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Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Adriaan de Jongh located at Europalaan 500 3526 KS Utrecht The Netherlands. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm not usually a fan of hidden object games, but I enjoyed Hidden Folks. Between the interactivity, the noises, and the amusing clues, I found there was enough going on to keep me entertained. It's a bit annoying to have paid for content that's now free, but I don't really mind supporting indie developers who produce quality games like this.
I really love the game. I don't usually feel very challenged by games but this one keeps me thinking. One problem, I have found characters and touched them but they do not get acknowledged. There is one in most of my completed levels. Is that happening to anyone else?
(Edit: I'm very much hoping for a new area soon!) This game is highly satisfyingly and incredibly wonderful! All of the sounds and interactions are amazing. My husband even said that it's cool! He has rarely said that about the games I play. I do have two complaints however. It could be a little more challenging and the game could be longer. I've only been playing for a couple days and I'm almost finished, which is a huge bummer because I love it so much!
Love it! Makes finding "stuff" lots of fun,funny noises+just exploring,without being on a timer is a great change.although some hints would b real helpful in places. A real keeper.
Took a bit to get used to but when I did absolutely love it! Please create more levels, I will pay to play!
I love the game! Have finished the game in the span of a week and half, hope there will be an update.
Amazing! I love hidden object games and this has taken a new twist on this theme. I won't give away any clues apart from.....Look everywhere! Also read the clues of the people/items to find, believe me this will help as you get further and further into the game. Well done to the devs for such a great game.
Absolutely love this game. Thanks for putting in all the work to make this game so much fun. Unfortunately I'm not seeing the update but I will keep looking. Keep up the great work.
This game is beautiful!!! It has been worth every cent and more and I cannot recommend it enough. You can tell that a lot of effort was put into creating each level -- there's so much detail, down to the little noises that sound like they're all made by a person? So cool!!!
Loved, loved, loved it! Hard to find good hidden object games where it's not really dumbed down and boring. I loved that it was monochromatic, too, since it made it that much harder. Loved all the sounds and actions you could make the game do. Loved that it wasn't the same objects over and over and made super obvious, like most hidden object games. Hate that I'm finished! Fabulous job, guys!!! MORE, MORE MORE!!!!! PS...I already purchased the addition and finished. Get to work making more!
I loved this game so so much. Where's Waldo meets animated, interactive folks. HUGE maps that I love, and a nice blend of quicker ones to warm you up. To the creators: there was so much heart in this game. I clicked everything just to see the interaction. The time and effort that must have been put in shows beautifully. I know this is basically just a little stick figure I Spy, but you guys made it so engaging and personalized... I'm just stunned. You have a great team.
I usually do not get into hidden object games but this one is so unique. I love the artwork. More then 5 stars. Keep levels coming.
This game is simple and enthralling, simply enthralling. It's unlike any I've played and I adore it for its naked honesty, humorous imagination, and clever conception. This was included in the play pass, but I would 100% pay for this app. Thank you for making it. 💚
The best best best hidden objects game ever! I clear my cache so I can play it again. And again. It's hidden objects in plain sight with enough challenge to make it so fun. Download this game. You will be so glad you did! (I am generally happy to watch ads and play the free versions of most apps. I loved this one so much that I gladly gave them the pittance that they ask.)
Game is beautiful, both visual and acoustically. But recently I've lost all the sound in game. Could uou please help me?
It's basically an "where's Wally". Pretty neat. I like it. Back to basics. Just find the characters. I didn't mind paying a small price for some casual entertainment like this.
I love hidden object games and this one is of great quality. The charm or the sound effects with the simple drawings and animations is highly satisfying. Well worth a few dollars to support! I hope the developer makes more games because I would definitely buy them all.
The coolest hidden object find-it game I've ever seen. Everything's interactive: you have to open the doors and move clouds and tap the trees and dig up x"s that mark- the-spot, etc. It's like an ultimate lift- the z flap book, where's Waldo find-it game, with humorous little storylines throughout.
