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High 5 Casino: The Home of Fun & Free Vegas Slots

High 5 Casino: The Home of Fun & Free Vegas Slots for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by High 5 Games located at 1200 MacArthur Blvd Mahwah, NJ 07430. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This latest update makes the games harder to play. Sometimes you have to push buttons several times before they work. On some games, at the end of a spin you can't see the winnings from that spin. Some games play less realistically than they used to. In general, the new look is not worth the degradation of the games.
I find your app some what boring you can spin and spin it looks like you win a little something your score usually going down spinning and spinning very boring i was playing high 5 again you have failed i had 2 free spins i got two wilds a diamond shaped gem i never got a simgle point i know because all i had was 209 man what a let down
All the games are unlocked. Game levels run from 300+ to 200 to 100. Waiting for new games to be open for playing. Now that my game level is at 380. There are still games that have winning spins but no credit is given for them. There are also winning spins that cover from left to right on all 5 reels but no credit is given for them. There are also winning spins on reels up and down on 3 reels that are given full credit for. All the games have problems with getting full credit on the reels.
Giving this game 2 stars because it has some games that I play in real life.downside is that you dont continue to level up and open new games.you have win spins that may give you keys (2 weeks still nothing) or spend 20 bucks real money to keep opening games.I live in vegas and I wont ever spend real cash on fake money.good graphics but im stuck with terrible games trying to open better ones.this could have been a really good game.
I absolutely love this game..it has so many of my favorite casino games all in one place.. Also this part is just for the devs..Im editing my review from a couple of weeks ago..it was a hasty rebuke that id like to apologise for... because actually since then I've been doing quite well and so at this time i would like to just say thank you..and well done. 😳
Always waiting for a good payout and when it happens.....WOW. Appreciate all the games along with great graphics.
Favorite casino game to play, but usually play on Facebook at my desk top pc. The latest version has running issues, like it's on dialup speed. Hoping the issue is corrected soon! !!
It's very addicting, specially since they're the exact ones that I play at the emerald queen casino in fife. It's not quite as much fun as the actual thing but it's still fun none the less. And yes very addicting. Good thing it's not actual money that I'm using or I think I just might have killed myself, like a dozen times over already. LMFAO. Thanks anyway for the slots tho. 😁👍💔💞♥️
I wss pleasef witj tjr hraphics, game controls, and the fast level-ups for the player and machine. I will highly recommend it to anyone else interested in joining in the fun! --Alex White
Always loved this game. Lately it just goes to home page stops at any time and just disappears. Back and forth I'm tired of it if I can't play this I'll go to another game. My rating went from 5 down to 2 to nice.
game keeps freezing up....really not impressed with this game. if you level up you don't get coins or free spins.
Entertains me all day long... sucks when you're out of credits to play but that keeps you going back every 4 hours to collect free credits lol
I haven't been back for a while due to our daughter's unexpected, unbelievable, death at onlg 41 years of age and no apparant foul play, drugs abuse, or trauma. They say it looks like she simply went to sleep and just never wond up. I am so pleased to be back playing High 5. I fill my mind with casino gaming, tournaments and hooeful winning. Otherwise, our sweet almost 6 year old granddaughter is the best part of her and she is a joy and a wonder to behold herself. Good to be back
Its a good game but when it levels up or player levels up ..it would be nice if this money was going into our actual bank account or our cash app....that would make us want to continue to play because we are enjoying the game and getting paid to do so.
I contacted support because it's impossible to win more than losing. They want their app to "feel like a real casino." Well, it is like going to the casino every day and NEVER EVER winning! NEVER WINNING!
last three games have been a real disappointment because hard to hit points. This morning I had almost eight hundred thousand and it took it all except for two hits plus did not get any freespins. I love playing high 5 but the games lately was not the high 5 I am use to playing. I hope yall can get some improvements in the games and payouts. Lately I have been saving my credits for a whole week so I will have credits to play the new game and it took everything I had in about 5 minutes.
its good but the only problem i have is when their is monney to be won the game lags and overspins .or doesnt pay at all .
I watched a facebook video and was supposed to get free coins and never got them! It keeps running and wont stop to play slot game! I played the game and no coins i earned come back! The slot game will not load. Sometimes it keeps running. Very slow. Lots of problems with this slot game! I had over three million coins built up on this slot game and they dissappeared. I am very upset with this slot game. It keeps running alot and i cant play it. Lots of problems! Very fgrustrating playing this .
I love this game wish it could have more games w hot females on them. I also would like more ancient history games with hot gals on them too.
