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High School Story

High School Story for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Pixelberry located at Pixelberry Studios 1245 Terra Bella Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game can be entertaining, but the developers make it so you have to spend money to move along in tasks. Otherwise, buckle in for a slow-moving story. I refuse to pay for this, so once I get tired of it, I plan to uninstall the game. Big bummer.
This was my all-time favorite childhood game, but now it seems like there is some troubles. Its not offline anymore and everytime i go in without internet connection it closes the app and something went wrong. Please fix it...i love this game
This isn't really a game more than it is a waiting game. Do some things, wait 6 hours, do more things, rinse and repeat. Another reviewer said it's inpossible to get past level 6 without spending real money. It's impossible to get past level FOUR without spending real money. But the final update was years ago so I know that this will NEVER be fixed! Dissapointed in you, Pixelberry
This game is very entertaining but honestly i usually skip what ever they say in the game, rings are hard to get and you cant binge this game cause the tasks take hours to complete and i personally dont like the fact that every time you buy new land it increases, why!!!
The game is amazing. New characters, quests, different outfits etc....but the rings are EXPENSIVE!!! I don't liie how you have to buy the All Stars. Its fun but you always have to buy things with mostly rings. In the beginning of the game you have to use most of your rings. Then the spending of rings goes higher and higher. To the πŸ’―.
I don't really rate apps but this is becoming my favorite and I have a little suggestion, can you please make then really date and can you draw a real story line not just the dialogues? because sometimes i find it boring watching them just walking around the campus and the uniforms are too expensive!
Fun game, but tries its damnedest to pressure kids into needless online purchases in order to accomplish missions. One even *requires* the player to make a $2.99 in game purchase or fail the mission. They also put players under a time limit, 'So make these microtransactions or fail, kids! You only have a few days to do it!' Sorry, poor kids, we guess you'll always be failures since you can't afford to buy special classmates or accomplish important goals. Yeah, great message, devs.
I love this game. I used to play this in 2015 and now I got it back and I still love it. I do have a suggestion, on the Dating booth, is there any way where you can relate someone you already dated? It would be awesome to try and see what the other options were but I can't redo it. Still, the game is awesome.
I totally like this game...its a never dull moment while playing, the characters totally gets you. I just dpnt loke the extended te in doing queat and stuffs but its a good game i recommend it for all
It's a great game but it takes ages to gain books and rings. I think there should be a few more hair colours and hairstyles as after a while your characters all look the same.
This game is good for people who don't mind waiting for quests to finish, you need a lot of patience to play this game. It's quite hard to get rings, so it means you have to be wise with what you spend it on. Other than that, I find the game quite fun to play, the characters' stories are really interesting.
This is actually a great game. But the only problem is that you need to wait a long time, and for the throne you need to pay real money, and the other quests and dates AND characters need A LOT more rings than I expected. It would mean a lot to me if you fix this. Anyways those are my complains, but overall it was a great game.
Amazing. The characters are so nicely fleshed out! All of them are good. The gameplay and the quests are quite interesting! Also I love how they try to spread awareness about cyber bullying, body insecurity and other social issues. Love it
The story is decent and I laugh out loud at the humor. I don't feel pressured to play. I can dip in and out when I feel like it. I don't feel pressured to spend, but I don't like the "steady trickle of cash" model. Rings to buy that, rings to do this quest, etc. Yes, companies need revenue, but I'd rather just pay a flat fee and have full access to a game rather than be bled from a thousand cuts. That's why I don't buy currency for games. The ads are optional, but are videos for scammy products ("make money playing games") and pay 1-2 cents of rings for 30s of your time. Worthless. I'm more concerned about privacy. I work in privacy compliance so I'm more aware, but expected access to my contacts and phone calls, and nagging to sign up through Facebook bother me. It's optional, and the game works fine if you deny permissions, yet it is one of the ways many of us are having our privacy eroded. Don't fear government; fear corporations gathering personal data through games. Both the things I dislike are 100% optional. The game is enjoyable without spending money or giving up your privacy. I've disabled all permissions and the game plays fine. Highly recommended!
It isn't perfect, but nothing really isπŸ’œ I love this game, but I used to get this glitch where it would start ... not working. After loading, the screen would go white and then it would crash and I'd have to reinstall. Other than that, it's fun!
