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Mystery Tales 8 F2P

Mystery Tales 8 F2P for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by DominiGames located at Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really enjoyed playing this game lots off fun puzzles which I love doing. Keep up the good work,and thinkyou for making it free to play.
I just love all your games. Great story lines, crisp graphics, entertaining puzzles of varying difficulty. Great going
Super neat storyline. Both the main story and the bonus chapter. Super good mini-games that were challenging but bot in a frustrating way. Good HOPs. Map was teleportation map but not extremely helpful. The last chapter was pretty difficult in what you were supposed to do next. Good length.
Once again a great game, puzzles, graphics and storyline excellent. Definitely worthy of 5 stars, thanks for such an enjoyable game, on to the next one.☺
Awesome games keep me busy for hours, better then the slots game and match games in other games sites. Keep up the great job. Recommend it to all ages 👌
Really enjoyed this game. Just the right level of challenge without getting frustrating. Highly recommended.
All the games are good but wish some of the newer games were free not alot of people have the money to pay for them but like to play them
Yet another one that was good until you go to the key card door and have to match the colors. There's no way to get all of them. Disappointing yet again.
Loved game 8, really got the brain matter working. Have now downloaded most of the series....just one niggle when I played your bonus chapter Egyptian Gods attached to 8, I could not solve one of the games which had a time limit, maybe I am slow but I couldn't get past 6 moves and it would come up “sorry, you have lost” so tried to skip and viewed over 20 ads and it still wouldn't let me skip......I'm now stuck,was a great game until then. 😔
Fun and exciting really enjoy the puzzles challenge my mind please more FREE FAMES!!!! Can't afford to purchase any games right now.
I like the layout but I don't Like the ploy to buy more hints . This is'nt a free game when you have to buy hints .
Loved the game good storyline and excellent graphics ,mini games and puzzles varied but solvable worth five stars ,hoping there will be many more of these games coming out soon .
I am enjoying the game. The mini puzzles are challenging but fun. The hints are a bit aggravating though.
I'm loving this game! I was so glad to see a totally free one released! They put a lot of work in these so I don't mind paying but a freebie here and there is great! Great job Devs!!
I've learned over the years which game developers are worth checking out & which ones to throw rocks at. Domini games have come a long way & are definitely worth the time to enjoy.
Loving this game so far. Couldn't ask for anything better. Many thanks for making it free to play, although I did have to buy a few gems because I got stuck, but definitely worth it for the enjoyment. Keep them coming.
I was enjoying this game until I got to one of the puzzles and a glitch means I cannot complete it and therefore the game is over for me and I'll have to uninstall. The puzzle pieces are suddenly misaligned in a glitchy way, niw rge puzzle is impossible.
Major glitches in chapter 2 blocking advancement. After getting past chapter 2, the) graphics, music and storyline are excellent.
Uninstalled as soon I reached the game where you have two blocks and opponent has three and you have to take over their colour by moving my blocks next to theirs. Sorry but the game is impossible and already used my one skip.
Great game. Lots to do. Really good games, the effects are good, easy to play, I can escape for hours with these games, great that they're free to play as well. Keep up the good work 👍
Me again! Love everything! And this one it's working great! Update: remove the tape in the HO. Completely unnecessary!
The game is great I'm having a lot of fun. I like the way the hidden objects are, and the games you play to help you along.
The game is fun but too many of the same tasks, find a key or insert. Danger Tape annoying, unnecessary. Worst problem is game after Dissipating Potion. Instructions not clear enough, violet gems win everytime. No matter how I play violet gets more moves, they do not change green for more than a split second. Once green dominates, nothing happens. All cells need filling? doesnt work, moving green causes them to lose ground so pink wins. May uninstall, not free game as skips for purchase.
I love these free to play games they have very clever mini puzzles and it makes u use your brain to complete them, which i like due to my tender age of 58 ...... the graphics and storyline are very clever too..... keep up the good work please
Uninstaller. game and free except should give u more than 1 gem for skipping puzzles. You can watch ads for hints but not for skips. Would have given this 4 stars if more gems were given. I finally gave up and uninstalled.
Love your games. Out of all your games that I've played, I only had an issue with one and had to uninstall it. Overall, love the puzzles, storylines and how many of them are free to play. Keep em coming!
Firstly, Thank you making this a free game, very much appreciated. However, the 'danger tape' on the hidden objects 'does my head in' ( end up playing match game), just touch the object and if not spot on it is taken as a guess, very unforgiving
Ridiculous Technical Issues. Can't even get past the 1st scene, bc clicking the anomaly doesn't work. Hint says to click it, still doesn't work.
A better job could have been done on the hop you can't touch anything without getting a big fat X 3 and the danger tape comes out some people need to zoom in
I really like these games, but everytime I try to play them, there becomes a time where the game slows down and it takes 3-10 minutes to do one thing. i hope there is an update you guys can do to fix this problem. These games are really cool
Can't zoom in on objects in hidden object puzzles without getting an x. And when you zoom in the clicking doesn't work. And omg the danger tape is so freaking annoying and unneeded
UPDATE: I sent a Email to the Devs by email..of my order and payment for this item I have a problem i have bought this game Jan 10 2020 i have proof " UNLOCK" I did unistall this game but when i reinstalled it wants me to pay again???Help 🙏 screen shot of my order of my payement paid in full This is the Exact game i bought.
Enjoyable although didn't like the mini games, just too many and I didn't always understand what to do, thank goodness for walkthroughs. Doing fine until the mini games after the dissipating potion, the violet didn't seem to turn green when adjacent to green gems. Too frustrating and haven't the patience to try over and over. Uninstalled. It's a free game so not happy to pay for skips.
Loving this game!!! I just started it today and can't stop playing! Only thing is having another way to get free hints would be nice.
I'm near the end and on the puzzle after the disappating potion, one, how fair is it you start off with 1 less token than the purple side and two, it is not clear which token you can move, leading to purple overtaking you real quick. I'm about ready to uninstall it. I usually love your games but this is making me not want to play them anymore.
Love your games I haven't really found any that I don't like. And I have been out of work for a year and have really appreciated the free to play games that have helped break up the day end monotony
Great game until the hanglider. For people with dexterity problems, these type of mini games are impossible. Was really enjoying playing up until this point & I don't want to pay to skip it! Such a shame. Not the first of this genre to stop people who have dexterity problems from playing. The alternate match 3 to the HOPs is a fantastic addition, especially if you're struggling to get the last item! Sadly having to delete game.