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Hitwicket Superstars: Cricket

Hitwicket Superstars: Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hitwicket Cricket Games located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
New update is full of bugs and bugs.Lossing all interest in game. A cool game quick response from the support team .But certain issue addressed are not been resolved and issue those are been resolved are in glitch form. Overall game is superb Great work πŸ‘
Game is impressive and innovative. But there is lot more to improve which I believe you guys already have in pipeline. As others have posted I do experience bugs like sync issue, sometimes the trophies for the game just won doesn't add up and there is no history of it. After doing the spin app gets stuck and has to restart. No response to mail sent earlier. Thank you. Wishing you the best to bring up new features and improving the game.
It's very good game and I have been playing it for last so many months but For the last two to three weeks and so far now I'm facing some bugs in this game like whenever I entered in auction they are seen hang on tight new players are arriving... Everytime I entered in auction this message is popping up ... So please do something about it..
After Update, The Stars are not at all increasing even after winning a match... And hence unable to use Spin and play, due to zero star's... Fix it ASAP.. + Second issues is match played in the world tour just stays at same level even after winning the match many times.
My palyer having boomerang ability is only getting 70% chance of the previous result in place of 80%. What is this? Why will we buy a player with such an ability who is unsure of hitting sixes. This is very annoying. He is my world class palyer and I have bought himr only for his boomerang ability. You should not do such a thing with you user. What updates you guys are bringing I realy can't understand. This is ridiculous. I hate this game. The World Tour bug is still not resolved.
Hello developers... Last season I have bought elite pass and completed all the season pass events and completed all the levels, but still now I haven't got new el tank skin and also had some other issues which I have sent you by mail on 2/03/2021. But still I haven't got any response from your side.. I am playing this game about more than 4 months.. *friends never spend money on this game, I have spent more than 10k for this game.. I really got frustrated by the response of the developers..
After the update(28th sept), the game 3d visuals, cricketing shots, appearance and attraction are very worst condition. The quality of the game is reduced to lower level. For every update the quality of the game should increase but vise versa happened.
Even at 6 gb ram capacity mobile game gets stucked. Even high end games like asphalt and call of duty works smoothly on hd settings. I really liked this game but I think perfect mobile not available for such graphics. I think this game needs 20 gb ram to work properly.
Filled with bugs. Frustrates you completely. One example is a bowler with 100 power will suddenly have 1500+ power points and it will become difficult to hit him. Most of the options suddenly stops working and you will have to quit and open the app again for them to work
Edited:After latest update, game is strucking too much. Not smooth anymore, i think new animations are not fully optimized, game is unplayable. What has just happened? This update comes up with new level of bugs, star count again gone wrong and game is laggy as hell. I don't know what your team is doing with this game. Before giving any update why don't you check 100 times wether it is fine or not. Sorry to say but this game is becoming worst every passing day. Hurted πŸ’”πŸ’”. 1 🌟 πŸ’”
All the players I bought at the auction and through scouting gets replaced again and again by the same mediocre player. This has happend 3-4 times now. If you don't want us to have good players why even offer them?
Still the same performance.. worst.. worst.. worst. Updating graphics n appearance is not we want, but performance. Even though the shot percentage is 80, the batsman is getting out from low grade bowlers. The game is getting more n more worst day by day. I want to give zero stars as it's not there, giving 1 star. Still not uninstalling becoz to check whether the performance will get better or not in coming days.
Awesome game but sometimes game is crashing again and Again specially on gold tier matchs please fix this issue πŸ™„ Please bring Ads in training nets to reduce timings and little rewards for watching Ads.. But overall i love to play this game ...Matches are harder but fun and playing by strategy...No.1 game in cricket by strategy .. thanks for making this game...β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸ‘
After the update, game is completely lagging and slowed down due to useless effects you have added into the game while batting, there was not at all need of adding those useless effects, please sort the issue as it has really slowed down the game, we love this game, don't make us to uninstall it. And will be waiting for the improved update to rate it 5 star.
I dont know what happen to this game! first I had loved this game very much but after there is no data in my game ! i played very well i had get many points/coins but some thing is wrong in the game i had lost all data in my game my mobile is supportable to every game istead of downloading i had going to delete this unabled game
Too many bugs are persisting now, for eg while starting league match the match doesn't start after selecting the openers, but the energy gets used, you lose the match and lose trophies too. Other bug issues include many in auction market, there is no display of lost/won auction properly, if I participate in multiple auctions, I get the result of only one, rest all just happen in background, and you have to estimate what has actually happened. Please look into them.
