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Hole.io for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When I first played this game it was great, perfect graphics and hardly any ads, it was a 5 star game. But after a few months after I started, Halftime was added, More ads, and terrible graphics and lag. So I can't really call this game "fun" anymore. In my opinion, I think the developers are greedy for money and not the game quality. So please focus on us to.
I used to play this all the time. Now there's adds in the middle of the game (can't we have a 2 minute round without ads?) Paid for no ads, and it still stops at halftime and makes you watch an ad. It also gives the option to watch an ad to beck.e bigger ar halftime, which i see as cheating. I'm deleting this app.
Really satisfying, fun, and addictive game. I must say that there is a lot of adds. But besides that I would recommend this game.
Love playing this game when I've got a few minutes to occupy myself.. mwish there was more levels cause I've mastered all the levels and modes already and something new would be awesome... Great game
This game is honestly really fun, but there is so many ads please take away the ads, the game play is not glitchy at all and yeah this game is really fun!
In the middle of a competitive game it will run an ad. The battle mode soft locks if 2 or more players make it to maximum size. Pretty poor.
I like this game, I really do. But there are several bugs that have been in the game for over a year that have not been fixed. There is no way to unlock the pig skin as growing to "max size" in clsssic mode never triggers. Also, if two players reach lvl 19 in the battke royale, the game becomes unwinnable, and the only way to end the game is to force quit the app.
Ok so I've had this game for two years or so cause it's a fun little time waster well you take a dump. Lot of ads like any of these games but just picked it up again after a long break and it added ads in the middle of the round. It's only a 2 min round in the first place. You can't wait 2 full minutes before endlessly pushing ads on us? Nope. I'm out. Delete
Horrible. Now you can't play a 2 minute game without an ad popping up in the middle. Used to be a cute 2 minute game. Now less than 60seconds at a time. Will not recommend, will not purchase just to play for 2 minutes and other say even if you pay - is interrupted with ads. Do not waste your time... Just a shame. Used to be fun.
Such a fun game. Really. But they went from putting an ad at the end of every game, which was frustrating enough, to putting an ad in the middle of the game and another ad the end, and expecting you to pay $5 to get rid of ads. I understand that they have to make money, but having to pause mid game really is just so frustrating.
Was enjoying the game for a while and with the recent update halfway through the 2 minute game it stopped to play an ad, i dont mind an optional ad to improve your progress but that's just going too far
This game is so interesting! You go up against opponents in each match to eat anything you can and get as big as you can so you can conquer and win the matches. I love this game and definitely would recommend to anyone who just wants to waste time, hangout and play with friends, or just simply enjoy during a rainy day! Everything is so great, from the quality to the little details. 10/10 great app. Definitely will play again.๐Ÿ˜LOVE IT!
Used to love this game - then they doubled the ads Each game is TWO MINUTES, I'm used to most mobile games having an ad AFTER the game ends, but they now stop the game EVERY MINUTE to show you an ad regardless of whether or not you press watch ad or continue. Really Voodoo? Are you not making enough money?
I love this game, but there is SO MANY ADS. I get it if there was an ad at the end of each round, but there's ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROUND. I cant play without an ad popping up when its halftime. I don't understand the necessity of putting an ad before, during, and after the round. So unessesary and annoying
It was a fun game until I joined one of the battle Royale games and someone got the same size as me, it was the max size so the game didn't end until I left to write this review. Neither of us could have won. I went around trying to win for 30 minutes, I'm assuming that the max size is 19. They either need to make the size have a higher max or if everyone hits the max, whoever has the most kills should win the game. They could also make whoever has the most points wins.
Very cool game, slows down a bit sometimes and won't let me complete classic game before crashing! And sensitivity on my steering screws up all the time it'll keep going forward without me wanting it to and won't turn. Wish I could fix those glitches cuz I do like the game! Needs a little more work and maybe another area to devour!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Love this game. The only thing that would make it even better is if it had sounds like horns blowing on the vehicles/ boats before disappearing, people screaming, swoosh sounds as things disappear into the hole.
I used to enjoy this game quite a bit, not fantastic, but entertaining in those dead moments like when waiting for your turn at the med office. Then turned into a click bait and ad spammer, like most "Voodo" games. You are asked to see an add every 30 seconds, and if you say no, you still get to watch one. You waste more time in ads than actually playing. I'm uninstalling this.
After a couple of years playing this game which wad good. Now, seeing an advert right in the middle of the game, reduces the enjoyment and flow, it is one way to drive people away. I wish you had approached it differently, either pit the ad at before the game starts or at the end. I would like to buy it, but, I cannot see a price for as free version.
It's really fun! Mindless relaxing game that I can get sucked into playing for hours. Was in the hospital for 7 hours but it wasn't too bad because I had this to play. Good game.
It truly amazes me that a developer ever thinks "you know what would make this game better? More ads!" Because no. Absalute not. This game use to have a 5 star review from me. I just played it for the first time in a while. I watched 3 ads before the end of the game. Before the end. As in, in the middle of my game. Not cute. Good luck with the future of your game. I am so very disappointed. This use to be my favorite game.
horribly addictive. love it. Edit...nov 5 2020. This game sucks now. The timers and ada are ridiculous. There are WAY too many. Cant stand playing it anymore.
