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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Fingersoft located at Fingersoft Oy Aleksanterinkatu 4-6 90100 Oulu. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game and very fun to play it. Also Team systems are also good and all the things are good. But people are banned for silly things in this game. My friend got fake report that he is 12 years old and he got banned from the game and actually he is 16 years old. I know about the EULA rules that only 13+ can play this game. But it was fake report and also he showed the proof of his age to fingersoft support but no response. You should not do this as it's take a lot of time to grow garage power.
I play this game and have everyday since the beginning of this year with no issues, but recently my gas pedal has been glitching. While I'm holding it down it will randomly pop up and I will start slowing down, even though I'm actively pressing the gas. Then when I click too fast on the pedal and brake it takes a screenshot, which messes me up racing. This is getting aggravating, but I don't want to have to quit racing 😫
1-15-2021: -1 AGAIN FOR F$^&ING MAKING ME WATCH ADS!!! -1 another star for the intrusive ads, AGAIN, that give me nothing while you make money from the view... Usually I can skip them quickly but recently I have been forced to sit through almost entire 30 second commercials with nothing for it. It's still a fun game (for a grinder) and I'll keep playing for a while before I'm sick of it I'm sure.
The game is fun but there are some bugs like hitting the ground and the car breaking/stopping as well as the jumps when hitting the ends of bridges. Players are awesome and the challenges are fun otherwise. When you put money in, the performance of your highly upgraded car decreases heavily. Do not recommend. Or else cheat their system. You do better when you make it through many cups without paying. Pay the $5 If you wish when the event is almost over. FIX YOUR GAME
It is a lot of fun. I'm almost 60 and some of the instructions are a little complicated even for me, I was ahead on the game and I had almost all the vehicles but accidentally deleted my account when trying to empty cache . Vroom Vroom thanks for responding to my post. However ; as I explained , that option doesn't work . It does take me to the f/b login page, I fill it out, push Connect , then , unlike the other games I play , it doesn't connect back to HC2.
I have been playing HILL CLIMB RACING 1 and 2 ever since I was a kid. I don't know why but when i got an ad an i went to the play store and backed out it sent me back to the "you just opened the game" loading screen. I don't know if its a glitch or what but I still love this game
My favorite game I have ever played on my phone. It is so addicting and fun, especially now with team racing. I've been playing daily for over 3 years now and have built a great team that's steadily rising (America's Team) 😉 VIP is def worth the money if you are a daily player too, just saying.
Beat Hill Climb Racer 1 on a tablet in jail cell, took about month or two. Got released and started 2. I cant Express the love I have for this game!! Super addicting I spend hours a day plucking away tuning vehicles. 2 is wayyyy more intense and takes awhile to complete all achievements! But at the end of the day, I dont think this a game where you say, ok I beat it now what do i do?!? Upgrades ever cease!! Which I kinda have a hard time understanding the scrapping aspect?? Nevertheless I enjoy
I heard about this game from a friend so I tried it and it is pretty decent. The controls are a little bit touchy but overall the game is pretty well made. The only thing I don't like is the ads. They are just SO annoying. Overall not bad.
I started to play this on my Amazon Fire Kindle. As it was to be updated, I lost the game. I had to redownload this to my android phone and get a better quality game, even though there is ads galore. I'm not going uninstall this YET. I get bore with games, so I hope that game doesn't get boring. I'm writing this on Jan. 24, 2021.
An awesome game! Brilliant graphics!! Controls are super easy. The physics is absolutely insane! Definitely one of the best car/driving games out there. The adventure mode is fun to play if you have no internet. The cups and events are CraEzy! The vehicles are too good! Not very tough to earn coins. A 5/5 game!
1- too much commercial 2- brake/reverse pedal in game systematically not working ( tried on couple different devices) and you obviously loosing , and nobody likes to loose game because creators of the game don't worry how it's working. 3 - all apdates for cars not really doing much . What the point of that much improvement if it's not really working? 4 - physic in game pretty bad , at this time it has to be better. Basically game ok if you have too much free time for wasting .
