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Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Fingersoft located at Fingersoft Oy Aleksanterinkatu 4-6 90100 Oulu. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game to pass some time. Tried other driving games but like this one the best. Would prefer if there were checkpoints in the levels, so when you die you don't have to start from the beginning again.
Better than the 2nd game I feel. They tried adding so much to the 2nd game that I think the overall gameplay is weaker than the original. This one is so much better even without all the customization options
The game is very good and I play all day along First I buy and hot rod and I buy all stages. I install 2days back and I buy all stages. So the game is very good
The absolute BEST game for passing time. However, neon and prognosis levels are very glitchy, in prognosis that giant fish thingy sticks to my car and makes it move in very weird ways and often kills me, and in neon I occasionally die out of nowhere!! And ads are becoming very frequent nowadays >:(
This game is really funny for childrens . Children attractive toward this game and playing a lot . That means child has addict to this game . Because child understand that is real . In this game children earn money and purchase car truck etc. And different road also. We can change the colour of car , truck etc. Conclusion__ the game is really so wonderful for children.
This game is very awesome and the stages and vehicles are also awesome.I am playing this game for 1 year and this game is a good racing game you should install this game and try.
I don't have a problem with ads But when you can't get back to the game it is annoying. Annoying enough to uninstall the game. The games Is Alright
The game is good and all it really had fun maps and good cars. But it would of been a 5 star if they allowed it for your car/truck to continue to move after breaking the guys neck instead of it just stopping before the vehicle stops moving.
It is more to give 1 star to this game it is a worest game I have played before the useless car flips back side everytime the game is very bad but I don't know how 500m+ downloads to this ultra worest game 🙊🙈🙉😤😤😤😤
It is better than Hill Climb Racing 2 .The only thing Don't like is that some cars r not fast and don't have any power to climb hills
Very fun game lots of cars trucks and different maps to play on use race car with moon map to get insane amount of 💰 🤑 💸 💲 💶 💵 💰
You should display the upcoming vehicle path(300 meter) in a small window so that driver can plan vehicle controls as per the upcoming path. Also there should be option to start the game ftom the previous point where vehicle was down or failed. It is so much frustrating to start again from the beginning. One person can only score higher in the game if he remembers the whole upcoming path that is not practical. Normally also people sees what is the next 1 kilometer path then why not in this game.
This game is so fun to play. You just go out, earn money, upgrade or buy cars and stages, go out again, and so on. Even though i find the New textures fun and more detailed (nicer in some cases) I would like there to be an option for the original textures so I could travel back in time (like don't we all at this point) Fantastic game. Fingersoft hasn't done anything wrong so far.
countless fun playing, but the Google play sign in didnt carry over anything except cars and unlocked tracks. no upgrades, achievements, currency or anything like that
Game is nice,good,extra ordinary,briliant and etc.....but,we cant exchange diamond for coins ....so,think about it...because of this reason i gave it 4star......overall this game is v.good....very nice...and i like it...
I don't know if it's just me but sometime the physics don't feel like they work because if you run straight into a hill to where it looks like you wouldn't flip but you still flip and i wish you could customize your character like you could in the second game as well as changing the color of the customizable car
Overall a great experience. The only thing that could use adjustments are prices for items bought with in-game currencies. Other than that, an online or local multiplayer mode would be amazing.
This game has some of the most terrible level design I've ever seen in a game, big middle finger to your ads.
It doesn't allow me to play since I have to read fingersoft EULA,I've read it all but I can't find the I agree button.👎👎
Overall i love this game. The graphics, and ease of play is relsly good. Ive been playing it for ages and i did get really far at one point until i lost all my data before saving it. Only problem i have with this game is the amount of time it takes to save up the coins to upgrade and unlock things. Update : I've now realised they have adverts? I get the adverts for getting double coins but does there really have to be one inbetween every game?! I'll be deleting the game i think.
Its a good game but in space mission it is difficult to play but in moon we can score so many coins really its awesome
Was a great game until they deleted my entire game history and refuse to return it to me. I had every car most maxed out or close to it, every level, literally thousands of garage cards, and then my phone broke and when I try to sync it just says I am at the beginning and no unlocks at all. I already contacted Fingersoft and other than them saying it may be possible to fix in a future update, I have waited literal YEARS and nothing has been done to date.