This game was surprisingly fun before they put an ad in the middle of the game. I really don't feel like that was necessary, and it was definitely a huge bummer. One ad at the end was tolerable, now it just isn't fun anymore.
1 star from 5 , for a massive disappointment. Advertising it's understandable,but no one want to watch 30 s advert while hole game taking 2 min? And it's so easy now , you can do nothing for first 30s and still win the game. What have you done to such a great game voodoo ? No Thank You. SHAME !
The developer has has decided to interrupt game play (on a battle game where you are playing against other people) with random ads that completely disrupt gameplay. They appear to have done it to all of the games that I used to play from them. Removing them all. To be fair I have no issues with ads before or after but not in the middle of the round.
I like the game that's why I gave it before but it's kind of I like to fac my one of my favourite bits to do I would have given it a 5 but it keeps on giving me notifications over and over again like five notifications a day and it's gets on my nerves very much so I do recommend downloading this game but be sure to just ignore the notifications don't actually do it so I sometimes don't ignore the notifications and intend gets me right app store I don't know what's wrong with the game it is sign
This game was fun when it first came out but now it's just bad with all the ads. They're ads continuously at the bottom of the screen, ads before you start, ads in the middle of the game, ads when you finish. It's insane... Guess I'm uninstalling
Addictive, but the ads are now way too many. I even paid to remove them, but still get the optional ones for longer timeplay. How can I be refunded? No ads means no ads.
This game used to be so much fun and I played constantly! But now they put an ad in the middle of a TIMED game. They used to just be at the end of each 2 minute match. But now it stops you right in the damn middle. It's the WORST.
Ad hell. This used to be a great little time waster that you could play with a friend. They removed multilayer and replaced it with ads. Then they added more ads with an occasional dash or extra ads. Just like every game they make they completely ruin it with adverts and greed.
I'm so happy you guys made the same blunder with hole.io that made crowd city unplayable. The banner ad somehow covers the entire screen... maybe it's just my phone but it happened with the latest update to both games...
Lunacy, but lots of fun. Added: Suddenly, half screen ads are showing up in the middle of the screen during gameplay. Impossible to play when you can't see... Second addition: Now the overlay ads have been fixed, but halfway through a level it will suddenly freeze with a "Hey, do you want to watch an ad?" message. When I tap "No," it shows an ad, anyway. This makes the game incredibly jarring to play. This game has dropped from 4-5 stars to 1, solely due to your abusive ads.
The sole idea is great and interesting, but... Way too many of too long adds... And the game crashes just after one of them in the middle of gameplay. Unless you like to be mind numb and really like commercials, I wouldn't recommend this experience.
I love this game but on my old phone I HATED it but my phone back then was really crappy and with a better phone there is less lagging and its SO much fun I recommend if you are always bored and have nothing to do and wanna pass the time
Terrible ad issue. Beyond laggy. And items always clip through the hole and the ground. I thought that the last issue would have been fixed in the last year that I stepped away from the game. However, it has not, since their focus has been on ads, it seems. Why is there a halfway timer for an ad now?? And why do I get an ad whether or not I want to get bigger from the halfway point? Voodoo is nothing but money hungry shills at this point. So pitiful to see. Would not recommend.
Good & addictive game but it's annoying that in Battle Royale mode, if the last 2 players are on level 19, no one is able to win the game, and I am forced to quit & restart the whole game regardless if I have the crown or not. Edit... update now features toooo many ads. I don't want to watch an ad after every game.... that's annoying. Especially when there are no additional features to the actual gameplay.
This game used to be fun. It did always have bad bugs. But you havent fixed any issues you just keep adding more to it. Fix the bugs and take out all the exstra adds. You have a 2 min round but you stop it half way through to forces us to watch an add weather we want to upgrade or not. Then we are forced ti watch an add at the end of the lvl. That is 2 adds per lvl that is only 2 mins long!!!! If you wanted us to watch adds and not enjoy your game you hit the target.
Was 5 Star, no more. Putting an advert half way through the game is just a pain. I loved this game and would spend hours on it. I've just played it again for 10 mins half of the time was on the ads pretty much! I do like the watch an ad at the end to add 30 secs and if they had just added that I'd still have given 5 stars. But for me this game is now not worth playing.
Edit: ads in the *middle* of the level? Uninstalling. Like most of these ad farmer games, the match ends just as it's getting fun. It's not fun dealing with constant ads and playing with 90% bots. Addictive game, just wish they were actual games and not revenue generating ad farms.
Infested with ads now. I've had this game for about or over a year now and it didn't always have ads in between games, and now they try to sneak in 2 ads in the middle of every game. And all the other holes are just robots, not humans playing. This game used to be fun and a good time kill when it wasn't infested with ads.
I've been playing since it first came out. I took a break from it for a while and tried to go back today 10. 5. 20. The rounds are only 2 minutes long and they PUT AN ADD IN THE MIDDLE. It's absolutely ridiculous and I will be undownloading the game because of this. I don't care if you guys weren't making enough money. It absolutely ruins the idea that you are a hole in the ground with no limitations. It ruins the fun flow of the game. I can't believe you guys were so stupid to do this.
I love the game! It is really fun and creative. But one thing I dislike is how in Battle Royale mode, the max level is level 19. If two players reach level 19, then neither can win. I think to fix this they should either make more levels so that the players can eat each other instead of being stuck, or they should let the person who has first place in between the two people win automatically.
