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Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by WhaleApp LTD located at hasadnaot 8 Herzeliya. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game it's a lot of fun. But I finished the last level and it froze just when I won 2days free I had to uninstall it and do it over😠
I really love this game but the things l hate is... I have to play 5 match to get only one star ,and if i play without losing 1 match ,lm getting 2 star and the another thing is it takes 2min to increse only one energy ,but i need 40 so if i wait 30 min lm getting 15 so kindly see that
I rated this 5 star last October 3, 2019 and until now up to next year, it's still worthy for a five star! throughout the year I've been playing this game i never seen any problem, and that was awesome! Nice game! Very recommended! And it's getting more interesting as day goes by! edit : [031421] i've noticed that some designs and quality has change, i think it's cool!
Frustrating......I changed phones and had to start from the beginning despite logging in via the correct way.....very disappointing!!!
DON'T SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME!! Your progress is essential to this game. Unfortunately the developers haven't gotten that memo. EXPECT TO LOSE YOUR PROGRESS. They'll reset all rooms to 8 with none of your original decor, and no in game helps. Forcing you to spend very quickly what they give to "help" you get bck to your original progress. Finally as you get bck to where you were the game glitches again and you get to start this process over. Edit: MY WHALE APP ID WAS CONNECTED BUT NICE TRY SAD
Loved this game until about 2 days ago it stopped working. I've restarted the app and still not working. Disappointing that I have to restart it from beginning I have become discouraged to continue playing when I was already far in.
Apology not excepted! It was explained in an Email why I can't have four things back. My advice don't accidentally deleted the game! They took away the only thing that made it playable. I'm not fast. So the "Watch" button was my only option! I loved the game! It sure has been a rollercoaster ride of updates for the past 2 1/2 years. I tried to play it on my phone from scratch. It's to stressfull and not fun anymore!
Yes you have choices to update the hotel but they are all kind of cheesy looking but the graphics themselves are great! Overall the game is good but way to many side challenges!
The game is ok, the main annoying thing is when you start to design your hotel, does there need to be an entire conversation at every upgrade of the hotel? So annoying & wasteful. Soon uninstall if that continues.
It's the second time the game is not loading... I have reached day 22 but the game shows loading 1..... please fix it.. m addicted to it The solution suggested by your team was tried, but it did not work. I have also updated the app and the problem remained. When I open the app, the game is stuck at 1% loading and it does not proceed any further at all. I have also emailed the concerned support team, but I didn't get any response on that. Kindly, provide effective solution.
hi, i love this game the only thing that i don't like is that it takes alot of time to fill the star and my energy keeps finishing before I fill the star...
I went to play the game and it asked me to update it I did ,and when I did it came back in chinese and I lostmy game and all the puzzles also I was close to solving the ring of stones now I have to start all over again ,what kind of game changes the language in the middle just cause you update it and how do I get my game back I was finished with almost every room
I enjoy the game but i lost 5 hours of my free time play i emailed and they said the issue was resolved which it was not. I still have not recieved my 5 hours back of free play.
I love this game! I even got my husband hooked on it, but I wasn't getting the puzzles feature (since I started playing before Christmas 2020). I had to uninstall and re-install to get the feature. I lost all my stars, coins and boosters. I am happy to continue with the new version, but would really like my stars, etc. back. Any way for me to do that? Again, the game is a lot of fun and keeps you entertained while we are locked down. Great fun and features! PROBLEM RESOLVED! Thanks!
Getting beyond a joke now waiting weeks for updates then when it finally comes, get to play a couple of scenes then goes back to waiting weeks again for another update. Never knew a game like it !! Month later and STILL waiting for update !!!! Sort it out.....you have got to be kidding me !!! Finally got an update, got to spend about 5 stars then surprise have to wait for another update Absolutely beyond a joke .
I hate it! When I want to play, the app keep getting close. I already day 74 and I have 204 stars in it. Do you want to cheat me? I already uninstall the game and downloaded it again, but it is still same. You updated the story for many months and now I can't play it What is it??
I have been playing this game since the beginning and kind of fell off for a while because it had gotten difficult to earn stars. I was really excited to see all the new events and different puzzles, I love playing again and can't wait to unravel the secrets. I also had some dialogue that hadn't worked and then the app updated and it was fixed, today it just doesn't want to let me in and keeps stopping. I checked and there is a new update, I'm sure it will fix itself soon.