I played this game in the initial days of its release and than i had to uninstall it due to bugs.now again i downloaded the game but the performance of the game is same. bugs delete your acquired player automatically and cash and others accessory also gets depleted with time.no response from the team for support. Bye hitwicket
I am giving u guys 4 stars.... because there are still bugs in spinning wheel...let see if win a game and collect 3 stars...it sometimes shows 2 or 1...plzz solve spinning wheel bugs
This game has different versions in different devices. I have realme and samgsung phone and it is surprising that both had different rewards, different versions. Also this app prompt again and again for upgrade which is annoying. I have highlited this issue to the support team almost 30 days before but no upgradation. Postive side of this game is as follows.. 1. This is not a normal cricket. 2. This game is addictive. 3. This game brings lot of challenges as per the difficulty level.
Game concept is good but it's full with bugs and crashing all the time. Uninstalling it since after increasing the level of players shot misses has got increased exponentially resulting in losing all the matches ,game does not interest me anymore.
1.Game is really good give it a try. Problem 1.Glitches, it's getting stuck in training page.im using OnePlus nord. 2.need another way to get more energy. I'm ready to pay, but still Im locked and can't play for another xxx hours since I already bought energy using coins max time. 3. In multiplayer, the stars are not getting added for the spin wheel. It shows 3 by end of the match, when you open the tab for another match it'll turn to be 0. Please fix all this, thank you. Addictive Game πŸ”₯
The game is really good but when I try to star up a player it shows that the elite academy is locked. So I'm unable to starup my players. Please fix this issue
Till last update batsmen used to play as per the suggested short he can either score single or six but now after update it shows this is preferable short but if we play that one also he misses it or gets out. Then there is no use to have strong batsmen in the team.
Way too many bugs will spoil the whole fun... game is not worth a single star because of developers..they won't fix bugs..not even a single bug is fixed worst developers ever
Pathetic game, getting worse after every update. Have bugs in every frame of the game.The cups which i have earned have been reduced by 200 on its own.
Before update game was awesome. Now I'm unable to play it when I open the game it strucks. Nothing happens. Please solve it
Very Bad Experience First of all matchmaking is very bad. You always get matched with oponnent who is 3000 4000 power higher that you. On top of that 2000 batsman get out on 900 power bowler and the percentage for shot is very low as well isnt it should be higher if you are playing low power bowler You get out on green bar with worst bowler and best batsman If the bowler is 2500 and batsman is 1600 all balls are missed and they get wicket bowlers always have advantage. Won't suggest to anyone.
my energy is showing negative figure and the negative figure is raising in every minute. what a jokes. the gold coins also in negative figure. i updated 2 times in 2 days.
Game is very impressive. Major concern is that my whole team that I developed is lost and I can't see where my players are. Players can be seen in line ups where we play bit in squad we can't see all players and so can't train them and we are stuck with same player's level. Please update this issue.
Looking for updates in old hitwicket game too. There is no point in having highest star. Game win is purely based on luck
Worst game that i have played in my life.The weaker teams win you easily.If we lose they say to upgrade your player.But your player is already powerful then the opponent.You lose then I don't know what the reason in upgrading the players.
BUG REPORT!!! 1.I have seen some of 3 star level player easily easily loose against 2 star bowler.why? Even they are unable to take 1 or 2 2. At the time of team selection if my power is 3000, most of the time getting recommandtion 7000 or higher. Its never possible to win. Kindly resolve this. This is the biggest issue
The game is awesome and interesting. But sometimes the phone was stuck in the time of playing matches, upgrade players, etc. Also, it is the request not to update the game weekly. It is hard to memorize the update. Please make the game challenges in monthly wise.
Until you put money in the game your not getting anywhere the minute u do good they pin u with overpowered gameplay and make sure u don't climb the league's until u put ur money and use collectables to increase ur own stats
Nobody tests the app before launching an update. You update the game to fix a bug and then you are cursed with the other. Now there's problem while claiming and starting a new training session. You guys strictly test and retest again and again before launching an update otherwise market is open for duplicators. If someone duplicates your ideas you'll be doomed. Remember, It's not necessary to start first it is about user experience and the series of bugs is deteriorating your impressions.
