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Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale

Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by WolfFun located at 180-182 Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC, VietNam. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
really, really loved it! ya have good graphics and game optimization, all is balanced. but,,, there is no cloud save, we want to make it like fb or google play, your website is not working since i tried to play and earn and when i came back i lost all my progress. please acknowledge our request, thank you! am loyal to this game now.
Good for that taste of a moba without the data drain ai is not that bad either far from perfect but they do the job of makeing the fight not so one sided like player vs ai fights usually are.
Game creator if your reading this please update this so that you can buy heroes because you cant even get any hero at all and even the chest's that say's 100% but you still cant get any hero soo bad you call that loot more like junk you only get money,ticket,and gems its soo hard to get a hero and please make the enemies a bit weaker and please also make it so that you can buy skin and gems .๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก Its soo hard winning a event.
Kindly fix mine ? I cant open my item box. Though its for viewing ads but still its the only way to have new heroes and skills. Please. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Love the game and also it would be better if you get free gems every day and also its sk fun i gave it a 3 bc i the gem problem its hard to get
This game is so awesome and it's offline I want to low the purchase of spin skin n I want some trial plz can u fix this bug?
Great idea needs some balance. Friendly AI do not balance well. Had a game with 12 kills in 4v4 tdm and the bots had 2 each. Enemy team won with their bots getting 8 or 9 kills a piece. Very frustrating and happens constantly
i really love this game.. cute characters and nice graphics.. ads not irritated but help u get rewards.. my question is if u played this online is your opponent still bot or real players? i still dont play it in offline.. love this game & thumbs up to the developers
What happen ? why does the time became 1:30mins while in the past updates it was 3mins. You can see its still 3mins on battle info when you choose what type of battle you wanna play.
I love the game but you lose to much trophies when you lose and there is no clans and you can't play with the people from the match you played together
very nice game for an offline game I can play it when I don't have internet and it's not boring to play even if it's just AI opponents because when your rank rises your opponents also get stronger and when you go online you get more rewards you get money faster which is so amazing๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ
The only thing I hate is there's a gacha system,so it's tougher to get new heroes and costumes,wish there was a battle pass system for rewarding progress.....apart from that,it's a fun offline MOBA, very rare in the market
Game was trash, enemies always has wall hacks, they always see me through the bushes that I was hiding on, like bruv, WHY, this kind of stuff should be removed from the bots, cuz every single time, they always see me through bushes.
Should reward a hero or hero skin by playing a games instead of only by watch ad. I think this game is all about watching ads. It's a great offline games though. ๐Ÿ˜
ahah , I know you try to make good game , but , how come an offline needing ads to get stuff ? I mean is , why not just straightly unlock it ? while the game seems good when goes on as higher level / skill / etc to progress which make it sort of rpg.. so , ya , hopefully can alter the definition where offline really meant to be offline.. maybe more maps / bots...
Right now, I can't even have an experience because as soon as I tap on the app, I keep being sent back to my home screen. Maybe it's a problem with my phone or the app.
...This should be avaible on the original version to save memory space. It work fine and it is a good time when you don't have Online. Bots are unfair for the most part and yet even offline you still need to still progress to get the rest... And there's Ads and Money options if you wish... But it's offline... Again, this SHOULD be in the original version... It doesn't matter if you can't earn any prize Offline. That's fine!
This game is so unfair I'm already master rank in this game and I still have four FOUR!!! characters and 5 skill 5!! And everytime I play a deathmatch or super star I'm the only target the enemy's won't stop unless I'm dead If the LAZY ASS STUPID DEVELOPERS sees this I hope I HOPE!!! THEY FIX THIS STUPID SIMPLE PROBLEM THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY
Its a good game its kinda like mobile legends but for kids and its also like brawl stars the only annoying thing is some of the charecters are broken but they do nerf charecters when they ruin the game so i reccomend this
Good can I obtain all heroes please......I like this game because it's like mobile legends bangbang thank you for making me happy
This the best moba offline games.. awesome๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Škeep it up.. Add more character and game mode๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Love it cool characters fun gameplay different abilities and heroes to choose from best thing is you made it offline and online catering to players ill never delete this game.
please make the game pvp that can play using same wifi connection or bluetooth connection please i'm sure that if you do this apdate this game will be popular to play because you can play with your brother and sister using same wifi connection or pair bluetooth connection
Fix the bot...don,t make the bot run toward the playzone..very annoying when i see the is kinda stupid and run toward the playzone and died just like trash...by the way...i will give 5 start because it easy to play...don,t forget to fix that bot....thank you
I thought I was a good game at first but it's just another pay2win/pay2play type of game. You can spend hours grinding chests and still less compared to 10min in a actual moba. Trash.
