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Hide 'N Seek!

Hide 'N Seek! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD located at Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i like this but i want this game to be offline and the controller are so hard and can you have new character because i buy all of them and it becomes boring
Pretty good game. I like how you can choose to be a seeker or hider. The only problem is that there are way to many ads. Like we dont need one each 10 seconds. Overall a good game. Worth downloading
I literally just can't play this game is driving me nuts already because of the ads if it's working to your phone or tablet I wish you good luck I'm giving it a 1 which is my app should is close app and then I should open it then play and it will say the samething allover and all-over again which is sick and drives me nuts πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ˜²πŸ”«πŸ€―
I find this game really really really fun and it loads easy so it's a good game too just get in and out, but the bad thing is that I think that we need more time too play rather 30secs and its bad because it's too addicting!!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I love this app! Great controls and fab everything! It's kinda a shame that you can't play online, but it's a great game. I've read some of the critical reviews and they keep saying this game is an ad fest. There is quite a few ads but who cares! I would definitely recommend downloading.
Ads in the middle of the game are so annoying. The game is cute and enjoyable but I cannot tolerate with the ads. Too much ads. Also, you cannot turn off your data while playing this game. Cannot play it offline.
Why isn't there an offline mode ? Why yall forcing us to watch adds ? Do we even play with other people online ? The concept of the game is cool but come on... too many adverts and there should be an offline mode .
I give a three because it is a good game but after u finish one round there is an ad that is so annoying and there are new features so please remove them all also after a couple levels my apps did not work so I needed to re update and re download everything and it wastes so much time and work it took 1 hour to do!!!
Why did you add a joystick it's the worst joystick ever! It's controls your character when you wanted to go left,right,down or up!
Well, a mediocre game. Fun concept, but there are some issues. I wouldn’t mind the game being online if only it was real multiplayer. If you are playing with bots, why it needs to be played online?? I am not going to talk about the issue with ads as all the other reviewers have already covered that area. But please, consider making it offline or converting it to multiplayer with real players. Cheers.
I love this game a lot . It contains partnership and fun .I keep playing it. Taking this game is not a waste of ime for sure .πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Add revenue would be better for this company if they remove some of it, games are too short and boom 80% looking at ads 20% actual gameplay
This game is really fun and the speed increases with the more levels you complete. Also when you complete more levels the amount of seekers increase and you can customize the amount to your liking and it's just really fun and really entertaining. One thing that I dont like is that you can't play this unless you have internet connection but other than that it is fantastic!! I totally recommend this game and I hope this comment was helpful!!!!!!!!🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘:):):):):):):):):):):)
Nice game it's real hide ' N ' seek to play I always like to play this game when I'm bored and why did I gave 4 stars because there ads coming on so if I want a character I need to see ads so that's why
Too many ads, thus it's very annoying and u don't feel like to play it anymore.. I have decided to uninstall it right away after playing few rounds due to repeated ads.
This has become my new favourite game ever, really addicting I must say...but the problem is that there are a hella lot of ads, like really too much...sooo I hope u can reduce the number of ads that are in this game cuz even during the play suddenly some sort of ad pops up in front of us and it gets really annoying...other than that, its a pretty gud game, really fun to play...and also one more thing, try adding more characters to the list..there are only very few which u can collect very easily
This is a great game! But there are a few things I would like to change about it. One, the ads. There are a lot of ads and it is pretty annoying but I don't really mind it. Two, we could increase the timer on levels to like a whole minute. Three, I would LOVE more skins and it would be AMAZING if you could create your own skins! Maybe you could add hats too because I think hats would be cute :)
Too many ads. When you open the app there's an ad, when you get caught there's an ad, when you win there's an ad. There a lot of unaskippable ads. It's a good game but too many ads and not enough play time.
I think this game is fun and addicting although it is very challenging I think this hide n seek game is one of the best video games of hide n seek I know there is alot of adds but I still enjoy itπŸ€“
Its a really nice game but the thing that annoys me the most are the adds.. when u start and add pops up. When u end and add pops up.Please remove the adds.But other than that the game is really nice.
This game is really fun. On long road trips, I usually just play this. There aren't to many ads, but you may not think so. Totally recommend!!
I enjoy it, but on the first level they are fake. I had this app before it doesn't say "hide" "seek". I love it πŸ’– though!!!!