It's a fun game overall. But too many glitches and problems which ruin the fun of the game. They should work on fixing the errors before doing more useless updates such as changing the layout of the game. I will change my review after the problems are fixed.
What a shitiest update had been rolled out. App is continuously crashing. If not crashing, then not responding anything in game. What a waste update!! Bring the older version back!
Today I updated the application and uninstalling the application because of the update graphics looks not good energy is reduced from 40 to 30 When you are batting if you have 80 percentage chance to hit boundary I got out multiple times And the application developers are promoting to purchase something like elite pass,coins etc I never purchase anything even the great game like pubg and cod without purchasing you can play fair but this game you can't play fair. At the end not impressed.
Would want to rate it zero. Unfortunately you need to fix your AI if you use that. A Like i said, with a player confidence of 70% and above on a bowler who has much lesser rating, it continously goes as dot. Still havent been able to figure out the bowled on bouncer. Anyways you guys would want to just prive yourself right rather than fixing the game. So i decide to finally delete the game.
The new update/patch is pathetic. Shots are just random. The Skill Ability 'Boomerang' doesn't give straight 80% chance often and the %age gets stuck at 70%. We never had the control over bowling, and with this update the batting sucks too. Batsman misses the shot a lot, like A LOTTTTTTTT!! Silver lining- 'Spend Money to WIN' Uninstalling the game in some days if this trend continues.
i dont know what happened to the devs or technical people ,but they are not at all responding to my problems in the game ,i lost my whole data and it wont come back ,this is unfair ,it is better to stop playing this game ,they are asking about my phone ,my phone is poco f1 with 6gb ram it supporta all type of games ,this is very bad from you guys i didnt expect this to happen
Very very bad game.....they just want to sell their virtual product....no matter how upgrade u did...even they show 85 %chance of successful shot ( green zone ) ...but u will get out ....no logic in this game ... Instead of this ...play cricket in real life it will give u more fun and enjoyment plus it will also give ur body strength !
the game is back on track. bugs are fixed. Some lags are there I hope you will fix it soon . 1) now we can earn More training points from daily deals. 2) Provide An Offline mode of this game Which doesn't require Internet connectivity
The game is amazing and unique but it contains soo many bugs which are annoying everytime. You win the league match and sometime it will not increase the numebr of trophies and will not show the match in history. Everytime I open training nets, game forced me to level up the player, i dont want to level up the player i am saving them for future, but arrows come and asks to level up the player. It also have bug regarding spin wheel star. Please correct it.
As of today, it continues to crash, so no change in review. This is become so lame game after recent update. 1) its crashing frequently (all my charging points are gone even for crashed games) 2)the new graphics and interface is pathetic (really b-grade) 3)the algorithm of batsman succeeding is more baised in favour of opposition and their bowlers 4)the shot %s are not at all consistent across games and players and bowlers (makes its impossible to win)
Update is interesting but I still wouldnt change my rating. Since the last update it feels its not the strategy that can win you games, its actually hitwicket that decids who will win. A low rates bowler can get a wicket when the shot probability is really high. How can someone get bowled on a bouncer.
I am huge fan of hitwicket game, but too much bugs to be honest. 1. Star count isn't correct on Winning matches it will show 3 stars all the time but on season pass it calculates different 2. Alliance / City / World Chat not showing (Chat place is MT). 3. You win the league match and sometime it will not increase the number of trophies and will not show the match in history. League trophies are missing. And sometimes stars weren't counted for the bones wheel after the match winning. 4. Every time I open training nets, game forced me to level up the player. 5. and so many bugs.. Hated it. Pls fix all the bugs after i will give 5star.
The game was always had a great idea and has simple controls/physics. There were many updates/glitches that caused regular users a lot of frustration and problems. I personally have had many issues corrected by the developer. One problem still remains a problem, but I have given up trying to get any resolve to this. Overall the game is a fantastic time waster and can get addictive when you hit a nice run of form!
Need to fix the issues for example getting stuck in between the game and unable to collect the trophy.
