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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game night experience with the right group of people. This game is meant to talk amongst each other in order to enhance the gaming environment.
great game but I didn't get any achievements from the between friends section and we only played in 3 people lol
Constantly disconnecting. Cant even play half the time. Awesome game if y can actually stay connected
The story is good but if you fail, you have to replay the whole game if you want to finitthe story. Really frustrating
Well, the game itself was pretty lame and predictable, but since this review is about the app, I'm giving it five stars. Connection was perfect, and easy to do. First time we played we had 5 people, and we were all able to connect our phones with the game within seconds. Even when the router was accidentally unplugged, the game reconnected instantly when the wifi was restored. TL;DR: Boring and predictable game, but great app functionality.
Laggy, imprecise, couldn't get past the first couple scenes in co-op mode without one of us disconnecting
The app keep connect to the wrong user despite typing the correct user name and reinstall the app still havs the same issue with connection to the right user pls fix asap
This app worked efficently. My family and I did not have a single problem when connecting to the game. For the game itself, it was very fun and engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat. 100% reccomend to other people looking for a game to play that has suspense and mystery in it.
Would be great. Started to play, and then it disconnected me and now everytime I try to start the game, it won't let me past the 'choose a colour' portion in selection.
Interesting concept which was released without having the game fully tested and fixed. Really bad game in which competitive gameplay is not working. You simply cant select who you think has hidden agenda mission. Id refund it if it was possible.
Beat the game, case closed, but that son of a b****, the control is really annoying, think this will be the last kinda a game i'll be playing, i love the story, but not the control.
Unneccessary app. Game could have easily just let people use controllers instead of forcing you to download an app to play. If ypu like these types of games check out 'Wales Interactive'. Movie type games with choices; no app necessary.
application works great. anyone who said that it didnt work, connection took too long etc etc. not meant to be rude but im sorry, you guys are really f*****g i***t. theres ps4 hotspot mode which works wonder. no need for fast wifi so read the instruction before cursing this app!
I love the game but the app needs to be more optimized. I can only play through half of the game and then my phone dies, even if my phone is plugged in on the charger.
Although our group found the console game itself to be boring, we had no issues with getting this app installed and connected across a range of Android & iOS devices. No complaints with performance and ease of use. App gets full marks however the console game itself is average.
Can't even downoiad the game I'm left with a waiting for download but I can download other apps fine I'm not sure what it is but this game whatever the issue needs fixed asap
The app seems to work well on Android, friends on iPhones keep disconnecting and are unable to rejoin. Same app in App Store is 2.3 stars so that explains that
Not worth $10 -The game is really boring. It has a good plot and everything but not good execution -The game was very fast paced in some parts but slow with others -Having a tutorial every 5 seconds takes away from the experience, especially if I've already played it -My phone told me hints before I actually got to uncover them -Not enough time on the timed parts -Constantly looking down and missing key moments -To a certain extent I could just use a controller with a sidebar for the other info
I enjoy the game. The app works great. People complaining about it not connecting are apprently incompetent and those complaining about their phones...its just that. The phone. Played through the game my battery is fine.
Crazy game :o definitely worth the ten bucks on PS4. Six hours of entertainment, ten dollars a person for a plain movie, or ten dollars for two to eight people having a great time at home! Definite shouldn't be rated E for everyone though, maybe T or even M.
Husband and I cannot connect to the game using our phones. Mine just says searching for games and my husband's gives him color choices then it reverts back to color choices. My wifi ony phone is connected to ps4 so idk what the problem is.
The app itself takes forever to scan for games and when choose a color it going back into choose a color after connecting for a few seconds. Can please make a update to fix this problem?
I cannot download the app. It gives me error every time I tried to download it. Followed all the steps from the error assistance but it remains the same. Very disappointed...
App was good but the game is poor, Story for the game is slow, it was like watching a film in cartoon than playing a game.