This game is great it may bug a ting bit but you can 1 seekers or 2 it's really funny when I accidentally step in the green stuff but I also kind of don't like it because it's very easy for them to find you and I haven't got to the level where you teleport every where but it's still fun with 1 room thx for the game if you could fix to where if your on level one to have 2 rooms I'll give it's a 5 star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Bye thx for the game
I love this app it's very addicting and it's like really fun I read all the other reviews and they are very wrong this game is really fun some people just write reviews just to bring that app down and those people are doing that because this app is amazing and the one that says that it requires offline there's so many ads yeah no that's not true they're just trying to bring the app down but I really recommend this app.
It's a very good game but the main and biggest problem for me with this game is ads whether i win or i lost i have to watch ad more than of 15sec its literally annoying... If you're ok with ads then downloading recommended but still I'm saying don't download it has ad in between of game πŸŒ€
This is the best game ever. People say it's full of ads but it's a nice game. Peole say that ads pop up every time and ofline so if it's ofline we can close our net and play.
Fake Players (Bots), Way too many adds, the game's not worth it to be an online game. When you die and choose "Skip round", it gives you unskippable adds which is the point to skip the round but if you choose "play again", it still gives you unskippable adds. The only way to start and end the game is to watch unskippable adds for no reason. I do NOT recommend it.
Qthe ads are making the game impossible, I don't even know if si won or lost and there is already an add running..
This game is really fun but it's ads are driving me crazy but to say it's. Areally fun game. But I don't know if it is a online or offline game cause I am writing this while the game is installing but I will let you know if I like after I finish installing very nice
Okay. Lets get REAL, Over all its got a good content. The graphics are good and there are some cool outfits for your little player. One thing I would change is the speed, It's a bit slow and as it's a maze you can't really work your way through it. A lot of ads but that's okay as it's only after every other match πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» I wish that you could maybe decrease the ads tho as it's getting slightly annoying. For anyone interested in installing this game I would say Don't install. ❌😡
Nice game but can you remove the ads? There are so many ads. It will be a ad after I finish my level also when I start. I hope I should never play it again πŸ˜• (FROM A SMALL GIRL NAMED AADYA)
I absoloutly love this game its fun and addictive but I really really want this game to be offline to because im not always online... :(:(:(:( pls make an update to where this game can be offline pls thx :).
It is an awesome game because it's not that hard to get coins so I don't know what the point of them being like 100 and 300 because I have the 5,000 coins skin which is the biggest skin so I don't know why people would say it's hard to get coins when you get a it's like you can play for 9 years and get like 3 million coins
I like this game I play it when am bored! :> the only problem is that maybe some day the owner can make it 1 minute so its not so quick every round
The immense amount of ads bother me and many other players, I hope you all can fix it! I also think some music and sound effects would add to the game positively. Matches should take longer, like 1-2 minutes! It would be 5 Stars if those things were added Oh, it would be nice too if when the seeker caught us, we could enter spector mode and see everything happening in the match while we're off!
It is legit except the moving sometimes it makes you go a different directuon or not move at all i recomend using a laptop or computer for thos game. Other wise it is really fun:)
Great game so much fun but the reason why i ratedit a 4 is because you cant play with friends & add a friends button so you can add friends. Anothe thing is if you could make a skin were you can create it. Add more skins please. Thank you if you do.
It is really good but I actually don't know how to catch people when I am seeking 😊😊there are no ads either and this game is for free download it now
This game is soooooooooooo much fun!! This game is also very addicting and interesting. But, there is only one problem. When you reach the BONUS LEVEL, it starts right away after you play a level. Please fix this and add a reminder.No need to make any sounds!! Just add an option to start the bonus level. PLEASE!!!!!
I love this game and i am being truthful. It is fun because you can hide or seek and if you watch adverts you can unlock new skins for you charicter for free. No payment at all. Ivee played for a really long time now and it's awesome.
This could be an all time great game but it's just full of ads n won't let u airplane mode it so it straight garbage
Its really fun but after every game there is an ad. Also the controls are pretty bad but other than that it's really fun. The skins are cool. I think you should add more skins tho because after you buy them all you have nothing to use you money for.
I love this game i love how you can pick what you want like if you eanted to hide you can pick that or you can seek that you can also puck that but there is 1 tiny little mistake theres so many ads thats my problem and i also like rhat you can free people and get new skins.I LOVE this GAME.So download it right now for kids abd adults to.
Oh my God I found out this game was like the best thing ever and I'm also on level 530 oh my God! I know everyone always sees that there's lots and lots of every single different game but I know this game has a lot but when you go likewhen you see the square button at the bottom you just go back and there and then the I will be gone
It's not a good game because there is too many ads in this game when I click next level or try again and also there is like a bug in there so please fix it or else I will never install the app
It is good game. But there is one mistake. The mistake is ad,there is lot of ads. Please take a sereios of this mistake. All everything is good.