So very addicting! I play almost every one of these games at the casino!! Thanks for bringing the casino to us!!!👍
After 15 spins and nothing,High 5 keeps raising the bets, however never pays out . Should. Put it back to the way it was without these constant, annoying pop up challenge's. This used to be my all time favorite game, but now it's a waste. I'll be deleting this ASAP.FED UP You suck!!!!!!! ok you still suck, new look same issues, cheap, cheap cheap. Still lose everything, lame payouts.
the best thing since sliced bread!! I am so excited about this app!!! I am very impressed with the entire concept...I can't find the words to express how much I enjoy playing the games...exquisite!!!I am not exaggerating a bit...not one bit!
It's OK but I've had problems with the games taking double coins A lot but aside from that I like it okay so in keeping with the fact that I still like playing the games I do have one issue with the New Jokers Riches 2 ( please note that this is just my personal opinion and observations based solely on my own playing )I have actually found it hard to get any of the actual Jokers unless I am in the Bonus round which I've found to be quite Few of
All of high five slots simply don't give enough of a daily bonus to enjoy the game for any amount of time. The big wins are to far apart I guess they're just trying to get us buy credits which kinda defeats the purpose of playing free slots just for fun.
Really fun just like my fav slots at a casino just wish I had more to gamble with also it would be nice to know wat min bet is without opening the game each time since I don't have them memorized
the game would be nice if you could get the bonus alittle more, game gets stuck and it's not worth the money spent getting coins to play
I like to play Betti the Yetti, but the bonus does not come up very much! It takes too many spins and you don't win if you can't ever get a winning spin! You need to loosen this up so people can enjoy the game
The games are awesome, but getting enough coins to keep playing is difficult. You can buy coins but you don't win real money. Been playing for a few years getting ready to drop it.
I dont use Facebook, couldn't even get payable on one game I played..these people dont want my business..
I love this game wish it could have more games w hot females on them. I also would like more ancient history games with hot gals on them too. Love the app wish I could win more in the beginning but nice slots and more slots with very very hot women please. The women on the slots are so hot I wish they were real.
Your 5 star rating is slipping with me. Why are there constant long delays in loading and connecting? I've been playing H5C for a long time and the site is getting worse and worse. I'm not impressed people. I advise anyone to NOT spend a dime here.
Love playing H5C been playing for years now.Have unlocked all the games so only thing I would like to have the new games open more frequently, the graphics are second to none!! Enjoy playing everytime. Thank You H5C!!
Run out of coins to quick and no way to lower bet other wise real fun one thing i really like is it takes me back to lobby/home fast and w/out ads
Fun game but it would be great if it paid out more often. At times ypu can go to over 100 levels on one game and never gives you free spins. The higher you bet, lower the chances of winning big. Being playing it for a while... better chances at a real casino. Overall great app.
I used to enjoy this games very much on Facebook. Even to the point recently I spent a decent amount of money on it just to have some fun ran out of play money. I had quite of bit of money to play with here but in less then one week I lost over one billion in play money. Seems that the app wants to keep you close to broke so they can try to get you to buy more. I understand it's a business they're trying to make a little bit of money wherever they can but I spent money real money & I still lose
The ads for free coins are blocked. I have spoken with others on this site and this is not happening to them. Wondering why I am being blocked from this option. I have contacted your customer service as suggested, but ads are still blocked.
What happened? All day not loading and it isn't my connection because none of my other games are doing this. It starts like normal the goes to a black screen and never loads.
Always loved this game but they dont pay out much anymore and they took away the extra spins when you reach a new level. I even bought chips and never went to the next tier. Lots of great games and good grafics. Just wish you could win more.
really enjoying the game low payouts and far between. the closest to real as you can get without actually going and losing your real money. but as a real casino will. this game will always take your money leaving you waiting.
my favourite game love the graphics,,,,!!!!!!!!!these are as close to casinos as you can get i have been playing these games for the last few years i wouldnt trade this site ever!!! Lately my gaames keep freezing a d i cant play please check thanks
love the games connected to facebook and it says I have no friends to gift and I know for a fact I do have friends that play
some of the games have no playing field, it's black have log out and back jn to collect the free spins
I truly enjoy playing at the high 5 casino it makes me feel like i'm playing at one of our local casinos here in Tacoma Washington it also saves me some real money when I want to go to the real casino when I know my budget doesn't allow me to go
I have played & won some tournaments today. I was awarded some but not 2 of them. I won $31,500 twice but still have not been awarded these. Overall, I have been enjoying & playing the game daily but this incident just was too much to ignore. I have emailed you with screenshots. I hope this is looked into & not overlooked. I will update my rating when-and-if it is corrected. Thanks in advance. Update. Coins awarded. Happy player!
I love to play. You only win big whe you purchas their coins. If you don't you will never win big. You cant move to another level without purchasing coins. I hate that!!
I get bonuses on High 5 Casino and they usually disappear used to be I'd get the money that I had coming now I get zilch I put a lot of money into this game I played this for years and I'm not ready to throw it through the window
Unable to play, because as soon as i try to spin, it kicks me off. No help from the admin at High Five. I have emailed them for months.....