Definitely one of the best Android games I've ever played. I've been playing this game since the past 3 years and I dumped hours into this game. Ranking up in the game is easier until platinum, it gets challenging after it. Legendary is where you'll experience the real hill climb racing 2. The game improved a lot since its release and its definitely worth playing
Come on guys and play this game this game has real cars so much fun driving these real cars I love this game ever after and my favourite vehicle name is Rally car. Rally car is sooooo fast with overcharged turbo. But my favourite part is fuel boost it is a legendary part I love it. But other people likes coin boost. I don't know why. Oh I forgot one thing there are scrap in this game also. I love scraping legendary parts and epic parts too! I don't know about this game so much thank you!
This game is addictive and fun to play. Everything about thing about the game is great. However, I was recently flagged for cheating (which I indeed never did). My account was blocked with no proof! Keep in mind I have had this game for three years now, so I was pretty upset. I Contacted fingersoft and within a couple days my account was back. But I had to give only four stats for this reason. Other than that, the game is fantastic.
This was my favourite game for a very long time until a few days ago when the pedals don't match whats happening on the screen and make it impossible to play. Don't know if its a lag problem but downloaded again cleared cache but can't sort the problem. Shame because it is a good game but I can't be the only one with this issue. I have tried downloading again but same issue. Please can you help as I do like this game.
Can't recommend this to be honest. Loved the first game but this one falls short. In the first game, I didn't have to play the same level over and over for days to unlock a different vehicle or stage. I wouldn't get bored of either before I'd have enough coin to unlock a bit of variety. It's just about micro transactions now, unfortunately. Oh well, there's other games out there.
An awesome game! But it needs new cars! It's still my fav game though but when you are trying to find a team can you please put what the team with the highest team chest is on the advanced searched settings? Other than that this game is really fun!
I did that but the problem is it doesn't connect to Facebook, it says can't fetch data. It is a fun game. But I'm experiencing a technical issue I lost my account and all of my progress was lost. I emailed the support team to restore my progress but still nothing. Hopefully they could restore it.
Excellent game with good graphics and vehicles, it in the 2nd position of my choice racing games. I like this game most, but there are too much ads, if you can't remove it permanently, then please reduce the number of ads. And I also want to request you please add new vehicles and give more in-game coins, gems no need but give more trophies please. Thank you
Love ads? REALLY love ads?not the 5s or 10s or 15s ads but the 30 40 50s ads?well this is the game for you! Kinda fun until you realize your not racing live but with superimposed players that are almost as good as you. You'll win most of the time but it gets boring, but you'll always have those wonderful long ads after every other race.pure greed and just lazy developers who ONLY care about ad revenue. So if you don't mind playing for 20s so you can watch a 50s ad this money grab is for you ...
Absolutely loving it. Very simple to do, and if you're busy doing other bits you can watch the adverts and earn extra credits to get the bits you need to upgrade a lot quicker. Much better than other games that has adverts without any gain.
Really fun to play. Great time waster and decently fast progression without having to pay. The ads are incentives for better/faster/more rewards for the most part so at least I feel like I'm getting something for watching the ad vs being forced to watch ads just to play the game like alot of games today. Its for that reason I spent the money on the premium pass, just a few bucks towards a good game with ethical ads is worth it in my book.
Great game and runs well. Decent longevity, but becomes stale and repetitive before you'll ever reach max completion. Milestones and unlocks are hidden behind extremely repetitive grind. I am all for grinding, but having to do the same track 1000s of times and minimal updates to tracks and cars makes the game become a chore. I have quit and not gonna come back till something drastic changes. Overall, worth playing and will give you many hours.
Just reinstalled after some time. The ads have gotten a bit ridiculous most require 2 clicks to close and alot of them don't even give you the option to close them, I end up having to completely close the game to exit the ad as no "X" appears after minutes of watching the ads.
This game has very good graphics it is very fun I like the new updates I think they changed the game to the next level one thing they should make it a little easier to get coins without spending coins because there are children on here that just started and they can't do anything because they can't get anymore coins. In my opinion this is probable the most fun game yet I have had a lot of fun on it.