This game is awesome. It looks simple and I was worried it would be too easy but it's really challenging. The sound effect are cute and it's really interactive. Leave no stone unturned and no hole undug. Bravo!
the best hidden object game for mobile that i've ever played. really scratches that itch. the hand drawn scenes and whimsical hints are really creative.
Thank you for the extra levels!! --- This is the first hidden object game I downloaded (after discovering how much fun they are playing the scavenger hunts in Two Dots) and I was not disappointed! The level of detail in each scene is amazing and endlessly entertaining. I was so disappointed when I finished it all that I bought the bonus scenes. Kudos to the creator, this is one brilliant game that I recommend to everyone that likes challenging hidden object games, this is one of the best!
Loved every bit of it. No timers or racing the clock for a better score, yet still challenging. Just enjoying the artwork and fun sound effects at a relaxing pace was perfect. More please!
Would be 5 stars if S-pen was supported. The pen can click on things but it can't move the screen, and with such huge scenes you're constantly moving the screen so the S-pen is useless. Hopefully the developers can fix this. Other than that the game is fun but sometimes overwhelming so I can't play it too long. But I haven't found a hidden object type game that's hard enough, so Hidden Folk is good in that way.
Really fun and different hidden object game. If you liked lift- the- flap books as a kid, you'd like this game. You have to open tents, move clouds, shake trees, etc. to find the objects in your list. Great fun
If you were a fan if Where's Waldo as a kid then go ahead and pick this up. It's basically an interactive version of that with some very light puzzling sprinkled in. I prefer playing it in the sepia tone but it also offers a night mode along with the standard black and white. The sounds are the right kind of quirky and it's quite amusing to find all the interactables in each area. There's no right or wrong way to explore so if you stumble onto a target that you weren't looking for, it's OK.
Great game ruined by the licence check. So I can't play this often when offline because the developer is punishing us who buy the app to stop a very small amount of people crack. The license check doesn't affect people who crack the game only us who buy it. Why would the Devs do this when it doesn't even stop people cracking your game! Remove this license check and stop publishing us who give you our money, only for you to lock us out of our own paid for game
I loved this game it was actually challenging at times and super funny. Only complaint is that I ran out of levels!!
A creative, well made and (at times) frustrating game that's more than worth the price. I recommend, if you can, playing it on a tablet. Even though it's easy to zoom in, and phone screens are getting bigger, I've found playing it on my 10 inch tablet is the best experience. It's challenging but it's also fun.
Exceptional! I absolutely loved this game. Its is a super simple concept but gets gradually more challenging, it's also really funny, game play is smooth, it really makes you smile, the sound effects are brilliant, and although the design looks super simple it's also incredibly detailed. They have really thought a lot about the player, this game is exactly what every game should be - easy to start playing, challenging to win, and it brings so much joy. Thank you!
Loved the game but just got frustrated with not being able to find everything. Plus I was on the Expedition level and after getting him over the bridges, he's to supposed to go the monkey island, and my boat disappears.
I've had this game for a while now and loved it. I forgot about it for a few weeks and came back to finish the remaining levels. Now the game won't load anymore. The screen says "Checking license..." and then goes black. Came to google play and updated the app but it still didn't work. I'm disappointed that I might have to uninstall and reinstall the game and lose my progress.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Hidden Folks. The detail that was put into it is absolutely brilliant and unique. When I found Q*bert hidden in there I knew I was hooked. Great job and thank you so much for sharing this game with the world.
I am absolutely in love with this game. I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I love that all of it is hand drawn. Worth every penny.
Have played just a few levels but it's so fun! 😂 Funny sounds too! And cute minimalistic graphics (But what's that about the "checking licence" while being offline, though? Can't I play why offline? 🥺 Wish I could)
I love that the maps scale in size, and the voice work that went into all producing all the sounds. While most hidden object games are about finding things as fast as possible, this game really invites you to explore each map. In fact, you have to interact with them in order to solve them. Overall, a really delightful experience. Another shout out to the sound editing for continuing to make me smile.
