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Holdem or Foldem - Texas Poker

Holdem or Foldem - Texas Poker for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Forever9 Games located at Suite 1701-02, 17/F,. FWD FINANCIAL CENTRE 308, DES VOEUX ROAD CENTRAL, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a total sham. It uses fake players in tournaments and purposely makes them win at the end with insane gets. It's been going on for the past 3 days since I DLed the game. Do not play this game! There are way better than this.
Started out a really good game. But then it falls off hard. Hands start to get unrealistic and it just gets boring. I counted and recorded 200 straight hands I played at 50k/100k table. I won 2 hands, chopped 4 hands , and had 13 hands in which someone catches an unrealistic card to beat me on the river. I have screenshots of all these hands. Save your time if possible. Also tables should be 6 handed and 9 handed. Not 5 handed or 7 handed
I have noticed that my play money is being deducted little by little right under my nose while playing my hand... I remember winning a split hand, I received less chips than what I had before I started betting.. This game NOT to be trusted and the way it is advertisd is a whole bunch of deception.. I would advise against downloading this game for your own good, for like most games, this is the worsed rigged game designed and monitored by people sealing your money.. Live well people 🤟🏾
Good platform easy to gain chips for play. The worst problem I find is that 75% of the players are true donkeys so count on alot of bad beats. Would be nice if they had some type of class to teach people how to play poker properly. Otherwise it's a good time killer and tool to sharpen up your poker skills.
Yes too work great now getting net work problems and only with this game which is stopping me play so one star for now
The game started and then just sat there with the opening scene of rich people losing money, with dust (stars?) drifting around. No amount of tapping made any difference and the phone's "back" button didn't do anything either. Maybe it's sending all my data to China or the US, maybe it's waiting for a permission that it hasn't got permission to tell me about... Uninstalled.
Quit loading... Times out. Not responding. Might try it again. Other than that, fun game. When it works...
This game is so fun and addicting. I love the setup where you can chat during the game. Just like regular cards. You win some, you lose some. The setup makes the game very fun and without cheesy background music. Great job on the making of this fame. It doesn't glitch either.
It is challenging & I like it. Even if it's a high card, some hands seem a looser & some are bad & never gets better. Do you know who is dealt a winner card ? Bluffs are fun ! It would be better if you uncover it some times. Cf
Thought I was just having bad luck but upon reading many of these reviews it seems that luck is not an issue but the way the game is coded to strip you at the end of the month of your hard earned winnings. I wouldn't bother downloading this game there are by far better poker games out there, the one star is for the layout is pretty...
Other players are to slow when it comes time to bet or call. They need to have fast tabels on here for the smart people and slow tabels for the dumb people.
I think that the game is alright but it's a little slow. And I realize 3could be the fault of the players.
This is by far the worst poker game i have ever played ! Nothing like real poker. If two players have a pair of aces it gives both players win , in a real game next highest card wins so if it is ace 6 agains ace 4 the one with 6 wins no split,if you go all in it gives some back , would never happen really , i have been beaten by four tens when i have three of them , that would make 5 in a pack ! There is no chat facility. The game is a load of bull there are far better games out there
Tried the app, got no hands until I got K J. Flop was K J A. Lost to other player holding AA. Rigged trap game, losing to a crazy non random deck. Uninstalled. Plays much better when it's not installed.
I have had the app kick me off the table in a 1 million dollar entry tournament and I lost it all and they only gave me half of it back. Two days later it locked up twice trying to watch the ads for extra chips and had to restart my phone both times Can't get anyone to give me an answer
It was fun at first but now I can't win a hand. I understand you can't win all hands but this has to be rigged.
Awesome game. The only problem is that most of the times doesn't let me log in and it happened that it stops working in the middle of the tournament. Lost a few "money" because of this. Please check this problem.
Poker Game was fun, with the occasional glitzes until it just stopped working, does not open anymore. It gives me a black screen. I had 58m in chips and all gone. Very frustrating.