The game is not properly respond. We won the match, but they are not showing the result. And not giving points. I won 5 match but they not showed. Lacking also. Tournament result is not showing properly. The worst game I have never seen in my life
This game was good till last update.. When I win the matches, Rewards are not getting collected and Nowhere it shows we won the match.. Fix this... I even closed app and reopened again .. still it did not get updated.. so many bugs are there.. Please fix those ... Try not to create extra bugs
I have purchase elite pass and complete all mission but can't get the skin which is last one.This also happens with me in last season where I can't get the skin. When I opened the player profile and click on the skin it show only default skin and other skin is locked. Please resolve this issue.
This game has serious major bugs, the developers and the testers DON'T CODE WELL OR TEST WELL. TOO MAKE DEFECTS and many new releases. Though the game play is good but the performance is very bad with so many new releases. Any new release has so many bugs. Time to fire thr development and the testing team and rehire new and better once.
Nice game.i mean graphics is superb..no ads ..in today's time..the best game ever..no. 1 rating game for cricket lover..should try if u buy pqckage also it's worth..new concept ..new invention.. thanks u developers for giving us such a nice game..
A lot of bugs. Just keep on restarting the game again and again. It's like i play less and restart more. And don't ask me to mail my issues. I already mailed 2 times and got no reply.
after completing the world tour games getting error as check your internet connectivity n league matches are not opened n moreover asking to play tour matches again n showing negative energy n money as well..... how come that's possible I like the GUI . Please solve the issue
There seems to be some bug in the game. I am not able to see new players which I have purchasd from the auction and also new players which have been scouted. There has been no growth in the team rating even after training players. And it is the same olayer which is being shown 11 times in the playing 11.
Best cricket game I have ever played..This game is sooo addictive...I recommend all cricket lovers to give a try:)
The issues I face earlier got fixed in the released patches however I met another issue where my game is not proceed further no matter how many matches I play. Contacted the support multiple times but there is no response. Edit: I am using the latest version of the application. Hope you guys can look at the mails I sent
It was very good before latest update. Now my screen freezes whenever I go to my players page. Line ups and tactics page also not visible like previous. Pls fix this.
After the last update.. Game is not smooth and has glitches.. There should some option showing players health decreasing after playing some games and increasing with practice or resting them
The game is good, I am enjoying and having fun with playing this game.. but developer must have to fix the bugs..
This game is simple and elegant. Just love how competative and enjoying it is to play. Although I need some improvements in the game's performance (startup sometimes takes a lot of time)
Really nice game and time passing... The only thing is on drive shot not looks good... Try to change that....😁
Lost around 120 energy. For playing league match I have clicked on play, then 10 energy deducted and app hangs as soon as I select player for opening and click confirm. When I restart the game the energy is gone and asks to spend 10 more energy for playing league match. This is not at all acceptable.
It was a good game. Then they upgraded and the algorithm or the probability as they call it became quite lopsided. Opponent manages to bowl maiden overs to high end batsmen in last 2 overs (my trigger in writing this). Not sure if it expecting me to pay each month then that's not happening. Nothing new in reliable or world-class players. Just the same players upgraded with same skills. Worse part it to get a blue player a star you need to sacrifice 8-9 players from your squad....
I play this game 5-6 times a day and i love it so much.i have spent on purchases too.but the latest update has disappointed me a lot. The whole look and graphics of the game have gone a few levels down. Upgrade means to make it better!! Please, the earliers graphics were better. The movement of batsman, The worst is square cut graphics,sweep movements, everything seems so 90's like now. The earlier was better please make it like before
Why is there so much discrepancy between Android and Ios versions? Also, there are many bugs, especially in menus. Please fix. Concept of the game is good. But the game itself has many issues as mentioned above.
This game has sooo many bugs!! I invested time on this game to take players from the scout. 4 times players that were designated to me went missing in the squad never to be found again. Right now I have only 3 batsmen. All other players I take from scout just disappear..
Bugs in game are increasing day by even if win many matches my trophies are not increasing . But if I lose my tropird are getting deducted I cant even play matches in world tour. I am really disappointed with game management . Please resolve my issue ASAP.. 😑😑🀬
This is a fake game. It allows you to change opponent by paying 30k. If we use this option by paying 30k and wins the match, it immediately shows that you lost against some other opponent when you were playing. If we don't change the opponent and play accordingly then it won't show any loss against other opponent. Totally fake game.