I play several online casinos and high5 is my favorite. fewer annoying ads and huge variety of games that i love and didnt have to play for weeks or months before they were unlocked. They were unlocked from the start
I really liked this app ..... For 2 weeks! Hence the low rating. It won't open anymore. Just goes to a black screen. Haven't been able to play in the last 3 days.
This game is confusing. I never really won anything big. It said i won 2M 1 time and i got like 400.00. What is that all about? I never made it over 44,00.00. Can you explain this to me please. Actually, I'm taking it off my phone.
if u enjoy being frustrated and losing because there is no strategy this is your game. if u really enjoy losing then spend 4 to 8 $ for a card u can put money on so you can buy coins for extra game time. once you do this u will lose faster forever after
Most games drain a player's coins very quickly, there are no clear game information/payout tables and the games take a while to download even if a player has downloaded it previously. For myself, it feels more like a trap to get players to make purchases. The games could be fun and interesting if not for the above mentioned issues.
Only problem w/this game is that it takes a lot of space on your phones/tablets but other than that I'd say it's a great game to play & would highly recommend this game to all casino/slot lovers such as my bad ass self 😆😎😆😎😆😎 Awesome job to the developers of High 5 Games & please keep continuing an awesome job guys ☺
It is still one of the best slot games casino for phones. It goes up and down quickly though if you don't buy credits!
WOW!!! This is very exciting! The ability to be so interactive pulls you in making it feel like you have some sort of control. Highly recommended.
At first its great.. you can win enough to keep you playing but on about the third day they took me from 350,000 down to nothing in just a few hours.. i kept thinking that it's gotta change here pretty soon but no they just want your money.. too bad because a couple of those games are my favorite whenever I go to the casino. Oh well I guess ill have to uninstall. Thanks but no thanks.. thats just ridiculous.
Ivejust down !oaded this game and already having trouble with the game jamming an its quiting freezing either fix or im going to scrap it
I spend real American currency so I can actually play the games for a bit or so I think. I LITERALLY won zilch.... can't win with the bonuses can't win after giving them your real money! waste of time.
Nothing but Fun is what I've experienced at High 5 Casino. The winnings are great, slot pay often so come on down here and Enjot it.
This game has turned into nothing but a rip off you can't play for free anymore they have made it to where you have to buy coins to play and they have it to where you lose any coins you buy really fast and none of there games payout anymore
This game would be more fun if it was more user friendly. All it does is take your money. I am on level 174 and I have yet to have the free spin bonus. Why do you have to be so tight. Your last 6 games are also tight.
problems on and off with this game but love the graphics. Screen freezes. Seems to be changes to the playing and betting screens. If these are new changes to the game, they are not user friendly. I keep checking to see if it is back to the old screen, but not playing!!
I love this app. But I. Don't know why they want to continue to ask me to rate it. IVE RATED IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE APP!! ISNT THAT PLAIN ENOUGH!?! Seriously. I would give you a 5 star if you WOULD STOP ASKING ME TO RATE THE GOD [email protected]+N THING!! (.....p.s. everyone download this casino app! it kicks ass!! but be prepared to rate it over and over and ov.....)
These slots are fun.. but too tight.. it's not worth playing because you run out of money and you can't hit nothing.. on to the next game .. sorry
I've played this game on and off for quite a long time. Though I do take breaks from it, i always come back to it. It never disappoints, the graphics are just like the casino games, the slots are familiar, the casino is always expanding and with every update, it improves. I think it could use some slots with lower minimum bets, and maybe be a little more generous with daily bonuses and spins. But, as a whole, its definitely one of the best casino games for android.
I had a issue with with signing up, tech suppprt promptly fixed it. Happy now as it is my favorite game app. Edit...lost 50 million $ in 2 days, bonuses sucked, I just ran off my 368 spinney things will never spend any money any more , lost 45 dollars real money in days.
not so good.The games are so tight.You won't let them pay out.Bonus complete that's not a bonus.Maybe you look up the word and it's meaning. The games freeze and skip.You can see them block out what would have been a hit.Litterly block the play.If you would spend more time on letting your games play . And less time on cheating the people who play them your reviews would be better.wish the new games played like the old ones do.
great but what happened to my 60,000 daily bonus. weak daily bonus. now months later still have weak daily bonuses. love the games but im not paying for more. so im going to uninstall since it only lets me play for a few minutes free daily. especially bad when the buy more screws up the last spins. greed killed the fun.
So far ok, I would sue like to WIN JACKPOTS WITHOUT HAVING TI PURCHASE COINS CONSTANT when there's no real payback but the graphic are alright I believe u need more games like the 88's games 007 e.t.c , panda stacking bonus games like theu have up on the big reservation in WARLEY IDAHO if I remeber that's where there new big one is im feom Montana so it just be nice to win BIG AM NOT LOSE IT, ADD FATTY ASS IT WANTS TP TAKE IT BACK whay little I do win
my favourite game love the graphics,,,,!!!!!!!!!these are as close to casinos as you can get i have been playing these games for the last few years i wouldnt trade this site ever!!!