Great game! But pls make the game fair,add some coins every battle and add a lan multiplayer,And also pls make the heroes purchaseable using coins and not the chest (it needs internet connection) I will give this game 5 Star if you add my request and many people will play this game :)
This game is so cute most recommended by friends.But i rate this 4 stars because the creator didnt gave some updates like new heroes new skills new battlefields and some game improvements like watch adds to buy some Coins and PLEASE CREATOR PLEASE ADD SOME VOICE LIKE "VICTORY", "KILLING SPREE", QUADRO KILL", like that Creator because its so good like that And also add some like christmas thene halloween theme yes that so thats all i hope you read this creator thank you so much this game is scute
Team wolf fun your game is extraordinary fantastic game superb very entertaining game super character then offline but I don't get money east character ๐Ÿ˜ฃ it's ok live it and the game is really good and good graphics and good controls Wolf fun plz lesson my requests is the game they have not a speed run button and plz add some games controls and some pets long map and different types of maps please lessons my requests and I will waiting for the next update and god bless you team wolf fun bye ๐Ÿ‘
I give five star rates this game, because it is a nice game. My rank is champion๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ this game is catching a star, fight untill the end of time. How i wish that this game is have a turret and minions how i wish that. But it is a nice game(malas mo lang kapag ang ka teammates mo ay mga bobo wala kang magawa talo talaga๐Ÿ˜‚)
Nice game pls update this now that you can play with friends that's offline and add hero and add event and place plss answer me when you gonna do ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™pls do it you can because of pandemic i am so sad Plss and add it chest that offline
i gave 3 stars because one of my box its not fuction i cannot open how to get a new hero or skin pls fix it so i can injoy playing this game. i gave 5 star if you fix this problem.
Good game i dont know if this game is just it or does the game has more to bring. No local lan thats my problem .What i hate the most is you cant buy heroes or skills... and so dumb AI. The superstar doesn't have turrents and enemies can see you from bush like whats the purpose of that bush just remove that if it serve no purpose. And the concept of Moba that heroes can use skills that also can be use by others is bad gameplay.. So far the good part is the art, graphics and the battle royale.
The problem with the game is that the only way to farm the coins faster is to watch ads, there's barely any reward after each battle, which is frustrating. Other than that, it's a decent game.
This is one of the worst have I have ever played. The bots are very good in teaming. In rise of kings game mode, all the bots attack me only instead of attacking a bot beside who has less that 10 hp. It's written solo showdown but it's not solo at all. I'm controlling myself because it is offline. If it had been online, then, it is trash.
It's a decent game but has tons of problems, ai like to target basically only the player, and it's nearly impossible to get new heroes and skills. Plus it won't even let me watch adds for the box with a "100%" new hero chance
I really love this game๐Ÿคฉ. The first time I played this game I thought it was so easy and uninteresting. But as I continue, the game becomes hard and thrilling. The more I understand the mechanics the more I fall on this game. Great job devs, 5 stars for that.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
This game is very good offline again, just good, download it now This game is very good offline again, anyway it's good, download it now (sorry I don't really speak English yet(sorry I don't really speak English yet) Indonesian language:Maaf kalo bahasa ingris ku jelek ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚
It's good, but not so good because to earn heroes you need to watch some adds, heroes is limited only in earning play boxes
Man not bad for a offline battle royale! Unique characters as well as decent game play. Bots are actually dumb though but are lethal in solo lol.
Edited*..hello plz devs add more character.more skins more maps and gameplay... guys i just wanna say tq for this awesome game..the graphic gameplay is great but this game lack of something like character ADD MORE CHAR.classes skin and map... Plz add more content more map more character more skin...more skill type...then i will give i 10* review...thnx hope u will respond my review thnx
"Failed to load ads, please check internet connection" but has pop up ads after every game. So hard to get characters that my enemies are using legendary heroes who can 1 shot me while I'm still using the 2nd free hero I got.