This used to be one of my favorite games, but I had alot of problem with it freezing and than if i would have to delete and reinstall and lose alot of my progress after several times of set backs I didn't play as much now they updated it and made it much more difficult to earn your stars not happy with the new update
The great graphic n new tasks attract me in dis game. Hidden hotel game is amazing. New updates bring new changes n challenges. Symtym I face problems in the game due to graphic. But I enjoy alot
Nice game but slow to add to the story. They added a bunch of side games that I really don't like. One you reach the end of days they have it takes months to get new ones. There are clubs but not a good way to search for new or active clubs. Otherwise it would get more stars from me.
The game keeps closing before it even loads up all the way..been doing this since I did a software update. Please fix the crashing issue..it is a great game
Love the game and would've rated it more stars if it didn't take so long to fill up your energy once depleted and it takes too much energy per try to play used to be less. Also shouldn't have to use hard earned stars to start new days make phone calls etc those should only be for restoring the hotel.
I love this game! I play this one over other hidden objects games because there is so many different scenes and this game changes it up frequently to where the scenes will be reversed and the objects to find are not in the same spot every time. It also has funny characters. Update: I absolutely love this game! It's still my favorite! It's not hard but it can be challenging and I like how I can play enough without having to buy anything. There is options to buy more energy and coins.
Totally useless. Not even worthy of 1 star. I have reached to a high level and now the game doesn't open. Neither online nor offline. Totally disappointed
I really love this game and I finished all the days and waiting for the new updates, but I have over 200 stars that I don't know what to do with, I continue playing cause I love to to find things but I'm not that excited as I was when I start playing it, maybe you can make a competition or additional options that demand using stars so I'll be eager to earn more of them again, I don't know if it's doable or not but it's a suggestion anyway ✌
Bug/Error. There seems to be an issue with the dialogue not working. I try to talk to Mario but I get code show up instead of actual dialogue. I enjoy the story so please can this be fixed?! *I am sending screenshots as requested*
I have always loved playing this game, but during the down time while they were freaking new stories....not of my stars saved or even registered.🀨
I've been playing this game since pretty much the beginning. I love it! It's fun, and challenging. I love the bonus games too! I do wish they would update faster, but the bonus games and team play help in the meantime. The game has gotten so much better since it started, and continues to improve with every update. If you like week and find games, I highly recommend hidden hotel!
A year later, I uninstalled this from my phone and put it on my tablet. My intent was to start again. THAT is how much I enjoy this game. There is no mindless matching, just searching for items in really fun rooms and renovating the Hidden Hotel. The scenes are cheerful and bright instead of gloomy and hard to look at like so many similar games. Make no mistake, it becomes progressively more difficult, but I still love it!
I can't play the game after this recent update. The game won't open cause it stuck while loading the game's data from the beginning. Please fix it. Thank you.
Love the game. Was caught up waiting for the next update and it stopped working. Uninstalled and reinstalled and lost everything and game won't run. It keeps kicking me out.
love the new format and option to choose room to play..much better. i love his game now that I can escape the 2x and 3x levels for a bit. if you tried this game before and left..try it again!
I really like the game expecially finding the hidden objects but it doesn't give you enough time considering that when you find something it adds other objects plus it's not always there but later appears on the screen and runs you out of time causing you to fail your task and you miss getting your star. I'll keep playing for awhile but once I'm over it I'm done and will uninstall.
What the heck!! I have to play about 4 times to get only 1 star because we have to pay 1500 coins for triple reward. Plz make there a option to watch advertisement so that we can use triple reward Only because of this i m loosing interest in game
why should i collect energy first? so troublesome. just let me play freely so i can finish the game ugh edit: I apreciate your decision to collect energy first, if it wast, i probably playing this game all day long
I love the game! I've been a fan for a while now!! It is so much fun!!! The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because of technical issues I am having with the game! I can't get into it!
Game crashes then the technical support does nothing for you. Play it's fun but don't waste your money. Also when you do contact them all they do is update your ticket. This will be the 8th time in the last 4 months that I have uninstalled (after no answer from technical support other than my ticket being updated) & reinstalled and will probably be starting over again. So don't waste your money. Just play for fun, plus when you have to restart it this many times you get through levels faster
This apk costly many time and it lavel is too hard time is short.i finish and open 9 step.app developer is mad.all lavel is hard.every body lessen don't instead this apk. First time i thing it grate apk but that time is bad. Every time it cost MB.i unstalled apk in time.thnaks
I rated this 5 star last October 3, 2019 and until now up to next year, it's still worthy for a five star! throughout the year I've been playing this game i never seen any problem, and that was awesome! Nice game! Very recommended! And it's getting more interesting as day goes by!