Hi exactly 20 minutes ago I bought and had 26,789 ,345. in credits it's taken me down in Less than 10 minutes to 13, 000, 000 . Since the update and change I've only lost . Now I buy the special for the last 3 days and it's a catch you can't win or have a decent game . They keep saying nothing wrong technicians have checked this is rubbish they high are on the take its not at all like it used to be . Would I invite friends never not while high 5 is making a feast out of us . I'm done no more play
Enough is ENOUGH ! MY ACCTS. ON FACE BOOK Has been hacked Sooooo many X's i have reached out to you and you make things so flipping difficult or I have to know what screen what blah blah blah and I feel totally ripped off . i have been a guest sincethe doors OPENED ! .You must have 5 different accts . with my date of birth ....blahhhblaaaa' lahhha! doesn' t your staff check these minor details ? sm.to you ! HUGE TO ME !!!!. THIS HUGE OVER sight HAS ME 99 % SURE I AM ABOUT TO JUST DELETE YOU!!!
it seems that the more coins you buy the faster you lose. it use to allow you to win more but that seems to have changed. once again, it does not allow you to win much. a bonus round with a 25m bet netted me 34m after 10 free games
It took my favorite game after logging into facebook so my friends would join me. The game is false advertisement. It will take your game after logging to facebook then play other games I dont have any interest in.
Out of the 5 casino apps I have on my phone, this one is the tightest by far. Bonuses are very few and far between. It just isn't fun to play if you can't win. But I really like the selection of slots.... So I'll play till I'm out of coins, then uninstall.
it won't let me give gift money to friends. I have uninstalled & installed the app & it still doesn't allow it. The game is slow opening up.
a little glitchy/buggy, gets stuck sometimes. Also, Please give more free coins to play with, some games have high and unreasonable , initial bet. I do like the games though, and some are actually the same as in real casino's tht i actually play, so thts pretty cool. Thanks
Game would be more fun if it would pay off better instead of always taking it away. Other than that the game is awesome.
Use to love it but not now. You can't win I played a 100 spins an did not win. I know I counted the spins and my wife counted with me. This game is getting worse and worse.im disable and this is the only fun I have but I the last two months I have spent hundreds of dollars for coins and get nothing cause it won't let you win so I'm going to have to find something else to do cause this game has changed for the worse and I have been playing this game for at least five years if not more.
i used to love playing, but since they revamped it, it SUCKS, the games are way to small, you used to able to make it full view, now you can't. it's so damn small i still have trouble with my readers. The worst is they have the wheel spinning so fast you get dizzy. I used to love playing, NOT ANYMORE. I am removing high 5 from my apps....
Was 5 stars now its crap due to changing the spins to 1. Now it takes forever to even level up in a game! Wrecked a good game
I have been playing this game from the Facebook days into the Android game release. I've maintained a "Diamond" level and have played every single game. I admit I have spent an excessive amount of real money playing this game. Possably over $3000 easy a year since 2012. With this new release and new system it is not playable and crashes my phone. It also is not playable via Facebook crashing. I am so disheartening I've uninstalled. Goodbye No response from support, topical now days.
I've played this app since I started playing casino games, I'm not loving the game like I used to and I've lost many friends that played it here lately. Am I not using the latest version or am I missing something. I honestly don't want to leave.
It's clear that the way this is working. There is no sign of any types of improvements. Other games have basically changed the bonuses. Sorry that I will be no further attached.
Play for fun, but found the higher you bet the less chances of winning or getting a bonus. Algorithm s are so far off. Hard to get wins the more you bet. Better off staying with low bets. I don't mind losing, but I do mind losing this way. Oh well, it's entertainment.
It's hard to win anything when you give so little coins everyday.....it's gone in 3 minutes.....no chance of the bonus.....this sucks
Nice games but only issue i have is as the game levels go up it starts paying less i bought a lot of coins millions but it just keep on taking very little payouts
Terrible app. Give 100 thousand gone in 10 minutes. No bonuses at all. Maybe won bet back or a little over 5 times . Would not recommend at all. Dont waste your time.
fun games quite a few of them are real casino games, doesn't give you many coins to start out with in the daily bonus, and just like all the other apps they want a review before you can decide whether you like the games or not and if you don't do a review right then the game stops giving any pay outs. No Pop Up Ads
this game started out great but in the past two weeks it sucks. I lost 3+million not playing but vanished, disappeared gone I woke up the next day I only had 45$ now every time I get above $200 and leave the casino go back in a few hours later it's back down below 100$
An excelllenr casino experience with lots of creative and innovative slots and many bonus possibilities. The daily wheel spins and tournaments are fun. A little more bet flexibility would be welcomed, but an overall super game.