I love this game it makes my time fly by so fast, that I want to play it everyday! Although I don't like the new characters update I do like the vehicles update! The paint job for the chopper looks so cool I wanted it right away! But I have some time until I finish the game, keep the updates coming I say
Hello fingersoft!I like your game so much..its a game with superb controls and excellent graphics.my favourite racing game🥰👍..Please add more and more vehicles and events to the game.But please review my requests and if u can please add it into the game in the next updates..1)Please add one or two more promotion rankings in team.Now there is only,member, co leader and leader...please add one or two rankings to team so that players can enjoy their team..2).please add more looks...please reply.
This is a really good game, extremely addictive cant leave it for more then 5 mins lol, very easy to control amd understand, a very well made game but the one issue im keep repeatedly gettin thats very frustratin is that when sometimes im holdin down the gas amd need to break at same time the break doesnt work and that kept messin me up on the frank boss level because i couldnt break properly fix this issue plz but overall this is a rlly good game.
This game is first of all, very addictive. However, Fingersoft has done an amazing job not only keeping the game fun with updates and whatnot but, they also have managed to find the perfect balance between paying for things and free to play players. This is one of only a few games that I am willing to support through in game purchases. From someone who plays this casually on a daily basis for at least 2 years, this game deserves a 5 star rating. Awesome job Fingersoft!
Hello this is one of the best games . Have play the original for about 8 years not to long switch to v 2. I just want to say one thing though please make it so you can get maps and vehicles eitherwith ingame money or withtrophies and play add more vehicle and tracks from the old game because I can not deside if to switch back . So P L E A S E add these
So many bugs that have never been fixed, getting stuck in scenery, controls stop working or stuck held down and the frame drops (guessing the anti cheat? ). The game was actually playable when you could play it on Windows 10 (best version) but guess they couldn't be bothered updating it. Cheers for adding unskippable Ads as well 👍
I am now waiting 3 months for a new update, which would *presumably* fix the issues with lagging and frame rate drops on Huawei P20 Pro phones which started since Android's and Hillclimb's newest patches, but it still has not arrived. E-mails have done nothing. And it's just sad and lousy that people who played this game since HC1 and since HC2 launch are not able to play..on their 1000+euro phones..because of bad optimizations and/or compatibilties and lousy customer support. Greedy and lousy.
It's a true 5 star game. And the most important thing I wanna tell is this is the only racing game which I like and this game also comes in my favourites list. But whatever it only contains one problem and that is lots of ads almost after every race ads are there, please fix it as soon as possible.
This game is the best 👍 of all the games that I have played yet. GRAPHICS -AWESOME⭐⭐ I just want to give two suggestions that please update the team so that we can invite others into our team and also do something so that we can search for other people in the game and make them our friends and also add a feature because of which we can invite other players to our team. Also there is an issue THAT SOME TEAMS HAVE LEADERS WHO HAVE DELETED THE GAME SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO REMOVE THEM FROM TEAM.
First of all, the game is loads of fun. It has what every game needs to be addictive--like a snowflake it's never exactly the same even though I'm playing the same tracks and the same cars. Second, the people who made the decisions about how to make it F2P struck a perfect balance. You can play free and never feel like you're getting bogged down, the _voluntary_ ads give a boost that one can truly appreciate, and the price to pay is exactly too much, no more. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is one of my all time favourite game.This game allows players to use there own vechicle and we can custimize it to supercool ones.There are different modes and players can also play online. You can really see the effects after upgrading your vehicles. Lots of vehicles,skins,parts,avatars,costumes and tyres.l loved the part one and the second part is just awesome. Thankyou FS for making H.C.R 2.
It was ok until i found out, recently, i have to learn how to speak Spanish AND watch Ads. If only i was forced to learn how to speak Finnish,as well, it would just be the greatest Video Game ever made. One Star, for the Ads. One, for having to learn Spanish. One Star.to keep Fingersoft on the Hook,until they force me to learn Finnish, as well, then, 6 Stars . No....Sefinn. thanks
This use to be a good game to play, now it will not let you do anything when using WiFi/data. It says "make sure your connected, before using the game" no matter if I'm connected with both attributes the game still will not let me play, I've deleted and got the hill climb 1 will not be using this app again until something is done!