I love it, but I do have a few problems. One is the ring and book currency. Takes way too long to earn on your own. Next, my bigger problem, is that you stereotype the characters way too much by their clique. But that's it, the rest of the game if awesome.
I have to admit, it was one of the best games I've played so far. So why 2 star? It just suddenly keep on crashing. Everytime I open it it says "Hig Shchool Story stopped working." I already saved my progress but please fix it.
I am in love with this game, it uses to be my childhood ever since I got my first phone, THIS exact game was the first game I have ever downloaded and never regret. Love the story line, the creativity, how you can customizer your character (ect) keep up the GREAT work
I played this game for the first time. Suddenly,it took a long and I keep on waiting the loading. LoL, it really needs a real money to buy...really sucks Hope it updates again...
It's an ok game. I started playing it again after a few years and it's extremely slow to get through it. One of the first quests you do talks about something from 2015 so you can imagine this game hasn't got a good update for a long time. The waiting you have to do is ridiculous and some quests take nearly half a day to complete. Rings are hard to obtain and if you dont like waiting for things, I dont recommend this game. Also, the coins to books ratio is pretty pathetic
Good game. I love the way it looks. I would have given it five stars but the thing is that when you play it online and decide to play offline the next time, everything you did while online disappears. It's like you now have two different games - online and offline.
I use to play this before I got rid of it so I could play Hollywood U (It's also by Pixel Berry and I recommend it to everyone that likes this game) and I have to say, I still love this game. I also agree with the fact that you have to wait a hours (not always) just to do one quest is unfair and also making us pay just to have diamonds from a building that lasts 30 days when u literally just started the game is gonna make some people think that this app is a money grabber but it isn't.
It's a really great app, but I think that the rings charged for "special" items is ALOT. But they do that just so you buy more rings because they're hard to earn. Other than that, great app!
I love the game, but haven't played it in awhile. I was very far along last time I left off, but have been unable to link the Facebook account that I last used to it so I can reload my progress:-(
It's great but I feel as if the mini games in the library for extra credit are too difficult. As someone who isn't an English God I find it super difficult.
Fun to play, no ads.... Giving it 3 stars because rings are hard to get nd most quest nd special students require much about if rings to unlock... Please find a way, so we can use d money we earn from quests to purchase rings
It's fun at the start when you get so much supplies, but then later it gets harder to get things. And everything takes an hour or more, unless you spend rings on it. If you want a game you just jump on for a few minutes a day, then I would check this one out
This app is totally the best.. I download it everytime even though it takes data and there's no space.. I love everything about it... The expense is actually worth it cause it's easy to get loads of money as far as your school is well built and arranged.. Kudos to pixel stories... I love you❣
What happened to The Disc? I can't find it anywhere. Even the library is gone somehow. The Store keeps saying there's something new to be bought but when I look in there, there's nothing new. It's as if The Disc and The Library have gone missing from the building section. I hope this gets fixed... let alone noticed.
It's a great game but I hate having to wait so long, I'd be fine if it was like 30 minutes but the further you go it gets longer, like the entire day, so I have to either pay or wait the whole day to know what happens next in the story, and once i find out i start a new episode and need to go back to waiting again, so it's mainly waiting and not much else, but besides that I love the stories and characters
I really enjoy this game. The main storyline is really awesome and dramatic, and it's awesome. However, i don't enjoy the fact that almost every side quest costs 250 rings! If that's the case, then please, either increase the starting number from 500 to at least 1000 rings, or lower the value of the quests to 100 rings. The poll is also bad because it BARELY gives rings, and when it does, it's a small amount! I also think that we should have all options for a starter instead of jock, nerd, prep
Wow, it's a really great game and its really addicting. It's so fun to go on dates and finish the quests. As you go on finishing the levels there's more to it. And once I tried to cheat by changing the date and time and after cheating a few times and when I got back to the game there was notice saying that they found out we were cheating so all the students were in detention for 1 minuteπŸ˜‚.
It is a great game. The only problem is itnis very hard to get more rings, you have to wait a long time for things to load, and the price in game money shoots up really high
Before I would get so excited cuz I would get to play it, But now, I hate this game. First, it started me all the way over, then when I leveled a classmate, it doesn't have a closet or a shop area anymore it changes the outfit for you. Change it back to how it was before man.