I have been playing this game for around 5 months now and dispite what some reviewers say below, this is a really good and fun game to play. They are always adding new elements to the game. Customer Support is second to none, they have always answered my questions in a timely manner. Yes, there is a few bugs here and there but the game is still in development and doesn't really effect the game play. Now with the new alliance vs alliance matches, adds a new and fun addition to a great game.
Overall a good game. After a new update I face an issue. League trophies are missing. And sometimes stars weren't counted for the bones wheel after the match winning.
Game is so good but the problem is bugs ... They keeps on updating but bugs are still there after today's update em not able to open my nets and can't claim the points n game also freezes every now n there...
Really enjoyable game. Not really PtW game. A few bugs and glitches but devs are straightening out the kinks and the game gets better every day.
First of all; donot invest any money in this game. Secondly, BUGS!! This game has bugs bugs and many bugs. A bug allowed you to collect final reward multiple times. Although the reward can be collected multiple times, upgrading player was time consuming. Suddenly the developers woke up and decided to fix these, along with removing the rewards and players collected. Got my roster removed that was upgraded from the training points earned from playing matches and elite pass. Waste of time and money
In game you can be in total control then you suddenly lose 3 or 4 quick wickets. The new batsmen take time to get going then the dreaded Hex arrives in the last over. Also, I have world class players but I can't Star them up as I need about 40 players to trade. It's almost impossible
Full of bugs. Game stuck so much. Players got disappear. Auction player don't show. Alliance chaat not opening. Alliance reward doesn't collecting. And many more...... Edit :- i already updated it now game has more bugs than before..
After the latest update, I'm getting the error that something is wrong with your internet connection or restart the game. Energy, coins, money is shown in negative. unable to proceed with the game. please check.
Lot of bugs due to the update and the game has become more cumbersome. 1. The screen freezes a lot of time before the start of any game and at the end of it 2. Stats are not updates 3. Current update on 15/10/2020 has made the game super hard now. The update on confidence booster, left and right after playing 5 balls doesn't help in playing well. Any batsman with 3000 power cannot hit 600power bowler evern after playing 5-6 balls. And ultimate mode is super worse. Game has gotten too bad now
After recent update game went from bad state to worst. Match winning is now not getting counted towards daily challenges. Runs are not added to player stats. Stars from wins are not added in both Season challenges and spin wheel. Match making is record worst. How can 22K batting power and 22K bowling power is matched to 29K batting power and 25K bowling power. Trophies should never be used for Match making. Player level and No of days played should be used for Match making.
An Overall Game .....Good concept and Just totally loved it......I just feel that the energy points are a little less for a days play.....you have to wait until they get refilled.
Changing my review from 5 to 2 because of new update. It disable all button/icons click events, when entering in training area i am not able to go back and players lineup option is also not working anymore, revert back your update and check your current code because it consists of many bugs amd errors i think. UI looks good well when functionality is working otherwise your old UI was also not bad.
Thoughts about the latest update Pros: -The batting animations are really smooth and seem more in line with how a player would hit a ball - Free chests give 1 more item than before Cons: - Anything to do with players (lineup, my players and the elite academy) makes my game unable to go back / to the home screen and then I need to shut down the game with task manager - the much lower level bowlers (800 and below) are now oddly tougher to play against
Yes after the update it seems to be working excellent thanks..... But kindly reply for the emails to address the issues we face... Either guys aren’t responding or taking so too much of time to respond.
I personally really like this game Graphics are too awesome. I love cricket and I really appreciate this game. Wants to thank you to all the developers to make this game amazing with new updates.
I got 40scout points of brilliant player I opened the game again but is not showing them. Not recieved. Pls do something it is glitching so much. I have not received scout points of brilliant and world class both even after redownloading and re opening If this goes on I can't be able to scout players
Continuously full of bugs and has affected gameplay more and more. These get reported but only half my responses get replied to. Big shame as has potential but if it does not improve, I will be uninstalling and finding another cricket game to play.
And another bug after today's update, not allowing to start training net. The app force me to select the right side player to improve the player even though it's already maximised. And not allowing to select the 2nd training net.
Worst game ever. Winning a match even against weaker team is impoasible even after having 3 star players. Even a batsman with 99% chance to hit shot gets out to weak bowler. Every update to the game ia making it worst. Useless game
Overall game is really enjoyable. Few glitches here and there. However, one major thing to note is the power level. The power level does not make any sense. Other than this, it's good and keeps getting better with the updates.