This game has potential, but it's marred by a common problem that plagues most online poker games. That is, there's hardly an opportunity to play at a table without immature players who like to go all in before the flop. The problem is compounded by how easy it is to get more money in the game without playing poker, so losing $1M+ is no sweat. Real poker isn't played this way. This could easily be fixed by putting limits on pre-flop bets.
Just like every "free" poker game its rigged to break you and make you buy chips I'm done with all computer or phone poker games they are definitely stacked against the player
Very friendly- no pop-ups or nags to purchase. Nice sit and go settings. Generous free chips every hour. Update: Rake is up from 5 to 8% now 🥺 Apr 3 2021: Rake is now 10% 🤮
The only reason that I downloaded this app was for the sheer purpose of leaving this review. I hope you guys know that you stole game footage from a AAA game studio, with that game being Red Dead Redemption 2. Not only that, but you used it to promote your own game by saying that it was your own footage, which it obviously isn't. I'll be reporting this app for copyright infringement, as it clearly doesn't fall under fair use. As for anyone else, please don't download this game.
This game release tucks you updated it takes fore forever to update the damn game this game really sucks unfortunately I already put money in it not that much but I won't do that again getting ready to delete this app this is really a thought up app and everybody else think so too
Does no one want to talk about the fact that they ripped the ad for this horrible game directly from PS edition of Red Dead Redemption 2? Plagiarism much? If I could give 0 stars I would. Broken game from broken people.
Today my first 2 cards of flop were not visible to me. It was as though as looking at the side of the card & I could not see the face. I lost a lot of chips today because it would work for a few hands and then it wouldn't work for a few hands. I went in and out of the game, I changed rooms nothing helped. This really suxed.I lost millions in chips. I hate the changes in the new update. Now the house takes money each hand whether you're big blind or not. Also you took away the $200 sit & go.
The game makes u feel like u r in a poker game but it seems rigged. Several glitches need to be fixed. Many times it has issues when I have the winning hand. Connection timed out or connection issues. Cant bet, or raise and even folds my hand for me
If you want to play a game that a bunch of other donkeys are playing then this is for you. Any 2 cards are good cause nobody folds and everyone chases til the end. GAME IS GARBAGE
Probably one of the most straight forward online poker games out there. Plenty of variety and game play. Ample ways to gain chips to keep playing w/out having to make a chip purchase.
I like the game but I wish it was more realistic. Way to many straights and flushes ever other hand. And way to many updates.
Poker game done right! Every round plays out with a suspense feeling till the river card is dealt... the players are very competitive.. well done !
Your new update sucks! Why couldn't you leave it like it was? I played everyday, but will be finding another app.
I enjoy the game overall but, when you win or lose against another player the cards on the table raise up highlighted and sometimes cards that aren't even relevant to anyone's hand still raise up highlighted... this gets annoying when trying to figure out who had what combination after winning or losing. Please fix this problem the game could be much better then.
Should be renamed to "Against All Odds Poker" The deals are 100% rigged. If you like games where 2 people flop a full house, someone turns a flush, someone else turns a straight and the lower full house rivers quads, play here. If you enjoy being sucked out by donkeys with runner runners or 1-6 out river draws 95% of the time that you are 80% or better to win on the turn, play here. Its an absolute INSULT to poker and its players. UPDATE : HAS BECOME WORSE. A COMPLETE MOCKERY OF THE GAME.
This is a great game but at times has bugs...like the fact there is no CARD DRAW mini game for chips no more...or it doesn't work. The daily free spin is only free the first time you spin it afterwards you have to watch video, even though it says free spin. Fix and you get 5 stars.
What are the diamonds for It seems like a waste of getting them.you cant sell them! You should be able to too help you get down the road better I know you make money on this but dam.if you buy it get where it will get you down quickly. Because you pay and the app buy buy buy buy.and there should be more coins to keep you wanting you to come back.not spend more money. Oh here you go just because I did buy and I had millions on there.it said I needed to play in the big money. When still learning
Buggy. Folds your hand before you get a chance to respond. No email addy for support. Get this fixed and you will get a few more stars. One of the first games I considered actually spend money to increase my backroll.