Cool game just a little tight on the bonuses but fun to play!! Spent $$$ still tight but fun I am going to quit for awhile after this . Spend way to much. Getting worse.9/21/2020 ok last time I buy . To much $ and no return...
High five casino is a rip off!! i have not brought coins in a while and every time you spin the treasure chest is to grow. well it has been at least 3 months and the treasure chest is still at 320,000.00 you rip people off High Five Casino!!! STOP IT!!!
Thought I would give it try. Wish I hadn't. When downloaded you receive 15,000 credits. The lowest bet is 400 credits. The highest I got my cedits to was 23,000 then I started losing and losing and losing, never did get free spins in any of the games and when I won opening a game of my choice the minimum was 10,000 a spin. Uhh hello 23,000 credits?
lately several of the games have been solid black I cannot see any of the icons to on the reels. this kind of takes away from the fun of winning 24 million credits
great games. horrible pay outs. daily bonus....bad. you wanna play your gonna pay.no matter how much you play.....very low payouts. you wanna play your gonna pay.
Sorry guys but am uninstalling. Win ratio low so it doesn't keep the interest/anticipation going. Very low free coins. Expensive compared to coin purchase in other games. Music average. Graphics very basic by today's standards, and a bit jerky. Sorry guys but not my kind of app.
Addictive slot machines. The only thing about this app is that it ALWAYS mutes my phone when closing the app. Also, the back button won't prompt me to exit; I always have to swipe the window away. Please fix this!
in my estimation, this is the best casino game I have encountered to date. it is the first app I go to each day. I just wish there were more of the same type. congratulations on a fine product.
Very fun and entertaining game, just wish they would give more coins more often i hate having to wait so long for coins...
Very tight on bonuses i been playing for weeks tye same game betti the yetti and only got the bonus twice
This is one of my all time favorite games, I've played on my phone, computer, and even in the casino. What I appreciate about this game is no matter were I played it has great effects and and it keeps me anticipating the new tiles as the winning ones disintegrate. Guaranteed to be a good time. Sincerely william
Getting very hard to win on these games. But I think they would just like buy more coins . I had over 200 million now down to 8 million so you can tell how many times the game pay off.
Well, here we go again. After the latest update, the game won't load and the one time it did load, the reels just kept spinning and spinning and spinning. I tried closing the app and reopening it. I restarted my system, etc. I can not trust this app to consistently work. The problem is not on my end, it's on yours. Everything else in my system works fine.
Whats happening with the app? I go to play High 5 Casino the Name comes on the screen then the screen goes black and stays that way. Fix this issue. For this reason 1 star.
I used to love this app. Downloaded again after not playing it in awhile. I dont like it anymore. I am deleting it.
Really fun slots, but you can't get ahead, you lose your tokens fast, and you'll have to buy more tokens ! It's almost like playing the real slots, keep putting money in the machine and it keeps taking it! Wish you could get more tokens for free ! You win some and then you lose most of it ! All in all it's a fun game !
You win a little but lose a lot so if you want to continue playing you have to buy coins. Then it is same process all over.
Many slots so many slots...its very entertaining, good graphics, sound effects are true to the actual casino slot game & or if a new slot its sound is very eyes lit up w/surprise & amazement.
the latest update for this App was overambitious. although the sound and color schemes are VERY well done. the latest update is not that user friendly. seems too complicated.
Very hard to accumulate coins. Bonus amounts are very small compared to other casino sights. I don't play here very often because of the small amounts
I enjoy the games, the only bad part is the new games require so many points to play!Why did my game become disabled?
Why are you so stingency with bonuses, wins and dailies? Have been playing for years and have very little to show for it. Very disappointing 😕
Downloaded it and was out of coins 10min later. Payouts really suck don't waste your time downloading it. Wish iI could give it no stars def deleted it.
The most professional and fun casino on the web. Always new and better graphics and games, I rate it as #1.
fun games quite a few of them are real casino games, doesn't give you many points to start out with in the daily bonus, and just like all the other apps they want a review before you can decide whether you like the games or not and if you don't do a review right then the game stops giving any pay outs. No Ads or constantly trying to get you to buy point packages
Very hard to get any bonuses in the games. some games are glitchyband some games nothing appears at all. Takes awhile for the games to load, getting ready to delete this app.
Horrible! I wouldn't waste your time, they just want your money. You start out with very little free coins and then the price of the games is almost half of the free coins - FOR JUST 1 SPIN. Free coins gone within 5 min and then they're asking for money.
Takes forever to load. & :takes all your money as well! Just another slot that wants you to buy coins!
