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Hidden Objects: Find items

Hidden Objects: Find items for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Pingvigames Ltd located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game Very much. Can't believe I found a hidden object game like this one. Addicting too.πŸ’ Thanks.
Fun game. I like that I don't have to follow a story or solve other puzzles just to search for objects.
This is a GREAT game. It's really relaxing. Some of the objects are really hard to see. This is a good game for young players to expand their ability to identify different objects. It could help parents to teach and spend time with their kids. It could also assist medical programs that deal with the elderly who have cognitive deficencies. The worst thing about this game is that the graphics are so beautiful that they make you forget which objects that you're supposed to be looking for. LOVEIT
not impossibly hard but not easy either. starts easy and progresses harder. too many ads but unless you pay all the free ones have too many ads.
It is very hard to find stuff and I don't like it like as you level up it gets harder and why would y'all make that so yeah I'm disliking this I really don't like it I'll even know why y'all made this game if y'all going to make it hard but yeah if I gave you a one-star that's why I get this whole game or one star so yeah
Although my favorite hidden objects games are the older original games that you could play a couple of different games to win extra coins if needed and you had a few different ways to find the objects. Those were my favorite hidden objects to find. I don't care for the ones with the fairΓ­es at all! But as for this game I find it interesting and enjoy playing it. My good time passer.
Really interesting πŸ‘Œ and I like the pictures so much. Hard to find objects, good, πŸ‘ πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ.....
Is nice and easy-to-play , I will like if it had more then 5 objects to find , I didn't mind paying for no adds
I've only just started playing so I don't know how good it is. It wouldn't let me skip passed it asking if I liked it (I didn't try putting no). Edit - I decided to uninstall it. I Really disliked it when it stopped showing you all of the room, and even worse, when you touch the screen a little too hard while scrolling left or right to see the rest of the room it assumes you've selected an incorrect item and it takes 10 seconds off your time, each time it happens.
Nice game, and there is help if required, it means that you are not looking for an item for ages with no help available. With this help you are able to enjoy the game as you play.
I like this game, but it's not as hard as I'd like. Although, it is a fun game, so far now I'll keep playing it.
This game keeps your body moving. You have to fine hidden things and you have a timeline to fine them,this game is awesome
Objects are well hidden, but WHY do so many of these games have a mouse or rat in it? I have a great fear of them and almost can't keep looking cause I know there's one in there. I know I can' stop playing. .but they're my favorite games. Silly I know, just wanted to put it out there lol
I like this hidden objects game ive played them since i was just a 6 year old and im now 63 and still like these type of games
Would have given five stars 🌟. But finding objects are easy to find. Make the objects smaller and disguised a little better and I think this game could be one of the best search games.
Tooooooooooo many ads. After each level that takes 20sec to play. You have to watch 30 sec ad. No thanks! After Every SINGLE level! LITERALLY!
Love this game. It isn't interrupted by that flying fairy that makes you play the same moves over and over
Very good graphics The pictures get dark at times making it harder to search for items but it's a good game overall.
Quite fun, shame that some of the scenes are repeated although you are searching for different items I suppose. I like that it's hidden objects only, no story, so I can pick this up anytime and just have a couple of rounds.πŸ‘
I just downloaded this game tonight and i gotta say i absolutely am loving it so far i usually play these kind of games and i have a few favorites and i can possitively say this is a new one to add to my favs!!! Thanks google play!!
Some pictures of items to find are very dark which makes it almost impossible to make out what they are & to find them.
Graphics a bit dark for the senior challenged eyes but do find the timed hunt more interactive than the spinning of casino slot apps.
Entertaining way to kill time. I like that u can build up your coins for hints instead of having to buy them. Do wish the photos of what u need to find were a little easier to see (especially playing on a phone). Plus u can play offline, and to remove ads. It's only $1.99 πŸ‘πŸ™‚ I definitely reccomend to anyone just wanting to kill time.
Too many ads and why you can not go back to the same picture to find different objects when their are an million objects in one picture
It's fun I don't know what some of these items are the picture isn't large enough for me to identify them but I always manage to find them and I guess that's the point😁
Beautiful graphics,easy on the eyes, just the right size,enjoying it very much,passes the time away,,keep up the great work. ......