Yeah, this app is clearly rigged for the bots. Live, or other apps, I have NEVER been this card dead. 7 sessions, over an hour each sesson, caught only a few hands. Every time I get it in with the best of it, I get sucked out on. No one is going to spend money on this, so why the scam?!?
Pretty chill game. Needs more characters or a way we can take a Picture to have what we want. But pretty awesome game
Your game sucks!! Tables picks one seat to win and its impossible to beat that chair!!!!! If y'all can't fix this problem then you need to remove the game!!!
Fun app.. no problems yet.. Uploading new version so we will c Crossing finger's.. 10/29 now that I have played I see there getting cheaper on daily 7 on the 7th day instead of a million it's now 500k also the spinning wheel never really hits one mill. Again there changing to where now you get less,also when u leave the game they take about 2k from what your pot was sooo that being said write down your total to understand what I'm saying..especially if your BUYINGyourchips!Beside that 3starapp.
I enjoy playing poker but when you play 46 hands and only get 3 winning hands it sucks the fun out. I can't believe anyone would be beat on the river 14 times, 6 of those in a row, ever in face to face. I understand this is online but damn guys the odds are not very realistic.
Dumbest poker game. I played 4 tournaments and lost all 4. Everytime you have a good hand and your about to win finally, you get screwed by never getting a card you need. It almost seems like the game is rigged!!!!
Game won't open on my Kindle Fire, it says it down loaded, but nothing to be found. I've tried another game, says downloaded, but not there.
Can tell this so was made specifically to make money on ads. Someone hits trips almost every hand or two. Very unfortunate.
I enjoy the game but; the touch screen options at the top of the screen cover the devices' battery, signal, and time gadge meters. The only other thing that did not seem fair/(fare(( ecanomicly speaking) was the price of the opponent contact options. Drove me crazy but I loved it!
Terrible game, ive spent money on it and its bot worth it, tells you you will get a certain amount.. Which you dont. And most gsmes you will get duplivate hands.. I had 5/4 SAME suit 3 hands in a row... Get anothet game and spare yourselves my misery
Only works on wifi. The deals are 100% rigged. If you like games where 2 people flop a full house, someone turns a flush, someone else turns a straight and the lower full house rivers quads, play here. If you enjoy being sucked out by donkeys with runner runners or 1-6 out river draws 95% of the time that you are 80% or better to win on the turn, play here. Its an absolute INSULT to poker and its players. UPDATE : HAS BECOME WORSE. A COMPLETE MOCKERY OF THE GAME.
This game is ridiculous. There is no way a real person will call bets of millions on a 5 and 7 unsuited and then miraculously hit the card needed on the river to hit a straight and take down a multi-million dollar pot. This game does not even try to hide its effort to give you a great hand and take your money on a bs hand miraculous river card. I have never seen so many straights, flushes and full houses pulled out of players behinds when I am given a pair of face cards. This is total bs
Love the game.. But the last 3 times i have tried to play the ranked game for $1,000,000 buy in and win 3,000,000 it takes my money and turns off... Won' t let me play but takes my money.. 😡😠🤬🤬🤬🤬
This game is biased. Every time I get a winning hand I find that the internet goes down and I have to log back in. By the time I rejoin the game it's over and I have lost my bet.
I give it a 2.5 stars. Addictive and fun. Fast paced. However WAY to many river rat suck outs. Have opponents dominated only to lose 85 percent of time on river to a 5 percent chance draw.Even worse now that I spoke up. They clearly took it personally. I'll lose trip ace hands to 4 2s. And other impossible hands. Stuff I've never see in over 30 years of poker playing!!!
They took the sit and go game off the app, and that was my favorite thing to play, I will be deleting the app.. they even took off the free daily sit and go, which I also liked to play, delete, delete, delete
It takes the players to long to bid. If you is folding, why do it have to go red all the way. Just fold when it's your turn.
