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Labyrinths of World 8 F2P

Labyrinths of World 8 F2P for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by DominiGames located at Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent game graphics are beautifully designed Interesting game very interested Wish there was more free games but grateful for the one's we get Best games ever Keep up the good work
Another glitchy game puzzle of ball is not working and you can't go further without solving that ..... frustrating
This is so far the best game of yours I have played. The challenges are just hard enough and the game play follows a easy to discern path.
This game would be ok if the mini games all played right but alot of them don't work right. I can't finish the game bc the bouncy ball puzzle won't work correctly and keeps starting over in the middle of playing or it just fall straight through the little bumpers like a ghost. Have had some similar problem with a few of the other mini games.
The game is exiting ,I enjoy playing it ,some times it's difficult to accomplish the tasks,so I leave it to come back with a fresh mind and try to solve the ansolved parts,it's clear that it demanded real efforts to produse it starting with the idias ,the effects,the characters who almost seems real with their expressions and features.thank you for offering these efforts to give us joy
Did not want to waste anymore of my time with inane puzzles. You move once why the games dragon head coin multiplies whenever it moves. Jeez ! Really ! Then the game tells me I'm minus a gem, when I've yet to use a gem and if I did why did the game give me a gem? now I owe a gem? Mulberry bush round and round.
I like the game game, but I'm stuck because of glitches on the puzzle where you use corner pieces to bounce balls into cups. Sometimes the balls fall right through the corner pieces like they aren't there, sometimes the play button becomes a stop button that resets the game, and sometimes pressing the play button makes the corner pieces fly off the board. Infuriating, and now I can't move on.
The game is ok until you get to the end where you have to get the book. The blue and red tokens in the puzzle do not move no matter what you try and if they do move it is very little and not to where you are dragging them.
Another great game..had a few issues with the controls on a few puzzles. I had to click multiple times to get objects to move or to collect objects on the HOPs
I enjoyed the game very much. The puzzles are fun and not too complicated on a cell phone, I appreciate that, I also appreciate that the HOPs can be zoomed in. And thank you for the extra chapter. I didn't give it 5 stars because the last puzzle was impossible due to control issues. But still I loved the game.
This is an update to my low review. The developer quickly resolved my issue for my purchase. This game is fun and the puzzles are great. Some puzzles make you use strategy to figure them out. Give it a try you will like it also. I love your games. Keep them coming I think I have played all of them their intrigueing.
*** I CONTACTED SUPPORT AND STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY RESPONSE. PLEASE HELP *** Can"t go any farther in the game. Tells me there is nothing to do here at the moment. Got to the island with the dragon and that is it. Please fix so I can update and continue. EXTRA NOTE: Contacted support and have never gotten any response.
This is among the best so far my third in their series and I find it very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you!!
I love these games, but I am stuck. It says I've only found two gemstones but I found all three so can't go any further.
Trying to teach someone who is unable to read extremely fast is very hard I am trying to teach my grandchild a logic game this is extremely hard for him to read when the advertisements or the title subtitle etc does not stay up very poorly developed may have to go elsewhere
I would like to know why after I paid to get gems, money was taken out my account but I never received the gems, bit annoyed having to pay for skips as it is never mind not getting what I paid for!!
I like your game, except for one thing, you don't have an exit. I had to make the screen small & then turn the game off. I shut down my laptop & rebooted before I could play anything different. I was inside your game for 2 hours. I was sorry I had to leave but it was WAY past time for supper. lol
Like the game but it would flow better if you knew what areas on the map had things to be done. It makes for a much better playing game. Just showing what areas are open doesn't help as much and you are doing a lot of back tracking if you don't remember or you are coming back the next day. Would give 5 stars other than that.
Great game with a variety of mini-games. One of my favorites from this developer! My only complaint is that during some of the dialogue scenes, the speaker only says the first half of what is written on the page, which means stopping in the middle of sentences at times. I recall it happening right towards the beginning when the book is opened, and in the bonus game when the white-bearded Knowledge Keeper is speaking.
Another fantastic game, great graphics, an excellent mix of puzzles and hidden objects. Really enjoy playing your games, downloading the next one straight away. Five stars from me once again, thanks to all involved in the making of this brilliant game. ☺
Good story & graphics. I had some issues with the play area not sizing correctly to my tablet screen. Also some of the mini games were hard to play because of very slow & sometimes erratic reactions to clicks. Overall, good game, & I appreciated being able to play the whole game for free. Thank you!
I usually love all your games. But this one has such glitchy controls I gave up cause one puzzle just won't let me finish, map doesn't work, and there no instructions on any of the games... disappointed in this one!
Glitch in the game where you guide the balls to drop into bowls like the plinko game. I even used the big fish games walkthrough and it is incorrect. One star for wasting my time
I have nearly finished the game and reduced from 5 to 4 stars. Some of the games are difficult to manoeuvre on an android. I had to skip the game which destroys the protective shield round the book as it virtually impossible to move the arrows where you want them. Watching this game on YouTube where a mouse is used there appears to be no problem.
Loved it! Lagging made it super difficult on my phone for a few puzzles but with perseverence I was able to complete them. Thank you for the game!!
Enjoyable game with less frustrations that come with similar type games. Challenging enough without being tedious.
It's fun, the graphics are good, I like the story line and the mini games aren't too difficult but a few do make you think. Only a couple little glitches so far.
on top of being pretty slow I bought coins (info have the Google Play receipt) but never got them. I wrote to developers who never answered me nor refunded me. 👎
I love the challenge of this game. It's just right. Not too hard and not too easy. The story line so far is very detailed, which I love, and the crispness of the scenes is great. I can tell the developers love what they do. I will definitely be playing more of their free games. Wish I was not on a strict budget so I could buy all of the full games.
Have only just started playing and am LOVING IT so far!! Coins and gems are not ridiculously priced. I like how you don't have to use alot of gems, if you choose to skip a puzzle, and I really like the option to play match 3 if you don't want to complete the puzzle. Will update once I have completed the game in full, but for now, you're getting 5 stars 👍
Enjoying playing these games, but some let you play til the end of the level, before allowing you to purchase the full game, while others finish after a couple of challenges before asking if you want to purchase. Hasn't spoiled my enjoyment, just means I delete the games concerned, and start a new one.
I would normally give you guys 5 stars, but unfortunately I'm having issues with the mini games fitting the screen on my tablet. I can't restart or get the guide information, because there's no icons to click on, so I'm literally winging it. The game would be fantastic if this problem was resolved.