This game is awesome but you have to watch ads to get new characters cuz i am the highest rank but i don't use wifi often so need to fix that
Pros: - A nice offline MOBA game Cons: - It's an offline game, if you're online there will be 2 ads after every match. - You have to watch 10+ of ads for a new hero, or pay cash money - AI can see through bushes and primarily target the player - AI also dumb enough to not shoot back against another AI
This game is fun but my only complaint is that you nerf some heroes like for example Clusters Ultimate its way to overpowering if it hits you,even if your full health also the skill Toxic Fluid its way to overpowering because even if your full health if this skill hits you you will be poisoned for a long amount of time and die. My suggestion is that you make the damage dealt less for these skills and heroes,this is just one of the many skills and heroes that is overpowered,overall its great
I rate it 3 stars because, the bots are hard to fight but some not, every time i open ad box it decreases the rate, and the skins are way to expensive to buy, pls make it cheaper. I really do enjoy this game and it needs a lot of improvement, add more characters, skins, maps and pls fix some major and minor bugs or some bugs.
I have created wolffunid account, but when i try to login whit that and everything is ok, then in setting still is "not connected"
love the gameplay but the time is too short.. can y'all like make it up to at least 2 to 5mins? pls...
Really nice game but u should add an online mode where u can play with friends. Dosent mean make it an online game and the need to be more heroes
this just like the online version only you play with bots but don't let that stop you. this is pretty challenging for AI. very smart programming. good job!
I actually regretting that I never downloaded this before. It's actually good for offline game, although it could use some updates, for example, add some buffs/passive power in all of heroes skins. It could use some minions and towers, I don't care how much size it will gain but as long as you keep it good like now, people will really see some value in this. And it's not pay to win, which is really good too. Edit: Instead of towers, try doing it with turrets, which is unique and unusual...
Great game! With this update dated August 4, 2020. It makes the game stable in terms of collecting Tickets, Coins and Gems. It never dissappear whenever you close the app or play the game. [Unlike before the tickets cannot be stored, if you quit playing then in your next play the tickets dissappear.] I like the challenges, while winning you can enjoy to claim the rewards every Two straight of winning. It helps a lot to upgrade you Skills and your Heroes.
This is a great game!Keep improving it!Although the graphics seems to be below cartoony,it's great.Thank you to the developers that made this awesome game!
Worst mechanics ever!!! I have to press/swipe the action buttons at least 7 times and sometimes even more just to get it to do what I'm asking it to do!!!
Never gets a new hero or skill .no matter how many ads you watch or play game many more times. Heroes stats show 400 attack but his attack is less than hero with 200 attack, so I am prety sure stats don't make sense. Boxes are gatcha with 5% hero chance , so pretty much pain staking .
I like the game, it's okay with the ads, i just don't want is, so hard to get coins/money, maybe you can give every match even atleast 20 to 50 coins, atleast we can save, so hard to upgrade because of the money is so little, if we get too much bored about the slow gaining money, maybe we just quit
I hate the fact that you levelup your heroes and the stats increased, but it wont reflect in gameplay. Like i have 6k hp but when you play its only 4k hp. Whats the point of upgrading heroes?
Fun game, havent tried the online yet. I like being able to choose my skills for battle. One request though is can you make the event skills needed buyable in the shop?
I love the game because it's offline. I just want to suggest that please, make a player vs. player or online competition. thanks.
It's good and stuff, exactly what i'm looking for and it's so addicting but like offline but need to watch ads to get stuff?! BRUh! That isn't a win win for any player
I love this offline version, i really hope you guys add a offline mode on the original game before it's out of maintenance.
I love this game.but some players are stupid. In superstar you have to collect the stars in.order to win why some keep on.attacking.the.opponent and give their stars it sucks. pfffttt
It's easy to climb ranks, but this game is stingy with it's epic and legendary heroes. I still haven't gotten any from the boxes. They 100% want you to pay.
I hate this game...... Well not to much why is so hard to earn gems i hate this game but its cool. Hey i only rate this five because ithis game is fun but make my heroes strike every time i open chest its has gem ok please do that i realy wan't to have the Radion Avatar and Frame. Will you do that for me please i will rate this five if you make my heroes strike every time i open chest please give me gems five gems every chest please Thanks if you do but i hate you if not........anyway bye.
Good app, I rated it four star cause the time limit is so small wish they add some turrents and minions in the game and pls make the map more bigger
I like this so much becouse it is offline but will there be an update like brawlsatrs becouse it's pritty simile to that but I'd loved to have an update
The game is good but I hate it so much because the game so unfair..the enemy is so op and my level is so low..how to win the game like that? It's not fair at all.. offline game make me release my stress but it feel same like you playing online..I don't want enemy to be so easy but this is so ridiculous
It's really fun but there are some problems like when you get shot with a super skill you stand still reminds me of brawl stars and dragon brawlers
Nice graphics, challenging opponents, and easy-to-use controls!! You can play this game with no internet needed and you can join tournaments which are very challenging. This game is a Think-to-win and not pay-to-win. Kudos to the maker of this game ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ 5 stars!!