I purchased credits today, ut gsve them to me then the screen asked if I wanted to be on Facebook, so I did , snd it took away 13 millon. how do I get it bsck .bbecause the help app. in the gsme mode wont let me contact you
I used to love it. Ur game continously stops actively sending and receiving data. This results in never ending losses while spinning. It will then randomly re-establish connection for less than a minute and provide me with late notifications and ingame messages. Regardless if I a fast connection, strong connection, a mobile or wifi connection, the game goes into a never ending cycle of a buffering/lag state, then connects for under a minute, then back again
this game is a joke when you get a bonus you might win whatever your bet is maybe a little over. just a garbage game used to waste time but you can't even do that. well maybe for like 5 minutes.
The games are fun. However, it's too hard to unlock the games and the daily coins are a joke compared to what the game forces you to bet. I bought coins and still only have a handful of games unlocked.
Does not give me other bonuses from my other games, DaVinci, for example is said to have given me numerous coins but hasn't given any at all. I try to sign back in with my main fb account which is currently signed in and decided to sign in to my secondary/backup. UI smoothness needs smoothed out. Overall, I truly like this game. However. I am reviewing with all things in mind. There is a lot more negative marks I dont care to waste my time with
it's a fun Casino but you will get annoyed with their tactics because this app runs off losers and people who don't mind wasting money. Yeah take a look at the issue and you'll find yourself Hi-5
Fun site, but not enough free coins. Sometimes it won't allow you to select a game. Just goes back to the main page. Then I have to Uninstaller and reinstall for it to work. Please fix.
I been playing this game for 1998. I love this game 5/6/20 .I finally find it today I'm so so glad to know i can play my game after all these years. That's a blessing for me to downloaded my game again to playing it over and over again. I will enjoy my game ever day and every night till I fall asleep 😴. I will start playing my game today's 5/6/20. It's on now to playing day and 🌃 and morning 🌞 I"am really now yo starting playing this game for long as I can today's. I will delete my other's
Good game. Great passtime. The games are just like the casinos around here and i like that. Great graphics as well. Youll love it! Download it and see...
My update flat doesn't work. It takes thirty nine minutes to open and crashes in two seconds. The free coins are less and less and sometimes swiped. I watch endless ads w a promise of free coins but they never come. But I Love trying the new games! it's exciting to see all my favorite games i a single app. I never spend a dime and in an hour or two I get an incresse in free coins, that's it! Everyday day I go back to play there's an even bigger increase in free coins; way to go High 5!
I have spent over £100 on this, getting millions of credits, but all taken away from me no matter what bet I use. I understand this company has to make money, but not out of me
Used to be a fun game when I first started playing,,lots of wins. Now all I get are adds are deadspins... My friend already deleted it and I'm about to.
I enjoy playing your games on my tablet, but when i download the app on my cell phone the system doesn't update my current status, In other words, I am starting a new!. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but this doesn't work!....
keeps dopping my internet. was @ bonus of 95 and it started over. mostly a good game. will up date after ive tried it longer
This one gets a mediocre vote it's ok but not great it's got real actual casino games, and ones that I've never seen before.
They keep taking my coins when i loose connection an not giving them back. i think if om spending my cash on them i should get them replaced. i like the game other then that issue.
This game is great but over the last two weeks after an update, it takes extremely long to load and then you can't pull up a game because it freezes. it gives me an error message of sorry you didn't get to load a new game and offers you to choose one, but then nothing happens, just freezes. please fix these bugs and it will be a 5 star!!!
I'm finding out that I am losing more money than winning, also don't get the bonus very often which is not very good makes me not want to play and uninstall this app.
UPDATE: it feels like you guys listened and adjusted the algorithms to make this enjoyable again. Too bad its so damn glitchy now that half the time it won't even load up and when it does it takes 5 min. So, still not worth the hassle. Oh, and the delay on the spin/stop button is ridiculous. Keep trying.
Just coming here to check out similar apps to download that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Btw, How do you spin 50 times and not get a single hit. Junk
Had 2 trillion in chips and was systematically drained of all chips no matter which slot I played could do the auto spin and not win once could not believe it so did auto spin again same thing 30 spins no wins played more than a dozen slots that day and all did not pay off like over 350 spins with no winner
Slow to load games,get into bonus and get stuck their must leave the game,one game as soon as u hit bonus it kick u out of the game, some times they say they credited your account. But I do not see it, etc!
I have been an user for over 7 years. Since the update I cannot access. It freezes on the front page after loading. I've sent numerous messages and emails. My software and apps are up to date. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 5x and still the same problem. I have a top of the range Samsung S10+ and have never had problems before. So disappointed as I'm working towards level 500 and now I can't play anymore 😕
really hard to figure out how to operate this game. no instructions. really hard to figure out how to bet... still am not sure how to get the amount that I want. Don't know what I will do with with this app.
What happened to all my games, I had over 100 games, was on ruby level,income 4 hour bonus was at 12,556.00 as of Dec 3rd, 2020, many of of my games well over 100 level some were over level 300 had very close to 700 bonus spins, it is all gone, it's like you have started me over as a new player, please look into this, it is all wrong.
