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hocus. for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by gamebra.in located at METU Technopolis Galyum Block 06800 Ankara-Turkiye. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give this game a 5 star but there's not many levels. But over all a nice fun and somewhat addictive game. I would recommend.
Beautiful game, I only have an issue with endless mode not working. It stays on a screen with only the black hexagon.
I loved the game! It was challenging but not to challenging. The only thing is that you get limited puzzles you get 40 for free but have to pay to get the next 80 levels... I was enjoying the game and now I can't play it πŸ˜₯
Amazing game. I love the idea and the app is simple, elegant, perhaps has ads but I haven't seen any yet in 20 minutes of play, and they didn't beg for a rating before I could play past the first level. This is what the app store should be hosting and the dev of this piece of art should be proud! I haven't looked yet but if there is a way to support them I will pay for this. Fantastic game, fantastic ambience, and what all app development should strive towards! Well done!
Great mind teaser. Levels are not too difficult, which is good, because rather than spending an awful lot of time trying to figure them out, you simply enjoy playing the game.
very minimal atmosphere, its flat based (2d not 3d) so it challenges your perception as to how one navigates the cube on whichever side or plane you are on to reach the exit square!
Superb experience. Great puzzles and the illusions are like those seen in movies, thanks to the the developers.
Yes, it becomes a challenge. That's the whole point. It is addictive and an incredible time waster. But DAM, what an incredibly well done game. GOOD JOB MATE!
Its a great game although it starts to lag from level 60 and becomes real slow... looking forward to more from you
I actually find myself just listening to the sound track. It's beautiful, peaceful, and very meditative.
Love how its not about how long it takes you or how many moves it takes you to get to the hole. It just a good puzzle game
Have just tried to play - can't get beyond the third level. A hand is moving back and forth (at what, I'm not entirely sure). Can see what the objective is, but this bl'dy hand won't move away, and won't let me play the game! Wish I could enjoy it as the positive reviews all seem to indicate I would, but this is frustrating. Sorry, but not in the mood for MORE frustration. Removing it by the end of the week, unless someone has some explanation as to how I can move beyond this point!
Absolutely fascinating! I've Loved esher's work ever since I was a little boy and this game reminds me of his work things being tied in knots and going in illogical directions!
It's a great game it is fun because how it is I like how it is challenging and how there are no ads this game is very fun for people that like puzzling games it's the best game I know that's on phone I hope the people who made this game keep up the great workπŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜… and I love how you put in the calm music
I enjoyed it a lot! It's a nice brain game to play when you just need a couple of minutes to take your mind off of something. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 is because you need to buy the later levels...
Dear Moira Keenan: The hand is not stopping you from moving. You may continue play as normal. Anyway, I love this game.
Good game it gets boring fast it just doesn't have any sizzle just the same thing over and over aside from that the controls are difficult and the levels become impossible but other than that it's a good game
This is a great, challenging game, but my only complaint is that you have to pay to unlock the next levels. Maybe to solve this you could implement ads into the game. They don't have to appear every time you press a button or whatever. Just an idea for an update. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me.
This is a really mind relaxing game It makes me think i am a bit clever I feel so happy to complete every level and to make my own levels
A fun puzzle game. The only complaint I have is that the controls are janky and seem to not go the way I want to. Definitely not good for one-handed play. Either that or I have small hands The puzzles are never so difficult that you want to quit, and give you clues, like shading, to show you which side of the 3d shape you're on. It's nice. Would recommend!
it's amazing! it's good for training your brains because the puzzles are so hard, which makes you think very hard. so my overall experience is a 9.9/10
Absolutely love it!!!! It is by far the coolest and most challenging puzzle game I've ever played. Very creative and always keeps you thinking 🧠🧠. Also has zen and create your own puzzle options which I haven't even checked out yet bc I'm so hooked on the story. Either way doesn't matter 10/5 stars πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
It's a really fun and relaxing game. It's just the fact when the music keeps playing even though I am not in the game. But that is not really a big deal, it sometimes can be annoying, but the only thing to do is remove it from your the "recently used apps" bar. Otherwise, it s a really relaxing game.