Good little game. But I get really deeply into the game and then it won't load.this is the third time this is happening.pleas e game makers do something about this.ats it's really starting to annoy me.would of given 5 stars because it's to me one if not the best racing game out there.but because that's happened a lot 4 stars.but a really solid little game.but to people you have to have internet to play it
Very good concept but many online features don't work well. The daily and weekly challenge scoreboard rarely updates so then I have to restart the game each time. This problem has persisted for about a year now. The center of mass of the vehicles are very unrealistic which makes the vehicles tip over very easily. I'm used to these thing by now but just get intellectually offended when the game is marketed as "realistic". Fingersoft has never replied to any of the emails I have sent them.
its a good game. But the VIP subscription it should have been like by watching 40/50 videos you could get the subscription for 6 months like that becaeus most people dont spend on gaming and especially if it is a kid he cant spend money on such things. So better if you could try to do so.
This game is so fun and its fairly easy. I like that you can customize your self and your car. The rotator is amazing but when you get used to landing and stuff, it basically becomes useless it is good for flips though. The bosses are really hard if you don't have everything perfect. Overall I love this game.
Please add something to have age appropriate ads. I don't want my kids who also play to see zombies eating people or a sniper shooting someone's head off. Also, the power ups are inconsistent. I.e. you wheelie all the time and get coins for it, until you put the wheelie boost, then what qualifies as a wheelie is harder to attain. Wings work better when there is a chance to hit your head and wreck, etc.
This game is great. I know ads are necessary and all but I can't stand it when it stops my music app just to play audio from an ad I pay no attention to. I have resorted to closing the game every time it says commercial break.
Edit. Downgraded because of additional add length and Having to get ridiculous amount of scrap to upgrade. The game is fun, I like the actual game. Problem is that the adds are way to much, every step has an add attached to it. I get it, gotta make revenue, but dang, every 2 minutes of play gets you an add, 30 to 60 seconds, to much. Whats with the scrap to upgrade garbage? Its hard enough to get money to upgrade, now you have to earn scrap so you can finish as well. BS. Not even ok. I'm out
I don't recommend this app on a kindle. Amazon is last platform to update the app and you have to have an android device to get the VIP subscription. Often times the subscription doesn't sync to the kindle. If you open the Android version and it has an update that isn't updated yet on the kindle, you will be locked out while Amazon gets around to updating it (often times days later). *Updated Review* After a couple of frustrating years, I finally got an android tablet and it works perfectly.
Very fun at first. When you get to higher up levels and upgrade your equipment to 15 or 16 level, it becomes near impossible to win at all without paying for the upgrade packages they offer. Very frustrating at this point, more frustrating than fun. Runs well on my tablet, no bugs encountered, it just becomes a pay to properly compete and win.
This game is super fun a great time kill or just something to do from offline courses to the day different track and. Vehicle challenges it is a good time edit. I've been playin since April. I love this game team events are awesome and vehicle, characters are aplenty. I'm stuck on this game and it's possible to lose hours. Make sure you have nothing better to do before you play. And also this game was instrumental to my addiction recovery
Been playing the game for a long time. I still enjoy it, but the new prize structure for events sucks bad. It was better the way it was before. I barely bother to play them anymore. P.S. The new hot rod is cool looking, but the fact that it blows up is stupid as hell. Remove that feature and it would be a great addition.
I like this game but the only thing I dislike is that there are too many HACKERS! Hackers are the players who fly through the air An Example of a hacker is a person called Hrry who got 99999m in City with Hill Climber. Only Hackers can get a record like that and I am sick of seeing hacker records Please get rid of hacker records!
Used to be a good time killer but now they've made really hard tracks then come up repeatedly and are so annoying and not fun to play. You have to constantly kill yourself in these to skip them. There should be a way to disable the tracks that suck but there isn't. Same with new cars. Ruined good game with new content.
It's a pretty fun game and I like the addition of the race cups but why am I never paired with people in the same rank as me? I'm either paired with people so far below me that I beat them relentlessly or they're so far above me that I get beat relentlessly. I had upgraded a car a lot since the last time I had done a certain cup and I improved my personal best time by 5 seconds and still lost to someone in the platinum rank by 2 seconds, I'm in silver.
