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Hnefatafl for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Philippe Schober located at Am Vogelbusch 12 28717 Bremen Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The good part: I really like the game and have deeply enjoyed it. All the variations provide a nice experience. The "problematic" part: After the redesign I have the following issue: The AI player sometimes stop functioning in mid-play and the app freezes (continues to play music but everything else is stopped). I never had this problem with the previous design. It was excellent! (My tablet is an old Lenovo Tab S8-50F with HD 8in display running Android 4.4.2)
Great game, there is one frustrating thing and that is that the AI is immune to the 3 repeated moves rule. Also from time to time I have experienced games where I randomly lose despite the corners being covered and I still having legal moves left.
AI on this game is not that hard to beat, in any difficulty level. Controls and graphics are smooth 😊
Awesome game. I always wanted to be able to play this old Norse game without needing anyone else to play with. There's only one thing I find annoying: when creating own rules, there are some options that aren't explained anywhere afaik, such as undying guards, escape forts, or base camps (or maybe I just overlooked it). Otherwise, great game! Highly recommend.
Had quite the positive experience playing this game and it's also really handy to have such an app because other than that I don't get to play much hnefatafl since it's quite unknown where I come from Great way of teaching and playing Absolutely love it
The AI opponents are far too easy to beat under all circumstances and irrespective of the time you give for their thinking. If this can be sorted then this app would receive five stars.
Great Game! But I wish I could change the computers AI level. Sometimes they beat me so bad and other times they make really bad moves.
I only recently learned about Hnefatafl, but finding an app that covered all variations so completely got me very excited to learn more about the game. Can't wait to try them all.
It's a good game, it's a shame you dont get a notification letting you know its your when your opponents online have made there move
Easily the best hnefatafl app on the market, but the AI is just not good enough at higher difficulties.
Very fun game. Only drawback is I dont know the names of any of the songs in the sounds track and cant seem to find them which stinks because I want to listen to them.
Even on the easiest difficulty it is impossible for new players to win. AI will gridlock you in a matter of a few turns of defending and escapes before you know what's going on when attacking. Practically unplayable.
Posted a 5 out of 5 on my early review. Since then the UI overhaul is fantastic. I enjoy this game and its variants so much I going to buy on steam aswell. Careful you can you can easily loose track of time playing this.
Brilliant! Just one thing - is there any way to implement a move display and keypad input without the graphical board as an option - still using the same game engine - so that it can be played on own physical board and pieces? Much like the old chess computers before sensor boards became common
Fun boardgame at heart but even the hardest AIs are trivial. Seeing as the game is in the public domain ill be looking for an app with better AI or online play
CPU constantly repeats the same movements again and again in a way you cant move the game forward. you block a corner and he goes to another.. you block the other he goes back to the first one.. and so on
I love this game. I just really wish you had it for apple products too. I have plenty of friends who would love to play if only they could.
A cool Old Norse game, mentioned in the Poetic Edda. It is more challenging than you may think. Fun stuff. Support European Culture, play the game and tell family and friends.
The best app of its kind. (could there be an option to turn off the 'undo' button? The temptation is too great!)
Tried to update my review, but for some reason I couldn't edit it. I just purchased the paid version, and I'm very pleased the board is bigger, and I can live with it not being in the center. I'm sure the side space is for the chat or another good reason so I recommend it to anyone who wants to take up a new, yet very old strategy game.
Sooo many pop ups. If i play one game, I end up with 20 or more windows open in my browser when I'm done. Game works well, but that's unbearable. Downloaded through the Google play store. It only happens with this ap. I determined it has something to do with clicking your ads at the bottom of the game. If my thumb slips and i tap an ad, I get at least 20 browser windows opening.
Smooth gameplay, many rule variants available. Step into the mind of Ivor the Boneless and explore this magnificent rendition of a game thought lost in history. Customer service was exceptional too on a basic inquiry
Ok, but AI needs a lot of work. Once you get the hang of the rules it's too easy to win even on hard level. The AI white king opponent always makes the mistake of allowing himself to get pinned against the corner tile, no matter what level it's set to. The AI black opponent plays pointless back-and-forward repeat moves until you force him to come out and then it's too easy to slip past his cordon. Basically, it's fun for a few days while you learn the rules and then it's too easy.
Excellent game. One issue is that there is no way to drop unfinished games when other player stops playing other than forfeiting the game yourself.
The classic - and variations of the - classic viking game. Includes instructions and multiplayer, which works well. Very hard to get the hang of; I keep losing on the easiest difficulty!
If anyone saw the previous review of mine. I have not absorbed the rules yet. Also, I did not realize that someone with more ability with board games and gaming might miss this historical gem. The pieces resemble a replica my family had from the Old country. The replica was modern, the original, ancient. This is a beautifully taste of the past.
If you like chess, you'll love this game. Easy to learn and play. Playing this so much on the app, inspired me to build a board (you can buy it, but looks really cheap, for an expensive price), so I could play it with my Dad and friends. 5/5 app and have recommend it to friends.
It's everything I hoped for! Recently bought the game and wanted to play on my phone to improve my skills in it. It is extremely helpful.
Delightful, fun, and creative! A refreshing step away from modern Chess and Checkers which do not offer much room for creativity. I firmly believe that this is due to the fact that Hnefatfl and it's Roman counterpart Latrunculi retain more of the elements you'd expect to find in the Art of War. In Chess and Checkers (or Draughts) the rules feel very arbitrary and have no real connection to the Art of War. This results in lack of creative play and empty memorization.