Not had a possible winning hand in over 100 trys the cards are not random and there seems to be a rigged competitor who is probaly a robot. Always gets that little card to win. Avoid the game . did get a reply from admin saying not random , will attempt again but have tried other poker games winning more often
If I could I'd give this game a minus 5, just like Zynga it Rips you off. You have a great hand and it gives it to a hand that isn't the winner, twice now I've had flushes and it gave it to someone with a st8.... to you how made this game,learn poker FLUSH BEATS ST8 EVERY TIME! I'm tired of these game ripping you off. SO I GIVE THIS GAME A MINUS 5. SO FAR ITS RIPPED ME OFF OF 10 MILLION. WHEN I LOSE WHAT I HAVE LEFT IF UNINSTALLING THIS GAME. And now I just uninstalled this game, it's a RIP off
Garbage. It's rigged. You start off winning every thing, which is lame. Then you start losing every thing. It's full of bots. The game play is boring. There is no real poker feel to it. It's very very predictable.
Less than an hour play. Obvious fake google play poker app. Power boss bott raising preflop and winning every hand. Notice twice bott won wirh a pair when another player was holding winning 2 pair hand. With this and my pofile being delt 98 loosing hands out of 100 i am %100 sure this is just another FAKE POKER APP ON GOOGLE PLAY. After playing all the 4 star apps and reviewing all the reviews posted im quitting online poker. Its all unrealistic rigged websites trying to profit. DELETE GOOGLE!!
Loved the game until the last update now I can't log in, it just keeps saying loading. Lost all of my rewards for logging in
It's funny how at one time you can't lose and the next you cant win I've played for hours where I could not win a hand lost 15 million in coins and I have not been able to recover them.
Totally rigged game . When your a new player enjoy the wins as you move on you'll get dealt pair of aces and still lose everytime.. RIGGGED GAME DO NOT PLAY
Awesome game I usually play Zynga poker but I find this games hands to be more realistic, I love this game my new favorite (been looking for years finally found a better game all around)
Fun game but crashes when collecting bonus. Locks my android phone up until I reboot. Happened to many times. No more for me. Deleted 10-12-2020
I think the game is rigged to speed it up one or two hands continually get best hands and unrealistic flops are an every game experiece
Hand Algorithm is TRASH Gave me the same sets of hands on 3 different tables. Never have I played poker and seen so many games won only by single pairs. When you play with physical cards, the outcomes are much more varied than this game. It seems very predictable in most cases. This game has a great layout but between this issue and the fact that I feel like I'm going against wreckless chilren every game who go all in on trash hands constantly, I find myself playing this less and less.
No fun. Clearly fixed. Same winners, same losers every time. 37 straight hands without a win . Then lost with 4 of a kind. You can play for days and not win a single hand. Don't buy chips...ever 👎BORING😔
This game is actually pretty fun ..Much better then zynga and wpot..kinda like the old poker games like sega and early playstation ..you level up and build your poker player ...I spent 2.99 for 5 million gold just to support you all...keep the updates coming devs!!:)
I think I started out quite well...but got a little discouraged, I'm just an amateur, but the game is great and I love the way the app. works with the gamblers.
Just like any other web based poker app. Very predictable, if I could guess the way the cards fall at the casino like I can on this app, I'd be a millionaire.
It's rigged, after weeks of playing continuously, I have not been dealt a pair of kings or Aces once to start a hand, statistically very impossible after hundreds of hands. Also, have not hit trips, how can that be?
Initially I did not believe the reviews here accusing the game as being rigged. Well, I am a believer. It is totally rigged. The entire algorithm is designed to make you buy chips. If you buy chips, you will win (for awhile). If you don't buy chips, your hand will be pathetic and other chip-buying players will totally dominate. It is ridiculous.
Very fun but a few issues..Sometimes when I go into a new room it will automatically folds me, ive had pocket aces and it folded me.. Second Im kicked out of playing anything under 10-20K tables, why ? I see people with a lot more money than I have play in the lower tables. Now the lowest table I can play is 20-40K.. Would like to play lower tables so I could relax. the higher end tables get stressful !!!
One of the best games that I have ever played but the controller (s) are not all there. He or She or They need more Simple Education. Thank you though and bye you all.
Bad app.. Controlled by DEVS.. The aim is, to use micro transactions... If you don't, devs can screw your game
Great game. Advertisement made it look like there was going to be cash opportunities. I haven't seen one yet.
