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Hidden Objects: Home Sweet Home Hidden Object Game

Hidden Objects: Home Sweet Home Hidden Object Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Big Bear Entertainment located at 2111 SAN PABLO AVE, BERKELEY, CA 94702. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy all kind of games, but this is special because it makes u stop and think about what u see and don't see.
The game is fun. One of the better "find the hidden object" games. It was actually to easy, for me anyway. I beat all levels within an hour of playing. I was kinda disappointed. I was enjoying myself.
really annoying music. more anxiety than fun trying to find objects that have teeny pictures in a really cluttered room.
I love playing this game!! The only thing wrong with it is you don't get your stars when you beat your last score. This needs to be worked on!! I will give it 5 stars once i see improvement...
Pics are good but i don't like being timed. It's pressure and i just want a relaxing game. I just started so I'll give it some time, we'll see how it goes.
I like that it's just hidden objects - no other silly games or story lines. A few too many ads, but I can forgive that. It's a good game if a little easy.
Kept getting interrupted. Down like that you have to be success in one level to get to another picture. I get bored with just the same picture if I'm not successful . The music sucks. I wanna play what I wanna play I don't wanna have to make it a Pyramid game. The Interruptions were for other things and I didn't understand them in the 1st place. Made Me totally pissed off!!!!
I love playing this game. But there is one thing that puzzles me. When I get I get to this one certain game I find all of them. But it won't advance to the next one.
I love this! It took me some time to find every thing but now I want to find all faster over 120 if possible, This helps my brain and I love this and the music!! Thank you for helping me! Love, Janis Dugan I still love to find everything. I love all the animals...they are all so cute! I love the music and all the houses where all I can find things, I am 69 and I am at Brookdale in Deland, Florida, My husband Bob. died in 2018. He was 18 years older than me but I loved him.
Keeps me looking and thinking! Really keeps me thinking and looking. I try to remember where items were before but don't always survive! Ha!
Wish, I could spend a small amount to buy it without commercials. But I have a problem with games that never end. I want that satisfaction of beating the game and getting a splash screen - Boom you won. Like old time Tetris.
love this game but I hate it when I can't find one item that is definitely not on t he picture. I am so addicted to this, but don't understand the star history.I am more addicted than b4. I don't understand when I get all the items but stay on 2 stars for 3 weeks. other than that excellent game!!
This is my favorite game in the world because the images are clear and beautiful i just don't like the part you can't just go to next level they want to make sure your good enough that your ready like it's a test but once your past silhouettes and names they let you move up to to different levels also don't like you have to pay for hints. I wish I could have this game on my kindle fire 10 for a bigger screen it would be awesome in a big screen .Can only use in my mobile device.WG.
It's ok. Kinda easy. New hidden objects games. I can almost find objects with my eyes closed. Nothing's changed, same rating.
I like the game but I believe it would be visually better to play on a tablet vs a smart phone. And this is because the playing mode is horizontal and the items to eliminate kinda covers the bottom screen.
i love it! I still enjoy this game so much. It calms me down and helps with eye hand coordination. January 15, 2031
it's a fun game. Good for observational skills Improvement. A nice way to fill your time when you're bored. Quite a few ads though.
I really like this hidden object game because I need to exercise my memory as I have a form of Alzeimers and I use memory games to help myself every day. The pictures are just fine. They are great. Thank you .
Very entertaining but get bored after finished with that few free pictures. After need to pay to play more other pictures. So stingy...
Love the game. My 4yr.old grandson loves playing also,great learning skill also.we play at bedtime ,it relaxes both of us and he falls asleep happy with his accomplishment. Still love game,and my now 5 year old grandson still gets excited to play with me. Hes getting so good some time he beats me.will continue to play ,it is so wonderful for his self confidence and observation of things around him.
Don't waste your time! This is a timed game, which is fine. But after you find all the items another offer pops up, for another app..EVERY TIME. Then the next picture shows, you have 2 minutes to find items and BOOM!! There's another 'in-app' purchase offer. I uninstalled it.
love the game..it would be great with a lot more puzzles, though it is nice to be able to play it afain after finishing all puzzles that are here.
Good game, but one thing could be improved, if you could watch an ad to get more time. That would be great. This kind of game usually is relaxing to me, but this game makes me nervous. Which means I may not keep it too long.☹️
This is so much fun, it is addictive. I know once I start playing I plan 3- 4 games and before I know it it's been an hour or so. I would say try it, you will get hooked.Have Fun!!! I Love it....
Great game to play when you need to kill time or just relax. Hard enough to keep your interest, easy enough to not to discourage you. Wouldn't recommend for smaller phone, though.Unless you wear or own reader glasses. They may help . Screen can be made larger but not by much & still small on certain screen sizes. Unless on next update they make it so you can make pictures larger to accomadate smaller frame screens. Overall worth playing.
I like games like this without mysteries and puzzles - just findin objects. This particular game is a bit tok simplistic but it will do for a diversion.
I enjoy this game and it's challenging even if you play some of the same screens over and over again. I am adding into my rating in 7/20. The game is still great πŸ‘ to sit down and play. Screens I have done before I can find challenging months down the road. I am still enjoying the game and will continue to do so.