Fun game, but I do have a couple of reccomendations 1. Make pause menu. 2. Give the player the option to choose maps, or give them the option to disable maps. I like all the maps, but my phone does not like it when I play on the map with the robots. If I could avoid playing on it, I would enjoy the game a lot more 3. When I try to watch an add for a reward, the game doesn't show it (it just skips the ad, it did show an ad when the game finished. 4. Make a 100% mode without timers.
These "Fake players" keep respawning after killing them, by the way, 2 minute is too short, could've been 3 or 5 minutes, and you won't update it to have multilayer with real people
Used to like game. Now it's a bit excessive with a game in the middle of the game since there is an ad between. Thought that was excessive as other games don't even prompt an add every game. Also there needs to be more scenes if they are going to add more adverts.
Used to love playing this but stopped playing for a while. Only to come back to it and find out they put ads right in the middle of your game. It really is the most annoying thing. I guess their tactic is to make money off of your frustration if you're willing to spend almost $5 to remove the ads. Not even worth it if your an android user (which i currently am) because the graphics suck! I had this game on a previous iPhone and it was 1000% better visually.
Don't pay to remove ads. Great game except the ads are out of control. I decided to pay the $3.99 +tax to remove ads, but this only removed random ads. Before, during a typical 2.5 minute game you would experience 5 ads. After paying to remove ads, I still have to watch 3 per game. Granted, those 3 ads are optional to get certain advantages, but that is not stated in the 'remove ads' button. Feels a little bait and switch. Otherwise fun game.
It's Okay. It just stood at level 19 should be something higher.. I'm ALWAYS Winning so I am stuck at level 19 in battle royale but when I surpass the others they seem to run and game glitches and they at 19 with me.. need something higher than 19 .. I've been around the map 22 times.. and we still in the same city no one can eat a level 19 when we both 19.. fix this! There's also a lot of ads.. when the game opens, before I get to play the game 1 min.. there another 3 Before the next game ๐Ÿคฆ
This WAS one of my favorite "waiting room" games. Fantastic for killing half an hour. Except good grief at all the ads! It used to just be one ad between each round. Now there is an ad intermission, and the option to watch an ad to get more time. Which just kind of kills the point of being competitive at it at all. Except even when I clicked no, it made me watch the ad anyway but didn't give me the extra time ๐Ÿ™„
Fun game...been playing it for years. The adverts are ruining it, though. I can understand adverts betewwn games but stopping gameplay to force players to watch adverts is bad. The gameplay hasn't changed one bit in 3-4 years, so I'm not about to spend money on it just to get rid of the adverts. If you hate game interruptions, don't install this game. I guess I am done with Hole.io
This game once used to be a nice fun and addictive game but when I downloaded the game now there seems to be no level higher than lvl19. Please bring back the level ups in the next update because I played the game only because I was getting bigger in size and levelling up many times.
Game freezes a lot, usually when I'm finally winning. I don't like that all player's don't start off as the same size in Battle Royale and Ad's in the middle of a 2 minute game is ridiculous, could use some more levels but otherwise it's a fun game.
Used to be great but the ads make it unplayable. Instead of 2 minutes of play, it's 1 minute, an ad "halftime" the second minute, then an extra 30 seconds if you watch another ad, and then an ad when you're done. Rediculous
It's a fun game don't get me wrong but there are too many problems to just say it's fun. The ads being in the middle of a game is one of the most glaring issues. You get an ad before sometimes, and in the middle and then right after. The game is mostly just watching ads. Also I dislike how you don't even battle against real people but bots so the game is rigged and there doesn't seem to be really any goal to work towards. The game moves from being good fun to being tedious.
This game absolutely sucks I would have given it a 4 or 5 star review when it first came out but the creators are wayyy too greedy and money thirsty. You can't go longer than a minute playing this game without an ad. I had the game on my old phone and it was amazing,fast forward about 6 months and I re-download it on my new phone and play it for maybe 15 minutes and it it no fun at all this fame is not worth the storage or space on your phone.
It is honestly a fun game to pass the time but the time you get to level up is to short in my opinion and there is waaay to many ads. If you gave a longer amount of time to level up and cut down the amount of ads you have to watch just to play the game it would be a lot more fun. Unfortunately due to the amouny of ads I will be uninstaling.
There isn't too much to this game but for whatever reason I am obsessed I play this every day for a couple minutes. I just wish there were more objectives available and then one of the objectives for one of the skins is really vague and not achievable. But other than that I love this game...
Good. Hate the ads. It would be better if it didn't automatically leave it's own comment here and make me edit it to write a more accurate one. For that you lost a star. Beware of the other comments below.
This honestly WAS my favorite game. Had it for Years as did my family. These insufferable asshats have now made it so that the game literally STOPS after one minute - ya, SIXTY SECONDS - and you are forced to watch an ad before continuing for another sixty seconds, when the game finishes and you are forced to watch yet another ad. Are you freaking serious?? I am uninstalling after years of play, and so is my entire family. Don't put up with these ads people! Find games with reasonable ad time!
I have found that the ad problem is gone but now my game is really buggy I know it would be a really fun game if I was able to play it, but my black hole go's where I don't tell it to go and when I get control over it I put it going one way to eat something and then it doesn't stop going that way, if possible please try to fix this. Tho I think the ad thing is jest my phone because my friends still get alot of ad's, so please fix the ad thing to so that other people can play your amazing game.
