the level! It would just take you to the main menu. Don't get this if you hate ads(which i know you do).
the game was all good until i started getting ad after ad, and then when i click on the game it turns my phone off and i can't press anything (not even the side buttons) so i had to take my battery out, i didn't know what happened so it did it again!!! HORRIBLE GAME.(it also reset my whole phone, thus deleting everything)😂
IT'S HORRIBLE!!! it slowed my phone and i could't uninstallit only when i closed my phone and then opened it. it made my phone glitchy, and the game doesn't even work that well.there are soo many ads level after level and this ad problem i see is pointed out in some reviews.there are no minor problems whatsoever at least if you minimized the ads and make a playable game that was going to be great idea for an app but NOOO WE NEED TO BE LAZY AND DISAPPOINT PEOPLE WITH THIS GAME.just a bad game
There are too many adverts. Alot of the games these days have adds after everything you do. I suggest you remove the amount of ads and give the customers a better experience than just wanting to make money through adds. Customer satisfaction should be more important. Make a balance between the amount of ads and the time spent to play the game. I want to play the game, not be told of 500 other games that are available.
1. the game is hard 2. the game is fun. And i know its not the games fault, but my game does not work on my device so i rate fairly if you are looking for a challenging yet fun and addictive gave try this or if you have my problem try rise up. (P.S. they are pretty much clones of each other) It does have a lot of ads so i suggest turning off internet!
Too many ads. 10 seconds play 15 secomds ads, really ? The levels are autogenerated, i understand but the dificulty is lame, there is no point in keep playing if it has no goal. At least put a star if all the objects are collected or use a counting system or something besides a simple lvl count.
It's a never ending game, but only because the levels literally repeat themselves. Ads are ridiculous. could be a really fun game if you didnt have to play the same levels repeatedly and ads every time you win or lose. Someone is mining for ad money.
worst game ever,so damn boring, graphics are awful and it's nothing like the ads show.in the ads the graphics are way better.please don't istall the game.i suggest that you download something like roblox,hide online, asphalt, cooking fever,e.t.c but don't download hollo ball I actually want to rate this game 0 stars but I can't.if I could I would .
Graphics and everything is awesome, but the game was ruined after the last update. The difficulty level of the levels has dropped drastically. At first, I was stuck at level 47 and felt challenged by the level, and now I'm at level 288 and got there damn easily. Please "Increase" the difficulty level again, because it's become boring now.
I deleted LOADS of apps to get this game! I waited AGES for it to install! I read through all the reviews - bad and good - but nothing is putting me off. After ages of waiting, i get a thing saying " cant install app " I mean! Come on! im really sorry hollo ball if this was not your fault but this hasnt really happened witn many of my other apps.😬
Really used to love it. I played this constantly when I had an iPhone and when I switched back to android, I was so excited to play again. I went to purchase the ad free version and it will not allow it. I cannot play thr game for all the ads they show. Its ridiculous. It truly is disheartening as this game is very cathartic for me otherwise. Please allow an ad free version to be purchased
Good but I got pretty bored. I think it could be better. Maybe a way to select levels that you've already played like in games like candy crush
Closes a lot on it's own. Too many ads. Like almost after every level. And every level takes 2 seconds with a 30 second ad in between. ..Fun game though. Just wish it worked better.
the game concept is interesting but I have few problems. When you clear all blocks from map the game should automatically end as the waiting at the end is annoying. also unfortunate that the optimal thing to do is to hug the very top of the screen blocking view. also over monitised . stopped after 5 levels as there was long ads after every one considering they are short levels as well
This game is awesome. It can give you anxiety but it is so challenging. Yes there are a lot of adds but if you switch your WiFi off the adds will go away. If you like to challenge yourself and have lots of fun doing it then download this game NOW. I hope i was helpful to you guys that are not sure whether or not to get this game. Kind regards😊
This game is excellent quite challenging and fun. The one problem was that I cant cross some ads there is an option but still it doesn't work. Will be pleased if it will be fixed. All in all it is a brilliant game.
Good game, but there are nothing new for a long time. Please make more updates and features in the game. E.g. add achievements, add more game modes.
The game itself is very fun and ridiculously addictive. The ads are the maior downfall. I'm no idiot. I know ads are how developers on free games make a good chunk of their money. But showing an ad after EVERY single level AND after you fail, each time? That's egregious. The levels aren't long enough for that. It feels like there is an ad every 10-15 seconds - because there IS. An ad after every 3-5 levels would be acceptable and welcome because I want it to succeed. But every time is too much.
Its a really goid game thats ruined by too many ads. At the end if each and every game be it completed or failed theres an ad. I don't mind there being ads, i don't think anyone really does, but when there's ads after every single goddamn level it geta infuriating and thus causing people to ultimately uninstall the game...