The game is a great game but when the main focus is money it makes it very irritating to play. All the players you need to advance or do missions cost a gargantuan amount of rings, books, or coins. The amount of free rings and pencils for the mini game is so small in comparison it's like you didn't get anything for free at all.
The game is a lot of fun! The stories are well-thought out and are quite intetesting. The game would be 10* better if we didn't need the books and rings as much, or even if we can use the coins to buy rings like we do with books. Other than that, the game is amazing, totally would recommend to anyone interested!
AMAZING! I've been playing in less than a day and I have fallen in love with it. Building my high school is incredible and I love how you can make amazing couples and put together your own style and stuff. I just wish wait times didn't take HOURS. I'm not a very good waiter. But other than that, this game is the best and I totally recommend it. It's amazing 😍! #A+
Tbh, this game is really amazing!! From graphics to story lines, quest, outfits and characters SUPERB!! Also, weve learn more about cyberbullying. Surely, it helps someone who suffers from bullying like Hope and Chelsea. I just hate the fact that everything is so expensive!! Soo frustrating to get rings, the fun fact is most of the nice outfits and All-star characters needs ring :( The mini game from library is nice idea but dissapointing as well, you should give 5-10 pencils a day to make sense
I have played this game before and it was very nice... so I decided to download it again but this time after playing it for a while it will just freeze and I will have to cancel it and open it again... after that it will just start closing on its own no matter how many times I open it...so I am writing this so that u guys can work on it...Thank you
Everything is cool and all. But the reason this isn't five stars is because there isn't an easy way to gain rings, and yet most of the things you buy has such a high ring price. I'm not paying real money, that I don't even have, for a few rings just to upgrade my admission office!
this is kinda great but......it is kinda boring cause actually everytime that you kinda let someone date or party you have nothing to actually do you can only wait. I suggest giving some mini games for players to play while they wait for the students to be done! this is just a suggestion but you need to add something on the game that can keep players from not deleting this app from waiting issues
I like the game but it is so hard to earn rings, quests take hours, but the game is fun and you can play it offline!
This game is one of the games where you can't do eveything at once and run out of things to do. It takes time to complete quests, which i really like because it keeps me engaged. The only bad thing is sometimes there's a bug that one of the buttons will show up after pressing on a building or something, after all of the other buttons have gone.
I have been playing this game for a month and all I can say is Awesome game, just that if u run out of rings u need money but u can't pay cash 😀.When u start the game u need data just to login otherwise it's an awesome game πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ˜
Fun and entertaining, but after a while, quests and building conpletions and dates and parties take sooooo long. They try and get you to buy rings by making things last, like, six hours.
Here are a couple thing that might make the game a little bit more interesting in my opinion at least. One, if the characters can do a lil more, like walk into their designated rooms that's be cool, and two, 8f you can shorten down some of the times thatd also be great. I know the more you level up, it gets a little harder, but the tasks can be shortened some
This used to be my favorite game, I was around level 16 I think, and now all my progress is gone. It won't link my Facebook account either. I spent a lot of money on this game over the years just for it to be destroyed. Very disappointed.
I love this game, but lately it's been really frustrating to play. My school's getting cramped and it cost a whole lot just to add a single plot, and it takes nearly 3 days or longer just to get it. It also cost a whole lot to upgrade your dorms and get decorations. I hate that everything is so expensive. Also I'm really disappointed that there's no more dates to go on with Julian and Max and there's never even been a chance to go on one with Wes. I'm so disappointed with this game now.
I HATE IT.Getomg books take WAY to much money only for you to not be able to level up enough.The tasks are way too tedious and just plain hard to complete. Don't waste your storage space on this game.
I personally like this game despite the time and effort it needs. I actually did played this app when I was in highschool together with my friends, so this have been part of my highschool years. Before I am not good with tech related stuffs so I keep on losing my level hehe that's why I want to try it again until I but all the plot hihihi. Such a dream 😍
It's a great game, but there's not a lot of ways to get rings. I got to a point were I needed to upgrade some things, but I needed to level up to do so. I couldn't level up because I couldn't complete any of the tasks. For example, one of them needed a specific student. I had that student at the party, but I had no room in the spot where you check in the students(I forgot what it's called). The student I had in there was ready, but I couldn't get the right hangout without leveling up.
