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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It like it alot the reason i gave four 🌟 is bc it blerh out things thay ain't bad also you can't change name or gender amd everything is over price in shop to me pls fix it plss thx and one more thing can you add to to the start map bc it just snow and 🌈 prople should be able to make a server pls and make items thx peace✌️
I keep failing and failing to join I have try it like 1, 000 times and i cannot join,i even turn on my wifi
This game is so fun but I can't join it or only would let me join like 1 in 20 times trying to join also sometimes it's also disconnected for no reason my internet is good but I disconnected blockman go can you fix this?. I will edit the review and give 5 star if you fix this bug.
The game is good, but I m not able to join sometime I need to wait for hrs but I don't connect. Please support
I saw all the reviews but the reasion i gave it three stars is that its takes too long to load please fix this app if u can.
It is amazing! To new comers there are 2 modes: chasing mode- Props hide but every 10 seconds they must move or they will have a taunting sound above the prop and props have a tool which turns a hunter into a animal for 5 seconds while they run away. Hiding mode- Props must stay hidden or move around and can spectate while hiding. No emojis or running needed, you just hide and stay hid with a speed tool incase of emergency. It is a fun game and you should play it its free to play and it is fun.
it's okay it's pretty fun I like it but.. I just wished you where able to teleport when ever u are ok the lobby.
what is happening to bed wars and hide and seek? whenever i play bed wars there are no islands and i cant move but other players can move. when i play hide and seek a text come(uptede your virsion) (forced upteded) deoveloper kindly cheak
This game very bad not download it's because it have ad everytime when I start to play it's said map not reload so I download it on another device but don't work every time says map not loading
Its very cool and there's a training station for practice jumping, its very like minecraft but not really
.......... Actually this game is like good and i like it but theres is maybe a glitch idk means i don't know or whatever it is but today it have been like 2 months me download the game but today when i started playing then it opened and it said me to right my name agin i was righting my name (id) so It was telling nickname already exists so agin i did same thing so i deleted the game and agin redownload so it was back but when again i wanted to ply it was same 😠
Very nice. Who are seeing this game but are not downloading,download the game now because it is a very nice game. This was my review.
I love hide 'n seek it is the funniest game to play and I really really lovethis is the best game to play if you are a hide 'n seek fan
It's s great game but sometimes I would go in hider mode but it puts me as a seeker and I don't like how we can't break blocks please fix these two problems
It like it but if i go hiding, chasing mode and it can be showing map resource loading..... Not again
Worst game ever first of all an add comes and I can't close the add so plz fix this cus this a bad game
Very Good,yesterday only i download this game.preety much good but (pls give players thier choice to select which object they will be. I request to the creators.)
This game has so far been my favorite hide and seek game, I love it and I adore being a tiny object, I know the best spots to hide in each map
hello. They found the glitch spot to hide on the roof. It's a Christmas map. Christmas map there was a glitch spot on the roof. Plz fix Christmas map. Oh wait. They can be small if they go in the roof. FIX IT PLZZZZ
I love this game so much but sometimes you have to miss some of the battles but that's okay I'm going to give this game five stars
A fun game is good but when i was downloading it it was soooooo slow it take like 2 hour so please fix it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mtlb it's good to make new friends and new knowledge when I install it I don't like because it's take so mb but then it install I can't know that how to play and release and I cover this game I really like then I will make new by my colony but worst think is it allowed to 6years old child it start to 10 but love are allowed not I this game I am not a recommend it but you can. Best game install i Thanku
The reason why I am giving 4 star is because it is very hard to load I don't know why but it is a very good game after all😀
I LOVE THIS GAME, But also hate it at the same time Im so tired of waiting and its still ZERO%! thats why I gave it only two stars I thougth that this is so fun! But its so boring please fix this!
This game nice thanks blockman go studio for making this game but there is a mistake we can't choose like among us we want to be imposter but we become crewmate sometimes like this when we want to become seeker we become hudee sometime this not like the real hide and seek :(
So I like it but sometimes it doesn't load and I can't play it that much so, I need more support to help me. It's just like I'm soo inpatient to wait for it but it's a bit useless... I kept on waiting for like 2 hours and it still didn't load so please tell me how to fix this if you know how, thanks :)
I think that it is a really good game but it would be good if you could change your name and gender because I accidentally pressed male and continue then it chose my name for me which is really annoying because I am a girl and it chose a boyish name. Please add change gender and username in the settings button. Thank you.