I like this game. It's a simple fun app to play when you're bored. My only suggestion is to make the normal speed a little faster cos it's a little annoying. I know there are icons during the game that allow your speed to go up but that's only for a short period of time. Make it faster and I'll give you 5 stars.
It's really good I was just thinking about an online servers because I'm playing with bots and I was also wondering if you could make 1or 2 or 3 seekers and people get different roles. and right when I downloaded this app I clicked on it but it got me out and said hide and seek has stopped. so I downloaded on of your other hide and seek games but it said the same thing the apps worked in 3-4 days and also can you make more playing time. sorry for asking too much I still love the game.
This game is perfect and amazing and best game ever but 1problem it is having 1000 of ads if you guys wanna make your game better so plzz remove those ads . And the other settings are amazing what a great job . I wish this game will be most famous in the whole world . Really this game is perfect . I love hide and seek . Amazing Job πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ . Thank you The best game
It is a good game but to many adds I can't stand it when you get caught every time there's a add the the hole game restarts Evey time it's to many adds but really fun and not like other games good game but I would of get rid of the adds
I rate it a 4 star cause sometimes when the Internet is perfectly fine is said connection is not working over all it is really fun to play
Awsome game but i have some things taht could make it better 1.LESS ADDS 2.more mapes 3. make it able for me to listen to music when the adds comes 4.make some new characters, please not superheroes tho,i other then thos the game could be 5 stars pls do 1 2 and at least 3 -UwU
Its a fun game and a great time killer but there are so many ads it gets so annoying you can't go a full minute without an ad it really isn't worth it anymore
It's a very nice game...yeah,there are ads....but they are not for like 30 seconds....I like this game very much...it's funπŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€
It is the worst! After the last stage , you have to restart the whole thing . I started from level 6, but you might resart at level 1πŸ‘Ή. And you have to buy all the characthers again, so dont download this game.
I love playing this game it's fun and its entertaining it does bot have anything I dont like but one thing I wish there is a set of new skins but overall this is the best | I give this game 5 stars 🌟
When I first got into the game everything was was going smooth it was very fun to play but just when I got into the next round the controls would no work everytime I would move and only 30 seconds later it would move
The game is very nice but ads are coming more and without network the game i can not play plz change that.
I love this game and I think it's really fun. I got every skin in 2 days! πŸ˜† There's just one thing. There's an add after every round. I wouldn't really mind if it was every 2 rounds but it's not. Also could you consider adding in some more skins such as easter and halloween ones or what about ones with patterns on them like pokadots or shapes. To summarise I really like this game and I would highly recommend it. πŸ™‚ Also, can I just ask what the map icon Is for?
I LOVE the game sooooooooooooooooooooo much. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 But I keep getting adds after every game. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 This seriously spoils the game. So I advise people who don't have much patience not to download this app. But those of you who are VERY patient should download it. I bet ya'll are not better at this game compared me!! I have never been caught when I'm hiding and when I'm seeking I find everyone!!!! I guess some people just be like that. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
I will recommend this game to all of you but the reason i give it 3 stars is alot of adds i just hate ads and we have to wach an ads after every gameπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Nice app very nice i love it but the reason why I'm giving 2 🌟 is because there are too many adds every play one add im sorry but like this makes the game stupid and if you remove this adds i may download this app again because after i post this im gonna delete this game! Bye Thanks for reading my comment πŸ˜€
This is a very nice game!! Its very fun! Although the speed is slow, its much more fun than u think! Theres a lot of skins for the little player! Its almost like, Among us! Just dont be caught by the imposter!! Good gameee! Five starssssπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©
I love this game but the only thing I gave this game 4 stars is it contains many adds!!!!!. Whenever I loose an add comes.Ok so this is the most annoying thing ever. But still I like this game.
The game is good and perfect, but it shows offline but it requires data. That's what I didn't liked ! But not gonna lie the game is too good to play but I wish it was offline!
Wow this game is amazing we dont need to pay for skins and its preety easy game i dont know why this isn,t in the first game in the top chart but 1 problem is we need to see ad thats awfal but please dont increase ad
I love this game you can choose what team to go on but please add more skins and less ads but this game is very good right now so please keep updating thank you!