Again I m facing bug issue.. Afterter every 2 days dis bug issue comes up and I m not able to access game.. can u please fix it for once only.. As I don't like and hate to reinstalled n start playing from beginning..
Omg it takes you forever to do decorate because when you finish a puzzle they barely give you any credit towards a star. Some of the hidden objects are very hard on the eyes especially playing on a phone. They need to change that or give more time.
Lots of fun. But when I got to day 14 it stopped working won't load my game and now I have to uninstall and reinstall it all over again this is the second time this has happened. The first time I was on day 41. That is the biggest problem I have with the game otherwise I love playing it.
Love this game. Beautiful and very detailed scenes. playing about 2 yrs now...would like the event scenes to change every year. Overall simple game and zero ads. Thanks a lot.
My energy was not increasing. When I leave the game, the energy was 5, but after leave it for almost 24 hours, why the energy just increase to 20? After leaving 24 hours, the energy should be maximum(360), but why it increased so slow? Please fix it. Tq
I don't know whats happening. I just downloaded it. I click on play see the storyline and then it never load. THE GAMES STOPS itself. I even tried reinstalling but no use. Is there any bug in the updates verison. I really wanted to try this game out.
OK game.. Fun.. Just to wait for new features and updates takes the fun out of the game sometimes... And the "clue helpers" are kinda pricey.. That's all. Other then that it's kinda fun, great progress.. Great visual.
After trying to download after 2 days .... nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it's not giving me the option to connect and upload my progress. I've been playing this game for well over a year and am so miffed to put it mildly. Please help. I do not want to start from the beginning. THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE. ISSUE HAS BEEN SORTED!
I love playing this game, I just hate losing all of my progress in a second. I had worked so hard to build up stars and gold, and now it bumped me back to day 1 and got rid of all my progress. Very frustrating indeed.
Best game till so far. Great experience. I'm glad every task doesn't need 2 stars and It's fun and easy to clear every location. Glad to be part of Valentine's Day event. Enjoyed a lot. πŸ’«β™₯️
Excellent game! Super fun and addictive. Although I do have some problems. The game always asks me to update and when I do so, they make me uninstall other apps from my device. And it still doesn't update like it should. And, I have to play 5 rounds to get one star and the amount of energy for each game is way to expensive.
Scene is well lighted. Time is manageable. Do not need tri focal glasses to see objects. Very fun and entertaining!!!
I love this game.but last few days I can't even get I to open up, keeps crashing and I don't want to start over....fix problem please!....they worked with me to fix it, thank you. UPDATE, THEY EMAILED SEVERAL TO HELP.WORK IT.OUT!
I lost my game for second time because of freeze ups after updates. I'm not starting over. Really liked the game, very disappointed.
Nice game to play. Please add a button to delete or block players who keep sending messages while playing the game.It will be very useful to every players in this game
The very super game that we can use r brain to search those thing that they ask u can increase the memory to search those things I will be so. I will give the πŸ’― to this game. So play and give them a good .plz play and be supported Tq
I really enjoy this game ... but my one big complaint is that past the hotel stage the game becomes so hard that it is almost impossible to progress without doing in app purchases. Also grandfathers house is impossible to figure out how to get new decor options.
It's a lovely game .as the level reaches high the game becomes more harder. It's really a nice game 😘😘. We can't play the game without updating it
Probably the best hidden object game I've played. It does better played on a laptop than a tablet. The game can stop playing as you progress in the game on a tablet, and slows game play by kicking you out of the game and you need to re-enter the game.
Update: After this new update, its constantly crashing and I lost my progress. Yes Ive tried to log in/out multiple times. Its extremely fustrasting. I do enjoy the game and was looking forward to playing after day 64 but I cant. I really liked the game. However, I guess I finished it because I have been waiting for a week for more quest after day 62
I am addicted to this game but one problem is there... While I am using the app my phone automatically being hanged. After I play for a while then if I recognise the things also it will not work. Please sort out my issue. But the game is awesome just love it
Love the game but have to wait for the updates to go any further of the story, towards the beach, which if takes too long. Why do we have to wait for the beach story, and for the hotel it was going smoothly
Keeps crashing after update I love love this game and would reccomend but after the last update the game continues to crash. The whale app team has tried to help but nothing is getting better. The game is fun to play and you can advance without spending money, but I chose to spend to help me. I really hope this is fixed since I have spent $$
Game was going good until I had to update , and now I can't get the game to open up , and from the sound of the other reviews, I will have to uninstall and install again . I don't won't to lose my progress
After getting an update, this game is crashing constantly. Makes the game frustrating and I am unwilling to uninstall and lose all my progress. I still try to go in and play because the game is that FUN. Hope the crashing issue can get resolved. Also, since the upgrade, part of my screen is blocked which makes it difficult to locate all the items.