Slow slow slow......its almost like playingbin suspended animation.......its perfect......good for your heart and beneficial to your overall health.....it almost like its made to make you happy in all aspects of your life ...ten minutes a day keeps the depression away......i recommend this app To everbody with nothing to do that crave the antocipation of a lifetime
Awesome games but strike first and then save it because High 5 will try and catch you off guard by jacking your bet way up and then let you lose 7 million points no more stupidness for me im gonna uninstall
U nevet win on this game,I have bought almost 200 in credits to play and they do not last for me even 20 minutes is a fraud so that you continue buying I do not play anymore
Been playing for years. Use to be fun. If you don't have millions play is for minutes (1 or 2). If you buy credits you are being played for a fool. Rating should be negative 10 stars.
loving the slots, alot to choose from. one of the best slot apps out there. definitely worth the download
All the games are unlocked. Game levels run from 300+ to 200 to 100. Waiting for new games to be open for playing.
Great graphic but payout bad..higher u bet the hit rate n payout worse. Overall ..ok for burning time on free coins with low bet...if you want big win on higher bet ...this isn't it
luv d games thank u 4 d reply, like all games u lose more than u win, free games should win more but will still keep playing, win heaps all
Installed on Android 8.0.0 and will not open. I get an error that the app is not compatibke with my device. I have a TMobile LG V20.
Every time I open up this app and I tried to play the goddess game there's no picture just the noise. it's like that with some of the other games. Makes you not want to play.
I like it because you have my favorite game but several times it has frozen on me and I've lost millions in play when it does. It's even freezing as I'm rating it....
One of the worst games! Didn't even get to play it as it wouldn't get past the login screen. It just freezes! One of the fastest games I have installed and uninstalled!! Don't waste you're time!
I've been playing for over 10 years and the payouts are the worst they've ever been....the freeplay coins have dried up and the cash offers are more relentless than ever....quite a shame!!
would really like tournaments to change on a regular basis. they stay the same old boring game. if they would change their tournaments people would experience different games.
300+spins with no bonus game ever. Collosal waste of time, and not in the happy time-wasting sense that slots games usually are Wins are just enough to go back to even every third or so spin. Something seems off with the program in comparison to other slots games.
Got 2 high five casino apps Vegas and this one like both apps only thing i don't like is you can't take your coins from one to the other but i give them both 4 out of 5 stars
I can play this game once a month. That how long it takes to get enough coins to get 1 spin. Other casinos give you millions of coins to play. Not this one.
The slots are tilted based on your spending. They are weighted. As soon as you start buying coins it stops winning drastically to keep you buying them. I am a Sapphire member and it is taking way too much money to move up to the next level. Take it from me DON'T TRUST THIS APP! Play a different one this one is a scam and an incredible disappointment.
Had a required update yesterday. All the games spin longer now before stopping. Found this annoying. Also the spin button isn't as responsive... game will keep spinning even though you try to stop it. Why mess with something when it was working fine as it was!!
I have been waiting more than 2 weeks for them to update the IOS app so that i can play the newest games. Apparently tech support does not understand that. Newest game locked until Level 25 but i am over level 300 and still can not play.
fun but the bigger it gets the slower it goes. about to delete it if it doesnt start running smoothly like it used to
its review time! i give this slot game a 5 thumbs down! this slot game sucks! it doesn't give anything. i just download to see how it was. and it literally was a huge disappointment! don't waste your time. ....oh unless you want to spend your hard earn money on coins that doesn't matter unless your playing this dumbass game! High 5 loosen up! Good luck on this crash and burn app!
Never win, always lose. I only win little money spins and I never get the big money spins. I refuse to buy coins if I am going to lose them. It would be a waste of money.
Just started playing and its very exciting and the game is fun and grafics are great. The casino is very inviteing at the opening. I love it
False advertising I know I wanted to play Betty the yeti which is what you advertised but I can't because it's locked so screw you
Every time I play I lose all my money. I can only play one spin at a time. If I play more then that I lose all my money. So it's becoming a waste of time. I won't buy coins if I lose all the time. Plus I don't get bonuses. Where's the big money spins. Really your answers to the questions are so awful.
The graphics are lovely. The payouts can be ok. The amount they give daily is not enough for more than a few spins. 1st day of play up to 900k. Downhill from there. See some improvement I might return. Uninstalled.
I really do not understand how the brains of these developers work. What would entice a player to buy coins when it requires hundreds of spins to get 1 bonus? ANSWER: NOTHING, you delete the app!
I love high 5. I like that you put new games on ever week. Some of the games don't hit much. Some of the games you can never hit anything on. I think I you need to let them hit a little bit more. I think since you only have a four hour bonus you need to give more coins.