I love this game its where you can hide or seek when I hide i always teas the seekers and help everyone when their in a cage like I only played this for like 2 days and I am a freaking pro so I love this game so you but one problem:(there are so many ads so pls fix the ads ty:)
Oh my gosh this game is so relaxing I mean it's not hard and like it is so like I don't even know like this is my favorite game ever hide and seek this is like better than any other day that I can like ever think of so I'm changing my mind. Playing in the other game forever I am playing like this game forever I gave it like five stars make that like a double v stores Stars can we make that like about this dark and I love this game looks so much I can't ignore it
,this game has a lot of ads and long ads with 3 ads very ady game don't play ull think why i downloaded cause it says "if no internet connection no playing" and also playing with Data same problem again ane again and not many games but many ads of anything and if u want to by a sink not from 10 or 20 100 900 i don't like this don't download pls if u did uninstall it fast!!!! I telling u all plsss 😭 I hate this game Worst game
It's so much fun do you like it to hide and you get to pick if you want to hide or seek it's really fun and if you go on top of the cages with other players inside it you can set the players free and there's so much stuff to do in it please play this and it's especially free just please please please play this it's super fun 🐺πŸ₯°πŸ₯³
I like playing this however..i did download this with the plan of playing with my 6 yr old on her tablet & me on my phone. This app isn't like that nor designed to play against other players one-on-one. I played until I was on the same level as her but we still couldn't play together. Total disappointment! But this is still fun for her to play. Tip: it's difficult to move around the "room" while "hiding"
Amazing game!!!!! I live it and have no complaints. If you are thinking of downloading it don't give it a second thought. DOWLOAD THE APP NOW!!!!!! It does have a little adds but l think if you like the game don't see if ads are there or not as there are very little games which done have adds
I have given this game 5 stars but I have some problems like there are some new features added to it which I don't like at all new features like now its showing that buttons which are showed in car racing game which I don't like , please remove that new features.
Too many ads. Ads will appear during the game, ended up being caught by the chaser. I have to uninstall since I can't enjoy the game.
This game so fun listen if people complain about adds they can just turn off Internet and play that way they don't have to deal with add, πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘
Every cleared level, there's an ads that played. I repeat, every goddamn cleared level... Fun games, but i can't handle the ads things. I think i downloaded ads player, not a game.
I like this app its good but one problem I don't like how you have to watch a add for everything but other then that I recommend you get this game it's fun and challenging I like it tho so if you want to get the app I recommend to get it and also have a nice day.
It's a nice game but I gave it 3 stars because while playing the game so many (ad) comes which I really disliked. Please make it clear. Because of this only I gave it 3 stars. That's why only I am unhappy with this game. If ad comes It should not come in between the game while playing. And one thing more which I disliked is It's not offline.
This is bad game because the ads are the main problem of this game and there is a bit time to play do not download the ads will make you mad
The best game I have ever played This is such a good concept you will love playing this game .Ya there is a problem that there are many ads but the game is superb literally I just loved this game you should download it now
This game is really fun and good but God ads for each few secs is really annoying and testing our patience. It was a fun 10 mins with you game . Am uninstalling now! I should say am missing out a great game for just ads
Very bad game take away all the ads make it solar joystick cannot move unless that happens this is going to be a bad game forever and I wish I could give it a 0star
I rate it 1 star cause of the stupid adds make its stop please and make it online and not bot players everybody is telling that their many adds at this game please make it good. I thought this great but it was not no! Its not very great! I hate it so much please remove the adds and make it so great. I'm goin to delete this game. It's just making me angry and fulling my MB look how many MB it is! Its 72 look how many its that. That is 72 but it's sucks. If the owner reading this I may apologize
This game is very enjoyable, but the ads are so stressful, an ad every 4 minutes. Also, a picture stays on my screen and won't go away no matter what I do, and I couldn't play the game after that so I had to uninstall it, the game should be improved or removed the ads are way too many
What the hell after every 30 sec game....there is a ads of 10......5 sec what the hell soo annoying I installed 15 mins and going to uninstall. Game not has offline features ask to turn on data or wifi after on then ads and ads 😑😑🀬🀬
This game would be 100 times better if it had multiplayer mode. I mean playing with bots will lose interest after a while.
It is a fun game but the reason it is missing 2 stars because of the ads. It comes in each half a second it is driving me crazy and mad🀬. If you can fix this i might think about it . 😀😠😑🀬😀😠😑🀬 every one has the same problem
Amazing game but the reason is why I give it 4 stars is because of ads, this game is so amazing I just loved play this game but please see that there are no ads if you change it I am going to rate it a 5 stars the skins are even so good but please change about the ads when I die everytime get a ad even if I don't want to see it and I can't even skip it, Amazing game Thank you
Ok so ! Hey there ! It's an amazing game you can say amazainnnnnnnngggg But just 4 starts I am giving ! Why ? It's because when we r playing the game in the middle it comes the add that's the annoying thing ! But keep it up its an amazing game and if u can so please do the adds less
Useless game, after every game an ad comes up, why do I need to waste my internet on this app instead of other good games where u can actually play the game not the ad, please reduce the amount of Ads, I already uninstalled it but if a new update with lesser ads come, I'll download it again because the game is good
This game sucks. I CAN'T EVEN MOVE!!!! I recommend you do not try this, you can play as usual then randomly you are unable to move. This is unfixable. I tried closing down the game and reopening it. Still can't move. Tried restarting my tablet, still can't move. Please fix this bug to improve the rating.
