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Hit Master 3D - Knife Assassin

Hit Master 3D - Knife Assassin for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sifo-Dyas. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many ads, that are hard to dismiss. No ad remover option either so you literally spend more time on their ads than you playing. The game itself is fun, but their ad setup ruins it.
I'm on level 87 trying to go to ship already killed the bad guys and the game won't progress to the end of the level I Uninstaller and reinstalled now it's making me start back from beginning
Needs some work. First - Im the guy whos fine with ads, but they go so far even I think its ridiculous. Second, if you fail a level, click continue, and don't bother with no thanks. If you click continue you need to watch an ad, but clicking no thanks makes you watch an ad anyway. Only with no reward. And finally, add more knives. I was at level 75 when i got the last knife and im at level 200 now with no change. Also, the game is too ez. Even the boss isnt hard :( theres like no challenge.
Too many freaking ads! Hey devs, the point of the ads is to get us to buy the ad remover, right? Maybe, if you give us 30 minutes of free game time, we'd be a lot less ticked off, and decide we like the game, and pay for the ad removal! 2 levels, that probably took me 10-15 seconds each, and I have to watch a partial ad, and then a full ad! Rediculous! Deleted!
Ads ads only ads, ads are more than lavel, you can play without any ad ,its not a game its a ads app 😠😠
This game stinks alot like seriously it is really bad. You can't use a video to get a weapon you can only use money to buy a weapon . I really hate this game . This game is the worst. Come on people create an intresting and fun game. Lamest game ever 😒😥😔😬😤!!!!
I love the game but it's way way way way too easy so if you can increase the difficulty because I'm on level 400 and I haven't seen the slightest difficulty increase so please turn it to a really high and really hard difficulty please thank you
This is a really fun game. There are a lot of ads up to level 30 then none after that unless you opt for a special weapon. Great stress relief for sure!
If you Like Disruptive Ad Walls, then this game is for You!!! Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin is an Ad Lovers wet dream, where theres barely any gameplay, its just a quick 15 to 20 SECONDS and youre right back to watching all those amazing Ads again.
Not as bad as I expected. Gameplay is fine, graphic could be better.. There are no micro transactions, which is good, though there are way too many ads. The difficulty should be choosable. Conclusion: A fun game to play when bored, though the fun doesn't last long because the majority of the game are ads. Would I recommend this game? No. Does this game deserve to be in the top charts? No.
Too many ads that makes the game boring , I have just played the first level and asking me to rate the game,how can i even rate the game and i haven't even played 2 levels????????????
I really enjoy this app more playtime and less ads. I love swoosh sounds of the knife flying thru the air and the sounds of the bads guys when being hit by the knife and their bodies flying thru the air also.
Very good app the actual thing which loses 5 star rating is add more knives and also add soul taker permanently. And the thing which users say mostly that this app contains very much ads, so i have an opinion for them ; just turn off your mobile data and play you won't face any problem 😎
I like impalimg these pirates but I hate when you come across something that fails to work! I have almost all of the weapons except one: the plunger. I keep playing ads but not a single one will count and you only need two to obtain the prize! What's going on?!!!
Good it's really good. You can get REALLY OP (overpowered) in a matter of minutes! Although it's easy and really easy to be good they should put up more of a challenge to make more progress.
It has everything to being a good game. Has nice smooth running... could be better. Here is 2 good ideas for free... 1.. limiting the amount of throws you have..... 2.... Giving you a a timescale to finish a level..... I'm uninstalling it now as the adverts are a little bit too much play A level watch an advert play another level watch another advert want to level up your weapon watch another advert. I know adverts pay the bills but they also kill games. Reduce the number of adverts at least.
Oh my this is so terrible like this is what happened I started the game and it sed hit master is not active like seriously and for hours later I played it and it worked put the nife wasn't even hiting the man and plz don't install bad game I would give it 0 star and plz plz plz don't install
Great game you can change the things your thowing you have to try to save people also theres a among us map
Too many ads.. Looks fun. May be fun, but 30 second+ ads after every short round. Give people time to figure out if they like the game before drowning them in ads, it may increase your revenue. Uninstalling.