Nice game. Programmers put a lot of effort in creating it, the worlds are so detailed! Graphics and controls are very good. Pleasant experience in playing it. I only play it when I am away from wifi, so I don't get any adverts at all, you should do it too :-) Wish there was an option "How much time it takes you to get 100%" The game was updated and it now runs much smoother. I recommend it, great fun.
To whom it may concern....I love this game, and everything about it.....except your game has no sound and to me that is so annoying....please fix this problem...the problem has not been resolved as of 7-20-2020 ....why can't you put sound in the game? It would make it so much better.....your 4 star review just went down to a 2. I came back to see if you changed anything from my last post.....and still no sound....you just caused a uninstall
Fun and addictive gameplay BUT you cant enjoy it at all because they are Drowning the game in ads. They force you to watch 2 ads DURING a round, then an ad after unless you wanna double your rewards with an additional ad. AND you have to watch an ad before the round to "start bigger". I was sincerely disappointed as the gameplay itself is quite fun but the absurd amount of ads just makes this unplayable. Uninstalled.
I played the game for over a year. I found it a relaxing game. I enjoyed getting bigger to swallow as many buildings as possible. It would be 5 stars a year ago. However, now the game is so bad. The game lasts only 2 minutes but now there is a halftime add mid-game! Why? Just to make more money. I click to reject the add and it still takes 10-15 seconds to return to the game. I was ok with an add after each game but in the middle of a game seems over the top. Sorry to say I am uninstalling it.
Ok, so 3 things, 1. It's a fun game but once I wanted to play with my little brother, but that's when I realized that you don't actually play against people that are actually humans so no, don't get this. 2. It's way to easy and you can kill people easily. 3. This game has a MAJOR ad problem. Also 1 more thing, it's SO STUPID I really don't understand why it's rated TEEN because there's no blood.
Get ready to get prison shower poked by the amount of ads! Now they play right in the middle of a 2min game. You can't go more than a minute without being forced to watch a 30 second ad. You guys not only shot yourself in the foot. You blew your whole leg off. Negative 5 stars!
Killed by ads. This could be a really good game to pass the time but the devs have gotten greedy with the ads which are relentless. I'd pay for the game if I could be sure I'd get an ad free version but I don't think I'm guaranteed that. Multiplayer is bots. Android is still glitchy too.
Highly addictive! You have been warned! HA! Love this game! Update late 2020...I've dropped my star rating due to the fact that the number of ads in this game has been increased nearly three fold. It's just too many ads!! I know the developers want to make some money, and they deserve it. I do not begrudge them, but come on folks! This is WAY too many ads!
This game is the best! But i lost my progress;( hope that the devs can fix it! Oh yea and the ads,they are TOO many ads!!!
It is amazing.Just amazing it is like to eat up city or put a city in a hole that is it soo good everytime i first went to sofa and sit in it and play this game and the app has change the outer photo in the old one it was like a hole or something.
Well , I've had this game for a couple of years. It used to be a good mins numbing game to play while waiting for something.Now it's completely bombarded with AD's. It used to be at the end of every second game, now it every game and sometimes the game stops for and Ad to play right in the middle. Each game is only a few minutes long. Really are you hurting that bad for ad revenue....... Try putting out some new content. A few more levels, brutal time for it to go the way of the Do.
If more than one player reaches level 19 in battle royale, the game goes on forever without a winner. Fix that and I will buy ad free.
Just as everybody else says, this game used to be great back in the day... maybe an ad after every other game or something, but now its every 60 seconds. Oh and don't forget about the "continue" button that should make you keep going and not have an ad, nope its still an ad whether or not you want to upgrade! Big fan lost here. I should pay for the no ads and support the game you say? Knowing this game has started being huge ad supporters, makes me think its not worth it.The people want less ads
I liked this game before, even though you could only play with bots. I even paid for no ads. I just updated after a while of not playing, and now it pauses in the middle of a round wanting me to watch an ad to get bigger. Then I click "no thanks", and after the round is over it asks if I want to watch an ad for more time. I already paid you to just play a single player game without ads. Nothing has improved, and more ads have been added. I'd pay more for online play, but this is just annoying.
Fun at first, then it gets boring. Alot of ads, but i didn't really mind it. It's a good game, easy to win, but it gets boring fast!
I've never been able to get to max size on my android, but have managed it on my ipad. Android also keeps crashing out in the middle of games. Also, they've now put ads in the middle of your game which is infuriating; don't mind them at the start and end, but right in the middle of a match?? It's a fun game to play and will increase stars when bugs fixed.
This game used to be amazing, but now it's really laggy and the whole "half-time" thing is obnoxious. I hate being interrupted in the middle of a game for an ad. I used to have a great time playing this game but now it's iffy. The idea is still amazing, but because of the amount of ads and lagging I'm gonna have to give it 2 stars. Sorry.
Stunning game, been playing for a while. I honestly have no suggestions. I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely amazing! I just don't understand why this is one of the only games I actually enjoy, as most of these Voodoo games have an overpowering amount of ads, but from my experience, it really isn't bad! I enjoy the ability to become bigger at the beginning, and in halftime. Fantastic game! Only one peeve, how the insides of some holes look. I wanted the rainbow for its insides. SAD
This game wass a lot of fun but they've absolutely ruined it with ads. In the middle of game play you need to watch a 30 second ad to continue playing. Once you complete that game play you can double your score with an ad or continue with an ad anyway. Per gameplay you are forced to watch at least 2 ads. Will be uninstalling and never playing or recommending this game to anyone ever.