An amazing 2D driving experience, I have not played the first game but I have seen and compared the quality and graphics (I've seen the reviews and images) and it has many differences. This game is definitely my style! Thankfully it does not have many adverts, and it is challenging to earn enough to afford upgrades, and that's good, because that means you get to play longer and you'll slowly progress in the game. Fingersoft has put some effort into making this game. No problemos!
The game is designed very carefully to ensure that progress is very hard unless you pay £8.50 each month for VIP. A truly shocking amount of money to expect users to pay. Over £100 per year, really? Also, the game goes offline multiple times each day and Fingersoft have no idea how to fix it, the problem has been persistent for many months.
I love this game and it has created my child hood. I have played hill climb 1 and 2 and i love the vehicles. I think the game is awsome and nothing bad about it. Maybe it could have improvements but even those wont do anything cause its already fantastic :)
The core game loop is fun. But like every other mobile game anymore it's a damn ad fest. And the "VIP" is a $10 a month subscription? Apparently enough people do this as many games have stuff like this. I really miss just buying a game for $4-$8 and just have a fun game to play to kill time.
Really good a fun and cool game I 😍 the chest when they open and the new events look and sound so fun. The only promblem is that you have to wait to open chest or get the with gems. Its hard to get gems you can get 1 to 5 gems in the chests. Its a good game... you should play too!
Like every other game on Google play, the game is rigged from the start to infuriate the player to make a purchase and pay 2 win. Every update, the developers tweak the physics of your vehicles to make you lose.This game is also full of hackers and cheats, especially Russian cheaters, they always come from last place to first place even though you land every jump perfectly. They have the ability to win the cups by 1 point every time?! Maybe they have the developers children hostage or something?
Good game, good controlls, good music, good vibes. It takes me back to 2014 when i started playing the game back then. Now I got myself vip pass. Totally worth it. Good job Fingersoft team 👍
Was only able to team race one season before it stopped working. Most of the game was a blast I spent many hours leveling everything up. Even paid money for it. The team race was a real problem. Got kicked out of a great team because of it. I tried to reinstall to see if it would fix it and all progress was lost. No way to retrieve the profile? Guess I'll find another game
I really didn't like the new adventure mode until I realized that the lower left part of the adventure pictures/icons is a button which brings up a list of the vehicles that have the fewest stars on that level. I have the same issue with the multi-day events. The events need some online instructions - more than 2-3 lines. With only 4 tickets/day, wasting several just figuring out how to play the event seems like being penalized. Pay the bucks, and get rid of the ads; you'll be glad you did.
Well I mean just look at my pfp and you'll see what I think. This game is the best racing game on Googly Play for sure! It takes a few days to get into it but once you get decent vehicles and parts there's no closing the app, it gets so addicting. I've spent on this game to, not just to get rid of ads, but because the bundles on this game are actually DECENT. Great game, keep up the good work =)
This is one of the best games I have played. It makes me happy every new update. I especially like this new update with the addition of the rotator. I would love to see another vehicle come out. We need another 2 wheeler or another single wheeler. That would make the game much better. And you must frudging add a trade.with clan feature. DO IT NOW OR ELSE I WILL UNINSTALL Thank you, Fingersoft.
love the game and always challenge to complete task. But gameplay and Ads are getting to be more annoying. It is not working well on my tablet any longer. Cannot accelerate and game continuously freezes. There is also problems connecting since the last version. Wish you will fix it so it will still run on slower processors.
It is a lot of fun. I'm almost 60 and some of the instructions are a little complicated even for me, I imagine most player's are in the 8-12 range. It does freeze every couple days, usually when I'm winning. Besides that, good game. Should be a little easier to get coins for us pensioners who can't afford to buy.
I love this game, but it becomes quite frustrating after completing the session. It starts lagging very badly. I have reinstalled the game several times, at begginning it runs smoothly, but when I start new seasion, after comletion of previous one, it starts lagging. If free version is not possible without lagging, the developers are requested to mention it in the discription of the game. The limitless greed of developers can clealy be noticed as the free version is too overloaded with ads.