So this is one of those games which is developed for the purpose of advertisment for other apps. You play for 10 seconds and watch ad for 30 sec. You cannot do almost anything . The graphics was the reason i got it though, to experience such a terrible graphics is kinda fun to try for a minute or two in 2021! Bye bye hit master :p
This game is awesome! I absolutely adore and love playing this game on my free time, and I'm one of those people that have a lot of games on their device! I know a lot of people think it has too much ads, it does, but what I love about this game is you can play it with no wifi, so just put on aeroplane mode when you play and then boom! The reason I only rate 4 stars though is because it usually just starts repeating the levels again and again after a while, if they could add new props and levels
The games graphics are very basic although not in a bad way it's a little like the old arcade games. That being said the adds after every game are so very annoying and no real skill is needed, just tap the head of the thugs and the knife automatically hits. I am not a big fan of the game, sorry development team.
This game is HILARIOUS it makes me laugh so hard when I play it. Why 1 star? Because if you turn you phone on airplane mode, YOU CAN TELL that they are trying to show you ads. How do I know? Well you're a curious one, well I can tell because AFTER EVERY SINGLE LEVEL YOUR SCREEN GOES BLACK FOR 2-5 SECONDS this means that they are trying to show you an ad. WARNING ONLY PLAY THIS GAME ABD ANYOTHER MOBILE GAME ON AIRPLANE MODE
Good game Because it doesn't need wifi too play u can play without wifi pretty impressive am I right and press the yes button ok this game is fun but the reason I chosen a 4 start it's because every time it repeats the level and the people are the same all the time but the fun part is shooting the people that say help when you shoot them you have to restart the level like I am on level 39 and it just repeats but it's is really fun at the start oh ya my but smells hehehehe Sike
The dullest game experience in my life, there's 3 enemy types (at least in the first 31 levels because I'm not playing any more of this garbage) the guy you kill with one blow to the head, the guy you kill with 2 blows to the head, and a boss at the end of 10 rounds which is just more of the incredibly uninteresting game mechanic. And of course, the game has ads about every 20 seconds due to the fact that it plays an ad after each of the incredibly short levels. how does this game have 4 stars?
I never miss I am a pro at all games over then among us but I don't play a lot of games on my phone or computer and I your are having problems with ads then tern your Wi-Fi off.
This game is very nice, but it's so easy. Please make the game a bit harder and make new weapons. If u have a problem with ads you can turn off the wffi and the ads are no more longer.
There are so many improvements for this game :). First, make it realistic and there's blood, Second, when using sharp weapons it should cut their body parts, Third, there should be a police man in the kidnappers so that they can fight back in long range. Thanks, Hope you will consider my request :)
Welcome to ad central. Level 147 and still little changes. If you intentionally kill a friendly with your choice of weapond then little more happens then redo the same level and continue. There is no such action like start over from level zero, you just keep climbing levels. I just discovered that if you try killing a friendly with one of the "bonus" won wepond, that nothing happends to the friendly. I choose the freeze gun and tried it on every friendly with multiple shots and nothing happened.
The most dullest game I've played in my entire life there's only 3 types of enemies and it's too simple and easy do not download this game
There are way too many ads. It makes for disappointing gameplay since you can barely play the game. I have also encountered several bugs and the game has crashed multiple times. The game is okay, it could be fun at times but with it's current issues I gotta give it one star.
This is super and interesting gam,or this game profile photo is not set , this game play very easy and simple
Game is boring, got through 30 or so levels and no levels where you would fail except by getting board and intentionally shooting the civs,. The enamys walk so slowly at you it's basically impossible for them to reach you before you kill them, also if you rate the game one star in the game it throws away your review instead of honestly posting it hence why I have to come to the app store to post this.
Very nice childrens and adults all are playing very interested. Can you update guns, archery, bombs and etc for our kind information
This game would be better if there was an update where you have a limited amount of knifes to make it harder, and also if there was a new currency in game like diamonds or something which are alot harder to get so you get a new bunch of knifes "Ultra Legendary." and also if the big guys got harder every round and at the end of every 5 or so levels there was a big Big boss that you collects power ups around the level, that is my idea of a new update.
I like it, but i hate how every time i go past a person the guy just says "let's go!' It's so annoying. Other than that there is so many ads to look out for. This game is fun but it needs less ads, and no more "lets go!" Kind of stuff. I also remember how it's just the same level over and over, you should change up the levels a bit and add a boss battle or something every ten stages. Would'nt that help you make your game popular?
