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Hidden Object Games for Adults 🌟 Puzzle Game

Hidden Object Games for Adults 🌟 Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Big Bear Entertainment located at 2111 SAN PABLO AVE, BERKELEY, CA 94702. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You have to press on the objects 10 to 12 times before they take which adds to the total time. Not impressed.
I like the game, its fun but had to uninstall due to the free trial i didnt want to sign up for. Too bad
A free game is supposed to be free. I have 5 more levels and I am asked to begin a "Free Trial" to remove ads for which a credit card, paypal account, promo code, or cash payment through a store is necessary to continue. I don't continue with games I have to pay for. It was fun while it lasted. On to another free game for me.
I really like this game and would like to have the premium version, but the cost of $10 a month is way too much considering the cost of most games.
Enjoyed playing the game until I couldn't play without paying for the game. There were a bunch of typos.
I enjoyed playing the game very much. I didn't enjoy the part where it stops the player from moving without signing up for a free 30.day trial. If you want to keep on playing it will cost the player money. I don't mind the adds in the game. I am willing to deal with the adds to continue playing. I will be removing the game from my device after I post this review.
After I got past so many levels, it won't let me go any further because I will not purchase add free things, which will cost $70.00 a year.
I thought it was going to stop... An add for another game pops up every time I click on something. Not cool. 6 rounds later and I cant stand it anymore.
Some handicapped people, like me, can't move our hands fast enough for timed events. An option to turn that off would be nice.
I am honestly extremely happy with this particular hidden object game. I have completed every level three times I am getting ready to start my fourth time I really do enjoy this game but I wish you could put more like it on the play store app and not all the other ones that you have to find things to solve puzzles and answer questions to solve mysterys and riddles. Just give me a list of what I have to find and a picture to go with it and I will be set just me and the perfect hidden object G
Only 2 FREE levels. I got a perfect score on all mini games within the first 2 levels, but still can't move on without doing a "free trial" or paying for a subscription. Otherwise, it's the best hidden object game I've found. It has very detailed pictures and you can replay a level until you get 5 stars. I really don't like being misled to download a game when it says "100 free levels." Without this issue, I would give it 5 stars.
Really enjoyed this hidden object game. Easy to use but some of the games are tough, but you can take your time, thankfully there is no timer. Your play is saved so u can start back to where u stopped off. Only two cons to these games is, u have to tap twice on some items. Also each set does not go automatically go to the next set but starts back at the beginning of the set, but u can opt out of the set an choose the next one. Still I highly recommend this app 😁
Game would not load at all. Was able to click on settings and clicked on reset game even though I hadn't played it yet, thinking it could possibly help but it didn't so I uninstalled it.
The items to search for were messy..asked for a foot ball and it was a soccer ball, or a bow..one time was like a hair bow the next was the bow from a bow and arrow. Could play only so many levels then had to do a 30 day trial and pay 10/month after that to get the rest of the levels.
Good, but annoying that you have to pay for the last 5 games. Also there are some spelling mistakes on some items.
It's a good relaxing game, I'm really enjoying it but that said, u developers are stone cold nuts u think I'll pay 10 bucks a month for your new games! I'll find other free ones!
Was ok. The items were usually cluttered in one 1 area and the bar that showed what to find was covering part of the search area
I have played several times the kitchen puzzle, it requires 60 stars, yet no matter how much I play it shows I've only gotten 43 stars. I have reached several times!!! What's wrong with it
Ran out of scenes and they charged for any additional scenes. Didn't like that. I thought this was a free app!
Only a handful of levels for free then you have to subscribe to continue playing. Not worth the time to install.
I enjoyed the games. Some were a little dark and the terms were different than the picture. One reference was "ladybird" for ladybug. Football was what we call a soccer ball. After a few games you figure it out to continue playing. I did not like the idea of subscribing for such a high amount to get the new games. I like having the choices of different games but not at a subscription price.
Some items are named incorrectly but my biggest. Complaint is that I cannot get the scenes to open to play the game.
i do not want a free trial. you have made it not allow me to play the game unless i accept the free trial. fix it or i will delete this game
Could not easily get to screen I wanted to play. Should be able to choose which set of items you want to play. Also doesn't allow you to go to any other screen without finishing all the given pictures.
I love this game but one ad has been freezing up. I can't get passed it. It freezes up. So I go back to start the game up again. And it brings me back to that auto insurance ad. It isn't a good ad. It messes up the game. It just freezes. And it doesn't go back to hidden objects. Please fix it.
