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Hijacker Jack - Famous. Rich. Wanted.

Hijacker Jack - Famous. Rich. Wanted. for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by New IDEA Games located at Davids Flat 2. TRIQ IL-Qualiet Marsascala MSC 1604 MALTA. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Language) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great game! Feels based off a true story/movie, you'll see babes, have some thrill adventures, live a great life to start. There's a lot of ads but the experience is worth it! I am glad they found a way to make there money while giving us a great adventure, thrill, compact game! Loving the story so far! Thank you and let me know if you make any more of these thrillers! I just beat lonewolf and thought I'd never find a story I can get into like that, until now!
Who are thinking graphics are real they are dumb bcz they used real clips real footage not animation lol it is like merging clips togather and when u tap on screen it will play next clip and the 2gb is just for high quality videos 不不不不不
This is the best android game I've ever played the quality of it its perfectly realistic everything about it
Nice game guys. I can see and tell how much you have worked hard on this game to provide something that other company don't dare to . Thank you very much for trying something new .And the storyline is just no words for it .I will give full support to you guys wish there was a sequel to it .You can do it guys go for it .full support and big fan of yours well done and best wishes for your upcoming projects .no issues
It is the best game I never play it the background is so good but the livil or the mission are so short to me I real want to play the hijacker jack 2 if any body play this game must it so hard you must see carefully the control betten
very high quality graphics but it has much ad .also there is everything you see that was filmed so that why graphics are so high.so unless a very nice game. you should download if you have 3 or4 or more than 4 rom and also you must have more than 3 gb free space to play it. so everyone can not play it. but i have vetter quality mobile so i am fine
This game is very nice and unique but only big and main disadvantage about the game is control. You don't know what and which key to use. Every game basic are controls and control for this game sucks big time. There should be subtitles about how to use keys when to use it then it would be really outstanding game.
Its a new kinda of experience with this game which is very good. Love to see more in future. Keep it up guys!
The gaming experience is great, too bad it was mostly made to upgrade to pro, as the whole mechanics of chasing the runner after the girl gone mission fails every time, and with no means to skip this, I'll have to wait for atleast 2 minutes before I can restart the mission. Would be great if I had money to buy, but I don't suppose I do. Otherwise I'll reconsider playing it again and upgrading. Great work.
It's amazing . I loved it. It's garfics are awesome I never seen this level high grafics in any mobile game . You are awesome and you should make it open world then I think it will be the best mobile game in the world and pls change running system
Graphic and gameplay are awesome nice story joyful tasks but I give it 4 star cause I don't like control could you please improve your controls .
I like this game very much and it's graphics and cast is wonderful game but the Story is Short so please develop the game story I hope
This is good game its story based game i think. I played story based game before this (Telltale series games) . Graphics r great. I want some changes if possible 1. I want to move freely with joystick than only choosing 2. When i come near something chooseable or clickable a small button should be shown then a big portion of display. 3. I want caption but I don't like font nd the way shows it looks like they r just merged in the game not like they r speaking words to words Sry for bad English
The game is good, but not as expected, as it runs on pre recoeded videos, The controls are very difficulty, Story line is pretty good, there are literally tons of Adds which ruins all the fun, CONCLUSION - Good game, Not worth the resource.
Bro the game is although looks good. But it shows that we need to download 1.15GB But when its finished it takes at least ten minutes after its completed. But it doesn't shows installing it stopped in 100%. Please fix it.
Great game and awesome graphics great bro , I didn't saw this type of graphical game in android phone , but improve the controls and infinity mode like GTA and other games thanks to providing this game
The game concept is good, but please make the missions easier.. I am still stuck in the same mission and cannot get out of it for 2 weeks! No matter how much I tried still stuck in it!! And the joystick is inflexible and very slow, so I uninstall the game .. The game is over hard!
So good and great we need a real mode to do what you want to go anywhere you need to drive a car please
Very very good graphics of this game. This game will better than pc games. I love this game.
The graphics are good but the control's are so bad and some level's are so short and you can finish the game so quickly
Outstanding means it was a wonderful idea to craete a FMV game . Men it is really nice and if people get to know about this game it will surely give competition to PUBG but I think team will have to work on controls coz they are little confusing and slow please give a update fast I am waiting 綽
Lameeeee this is not even a game. It looks like a youtube video made by primary school's kids with some bit*hes. And I am not gonna say something about the gameplay!!!
I loved the game, it's amazing. Definitely almost like a Hardcore Henry game. But I would agree with a lot of other people on here. It does need more mossions or like a part two or something like where they find Jack's body. That would be great.
Lots of add. Thats fine they show add. But there are lots of add that we cant skip them and can't resume the game. Have to exit the game and start again. And it will start th mission from beginning.
Challenging because of the controls. Which if you don't get that's as best as they can do for controllers the this game is not for you. Overall it's a pretty good game. It's nice to play something like this for a change, you're literally playing real life characters which is insane. Looking forward to play future games you guys develop.