😎 I just love the game it's so much fun I really do they put some new ones out it's really cool it's like really fun there's other games to maybe you can find them they are really cool so cool that I really want to play it again can you believe that it's so much fun I will walk away it really fun
The game is nice but there a thing that confuse us to do play for that i give 2 stars i like this game but not tooo much i like different games too much but this game i dont like . Sorry to say.
There are way to may ads and I can hardly move so that's why I always get caught. So I have been playing for 2 days and I'm still on level 2. I'm deleting this game right away.
Good game 😊😊i like it but one problem in this game is the ad so whenever i was playing but ad comes. So please solve this problem..😢
I rated it two stars because whenever I open it it says "unfortunately hide n seek stopped". I downloaded it 3 times it still says it stopped. I hope there is a reason, but I know that it is a good and decent game. Stay safe and God bless everyone.
Love this game, I love how if you get found by the seeker you have the option to try again, and you don't need to pay for any skins with real money.
This is awesome! That like I can choose whoever character I want and much more! But look... Note: This has alot of ads (I mean not really alot) but its good like its too easy but sometimes I get caught because the round just lasts like 30 seconds. But if you turn WiFi off no ads but Internet won't work but its fine because these ads in game are just lasting 6 seconds and I can skip this is awesome so 4.871 stars and 516241 tiny rates thank you for all of the talk πŸ˜€
It's a really good game but the ad's are really much the game will be better with less ad but it is a very nice game
Good game good graphics and don't have lag !!! Omg this game has no problem but 1 thing I didn't like that when we move our joystick our thumb is painting so pls make a simple joystick that didn't and talk about the game so it's have many more interesting skins and have gold keys its my favroite game ever I give it 5 stars
For the ads, you can restrict the data usage but still it will need internet so i am not sure whether it an offline game. So keep your internet conection. I experienced a ad free game! 2 things i think will be good to add, 1. More skins. I have unlocked all. Maybe more desinges too. 2. more time. Maybe, 30secs could be doubled, to 60. The time is not sufficient. No other problem at all.
It's just ruined my brain there are so many ads of games and if I turn off my internet the cant be played please manage the settings πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
Its funs but need more new places I love it actually and having fun mainly when i want to ignore someone's conversation .. this really helps..
This game is very fun to play. I love to be both seeker and hider. However, I have a few complains. First, it has too many ads. I'm OK with watching way too many ads, but for others not. You may want to reduce them. Then, the controls was hard for me at first coz I'm not used to this kind of controls. Add more control layout, and this will improve the game. Lastly, there's no restart button, which sometimes annoy me, specially when I had a bad start. Besides,theanimationandtransitionaresmooth
It was great. Alot of people are complaining because of the ads.. You should turn off your data or your wifi so it stops the ads
There's a ads in the middle of the game and lots of ads you will encounter in the game. It's so struggle to cope up with your play mate. The game is so difficult to play bacause there there so many ads that you need to watch and the ads is so long. Don't download it!!!.
Too much advertisement it's really annoying like everytime I press a button it comes up a advertisement. It's freaking annoying but overall is OK.
I love your game it is so so so pretty and hopefully you lots of people will write it 5 out of 5 but 5 out of 5 won't be enough so let's meet you can change the game and then it could be 100 out of 200 maybe 200 out of 100 your game Rocks post way way more games for other people to play like I said your game is amazing ILOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Porchia
OMG! You really put many ads in this game! How can u not feel shame on that? Even just i second after i watch ad, more ad i had to watch it! Can you fix it?!
the game is great but ad is everywhere the game should be offline if you turn off your mobile data the game doesn't move your ally is all computer so its easy to capture
Best game in "Hide n seek games" history but the new update doesn't makes the game faster, instead it maked more slow 😐 And If there would be little more skins then it will be nice πŸ‘Œ hehe 😐
I recommend this game because it's so good and not so boring. It's super fun and I like to seek. But there is one problem, it just has too many ads. But I like it
Gameplay is overall bad, the game is fun but there are WAY to many adds, each one is 30 seconds long, and there are adds everytime you do anything, buy a skin, respawn, choose hider or seeker, littarly everything, please take out some of the adds, and the controls are horrible, my charecter will go anywhere but where my finger is, causing me to get caught every round, plz fix.