Ok so I love this game but the one thing that made me give it a four instead of a five star was the fact that its not letting me link my friend from Facebook nor Google, I hope that it will get fixed soon because I do love this game. Also I found its doing it to the other game Hollywood U too. Also if its not too much to ask can you do more updates on the game like for cirten holidays?
Grt game. I really enjoyed it. Even I added some of my friends as avatars in MA game. Trust me it was fun. I will recommend πŸ’― fr those who love reading.
It's an awesome game alright but characters and builds in the game are too many rings. And mostly the stuff is expensive on the game. So I hope all of this improves soon id appreciate it. Karelyns Daughter,
I've always lived this game but unfortunately when I got a new phone and tried to link my Facebook account it says that the game I started (brand new game) doesnt match the account on my facebook. My facebook was linked to a very far and well put together school. Bothers me that it's all gone.
Update: Upon replaying the game, I've decided to change my review. I just wish we had more options and more chances to choose how to react. With certain quests amd side-quest, i wish there was an "I don't care" option or something similar because that's how I'd honestly react. The reaction choices are decent for most quests, but with things like the third date Max, the choices make it seem like our character is an overracter.
Its a really fun game with so many characters! I love the quests because the story line is quite enjoyable! This is one of my favourite game so far!
Nostalgic and still as neat as when I played it years ago. With patience, the game becomes what is essentially a Visual Novel for Young Adults. The writing is aimed towards young adults, and is enjoyable for a time-sink that is reasonably enjoyable to read and play through.
Liked the game. The storyline is great. However, it's slightly expensive. Most of the item request rings or books...as you progress in the game it get more pricey to buy a piece of land. Apart from the quest, there's no alternative to earn extra cash or rings. It would be nice if they could add a few extra for players to earn additional money and rings. Apart from that, it's a decent game
A very interesring cross between a strategy game and an RPG with a "breeding" game mixed in too. The writing is top notch and the graphics are supurb. Not surprisingly this is an EA quality game. Although aimed more at teens and tweens this fiftysomething is having a ball playing HSS. I know rings are a premium currency but we should be able to earn a little more of them. RTS, RPG, and breeding game fans of all ages should try this one.
This game is great I love it. The only reason it has 4 stars is because of this weird glitch I noticed. Occasionally when I scroll, the screen will go completely black except for the HUD, and even when I close the app and wait for a while, when I go back into the game, it's still black. If you could fix this, I'll give the 5 stars it deserves. EDIT: Glitch still there, happens less now though
Great It is really an interesting game, it is based on high school stuff, the library part helps to improve learning.
This is so different just what I was looking for I'm all ready in love with this game and I be myself play my way and it's offline hope you make more games like this just wish I could give you more the 5 stars I'm all so going to tell all my LGBT friends about this game because we're all ways on look out for games like this keep up the good work
There are so many bugs on playing this game. At first it's fun to play but everytime your level up, it was hard to reach it and don't finished the task given. Just a friendly reminder, Don't used the rings for unnecessary purpose because in this game, rings are the important thing you could had.
I used to have this game on my phone before downloading on tablet. When I logged into account I was level 3 instead of 25😑😑🀬 I tried contacting support and they basically said there's nothing they can do. A lot of time and money went into game and I'm not about to start over.
I downloaded it ironically but it was actually decent so I kept it. For some quests you can only continue if you spend rings which are hard to get if you dont spend money
I don't know what the hell is going on. Whenever I leave the game and come back in, it tries to connect to my Google Play account, and then it asks me if I want to connect and I choose yes, then it asks me local or download, and no matter which one I pick, all my progress I did previously is gone and it restarts the whole damn game. It ready restarted 6 times already, and I lost my patience. Tell me, what do I do now? It's such a lovely game, but what just happened really marks it down
It's only getting a 4 instead of a 5 (I'm leaning 3.3) because of the *spoiler alert I guess* ace betrayal storyline. I preferred the game more when the enemy in the storylines was just Hearst. Sure it was cliche, but somehow still satisfying in its predictability. This Ace sl just seems pointless/for shock value cuz u know my character is going to win in the end so what's the point in a character I grew to like&trust stabbing my school in the back over&over. It's gettin real tedious.