I remember this hidden game, loved it then, don't know how I'd forgotten about it unless I completed the game this is a great hidden object game I'll see how far I'd gotten and edit later.
I love this! It took me some time to find every thing but now I want to find all faster over 120 if possible, This helps my brain and I love this and the music!! Thank you for helping me! Love, Janis Dugan I still love to find everything. I love all the animals...they are all so cute! I love the music and all the houses where all I can find things, I am 69 and I am at Brookdale in Deland, Florida, My husband Bob. died in 2018. He was 18 years older than me but I loved him. I try to get 25#.
I enjoy this game because it can be a distraction for one game or several. It makes me use my mind & eyes & is lots of fun. It's definitely challenging & I'm 62 years old & want to stay as sharp as my 93 year old Mother. Awesome game!
I enjoy it very much,,except in 1 scenes the eye glasses do not show up anywhere. An i dont understand how i can progress. update,,i found the glasses!! great game!! really like it--score:a big 10!!
More considering it won't let me play until like give it some kind of a rating this is the best I can do for now. Once I get into it if I really like it I'll change my rating to a much higher rating next!
Lots of ads...........doesn't really bother me .......understands funds necessary for me to play free.............app is little unstable.....jumps around..........why is it that unable to complete 1 star out of 3??? The only games that I play are find the diff........my favs are June's Jour; Pearl's Per; Find Girl Friennd Secret; etc....... THANK YOU 4 your consideration
Great except the eye glasses were hard to find. I am assuming they were eye glasses. Also do not like a time game. If possible do not make timed. Thank you.
its a bit boring really. i love the concept, but unless im not using the game properly, im bored seeing the same rooms and objects. however its exactly what i want in a hidden object game. so changes of scenes and objects would be good.
it something to do to pass time. not a bad game. kinda nice. this is my second replay. but I've been playing this game about two months now and I'am hooked on it now it's not just about passing time, like it was the first time i start playing. now it's hard to break away from it. i really love this game. the person that event this game needs a reward. give that person a cookie from me (lol)!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†
My favorite! No pointless storylines, no solve the mystery, no themes, just find the hidden objects, that's all!! A few annoying pop-ups, but not too bad.
I'm enjoying this game so far. It's a comfortable speed for me and I am getting used to the kind of graphics it uses.
Not very impressed. A bit disappointing actually. The ads are the worst I've seen in a game like this and you have to move around the screen from the beginning to find all differences. Not to mention if I do try and zoom in it always counts it as a miss-hit. Don't like that we have to finish in certain amount of time either. Music for kiss. And btw... speaking of music... You guys had "Music Note" on the list of things to find: and the awful thing about that was there were no music notes but one Treble Clef. Yes, you said to find a music note but had us press a Treble Clef to get rid of it. So yeah uninstalling. Really had nothing to do with cats & dogs either except for them showing up in some pictures. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great rest of your day.
I am barley Playing, I like it. I have to Master the game. I have to do it faster !I like it. It is fun. Why you can not go to more Stars. I have only One in all the games. To advance to More Stars cost Money ? If it is like that. I do not want it. All the games are fun. Thanks. G Kennedy.
Not as hard as I thought it would be, but they do have a funny name for easy objects. Overall, a fun seek game.The pics are of just rite size. The more pics you solve the harder it gets, especially if you have run out of time and hints.
I really love this ,lots of fun looking for all the objects though with the timer I tend to panic but get there in the end. Good for the brain .Fatastic.
This "Hidden Object" game can be challenging but it is a great way to come home "Stressed" and just chill out with some game play. Thanks.
Not as hard as I thought it would be, but they do have a funny name for easy objects. Overall, a fun seek game.
Bright graphics. Try to improve your score. Challenging and keeps my mind sharp finding all the different objects before the time is up. Ads aren't bothersome at all.
Really good grafics, fun to play. Wish you gave unlimited hits but use them sparingly. I really like that you give a choice on how to look for objects. Just starting out so let's see where it takes me.
It's a good game that keeps me interested going and keeps I don't know if I have a Samsung 7 if my screen is smaller than what the game was made for because it seems like it doesn't fit on my screen all the way so that takes time away from me trying to get it big enough so I can see where everything is other than that it's a great game
Love this particular hidden objects cause I get frustrated when I have to search too long for an object.....on this game it's not easy to find but not impossible....colors are magnificent.....especially if you have some vision problems with color....
Pretty cool, only thing is that they time you & pretty quickly at that... I know its all in the name of fun except it takes away from the relaxing part of it. I dont like that but.... Its ok.
This is really good for me. THE objects are big for me. I can usually find the the alloted amount of time. πŸŒ·πŸ‘€β˜πŸ‘‡πŸ‘€πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜Ί
This is a great game for improving your memory. Especially in my case. I had a severe head injury & was in a coma for almost 2 years. It has help me retrain my brain's memory & retention abilities. My neurologist recommended I try to do games daily, always adding ones I haven't tried before. This has become one of my favorites. Thank you for developing this. It is certainly helpful for me. LeaAdele
I am enjoying this app. Very relaxing & interesting. Finding the objects r good for eye & hand placement. Good for seniors to work on memory. I would recommend the app.