Hi....I have received a mail from you regarding my problems with the game and I have received a reply on the 12/2/2021 saying the problem will be fixed soon but I still can't get into my game and I am afraid to uninstall and then reinstall the game I don't want to loose my progress in the game as I am at day 75 in die game and I have been playing the game for longer than 18 months I think almost 2 years so please fix the problems or I am deleting the game and I won't install it again.
Why i cant renovate after i updated the game ? I was playing in a crown parts.. the task said u guys was working hard to make a new story then should i have to wait for u n just played the game without renovate anything ? *this made me upset.. πŸ˜”
I really like this game, but I have an issue with it. I have this version in English, but when I go play a game to (find objects) for some reason, the objects are written in different language, which I don't understand, I tried to restart the game a restarted my phone, but nothing works. It really upsetting as I just paid a bundle, and I cannot even play.
I like this game but It's been a week I can't open my game... Loading only 1% I've been trying to play but shows only 1% ..... I'd already updating my game but I am still can't play... What happen??
I have been playing this game for over a year, and have enjoyed it for the most part. I do share some of the frustrations of others, however, and that is the reasoning for it earning less stars. I have grown tired of the "trips" that have been happening repeatedly when I just want to play the hotel game. Also, as others have said, stars are slow to earn and wasted on nonsense. But the biggest frustration is that the game only intermittently loads now since my phone has updated.
Use to be fun. App keeps closing when I got in received my daily gift of 30 mins free play..and of course the app now keeps closing won't let me play there goes the free play
Love love love this game ❀️❀️❀️ I have not found another hidden object game that I have followed as long as this one. Graphics are awesome, customer service is very helpful, it's been a journey but one worth taking!! Excited for what's to come 😊
I love playing the game but the time for updating new levels and unlocking rooms is beyond ridiculous. You are always playing same levels and you get told they update every month but reality is closer to 3 months and usually can only unlock one room at a time. Sometimes 2 but don't hold your breath! 75 is highest day to get to now. Lots of glitches. So disappointed as this game has ability for great potential.
I really like this game very much and it is so much interesting and very easy to play. I really like to renovate different furnitures and things in the hotel. It's different types of features like stories, memories and the competition part makes is my favourite. It is a memorable game for me. I don't having any problem from this but a bit it takes some time to load and in the the elevator. Keep making fun games like this.Thanks for making this game. ''πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜‰ Enjoyable game πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜‰''
I love play this game. It was fun and different. But please fixed the error. I have completed my event decoration for the valentine but did not receive the last reward. I sent many emails to them but only auto reply each time. So dissapointing. Please fixed the bug.
This game is a lot of fun. Remember to pinch to zoom. I got pretty far in the game and forgot you could do that - save your eyes. Since the last update, I have not been able to get into my game. Tech support has been great but nothing is working. At the next update, I hope I can get all of my progress, purchases, and my streak back.
Like the game and would like to keep playing but lost all progress at last update. Contacted and waiting on answer. Hope they can tell me what happened. Quick response from support team. Game fixed within less than 24 hours! Thank you!
Had a rocky start in the beginning, but the game has in proved considerably over the two years it has been out. They continue to add new scenes and objectives keeping the game fresh. The support team is also top notch.
I've been playing this game for a while now. I love it! However recently it won't launch. I can't get the game open. It just stops and exits. I've Uninstalled and downloaded again with no change.
Love the game but it keeps crashing. Now it won't even open at all just immediately crashes. If it actually worked it would be a great game.
I have been back for awhile now. The game is much more enjoyable. There are more options to earn energy too. I hope this took the old review out this time. It is different then when i left. A good challenge
It's a good game but it requires you to play a lot of times just to get a star even when your rewards are doubled.
I've been playing this game for a long time now and have absolutely loved it..but now that I'm caught up to the days u have they are taking months to get a new room ugh..I see upgrades on play but I dont know what's upgraded? I've had to replay the same things over and over it's getting really annoying..I've also paid for this game now and again and I'm sure others have too.please just give us new rooms ..
