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Hexonnect - Hexagon Puzzle

Hexonnect - Hexagon Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Siebn located at Troppauer Str. 7 86405 Meitingen. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of those. Either way, this is a fun game, and totally worth the download. I enjoy playing it at the end of my day with a nice hot cup of tea. Plus.. No special permissions, no ads! A gift to our brainmeats from the dev.
It's a good game with one killer flaw. If you get stuck on even a single puzzle, there is no way to skip it. One unsolved puzzle and it's game over. Developers make weird decisions sometimes.
I like it but I think it should through you a hint every now and then not many just a few. Like I said I enjoy the game very much it's very mind consuming and dun to play but I get stuck every so often and a hint would be nice!!!!
It's a little hard and i know it has to be difficult to test your arrangement and visual skills but at least you get an image of how a piece is suppose to look like so you know what you're doing. Overall, it's quite impressive.
Much fun to be had. Slight issue where you can scroll the puzzle board askew with an accidental multiple touch, but you can scroll it back again the same way. Watch out for multiple-thickness lines!
My only criticism is that every game needs a starting immoveable block otherwise you have to cheat to get that clue and it's somewhat defective..... A hint option would also be great
Solidly built app with a fantastic concept and proper punch the air type successes when you figure out what's been bugging you and you solve that particular puzzle before the next! Just one star off for the music which makes it all a bit tense for my liking! Good to play with an audiobook though ;)
Wish I could find a game similar to this one. I've had this game installed on 3 different devices and I finally completed all of the puzzles on every level!
It can be very challenging. It's like Net but without the source feature. They're all individual components but what makes it actually interesting is that you may have to move pieces in another position. It has the random level generator as well.
I really did love it but I would like a hint button, since it gets a little tiring after a few days stuck on the same level.
Once you're hooked it's fatal. Good game folks, have 3 games now I just hop between. The graphics are clean and the tiles respond quickly. What more can I say except beware, any spare time will be lost to the game.
Really user friendly!! Thank you for creating a game that you can get better at it before you have to move on to a new level and fail. Great graphics, control and music. This game you can relax, play it and accomplish something without power ups. Also no ads bothering you alllll the time!!
On a small screen it's very difficult to tell the difference between a solid block and a triple bar, and even a double bar. In plenty of puzzles without white links they might as well be different colours. Otherwise awesome.
This game is nigh-on perfect. There are hundreds of predefined levels as well as a pseudorandom level generator. If you get stuck, the solutions are all a click away. The graphics are clean and sharp, the controls are excellent, there are no ads, and it doesn't require any permissions. Why on earth WOULDN'T you download it?
Variety and increasing difficulty of puzzles is engaging. I also liked that I could leave mid-game and not lose progress.
I love this game and can play for hrs. The only thing keeping it from being perfect is the inability to skip a level and still advance. Either that or add a "solve" or "hint" option. The only levels I hate are the inline ones. I have a note 4 so my screen is large, but not big enough to be able to deal with those tiny ones.
I'm somewhat addicted to this game. It starts off really simple, but it gets challenging as you go on. I worked on one puzzle for over 5 hours before I found out there was an option to see the solution. lol. Instructions for the phone app would be helpful. I liked it so much I downloaded Blue Stacks so I could play it on my PC. I wish there was a version for my iPad. This game is so fun.
some of the larger bar levels seem to be more trial and error than logic puzzle... but the ability to generate levels with specific shapes or compensates.
I can't tell you enough how much I love this game. It has preset levels, and you can customize your own levels, as well! It's very relaxing for me, and I'm grateful it can be played on- and offline. Best part... NO ADS!!! Not even banner ads (which I find tolerable)! Thank you so much for creating a simple-yet-clever, free game.
I really love this game. It's fun and challenging and thanks to variety of mechanisms puzzle solving doesn't get boring and repetitive. One minor issue though: even though it was supposedly fixed the blue color in links is still a little too dark for me. I would like to contribute somehow to encourage you guys. Maybe some unobtrusive in app purchase model?
I really liked it, very simple mechanics that can make very entertaining levels and i like that you have a "generate similar" option, even though i haven't used it yet. I can understand why its there and is something i believe should be in more puzzle games.
I enjoyed this game and was going to give it 5 stars - until I got stuck on "Big 20". I don't usually give a negative review just because I can't finish a game, but in this case it points out a flaw: The solution can't be resized and it's hard to see those tiny lines on my cell phone, so I can't refer to it to complete this tedious level; nor can I skip it. I hate to uninstall the game because the other levels I've played are beautiful, but I don't have room on my phone for a game I can't play.
It's a fun game, but I've been stuck on the same level and I wish it would let try others without completing it.
I cant get enough! Through lost phones or phones stolen; i didmt remember the name of the game but it picked at my brain so much that i had to get it back. I searched & searched but find it in google play. Then i rememberd that google play has "my library"! But after 3 1/2 yrs later, would it actually be there?!! YES! I scrolled all the way to the bottom & there it was!!!! 😛 My husband said, the house is at peace again! 👌
Excellent game, really gets you thinking. Some of the larger puzzles are a bit tricky on a small screen, but you can zoom and pan although this could be a touch easier. Only a couple of minor suggestions. the background colour of the hexes that can/can't be moved could do with being easier to distinguish and if you don't want to go to the next puzzle straight away, a menu item to "go to next puzzle" on your return would be handy, as returning to level select and scrolling through the list is tedious.
Each level remains unique...the levels increase from simple to challenging then right back to simple so that your mind doesn't get overloaded. Entertaining and skillful.
The title actually says it all. Apart from that it does not need special permissions to download and install 5/5 for that!
Give it a try. I really like it. Presents an excellent challenge. I would rate 5 stars however every 3-4 screens the game switches off and I have to load again. Not too much of a pain as it continues where I left off. But it can take me out the zone and makes it less enjoyable to continue.
Tiny 11 has a typo: top right "Connor" should be top right corner. Lovely free game. Very addictive. An so far I've noticed no advertisements. :)