It's a good idea but people are gonna get bord if you keep making them go over the same part over and over again ....when they get killed...and they will keep getting killed because the controls are very poor, but the graphics and Idea are probably the future of gaming once the technology is good enough to make the whole gaming experience feel more natural and easy. But brilliant idea guys...
Super concept and the graphics is supreb .the game play is very immersive . Every one should at least try out this game .the real life concept makes this more and more interesting
It sucks. Poorly made. Obviously the creators didn't care. Basically impossible to beat levels and it doesn't save either.
Nice game like it very much very cool and action and excitement. Upgrade the game more and more please... It's just sort. YOU GO GUYS. You can do it guys come on.... This is proof. U can do it.... We waiting for the update on more missions
Honestly this is a result of hard work. Well done making this game. This is definitely creative of how you used real people to make a game. The controls weren't perfect but it was good enough. I guess the story was entertaining 仄撾儭
Well now its one star i have over 2 gigs and it still wont let me download its making me delet apps i dont want to get rid of. And why would there be ads during game play makes no sense but developers wont respond because ther cowards who cant answer a simple quition honestly
I apologize for being rude earlier. However, if i die, the checkpoint starts from the very begining. The checkpoint should be a little more flexible. However If you guys want to grow bigger, the game have to be absolutely free. Anyways you guys deserve credit for a different approach. Hoping to see you guys grow bigger. All the best guys!!
This game is so perfect! Stunts are cool also the story are very good. But controls are little bit bad pls improve it. Feels like I'm inside the game! I love this game keep it up devs!
Nice pay to win, sometimes while I play the game there are places that do NOT even have a single move to be done and the game just says GAME OVER, trying to persuade you to watch ads + when you are close to the end of a mission. The game crashes - 1 star, bad developers, and a bad greedy game.
I have played this game as I like story based games very much. This game feels awesome. Story is good. But the controls are a bit laggy. The acting of the casts were very good. This game feels like telltale games made it. But you guys should put emphasis on the story not the gameplay. These kind of choice based games dont need much action. So, if you make something like this again keep this in mind. Really looking forward to these kind of games. Love u guys.
When I open this game it still comes downloading.... But didn't come until now, please fix this problem
Very frustrating game. The video and game story is good but the controls are horrible. Also it shows many ads during the gameplay. Really bad game to play.
This is nonetheless one of the most unique experiences ever made, though still at it's very nascent stage...however one sad hindrance is none other than the wonky controls....please fix it...#Applaudtheffort #Startofsomethingnew
A good game. I really like the story, the controls could be a bit better but it wasn't that much of a problem. I felt like the story was extremely short, but it was a good one, despite it's shortness. I also enjoy the replay value it has, seeing as how there were many different ways to go in the story.
It is nice game But once I'm in the parkour scene and I just queit and doing something in the kitchen and when I was back selected continue the game oh my gash the game was back into the doctor Blick Scene this is and ugly game now sorry!! I hope it will be nice soon! Thank you for making this game!!
This is a very good game. The reason i gave it 3stars is that it is a very short game. If you play regularly for 2 hours the game is finished. All the levels are over.
Best graphics in mobile than pc loved this game. Newideagames thanks for making this type of game but there should be more missions like gta 5 and one more thing, that controls should better
The game is very difficult am talking complex but I have to give the creaters credit for the great storyline and making it look so realistic it awesome but very difficult they give hints but it starts to get more complex fuether up especially when you have to chase person's the controls are difficult for me also I spent also half and hour trying to win the first fight.
If you are looking for a game! It's not a game.developer shoot a short film and put it in the playstore.control are not that easy.
There are actually no graphics in this game. They just made a video of all the options available. This is just like a film. This is not at all a game. Controls really suck. I hated the gameplay too. Don't waste your time and money on this cheap game which means nothing .
Tho is really amazing game I love the graphics and the story I really love it but the ending is a bit sad but I really love it and pls make more games like this
The fact that this is a FMV game is awesome BUT the storyline is terrible in english... No one really talks like that so it's weird.. I like that this is an adult game but the interactions with the women are also weird.. gives douchebag vibes or even porno vibes.. the fighting scenes were difficult to understand I just kept getting my ass kicked so I guess more guidelines would be cool.. more freedom to move and do things too.. but you guys are awesome Ihope 2 see more games like this
What a great idea. Why isn't this more common? You are basically watching a movie. But you have control occasionally. Unfortunately for a free OFFline game it's not worth it, it's very easy to make a mistake which ends the game. Which means starting from the start. Annoying. They let you watch an ad to help. It's fair. It looks amazing and this should be a whole new genre of video games. Virtual reality must be all over this. Why try to make a computer recreate something we already have.