Very fun hidden object game with great art and sound work. It's fun and challenging. It has s-pen support which is great as well. My only complaint is that some things don't feel consistent or you don't know which objects can be interacted with. Some pictures something does something and in the next that same item does nothing. Would love to see DLC or a second game.
Brilliant little game, plus it seems very kid friendly. I'm not the hugest fan of all the sound effects, but I'm certain i would have loved them as a child. The little hints you can get by clicking one of the things to find are great. The only thing I can really think of that would improve the game is color, which I would love to see in a sequel.
Love, love, love this game! Far and away the most clever and engaging game I've found. Hoping more areas are coming soon!
Worth all the money - it's like "Where's Waldo?" on steroids. Zero ads. Play this instead of crappy time killers.
Quite clearly, it is time to explore! And oh what a delightful and entertaining place to visit. A highly recommended adventure to while away the hours.
Super cute, fun game for any age that's easy to get lost in. I love the little noises the characters make, and finding all the hidden folks is a good challenge.
This is the first review I've ever done on the app-store. Let me just say this game is amazing and the creators are super friendly! My wife does not game and this is the only game she will play with me. I had an issue with the newest version not being able to launch (after the most recent update as of 6-4-2020) I emailed the creator/support and within minutes I got a response and within about 15 mins the game was up and running no problem. Even sent a follow-up email to ensure things worked. 🙂
This is one additive game! I play in stages, when I cannot find any more objects..I come back to the game later!!
Brilliant hidden object/puzzle game.LUV the fact that sometimes you need to make certain things happen&solve riddles b4 you find the object you're looking for, in addition to regular hidden objects in the picture.That sets it apart!Everything is so detailed the pics tell great stories,full of humor.They are very tiny tho,so it might be better with a larger screen instead of zooming/scrolling alot on my tiny Samsung SJ7 Crown.I wish it was avail in the AmazonApp store to use on my Fire tablet.
This game is pretty amazing. It's a merge between a point- and- click and a hidden objects game. The sound effects everytime you click on something are actually pretty funny, it probably took AGES to record all of those sounds! Lol. Hats off, this game is great! I would most certainly recommend. :)
Amazing, a lot of heart and soul went into this game, and it really shows. One of the most original and fun games I have played! Thank you for making it, I recommend it to everyone!
I know the game was made for kids but adults who are detail-oriented will love this game...some patience required to discover all items asked for on each level.
Unusual game of finding hidden people. Really nicely done and addictive. Hilarious touches here and there and yet it is fun for adults because the artwork is so mesmerizing. Children can play it too. Well worth it to get this game. I wish there was a part two.
Really fun experience with the perfect amount of difficulty too keep me wanting more 👏 took me a pretty long time but I wish it never had to end 😭
Game is beautiful, both visual and acoustically. But recently I've lost all the sound in game. Could uou please help me? Upd. It's working again. Don't know what was the issue, thou
Brillant game , both relaxing and a little frustrating at the same time but simplistic and so enjoyable 😄 😊
Salute to the creators. What an amazing piece of artwork. Yeah, i really meant artwork, because i like game with such simple yet detailed drawings. Even after i have finished all the findings, i still enjoy looking through them multiple times. The pictures make me feel that this is a beautiful world. After all, we all played games to run away from this ugly and cruel world, didnt we? This type of game is really more sensible and humane than all those conquering and contesting silly games.
Have just played a few levels but it's so fun! 😂 (What's that about the "checking licence" while being offline, though?)
So. Much. FUN. The art and sounds are so endearing, I often get lost just looking at all of the little hidden funny folks. Love this game with my whole heart.
I loved this game, it can wile away hours and can be challenging too. My only gripe is there is not any chance at all for a little help to find something when you are really stuck, apart from the given hints with each character. The smaller scenes in between can also take forever to work out what you have to do sometimes. All in all a refreshing change from the match 3 give us your money type games. Please please give us some more levels.