The new update has made it unplayable. So many misses.. Also the in app purchases are not worth it. The day you make a purchase, your batsmen will stop making connection to the ball.. Your brilliant batsman will connect only 1-2 balls that too for a single run against a reliable bowler of half the power as yours... Millions & Trillions of bugs in the game!
The brainless creators has to follow simple mathematics.. oh sry has to learn simple mathmatics before creating a game like this.. u gave a hero character and even he keeps on missing a single run in 70 and 80%... What the hell is this forget about boundaries that's different.. logically it is a superb game.. but u ppl annoy by putting illogical things like this... Improve it
It's a nice game. The most annoying part is that you have to click on that one player before doing anything on the game. Please update that. That's the only reason as to why I gave 2 stars otherwise it's a straight 5. Even after sending the email. I don't see they have changed anything.
Lot of bugs, characters go missing after adding them to star up , not able to play games, most of the time a random players pops up for level up, not able to go back to menu
With new Update most of the glitches gone. Yesterday when update came,game was lagging very badly,But now it seems fine and i have updated my review. I'll rate it 5 star once i check the bidding Glitch which cuts amount every time i lose Bid.
Very terrible customer service. They will be ready to accept in-app purchases anytime, but worst in resolving your concerns.
the game used to be good. since the new season starts and equipments introduced. now it is difficult to play the game. i was enjoying this game But now no. my power is 9000 still i get dots ball against a Bowler who has power of 6000 . i hope developer Will fix this. it is getting difficult to win
Game is great with a different style to play cricket but has a tons of bugs which degrade the fun. I did contact at this but the reply i got says we will try to resolve.
I like the game and its very addictive. I found few bugs first one is quite irritating. 1. Befote starting game, navigate through screens, randomly you are asked to select player profile which popsup on any screen and nothing works till you select it and go back. 2. Bottom icons goes missing sometimes. 3. Star bonus spin wheel doesnt show on the main screen quite often.
After the update game is good most of the issues are considered 😁 One request of mine is to add a friend request option in game with opponents and to have a chat with them and add some tournaments in game and some clan wars 😁😁 Thank you 😁😁😁
Every couple of league games you try to play after you go to select your batsman it won't let you start the game. Then you have to shut the app down and restart it. Then it counts the game as a loss and you loose trophies. Please fix this problem.
I don't know why .... Is it because of your system play or some bugs in it ......from past a week this game really sucks and became boring specially from this season ... Earlier i used to enjoy the game very much but now even a High level characters which either getting out or can't able to play balls even after using their powers which makes their stats maximum.. And the main problem is that you are getting same player after using the cards again and again even after showing so many options😑
Sir I have been facing a major glitch....every time I open the game it says check your internet connection and all the money,energy everything is negative.....I have checked my internet connection and it's way too fast....hope you solve this problem
What a joke of a game!!!! You take days to upgrade a player and a bowler 1/4 the batsman's stats gets him out!? What is the point you give the percentage if it doesn't even help! It's a joke of a game!!! I won't even give it a damn star you incompetent Indian developers
The game was smooth before the update but now while playing it's jus freezes and nothing happens. Also while clicking on my players the list is not showing the correct set of players. Sometimes it takes time to update the cash, training points. Please rectify these then will give 5 stars
I really love this game. There were problems about higher batsmen getting out by the lower one and crashing issues but the game is updating as per our feedback with a good pace. I had some problems while purchasing, there were no reply earlier but after some they solved it and credited everything. I'm thankful to the developers for coming up with such an amazing concept and also for listening out our problems. At the end, I just request you reader to support our Indian developers. Thank You
Too many bugs even after reporting to the email(4 email to be precise) that's provided in the app they don't even bother to respond. Even when I have provided them the screenshot, there's too much foul play going on in this app and you people expect us to provide ratings to win awards for the best app. Moreover recently I got a 2 star player from Sponser box and after a day he vanished. Where did he go? You people just want us to spend money to buy players?
There was always bugs for each updates. Frustrated with the game completely. I don't know how they are releasing the updates without even testing the game. Wherever I click always issues.
Keeps hanging repeatedly when try to select opening batsman. So we lose energy repeatedly. App also gets hanged when we done with spinning wheel. We need to restart each time to continue again. This needs to be fixed immediately.This is cheating big time all my coins lost and match will not start and it result as forfeited. This is complete stealing of hardwork and money. They will reply your queries in mail also worsttttttt service and cheaters. Who the hell gave award to them.