Great game, unfortunately only 2 stars because most of the levels are locked behind a paywall. Would be 5 stars if all, or almost all, levels were free to access.aa
A very nice game and it needs focus given that it has three dimensions and this is beautiful in it and some intelligence to solve it..I loved it. but I did not care that the rest of the stages must be purchased in order to complete it .. If it was without purchase, it would have been better
Great app. I bought the other levels also. Completed all the achievements. But please introduce the cloud save feature. I was in the 112th level and I lost all my data when I downloaded it onto my new phone.
really brain-challenging game.it needs a very sistematic and hard strategy to passthe game into the HOLE.it was really fun game to play during free time .besides that, it also offers us to become more logical and try to make an impossible became possible. short , this kind of game is great to the one whose really great with strategies...
Amazing app! It stretches your brain in amazing new ways. I love the music and sound effects and the graphics are wonderful.
It is just awesome. I loved how minimalistic this game is. However, I didn't like the request to pay for unlocking the rest of the game.
I just started playing this game and so far I really like it. The music is peaceful and the graphics are very soothing. I just discovered the "design your own puzzle" feature, and although I haven't tried it out yet, I am looking forward to experimenting with the feature. As well as, sharing my own designs with others and vice versa.
I love a lot of games. This game though is something very different. It's so good. I love it so much. It's exactly what my brain wants in a game. YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN LEVELS! It's, in my opinion, the best phone game yet. Truly.
It's amazing there are no ads and I'm addicted to it already and the illusions are so confusing but that makes me happy as I'm figuring it out.
It is a fun app. It is brainy, challenging and interesting. The best part is that there are no adds in this app. Sometimes I get stuck on different levels, but it is still nice! I like this app a lot!!! πŸ˜ƒ
Fantastic puzzle game. great progression and challenge. Easy to learn and hard to master. If you're looking at it it's what toy want. It even has a level editor.
This game is very jntresting and relaxing to me. I thing jt deserves a 5/5 ✩✩✩✩✩ For the graphics and just the how it is programed it is very mind co fusing to me and also intresting at the same time. Very fun. Hopefully yall agree with me because this is just MY opinion please dont let it bother you if you dont agree. -....
I loved maze-puzzle games from back in the day when I was younger and truthfully I still do. So when I downloaded this game I kept wanting to play more and more for how much I loved this game. However personally for me I wish there was a whole lot more levels for this game. Truthfully I finished this game pretty fast. So that's why I wish there was some kind of website or an app with more levels for this game. That way I could keep challenging myself, because I really love this type of game.
It has some bugs but none that will make it unplayable. The level editor is really really cool for a game hinged on optical Illusion.
Amsolutly amazing game. Can't give it enough praise. Very good if you bored becuse it always makes you think. And it's add free Though it may be becuse I'm a maths nerd.
I like the minimalist design and how the levels are short. It isn't my favorite kind of game because it's hard to plan a solve. I also wish it would default to the last level or at least scroll down to where you were.
Not very good sound or graphics. But a logical and brainy game. It's a challenging game but after level 40 you have to buy the game levels.
I love the game but the one thing you could change is when you exit out of the app the music playing but that really it. love the game
Fun game no ads but after level 40 you have to pay for the rest of the levels...it's a little frustrating that I can't play any further without paying for it but if from what I could play was decent
Great game...would be absoultely fantastic if we could play our own music. And levels were little more difficult. Other than that its all good and fun
Wonderful time passing game. Also aesthetically very soothing. I feel lucky to find this game. I recommend it to play in unirritated mood, and one will find an enjoyable time. Thank you Gamebra team.
I love this type of game. Put your brain at work and make those neurons make new connections. It helps my cognitive abilities.
Only for the think tanks not for the mere novice as is a degree of strategies and tactics found deep within it.
The levels are quite easy. I thought that this game would be difficult and hence enjoyable but its boring. Any person can solve this by just randomly moving the block. Then I solved it without moving the block ,but it took more time than the previous method. And I didn't enjoy the second method either. However I solve it, this game is always boring
I love it... It enhances my barin towards classical logic and inspires me to solve more puzzles..I give it a 10/10
It's a great game, but since I finished up everything until level 40, I still need to buy level 41- 120.. It was really fun though. Great job for those who made this game
I like the Escher type of puzzles a lot, the music is nice, but could have been a bit less with the gongs, that really resounds in my ears, because I'm sensitive for higher sounds and light. It would be nice to have a setting to change the sound and a dark version. Just disabling the sound is not nice either.
I find this game so relaxing. It is challenging but not frustrating. There are no annoying timers or point counters or fireworks. I also love the background sound of soothing chimes -- I sometimes just listen to the sounds without doing the puzzle. This has become my go-to app whenever I need to wind down.
