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holedown for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by grapefrukt games located at Möllevångsgatan 33A 214 20 Malmö. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Rigged worse with game pass. I had to use game guardian to cheat gems and still could not advance further than the 3rd planet. With 32 balls, and infinite shots it throws screwed in bars with hundreds of hits required. This is imposible. I don't know if since it is free with the pass it is made harder without extra in app purchases revenue. Or if it is rigged against you from the start for ads in the nonplay pass version. I would have never mined the first moon with out game guardian.
It was a fun game, for about 3 days. I beat all the levels pretty quickly. If i paid 3.99 for it i would be mad but its on the playpass for free so im ok with it. I would love to see some more content
Considering i got this with the play pass rather than paying directly, it's a decent. You can blast through it and it's unique for the brick breaking genre. It does get to some points where it's a grind and either you feel too overpowered or too weak. I do also wish there was an end of the game marker. Like something to pop up and say hey that's all! You dug through the galaxy! The UI is clean with the exception of purchasing; Ie. there should be a way to choose between map and replaying.
I've had this since launch, and while at the time I would say that it was well worth it, now somehow the game just flat out runs worse and has crashed my phone a few times. Dunno what exactally the updates have been, but they have made my play experience substantially worse. Worst part is that the frame rate of this 2D game is now unstable with visable dips.
SOOOOOO Crunchy. It may be a sort of tired concept as a brick breaking game, but you can feel the love poured into this thing. The creator is a game designer who enjoys their work and it shows. You will not be disappointed.
I'm glad I didn't pay any money for this game. It was fun for an afternoon, but once I realized that the last "level" is just an infinite unwinnable thing, the game instantly list its appeal. There's nothing left to strive for. There's no further enhancements to "upgrade" and no feeling of achievement beyond beating your personal best at level of depth. It feels lazy, like very little thought was put into the game design. 👎🏼👎🏼
I experienced loss of my progress once the second time I opened the app but I haven't had any problems since. The end game could use more fleshing out, I reached the last level which lets you progress as far as you like but I feel the way the game scales you could keep raising the numbers and feel like you're still making progress clicker style.
This core mechanics are great but that game is too short by the time I learned better tactics and got all the powerups, the gane was over. There is an endless mode but it kinda defeats the original purpose of the game.
This is an awesome game I have it on play pass. The only thing is after you get all the upgrades its kind of the same after so long. I have over 300 gems but nothing to do with them. If the developers add like boosts, saves, and/or other new obstacles that would be awesome. Over all great game
This game managed to fix a lot of the problems that people had with games like Ballz, but it ultimately suffers from the same major issue of dragging on endlessly until you sigh and ask yourself, "What is even the point?" The gameplay doesn't change as you progress, and all progression does is make all the blocks have more health, so the game gets even more tedious. You basically just play for an hour until you have an existential crisis and feel dead inside, and that's it.
A game that I "finished" in a day, and enjoyed the whole time. I personally wasn't super keen on the endless mode (which is why I deleted the game) but it's super charming with good controls, and I liked the sound design as well.
Great, quick game. I got to the black hole and unlocked all upgrades in about a week. I wish there was a larger map (wider, not longer) to play in.
I'm the kind of person that likes to play mindless strategy games to distract their brain from ADHD and anxiety and this game is really doing it for me. Love it
This game has one problem: the price. It's well designed, intuitive, and fun. There's just not enough to it for the price they're charging. I'll put up with a few adds here and there for an app that lasts me more than 2 days.
I love this game. I never love games or apps or anything other than music. This game is fun. I mean I have to think which is a good thing. For some reason I think the longer you live the less you have to think. But this game is totally worth thinking about. Man it's fun just try it.
Great game! Fun to play and easy to learn. Stayed sufficiently difficult til I eventually got bored of the endless level. There wasn't much to do once that's reached. Uninstalled it but thoroughly enjoyed it thanks to Play Pass.
This is a great game. As others have mentioned, the animation and aiming were really good. It's a game you can just relax to, but is also really addictive! My only issue is once you get to the endless mode there's nothing new to do. I've got 499 crystals but nothing to use them on as I got all the upgrades relatively quickly. If more levels and more upgrades/boosts could be added this game would have real longevity. But still a great game. If I could give 4.5 stars I would
I get it there isnt much game here and what is there is very easy. But the addition of endless mode makes it so there is a reason to come back. I finally got a 1000+ meters but it takes so long to get there I am not sure I will be tryin again.
I'm gonna say this game is overrated. It's by no means terrible; it looks and feels great. however I am surprised by the lack of content and replayability, especially for its price. there's only a few levels and upgrades you can get. It starts off so addictive and fun. The first levels are easy, then get a bit harder and then it suddenly ends, leaving you only with the unlimited level with no reason to dig except for score. Also, this game has no restart button. Like seriously how?
I like the idea of the upgrades. Unfortunately quickly becomes quite repetitive. I can't come up with a suggestion but would've liked to see more changes/upgrades and different game mechanics as I progress. Has potential.