Excellent game! Beem playing for almost a year now. Basically, you find hidden objects in scenes. Then you get to follow the storyline and make the hotel nice. Fun game. The only negative i can find is energy takes ages to build up energy to play scenes. Also the support staff are amazing! My game reset to the beginning after i made an whale id. I contacted them, they replied straight away and restored my game straight after. Couldnt believe how fast they were!
I was playing for a couple of weeks now, then suddenly when I reached Day 11 the games doesn't work anymore. Tha background music is still playing but I can't move the screen, it stock at the garden part. I really enjoying this game, please help me to fix it.
Everytime this app updates I lose a lot of my progress and have to redo levels that I had already completed and its so irratating!
before I sent a screenshot to an email, but there was no response. playing just 1 round has stopped, cannot be continued with the excuse of making a new story. locked for a long time, unable to play. disappointing.
You need to fix the game. Everytime I go to play I open the app and hit play them I get kicked out. Last time it happened I deleted the game and reinstalled it and lost everything. I'm not doin that again I'm to to far into the game. Please fix this
Love this game...entertaining, nice graphics, not too crazy abt the storyline but can be skipped easily. Some challenging puzzles with the detective, coins and search tools are achieveable. Tech support is very helpful and very prompt response...I had problem after day 73 and had to reinstall and they helped me...so, I encourage to go to the website link on the contact developer to submit request for assistance.
Love the difficulty, graphics, and story telling. My new favorite game and I haven't felt forced to pay to win. Very addictive!
UPDATE: So now you have to buy 2 to get 1 free in the offer? And you've upped the prices & no longer offer .99? πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž The cobwebs in the Rock Garden are almost not visible even magnified.. maybe you could darken them a bit so they can be seen. The find 1 in 3 levels give you credit for time remaining on the last object which gives you almost no credit towards getting closer to the star & the find 1 out of 3. Other changes seem to be getting better for players though, so thank you for that.
The game is really starting to suck now, it erased a lot of my work twice and now it freezes. My wife's game erased all her work twice and had to start over each time. Even the upgrades takes your stages away.
I like the gane, but after loading the 2.27.2021 update on my Samsung S10, the game is no longer playable. It crashes every time after pressing Play.
Who doesnt like a good a Mystery, designing a Hotel and looking for items in cools places!! This is better than most hidden puzzel games because the story plot is fun and I really like the designing factor too! Young or old will get kick out of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery!β›²πŸš€πŸ˜
This game was so much fun in the beginning, but now I'm so frustrated! I waited so long for an update and now it kicks me off when I try to log on! Don't waste your time!
The game is not loading after 1% from 2 days now! It is updated to the latest version and it was doing fine! But now it's frozen and I am missing on my Christmas decoration event! I love this game and don't want to delete it so please help me! I am on like day 45!
Pretty fun to play. Love the idea for Story and decoration and making it all hidden object to play. But I don't really fans of the competition since it is often annoying with a very short time in a new place and sometimes too small items. And when we fail, must start from beginning.
This game could be really good if it didnt keep freezing and crashing. I have played it several times and then suddenly it wont open. I have cleared space and cache but no change. Please fix I have spent money on this game and i want to play it again
The best game i ever saw! Full of mystery and there's a lot of curiosity what will happen next. I think everyone should try this game for once. The makers of this game are so intelligent.
Its a great and addictive game. But after the update for christmas, the game keep on crashing. Ive uninstall and reinstall again and some of my progress were lost eventho ive linked it to my fb accnt. If not for these crashes, it would have been a 5 star game.
I've been trying to play this game for the past few weeks and it keeps stopping or either freezing up. I've been seriously considering uninstalling but I'm afraid if I do, I'll have to start all over again
Awesome game, but it doesn't have the other kinds of games in it that are advertised. Like the pic where you apparently have to figure out how to put out a fire.
These game is perfect for those that like to find things & decorate places. It is so much fun. However, the developer did not increase more level after all the beach level is passed. Hope to explore more. I see more of the hidden hotel. Looking forward for new hidden places.
Nice game but the only problem is except renovation I have to use the star in such small things Like meeting someone Opening the package Receiving guest I just hate this
I really Love playing the Game But I Have not been able to play it for a Few Days cause it will not load will not get past 1 percent and I believe I am all the way up to Day 75 I I have Several Times Please fix this so I can Keep Playing
Love this game!! It is really challenging! especially the puzzle one. I play this game since 2020 until now. I hope the game still continues..
I love this game. Sometimes its a little boring but playing even a little bit everyday is enough to keep me entertained which is good because I get bored easily.