This is pretty nice game the ads are 👌 and the ads does not lie about the game play I like it when the people with the bats die and fling back would recommend this for anyone who is bored 😀 five stars
It's a weird game. Kinda fun though. But the last several times I have tried to play it, it won't load. It sends a Time Out message. And if you don't fix it i will uninstall it!! Ugh
I enjoyed it so much I got up to level 80 and then accidentally downloaded I'm just not finding it like 4-5 months later I am enjoying the hell out of the upgrade version
Nice game I want to play soccer superstar that's why I am deleting this game very nice game it has ads after every shot level but it's very nice game
The game is not challenging at all. Am on level 300 and there's no difference between level 1 and my current level. Full of repetition... Make it more challenging by increasing the level of difficulty as you progress. That way the game will be more fun to play.
Very basic game. Not challenging in the least. The novelty wears off pretty quickly,once you unlock all of the weapons there's no reason to keep playing!! 3/5
I noticed everyone kept on saying there's to much ads or its annoying. Well if you want no ads, turn off Wi-Fi. Yes, it'll take a while to work but trust me, this helps! It works with others games I hope this was helpful! Ps, this game is the best! It makes me not bored!!!
This game is good although THERES TOO MANY ADS FOR ME! I did 5 stars because the gameplay is good but please let me kill that woman. Also good game.
This game is so boring. All you literally do is just fling the same weapon over and over again and even if you try to get a new knife they're all the same except the '' fancy'' skins. Don't waste your time on this game it just gets boring after a day. You can also barely do anything because when you start a new level it's just gonna be filled with ads.Im starting to hate this community.
YOU NEED to stop putting up so many ads this game is awesome but sucks because of ads. I suggest that this game should have 1 ad after every 8 rounds.
This game seemed fun. I like how you can choose your weapon eventually to fling. However, the levels are so repetitive with just a small variation in between them. It gets so boring. I'm on Level 44 and I'm tired of playing near identical levels. Hey Developers, how about making some unique and interesting levels? This seems like lazy game creation!
Good game to take your anger out on humanity. Basically just stabbing people and saving this guy and girl. I think that it's quite epic. 👍👍 Maybe tone it down on the ads though because there's one after each round and it gets annoying. Maybe do just 1 add each 3-4 rounds. Each round is like 10 seconds long too so after a while it gets extremely annoying.
This game should be called Hit Master 3D ADS because u get non stop Ads. The game has potential to be a great game, but they would rather take what they can with it and trash this awesome game, sad really
A really good game!, yaa there are sort of too much ads but it doesn't bother me while playing such an amazing game really enjoyed it and I love all the games made by azur games loved it 👍👍👍😀😀😀😀👌👌👌😀😀😀
It's a great no-brainer time-waster. Unfortunately it never gets harder than the first couple levels. You get bored real quick. There are a boat load of adds, in fact after every level and the levels go fast. If your looking for an easy time sink with a lot of adds this is for you.
Nice game but there some problems first problem the person who we have to rescue he only say lets goo its so much annoying and its getting boring very quickly and amd its give money its not so much buy something very quick i dont think this id a good game but 🤔 there is a very huge problem the enemies are never killed by bodyshot he all are killed by headshot and that big guy killed by 3 headshot i think i have to delete this game sorry 🥺
Very good game. And people here is a trick turn off your internet and you'll have no ads! I play this game when I'm sad and it makes me happy I almost play it every day! but when I watch an ad to get a free weapon I lose it or I keep it. So can you please change that a little? If yes thank you! Have a wonderful day 🥺✨❤️
The game is not that interesting but is a good way to waste time if you're bored though it does play an ad after each and every round and after that ad it crashes.
The reason why I rated it a 4 Star, is because ever time I try to kill the enemies, it makes me shoot the innocent people & That's what I hate the most about this game but the rest, it's fine.
One bug in the game. Sometimes the hitter goes forward without killing the target and game gets stuck. Need to restart the game. Please correct it & update it. Otherwise it's a nice game.
Love the idea of the game but it doesn't seem challenging enough. I can get head shots with no problem. The enemies are to easy to kill one head shot to the smaller ones and two for the biggest ones.
