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Hide N Seek : Mini Game

Hide N Seek : Mini Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Finger Legend Inc. located at 215000 The City of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's good I played it before it added "edit character" i have quit for now like 5 months and I'm coming back for a bit and it really has changed but I've seen some old people . Only thing is online bfs never work out, alot of drama in aphmau fans servers, and the sex servers but really its amazing It let's you Express yourself in rp and fandoms you love
I haven't had any problems really since the update yet, so I'm very glad about that! The only thing I'm wondering is if skinseed still works for it instead of having to save it in you camera because it takes up a lot of storage for me and it's a little inconvenient.
I really like this app but why the u put 400000 to be in vip i really want to be vip can u lowwww it its reallllllly frustraiting after..all u have to fix the glitch im glitching ALL THE TIME me:thank you i love you when u fix everthing back to normal and if u want to add friend me my username is ☆Riely bobo bare fluffy♡ thank you!
The game is really addictive! In a good way. But one thing is, I played on my brothers phone and it was all fine until I got a phone. I signed out of my account on my brothers phone and tried sighing in on my acc on my new phone. But nothing would work. And yes I made sure everything was right. They said the password was wrong for somereason. So i put change password. And it said to put valid email. So i did and it said invalid email when i had only used 1 email for my acc. Please help!!!
This is the best game i heve ever played u can craft ur own skins, u play with friends , and u will have a great time. You can now buy awesome item at re workshop.
this game is pretty good some stuff like more people u can add to the server would be great maybe 100 could be the limit but besides that the games pretty good i only lag a couple of times if i had to be honest they need clans like Pixel gun 3d
Would be five stars if you add the other pieces of armor to the workshop so people can make their own armor also for the prize wheel make it so if you get VIP again you can gift it to another player on your friends list
Well i think its a good game but i hate that you need vip for things i wish you could just buy anything thats vip for idk 100-500 a peice...... Now you cant see your own wepon in hand in da game...
Can't open the game every other update, it's clear no native English speakers work on the game (grammatical issues)
Ok, so.... Theres a lot of things that annoy me the most. First of all, The timers are too long! Murder Mystery and Hide and seek will be really boring after a couple 5 mintues or so. So far I would probably prefer hide and seek and murder mystery for 2-5 mins. Secondly, in murder mystery, Its better if you do 1 hit or 2 hits for bow or knife = dead.
This update was meh. Except for the fact that you broke the chat. Now I can't use my enter button and i have to press ok on my computer with my hand. Everytime it says a bug fix something gets broken. There's now a chat delay so when i enter something I have to wait until I move my head and that ticks a lot of people who like to rp off. When I say fix this I mean actually fix it. People want their enter button back, and they want the chat delay gone. Also i can't see my texts. fix this. #fix hns
I love this game and update! I like new snow ball fight bit the problem is the game won't let me play it just glich out
I have reason this time, when I left the server to do my local map, The screen turned just the player but the options and all disappeared, I was confused so I restarted the game. Yet the loading screen worked fine but when it said "Connecting to internet" it took too long than the usual one. May this be fixed?
Anytime I play this game is it a few people in it from the number it's supposed to be when I press play it loads and says sorry this game has enough people when it's literally not full and I have nothing else to do with tell this game that if that's happening to you people you can put a one-star for me
The game is good. However, the dater population has been increasing. 70% of America (Washington) are literally PG13. It would be better if you started implementing the moderation system ingame. Make a system that can let you modify the settings. For example, players can put a 30-second grace period in Murder Mystery (to help players hide in the map). Also, for Build Battle, shorten the timer. It is too long. Add more guns to Cop & Crimes. Otherwise, good game. I hope you guys can improve it.
This app is amazing.everything is so nice in this game.there are butiful buildings that you can explore and also you donnot have to build a house a house is already build.and also there are very nice challenges for you to do.and the best thing about this game is that you can also add friends when you are playing the game and then you can see all of your friends that you added as a friend.the only problem is that the murder can kill you but when i played the game the murder was not killing anyone
Hi🤗! I will say why im give 1 star. 1. Inappropriate skins 2. This game targeted for kid but so many inappropriate server. 3. If you want make your own skin you should watch ad
I Really Love This Game And Its Almost Like Minecraft And I Like The Update Of This Game And You Should Add Like Ban Because So Many Hackers Are Always Going To My Server And Also Dont Let People Go To Other Servers With Some Naked Skins And If You Add Like 1 More Game Mode Add Like A Biggest Map If You Want So I Will Rate 5 Star's This Game Is Awesome!!
