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Hit And Run - Archer's adventure tales

Hit And Run - Archer's adventure tales for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JoyMore GAME located at No. 99, Tianhua 1st Road, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Im not sorry about this review. I am sick and tired of feeling cheated in world 4. Im so glad i did not waste money in this game. Maybe you should think about the mechanics better. Especially if richocet is really not working at all
Rip off from the original game, forget to watch ads everytime i want to start a match or switch screens, unfinished animation. Just bad in general
Soo far it was running smooth, till i discovered the problem with the extra arrow buff. It's really annoying how the character can't even hit the flying bats coz they just went right through the middle of 2 daggers and can't even kill them. If u fix this i might give a 5* review.
the game is, i love the graphics and the game play. but theres a problem. the skill "beheaded" has bug, instead of killing the mobs in one-shot, it heals. i will rate this 5stars if its fix, as far, thats the only problem for me.
Object rendering is look like old... Need update the character and frame also terra more color. All most update your graphic for looking better
The game runs smooth. Not much lag at all compared to other games like it. Really well done, bravo. Most other games like this lag and just have too much going on at one time and it really slows you down when you get into the later stages and have coins, arrow effects and tons of mobs flying around, it becomes a chore to progress at that point. But this game has surprised me. Nice work!
I played this game a lot , now I've reinstalled it, but it started from scratch and my account doesn't exist! 😠😠😠 Why isn't this game connected to Google Play? !!!
I like the game but not recieving the gems from doing the trial challenges and seems like my gems are just disappearing. But other than that I enjoy the game.
fix the continue mechanism. after watching the ad, the game is always paused by itself. but this pause after ad is kinda weird. while the screen shows that it's paused, the game is still running and my character is taking hits from the enemies. even if i quickly unpause this fake pause state, it'd be already too late because my character is already taking too much damage in the background. this make the continue feature useless.
I really like these games but damn, it's Absolutely Identical to every other new ones that's been launched almost On Purpose!! it's like they want you to hate this game cuz everything about it sucks compared to its competitors, but still some ppl will like the cute animations and speed of this one over the others. The marketing is really asking for too much here, I can buy entire games that provide more value than a no ads pass or chest for a random item lol good luck with ur money grab apps
The graphic is decent. What surprised me was ad popped right out before even you start the game for the first time after installing.
The game is realy nice. Save for the assassin and get it. Best hero imo! Thou i am maxed out, all mythic gear and passed all the levels, so theres no point in playing. I realy hope they will add new levels soon.
The game is really ugly, unpleasant and has waaaaay too many ads. I've chosen to double the reward after I died at boss , but it gave me nothing and TWO inskippable ads after it. Don't waste your time.
everytime my phone turned off it always go back from the start it doesnt save where i left..i need to start from the very beginning
The gameplay is way better than Archero. The downside is the lack of other options to earn diamonds, and the difficulty spike after chapter 2. Overall, good game so far.
Too hard to play. Even at level 1 there is no chance for the hero to win against the boss where the hero HP only 620 while the boss dmg is 500, two hit and the hero die. There are some glitch that suddenly the hero health will be loss for no reason. I used to play this game but now, it is a very disappointing game to be honest. Don't let me start with ads, unlimited 30 seconds ads.
Needs a lot of work to say the least however it definitely seems like it could have potential if it takes the right path!
The game is a good Archero clone. Some better balancing is needed since some enemies hit much harder than others or leave fire on the floor that is nearly impossible to dodge and still hits for full dmg. But THE WORST is the advertisements! The devs are greedy enough to make you watch ads for just switching screens in the game! At least give something in return for our time then!
It's plays pretty much like others of this game type. However when you respawn from death it would be nice if you had some type of force field as well as not being hemmed down by a unpaused pause screen.
The guys in chapter two that launch those two bombs need to be rebalanced. The speed at which they throw them doesn't give you enough time to move out of the way.
There's a bug in map 5 and up that even if get multiple crit strike you can't kill a mob and it's annoying can you repair that?
It does appear to be yet another RIP off of Archero...however, I do like the art style and the animations. I also like that there are different classes. The gear drops seem to be quite low though which makes it difficult to progress even with watching the bonus ads.
If I could give this game negative stars I would. This is hands down the worste Archero knock off to date this version should be used by developers to show what not to offer up to seasoned players. Please do not ask me to explain what the problem is. That would only serve as an insult to me and everyone who downloads this garbage boooooooo!!!
Hhmm... As of now, since it's only on the early phase, the basics are there. Bugs on the crystals under the "hang up" area, the camp is I dunno, the game is a tiny little bit rough. It needs more perks to differentiate it from other games and make this game unique. The graphics are awesome. Lots and lots of bonuses (adds are good). Overall amazing... But you should update this as soon as possible if you want this to be interesting, or else it'll just pass down the drain like the other games.
Kindly proceed more stages quickly, overall nice game. All stages cleared within 2 days... Since the equipments can be farm easily through every dungeons, you should further increase the difficulty of higher level stages. The godly equipments doesn't match with the relating dungeons. For an example, stage 7-30 last boss, I can kill it within 2-3 seconds without moving a step with the equipments that your game provided, very soon players will getting bored with slow update and quit easily.