Really good game, have been playing for years but four stars because I got a glitch on the new mutant car. I saw the gameplay for it and it looked really cool so I bought it but at the start of each run it just reverts to the wheels up mode and I can't change it so it's just rubbish for me. Other than this a very good game but fix this issue please.
EPIC! I'd really like to see this game developed/updated into a single-player version of HCR2 w/all of the sequel's extra features such as paint & character customizations & optional power-up boosters & such. & a Garage feature that offered specific parts purchases in addition to it's random chests as well as parts trade-ins. That would make this game even more enjoyable & absolutely perfect. Still 5☆ as is.
This game has a big problem it's that today I install this game 🎮 then I received a message that message is of a car which I have to purchase 👛💸but I have not still many more coins so I want to play again but I not find it do so. It's my humble request that please resolve this problem because I want to play this game again
Hello fingersoft i like your games Can i ask you about my idea the idea is make a new car about the finger hovercar it you press both pedals it float and the normal car transform. And a new map its called the future. Aslo make a new models in garage hovercraft.throphy truck.motocross bike thats the idea pls make it the updates
Game has issues. In the double coins when they are purple in color, When the game is over it does not award anything! Please fix
Good game, although I'm getting back after some time and I had unlocked everything on my account, synced it with google play, got my achievements but didn't unlock maps and cars, pretty boomer, wish it could be fixed so I can get my stuff back.
Great game! I really love it I would just like to make a request. When ever you run out of gas you on roll so long like 4 seconds then it's over, I would like it to be where you keep on rolling until you stop rolling. There have been several time to where if I could have rolled just a little further to get gas I could have kept going. Please at least consider this.
Its a classic game, though now already released the second version. The gameplay still good and playable without too much ads as in the second version. But the google play sync seems not working.
Best game while player is playing original and then He/She can play and connect with play games and save his/her progress.
I love this game so much it's a great time waster but there is a bug that has ruined lots of my high scores it happens with the mutant car when you change from the giant tire to the monster truck It flings the car upside down which makes the guys neck snap
It's good but after some time your brake is done and then the car turns and the game is stopped and even a car drive is all murdered and that I feel bad but the graphics and there are ads are not at all but I will give 5 🌟 to the game. And when I was small I played this game to much you can't even imagine. Thanks
hey sir , i recommended to make this game for multiplayer via bluetooth with friend .. and then maximal player is 4 player .. it can make player's have good experience in this game ... thank youu !!!!
I don't know why anybody would hate this game there's no adds no errors glitches hacks no nothing it's good when your bored or on a long road trip cause it dosnt need internet no complaints what so ever for me that's why I gave it 5 stars
This game is so hard but fantastic i play first time i think i will out. But i try it will be easy and wearing accelerator we can go spped but in hills we want use the brakes in correct time and wear more brakes it will be reverse give the fuel
I enjoy the game alot, but there's no reason why I keep breaking my neck when I land, even at short distances. It seems there's no light at the end of the tunnel when I can't get any further when I keep breaking my neck for no reason.
I love the first one but the second one is a bit annoying second one you ill climb you have to work and you'll have to buy them like you have the if you look in there it's very hard you gonna play multiple games and every time you level up take a long time to get the it takes a while to get the coins but with hill climb the one it's easy you just get the coins and DeWitt you don't have to take so long to do it
Does not save(or maybe download it on the new device) progress even when it says that it does. Lost all progress in the game...I don't think playing again from start will be worth it.
Overall a great game. I played it almost 5 years ago and i like the most of the changes. I don't like how the developers added so much ads in the game, but i try to ignore it and just enjoy the game. I'd reccomend it to everyone, it's fun, not complicated and overall a great way to spend some free time.
My experience is such that this game inspired me in many ways and I would have to only say that this is a game for time_pass and I am telling about my experience in this game but if you people have some better experience then show you experiance. Thanks a lot (hill climb 🏁 racing)
It's very good app, but ads are increasing day by day. Whenever I open the stage section, it always shows a message that COMMERCIAL BREAK. It always forces to purchase something. This is very cringy. Although, the game is nice.
It was a classic simple game and it tells good to play I just don't like the ads but hey there are not a lot of them like in other games.