Very disappointed and I'm not going to put any more money I came back every day just not happy with the service
Love Bombshell Beauties, Great pictures of WW2 planes and babes. But your games is hard as heck to get any points on you may win a bit but then they start making you lose which makes the game boring
I have been playing in this casino for years but it is like all other players are saying , your wins are not as high anymore and the free games few and far between and the starting bets are so high on new games...this is advertised as "play for free " but they keep wanting you to buy coins. if this doesn't change soon you are going to loose another player.
bets are set so high I can't play, couple of spins and it's all gone, guess i need to collect for a while, cuz I'm not buying coins, sorry just don't have the extra income for such frivolous things.....
I have played this game on many devices over the years but this version is by far the least satisfying. your daily bonuses are very low, your payouts are almost nonexistent. you take but don't give. very disappointing.I can't get anywhere, may have to delete.
Fun to play although gotta wait for more tokens before you can play again. Even so still gives you something to do whenever your bored.
Not happy about coin bonuses, I can't even play certain games to try them out before I spend money BS
has a lot of fun slot games I used to play in the casinos. my only complaint is trying to build up coins....
I love these games,the only thing v is I wish there was a little bit bigger log in no us since your not given the option on most to start with a lower bet
Only been here a second. Oh wait. I think it is light outside. Thank You High 5. Another night with high 5. Beats the alternative 5
I like to say when i set a bet and get off the game for a bit and I'm not looking its a lot higher then i set if you want me to bet higher then pay credit more amount. Otherwise game good
Love how Jaguar Princess is on this game, ive looked for it on a mobile game forever! Its my favorite slot machine at thr actual casino. now i get to play it at home. 😂😁😍
Not enough chances to win big money and the least amount you can bet is to high. I play about 10 mins on Jaguar Princess and Im logging right back out again. Give more time and money to entice player to spend more time and money...
What a waste of money and time. A person spins 25 times and no win screen. Taking you out of tablet for a while, and not play. Rate you 1 star
I play every chance I get.But dont most of the time .The challenge are ok to play but you only have a short to play because you arent winning much to level or get whatever you need to to complete the challenge
FIVE STAR review worthy game hands down for years for me... until today. I've been unable to change my bet amount, and this didn't happen on the last update on the 11th, but today. Can this please get fixed asap? This is a pretty important feature! Then I'll happily change my 2 to a 5 star rating. Thank you!
This is the worst app cause the games never pay..all my money is gone...will be deleting this app in favor of a more successful one..
Cool game just a little tight on the bonuses but fun to play!! Spent $$$ still tight but fun I am going to quit for awhile after this . Spend way to much. Getting worse.9/21/2020
This app would be a lot more fun if they changed the tournaments regularly and changed the amounts to play them.
I'll say it again, it's the best! ...that was an old review. It's definitely my favorite game. Its pissing me off though and I'm willing to live without getting updated and getting my points taken away. or winning a big bonus tournament and app conveniently losing my data. I get too depressed
I have been asked to update this app which is impossible as I have no more space on my phone, It is possible to by deleting whattssap which I can't do as it's the only way of communication with my daughter and grandchildren, so what do I do?
Not very successful in getting stsrted. Very confusing. Where is the spin button? But not much joy in getting started since installing last night.??Time to quit this game .its not the payouts it was getting into game to start playing. Kept on letting me know about loading this and that but nothing loaded at all.
Finding it very difficult to win. I have tried several different games. All the same. I have to collect my bonuses for a couple of days and then it is gone in a matter of minutes. Playing again April 25. Still the same. Can't complete any of the quests. Keep losing my money.
This app is horrible. If just sucks coins n money out of you and your lucky to get a bonus on these games after 500 to 1000 spins. Its absolutely ridiculous!! Its got nice graphics is about the only thing that's ok. Other then that I would not reccomend this game to friends or family or anyone. Try letting people hage fun in bonuses for a change high 5 !! There's thought. Smh!! I wouldn't recommend even bothering with this app . They are just ridiculous . Smh! Total just waste of time!!
What the heck does it take a damn bonus game. Still the same as before. I thought it would be better this time just more games hard get ahead with games. Go to delete app again.
High 5 will not load in Facebook, on Chrome or IE. It will only load if I use the Blue-Stacks app. Very frustrating!
waste of time and money. its supposed to be fun guys. this makes me not want to even play the slots in the real casino because this app is so greedy and ridiculous. IN RESPONSE TO YOUR RESPONSE: don't apologize, just adjust the games so that its enjoyable to play them. If your purpose is to make money, then don't let it burn through purchased coins in half an hour so that we feel burned for buying them, and if your purpose is to get us to like your slots, quit driving us away.
This is by far the best slot app on the internet today!...trust me I have tried a lot of sites and this one tops them all...Bar None!!!
Great app, but I have been looking to play Black Widow. Can this game be found anywhere in the app store?