Only works on wifi. The deals are 100% rigged. If you buy in for 20M 50M sit n go, you will lose to runner runner and 2-6 out rivers religiously. See if you buy in for 50M you might be playing in the same sng that someone else bought in for 1M with so, its to their advantage to have the 1M buy in person win and only pay out 3M to them instead of 150M to you...its obvious, when i buy in for 1M i win 4 of 5 but buy in for 50M and i win 1 in 10.
Since the latest update, the spinner to watch videos to receive chips has not worked. Could this be addressed?
It sucks, you can't bet what you want, or the level that you want... they put you on the highest level so that you can lose your money, and have to buy more credits, don't recommend!!!
This game is a scam to get you to spend real cash. You win for a while then you will see that you lose. Many computer players. Stay away from the tables with players with a with a high winning percentage. It would be a nice game if it was fair. Just played 84 hands, won 9 by bluff, 20 wins total. Only floped one good hand. Zero high pairs, lost all my chips. It's a scam.
Could be better,at level 9 if you want to play the minimum poker tournament for 1m chips which is the minimum bet ,it will take you a few days to save the chips up,just to play,they have a free spinner but that takes a lot and I mean alot ,of time watching videos so even though this is a good game be prepared to struggle for chips to play for free :)
It let's you win at first to pull you in. Then i recieved a promotional offer and declined it. Been losing 90 percent of my hands ever since. Coincidence? I don't think so. Go all in with AA and still lose to someone with a 2 4 off suit every single time.
I've mentioned this before but get no positive responses back. For some reason, by balance was reduced about $25 million from late yesterday until this morning. Why do I continue to have $$$ taken from me when I'M NOT IN THE APP??? I do enjoy the game, but having $$$ taken from me is not right. I play on a Samsung Note 8...
I'm 53 and a little better than the poker night player and IN MY OPINION, THIS GAME IS RIGGED!! Heck, they all may be but when you spend money on buying chips you will win win win. After 36 hours you lose lose lose!! I PLAY THE SAME BUT THE GAME CHANGES, I GUESS TO GET YOU TO BUY MORE!! I DID message the game BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TELLING OTHERWISE!! IT IS WALL TO OBVIOUS!! WAY PAST PROBABILITIES!!! I WILL LEAVE A UPDATE SOON.
The game is great with the prizes and the people are great that play the game and you can make new friends while polishing your poker skills while making bank by your winnings. J.B
Please change it to support Google accounts, many people do not use facebook accounts. Also strange pause/breaks that force time-out folds.... Super annoying.
Nice graphics, good speed of the game. The randomness of the cards is non-existent Runner runner, gut shot straights. Miracle rivers happen way too often. Its just a joke.
If you like to be frustrated and pissed off then this is the game for you! Game let's you get a little bit of coins and then keeps taking them away! I bet if you spend money you win a lot!!!
It's a fun game but frustrating with the poor connection and I lose buy ins. The connection needs work
Best I've played so far. Doesn't ask you too confirm your bet after betting and no annoying buzzer when it becomes your turn.
The is one of the best porker game ever it have that feel that make you want to play all nite some people are hard to get a fix on and some don't belong it have it's high and its lows win some and lose some all you do is win some all you do is lose up and down all and all great game
You can do better to heightened the player experience, this game is kind of boring. Auto chat is ok but update with key board to actually type what I'd like to say. Otherwise this app is just ok, nothing to brag about!
Well game was great until they did an update and all my chips and my standing disappeared and started me back at the beginning. What the hell guys?
First of all the ads of this game on YouTube are literally ripped right out of red dead redemption 2 created by Rockstar Games. The clowns who made this game decide to straight up steal gameplay footage from the poker mini game in RDR2 and pass it off as their own game. From other reviews I've seen this game is also a pay to win as well as having numerous technical bugs. You know this game is bad if the ads barely resemble the actual game. Most of the 5 star reviews here are the devs or bots.
This game sucks when you playing it freezes up, it goes to another game before you finish the first game this will not get a 5 star until it improves.