An absolute classic. Amazing when you have someone to play with. Has no online option so you don't have to worry about the game lagging. There is a second version of the game with an all online option if that's what you prefer. But this is one of the best games I've ever played for time pass. Has amazing and very varying stages and available vehicles. Not that many ads and not too many in-app purchases
Cool game ever. This game is one of the most impressive games. This game has a lot of cars and levels to complete. You also have to climb the hill. You can also get coins by doing a lot of air times. You will also have to upgrade your engine so you can climb the hill very quickly and do air times easily. So if you wanna try this game then go on and try this super incredible game.
This game is really very good I want to say that it is vey good game but when car 🚗🚗 stands up and I brake then it is mudered and I will give full 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars who made this game is really very good amazing controls also good graphics ,game play is also good all is good I download this game when idid not know what to play so my friend suggest me to download this game and now I suppose first tinme not iam playing this game second time now I say that I give full stars to gameplay, graphic
Disappointing. I played this game in its original form before finger soft tried to better it. The game constantly crashes and seems to become worse the further u progress through it. I continue to try again and again every so often but it seems the developers are unaware there is a major problem. I have tried on different hardware but problem persists. Get rid of the garage rubbish and go back to basics, anyone playing this game is likely to playing it because they want the original.
I have all vehicles and stages therefore first i will request you make more stages and vehicles and i want to tell you that in this application there is a lack of bikes so please make more bikes and my favourite vehicle is Dune buggy so i suggest all to buy and update it on max. If there are many more good bikes then i will give 5th stars
Ever since this game first came out, this game was nonstop fun and relaxing simulater type driving game. It has kept me entertained for a decade and still brings a smile to my face every time I open it. All I played everyday for 4 years was this and angry birds star wars 1 and 2, which have both been discontinued. Therefore my only game I wanted to play for a year was this game. Hill climb racing. This game gets 5 stars, definitely. I also love the variety and time you put into making this game.
Used to play this year's ago and now it's full of ads and sucks thought I was getting good old hill climb but no she's gone
It is good game but I think you should do more gravity attraction in moon level. But otherwise it is a good game.
Used to be good - this used to be a really good app !! Now it's just ruined with CONSTANT adverts ! Such a shame.
Pretty good time waster, gets a big boring when you get a few million coins worth of stuff but overall an all time nostalgia favorite
Horrible progress does not transfer when you upgrade your phone. Progress is there but not the other stuff like money on hand or the jewels. Also no way to restore purchases so I have to pay again to eliminate ads. No thanks. Paid in the past. The game links with my Google play account but does not remember purchases. Simple cash grab.
played a lot and I'm really disappointed because of fact when you unlock a Legendary (500 gem) case, you can get card with part that is already max lvl(7th) and you get nothing in that case, and legendary card goes nowhere damn, i hate this, fix it please
Atleast one of the daily missions fails to activate every day. The mission will be like drive 10000 miles and it never goes pass 0. It happens with atleast one of them every day
I have been playing hill climb racing since i was 4. Now its back better than ever. this was my favorite game. it always was. one small problem. there are some places in levels which the land moves and does weird things. especially in seasons. please remove that. thanks for bringing this joy to my life.
I like tjis game very much lovely fantastic, superb game the words are less then the game lovely you cant give rhis game less then 5 star because its superb
It's roads and cars everything is very beautiful and I like it so much that I've played it every time when I get phone.
Hill climb racing is a really fun and exciting game but I think the title is a I would have rated it higher if the title was not a little misleading because there is no racing in this version the racing is not in this one it is in hill climb racing 2
This game is full of awesomeness.I played all the level of this game and enjoyed very much.All the vehicles are totally awesome and all kind of roads are also very beautiful.According to me this is a simple and joyful way to spend your times.Daily challenges of this game makes you a game lover,who wants to play this game all night long.At last i just want to say everyone should play this game at least one time of his gaming life...
I love this game, it is so entertaining and challenging. People who give this game a 1 star doesn't know fun!
I like the game. it's kinda cool too. I just have a suggestion for the developers. If some kind of "save me" feature is added to the game which gives u a second chance to continue. I will really appreciate it.
I like this from my childhood onwards, it's sooo nice game when ur bored if not u will feel, what is this...... But its very good game 👍🏻👍🏻