Really liked this game. Cute little animations, difficult but not overly so. Sometimes you get lucky spotting the thing or person you're looking for, sometimes you have to figure it out from the clues. If you play things like Rusty Lake and other games like that, this game is totally worth the money for the full version.
With its uniquely beautiful artwork and interactive content, this game had me hooked. Animated hidden object games like Hidden Folks are hard to find (I think the Two Dots occasional scavenger hunts is the only other worthy mention) , so thank you for the new levels. Looking forward to future updates 😁
For some reason when I was halfway through snow level 2 the game crashed. Everytime I open it, it's a blank white screen. I have to gesture back about 4-ish times and the menu screen loads. I can open any level I have earned, except snow level 2.
Would be 5 stars if S-pen was supported. The pen can click on things but it can't move the screen, and with such huge scenes you're constantly moving the screen so the S-pen is useless. Very disappointing. Hopefully the developers can fix this.
Charming hand-drawn graphics with interactive elements and a smattering of puzzles, some of them surprisingly tricky, make this the most engaging hidden object game I've played. Each hidden object has a description that can point you in the right direction, but that doesn't mean this is easy! I just wish there were more levels! P.S. The only similar hidden object game I've found so far is Two Dots. It's mainly a matching game, but it has regular hidden object events.
I love this game! It's kind of like Where's Waldo crossed with Richard Scarry only the little folks move. I was surprised just how much I did like it. I just kept playing! When I had a problem with it loading and contacted the developer I quickly got a friendly answer. I hope there's another update soon! Oh, be sure to check out the credits!
I wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded this game, but I'm so in love now haha. It's charming, it's funny, it's straightforward with just enough twists, and it's just really well done. There are so many small touches that create such an enjoyable playing experience.
Enjoyed this game and can't wait for some new levels! Maybe a space themed one or an underwater one would be really good!
Absolutely wonderful. This game is such a delight, as much as I suck at it, I love it to bits. The sounds just made from a person's mouth add an extra charm to this wonderful looking and playing game. Would give 50 stars if possible.
Amazingly fun and addicting! Makes it just the right level of difficulty where I want to scream but sooooo satisfying when I find it. Such an awesome game!! The levels are drawn with amazing detail and the sounds are hilarious. I recommend it to anyone who loves to play hidden object games. Best one yet! :)
I totally love this game! It's cute, entertaining, challenging relaxing! It's so simple yet beautifully made. One of my favourite ways to pass some time.
Fantastic experience. Lovely little story that seems to run through the game. The images can be huge an detailed with interactable elements giving the game a good difficulty. Also purchased this on Steam and spend a long time on it.
Loads of fun and very well done. Please check the station scene though. I found Salma but I can't seem to tag her.
Got this from play pass. Great game! Very interesting, challenging, really cute sounds! The animations are adorable!
I looooove this game! The artwork, the action, the design of the game! The only problem I have is that I want MORE!!!! I'd much prefer an endless amount of this game. I could play it forever and not get bored!
This is one of the only games I've ever played that keeps me 100% occupied for literally HOURS. So enjoyable and challenging! Really look forward to new areas. Don't be deceived by its look -- those simple black and white images really test your eye!
Such a pleasure to play this game, no constant ads, no loud noises, no hounding to give reviews. I have ocd and struggle to find anything to take my mind away from my thoughts. Highly recommend to anybody. My 7 year d daughter also loves this game and the illustration. Please add more levels :)
I got this game via Play Pass. I probably wouldn't have downloaded and paid for it otherwise. Play Pass gives you the chance to try out new games. This is now a favourite game my son and I play together! We love all of the hidden areas in the game and the audio is funny. We love the drawings. It must have been hard work for the developers to create this. Highly addictive and entertaining. My son's favourite are the hairy faced Yeti's that come out of the caves in the snowfields.
This game is something special. It is the greatest mobile game I have ever played, and it now holds a place in my heart. The creators of this game executed everything perfectly. From the humor to the levels. All of it is great so if you are able to get this game please do. It's a delicacy.