ISSUE: Its hard to get pass on Gold Rank to earn points & level up. MY ANSWER: When your about to lose the game, inorder not to lose star points and maintain your rank. Before game countdown runs out, exit the game and play again until you're sure that your winning it. Note: i passed the Platinum rank Additional: The ad box doesn't let you open anymore chests when it reach to a high level. No more free chests. Its good and addictive but i would not recommend you to spend your money into this.
I love this game, it's just like ml, but I just really hope you could give more coins so that we can uograde the heroes more. Hope you would do something about that, then I would rate 5 stars
amazingly fun gameplay. wish battles could be longer. no intrusive ads! the game is so fun. i love blowing people up and getting killstreaks. game is balanced well too. characters abilities are the best part. you are able to play many playstyles ranged and melee. heals and tank too its a blast try it! has taken me short time to upgrade and progress.
Great gameplay and amazing heroes. This is a great game all round, and the fact that they made an offline version is just so good. Keep up the good work.
Great game! By the way, pls add more heroes and skills but the heroes are kinda hard to get them which is can get boring and the available gamemodes are not much it's almost the same gamemode but much harder. So plz make new gamemode like capture point or bomb planting. But it's really a great game!
Super fun when ever I go on a vacation I always play this game it gets me really happy for the 10 hours till I get to the hotel
Would spend money on the game prolly atleast monthly if i could get into it. I need a lil more heroes and somethin like brawl ball from brawl stars. But other than tht good game
Well the game it's super but considering offline you have to watch adds to get heroes it would be great if you would add a battle pass like when you go to a special level like I'm now gold so the available cards could be given instead of having to watch adds . And plz develop the bots cuz in battle royal the bots sometimes run into storm for loootty
pls ADD multiplayer and pls add more hero and the thing that really need to fix is the uppercut ulti from erran ghost where if you get stunned and when they stun you back you cant use any attacks only movements and the pls add a shop in the game so we could buy hero then just waiting from a chest where you only get whats given to you then rather choosing what you want to, and the emoji is useless since you dont get to use it to players then bots
Its is good it has the best characters and I love the game but you need a update so you could open chest offline
I really don't understand why you program the bots to double team the player in Battle Royale but stop it. I can literally walk past 2 bots fighting and they both automatically shoot at me. Then just walk away like nothing happened. I lose rank just because I cant 1v10 everyone.
too many ads its annoying cnt even get new hero not recommended to give even just one star ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
This Game Is So Good I Got To Play Without Internet But It's Hard To Get Characters And Theres Only Few Characters U Should Add More Characters And Skins And Add More Gamemode Like Juggernaut And Capture The Flag And Make The Bots Can't See Us In Bushes It's Not Fair They Always Ambushing Me (BTW I'm Not A Bot)
This Game ok it's nice n fun to play, I don't mind if ads pop up, but your ads contain sexual 18+,,my kids playing this game u know, please fix it
very involving but hard to navigate. must keep up with tutorial to learn but controls are easy to use
This game is very nice but you can only use a common hero and you cant buy a hero or a skill and plssssss preeeety plssssss add some maps ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… i just delete it because i just try this game.I got a lot games been tried if i like it i will download this to my brand new phone so plsssss add some map or just chang the game.Like you can buy a hero or skill
The game is fun and good but there is this glitch/bug or whatever it is that sometimes makes my phone mag like so much there is about 1 frame per minute and then the phone crashes it already happened twice you have to fix this. It literally even changed some settings in my phone, but those settings were not very important.
I don't like it. I uninstalled it after playing a while. This is not even a MOBA. This is just a stupid game chasing for stupid stars. My Team AI are dumb af and Enemy AI are OP af. It is not even balanced. BS. there are too much ads.
It is a very good game but a little udjustment coz its hard to get money so please a little adjustment
Omg the best offline game in 2020 i like this and i rate 5 star because it is have good graphics,balanced skills and hero recommend for stress relieving game,competitive game and amazing heroes! Please add lan multiplayer mode because its so fun if i play with my friends and cousins so please add it i hope you add more maps and some heroes good job and thank you for making this game best moba offline ever๐ŸคŸโค๏ธ
Too much ads.... Infact 2 compulsory ads at home screen without any benefit. New item box view ad button not working so no advantage their too.... Was a good timepass game but I am annoyed with ads now so uninstalling it.