The game was awesome before the update. After the update, the game force closes during the match, freezes sometimes. The buttons placement after the update is" NO ", I dont like it. Also today, there was no exit button available after going into the shard menu. I purchased last season elite pass because I enjoyed the game. Please remove the glitches, the GAME IS AWESOME OTHERWISE.
Very bad game it is not working on my intex aqua and this game is a very loser game because it is not working on my phone very bad company game is this you are not responding to this game
So many bugs in the game. Am trying to play tournament now. In the chase mode, not able start the play, if you come out and then try playing once again it's showing lost. Literally fed up with the game bugs often which appears.
Just before I was going to win all the stars and complete the monthly mission, the app stopped opening. Now I won't be able to complete the task and win gifts as the mission will expire. The game force closes many a times when I'm on the verge of winning a match. The game is good. But these glitches irritate the users and make them delete the game out of frustration.
High power world class batsman are not able to hit a low power common or reliable player. Please fix this. You told that you have already fixed it but it's not done yet. I'm still facing this issue.
Worst server issues i have almost lost 20k training points and doubted by carrier, you guys have high connectivity issues sort that out, and coming to the game i would rate 4 out of 5, but due to this connectivity issues i am rating it 1......20k training points i would have came to 4600 each batting and bowling...
This game is really awesome now it's been nearly 25 days I am playing this game and really never felt bore.But still there are few think the makers of game must look in it..As I played now near I achieved 47 half century of a single player whom I use most but in next two games I again scored more 2 half century but the number it shown was still 47 only and this thing has happened with me 3 to 4 time back also. So please I request to check it and fix this issue.Lots of thanks for such nice game
This app was working great till last update, but after recent updates, added new animation which is totally unnecessary. Recent updates have lost of bugs. 1) If u play match n then try to upgrade the skill of player, u will one new player. Tht play is 4 star player which u can not select to upgrade. No buttons work tht moment. 2) Upgrading 3 star player take forever. First u need lots of player. And it take whole day....why? 3) Try to bring back old game or fix app.
worst game because my team power is 7800 and opponent team power is 800 in league matches opponent team defeated me reply otherwise i will delete the game and tell my friends to delete this game
There should be an option to put your leveled up players in auction for money, firing a level up players doesn't give you much in return when you spent weeks to make them on max level or else give more reward when firing according to level of player
I have been playing this for 18 months and now i am facing more obstacles than ever before. I sent them to number of emalis (3-4 times ) but no reply. ex; When I win a match (against very Difficult ) I get 10 trophies (but shown 25 ) and if I lose I lose 12 trophies.( same results against for very easy team) what a joke ? This was not the case before. I dont know why developers don't think about our time. so many bugs, re start so many times, (jackpot mainly ) not working academy properly.
This game is full of bugs. Not to mention infuriating. You can miss shots you have an 85% chance in hitting, 3 times in a row. I understand if it happens once every 5 matches, but it happens 2-3 times. Back to bugs, if you collect 'too many' rewards after they keep popping to collect, the developers will remove EVERYTHING you earnt. I've also completed tasks without being rewarded and told the developers, no reply. So there's no point contacting their support email because they never reply.
my player with power of more than 3000 is getting out to a Bowler have Power of Only 1500 wowπŸ˜‚ are you serious? How it can be possible The Bowler with power of 1000 Automatically changes to 2500?? Brilliant player who is more powerful than Reliable Player is struggling against A Common Player
*No updates* problem as it is. Facing problem when i click on Training nets. That Window opens and closes automatically. Due to which i am not able to collect training points for upgrading player level.
The game was really good and i was genuinely enjoying it and so i bought the elite pass and then the game got updated and ruined everything. I also lost my elite pass, i wonder how! After the game got updated, the graphics got better but the playing experience got poor. Please restore my elite pass, and improve the gaming experience. You guys have really ruined it.
I gave it 5 stars right after playing the game but there are many flaws, like even after you update the player the score of your lineup does not updates sometimes, same is the case with POWER UP TEAM GOALS...i have scouted not one but three players but still the challenge is showing as pending and goal is incomplete. The game app is surely good but it requires a healthy team effort so that it gives full entertainment to the user. Till then it is uninstalled.