I don't consider women's thong underwear appropriate for a game rated E for everyone. I was not thrilled to have my six year old see a pair of them as one of the search items. Others the game is ok. Not great, pretty standard but ok. Its just NOT kid appropriate.
The images are fantastic. Not like cartoon or animated objects; very clear and challenging to find amongst other great image objects.
I nice way to spend your time. It's a nice feature that you can move the room over to look behind walls.
It's fun , sometimes it's hard to see the objects but that makes it better in the game. However,I think u should begin given more rewards and time.
Finally a hidden object game where all you have to do is find the objects. It just the old days instead of these journey things you have to go through to find the object. Thus one is just simple!!
This game is awesome!! The graphics and pictures are the best I've seen. And there's enough hints and time. Great game!!!! Edit ** After playing for a couple of days I had to take one star away. Some of the pictures of what you have to find are REALLY hard to see. It'd be great if you could zoom them in to see what they actually are. Or if they had a lighter background so you could make out what it is you're actually looking for. If that can happen it's definitely a five star game!!!
DO NOT INSTALL. You will be cheated when you reach level 14. Either you pay for clues or you end it there. The game also runs in portrait mode. The LAZADA ad keeps on running with no end in sight.
These are short little games and there's no an ad after every one! The ads are longer than each game! I think it's outrageous how bad the ads have become. DELETE!
I actually enjoy it but it's extremely frustrating because there just is not enough time given to find the objects in many cases
Fun, Challenging Hidden figure game with detailed graphics. Rewards given when stumped to motivate continuation of game
Ads ads ADS (and more ads) 30-40 sec game play n 30 + sec of advert! Also as another person noted you can't even move the screen without the game marking it wrong and losing time!! Am giving 2 star only due in part to the graphics. SMH !!!
This hidden object game is a good one. Only objection is the blacked out ones where some I can barely see which make it impossible to find. You have to be quick or time will run out.
The game itself is OK. Basically,If you played one,you played them all. They are all pretty much standard and all the same. The biggest problem is you put such dark objects up people that can't see all that well cannot even make out what the object is that we are looking for. You should either lighten up the objects or put a light color background behind it. Everyone doesn't have 2020 perfect vision. If it doesn't change soon I'm going to have to find other games. Thanx.
I played these games because they were fun and a good way to pass the time. I want to continue to play.
Liked it until the timer said it was up & I thought it's supposed to be relaxing game to play. Not worry about certain amount of time to do it in, but the graphics are good.
Too many ads! They are long, unskipable, and mess with my audio and if you exit the game, you do not get credit for the level. In addition, all the levels are timed and there is no way to play at your pace. This isn't a relaxing game and the ads are not worth it.
Good hidden oject game starts real easy but as u get into higher levels it gets harder. Having fun with this game
Like the game but amount of ads ruin it. Pearls Peril is so far superior in every way with rare few ads.
I can only toggle the vibration on and off. The sound and music buttons are off and they don't turn on. I just paid for the game and I would like to use the sound. Enjoying this game. It's fun. Not too easy and not too hard. The details in the scenes are great. I like seeing some of the same scenes and objects so I can learn where the objects are. It is too dark as others have said. I'd give it a 5 if I could turn on the sound. Thx.
Great app a lot of fun and relaxing.Just started so i will see if i still like it in a month then will give it a 5. Ads are not that bad.
For a hidden objects game I give it 5 stars. Gets harder as you continue and that makes it interesting. Not many bugs and not many ads.
I have tried different hidden objects games and prefer this one because of the good optics. Prefervless ads, of course.
I have been enjoying hidden picture apps since the highlight books. I just found this particular game and enjoy it extremely well. I am fussy about my games and wanted something close to Big Bear app since I have played those several times. I recommend this highly.
Just started playing. Seems very good so far. Not too hard to find objects but not too easy. I like it!
Its a lot of fun. On some of this type of game you can barely see anything because screen too dark. This one is clear and pretty easy to find the objects.
It's an okay hidden object game for quick play. I have done some of those where you have an actual story along with the hidden objects and you get stuck sometimes and can't go anywhere.