I remember this from a few years ago now!!πŸ€“ I played it on my very first iphone 4!! (Also on iphone6 !) Redownloaded😊but on a - 'Samsung Galaxy J5'!!) love playing these Hidden Object games! For a FREE game you get so many Packs/Levels FREE and they also updated with new Packs/Levels FREE but I really did enjoy playing this one!! I hope it's still as good as i remember!! Please could i suggest we have some new Packs/Levels with Hidden LETTERS and NUMBERSπŸ‘the HO ones are my favourite!!πŸ‘Œ
Love the game but not paying to open a new one. I thought it was all free. Or I would not of installed it. So I will be deleting this game app. To bad it cost a person money. To bad!!
It is a fine search game with one exception: they use the wrong words for things. Just had a puzzle that sent me looking for a "sledge" but it was a picture of a sled. This is a very common situation. It seems that something is lost in translation. Still playable, just be prepared. It is a search game AND a word puzzle.
I like this game the best out of all the hidden objects games I've played so far. Its a good challenge. I play this game often when I can't sleep. I find it relaxing enough to doze off again. The only slightly negative is sometimes the words used to describe an object I'm looking for. That kinda throws me off now and then. Overall, I really like this game though and hope they come out with some new levels in the future.
I have the same problem Dannice Rosier has. One taps on the item, and it stays still while the timer goes on. You really need to fix this problem. It's not fair to us, the players.
Shoddy controls. Maybe the gameplay is better when using a stylus -- as is, my finger touches often register as selecting right next to the clue, instead of on the clue itself.
Tuff to find objects, I like that. Great fun.cant play the games I tape one and it jumps to something else. Fix this or I will find better games to play.
Love the way you can pan the whole room! Great job guys! Just wish all the puzzles were free and not just 4!
I have only played this puzzle one time ⌚, will give a review @ I have played it awhile. Love that this game gets harder and harder, glad that I found it. The only fault I have with this game, it's hard to hit the star I in order to enter this game.
the game is fun to play but if you can't join or subscribe then it won't let you play the new ones so once I'm done with my last one I can't play the game anymore which I don't think it's cool you need to find a way to fix it
I like the game but sometimes it will accept your tap on an object and other times it won't but the timer keeps going!!! Too aggravating!! Gonna delete!
It's a great game, but unfortunately quite often the objects stick and that can be very frustrating, especially when you've nearly s cored 5 stars.
Could be a good way to kill time but for some reason I have to click the same object several times before it finally accepts it. Pretty annoying to deal with especially when your timer determines your score for the level.
I don't know why, but, I touch the object on the screen and it doesn't register it. When I use my stylus, it's performance is a bit better. Not by much tho.
Terrible unless you have 20w0 vision and can make out virtually impossible to differentiate odjects...lousy game!
Enjoyed the levels I could access but when you try to open the new levels a window for premium opens. If you don't try premium you can't access the levels.
Good game but I have to tap 5 times before item clicks, very frustrating while the seconds keep going. Anyway to make it more sensitive to touch. Does anyone else have this problem??
I had this game on my phone but couldn't see it well, so I got a chromebook and it is absolutely wonderful to play on it! Thanks for making such a great, challenging game. I have tried others but they are no match for this one. It keeps me mentally challenged as I am a senior of 64. Keeps my mind sharp. Hope you can come up with more similar. I love the Big Bear games you have.
Good game. Interactive screen can be a little wonky at times. Also, the music when you open the app - is the Home Alone music (just slightly faster tempo). I can play the melody over it perfectly lol.
I'm uninstalling this app. I downloaded and it never would open any of the scenes. I had an excellent intranet connection, but it never got past "downloading".
I would really enjoy this game if it didn't have a time limit or at least had the option to disable time limit mode. I just want something casual I can do and not have to worry about beating the clock.
This could be a very good game if they stayed consistant on what to call something from one screen to the next.
I really love this Hidden Objects game. But I'm not paying real money to unlock some scenes. Instead..... let us watch a video instead to unlock these themes that require real money. Please take the payment option OFF!!
I love this game! The first version I downloaded had a bonus feature where you had to find 3 abstract designs in each picture and they were very cunningly hidden. I used to love this aspect of the game and I wish they would include it in future versions. I don't know of any other hidden object games with this in
I enjoy "Find The Object" games a lot. I have played games from many different creators of this kind of game and Hidden Objects is a keeper. It's all good... beautiful graphics and the size of objects are easily spotted on my cell phone. Not small to the point I cant see them on my phone. No timer!!!! Yeah! This is very important too, for me. I just want a relaxing game. So, give this app a try as I belive you will like it.