Don't be fooled! This game has an offline tag on play store but it actually requires you to have an internet connection before you can play it. YOU CAN'T PLAY OFFLINE. YOU CAN ONLY PLAY ONLINE WHILE ADS BOMBARD YOU. The game doesn't have multiplayer so there's no need for me to be online before I play. It's perfectly okay to play offline. I can't keep my data turned on because I want to play a game that has many versions of it that can be perfectly played offline. Uninstalling instantly.
I really like it but the ads is so frustrating every time you get found theres and ad every time a new level there an ad like ads every were it would be a 5 out of 5 if it wasn't for the ads hope you find this help full 😁
Do not install the game. For 10 seconds game you need to watch 30 seconds ad. Too many adds , it will annoy
I don't know why it's for a 3.9 rating only. This is super awesome and deserves 5 🌟! The graphics are cool, and all that. Only the ads. But this game deserved and Oscar for games!
I seriously had problems with this game ever since I installed it.I accepted privacy setting but it wouldn't go through, it was very frustrating, too bad this game looks so cool to play, but in reality its an app overloading with bad reviews and problems.
This could be one of the best games if the dev took care of it and worked hard. Please make multiplayer mode !!
It is nice but it will be better if there is two minutes for the seeker to find the hiders and for hiders one minute to hide
This is fun. As the people who said first, this game has got too many adds. Its fine but it is too annoying. Could you please remove this adds and add more skin as soon as possible. And i wanna say that this game is one of my favourite game and also the company of this can see what we ask from you. And thank you to delievering such a good game. I love this game it is fun, enjoyable and interesting.
It's a really good game, is says what it's supposed to do.........one small problem is the ads are over the top I don't mind 1 or 2 in 5 mins of playing but after playing for 10 mins I've just of had every and on this planet. Plz fix this like I was saying if u would like to install this then feel free but there is a little to much ads. Thank you for reading this!
The game itself is good, but the ads kinda bother me a little. And it would be better if we could change roles or it randomly picks if we hide or seek. I don't know it it is because I'm in mobile but it is difficult to run around whenever we have to go around a corner.
This is the best game in the world I like this game but too good at there are so many accessories to make there was a danger that make two men friends let you we had to be saved him also it's very brilliant game
I really like this game.. I would like to put 5 star, but it has too ads!! And the some of the ads also take a long time!! Please fix this!!
i like the game but i dont like the adds it comes all the time whene we finish a hide and seek but antile that i like the game why beacaus you can play these game with other peaple and you can get skeens and its very fun to play so if the owner that plz give apdates to these game and no internate and add but its very fuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!
I gave it three stars beacause there are two problem which u guyzz to need to solve. One is that there are toooooi many ads after every game a ad will come. Then, its fun to play but if u play it so much timed u will be fed up of it so do something cheer us instead of giving us ads.
The game "Hide 'N Seek! Is very interesting and excellent game but whenever we are playing or over the game the advertisement is waiting for . And the ads are of 30 sec till the ads over we fill to just uninstall it . So I just want to say that the advertisement should not there . But the game is fantastic I just love to play it . Only there should no ads. And there should be no use of internet if it would be offline then it would good . Please do something and solve are problem . Thanks
Ok, I love the game. The reason why I gave it a 5 is because the only bad thing is ads. I like ads! Cause then I can find out other games and its also how I discovered this and Tiktok.
I love this game soo much πŸ‘. It is so impresting. But seeking is very difficult. We will seek we can not see any one. That., s why I give 4 star.
I really like this game because for one there is like apps like ads but I don't really mind that it keeps me and my little sister entertained I think it's really fun and so I got to say it's amazing and I think you guys should enjoy it too so download this app hide and seek and rated what you guys think it is peace out
I like the game, Its fun, But the only problem is... Theres too many ADS, Why do you need alot of dollars that bad?! I mean, ik thats just ads but most of these ads is like 30 seconds long, Gameplay: 5 star Controls: 4 stars Graphics: 5 stars I would be hider all the time, but i really wouldnt be the seeker, but. This is a fine app, great activity, nice graphics, gameplay, and controls, so why not remove the ads atleast.