Animation, sound and music all great, simple addicting gameplay, wish there were more levels and different upgrades.
Over too quickly. Even after the infinite level is reached, there are no longer any upgrades. So you can play indefinitely on the infinite level, but it gets really boring really fast. I thought since I can keep collecting gems or stones or whatever they're called, that I could eventually use them for an upgrade, but none thus far. I added a star for Play Pass availability, however if I had to pay for the game, I probably would have rated only 2⭐ because of how quickly it was over.
Fun but short little game... Get to the end pretty quickly. Biggest annoyance is a failsafe that returns balls that hit only the sides several times so they don't get "stuck" -- it kicks in WAY to soon, often the balls are making clear progress towards the balls below (20-30° angle!) and suddenly they're out! It's not uncommon to only have bricks at top and bottom given the fall mechanic; give it a chance!
Me and my husband love the game. My only question is what is the little character in the bottom right corner. My husband thinks ghost and I think thumb.
Pretty fun game, however what's up with the green planet? I seriously can't clear it, when I have 0 problems clearing the sun and relative ease with the black hole.
incredibly addictive. played through all levels and still playing just to see the 99 balls bouncing around. please make more levels. please....
Very fun game. Not stressful and can be combined with other activities like an audiobook etc. Only four stars because I don't like the interface. You can't restart a game for no good reason, and quitting and restarting the app gets you exactly where you left off. This is somewhat good but at one point I got some kind of error and since you can't really quit the game like any decent app, I had to reinstall and start the game all over. Also the little figure in the bottom is useless.
Fun, lightweight, challenging after the initial learning curve. You think you know how to break blocks, but how am I going to get to *that* level of efficiency?!? Shoot deep to destroy lower levels and drop higher levels, "nick" the edges of those blocks to bounce horizontally, and aim to trap the ball on lower levels.
Polished and fun, based on a tried and true concept... but too short for what they're charging. I would have liked to see more planets and maybe some planet-specific mechanics.
With solid, simple, mostly-satisfying gameplay, holedown is great to pick up for a bit. I didn't find the first levels too difficult, but worry not: the difficulty ramps up ridiculously in the final (endless?) level. While there's nothing quite as satisfying as a volley of balls ricocheting like mad and clearing the screen, there's also nothing quite as frustrating as when your last volley of fifty-odd balls hits a block at a funny angle and bounces uselessly back home 😅 do give it a try!
The game itself is very good and a fresh take on the whole breakout genre. Graphics are satisfying and minimalist and gameplay mechanics are very fun and addictive. But that all dies out very quickly once you have broken all the cores in each level. Took me about 2 hours to complete the game and get to the infinite level at the end and then the game loses all appeal and i just uninstalled. Hope I see some updates to keep this game fresh but absolutely would not recommend spending so much money.
Single most addictive and satisfying mobile game I've ever played. That was until the endgame. It's still fun, but the difficult just ramps up to the point where I can't mine more than a few meters at a time, before encountering rows of blocks numbering 150+ hits each, and no means to destroy them with a trick shot. I really enjoy this game, so please do something about it, without making it so hard it's unplayable.
I wish there was more content. I still come back to endless mode once in awhile, but I'd really like more levels, maybe with different shapes. The core gameplay is fun and the game is not an endless money sink or ad-ridden nightmare. Thanks for making it!
I love this game. It keeps me playing almost everyday. The only thing I would change is the black hole level. Once you reach it, there no incentive to keep playing. Edit: I stand by my previous statement, however there are some cool effects that are added in when you have enough balls to shoot.
It's fun, but I played it trough play pass, it's pretty short. Would be nice if the upgrades were endless, especially the starting number of balls.
Fun, but super easy, then super difficult. I'm at the end of the game and I have every upgrade maxed but it barely makes a difference in the stage. Trust me, I don't mind a grind but the blocks are stacked in ways are are impossible to break them. I understand it's supposed to take a really long time to break through that stage, but it shouldn't be impossible or something you can only achieve if you get lucky. As for everything else I wish there were other upgradable elements and more stages.
Does not function properly on a Samsung s9+. The resolution is warped and only fills the middle half of the screen (vertically)
It's a fun game, but relatively short. I was able to make it to the "endgame" endless mode in a few hours if play, but once you are there you most likely have all of the upgrades and there's nothing else to play for, no reason to keep going down that hole unless you are trying to make it on the leaderboard.
A fun, low stress game with nice visual elements. The lack of a restart option is pretty silly though. I should've be forced to play to the end of a game I know I've lost.
Not very playable on s9. Must be the same for all 'long' phones as the text is squashed and barely readable Edit Restarted and works fine now, scaled correctly. Fun to play and endless mode is fun too
It sadly fails to build upon it's mechanics in any meaningful way, not very fun past the first half hour.