The best game that I've ever seen. the graphics quality is really good however the grphics quality is excellent. Please give it a try to make joystick much larger to play it more friendly .because, the joystick is really small so we can't see it properly while playing the game and finally game is in really good condition nothing to complain about the graphics quality it's in great condition and don't forget add more missions to this game....歹歹歹
How are we supposed to know the moves? It says "Try this" AFTER YOU DIE!!! Skipping and checkpoints are essential for this type of game, DON'T put a price tag on it. That's not how you make money in game dev. If a game makes you more frustrated than entertained, it's not even worth 1 STAR!
Interesting game with an amazing stroryline and smooth graphics. Honestly loved it. Thumbs up to the developers and actors.
I loved this game really really it was such a different way really good thinking, need more game like this I really loved it. But I never expected this game ended too soon . Please make more games like this.
First of all, the game is very interesting, and as it turns out, with the filming made, which is a difficult and long task, I congratulate the production team for this masterpiece. Criticism: Controls are hard Suggestion: Expand the steps so that by choosing each answer, the story of the game changes. This is a bit difficult, but it can make you the biggest pole of this game.I gave 5 stars for your progress
This is the best game out here on role playing first man sight type, the storyline is just the wonderful...well, there were subtle glitch in the fight controls that needs to be little fixed...and yeah...I would urge all the gamers to download to experience the lust ! Happy gaming !
A very nice game made by devs.. the story, actions, controls was very good. No glitches or any technical issue was found. I read other reviews some people were saying that its like a video playing on YouTube but actually its not its the first FMV real time game and that's freaking awsome......and just feeling very means very bad is that the game was not more big. I mean the game developers must bring PART TWO of HIJACKER JACK....Coz it was amazing and make second part free for alll..BEST OF LUCK
This is the best game in the universe. I love it sooo much I love the graphics bruhhh this game is AMAZING予予予 I love it so much I can't stop saying I love it it's just too good. Please make another game like this please make another game like hijacker jack. Please I beg you
Ok so the game is good but when you die it's really annoying because of you don't buy the premium thing you have to restart the mission and it's really annoying me please make the checkpoint free because it's boring having to wait for the cutscenes to end.
Aowsome amazing and wonderful experience game is very real and amazing creation and like a real world
Story is great but we can not play all game is automatically played . Such a large mb i cant find any specialty in the game ,I rated 2 stars only.
It isn't even a game. It do looks like some video and can't move the character according to the joystick
Game is quiet super but there is one problem although I finished checkpoint I can't go to next episode just 3 to go but I cant please give any update to solve this problem
nice idea, confusing controls which makes it worse for too low timing of quick choices, and ads which you cant close unless you have the premium otherwise you have to do thing perfectly in order to not have to restart the mission, bad, bad, bad!
Its just videos with fake joysticks and controls,just like a multiple choice exam but if you choose a wrong one you'll need to restart from the last checkpoint with no skip (need to pay)
Stupid game. It's like playing a repeatative YouTube video everytime you fail the mission at some point as you to go premium to skip to cut scenes and for playing from last check point. What am worst concept.
Great game. Super realistic graphics like playing in real life, story line was so nice but need more levels I completed this game in two days and at last there is alternative ending I don't understand what is that so please add more interesting levels with continuity of storyline. Worth than more for the space of the game.
Its graphic is very good they should add some more missions and update it and make its controll smooth and like gta7
The best game ever for the first I've seen graphics like this the controls are not bad but overall it's very good
Encore! I can't wait to download the paid version. Excellent graphics, great action packed storyline. Please make more. Thanks New Idea Games for this one. 10 stars is what this game deserves.
It's a pretty life like experience using actual video footage for gameplay, when I saw the pictures I had a feeling it might be one of those your choices define your story games and it seems that it is! This is the first of it's kind game and honestly, I loved it! Note to Developers, make more of these game they're awesome!
These is an amazing game I felt like I was watching the movie and felt all real I loved the gameplay too it was tough to finish missions at beginning and somehow I finished and played from first 2nd time and finished at one shot really waiting for more missions to come or just chill out in villa or yatch!
Excuse me for what i am about to text here. But this is a serious unf...kwitable game! The graphics are great. And it looks as if im staring in a live action cinema movie. Love the game. Great game!!!...
This game is like a real life game ,more realistic which is the best part but you should have make more levels.Please make more levels to make it more interesting..
This Game is super realastic and the characters are fully real man's when I play this game I think Iam watching a 4K movie but the control are too bad it is hard to play due to control pls solve the control by the way the game is best than others
Very nice game men I have just played it for 2 weeks only. And guys try to work on video looping this will make it look more real thanks men for taking the gaming world to another lever with your haiper realistic graphics.
This game is just amazing It's graphics are very much awesome It's, combat style It's voice over it's parkour 元儭 amazing The story is too short if it was a bit longer then I think it would be very awesome Thank you developers for making such an amazing game