The game was super fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it...and then it just stopped working. Won't even load up after countless refreshing.
Pretty decent game but there is a bug that whenever I kill one of the innocent people by throwing a progectile knife at their head so fast they do a front flip whilst being propelled backwards off a building to their doom it says 'level failed'
This game is updated and working so goodly I am doing good with this game and my favorite but this game has so many ads.
Super awesome fun time!! You like action? You like the thought of throwing sharp weapons at villains coming your way? Then this is the game for you!!!!
Fun but gets old quick. Would like to see maybe a boss level or different level configuration. Just repeating the same maps with the same enemies gives little insensitive to continue playing. Also, variation in the damage power of the weapons would be fun. That being said, this game is an amusing little time waster.
Great game love it, but I don't like the amount of adverts, and no option to pay like 99p to get rid of them either. Otherwise it would be 5*
Don't get me wrong this game is quite good but the reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because: 1. The hostages don't give a damb they're in captivity their faces are just 😐 2. The thugs move really slowly which I know gives you a chance but if you see someone trying to save the hostages you wouldn't move at 1 mile an hour 3. ALL the voices are male voices it's just a let's go when you save the hostage but even it's a female hostage it's still a male voice
I like this game it's extremely entertaining, but the constant ads are ridiculous. I would definitely rate 5 stars but the ads ruin it. Could you also make the levels a bit harder, I think the game is a bit too easy.
This game hardly has any variety in it's levels. The first few were fun, but they were basically all the same after that. What this game needs in my opinion is something new on each level. It would make it more engaging and overall enjoyable.
this game is fine i dont really care about the ads but its not that good just to get a knife skin you need to watch a add?!?! its kinda weird just say here you go instead of you need to watch a add to get a worthless knife skin and when you beat the game you get an add if you want a power up add the only thing you do in the game is adssssssssssss its not fair so maybe dail down the adds please
Forced ad after every stage. Each stage so far only takes about 30 - 60 seconds. Then once you actually unlock the next weapon you have to watch an ad to get it or you lose it. I refuse to play long enough to even find out what the cash is for. Terrible... uninstalled
It a fun game, but severely degraded by an obvious desperation for money by an ad after every single level that normally runs longer than it takes to beat a level. Completely kills the joy of playing a simple game when you spend more time watching ads, than actually playing. But it makes sense. Money is all matters anymore. If I wanted that many ads, I'd find an app that pays me to watch them
I'm addicted to this but on level 119, I get so far and it stops. I can't turn around, can't move except when I kill the ppl I'm supposed to be saving, then I've failed the mission. What's up with that???
People don't waste your time. I played for under 5 minutes until the game crashed and kept crashing every time I opened it. I decided to try again and after the 17th time in a row crashing, I uninstalled, and for the short time I did play, there is no chance I'll ever reinstall this app.
It's a good time waster but there an ad after each level some of which you can skip. Very simple and easy game with repeating levels and bad guys. But after level 266 starts glitching really bad and then the app just closes in the middle of the game. I played a couple more times to if it was just that one game, but get the same glitch then the app crashes. I'm uninstalling but it was fun while it lasted.
On so I have a few problems with this although the game is good I have noticed a emptiness on female enemies sexism? Possible
Recently haven't been able to play the game every time I would click on it it would load a little bit and then it would exit the game saying that something went wrong
Game is loads of fun but needs a no ads purchase option. I know ads can be a creator's necessary evil, but this is WAY over the top.
The best kills are when the villian get plastered stuck on a wall. Would suggest the developers come up more variety with the multi kill target scenes. Those are fun ones, too.
If I could I would give zero stars just for the reason of shoveing ads down people's throats. Game is fun but every bit of it is filled with forced unskippable ads. It's understandable that you have to make money, but ads like this just ruin the experience. There are plenty more smarter ways to incorporate them.
Me giving this a two is very generous in fact the only reason I am doing this is because I'm guessing I'm the only one with this problem, but this problem literally ruins absolutely everything about my game. you can you can try to play this game for 200 times and out of all of those times the amount of times it will actually work and allow the loading screen to go all the way through is zero. This game does not work, flat out. At all.