I just found out about this game, after playing, Until Dawn. Where have I been?! This is just what I needed, until they make another game with these similarities. FAN 4 LIFE! Love the graphics. Such scary, emotional choicemaking! Give me more!!! Your Wi-Fi sucks, if you're having issues.
I loved this game and I played it with my family. The story is so cool and I love that you can make choices that affect the whole story. The only thing is that we failed and lost, (we weren't that upset about losing because we wanted to try again and find the killer) but we watched the credits and at the end they told us who it was!!! So so stupid! Like they wanted to make it a one time game! RUINED THE FUN! We were going to play again but it told us who it was and ruined it! 😡😡😡
The app was fine, the only reason I gave it two stars was because at the end if you fail, they spoil it!
Can not use on Chromebook. Pathetic. You can do better. (if you like staring at the start screen, you will like this game. It is a well designed picture. )
Game sucks. Need to update it for 4 hours. Play skylanders instead. It is a much better game for friends and family.
Well it's an amazing game but you must go through like 14 hours of music and words (credits) or wait 5 minutes and the music is boring
Our experience: Look at Tv, Please wait, Look at Tv, Please wait, Look at Tv, Please wait, Look at Tv, Please wait....we never got to play the game. I have an Xperia XA2 Ultra my boyfriend Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Our wifi is super fast so...what's the deal??
Love the way it looks so real and life like and quick deciaions i havent played it yet but i am this weekend bc idk about u had to buy it on ps4 first b4 doing it tho
Would be great if they had a way to save and comeback later. If you log out to play later it'll say "no save detected". This game would be a lot better just using Ps4 controllers rather than phones.
worst app ever!! I tried connecting it to same wifi network witt this app opened. After opening this app several seconds later it goes back to the home page of my device. I tried after getting wifi hotspot on and guess what? The same thing occurs. Please fix this or help me.
Awsome game.. got different results both times i played through. I would purchase more in this genre.
Buggy app or my friends phone, couldn't tell which was the cause of the unresponsive app. Other games where you use your phone, hers acted fine. So I am inclined to think the app is buggy. Game itself? Eh.
Wont download. I have been trying to download and install this app for two days now!!! Its not my phone as im able to download other apps and i have plenty of storage space. When i try to download and install it wont open the file. Then i hit cancel to try it again and the same error...the file wont open. I even tried it on another phone i had to see if it was my phone and the same issue occured. So for that reason i wish i could give this an 0 as i cant install the app to play the game.
It was a great game.. sucks that you have to play it over and over again just for a 100%... anyway. got the good ending at my 2nd playthrough. Also didnt know black canary was in it lol. Beth was my favourite character 😊.
Controls are fine, laggy a bit but it's just the phones making sure they're connected to the PS4 and wifi. Having the phone as the control is better suited than the proper controller. Story is awkward here and there but the game does require multiple playthroughs as your choices affect the story in many different ways - even if you least expect it. Consider investing a lot of time if you DO want all of the endings. Don't play competitive first time if you're playing with friends - or do if you want to ruin some days/nights. Either play the story together or have a competitive "get a good ending" party.
Just an FYI, you need a PlayStation to play this game. It's really fun to play with a group of friends. My only issue is that I get disconnected from the game every once in a while.
This app is not very good. It's very laggy and imprecise, which is a problem during quick time events. It's also a massive drain on device batteries. The app adds nothing to the experience and there's no reason for the studio to not have used a traditional controller, which would have worked much better.
came free with ps4, I understand why its free l. totally stupid that I have to use a cellphone to play a ps4 game. which doesnt even connect. not going to bother giving the game away to frustrate other people. straight to the bin+
Really good game, works well with the phone most of the time however I've found that it's really finicky when searching for clues, especially while you're on a time limit. It's also less responsive if you're charging your phone while trying to play
Very enjoyable, a bit short though and due to the choices not changing the future story that drastically it definitely Lacks relatability. Overall I enjoyed my experience of playing over a friend's house but I may be disappointed if I'd shouldered the cost of the full game myself.