Very good game only issue is I made a purchase for 200 gems and it said that it was processing it and then said that it couldn't be processed at this time, I would reopen the game the next day and it kept spamming me with the same message without me doing anything to it, I looked and sure enough I was still charged very good game tho and that only happened on one purchase I had made another previously that worked so it is a bug but still disappointing
I understand ad revenue. But, if I spend my gems to open a chest to avoid having to watch an ad, then in the chest I cannot receive everything until I watch a freaking ad is ridiculous. If I use coins or wait the allotted time to open a chest I should not have to endure another freaking ad to receive what is in it. I used to like the game but now there's just way too many ads. I would even pay to remove ads, but I "pay" for the chests to avoid the ads and still have to watch ads. Uninstalling.
It could have been a fun game, but: - Cars sometimes gets stuck or glitched out. - The amount of ads are unbearable. Like, insane large amounts of long ads. - You can't even close some ads, meaning you have to restart the game. - After a certain level you get bad balanced matchmaking. So it starts to feels like a pay 2 win game. I really wanna like this game, but all of the above kills it for me.
Ads, ads, ads. If you haven't ever played, play the first one, leave this alone. It's pretty disappointing they expect you to pay $120 a year for no ads. Poor parents that have kids that buy that. Also horrible, the progression gates behind unlocking levels making it horrendously grindy to get coins. That would be ok if you didn't have to watch ads all the time when you are playing.
Good work from fingersoft indeed, good graphics, events etc etc. But the biggest thing is the Ads. Why do they are always shown after every race. This thing had made some guys criticising. Except the ad part everything is good. By the way, previous adventure mode was Better. Thanks.
This game is the best racing game I've ever played. at this point in the game, I'm not sure witch part is my favorite. between the daily challenges, to the different tracks, and even the new competitors. I would highly recomend theis game to a friend. I've spent some money on this game and it was worth it. though the only thing that is making me frustrated from time to time is the boss, BLING. I've beaten the other two (or three) bosses before him, but it is really hard.
The whole race thing is such a waste of time the "players" aren't real just bots. After the silver in the races it takes an unbelievable amount of time just to get to the next car but wait there's a boss race where he is in a pretty much maxed out car and it's the best car you can get at this point, it's unwinnable without crazy grinding, but after you lose you lose 500-600 trophy's which is just insane for an unbeatable car
I love the game but i would just like there to be more faster cars and more variety of the beginer cars and more challenging tracks and more cars in general and bikes. Plese make it happen GAME DEVELIPERS. You dont half to though I will be fine. This is the very very best game in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. hehe
Fun game but I get a lot of adds that send me to the app store when I clearly hit the x to clear it and resume playing. All I can do is exit out of everything and wait for the game to start over. Also throttle sticks alot and very glitchy. You'll be doing good and then out of nowhere your gas pedal gets stuck and you crash and die.
I don’t know why It's stopped in my mobile.l have been playing the game since 2years.But, suddenly when i open this it says "unfortunately Hill climb racing 2 has stopped". That is what i was trying to optimise my device and unwillingly this app has zipped then i open the app and it stopped.I have experience this problem in another apps in my device.so,i expect that this app will open after the next update.I don’t know whether it’s my device problem or developer.Though i Will wait tillnextupdate
I wasnt able to update your game, it wouldn't let me. I had to uninstall it and reinstall it so I could still play. Unfortunately, it didnt give me all my stuff back. If possible thats something I would ask you to do. You got just 1 star from me because of the issue with your update not working. I would certainly give you 5 if all my progress was repaired.
Great simple game. Highly addictive and challenging at times which is good. One thing I don't like is the floating bridges where sometimes the car "hits" the right most part of the bridge slowing down momentum. Might be a glitch? Wish it would be a smooth bridge so the car doesn't slow down and you can maintain the momentum!
Definently one of the most Accurate games i've played in a while. I like the updates regularly and the fun challenges. They definently updated the budget since the first game. I recommend the game to all you gamers out there.