I love this game. The quests and characters are so much fun. The one and only reason I didn't give this game a five star rating is because at the beginning of the game you have to choose between being a guy and a girl. I think it would be great if the game started off with a nonbinary option for gender or with a question about pronouns instead.
I love everything about this game! Been playing since 2015 and as cheesy as it sounds, it inspired me to socialize with other people and gain my own group of friends. BUT we need more quests featuring ACE please! Can't help but love that villain😩
I really like this game and there's always many things to do! However, there are some things I find very anoying... Its very hard to progress fast in the game because everything takes so long to do... Another thing is that it's very hard to get the special rings and the last thing is that I wish there were more chances to pick your own story like have someone ask you out. I'm only on level 6 so there could be that option latter on but I haven't gotten to them yet. But overall it's a great game!!
I like this game. I've been playing it since elementary. But my progress gets lost every time I accidentally delete the game. Makes me so sad that I have to start again :(
I have played the game before and I loved it. I decided to download it again and play. The first few days were fun but while playing, it crashed and reset everything I have. I had to start all the way from the start. I tried to play again but it still reset. I tried to be patient but after another reset, i got tired of it and decided to uninstall the game. Hopefully this issue will be fixed. The polling system also doesn't work. It says that i cant connect even if i have a stable connection.
I absolutely love this game!! Only thing I don't like is how long you have to wait for some things. Feels like forever sometimes!
I love this game. The only reason its 1 star is because it basically says that different people have to look a certain way. Lemme give u an exrample. I am a massive nerd. The nerds in this game all wear glasses and clothes i wouldn't be caught dead wearing. The jocks are all wearing sports kits. Some people like sports, and some people would look like that, but other jocks might not. Does any1 feel like this??
Hello can the people of the game plz read this I like this GAME a lot but it take ages for the X button to work I have to keep and keep on tapping the screen for ages!! Other than that I love this GAME!!! 😊
I really love this game even though the items and characters are so expensive and they only give so little. I've been playing for about a month now and I really enjoyed it but when I finally decided to connect facebook I couldn't get inside the game when I play offline. It would load then freeze then exit
This game was my absoulte favorite for about 7 months... Up until this morning, when my data was lost forever... I dont know why, i dont know how. So, sadly, i had to say a tearful goodbye just an hour ago. This game got me through quarantine... If there is any way i can get my data back, please let me know 😭
Its got good graphics and its a good game for the most part im giving it a one star bc they think the only people who want to make a high school are preps jocks and nerds im an emo so it was difficult to see that wasnt an option for my character and bc of how much coins and rings you need to use along with it taking forever to get to new quests and levels
The last time I played this game was 6 years ago but this game never gets old! I am looking forward to the updates for this game because who doesn't love improvements? 5 stars! Just found out that the support for this game was already terminated. Well then I'll just enjoy every episode and not rush. Thank you for this living memory!
This is a very fun game but most things are expensive and cost a lot of rings and money and when you have just downloaded it, you may choose the character you want to be but you can't change into another one and quests may expire and when you buy a plot of land, it takes a lot of time and when you are buying books, they take long to finish apart from some theatres take 30 seconds hoursand minutesβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
it's super fun!! i got this years ago and forgot about it when i broke my first phone. i decided to see what i had been missing this year and i'm still having so much fun with it! :)
I really loved this game since before thats why I downloaded it again, and I forgot why we deleted it until I keep going back to the beginning, I was at Level 5 then the next morning I got back to level 1 but I became patient. I decided to log in my facebook to the game, thinking that it won't bug anymore, until I couldn't play, I mean I got in but after a second I went back to my homescreen, this could've been a permanent game on my phone, I loved it, but because of this bug...welp
This game is really fun. On some quests it shows you what a friend should be. It keeps you very busy. Although it takes a while to complete quests and to get rings back. But it is still a fun game that I would recommend.