Hey you you know i have uninstall the hide and catch because in this game there is a new update so i install there is a big devil and know there is a new update about boss level so ehen i play it it was owsome fun. But the anoying thing is the adddddds you know they keerp coming back and some times there isnt a x to press because its so late and my brother play it to but aaaaaads the problem . Hide n seek game need to have no ads any more evry thing is so anoyiny you know
I really love this game. It's kinda funny with the characters, and I like how it's super easy and it's just great for doing something for a few minutes. I wouldn't spend hours playing it, bc yes it can get boring, but I haven't uninstalled, bc it is really a great game to play from time to time. Great job creators!!! 😊
The game is amazing and fun to play. My only problem is the freakish amount pf ads. I spend more time on ads than the actual game and at times the ads just kept coming and made my game to lag really bad. I didnt really get to properly enjoy the game because of then. Until this is fixed then i don't recommend downloading...
It's a good game but the ads are really annoying, i mean in the middle of game an ad suddenly pop upped. Please fix it, let the ad pop up after the game.
I could give you 5 stars if there was considerate number of ads...but there's too many...like you have to watch 2 ads to move on to your next game...I loved the game tbh
This is a really fun game!but the most annoying thing in this game of Hide 'N Seek! Is adds.Theres to many adds.but it can cheer you up when you're bored.
Trash you cant even play with real people, how do I know? You litterly select what role you want to play and that's it you start playing, somehow no one else wants that role. The controls are bad. The concept was good but they just made it bad. Uninstall, would give 0 stars if I could.
Hide-and-seek is kind of hard though but it's also really fun you should totally play it it's awesome but you cannot play it off Wi-Fi so just to let you know
Best game I have ever played it's a very good game graphics are are too good and ads are also so good but I don't know why it has got only 3.9 stars this game is for 5 stars.
I give this game 5 stars 'cause when ever I'm bored I play this game, And turns out I'm busy. And just turn off your wifi or mobile data while your playing this game so that there wouldn't be any ads popping up on your screen, Have a nice day everyone. 😊
TIPS FOR ALL WHO IS HAVING A HARD. TIME! Okay so, When the seeker comes near go near the teleport, If the seek commits to go through the teleporter, run to the teleporter on the other side, you can run to the teleporter on both sides, make sure not to get caught while running to the teleporter, TIP 2 If the seeker is gonna get you, run through the doors and go around the map than go into the teleport IF, the time is running out make sure the time is at 3:00 seconds, free people and win.
There is to many ADS but the game is fun i can play it everyday, but there is a bug that I have been getting: why is it online?.. It said " No internet connection " Plss fix thia issues and i will change my rating to 5 stars im not lying.... Plss fix it tho..
The game is nice but it is online you can't play offline and here is an another problem too that the add is coming when the game begins or in the middle of the game. So I am telling that please fix this problem. It so annoying. It is my review
NOBODY SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. This is game is totally full of ads. You spend more time in watching the ads than you actually do to play the game. The game is very boring. You'll die of boredom while playing this game and the hide version is really bad. Also, all characters have very slow speed. Please don't download this game.
It supposed to be a great game. Only if it can be played offline. Making this game need internet connection just to play it is so stupid! Its hard to create a game i know but you dont to force others to connect to the internet just to play it when theres a ton of ads going in the game. Buying the no ads is the option to get rid of it but it sucks cause you need to connect to the internet everytime you want to play this game and that part is just so stupid!!!!
The game is okay I love how you can't see hiders as a seeker it just makes it all the more fun but if you could add a legit multiplayer without it saying it's a multiplayer and just being bots I would love real players
I give it three star because it gives me so many ads and I and it's a really good game but it just gives me too much ads please take them off and stop putting so much ads why you can't just be like Roblox and among us like seriously it's so stupid you always have to put some adds it's stupid 😠
I don't even like this game it is so bad because of the ads that come after some levels and sometimes ads comes in between of the game and than we just get caughted and because of the game the phone hangs my experience was very bad
Very bad! Writes offline and requires data. Many ads! After clearing some levels , phone starts hanging and you will get caught. Controls are fine in start but after some levels, they are so bad. Many other apps stop working because of this. Kind of virus! You can enjoy the game in first few levels. Afterwards, it is a total trash! Hate to this game!
I really love this game, but after a while I stopped playing it because I was gonna download some new games, anyway a few days ago when I decided I wanted to start playing again, so I got in the app and I chose hide, when the countdown begun I couldn't move and I tried everything but my avatar still would move, so I deleted the app and I'm gonna reinstall it. I hope it works so I can give a better response 😊
There are too many ads, to the extent that they hinder with the gameplay. It is a good concept ruined with the number of ads.
Controls are really bad. The whole control stick moves if you go outside the border so then your frame of reference is different every second. Otherwise the game is okay and somewhat fun
The game has ads but im ok so good game but multi um its offline so we can use it Use airplane mode to avoid ads like good game:)
Seriously? An ad suddenly pops up while still playing. Can't you guys wait to finish a certain level before showing an ad?
