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Christmas Spirit 1 F2P

Christmas Spirit 1 F2P for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DominiGames located at Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Fear) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far I am enjoying this game. I'm now finding out that if I can't work a puzzle that I have to pay for red rubies to make a skip which I don't like. Most games give you a certain amount.
What a totally enjoyable game. Fun story with fun puzzles and fun characters. Would certainly recommend.
Love all the scenes some mini games are hard but you can get through them with a lot of patience overall a good relaxing game keep up the good work everyone and thanks.
Love these Christmas themed puzzles. My only problem is that when placing objects it might not happen on the first try so then I use a hint and find out I was right so a hint is wasted, only caveat is that you can watch a video to get more hints.
Exceptional game. Great Christmas theme, games satisfying and not frustrating. Good story and great fun. What else do you need? Very highly recommended. Love it. 👍😁🎁🎉🎅
Difficult to understand....lost lands and darkness and flame and legacy are better...we have to hold object in inventory....graphics looks like animated.....we need realastic graphics such as in lost lands and darkness and flame
Log in and get coins it said, so log in when do I get the coins. How many rubies / coins do you need to skip a puzzle and how do you win them. I'm at the shoot the coloured balls game, can't get past it as the shooter is hard to control,. Though I loves these game going to give up on them as everyone has a glitch somewhere and you can't win rubies to get you further on. Game deleted.
I would rather skip the puzzles and then pay for them because the chest elf game you can't even get past it without it pushing you out of the game and then having to start all over
Game is good so far but currently glitched. I'm at the good witch's place and when I tried putting the other half of the "nippers" together to cut the piano strings, the bolt and the half disappeared. I've closed and reopened game and it's still gone.
Amazing game just pls make graphics more clear and sharp. And the game music is soooo much amazing 👍🥰.
Good game except for you shouldn't have to buy hints to keep going. Why would I pay if you won't let us get thru the game without purchasing. Uninstalling
This game has excellent graphics and a very creative storyline. Thank you for developing a top quality and enjoyable game.
Why can't I skip on the triangle game I've enough stars but it keeps putting me back to ads I love this game but need to complete it plz
Lovely Christmas atmosphere. The game is fun, the puzzles are on the easy side, but for a family game I guess it's proper because you don't want to get stuck and frustrated and have everyone quit playing. The gameplay has good flow and provides many hours of entertainment.
great game, you used to have to buy these on discs in =the old days. good graphics, nice story,well done!
This is the third christmas spirit game ive played,really enjoy the way you slip the mini games and puzzles in to the story well thought out ,worth five stars.
Wow another awesome game, love this story of oz. Thank you for this wonderful game with amazing graphics and puzzles. Please keep up the good work and continue making your "free to play" game.😂😊
Pretty good all in all. A little tricky at times. And I like that. Keeps you guessing, and look just a little harder. Thanks guys. Good job
Really cute. The graphics are beyond superb and the mini games and HOS's are not too difficult but not easy either making for a perfect combination. Love the storyline.
I really enjoyed playing this game but there is a glitch in the bonus chapter. After you get the 3 shards for the map, it wont let you do anything else. Otherwise great game, keep up the free games
This is getting ridiculous this is the second game of yours that I purchased free hints for the whole game for $5 and again didn't get it! I am very close to uninstalling all your games and never playing or paying for any of your games again please fix this soon!
Was pleasantly surprised that this is two games in one, after going to Oz I helped Santa. Nice relaxing game. Puzzles were a mix of easy and hard, stories were enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this game until I got to a puzzle toward the end with a glitch. So now I'm stuck unless I buy something so I can skip the puzzle.
Excellent, untill the timed potion mini game, no chance to do it, don't know if I have to wait until timer runs down before adding next ingredient or ingredient must be added before timer runs out which is impossible. Still really enjoyed it Update, got past potion puzzle and enjoyed much more playing.
It was fun until the end. The last game with the monkey and snowballs is stupid. I tried plenty of times and ended up just deleting it, because I wasn't gonna pay money just to skip it. The part where you shoot the colored snowball is way too sensitive and the line moves too fast. You should figure out a different ending. I enjoyed the rest of the game, so the ending was super disappointing.
Was enjoying the c Game till I came across the cupcake mini game, it didn't do what it said it did couldn't swap plates over. So only 3 stars, & I've uninstall game shame!!!
I love all there games the storyline the illustration of them and the mini games you guys have done a really amazing job I have enjoyed your games thank you
I love the story but hate having to pay while playing if I get stuck. I prefer the old way of paying then play.
It's not a bad game but it doesn't remember where you were when you log out and come back in its set you back at least one challenge
Already said this was an entertaining and fun game. Enjoying piecing together the different scenes and advancing in the game.
I am extremely happy 😊 I have found a game made by the same person that I am able to get into,and that is what I have been trying to do. I have unistalled so many of these made by the same person that I actually didn't think I would find one I would enjoy. But thus far I am extremely excited about this game. Thank you 😊
Nice game. Sometimes you have to hunt for the exact place to tap the screen or it does not respond. Nice to see that you don't have to buy the bonus chapter, (there's a small glitch where the final map puzzle disappears & the only way to get it back is to reload the game
I am enjoying the game and it deserves five stars but some of the puzzles are difficult and when I click on skip you are taken to a screen where you can watch a video, for some reason the video only allows hints and not to skip the puzzles.
This is a great game! Not too much story just enough. Puzzles can be difficult and some cannot be skipped unless you pay for skips. I think you should be able to skip the puzzles that are hard without being held hostage for $10 to solve it. That's why 4 stars instead of 5.
Good fun game but you can't skip puzzles without spending real $. After replaying one over and over. I give up. Uninstall. Should be able to use start to but skips.
I appriciate the free download. I had more than one problem with your games. But the straw that broke the camels back was to one almost to tge end of the game. (With tiles of the mushroom, hat and cauldrin.) I would get one spot from winning & it shut down saying i lost! I did this multiple times. Ive deleted this game. Are you running your games with the dominion software? Shheeeeezzz!
I love the game all the way up until I have the number squares to where you have to light the exact number of lights around square. I do believe it part 7. I looked through the walk through to get some idea if I was doing It right but the game has 6 numbers around but the walkthrough have 5.
A challenging game. Would help if it gave a few clues as to what is expected in some parts of the game.
Great nostalgic Christmas game! Has the Xfactor. Keeps you glued for hours, some difficulty but this just adds to the fun. Magnificent graphics, does what it says it does. Looking forward to others the series.
Log in and get coins it said, so log in when do I get the coins. How many rubies / coins do you need to skip a puzzle and how do you win them. I'm at the shoot the coloured balls game, can't get past it as the shooter is hard to control,. Though I loves these game going to give up on them as everyone has a glitch somewhere and you can't win rubies to get you further on.
Love everything about this games, puzzles, story line, graphic. I lost track of time playing this. Thanks for the great job!!
This could be a great game but can't get the puzzles to work. There isn't enough information to get past the second puzzle.
I enjoy playing all the games from Domini. Good graphics and story line. The best part is there are free full game option which is very considerate & generous.
I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this game at all but I love Christmas and the WoOz so I gave it a try. So glad I did! I really enjoy the graphics, game play, and puzzles. The voices of the characters are clear, realistic and easy to understand. I only have one request....PLEASE give us a way to earn/win or watch ads to acquire more of those red gems to skip the occasional puzzle that drives one bats**t crazy! I find it a lot easier to spend $$ on a game if I don't feel forced to do so.