It would be nice if it didn't take too long to complete quests. No easier way to earn rings or coins. It takes too long to complete quests
It a nice game but the clothing and classmates are for too much money and rings and when you sell them you get a little bit of money so I would sougest that the same amount of money you buy for them you should get back the same amount also the clothing is very beautiful but they are for too much money and rings . Finally I do not like seeing the sudents walking around campus so I sugest you remove the student form walking on campus or stading I just don't want to see them like that otherwise fun
Amazing! I reinstalled it after playing in elementary to see if it gave the "real high school experience". Surprise, it doesn't, but it's a really fun game with interesting story lines and good dialogue
The game is really interesting and engaging but the things I hate is dat obtaining rings books and pencils are very difficult. It also takes hrs to finish a quest and what I hate d most is dat d game keeps starting from the beginning. It has started from the beginning for like 5 times it has become so frustrating . Please work on it
The game is good but some stuff are confusing, I'm not talking about the storyline being confusing I'm talking about how a student costs 500 coins yet you only need 100 coins to buy land...what? Speaking about coins it's easy to get them however its way more easier to spend the coins I say GET THE GAME RIGHT NOW OR YOU'LL REGRET IT! I haven't been playing for long so I can't say anything much. But once I've played for a while, I'll come back and share my honest opinion. Thank You
Would of given this game 5stars if my progress wasn't gone. I was on level 20 maybe and unlocked a lot of characters. My school was huge. I'm very mad I can't log in and my info was saved to google play games and fb. Please fix. Hollywood u almost gave me the same problem but I finally got into that one.
I like this game very much and it has an option of adding many characters but the quests take a lot of time to get completed otherwise it is truly good game
Love the game. It has different stories and different choices. It also covers a bit of life things like bullying, fitting in, and making important choices in life. It even has a bit of of LGBTQ+ storylines. The game is great, but I wish it could be a little easier to get rings. If you could get rings easier I would give the game 5 stars. It also doesn't need internet which is great.
The best offline simulation game ever! It doesn't take much of storage and the world is like completely in your hands. Plot's amazing as well! KUDOS PIXELBERRY! I RLLY LUV UR APPS! MWA
Do not download this game. I played this game for years, got to a really high level, and I got through many of the quests just to have that all taken away. I tried logging in as usual one day and the game restarted on me! I had no choice of regaining my previous profile even after trying multiple times to log into my game profile. The game offers no options to save or get back what you lost. It just starts you completely over with no warning. I'm never playing this game again.
Love it! This game is really fun and creative! I love all the different characters, the storylines, the fun bonus quests. It's never boring! However, I do have a few issues with this. 1: Any time I make an in-game purchase, the app crashes. 2: When selling items, sometimes my game will freeze up/screen go dim and I have to shut down and restart the app. 3: A few of the "all-star" students won't show up in the store, just their names, but no avatar. The only suggestion I'd leave for this game is the android bug fixes (I never had ANY issues on Apple 2 years ago), more hair colors and customization options, and it would be stellar to see some different hijab outfits. This game is really fun overall, and I'd recommend to anyone!
I love this game very much, it's the first one I ever enjoyed though it requires you to have so many books and rings to finish up the quests, but I definitely recommend this game πŸ˜™πŸ˜š , so I give it 4 stars.
edit: It's very frustrating that you can't do anything without rings and books, and it takes far too long to gain them. However, this is really incredible on playthrough. Now that I'm further, the quests are lovely. The stories are well thought out and the issues dealt with are in depth but "age-appropriate". They deal with body image, bullying, fitting in, all kinds of things. And there's LGBTQ storyline options. I'm glad I kept the game after all. It'd be 5* if the rings were easier to get.
I have played this app before but I uninstalled it. Now that I'm playing the Choices app and there's a book about this game, I remember this and tried to reinstall it. Guess that was a bad idea because I haven't even started the game yet and it already kept on crashing. I've tried for like 5 times and it still does the same. This is super disappointing, Pixelberry. You don't even listen to your readers' suggestions for your books and now this? This is kinda heartbreaking.
Game crashes upon opening. Not playable after getting to a high level and buying gems I'm unable to play.
Very awesome game. I've had this game for as long as I can remember and it is a very great game however with this new upgrade it is very hard to advance levels. They keep reducing the amount of points the farther you get and it's not intersting it's rather annoying. I've been stuck in the same level for almost two months now and I'm on the verge of deleting the game. I don't know why you would ruin such a great game
I love this game but one problem you have to pay for a lot of things 2 you run out of rings really fast .but the rest of the game realy good
Longtime player game is really excitingI would recommend this game too many people but if the developers of the game could maybe put a setting that changes the period of timefrom day to night because it seems every time you play is always in day time so if they could change it from day to night would be really exciting to see the players go into their Hangout to sleep that and then also the quest should please reward more of rings than coins because you get more coins in all the game is exciting
At first, the game seems fun and easy when you're going through the tutorials. But you can't even pass any level unless you want to wait hours or make a payment with real money.