Wonderful HOG! The graphics are nice. This is challenging and fun. Terrific game interface. Easy to play and move around. The few ads it has are not interrupting. The timing is generous. It's not impossible to move on to the next scene and you can go back and play previous scenes again. It is a friendly game, that is easy to use. A good challenge for my eyes and memory. I just love it! Oh! And an exit button would be terrific!
Really enjoyed playing this game. But you get to a certain level n can't continue playing until u subscribe to free trial which requires all ur info. Won't b playing anymore games from this company
I can't get on other games only the fish game. It goes to an add and I can't go anywhere. I get stuck . It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to get out of it. Don't like the game.
So far great, but would really appreciate two separate sound options to toggle on and off, as i do not want to listen to music provided but do want to hear in game sounds.
This is a hidden object game I'm not really stimulates the brain and also has puzzles and things like that in that do it's pretty cool give it a try.
Love the game, but won't be playing it any more. I'm uninstalling this game because after a certain point you have to get a 30 day free trial to continue playing and pay $59.99 there after for 6 months. Not worth it!!
I enjoyed the relaxing fun puzzles, right up until they wanted me to pay $10 a month. That's a bit ridiculous.
Much better effects and you can play with no time count down so far your at the top of the charts. Thank you
I absolutely love this game, however it is confusing that the same item is called one thing in one puzzle and another in the next. You guys should go through all puzzles and standardize the name of different objects. What is this about paying for new puzzle! I changed rate from 4 stars to 3 stars.
I never got to play one single game without being asked to try a 30-day free trial...REALLY❗ I'm not that desperate πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ˜•
Some items are hard to click on, ex: when it's partly behind some background art, and you end up getting X anyways. Also got frusterated clicking a flashlight... Got X several times, then figured out theres another flashlight on the level and that one worked. Why are there two types of flashlights with different names that's just pedantic. Only a few levels in on the underwater theme and already not finding this game as chill as I'd hoped.
you don't seem to get a score but you dont need one. the gameplay seems much the same as the better ones out there but the game is a completely different setup. Each big window and room e.g.. kitchen when tapped on has quite a number of different games that you work through. As you conquer a sub game ones coming up unlock. The big window shows how many sub games you have conquered ie 1/40. One little window from 40 youve beaten
If you enjoy the normal Hidden Object Game, without the haunted towns and games in games, THIS IS FOR YOU. I love, love, love this one! I wish there were more like this! Fantastic job people. Thank you so much! OOPS! I just found out about the subscription of $60!! Even if It was billed monthly, more of us could do $10 alot quicker than $60. Im so dissapointed in this. I have to take back the 5 stars. I hope you will listen to your reviews and see how many ppl love this game, but cant justify
All well and good until you have to sign up for a free trial to proceed! Very disappointed. Uninstalling as we speak!
Best hidden object I've found so far! Good graphics, time limit is for stars only which means a very relaxing experience. Quick ad's. Only problem is they want you to subscribe to a monthly commitment to get more levels.
Not responsive when tapping a product, lost 3 lots of 10 seconds trying to tap the product after using a hint. Even when zooming in, some products are still small. Could be really good if it was tweaked slightly. Uninstalling for now, will check back at a later date
I really enjoyed this game.. can't complain about anything..finished the free game..looking through Big Bear to see if they have another game similar to it..Thanks πŸ‘πŸ’›πŸ‘
Would be okay if you werent finding the same things over and over, just in different spots. And the ads after each one you beat. Was fun at first but got bored of it very quickly.
Too many ads and took me 7 attempt to actually get into a game, kept pressing them and they load and I press play and it'll just take me back to scene selection and I got a new s20 fe so I doubt its my phone thats the issue.
I have a blast playing this "game." I do, however, wish the objects had the same name from puzzle to puzzle. One time the football will be American pigskin but next it might be, what we Americans call, a soccer ball. Quite a few objects have VERY different names, more European than American, however, I've rather enjoyed that. I too have the problem with objects not clearing on the 1st or 2nd or 5th try! I wish there were more free puzzles as I do enjoy this a lot!
Just started playing this game today it was hard to play and I would rather have the pictures but there's no way to change it from words to pictures I got a lot of them right but since they wasn't in order the stupid game wouldn't let me have them so it took me longer I'll get it one more try and if I still don't like the game or hate the game I will be uninstalling it!!! I'll just have to find another hidden objects game.
The app keeps telling me there isn't an internet connection when I'm using my home wifi and there clearly is. I couldn't even pull up a puzzle because it would load to 100% and then yet again tell me I have no connection. Add in that the premium version is $10 a month and you've lost me.
Great hidden object game but if you don't subscribe to premium you don't get any new scenes, so 3 stars for the playability and fun but 2 thumbs down on no access to new scenes!