I had this game a few years ago and it was so fun I had to delete it because my phone got wiped out. I reinstalled it a few months ago and now there are non-stop ads. You start a round add in the middle and then add at the end. I highly don't recommend this game because it is a greedy money grabbing game that wants you to pay for no ads (which I did) And then gives you more ads. DON'T DOWNLOAD
Need more the 2 minutes in the game modes. Can you please expand the levels and decrease the advertising? Also Sometimes very glitchy. Honestly really like the game though but If you can take suggestions from your consumer base, it would make it so much better.
I also had this game a while ago... Thought it was great. Then I came to find out you play with bots... So I deleted it. I decided to reinstall a year later and not only are ads every 2 mintues stupid. But you have a half time ad!!! Half time.... During a 2 minute game ... I get your only source of income for all the ad full games you make is from ads, but common.... You're getting greedy
What was a great game is now a glitchy pos. And fix the maps too! Make them selectable. I'm thinking this was not worth buying and sorry that I did. Now I get ads at the bottom of the screen... about time to delete. I paid for no ads versions and these voodoo bastards filled it up with ads.
Very addictive! I love the game! BUT, you have to like adds. (add before you start, add during mid-game, and add after the game, and more if you want extra coins or XP) there is probably an estimate of 4 adds per round making the game more of a show. The game consists of 80% adds then game itself.
This is amazing but i heard there is allot of people complaining that there is ad that happen to me too, that dosent mean the ad, cause its an offline game, ignore does one who said that, your game is super amazing, i gave u 5 stars ;)
How do you make a game that is fun to play and make it absolutely terrible? Let me count the ways. The game consistently freezes at "halftime", so I can't even finish the game. When I was able to select "Continue", I still had to watch some pointless ad. Of the approximately 20 times I've played, I was able to complete 4 or 5 games. This was a fun game, now it isn't. After over 3 years on my phone, I'm uninstalling.
Used to be a fantastic game. Played for the first time in a few months, just be be disappointed at the amount of adverts. There's even an ad halfway through the game, which is 1 minute in, then one at the end. You spend 75% of your time watching ads. Going to uninstall
Horrible game,at the end of most games you're stuck with 2 ppl who can not beat each other due to both reaching max size.Now someone has to quite with no option but to shut the game off from your app not in game,and with the crown at max size why would that person loose?plus there are glitches where ppl glitch off the map and now can't win or loose regardless of size,the winner stuck losing anyways.Game needs fixing.Needs a end game tie braker aka who has the crown.
This game is so fun but there is a pig skin,To get that skin you have to reach the max size three time in the game.So I donโ€™t know what's the max size and donโ€™t know how to reach it,So I think that should be a little bit easy like not the max size three times a little easier.(sorry for bad english and if you know how to reach it,Congratulations)
Its a very fun game, addicting too. Totally recommend. The only reason why I gave it a 4 star is b/c the games are very short, and it's way too easy be 1st. I would suggest the developers add more of an objective to the game b/c it's way to fast and simple. I really like the update when if you die, you don't immedietly revieve. That was a good one.
The game it's self is cool but there's a glitch that won't allow me to unlock the last skin. It says I have to have a certain point value at least 3 times to unlock it. I have gotten over that point value multiple times and it still won't unlock. Once that is fixed, I'll give it a better review.
I paid for no ads on this game because it is honestly fun and not time consuming. I used to play it all the time and liked it but now it prompts me for ads constantly even though I paid for the app. Ruined it for me, don't bother paying for no ads.
I overall really like this game it's fun to play. However I don't like the halftime with the ads in classic mode. Also in battle if there is two players left and both are at 19 you can't get any bigger. This has happened to me several time please fix this.
ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! ADS! That is all you get from this game. I made the mistake of purchasing the no ads version because my daughter loves this game. And guess what! Still, ADS! I recently bought a new phone and the "restore purchases"option does not work. Giving two stars because its an entertaining game but c'mon with the ADS that just ruins it.
I really enjoy this game but a ridiculous amount of adverts, including one interrupting the gameplay. I tried purchasing the no ads option but this made no difference so don't waste any money on this option. Would have given 5 stars if the adverts were not there after purchasing.
Ads stop play! Whoever decided it was a good idea to put ads during gameplay needs to rethink their choices! I don't mind ads say between games but to where they currently pop up, no thanks. Will be uninstalling.
Game consistently restarts at the halftime mark, making it impossible to advance past the first half of the first level. Showing of ads also triggers the same issue. Prior to this update, the game was trouble free and enjoyable to play.
Mostly ads now. I used to enjoy playing this but hadn't played in a while. One 2 minute game and there was 60 seconds worth of ads. I understand the need for revenue and ads but I'm not spending 1/3 or more of the time watching ads. Sorry. Guess I'll be uninstalling and moving on.
