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Mystery Tales 7 F2P

Mystery Tales 7 F2P for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by DominiGames located at Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loving the game. Graphics are good and love the storyline so far. Mini games are perfect, not too hard to figure out but still require thought. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for this one.
Lost £8.99 to glitches. Just spent £8.99 for unlimited skips and hints on the game and now when I click the skip button the screen goes grey and it boots me out of the game. Can I have my money back please?
Okay so.. I bought gems.. I only have one left & I try to skip a puzzle I can't figure out. It's not skipping AND it's using up the gems. Other than that like the game. Also it kicks me off when I try to skip using gems.
Paid for unlimited hints skips so my nephew could play. Glitches, freezes up, closes itself out to home screen and wont allow some puzzle pieces to be obtained. (Takes them back) I have several other of your games that work perfectly. Just disappointed in a wasted purchase.
I absolutly LOVE Domini games. These games are awesome, challenging without being completly impossible and frustrating when no matter how hard u try u just cant beat a puzzle. Great storylines and graphics just a lot of fun. And some of them are completly free to play the entire game. Who else does this? Hello NOBODY! and i appreciate that very much because everyone loves playing games but not all can afford to. Thanks guys! This is what makes u number 1. You care about the less fortunate❤❤❤
I tried to get the coin out of the frame, and it flew somewhere out of the frame. Where did it go? Poof, it's gone! Can't get the cemetary map without the coin. Do I need to restart the game?
CON! DO NOT LOAD! I got to the amusement park door puzzle and I wanted to skip it so I used my LAST free gem, & then the game cut out on me. So I go back in only to find out I had to do the puzzle part AGAIN & I go to skip ONLY for it to have TAKEN MY GEM FROM ME AND STILL DIDNT SKIP THE PUZZLE!!! So I BUY 5 gems and the same thing happens THREE MORE TIMES!!! So, to say I'm PISSED, is an UNDERSTATEMENT! UNLESS you con's are gonna give me my gems back, I will NEVER play one of your games again!
Great game! Fun puzzles. Found this one not as challenging as previous games and it was the first time I was able to play the bonus chapter, which was also great!
The graphics are really nice and the characters talk which is a enjoyable feature. I would recommend this game to someone over twelve because it does have ghost .
Love these games. There is so much to do and the grafics are brilliant. But best of all for people on low incomes and with the lockdowns a lot of these games are free to play well done you and thank you so much.
I have played many of your games and each one is worth playing! Great graphics and great mini games.. some easy and some hard, I love them!
I loved this tame, but now I am stuck on a puzzle with no way to skip. The walkthrough doesn't even help.
I am enjoying playing, the storyline is interesting, the graphics are great. So far a little cliches that force me into purchasing crystals. Still like solving the game.
Such an intriguing story thus far. Love it! The game play is smooth and makes sense, the puzzles are unique and just hard enough to make you have to think but not too hard where they're impossible to figure out. The graphics are amazing. Imo, this is THE BEST Mystery Tales yet! Well done! 💜
really love this game. Its interesting and challenging...just hoping it doesn't stop and make me pay like the other. 🤞
I was thouroughly enjoying your 5 star escape game until I came upon a glitch outside the Arden family crypt inside the bar where the bartender lost his glasses. I placed the magnet on the frame and the token acted as if it fell to the inventory without finishing the task. Sadly, it disappeared. I am not able to continue the game. I am worried if I start from the beginning it will happen again. I will uninstall this one and load a different Domini game. Update: Thank you for fuxing the glitch!
I paid for 5 gems and when I tried to skip a puzzle it kicked me out the game, when I logged back in my gem was gone but the puzzle still had to be solved, I want my money or gems back, lost 3 gems
I tried to use my gem to skip the game at the doors by the carasoul and it kicked me off, took my gem and didn't skip the puzzle. Update: on the key puzzle in the cabinet it won't register ANY of the keys in the 3rd slot.. I checked the walkthru and I wasn't wrong.. but nothing works and I have no gems. So I just miss the end of the game?
Love this game .....it makes you think but it's not too hard to figure things out and the puzzles are fun but it does make you think which makes it that much better .
Beware!!!!!!!Just lost money as paid for 5 diamond's and every time I press skip to use it the game crashes takes the diamond but doesn't skip the game, so now I've lost money and can't get any further in the game.i would like a refund as I didn't get to use what I paid for!