Adriaan, Sylvain, Celine, Martin, Bram, Mitty, and Aran thank you for this super cool update. Looking forward to your new projects too as if they are half as wonderful as Hidden Folks I will be instantly hooked. Updated June 2020 This is a wonderful game. It is a real quirky treat. The visuals are amazing and the sound effects are super cute. I have reset the game and replayed it a few times now. I need a new levels please!
Awesome twist on hidden objects/people. Can't wait for more places 2 discover. Got this game from Google play pass & couldn't b happier. Things get a little tricky & there were times when I wished I had more than 1 hint. Otherwise I highly recommend the download. Samsung galaxy note 10+ new update as of 6/4/2020 can't wait to see it!
Personally 5/5 if it wasn't for the license check. I go to that doesn't have good internet all the time and behold my surprise when I opened this app to kill time and it was stuck on checking for my license. A fun little game otherwise but can't you make it check for a license every so often instead of every opening? 2 out if 5 for this.
It's great! I get a chuckle from the little figures, and spend a peaceful time searching for hidden objects. I love that it's interactive and sometimes you have figure out a puzzle (which are integrated in the game rather than separate screens). Little folks is my little happy place.
I really enjoyed this puzzle. The artwork is amazing and it's really interesting. I look forward to more like this.
This game doesn't even bug you to leave a review but I just have to because it's the most enjoyable and chilled mobile game I've played in a while. I love the simple art, and the sound effects are hilarious. The hints give just enough info. The proximity audio effect helps put you in the little world to get lost in, especially if you have a racing mind. Scrolling through and observing the little character helps give my mind something to focus on. I love this game so much. It's worth the money.
This game really sucked me in in a way I haven't felt since I was a kid doing those old I Spy and Where's Waldo books. Many of the maps are gigantic, which helps keep the levels from being beaten too soon. The art is adorable and distinct enough to not have too much trouble finding people blending into crowds. Almost everything has a unique animation or sound when tapped. A lot of love went into this and it shows. My only regret was that it eventually ended. 5/5!
The game is good, the artstyle and the sound effects are refreshing and original, however sometimes you've found the right person where the clue says but it turns out that's not the one, it's super frustrating, I wish there was only one of the folks you're supposed to find.
This is by far the best and most fun "searching" game I've ever played. The sound effects are delightful!
This game is wonderful and fun. It is relaxing and searching thru the interactive, detailed drawing is something I really enjoy. I especially like all the noises they made for animals and objects with people sounds. I'd definitely recommend this game. Worth the price.
This game is nothing but fantastic. It's graphics, awesome sound effects, clear and unique wording of the hints, fhe comical aspects of both sound and character. Each scene is a new delightful surpise - well done guys!
Awesome game, had it on pc too but had to play again! Very nice creatively designed, comparable to a massive wheres waldo. Worth it for supporting a very good development team! Hope they make more and more and more!!!
Hints are amusing and give flavor. Art style is minimalist. Zoom needs to be increased, especially if I'm hunting a golf ball on the regular.
Not as much fun as I hoped it would be. Although you can zoom on the game area where you are trying to find the hidden people and objects, you can't zoom on the pictures showing you what to look for. I've done a lot of random tapping as a result and have often wound up "finding" things completely accidentally. The sound effects are cute and nice sense of humour though.
So fun! I love finding all the hidden things. It's so fun opening doors, drawers, manhole covers, moving clouds, throwing snowballs. It gets progressively harder within each theme, but it's so satisfying once you've found all the hidden folk. Looking forward to more chapters of this game.
This is, hands down, the best game I've ever played! Is it difficult? No. But it is certainly entertaining and take clever! I've played it through several times and can't wait for more new levels!
I love this game so much. My dad first showed me and then I just got it myself. I was scared that it would be bad because I spent my money on it, but its amazing. I like the sounds. Its very time consuming as well. In a good way.