This is a great game, or rather was. Years ago it was amazing, so much so I paid for the ad free version which is rare for me. Then a few years ago they introduced a bug on the Android version where you couldn't reach max level anymore. Still, the game was mostly fun, though I was annoyed they not only did not fix the issue but they wouldn't respond to even acknowledge it. Now, most recent update has inserted more ads and interrupt timed rounds to do so... Did I mention I paid for no ads? Sigh
I use to love this game but then I realized its a whole bunch of bots and the ads are just plain ridiculous. 30 sec ad in the middle of a 2 min round only filled with very dumb bots. Yeah....I dont review apps at all but I had to come back and change my 4 star to a 1. After revisiting this washed up use to be fun game. I'm definitely going to Uninstall. Also if you are reading this and have played this new version you should do the same and Uninstall it too. Thank you for reading my review.
Not what it used to be they are constantly giving you adds for you to pay 4โ‚ฌ for premium, even tho this is a game just to pass time. You get nothing out of putting money into it. Sad the game took a turn for money instead of cherishing their player base
I've had this game for a long time, the last update ruined it! Now u get ads during game play and after levels. The during game play ruins ur playing experience the whole game stops so u can get an unstoppable 30 sec ad for garbage. It use to be fun but now it's just horrible the only reason I'm not deleting outright is so that people can see this review and not waste their time
Ads in middle of game now. Had given this a 5/5 before...I know the whole purpose of these games is greedy money grabs but come on, they're already over saturated with ads you really don't need to completely ruin the game by putting ads in the middle of the game now. :(. They really need to limit the amount of ads in these games anymore, they really are more ads than games now!
Ads aside, I really enjoy playing this game, but i would genuinely LOVE a game mode where it lets you play to 90-100% completion on each level and it keeps a list of your best times. I want to explore the levels and just eat everything and not have to worry about a time limit. People would probably miss a few things (hence the 90-100%) or just feel like they're done, so leave a stop button on screen. #pleasedothis
I really like this game and its addictive to, the only thing that's bothering me is that there are a bunch of ads if your playing with internet and thats really annoying. I suggest playing without internet for those who don't like the ads. So far, my expirence with the game is really good! Its very eye catching to. I really suggest this game for those who haven't downloaded it!
Jesus Christ, holy cow, how many adverts you need to watch after you play one game??? On average you will last 20 to 30 seconds before your die. The adverts are crazy. Some last longer than the game play. On other occasions, you'll need to watch 3 in a row. Only had this game install for 5 minutes. Unplayable due the constant bombardment of adverts. Uninstalled
I used to play this game all the time and it was fine for passing the time or just playing the different modes. I usually don't care for ads (like most),but they used to be reasonable. Noe they stop the game in the middle of it just for an ad, then end it with an ad, the make you watch an ad because of an ad (last part is exaggerated, but still my point comes across. The developers have become greedy and posted 2 ads on the front, sometimes before you play, in the middle, at the end.
I used to play this on my old phone a lot. It was a great way to pass some time. But after recently getting back into it, it is literally unplayable. I literally sought out this app page to let the devs know this is absolutely ridiculous. I will be sure to bring this up in my game design classes as one of the worst ways to butcher your fan base. I sincerely hope you take a look into this because it used to be really fun. One of the only mobile app games I cared to play. Half time ad? Really?!
Used to be great, very addictive. Ads used to only be at the end of round, now ads appear at the beginning, half, and end of levels. The game is only 2 min a round. It feels like I'm spending more time watching ads than playing. Bonus round where you looked for treasure now seems to be gone. Just no fun anymore. Uninstalling.
I used to spend hours playing this game! I even taught my daughter to play and she loves it. I don't approve of all the ads though. A 3 minute round does not need 3 ads! Even with the power up it's disruptive to the game experience. Maybe it will be worth changing the rating when the developers fix the ads. Maybe pay a certain amount and play ad free?
UPDATE: Started playing this again after a long time and now it's trash. Ridiculous halftime on a two minute game compounded by the game restarting as soon as the halftime ad starts to play. The result is that I can only play the first half of the game.11/2020 fun and addicting but can be buggy. If your over of those people that must earn every single skin you'll hate it. There's s bug in it so you'll never earn the one for Max size and therefore you'll never earn the use every skin one either
I wish there were more places such as a jungle, or underwater, maybe even a desert! Also would be great if there's a setting to turn off the 2 minute timer for each game. My younger cousins would love to play this but gets disappointed for not clearing the whole city. It would be satisfying to finish it off somehow right? But aside from that, the game is great!
This used to be a fun game, but putting adds in the middle of a competitive round makes it utter trash. Go back to adds before or after the match. I get that you deserve money for your work, but it should not interfere with the rounds. It would be acceptable if the adds were not in the middle of a match. Until they are returned to the beginning or end, and not during play, I cannot recommend this game.
A couple years ago this game was actually fun. Now it's just non stop ads. It's literally unplayable. You get ads that make you stop in the middle of a round now even. Start a game, ad in middle of round, finish, another ad. It's horrible. They ruined a once good game. Developers should be ashamed, trash product. Don't give these greedy people ad revenue.
I keep winning this game is a great game! I rate this game a 5 stars! Beacuse its a really great game i like this game a lot this is only my favorite game! Really love this game and i only love this game and i play this game a lot of times and i keep getting the 1t place one like thats insanely crazy! And i play this game a lot like wow my perents are so proud at me! And im glad my perents are proud at me
"Hi I'm voodoo. A few years ago we released this cool phone game that was pretty well received by our audience. However; we noticed that everyone was having too much fun with it so It got us thinking, how can we ruin everyone's experience while annoying them in the process? So we decided to make everyone stop mid game and force them to watch another 30 second add. Often times unskipable. As well make parts the game more difficult to encourage players to watch another add to make it easier."