Like the game but unable to read directions. Print is way too small and for that reason im uninstalling. Sorry it really is a good game.PLEASE notify me if problem is corrected to reinstall. Thanks
First of all, the game is becoming like a pancake when playing it on a big phone. Also, full with bugs. Will come back in a half year Update: I played a bit whit wrong resolution. At the prison part the game stopped and bugged. Can't play it :(
Painting puzzle didn't work even I'm done. I just doing colouring painting, I do just like orders, but it's not happening even Im done with it. I try to restart 4 times..lol. but still can not move from colouring painting. I like this game before but when stuck in colouring, I uninstalled. Fix it and we all back to play. Please
Pretty glitchy game. The entire cabin scenes with the snow mobile didnt have a back button and you had to use the map to get to a scene. Happened a couple of times. Good hidden object games. Good mini games. Good storyline.
I was thouroughly enjoying your 5 star escape game until I came upon a glitch outside the Arden family crypt inside the bar where the bartender lost his glasses. I placed the magnet on the frame and the token acted as if it fell to the inventory without finishing the task. Sadly, it disappeared. I am not able to continue the game. I am worried if I start from the beginning it will happen again. I will uninstall this one and load a different Domini game.
So far it's very good. More after I'm further into the game. Played the game and really enjoyed it. Very good puzzles throughout. Also played the bonus game but got to the very end and no matter what I did, the chip would not move. How disappointing. But great game nonetheless.
Bit disappointed to buy some gems and the game shuts down when I try to use them, it takes a gem each time so basically just taking my money, please fix this.
Good game but got bug! End of bonus chapter & slider refuses to move on final puzzle! Dang ghost! Can't get rid of him!
Paid for gems twice the game just went to a another scene couldn't skip the one part the door with the arrows to the next chapter to find items if the game only goes to a certain scene then u need to buy it to go forward it should say that I lost 6 gems.
I really enjoyed this game but was forced to use a few clues! 😊 I found I was daydreaming about the sections I had problems with and had to leave the game alone for a day or two. I didn't pay ( for clues) so with patience, it is achievable. Definitely gonna try more of their games.
Got stuck on a door puzzle in the 2nd section, used agem to skip it and took me out of the game...I went back in the game and it didn't skip the puzzle, tried another gem to skip and same thing happened..used 3 gems with no skipping the puzzle...😡..gonna unistall unless the issue isn't fix...
Excellent game. Great story with cool cut scenes. Very well thought out with attention to detail (like the footsteps in snow sound effects) Loved it. 10/10
Difficult to do the phone as the pictures are way to small n very dark. Trying to get more money from not giving many coins free. Not very thoughtful for English people to use as we use different word's for thing's. .ie chips to English is potato chopped into finger like shapes USA call crisps "chips" this is only an example. .. its so annoying hate the game
As usual, DG and Big Fish have build another fun adventure. A great way to spend your time while in Covid hiding. Had one small problem with a puzzle in the main game. The puzzle involves moving a coin through a maze using a magnet. I hit one of the obstacles and the coin disappeared. I looked like it fell on the floor but i was unable to locate it. I used my one free skip to get the coin back. Puzzles are all doable without hints. Really appreciate the free extra chapter. Thanks.
Thank you for another great free game. Beautiful graphics, good puzzles and interesting story, didn't find any glitches or problems so... good in every aspect.
I give this game 2 stars. When you get to the door to move tile to left corner the game stops. Also when you try to skip it the game quits. Not to happy, especially since you just got money from me. Game is NOT free to play.
Wish that game would be upfront about the little charges for everything. Would rather pay a set price than this! Game may be awesome but this puts a damper on the game and whether I will play another.
Great until I come to getting the coin with magnet in bar! Have tried several times but coin seems to drop on floor & can't get it back. Very frustrating!
Good game...had an issue in the bonus chapter with the skeleton in the well. The game freezes up every time i try it, but other than that the other puzzles were good
Another fantastic game. I spend a lot of time solving the puzzles without the hints. Some are challenging but i love them. Thanks guys for all the effort you must put into these games
The game is good but when you go to changing the books around it won't let you do it! Then when you try to paint it jumps out of the picture and you have to start all over again, there's no way to finish painting the picture! There's no way of finishing the game at this rate!!! Update: I just did explain the problem!! I think this is a gimmick to buy your stuff!!!!