It's a great game and ive had it for years but want to request that the move the and skins button to the to because it take to long to scroll down and that some thing like mounts were available to people that don't have vip.
theres one thing that bothers me no auto jump and to place a block you have to tap the screen and to break the block you have to use the CROSSHAIR WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
I love that game I've bee. Playing it for 5 years it's so cool really you can get new freidns or get hacked by Gabe ugh
OMG this game is so adicting and fun! There is rp theres murder mystery,block party and more! You can play with people across the world! Its an AMAZING game i hope like it! :) :D
This game is fun and it makes me not board its good and all but there is lag when like yesterday i played it and my ipad just died and now i tried to get in but it is stuck at "connecting to sever" i waited very long pls take out bugs there are very annoying. Thank you.
This game is good but theres one thing it will everyday pop up ads and everytime I tried to play the game it kicks us out so please could you do that update it would be way better please do the update would be way better and I dont like that everytime if we are murderer We can kill a person and they will leave and play again can you make that update??? And also in bed wars we must wait for eternity to play bedwars and its very unfair that some of them are not killing.
I would've gave 5 stars... But the game logged me out and when I try to log in it never logs me back on. It just says Downloading Game Data and it would reach 100% in 2 seconds and then never load, plz fix this so I can give this game the 5 star it deserves
Its a very Good game but, Whenever i try to Type something my Keyboard wouldnt come up, Id rate full 5 stars if you Could fix that Problem 👍🏻👍🏻
I gave you a very very much stars beacuse I love this game but I just we wanted some VIP ho we can I get VIP... I want some coins capes big house I always wish that I have VIP
This game is great but i really want the devs to make the build speed like minecraft or other games like blockman go because it takes me hours to just build a minecraft village map and also maybe make a note block so i can make music in the game,and put a music player in the game so i can put music to fit in my map or just listen to music and lastly i want a sky block game mode or hunger games or maybe make a interesting game mode that doesnt exist.I hope the devs have a good day! Good work devs
This is a really good game but...It is really lagging sometimes and it also needs wifi (also I like the new Christmas update!)
I love this game!My bf irl plays but,I always play with him,But not bow,Because it wont let me in,I log in and dither things but it stays on the Connecting sever Screen,Pls fix it.
The VIP in this game needs to be fix, every time I try to buy a VIP even with a different account, it gives me a failed message and doesn't give me the option to buy the VIP, can you please fix this.
When i open the app, it shows the company name but then after the company name goes away, the screen turns white. I waited but still nothing happens. Please fix this.
I like it a lot but if u follow these steps I will give 5 1: It has bad language and bad grammar also a lot of cussing so pls fix that. 2: Why does everything cost coins and pls when we play mini Games and we win pls let us get coins for only 1st,2nd, and 3rd, and why we watch ads most of the time to get coins. 3. Ads popping up is not a problem but how about a daily wheel instead of ad wheel. But it's good game honestly but these are my suggestions- Molly
It's a really good game but once you updated it and if your friend don't not update it you can't play with your friend that why I gave it three stars
It still ia a great game, but in the hide and seek mode there is this glitch where it freezes you so you cant move or do anything, please fix this.
Love this game but the controls are a bit hard so can you fix plz it would be easy for bed wars and others so plz fix it
Its fine but there are litterrally pop ups then later you got pop ups again when ya play pop ups like when u watch youtube then boom pop ups please remove it now and when you play a long day you are gonna play oofline now im oofline please tell me how to get out of the offline thingy but i appreciated the game please pit something to remove the oofline and pop ups
This happened to me 2 time and I hate it. It makes me login when I do it I lost all my friends and all my skin and 2000 coins I want both my accounts back please I used to like this game but now I hate it please fix it and give it back
The game is good and all but people in roleplay do online dating and inappropriate stuff and please finger legend, in bedwars make people fight with hands
I want some more minigsmes like Beach defence, Escape,Bunny hop, make sure to do it! I mean more.like there is skins are naked..... stuff like that.. so i need more minigames.