Just reinstalled the game. The core game mechanic is fun, but the amount of ads now pretty much sap any fun it had. Uninstalling now.
I used to play this game a lot when It first came out, but theres so many ads in it now its ridiculous. It even stops half way thru the game just to play an ad now.
Uninstalling. The ads are stupid to be in the middle of a 2 minute game??? Its ridiculous. I even paid for "ad free"...its not ad free. Lol ๐Ÿ˜† what a joke. You still have to watch adds for 30 extra seconds or to get bigger during or before games.
My kids like playing it just to pass time. But only problem ran into it a few times. If you and a opponent reach lvl 19 same time you can't do anymore.
Why in the world would you think it was a smart decision to put ads in the middle of the matches. That makes noooooo sense to me. Put ads at the end of a match or before you start thats cool but in a 2 min match you put damn ads for a basic game that people aren't going to play for more than a month! I tried 2 matches to test to see when the ads would show up and its always in the middle of a match.
(EDIT: clearly uses bots, not humans. A shameful disappointment.) Cute holes that misbehave. Simple game that's quite fun. High replay value. Scratches the competitiveness itch, but friendly, colorful graphics and short time per match helps you stay chill even after losing. Great for when takig a work break or waiting for the next thing on your schedule. Only wish there were more skins to unlock and more levels and game modes.
This USED to be my favorite game to pass time because it wasn't 100% advertisement based and was more centered on actually having a fun time and your aquired skills. Sure there were ads before but those I didn't mind at all. The new "start bigger" option and the "get bigger durring halftime" via watching an ad is honestly just gross and it really takes away from the actual game quality itself. The restore purchases option does also not work. Sorry Hole.io ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ I like the new scenery though.
Decided to play this again for the first time in maybe a year+ and am disappointed to see they aren't even trying to pretend this is multiplayer with real people anymore, and now you can't even play 1 single round without the game pause itself for "half-time" just to force more ads in. Sad. Greedy. Uninstalled.
I'm baaaack, and still loving this game. Some say we're playing against the computer robots but who cares as long as I win. My question is in Battle Royale..... U say last hole standing wins, but when there's 2 last holes, why don't the one with the crown win? Doesn't seem fair for both to reach the max [19]. No Ties when one reaches 1st with crown. 1st Max [19] with crown, takes All. Default king or queen, I am still Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘even when I bow out and hand the crown to U!
The game is fun and addictive, never thought I'd like being a cavernous black hole that eats cities and Islands. Downside is it tends to crash every so often and I lose my progress. But it's still nowhere near as frustrating as other games I've played that do that. I love that you can choose three modes and you don't have to pay anything to level up. Very good if you like a somewhat monotonous games, but in a good way monotonous. I really like this game.
I love this game, yes, but after they got rid of wireless play and put a half time in the middle of the game it just makes the game kind of annoying, the half time feature is just a waste of time definitly meant to get more adds in so the creators can get more money.
Ads within 1 minute?! I used to really enjoy this game, but now there are ads at halftime, which is within the 1st minute of game play. On top of that you can buy your way bigger with money/time which doesn't seem fair...I miss this game in its old format with an ad between each play, that was reasonable...this just SUCKS!!
Its ok but the half timmer bs is annoying i liked the old version where i could constantly swallow thing and not be stoped half way through and please get rid of the adds . personally i do think its a wonderful idea. smart move on the creators be half. i also would recommend if we could make a group of maybe 3 or 4 players u know like a pvp. so ur friends can make a group and join ur game.
Its a really fun game and great time killer but there are too many ads!!! At the end of the level it gives an option to watch an ad for a bonus and if you hit no thanks it gives you an ad to watch anyways!!! Might as well watch the bonus ad i guess because there really ia no choice. Ads for everyone. Now there are ads mid level!!! Why can't I play a 2 minute round with no ads?!?!?! Final straw. Uninstalling.
I love this game but the reason it's not a 5 star is because I can't tell if the opponents are real ppl or bots therefore making the game a little too easy. Other than that a pretty solid game.
Whatever update you guys did. Need to remove it. That 1 minute pause timer is ridiculous! I feel like I am watching the ads more than actually playing the game. It was used to be one of my favorite game.
This is a very fun game to pass the time. The only thing that bothers me is that when a minute is over from 2 minutes , there is a menu that comes up that do u want 2 continue or get bigger?. And even if i press continue, the game torces me 2 watch an add....that is somethinh i would like 2 be changer pls
It used to be a good game, but now it's all about adds, it's a speed game so time is very important as you have to be fast, so when you get interrupted by an add in the middle of a round and the game doesn't even have the decency to pause the game, yeah it's really infuriating I recommend you don't waste your time with this game.
Used to be a good game, but then we reached the highest rank and got all the skins and there's nothing left to aim for. I liked it more when I could connect it and play with someone else too, my son and I used to play together but no longer possible. And don't get me started on the ads!! Seriously, in the middle of each round? Is that really necessary? After each round, ok fine, can deal with that, but half way through? That's ridiculous and makes it too annoying to play. Really disappointing!