Love the layout and the puzzles. I also enjoy the calming windchines that play to calm you as your frustration grows whilst trying to solve each puzzle. A great and fun way to spend time on the subway, as you wait in lines, and even to take a break from work. Really enjoying hocus a lot.
Quite interesting puzzle game in isometric style. But it would be great, if the developer will add sound control opinion for the music. It's just too loud.
pretty mind bending, but solvable puzzles. controls could be better, and only 40 levels available unless you buy the others for a high price.
It's unique. Even, on occasion, when you're wandering around unable to find the correct path, it's interesting instead of frustrating. Though finishing all the puzzles comes too quickly, there's an option to make your own. So you're never really finished if you don't want to be.
I thought this game was pretty good, it starts off easy and gets harder. But as soon as you get settled in you have to pay to play.. which is dumb because this game is definitely not worth it don't waste your money on it. It's a okay or "meh" game which will leave you with a empty feeling at the end. It's not good enough for my money I'm so sorry πŸ˜”
I rate this game app with 5 stars because it seems pretty good. It's what others are saying too. But, I didn't actually get to play it. I downloaded the app and when I launched it, it led me to an opening logo or something that had SAMSUNG in it (That's all I remember and I deleted it already) and it only stayed there, it didn't bring me to the game. I kept waiting but that's all the app did. I suspect that maybe it has something to do with my phone? My phone is Oppo A5s.
If you like impossible pictures then this is perfect for you, I've always found them interesting to get your head round and now I get to do this, what more do you need, they are fairly easy to do and there are zero adverts so it's a much more enjoyable experience, my only con would be the music is Abit a young other than that thumbs up, good work.
I played this game for like 15 minutes and it is so enjoyable. I can't say anything bad about it! Other than it being VERY confusing, but that's not a reason to think it's bad :)
Mind bogglingly simple yet deceptive enough to keep you racking your head to figure out each level. Haven't come across such an interesting puzzler in a very long time. Completely impressed by it. And as if things weren't already amazing enough, there're no ads either! Definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys puzzles and illusions.
I really like the game , it improves your thinking ability. Levels are much hard and there are around 120 levels and it's so much fun.
Very simple, yet not. Smooth and glitchless. No ads is a major plus. Just a really well thought out awesome puzzle game. I highly recommend this if you like a challenge, but not a meltdown. Well thought out and artistic.
Awesome game. I love the perspective idea. Very original. Got to level 40 and I bought the rest of the levels and I'm glad i did.
This is an amazing game! Its very confusing, fun, and trickery to the eyes. Not only that, but the 41-120 levels to buy isnt even that much! The level maker isnt even confusing or hard, and I can save my levels too. Player, get this illusion game inmediatly. (Its better than monument valley)
True to its description, minimalist puzzle game. Optical illusion/impossible shape puzzles, it's fun and sometimes challenging. I got to level 12 pretty quickly and not one ad.
The optical illusions are anazing and the game is peetty darn cool 😎😎😎 Putting the brain to the test! Not only that but rhe music is vibey sometimes i leave it on to listen to it. 5 stars!
The game is really fun and the animation is smooth, but it scares me a little because it defies all laws of physics ._.
Fun and trippy, there is a typo on the play with code screen but other than that there are hardly any bugs or misspells
It's a very intriguing and calming mind-boggler. Although these all seem to look impossible to complete they all are able to be done and I like a challenge. There's 120 puzzles and every time you do them it's almost brand new again. 5 out of 5. Would recommend
As an artist, I've really enjoyed this game. Second time downloading it after years. It's still visually & mentally challenging. Good stuff!
I really enjoy this app. It's a great time killer, I like to have games on my fone that can be played for just a few mins. if need be, like while waiting at an office. I'm not very far into the app yet, have done maybe 20 puzzles and they are all really easy yet, but i assume they increase in difficulty. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzle games.
I really enjoy this game overall. The calming background noise is a nice compliment to the relaxing puzzle. The only issue I have, and it might just be my phone, is that when I try to swipe to move sometimes, it won't register. I have to go to the gray circle showing the possible directions and swipe from there for the block to move.
This game has such a cool concept. I dont want to say it ruins this game for me, but the controls are kind of awkward. Have to tap on the right angle of cube or it will not move the way you want it to. Maybe having a D-Pad would help?