I am very picky about the games I install on my phone. I always install a bunch of games like 5 then at the end of the day only 2 are left 😁 I honestly thought that I would delete this game in the end, but the result was the opposite, I am literally addicted to this game. I DON'T REALLY RATE APPS, but HSS is worth it. The characters are customizable and you can also dress them, my little problem though is the rings. Rings are very hard to get, I wish there were other ways to get more rings.
I absolutely love this game! It deals lots of stuff a little bit of Gay and lesbian stuff. Deals with bullying also love the characters and the stories but can u please make it whe re you can earn rings faster because I am a little low right now. B ut, other than that, I.love this game. And I.will hope to dind more of your games as well.
This game is super addicting and time consuming which was exactly what I was looking for. I FEEL excited when things happen.Only thing is that it's super hard to get rings and the waiting times are crazy but I'll take the good with the bad I guess
I really enjoy playing this game, l have a lot of fun while playing. The story plot is good and there are many characters and you can customize them. My one complaint is that it is very difficult to earn rings. To earn rings you have to pay money and l don't like that. So, you have to spend your rings very wisely. This game requires a lot of patience as quests take a lot of time to be completed and you have to careful while using your coins, rings and books. Everything else is great in this game
I absolutely love this game. I find it so fun and time-consuming. I've spent money on this game, but there are some problems. Today, I opened up my game and it started me back at the beginning which is very upsetting. I've recently bought rings from the store (through the Prom Throne) and now I'm stuck with the beginning amount of rings and at level 0. This is not the first time it's happened, but my last playthrough was the only time I've spent money and now it's gone. Great game otherwise.
I really like this game because it's fun. But after a minute the game are crashed and restart. I try to play it again from the start but it's still crashing and restarting. Please fix this issue. I really love this game.
Disappointing game. This game used to be my favourite game, until I recently went out of it, and then I lost ALL of my progress! I was on level eighteen! The story is interesting, but would not reccomend this game to anyone, because what may seem like a fun game will end as dissapointment. I thought you could dobetter, Pixleberry.
I love playing games that are similar to High School Story(I'm talking about base building games) and there's a few problem I have in the game, which is when you're creating your characters if you swipe to quickly when choosing the hairstyle or face the options dissappear, 2)I shouldn't have to buy a hairstyle again after I already bought for a different character,it's really annoying and could u guys please make it to where after I buy that hairstyle its available for all the other characters
A perfect app but can I add some adds that not that longer that can give you rings cause I'm just a kid! I can't not have some money like that I have money but that is for school so like that or daily rewards to have some rings and can you lower the price of the classmates 8 mean the rings to buy clothes or new classmates that all but this is a great app
Its ok..... not as good as I initially thought it would be but overall still a good game. My only problem with it is that when there a re no quests to do or you are waiting for them to be done there isn't much to do. You could add something like a pool where thay can hang out or stories you can reenact. Not saying you have to add that but I'm very close to just deleting it because there is nothing to do.
Ive had this game for years and I absolutely love it! The storylines are fun to follow and very realistic to real life!
Very good app game I'll give it 4 stars the only reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because its slow paste and I'm not a patient person lol
Ummmm.... It's a good game but I rate it 4 stars because you need to use your real money or you need to purchase to get the throne. So please arrange this thing but It's a good/beautiful game after all and It makes me happy by the way😊.
I absolutely love this game, it's so interesting and intriguing. Keeps me playing the game. However I don't like how many quests require rubies to play because without spending money to but the rubies, getting enough rubies for all these time sensitive quests is a pain. I currently need 150 rubies in 4 days for time sensitive quests and I have 59 with no way to get enough. Also in between quests there isn't much to do to stay on the game you just have to sit and wait for the quests to finish.
I love the game but it's kinda hard to do more things or stuff with lack of rings but all in all it's kinda not a problem. I'm really enjoying every second! My cousin tried to cheat and changed her date and time and she told me when she put it back on the right day and time again, she checked the game and found out that her parties and dates will be over in 7 days and 23 hours! 🀣🀣🀣Great job with that!