I had this game a while ago and loved it. My review was 5 stars. I only deleted the app because I needed space on my phone. I just reinstalled it, and thought I had found the wrong app. I don't like that the game pushes watching ads to get bigger since that's the equivalent of cheating. That may be an exchange some people think is worth it, however inturrupting a 2-minute game to insert an ad *in addition to* the ad after each game is too much. It's not enjoyable anymore.
This was my favorite time waster for a while but since the update, there's a prompt that stops the game to try to get me to watch an ad literally every thirty seconds into a two minute game. Extremely annoying and cash-grabby. I've been playing this for years but I'm thinking I might just delete it. Bummer.
Totally awesome way to combat bordom. The game needs loonger than 2 minutes of play tho!((-(jh[ugh. Also, maybe some more game modes to choose from would be nice. Other than those 2 things it's quite possibly the perfect game. Most importantly, the ability to stay on a map of your own choosing would be an excellent tool. Last thing is this, THIS GAME NEEDS SOUND. It gets boring without sounds.
Ad free paid version is a scam. It still intrusively tries to show me ads for in game advantages. It's garbage that they do that.
This used to be an extremely fun little game. I paid to remove ads. Recent updates added 3 times per match where you can get bigger or gain time by watching ads. In the ad-free version of a timed, multiplayer game. The 'remove ads' purchase is not accurate. It continuously upsells ads to you after you buy it.
Very fun, but buggy. Ad between every 2 minute game AND in the middle of the game. Often fails to load back into the game if you opt to show an unskippable ad for double points (thus losing you the points). At least one skin unachievable due to bugs. Wish there were an option to choose maps or create a custom game (with options for time, map, AI/solo, and difficulty).
The ads are incredibly horrendous just to get play time you have to watch ads to play during a match. Imagine playing say cod or fortnite and 30 seconds into playing it stops and says you gotta watch this ad to get 20 more seconds of play time
I love this game! If you dont play this game, know that this game gives off the opposite of plenty of time, if we had more time, i would be level 49, i think the game creator should add more time, like 5 minutes or some thing but you can still install it
I love this game. I keep downloading it, but the ads in the middle of a game is ridiculous and annoying. I understand needing ads but put them befire and after, not during an annoying half time.
Collision detection is garbage. The knockoffs are actually better mechanically speaking. Uninstalled. UPDATE: Gave a second chance. Lost a star due to "halftime" ads. It's perfectly your right to do so, but it was phenomenally stupid to do it to people who have/had been playing the game (instead of from the beginning). It affects the gameplay. How, exactly, are you supposed to remember your own vector and location, much less those of the other avatars? RE-Uninstalled.
Fun game, no energy limits.. 3 different game styles and minimal ads. Could easily waste an afternoon playing this game. For those who have been complaining about ads on a game you downloaded for free, get over it. It's gonna happen and there aren't THAT many that it takes away from game time. Most you can fast forward through anyways. Only glitch that I've found that I've read a few others have too is that you max at level 19 in battle royal and then you're stuck.
Most fun game I literally ever played! :D.. BUT: Some added features would make it more interesting after 1000 games played: 1. Battle mode gets stuck in a draw, if 2 last players are at level 19. 2. Adding some more maps maybe? 3. Adding an individual "scorecard" history for battle mode. (trying to win 10 games in a row f. Ex.) 4. Rank becomes max. = in significant, after a while, and no further benefit/achievement/rewarding..
Its a really good game but there is a limit on one of the game modes where you can only get up to a certain level and me and one other person both got stuck on this game mode and it glitched out real bad. If this was fixed it would be even better
This game is awesome because you just need to find the small stuff first then when you get big you get kills and big building download know!!
this game is good BUT THE ADS!!!!!!!! EVERYTIME YOU START THE GAME WAIT 1 MINUTE IT SAYS Wanna watch an ad to get bigger?? I press continue AND IT STILL GIVES YOU AN AD atleast it is skippable. The game is fun and everything except for the ads!!! After you press continue when you finished the game, thats right you guessed it AN AD IT STARTS TO ANNOY YOU AND MAKE YOU PAY FOR NO ADS FONT WASTE YOUR MONEY JUST UNINSTALL THE GAME OR DEAL WITH IT!! I really hope they put less ads! EDIT: turn off wifi
Love the game play and maps but it needs sound. No background music, victory sounds, or anything. What was the update? "bug fixes"? The only change is the icon. Buildings still respawn beyond the map border, AI is still broken and will randomly stop moving. There's still no sound. What was in that update?
So addicting yet simple! If you've played and loved We Love Katamari, this is your game! A few features that would be great: zen mode where you can clear the board at your own pace/set your own record for doing so; choosing different time limits for the "clear the board" mode OR have different difficulty levels (expert 2 min, intermediate 3 min, easy 4 min); allow you to end the game early or restart; play against your friends; the 2 city views are similar, so a 3rd could be more different
This is admittedly a very well made game, although the ads are very frequently implemented. What really ticks me off, however, is that they describe this as an online game with no bots, which is incredibly corrupt, since none of the game is multiplayer and EVERYONE is a bot.
Game keeps closing. Pretty cool game but it keeps crashing and I can't play. Update: Works fine now but now there are cheats in the game. People are going beyond the boundaries and you can't reach them. So have to force close because there's no way of losing.