I would have to say this is my favorite game so far. I think I liked it a little too much because I would get lost in the game for hours lol. Very well put together, not too hard but definitely not too easy. Thank you! I loved it.
I am loving your games more and more. I used to think the puzzles were hard but now that I have played a few games it is getting to be more enjoyable. Great graphics and you keep my mind working. Thanks G5!!
I got all the way to the last puzzle in the last level all the pieces of the spell are backwards and you can't skip no matter how many coins you have and the pieces when you find where they should fit dont stay. As soon as you let go they jump back. So I guess I won't be able to finish the game to bad. I was going to give it 5 stars but not now!
It's the worst app that I've installed in years! There is no tech support for 1, and there is no to find help at all. Plus, the only reason I bought the gems were to skip a puzzle that was ridiculously planned and after I paid for something that I really didn't want to, the game kicked me out when I tried to use the gems and when I went back into the game it said that I already used the gem but it didn't skip the puzzle. It did it several times until I gave up.
I love your games and play them a lot but recently have had problems with in app purchases! I purchased hints for an hour twice and didn't receive nearly an hour either time so I purchased hints for the whole game and it didn't give that to me either it gave me hints for not even 10 mins! I want to keep playing your games and making purchases but if this isn't fixed I will have to uninstall all your games and never play or purchase from you again so please resolve this issue! Thank you!
Several hours into this game and was enjoying it but can't continue due to a bug. Supposed to retrieve coin from picture frame with a magnet in the bar, so I can buy a cemetery map, but the coin has disappeared and is not in the frame nor in my inventory. Frustrating!
I like these kinds of games and finding the collecting items+morphing items. So I was disappointed that some of them just weren't there. I've seen walkthroughs and not everyone gets all the items. I saw other people get one and someone else another, but never both. Same thing on mine. I'm not sure why. You can't get bonus stuff if you can't get the items in the first place. Other than that I really enjoyed it. Good graphics, storyline, and effects though.
Paid for the gems but when i clicked the gem to skip the mini game, the app hang and i got pushed out from the game. When i went in again, my gem was deducted but the mini-game is not skipped. Wasted 4 of my gems on this.
I only gave it 3 stars because I purchase 5 gems so I could use the skip, but when I skip it doesn't work and my gem is already gone. Also, the game is so glitchy.
Great game, nice graphics. Moderate play, not to difficult. I really enjoy hidden objects games. This one is in my top 5!
I really liked the game, but you get only 1 chance to skip if you want more chances to skip you have to pay. That's a bit irritating. Except that this game is great.
Great games ,good stories ,graphics, not to difficult puzzles only query is games 1,2&3 missing from the app store and no6 full game fails to load after down load only the part free game loads ???
I'm enjoying the game very much, the mini games have the right kind of challenge for me so I don't mind them. I love the graphics and the story line is good.
Love this game! Graphics are beautiful, the mini games cause you to think a bit but not too hard, not too easy, didn't need to skip. Absolutely love this game, FOR FREE!! It's worth even $1.99 that I have paid for games of much , much lessor quality.. The graphics, just unexpected and truly amazing.. Will definitely be adding more games from this company and keeping up with it to see and support its further development..
This game is brilliant! Thoroughly enjoying all the puzzles and mini games, will definitely be looking to play more titles from these developers! Thanks for a really enjoyable experience!
I just started the game I am not pleased at all.The game stoped at one mini game the one with the different key's and nou in stuck. Can't go any further have to buy coins not fair.Fix it or delete the games that doesn't work☹️
Really annoyed. I paid for gems to skip a ridiculously difficult puzzle, when I pressed skip, it took the gem for it, and then kicked me out of the game. When I reloaded the game, the puzzle had not been skipped, I tried it a couple of times with the same result. Do not give your money to these incompetents and thieves. Deleting this game now. Total rubbish.
The game was fine until the 2nd chapter, at the Green door.(Z1 & Z2) When I asked to skip the puzzle the game crashed and took me back to the desk top. Unable to send a photo of the area. I am playing on a Samsung galaxy 20S FE 5G. The next area still in chapter 2 was when you had to change cylinder patterns to move 3 tokens. Again the game crashed. I did learn if you start at the bottom token and work up you can get through the puzzle. Needless to say I am extremely 😥 disappointed game.
Good game so far,,got up to painting puzzle, wouldn't paint girls sleeve, tried several times, so to avoid frustration i just uninstalled