Good game. But, some people are hacking and abusive. My account got hacked and i cant play anymore. Suggestions: Change some text because they are wrong spelled. Cover other bad words. Abusive and hacker are banned Game suggestion: Paint battle Paint battle usualy have to paint the whole entire floor erea the most encountered area wins!
This time I give it 4 stars it's a good game I enjoy it, but The problem is sometimes when I play with my friends it disconnect me also when I did not play with my friends it still disconnects me can you please, fix this problem? And I can't join servers Only the bad servers
So im having a problem logging in, and i tried the email but it did not work. I think that a good feature would be that you get a code (when you press a button), then you can use the same code to login, it would be way easier to login. Other then that, its a good game.
The game is still having the bug where the chat glitchs and then the game crashes after a long time of playing. But its not as often now, so apparently some of the bugs yall fixed in the last update have contributed to it not crashing. AND I LOVE THE GAME.
Another tremendous update with the day and night cycle! I have a proposal for roleplay purposes, Could you bring back the feature of changing your name In a server? It would make roleplay alot manageable, thank you and keep it up!
This game is fun however... it has many complications that the creators seem to ignore. 1. The game creator has targeted this game upon children who will be exposed to inapproppriate items/skins and many more things including bad language. (The game creator still has not fixed this problem)(maybe the bad language but for the inapproppriate skins to be banned? Not at all) 2. The game also isn't safe because their are hackers in which through a mere game can be dangerous.
It's a fun game and all but I literally can't even play it anymore when ever I join a game it disconnects within 10 seconds of playing a match even when I have full bars
Honestly I love this game, I always have but it's hard as hell for me to enjoy now because whenever I want to play it takes 2 minutes for my account to load probably because of the amount of data I have my account I want to make a new one but I have plently of coins I want to save and vip. And it doesn't allow me to type in the chat system and when it does it takes a while.
Honestly they can do better. Like the people on this game suck , And sometimes you don't wanna see them. But at the same time you wanna see your friends and they are there, I think they should add a black list option where you can make it to where you don't see that person ever meaning even tho they are in the same server you don't see them and they don't see you, meaning you and the other person can't communicate or talk to each other, making less drama and instantly making the game better.
I am very upset the game wouldn't let me on my account so I tried to make a different account and it wouldn't let me and while I was playing it switched back to my account and when I went to my friends list all my friends where gone except the ones I had just made Please fix this I really liked this game until this happened
The screen after Finger Legends or whatever it days has different types of glitched screen one with dots and another with a bunch of glitchy squares
I would give it five stars but the friken annoying thing is that, once you want to log out of a lobby you go to a friken add because its friken annoying please change this friken annoying idea that you guys put on with the new update, I know this because I've already DOWNLOADED this app about four to five times so why change now, you guys gotta stop this right away not only that but people like me sometimes like to use the adds to get more coins and sure that's a good thing but PLEASE STOP NOW.
The game and it's controls? Great! The community? Nowhere near. A lot of the servers are dater servers and the chat filter can be easily bypassed. I think a way to combat the dater problem would be to add a hide server option, in which will hide the server and remove it from the server selection screen. I think this is a good idea but it is your choice. The game is amazing but the community and servers need working on.
This is my favorite game but the only thing that I think I don't like about it is that VIP is 10$ and maybe if you lose your account then the money that you spending VIP will be on nothing
It's a great game to get friends and it's super fun I love the updates but you should add it where you can call other ppl on the chat thing it would be so amazing
Love this app ! And i love the stuff that they put in this game too :D !!!! But plsss fix The game a little bit cuz my dog is Flying or floating
This game is cool i thought its like the others but its not.this game rlly suprises people it have many games and do so much fun not just a hide and seek game.keep the good work!