Don't Uninstall the game it will loose your team. whenever reinstall the game u can't get your previous team. again we want to start from level 0. Developer please fix this issue . I lost my team for formating my phone .
Nice game , addictive,,4 star because still there are glitches that need to be rectified first game freezes abruptly, happens when I get some reward like I fired player to get shards I fired 7 plyers so 70 shrads but game froze and I can see only 50 shrads, also I completed world tour got 200 shrads but magically 100 vanished game froze
I like this game at beginning. But it started to become awful. I have developed a whole team and I have won some players through auction and scout. But I don't even know where the players are vanished. Now it was showing that even I have no playing XI!! Really stupid!!
It's a great game. Been enjoying it for several days now. However the recent update is causing the game to crash very often. Sometimes the game randomly crashes and turns off, and at other times it becomes unresponsive. If these issues are fixed, it is a five star game. Which it was until the update.
Such a frustrating game. The developers are going to fix a problem and then they create a new one. There no such strategy as told in the description. The game has no head and tail. Such a logicless game. So frustrating. If negative star would there then I would definitely go for it for this stupid game.
The game is extremely poor. I have spent lots of time in training and also improving the skills of the players but right from No 3 to No 6 everyone is struggling to score runs. How come even when my confidence level drops suddenly even after scoring two boundaries. Opposition is thrashing me with low points. Highly favouring AI on world tours. Poorly designed game. No rewards or any direction given to improve the players to win games. Deserves negative ratings. Waste of time for me.
It seems the Latest Update was release without any qa test. Every page has bugs. Every functionality is bugged. A Bowler with power 400 is taking multiple wickets of my Batsmen with power more than 1800 that too when the odds mentioned are more than 70. Development team should look into this.
IT'S SHOW ONLY ''HITWICKETS SUPERSTAR" BUT WHERE IS THE GAME ? PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM Edit: Ok after updated it is good to play and now its open
Bugs never go away: 1. The auction tab always pops up, forcing you to go to the auction channel. Because of this, one cannot even claim daily awards. 2. There is no option to go back from quction window as the game completely freezes. 3. Player can never read the chats, neither alliance nor the world, which is really annoying. 4. The method of calculating team overall is glitchy. Everytime it shows 2200(both batting and bowling) even if youhave made it better.
Now every thing working fine. But sometimes game lag. Also after winning the match, winning star count different than wheel star count. Please check this issue. Everytime you won the match it showing you get three star but it's not. Also one suggestion add need list of player with traits. It will be easy for buying a player.
Many bugs present. Updates coming many times but it seems app launched half backed. Edit:- latest update made it worse first I was not able to collect training points which fixed with latest update but now I can't claim player from elite academy
So many bugs , not able to see the player after elite training, it shows try after some time error. It's all happening after the new update.
Last 2 seasons I have purchased elite pass and completed all missions, but I didn't receive master blaster and gladiator skin for both the seasons. Not available in player profile under skin tab. I have already sent several mail but not received any response apart from automatic response. Pls fix this issue.
Tye game stucks and takes time to load every now and then and it heats it heats up the phone too with 6gb ram and proper net connection.... Disappointing experience with apps these days with phones, i have complaint but no satisfactory response, always got message like we can see the reply now hopeless dont play this game
Disappointed...At first i loved the game but now even if i have enough fragments for a reliable player...In scout it won't let me recruit any new player...right now i have 12 fragments but in scout it says 9...I cant progress if i dont have new players.. and i sure as hell ain't spending money on this game..Fix this
Pathetic gameplay. After the updates game hangs, closes automatically. Navigation is very bad, sometimes buttons are not visible. Batsman will get bowled on balls going far away from wickets or in bouncer..how? Physics destroyed. Bowler with level 800 taking wickets of batsman over 2000 level that also when power is over 90. As you are about to win, wickets will start to fall when batsman have power over 90. Bowlers with special power giving away more runs when batsman attributes are too low.
Devs have created amazing game but you need to understand that bugs are ruining the game exp. It's almost a year since game came out but amount of bugs still in the game is unfathomable. Biggest problem is when they solve one bug & update the app, another bug pops up. I know it's lot of work if you have small team but guys if users are trusting you with their money every month, you need to step up with your efforts. Auction, Multiplayer, Shop, Alliance. Everything is in shambles.