I think you need to add a castle room to for there girls can stay when the game not start 😉☺️ and a coffe maker and a makup room and a bathroom and toilet to there we can sit and do bathroom 🙂🙂🤣🤣 so do this things
Unbilivebel best game ever I recconond hide and seek mincraft outfit lover this game is for you😀😀😀😊😊😃😃😃!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
It's the best game ever! It's so much fun I like playing with my friends and reaching the rainbow your the best for making this 😉❤
Its great but i delete it for once and download it again because they just tell me to upload and when i press to upload they did not do anything and because of my eco i delete it and download it again
It's a very fun game it's a real but it's not like real I feel like it you guys should totally buy this game
I know this great in finding hide and seek 3d but i dont find it but i found this is great the i gave this 5 star becuse i found a minecraft hiding or minecraft 3d hide and seek
This is the worst .I did'nt even gat to play .Every time i click join a game it shows me an ad and i can not even play and it takes me back to the main menu .
I think the whole blockmango is good But there is not lot of levels. So I am giving 4 stars and also I am playing with friend. Without blockmango I will cry😢
Hide and seek is a fun way to remind children that people come back, even when they go away for a short time. When children are able to choose this game ..
This game is awsome but only there is one mistake that wether we go in seeking mode or hiding mode. We get any. Like if we choose chasing mode we can get hiding mode also.
I give it one star because when ever I get up on the snow and there Is a hole and I always fall down and it's really anoyying 😬😬
The reason I gave you the three stars pretty funny all but can't like I can't play it because I'm the download that says this app can't be downloaded😾😾😾😾🦄🦄🍌🐕🐈🐕🐈😽😽
This app is good but it takes many time to prepare resources. In my case it took 1hr to load.Please make it fast as it wastes my mood of playing.
Everytime i joined the game it just didnt load and ive still waited for it to load for atleast 2 days and it still didnt work so please fix this bug please thank you
This is nice app to play hide and seek with my other friends online and this is the best game. Thank you
Only one problem when finder hit bullet on wall it hits back means fix this how can be possible and seeker didn't get respone please do one of this thing
Can you add one more thing that in some map there is a problem if the person geblt into a place where glass is coper that person which make hard to catch some people please hope you read this Thanks
Its a nice game and a online game but the problem is there that the game have to update soon and give us a new map to play on has hole that will be a most important think
This game is awesome I've played it for years and I encourage others to play this game to it's kind of like Minecraft but with more action
This won't let me play like when I open this app it's like I put my nickname and my gender it says nickname not exists like I was Soo mad if read this please fix this game🙂
Wish i could rate this zero cuz when i open the game it says checking for updates and i waited and its been 30 minute its still loading.
It is a good game but two things are wrong at chasing mode I was nothing one time as an item and I was also found because of that and number two it is a very sad killing. And challenging
This game is very nice but there is a problem if there is a chaser who entered more than 5 you will become a hider
Well this game does not have any fun but it's fine to me even I put 4 stars or 5 I don't remember it clear so as what I said to this I can't freind anyone I really hate this app really like this but without mucis really it's bad never isnallet even I spelled it still don't make sense why
This is a terrible gam so far. I have not been able to get past the starting screen! it keeps giving me "error code 7020". Very annoying. I was hoping for a fun game and all I got were issues and annoying things before I even got to experience game-play. I might change my review once someone responds
The MB is too much. Please make it low, that because whenever I download it, my phone says that there is no more space left so I have to delete this game, please make. The MB low, And when I see the MB it is 299 MB!!!! Really 299 MB, Please make the MB low.
I hate this game it is not taking my id I tried 1000 times but still no. First my account was there but after some time it deleted my account.
It's so fun the ads don't brother me bc the game is like epic ppl think it's super dum but too me it is epic
Very nice its pretty cool nice layouts of the game but its kinda weird like people just keep going in the Christmas tree and hiding in the tiny spots but every thing else is fine and also plz fix the 7020 error I had to install a mod so that I can get the 7020 error away but it got rid of it and I love this game good layouts and a great game!
This game is😃 so fun and I like the part at the beginning and at the start I really wanted to go on the rainbow that's why I love this game.👍🤪
This game is good but when i downloaded it was update and enter and i gone to play store and updated and it is again saying update and i gone to play store and there's no update
Very enjoyable game and I just love hide and seek but the laughing mode is difficult but still I enjoy these game
The dumbest game in the world when ever I play hiding mode it always take me to seeking mode.donot play this game ever.
I've played this before And it's Super also there's parkor to test your skills. Recommended for half pro people!
Just downloaded n played 2 or 3 rounds and I'm addicted to this game, it's so fun but I have 1 problem, just 1, the downloading mape resource is sooo irritating it spends like 5 mins to finish so I hope u fix that problem😢😢if that is my problem, idk but if its ur please fix it🙏🏻🙏🏻if that's fixed I will rate my star from 4 to 5