This is a challenging and difficult game , all of my students get very frustrated! But I find it fun to do in my free time.
LOVING IT! Wow! What a great game. So far, no ads--just amazing optical illusion ball rolling puzzles. Two thumbs up--WAY UP!
I wish to acquire imagination-animation abilities of a level equal to the developers(I don't think this game can be created by just one person, if it is, I'm out of words) of this soothing game πŸ‘ Also I loved the fact that player can create their own levels
Love the game. Keeps the gears between the ears moving. Easy to play but have to plan your moves. Starts out easy and progressis to more complex levels, but still fun to play. Thanks for the No ADS. Can't stop playing this. A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me.
Truly addictive and it made me complete all level problems in very short time. I loved thos app. The developers could create dual problems every level then triple problem every level.
You can at least mention 2/3 of the game is available through payment only. One star for the gameplay. One star courtesy of play store.
Is a very good puzzle game, is very relaxing and it helps me get calm when I'm frustrated or mad, I recommend it for all those who also play games like LOL, Fortnite, or any stressing game like Geometry Dash, also the music is so zen, and I like it ;)
It is an optical illusion game. You have to figure out the correct course to complete the level. Good exercise for the brain.
Simple in appareance, challenging in practice, this game is awesome. The level design is incredible, the interface is simple and smooth. No idea how the music is ,i play on silent, its the best way to enjoy it. This game is definitely something to play for a long time. Its a great example of a casual game done right. Level creator , infinity mode, a lot of standard levels, makes up for great value for the money.
I love this app. it challenges my brain so I can keep learning and become more focused and able to view small details 10/10
A clever program but very boring after a few levels. I really can't imagine why anyone would want to buy extra levels! Sorry guys, you need to add some extra pizzazz in order to get more interest from me.
Music, Gameplay and Clean UI... This is a high quality experience. Brilliance in this simply satisfying design! May such great software bring happiness, inner calm and a honest pleasant smile on the faces of us all fools, who seek complications only to become more anxious. Well done, developers.
This game is amazingly trippy! Unfortunately, its a bit easy to take a wrong turn if the angle between is acute but that's the only complaint.
Easily the best puzzle game on the PlayStore, it's a great way to burn some time by working around difficult paradoxes. Thanks
Fun puzzler. Stress free, doesn't track how many moves it takes to solve a puzzle. Some of the puzzles may have more than one solution, so could be why moves are not tracked.
so so SOOOOO ADDICTING. I let my dad play it and even he was challenged! I love this app so much thank you for making it. Keep up the great work!
It's good, but it takes up only half of my screen. I would like the game to have a "Adjust Screen" option, but it'd be good either way. If I could give this game a 7/5, I would, but the issue took a star. I'll be waiting (patiently) for the issue to be resolved! Any way, 4/5, 9/10, very good. Hope to be replied to in two days!
Amazing. The shapes and size of the puzzles are soothing. This game requires a focus that allows you to tune into a part of your mind that must think non-linearly.
I love the game and it is so awesome, we can also make our own level but one thing is that you can't play after level 80 because we need to purchase the level to unlock full game so I have given only 4 stars to it.
This game is perfect for me! I love everything about it. The music is soothing, the visuals are clear, and it plays through well. The only thing I would like is more levels to play through. 120 levels is just enough to get me caught up then it's over. This is my 3rd playthrough. Please give me more!
It's got some annoying glitches, mostly due to adobe air, but it's a super fun and interesting game to play
AWESOME !πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ No ads or anything. Confusing (of course) but not frustrating. It is SOOOOO relaxing to hear the chimes. I also like optical illusions. The only problem is that you need to buy levels 80-120. Make it free THEN it will be perfect!
Clever, well crafted, smooth play. Replay levels, even on the 40 level free play. Easy to enjoy in brief sessions. Purchased.
A great game to get your brain into gear. Even the early levels are a bit challenging. I recommend turning your 'Screen Timeout' setting off or the red block will move when you tap the screen to keep it on. A good little brain teaser for your bus ride to work (if you are working).
Thank you! A great puzzles game. Plenty of levels to enjoy for free. I'll gladly pay for the extras even if I don't finish them all. Developers like this should be rewarded.
It's not correct at some 3D topo logic. Example level 23, there is a node should be go underable. Maybe it's your style logic, but it would be cooler if the topo more close to 3D human vision. It will be a wonderful 4D world