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Hidden Journey 2: New Adventure Escape

Hidden Journey 2: New Adventure Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Vassa Games located at Belarus. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this.... During this pandemic situation, the only relaxation was playing Chess and Hidden Journey 2. I have completed 2400 levels... Are many more levels to come or just 2400 levels....??
I play this game all time untill i got to 2400 and then it froze. I thought it was getting a little redundant. But i played cause i really liked the puzzles every 20 games. But when ii wouldnt go past 2400 i thought i had to update. I did but now its different. I lost all my stuff. And the games arnt same. I really would hav prefferred stayed with older one with maybe some new rooms or scenes and items & kept older games. But im patient. Overall the scenes are realistic which means a lot to me.
Ok, has a few quirks. Can't figure out how to put my name in under id. Just shows guest. I logged in with Facebook.
Boring. Same pictures over and over. Some of the items you have to find are off screen, even with a hint you can barely see them. Very disappointing.
I know the reason for the ads, I would just like to play the game without the ads blacking out, or not working properly. So a person can get past the ad to be able to play the game, not having to reset the game after the ads acts up.
It appears to be the same game as Hidden Objects with a slightly different interface and some different methods of identifying the hidden objects. An enjoyable game overall though.
The ad shows a completely differant game then what it is. Maybe I need to play it longer. Scene's to find objects are the same over & over. That is why I only gave it 3 stars.
its just like hidden journey 1 it gets you to level 600 and want let you go any futher . thats the way hidden journey is and its been like that for a month, bout ready to unstalled mine, but other than that its a good game
Its fun to play i guess,graphics good and its colorful,thats one of the reason why i enjoy playing the game.
You some times you hide the object extreme right or extreme left, these are not visible at all, thus can't be located. Don't cheat and rob the player's time to find such objects which are not visible on screen.
It's quite good but I wish I could find a hidden objects game that was just a hidden objects game and without the 1 minute 30 secs to try to find stuff. I hate timed games.
I'm giving it 4 stars. If it had more items in each level and they were a little harder to find, I would give it 5 stars. I dispise hidden object games that have a story to them; just let us find the hidden objects. Thank you for an almost perfect game! Kiddos!!!!
This game use to be A good game to play . They have you beliving you are doing so good . untill you get to level 12 then you dont get your 3 stars you get one lucke if you get one sorry but the truth hurts sometimes
Have spent hours playing hidden journey. I played up to all most 800. The game got stuck so had to restart from the get go But its a great hidden object game
Great, very ideal seek & find, only thing better is if there was something you earned to decorate. I love it that I don't have to strain to see the items
Easy game, but can be challenging. Thoroughly enjoying the game, pre-planning moves etc, almost like playing chess .... With a twist!
The articles in this game are too.small. they are missed because of it. The picture is too small. The articles don't fit the screen. It doesn't need to be timed. Needs some work.
Very good app I also like the ease of finding the objects in which is not very frustrating could be a little bit more challenging but I still like this one very much. Great app
Glad to find a hidden object game that doesn't involve going through portals and a flying fairy, good job.
This game is very calm and interesting.Theres so much to find and it is spot of use ,but the ads are really annoying and I hope you can discard them
I just wish you could zoom in a little closer but the game is really good I enjoy playing it .and it makes you think keep up the good work developers you did a nice job on this game. I recommend it highly.
The longer you play the better it gets.getsa little bit harder slowly and this speeds you up without you realising.brilliant
Graphics are the best part of this game. I like the first version a whole lot better !! I'm waiting for more episodes in it !! Please make "Soon" a short period of time !! The 2 stars are for Hidden Journey 2. But, Hidden Journey 1: 5 stars all the way !!!
It's ok and passes time. Pictures listed to find are often so small it's hard to figure out what they are to find.
I love this.big objects to find. More easy since I have macular degeneration and have a hard time seeing small objects. Thank you.
Pretty Easy once you get use to game👍🏼👍🏼 though I have to use my Finger, which sometimes is painful (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sjogrens Diseases. My Hands, Wrists & Fingers are a mess.) Game won't work when I try to use my Stylis.
A little immature in detail work. Show objects clearer, larger. I can not always tell what i am suppose to find. Zoom for objects needed. Same scenario for finding objects is boring.
A very relaxing game. Like the way the items jump out when you find them. Ads are short compared to other games. Very nice job putting this game together.
You can see the actual item they ask you to find. I mean how can you find something when you cant see it well enough to find it among the hidden items
I have enjoyed this experience with the great hidden features and the fact that da games are not complicated and game time,not lot of ads!!! Game is what you asked for. Not all stories, wanted to see, read a story, read a book.
Enjoyable game. I love hidden object games. Some of the objects are rather small so hard to see for this 73 year old lady😀
Just started playing about 10 minutes ago ok so far. Objects need to be bigger so us Older People can see them !
I like this game, I just started but I like the fact that in this game things are a little easier to spot,nice game
Love game but I hate that ad that the female says go damn, you get the message I hope please take that ad off
So far so good I just started playing this game but I love that the objects are bigger where you can see them and you don't have to make the screen bigger
Too easy Am at level 12 - maybe as the levels increase the difficulty factor will also increase. But, at this stage, this game offers no challenge.
I like the game but the only problem is that it has to many ads. Ads pop up alone. For every level that I pass a ad pops up.
The search items are too small to view. Some items you would miss because they also are not viable extremely small other than that, It seems like it would be a game worth playing.
Obviously very similar to the 1st hidden journey, which I enjoyed. But how do I go back to the levels that I failed to get 3 stars? With the 1st hidden journey you were led on through a track where you could replay. Not this one, Seems you have to unistall the game and start again. Sooooo frustrating. What is the answer?
I deleted one such game bc of all the ads. This game is fun and allows you to play not spend time deleting ads.
Great little game . Love the scene on tv that says and I quote "sorry for the fake news". Lol I think this is my favorite game now! Hats off to the writers. That one scene made my day. Good to know not everyone in the world is naive.
Though it is timed, I do not feel too rushed. Items are really easy to find. Not too challenging, but not nerve-wracking either. Does have a calming factor. More important,not too many ads--a definite plus.