Hello, since the update from days ago, the game has turned almost Impossible to play, the most are todo easy and the bosses really hard doing alot of damage and taking forever to die
Please fix blood spike (it heals 100 hp instead of 30% max hp). Please allow players to compare the item you click on to your current equipment. We need to see the details of the items we fuse to control which item we want as a result (extremely important). I will give this game a higher rating once these issues are resolved.
So far its ok. Boss battles take to long. Just into the battle shf it takes for ever to kill. Way to long and damage is just to low.
New update. Great! Now the game won't even open! Uninstalling, no new content, haven't played in weeks! Again, uninstalling.
September 2020 update says added level 7....level 7 has been here for months....nothing new When will there be more levels!!!!!!!!!
Horrible, doesnt save game progress just tells you google+ already has another account for you....lol google+?
Love this game, perfectly addictive....lol.... Can't put this one down, not even to handle nature's business....
I beat level 5 at least 80 times. It will not let me play level 6. Can someone please help with that?..??????? . I am still having the same issue and no one has even contacted me. I had this listed as 5 stars but that was before the customer support.
Good game the only thing i hate is when you resurrected the game dont pause while verify your skill so everytime i resurrected before i can play my hp is already lost
Was working great but now says need permission to download I accept and now it stuck and won't let me in
Good game. But monsters are a little ridiculous. Only on stage 3 and cant even get past the first level. I have good gear and decent stats. But dang. I like a challenge but that's a little much. Monsters dont match the character levels.
I am so sick of bullcrap ads advertising gameplay that is not true. Cant you honestly advertise your games without the lies. I wish someone would hire me for advertising i know i can do a much more resputable job! Set your bar higher for us players please.
DEVELOPER I have a problem about the trial challenge . when I receive the reward the gem did not go to my bagpack but the gold is received please fix this I'll change it to 5star . .thanks I love this game. .
It's good but the ads are insane. There's just way too much competition that doesn't force so many ads on you. It's a clone of biubiu for sure albeit decent. The greediness of the devs is crazy.
Not bad, but could be better. Still some bugs. I wish there were more tutorials on how the afk/auto challenges, mercenaries, and camps work, as they are a little confusing. Some of the rewards don't always end up in inventory either, and the screen on Guard Task is black. Takes way too much grinding to level up in order to use new gear.
Devoid of any originality, copies Archero almost 1:1 with different graphical asset, but is worse at everything. Vomit inducing stutter when screen is scrolling, forced ads after te level, unresponsive movement. Why bother? Just play Archero.
The bosses are way too overtuned compared to the normal enemies. I can one shot the normals but get 1 shot by the bosses on level 4 epics. Customer support is a joke. Don't waste your time or money as this is a bad bad game. As for contacting you...I did and you gave a BS answer.
Worst version of this type of game I've played. Character is so weak they die after getting hit twice in the first round. Uninstalled.
Love this game but I did latest update and it wouldn't let me in for 2 days. Had to uninstall and reinstall and now it's made me start over and I can't use my subscription. Please help!
Until this game gets Google play game data sync integrated this is a waste of time downloading this. If your phone dies or you get a new one you are going to have to start all over again wasting all the time you put into the game
Those sneaky 5 second ads make me forget what I was doing. Pain in the axis, nope. Nope. Those 5 second ads that I didn't ask for or get any reward for have annoyed me for the last time. Uninstalled. Click a menu and expect to click something else and an ad pops up. It ruins the flow. And the fusing, omg, get with the times and update the game. Fusing is painfully slow. Having to scroll down after every fuse to find the gems. Not even a sort menu in the inventory. Fail guys, fail.
It's a great game and I would give it 5 stars but the frost heart ability for the mage is glitched. The spell is cast way off to the side of the character making it impossible to aim or use, and it looks nothing like the description... theres no blizzard, just a bunch of earth spikes coming out of the ground and going in a random direction. Fix this glitch and I will change it to 5 stars
Game doesn't work, tap icon to open game, get a blank white screen them the game closed itself, i tried over a dozen times, always the same
Absolutely awesome, all-around. "Hit And Run" is as addictive as it is satisfying. People should be playing this awesome 'Title'.
Archero rip off with an ad machine. I didnt even get to try the game one time and was promted to watch an add for a free skill. Trash game and pathetic devs for this theft. Just play Archero people it is an amazing game and the original updated regularly. This is trash dont waste your time.
I've been playing this game for a while, can you please add a button to combine all equipments and gems? It's really annoying to combine one by one.
just so you guys know a company named charmed tech completely 100% ripped off this game releasing a 100% replica with thw exact same characters and level names, levels etc...everything is exactly the same its like they took this game and just renamed it.amd released it...its called 'legend of mercenary'.. please explain if its you guys or if someone really did rip you off.
This is a good game... Be but the ads tend to be too long (30 seconds+) and the upgrades aren't worth much...it got really difficult after only one round...seems to be a long grind or pay for better equipment to advance...
Ads bro.. so much ads Also my trial challenges are in Chinese and I can't advance pass chapter 7. Oh and the thumbnails aren't showing on trail chapter 6 & 7. Dropped it to 3 stars due to this
😢 I was enjoying the game, until I notice that the trials doesn't gives the gems. I already finish all the trials until I notice it. Plss fix it and if possible pls give me the gems that I would get at the trials.