The game is a blast, no joke. My only complaint is it is very repetitive. The game could be improved if there were more levels. Have fun!!!
Add after add after every little game it show a add and some times I will try to exit it but it will not and some thing after the add it freezes and I can not play the game so if you could fix that and it should not have to have connection if you can fix that would be great and stay safe at home.
Good concept but it's not actually online. Everyone you play with is a bot which completely saps any fun out of it for me.
There has been an uprise in these advertising platforms disguised as games recently. You spend half of your time watching ads, boring, repetitive gameplay and mediocre visuals. It's so disappointing because your concepts are usually very creative. If you guys would spend time to create an actual game, it would be so fun. But, all you guys can think of is money. This is why I don't download these games.
I loved this game but not now the reason I have given only 4 stars is cause when earlier I was playing it was nice But After little time I started playing again but there was something that whenever we hide or seek and when we move there is some buttons to move which I don't like I know you all have made for us but from that the game is uneasy so if you can remove that buttons if you can but it nice but that's why I gave only 4stars orelse I would gave it 5 stars but its a nice app for timepass.
This is a really fun and good game but you could improve it. So, my suggestion is to add more skins because I've unlocked nearly all the skins and it is not as much fun. Also, there is an ad popping out of nowhere as soon as I lose or win whenever I am hider or seeker, please lower the ads and this review would be a 5. Mabye 1 ad every 15 minutes? You don't have to do my suggestion, but, I am saying that the game would be more fun with alot more skins. Thank you, hope you manage to add it.
It's a really great game but, if I suggest can It be play. No connection bc if there's a connection it's just barely Seeing too many ads, I can't play well bc of the ads, and then when I turn off my WiFi it just "no connection" me:so what do you want Me to do just wait the ads stop, I just barely delete this now.. -
Honestly, not worth the download... You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game. Couple that with some glitchy, wanna-be 3D graphics and the fact it's impossible to control your avatar. 2 stars because the game is somewhat amusing... For the 30 SECONDS you actually get to play it in between ads.
Good game but has way to many ads, which I don't mind but I dont like when ads pop up when I get freed because when im done with the ad, they catch me again. So I never really got to play so I tried to play as the seeker instead but it sucks because I dont have enough time to catch at least 1, how am I supposed to play not even half a minute. Game need to be fixed because as of now, it is broken.
This is a nice game but if you play it a lot then it gets a bit boring. Also if you play it a lot and you have so much money you can't really spend it on anything but the characters and about that if you have all the characters then you can't spend it on anything else. But I still like the game.
Decent app really fun but the only problem is the adds. They need to do something about it because it's after every game and one or twice in a day in a game. But the good things included good controls and loads of intensity I wish they would make an online version but anyways brill app defiantly recommend downloading.πŸ‘
Game is bit fun But there are freaking too much ads.. don't download this..! Im on level 3 and i watched more than 10 advertisements don't waste your time here...!!
This game is cool if i play as seek then i need to find people. If i found them all i won. So that is not bad that i lose. I can still try again. Go to next level level 12.
Nice game. Nice game. The controls and game play is nice. But there are some ads.Im not complaining. But I just dont like ads much-
It's awesome. It's just the ads are annoying. But to tell the truth, it's super good. It even helps my stress get the freak out of me >3<
This is stupid there's no offline mode and there's lots of ads like ads every time you know this is a really good game but no offline mode and ads every time I'll rate it 1 star
4 star app. These stupid people are all bots how about adding real people instead OF bots I'm the only player who is real the others are all BOTS!? It would be cool if you add real people and kick out bots if you still want some bots oh ummm... ok btw I like this game I definitely will not give this game 1 star like those haters out there.
Game is kind of fun for something quick but it got really bad when they started forcing you to do so many ads . There used to be a few too many now it is extremely to many .will be uninstalling
I love this game! It is so darn fun! I could literally play it for hours! You have to download it! Although, it would be nice if there wasn't as much adds. But, I still absolutely LOVE this game
Each round is 30 seconds, you have to be connected to the internet, if you're caught ad, play again ad, skip level ad, next level...AD!!!! the game is fun but it would be better if it were longer and didn't have any ads
Well,I really liked it but I was thinking you could make it a better game like a new update in which you can increase the speed and you can add bigger and different maps and more time to hide like 15 sec and more time to find people.
It's the best game first thing that we can chose that we seek or hide but in other games not second thing there are boosters that are given the game like speed, invisibility,can pass through the walls nd there are difficulties also like paint,water,. And third thing it doesn't take time to free of other players and fourth we can chose skins also