Great game but it can have errors. Sometimes, pieces that should fall don't, but usually they disappear if they get to the top. Just now though, I lost a game when there were no pieces even near the top. If the glitches were fixed this would be five stars.
It's really polished and fun... for the first hour. Pretty soon you reach the infinite black hole stage and have all the upgrades, and the only reasons you have to keep playing are to get a high score and/or to kill time. No replay value at all. I'd give it 5 stars if it cost $1, maybe even $2. Definitely not worth $4 though.
Just wish there were more levels/things toget with the gems... bought all the upgrades and am on the blackhole but can barely get past 500
The game feels good to play and is very polished. To me what holds it back is the lack of depth, funny for a game about digging. It would've been OK if the game sold for €1 to €3 but for €4.50 I expected a little more variety. When I saw that there were different planets to explore I thought they would feature special blocks to make them feel different or have unique bosses but no, planets just get bigger and harder. Not a bad game, it just got repetitive fairly quickly for me.
Love the sounds of the bubbles! Low stress game that can encourage your competitive spirit. I wish there were more planets to play, the endless is nice, but now I have all these coins and cant spens them :( Other than that, great for subway, or wait rooms. Have fun!!
This game is truly delightful in its simplicity. I've been playing on and off for a couple of years now, and I keep coming back to it. It's a wonderful pass time when you want something that you can pick up and put down any time (literally - it saves your state mid-shot!!). It's great for my anxiety, and gives me something to do while relaxing and watching TV or waiting for my code to build.
I love this game. It keeps me playing almost everyday. The only thing I would change is the black hole level. Once you reach it, there no incentive to keep playing.
Good idea, but it feels like grinding from the start. You constantly need to upgrade your stats to just complete a single mission/planet, progression limiting seems feels forced. Also feels like it has been built to sell Microtransactions due to the grind.
Game works well but seems very limited. There aren't enough upgrades to advance quickly. You have to play the same levels over and over and once you level up, that's it. No more advancement. I'm sure others have beaten the black hole level, but I've given up. Should have saved my $4 for something else.
I think this is a really fun time waster. I understand the people complaining about price , because there isnt much replay value, but I got it on the play pass - so its a great find for me!
The game doesn't have a lot of depth. (pun intended) While the various upgrades can keep you occupied for a while, ultimately it's not a game of skill — you can grind away until you win.
The game has a very unique concept, its like a progression based breakout. The only issue is once you've done all the upgrades and unlocked the last zone( roughly a took me 4 hours) it just kinda fizzles. Perhaps if the progression was a longer ladder or there was some more unique upgrades I'd give it a 5 star. Overall worth checking out as a time killer.
I still keep going back and replaying this even after finishing all the levels few months back. The gameplay experience is just so fun and easy to get into even for a quick minute. The sounds, the graphics and the mechanics are put together really well. If I could wish for anything more for this game, it would be more levels!
Nice variation on brick breaker games. Polished animation and sound effects keep things interesting, and the aiming controls never failed me. It only took about 6 hours to max out all the upgrades and get to endless mode, but it's a solid game if you like this kind of thing. Might be more challenging for kids.
So, I absolutely love this little game. I play it randomly, but I really wish there were more levels since I've completed everything but that vicious black hole. Ha.
fun until the end then the games AI makes it extremely extremely hard to win. It takes the fun and incentive out of playing the game
Ball shooter clone done right. Relaxing, graphically pleasing, void of all the obnoxious ads and pay to win nonsense. Right down my alley. If anything, the only downside is how short it is.
Love this game, but loses a star for how quickly you can max out everything and hit a ceiling. Really wish there was more! Dropping it two stars. The infinite level is completely useless. I thought I'd at least have high score to try and beat, but the total randomness makes it awful. Having no upgrade ceiling means I would at least get some improvement and benefit to the grind.
Game is really good, I appreciate that it saves the game wile playing levels. I have to agree with everyone else though that one you've played through the first level it's all just more of the same. Once you get to the end level there isn't much motivation to keep playing. I think introducing fixed levels and leaderboards might help as well as new block types, maybe ones that can't be broken, spit balls, etc ...
It's a cute slick game but gets boring real quick. The mechanic is literally the same from the start to the finish and the only thing that changes throughout each level is that the numbers get bigger. No new mechanics, new challenges, new powers, nothing. Definitely a loss of opportunity.
This is one of the top 30 games I've played on google play. It's fun and gets challenging as you progress. It's a little short but that doesn't really bother me.
This game is the new Tetris for me, I just played and played until I finished. Worst part is that there isn't enough of the game to keep playing. An update with more challenges would be amazing!
Fun but gets repetitive fast. I think it's good enough as a finished product for a kid to enjoy but some things were mildly frustrating like not being able to speed up the balls and having to wait for tens of balls to do their thing and come back!!! Not that big a deal, really the worst thing is just that there's not much more to do. Each levels the same challenge, just bigger in scale, and even the upgrades are also just the same "powers" you already have, they just get bigger in scale.