It's a simple and awesome game i enjoy it for hours...idk if it's just me but.. does anybody? just hit the hostages on purpose when they give you that 💩 eating grin right after you save them ....I catch myself doing it all the time!!! Lol...😂
I just wish there were more enemies. One ad showed about a dozen advancing, but in-game I never get more than four at a time. Three stars for that alone. Other than that, the game is enjoyable and throwing knives into people's faces makes up for any repetiveness and never gets old.
Utter garbage played first level then spent 10 minutes trying to reopen the game keeps shutting down. DON'T waste your time downloading .
I would recommend this app by judging do archery and hidden boxes it does hitting people so I wouldn't recommend this that much so that's why I give it at four stars
I want to give this more stars, but I can't. Honestly I love it as a great time waster game that takes no brain power. I don't even know why I like it so much. If I could request changes from the developers: please give me more bad guys. They are kind of easy to beat, in fact most are killed with a single head shot. Most levels have an average of 11 bad guys. I've never seen more than about 18 in one level. I'm on level 627 and I recently had a level with only 4 ...?! Can you hit me with 100?
To much ads appreciate your work devs but every time I complete a level it spams you with ads but give me a hour just to play the games without ads I still appreciate your work but I get spammed with adds remove the remove ads cause there is way to much ads in this game so keep working on the game
Great game just make it when you hit the bad guys that don't go in the air in real life you won't jump in the air
Great concept but too easy and highly repetitive. The game doesn't get harder as you progress, I've passed level 100 and have not seen even the slightest increase in difficulty. There are also waaaaaay to many ads. They run after each level, running longer than it took me to complete a level. Gets ridiculous.
WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! This would be a great game, but you will spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game. It is apparent the designers care more about making money then people enjoying the game. My advise to you is to turn off your internet connection so you don't constantly get hit with ads Everytime you complete a level.
Freezes, stops, shuts off ALL THE TIME. It is a lot of fun for the 10-seconds to three minutes it will run before randomly disappearing, and many times restart does not help.
Game is designed for ads. But they are mostly skippable. No real challenge from level to level. Weapon variety doesn't affect anything. Game isn't worth 3 bucks for no ads. Levels repeat. Even the different "worlds" so. Want mindless? Play this game. Want a challenge? Move on.
The game is more exciting if you visualize the people you save as the devs and the people you stab remotely as the devs financial angst. Makes the ads a lot more rewarding knowing you just saved their entire family from eating but ketshup spaghetti. Good luck.
I like this game this game is in offline to unlock rare and epic knifes .it needs to watch an ad. But when we play this game offline, then play in offline it not show the ad. Iwant to say the developers of this game to improve this.
i love how straight forward it is but fun! it's and infinity game a bit like minecraft it can't end. it is a great stress reliever and don't worry everyone is a dummy. but at times it can be much too easy.
The very worst of them, after every level I see ads ads ads, and the ads are so intrusive, it would have been a nice game for had they not been greedy as hell and every game in the ads are the same. I am really disappointed in the states of mobile games this past half decade. I'd give it 0 stars if I could
This game is fun. I do head shot all the time but if I'm mad or if the bad guy isn't dying I hit him a bunch if times. I started making up my own game in this game to make playing more interesting: (1) head shot the bad guys in the background as far as you can go and (2) head shot while moving. ❤💀
Can't comment on actual game because it won't load past terms and conditions screen either that or it just doesn't load at all. Can't believe had to uninstall before I even got a chance to play. Certainly isn't my phone as I do not have this issue with any other game
I'm on level 2220. Seems to be a glitch here. Shows my player, but just open ocean in front of me. I have a screen shot.
If I could give Zero star's I would! DON'T waste your time, Don't download! *Will not work. *The creators, seem to just NOT care about'it. * Still will not function, after recent "Update". I hung in as they worked on the game bugs/hotfix's. Fooled me once, Fooled me twice! DELETED.
Closes soon after opening every time, and no updates seem to be made to fix this. It's simply just another Azur Games game to make quick, easy money on little kids.
I enjoy this game so far up to level 73. But I have the same problem at level 54 and 73. They start out with just one villian. Other villains can be hardly seen up high on a ledge in the background. When I throw my first knife at the visible villain, he flips upside down and prevents me from advancing. I can still throw knives at him and make him look like a pin cushion, but I can't continue on to the other villains. After a while, the problem cleared up on level 54. But I am stuck on level 73.