Good app, game takes some getting used to. Figured out attacking but defending is very difficult. Good thing is there is a limitless undo button, so you can sort of give yourself a few practice rounds before you try to jump into a game
An amazing game, good work! 3 problems however, the ai is very easy (even the 'hard' options) and it takes a long time(hours-days) to find an online match. Notifications when it is your turn to play would also be very helpful. Despite that it is still an amazing game.
First, I want to make a formal apology to the creators of this game. I was wrong for being not only harsh but also too venomous and vulgar with my first review. Second, I want to thank all those who have offered best hints with the game. I have done much better. In short, I was wrong and this app is not only great but those who have created it has made a great community for it.
A great game, but the easy AI is a bit too difficult for beginners. it'd be nice if there were a beginner's AI to help with learning basic strategies.
Just started playing game after learning about it in the Last Kingdom. Fun, but why don't AIs list their difficulty levels? They just have names.
What the Frege has happened to this game today? The classic look has gone and it's gone all chavvy D's franchise look. It was so easy to configure your side. Now it's all configure this and configure that! Uninstalled as of today.
Amazing, well made this game deserves more knowledge. Online play is good once you join the discord. Thanks for making this amazing historical game available and free on mobile devices. This game gets frequently updated as well and the developer is friendly and quick to respond. I cannot say enough good things about this app.
I'm not a fan of the redesign. I liked the simplicity of the old one. However, the AI is slowly improving. With that said, Ansgar is a little freaking cheater!! I took screenshots of him putting captured pieces back on the board, capturing my pieces by jumping on them (like chess), and even moving my King!! Still, it's fun. The varieties of the game really make it so you won't get bored.
Too difficult to beat, even in easy mode. Needs a help feature and some strategy hints to make it playable for beginners
Simple yet super hard. It's straight forward the game in front of you and it's just a hard game to beat at first.
Love the game but this app is buggy af. It would be really nice to try a tournament but I cant even sign-in.
Great game, me and my brother play when we're with mom shopping. Don't remember why I deleted it, glad to play it again.
Umm... Funny thing. The app seems to work great, the AI is good and works well at pulling punches in the easier modes. But a couple times, for some reason, the AI would wig out and start moving MY pieces. It would see that those were my pieces but I couldn't move any more pieces after that until I rolled the moves back and redid the same moves.
Good game, decent quality, and the only version I could find online. Have you heard of the board game Thud? I can't find any versions online, so I was wondering if I could have the code for this game, or maybe you would look into making it.
Far too hard. Yes, I've tried setting the computers thinking time to its lowest setting and I can occasionally win, but in general I'm getting absolutely thrashed. As a beginner it's no fun and offers little incentive to keep trying.
It's interesting to be able to play this ancient game; the developer is to be commended for a rather nice app. Sadly, the AI players are shocking! I recently updated the game in the hope that this would have been fixed, but no... ...it's now a rather more 'corporate' interface, but the AI players are as easy to beat as they ever were. Even giving them ages to think, it makes no difference... ...except you start to lose the will to live. Ultimately the computer gameplay is rather boring. 😢
Fun at first, but in Brandubh you should be able to capture the king with two pieces even on the edge of the board. However, this is not the case. I get there's no official rules of this ancient game, but capturing the king on the edge is a common rule. Edit: Impressed with the reply from the Dev. should've stated before, this is the best Tafl app. It could use more rule options however; I'd love to be able to replicate the rules I learned by in the app. However, I can adapt for now
I have enjoyed this game, but yesterday and today it does not seem to be working. It will load and runs fine until I enter a match, then it will show the opponent's last move and then immediately shut down. Thank you for the response. Google issue seems to have auto-updated over night, the app works fine this morning.
Fun game. The variety of game play options is awesome and the rules have a good amount of detail. This app introduced me to hnefatafl. but the AI needs work. In the beginning, the lowest setting was way too difficult, but after 3 weeks of practice the hardest is now to easy. I'm by no means a strong player, but with 1 trick I can beat the AI 9 times out of 10. Over all, it's a good app. By far the best hnefatafl app.
Great! Lot of vatiants, rules, clear explanations, computer player, nice interface, up yo now no bugs.
After playing this game at a museum I've wanted to find an app and this one, not only is smooth but also has 12 other gameplay versions!
great adaptation off these ancient games. it just needs a compatible iPhone version so I can play all my friends
I found this game while looking for Chess alternatives. I am completely blown away by this game! It is fun, has so much strategy, requires thinking moves ahead, and it comes with 12 variants. The rules are beautifully described and the interface is nice and functional. Ads are unobtrusive and I have been playing it regularly for over two months now. I still can't put it down. Highly recommend this to abstract gaming fans. Love it!
Really fun and well made, could use a bit more customization options for the rules on the berserker exclusive pieces.
I like it. Its challenging enough to be good, and easy enough to not be frustrating and pointless. All in all, it's really worth your time.
There was an unusual bug I found. I have no idea how it is triggered but it made the ai basically wait to lose. It started when I switched sides on the historical board after losing constantly as white. It was funny at first but then it got boring. I eventually started giving it obvious opertunities to win. But it almost avoided them. So I eventually cornered the king and pushed it to the edge. Basically forcing it to win. That seemed to fix it though.
AI doesn't properly follow the parameters set forth by the programmers based in the rules. IE, black pieces are capturing the king like he's a normal piece, or they are moving over the kings starting point which is illegal IRL. I have been playing Tablut and the rules don't match the AIs actions.
It doesn't seem to work with my phone properly: When signing up, the game crashed my phone, so it powered itself off. After powering up my phone, I went into a game and pressed on the rules, but I couldn't go out because the cross was obscured by a banner ad, meaning I had to abandon my opponent (not that they were moving anyway)