Well I like the graphics and stuff BUT sometimes the controls are a bit weird like the touchpad the joystick like I cant even turn around or move my screen. Pls fix this it's bugging me so bad.
the game is awesome I play the game with my sister every day .but 1 thing people say a lot of bad words can you like add somthing that blocks the bad words 2 the report doesn't work. but other than that its AWESOME
Very Greatful with The brand New updates but if I had one problem Is the Amount of people They can be in A Public And Build server it Should At least be 50/50 Or 30/40 Because it's Hard to have all of my friends in one server and They're Should Be A minigame that is baseball Like in my opinion And there Should Be More Emotes I mean Let's be honest We need more And Also There Should Be An option Of music We can play on are server That would be Great Please read this Finger Legends 🤓
I liked this game but it was poorly checked when I mean by that is to many issues happen like ads when ads pop up it crashed the game. At random times the game crashes so you don't know when it's going to crash. I'm not trying to be negative and I'm saying the easiest way possible but the game needs work done on it. and I might think about reinstalling. it thank you for your support.
Good app and all, but when I updated I lost my vip, I logged out of my account and then can't log back in, I know my password and everything, but when I log out of literally any account, I can't log back in, can u do something so I get account back with my vip that I brought from my birthday :I. Thank u of ur able to.
Very good game, but theres few things dat could make it much better maybe u can add survival, and make a map size with much more space. That will help me out so much!!!
I really enjoy the game and everything about it but there is somewhat of a problem me and my friend made a big map to rp in and we loved it so much but when my friend tries to join it keeps kicking me from the server not only that But no matter what world I'm in when my friend joins or just play in her own world it constantly kicks her every 30 seconds so I just want some way for it to be fixed
Not a game for kids under 16 - this game has rooms which are all about sex, players are racially abusive and swear. I joined as a parent to observe the game and this is what i found in less than five minutes. Join as a parent and check for yourselves as it is such a bad game for children. Do not let your children play this game.
I love this game and i think you should add a 1 week free vip membership and i love the skins so much!
I own a galaxy s10 and I was hoping u could make the game allow me in and fix this bug because I keep getting kicked out of the game and this is my favorite game of all times so plz fix this issue and other problems plz
I can't log into my account, to my new phone. I tried everything, and it doesn't work. Can you just fix that problem, or just add a Gmail to log in feature, I need my stuff on my new phone
Awesome game I like it bc you can have fake online bfs 🤣 and play many server, make your own server, buy weapons, toys, skins, you can even buy a server, make besties, play murder mystery,hide and seek and many others!you can be a vip too if your a vip you will have pets, horses to ride, you can even have spiders, download it now! And the money is your scors!
I love it! Add 2 things please? 1.Add a button that takes u to youtube, download videos you want to show on everyones screen,and only download 5 videos that show on everyones screen on the world that u are on. 2.We could buy VIP For 400000 plz!!!??? And btw,if u wanna friend meh,my username is ||Snøw||
Theres a big I'm not sure if it happened to players but when its connecting to the server it stays like that please fix it☆☆☆☆☆
Ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with my WiFi and it disconnects me for no reason. You need to fix your game because if this problem isn't addressed then I will have no problem deleting your app. If you want me to keep playing, then fix this! I'm playing on a chromebook btw.
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!! BEST GAME EVER! U MUST DOWNLOAD IT!!♡ also I have some suggestions, 1.make the character be able to crouch, 2.make the character be able to fly, 3.make the beginner pack(the 1 that u have to buy with real money) be a little more cheaper, I already bought it tho
I love the game I play it almost every day but you need to fix the loding screen part because the words on the loding screen says please waiting
It's a ok game but it has so many inapproppriate players and reporting doesn't do anything so.... I will just say that the security level of this gamr is at 1.... also VIP can fly so playing the game isn't fair. Its basically giving some person admin >:[ Seriously btw can ya'll do something about those inapproppriate crazy people
Ok so I would give this game 5 stars but whenever I try to buy VIP it won't let me and I use to have an account with VIP but I logged out and it wouldn't let me back in I tried changing the password and everything but it still won't let me back in please help me with this.
Weird it won't let me message anyone or join games or even join friends and it very weird and not thattt fun and this is the only game I have that I can talk with friends