I'm enjoying it so far, nice little poker game to kill some time. I laugh at the bad reviews by people crying because they got a bad beat or 2... That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but it seems pretty fair to me
Doesn't load Galaxy S9. Update: Still does not work after update. Disappointing. Final Update: After 2 attempts of Uninstalling and reinstalling the game i am done wasting time. Unable to log in via Facebook or guest. Load screen times out.
Well, for a pretty good game, it has at least one ROYAL 'deal breaker'. So, I have figured out how to NEVER again FOLD when I'm trying to go ALL-IN... and 'accidently' slide the thingamajig a little too far on the doflouchy whatchamacallit bar thingy... I'll just NEVER play this ill-designed game EVER again... There - problem solved... Permanently!!! [Edit: 210407 I red their response and on my first SNG hand got an AceQueen Spades FOLDED FOLDED FOLDED FOLDED FOLDED ... THEY lied AND WILL NEVER
Like playing in a real casino. I feel like I was at the Bally,s hold'em coral LV. Nice diversity and skill levels.. Because it is supposed to be relaxing , I play differently ofcourse. With a large bank roll one can manipulate the overall table mood and emotions. Thank you : Big Giant COVIT 19 kudos from the travel challenged, LasVegas deprived unhappy self made "rhymes with frigidaire" guy who would be video conferencing his therapist and or pshyc once a week by now. Rather play poker!
Addictive,fun,challenging..always was a big fan of hold'em. Friends of mine would get together after work every night just to play..very cool game
After i started playing i won some money then quickly lost it so i bought chips and ive never had so many bad beats on a game that i have this one. Needless to say that i feel if you spend money on here for chipa the computer sets ya up to lose so you will buy more chips. Its frustrating because im a single dad that dont get out but to work just looking for something to pass time but i wont be spending my money on here any more just to have bad beat every hand.
I like the game, but it's not realistic when it comes to any hand higher than a full house. Catching decent "high cards" means nothing. Also getting trips beat by a straight at the river, with a possible boat, gets real old. Seems pretty "pay to win,"
This app doesn't allow me to constantly place bets. The internet connection is constantly dropped and I lose most bets that are placed when time runs out. Its not my internet connection this is the only game this happens on.
The ad for this game was literally just gameplay from red dead redemption 2, I can't even imagine paying someone to make such low effort advertisment.
. Love this game just hard to get on sometimes but really love playing this game if it wasn't forgetting all hard time getting on at times this would be the only poker game I play
I give it a 2.5 stars. Addictive and fun. Fast paced. However WAY to many river rat suck outs. Have opponents dominated only to lose 85 percent of time on river to a 5 percent chance draw.
If you want to get sucked out on constantly by 2 outers then this is the game for you. Doesn't matter how good skill or strategy is. Algorithm is built to suck out and beat the best hand.
Is a developer actually using a RNG without manipulating its operation? That would be the first time for that to ever happen, so I'm not holding my breath. I've probably not given enough time to find out yet. A big update just installed, we'll see how it plays now. Manipulated. The game is rigged as usual.
Freezing up and no fair chance to win. Folds my cards for no reason. If I get face cards the river is numbers. If I get numbers the river is face cards. This is CONSTANT!!! Bout to UNINSTALL!!!!
I'm on disability and I can't do much, So I play this a lot because it's hard to put down especially if You are Winning... Love this Game 💯
Freeze me out. Especially when I have a good hand. But I'm downloaded new update and now it won't log in. Frustrating!
Support doesn't exist with this game. You file a complaint and it's ignored and the game gets worst. They tell you they identified the problem and working on it but do nothing. They promised me 200k for my trouble and I never got it.
Love it but ur cash to free game coin ratio is mentally handicapped. I have 60+million coin to play with, not complaining. If luck wasn't on my side,my full piggy bank cost $3, for 3 million coin!!! Fyi if I get to under 10 mill, i would rather die b4 spending 3 hard earned US dollars for 3mill of ur currency. Promoting another wsop game isn't a excuse for charging $3 for the privilege 2 play ur game. If I get down to 3 million of ur coin I'll unistall. Wake up &adjust ur greed:)