The game is great tge game is offline but my problem is you can only get a hero by viewing ads and it says it's offline i hope you guys change this, my rank is silver but my hero is still 4 I wish that the hero chest is not opened by ads I want it by coins so please remove the ads from the hero chest and change it to coins. And I want you guys to make a Lan Multiplayer that would ve so goooood. And another thing I want is more more modes,I hope you guys see this and make this changes. Thank you!
This game is fun but it's hard to obtain coins etc. And your ally bots suck and the other enemy bots are so good and it feels like you're playing with real people also this game has a lot of bugs.
i hope there will be a multiplayer using bluetooth.. or hot spot. because it is very fun to play with friends even if without internet.
This game isn't that bad. There are lots of game modes and it extremely fun, However, I do would like to see some updates and changes around here. For some reason when I play this game, I feel like I'm playing "Brawl Stars". Please add new things to the game, such as a 5v5 Moba w/minions (instead of towers, you should use turrents), More maps, More Heroes aswell, etc... Overall, not a bad game, But please update it, I'm sure people would like it aswell.
I will just give it 5 star. Good graphics and gameplay. But it took me a long time before getting epic heroes. I spam played it and reached challenger for 2 weeks and got 1 epic melee character.
Definitely 1 star. I get VIP privileges and half the game glitches. Can't open my chests or gain rewards for leveling up anymore. And no response from developers either.
This game do not give me any heroes and skill. When it gives me some gems and tickets, only 1-4 gems only. Everything in this game is expensive.
The games is great but the game is all about playing bots.... And I'm stuck with only 3 characters.... Modes are just all bots no pvp... No lan How can I play pvp if it is offline? And no lan mode The game information pvp how? By taking it online while it is offline game.... Got frustrated because no lan mode..... But the is awesome.... Just need lan mode if possible
Nah, these new updates messed the new hero obtain rate. last year playing, I managed to get almost all the heroes even under diamond league.. but now in my new phone,, I hit Champion league but only BIG PAPA was obtained...and he was in the AD CHEST with 100% new hero rate. So, the free chest is absolutely trash now... can't give new heroes. pfft..
I like this game very much i want to give 10 stars for this game super weapons ,heros and skills super well done good job
One of the game that I have continued to play for more than 4 days. The only problem I am facing is that my item box is no more opening. It says view 2 ads but then there are 0 ads available
I just think its awesome to be able to play a MOBA style game offline. Wish more were offline or had the option like this one does.
Ridiculous!! The bots on ur team are completely useless. The bots on opposing team just happen to know where and when to be no matter what. It's just a dumb game honestly.
I'd love to give 5 stars but first I'd like to be able to play with friends who are nearby. Or add people as friends to invite to game. Also it is very strange to me that my wife gets special daily deals that are different and of greater value than myself. How does that work? As well as she gets x2 rewards and has for over a week where as I don't ever have that.
I purposely installed this just to right this review. Your title alone is misleading and false advertisement you cannot have an "offline" MOBA as moba stands for multiplayer ONLINE battle arena. Learn your acronyms.
This is a really great game but, I'm lil upset cause whenever I select a frame and spaceship, it does not save, when I reopen the app it just back at the old ones, The available cards in rank is not in the box at all, and then you put that there's a season even there is not. Please fix this.
It started with just a few ads and you can voluntarily watch it if you want rewards. But after a few days ads are non-stop before and after playing. One after another. You've earned a lot of money now from ads, atleast try to make your app a better game
Actually...i really want to gave it 5 stars....i want to complain a few things....i wonder that the creator of this game can fix the old bug which is the lvl of heroes....i thought that....when i upgrade the hero lvl....the health will be 3195...but when in the game...its shown 2550.....i wish u can fix that to get my 5 stars review...
Spoke to soon. Always waiting. Always. Cant upgrade ppl or skills without waiting, waiting, did I mention waiting. Ughhhh
I will rate it 5 star if you change the rate of heroes in the mystery box because ive viewed many ads for heroes and still none of it give me. Then second is pls add some multiplayer mode like soul knight because i wanna play with other in local hotspot. Then plss add some more even good characters.
Best game ever .... Because you think it is not hard because it is offline ... It is best... Only probleme is because you get boxes it starts as papper box and then again that is bad... FIX IT plz..... And you don t ever get new heroes.. plz fix plz
strategically you would want to get the last item box for a guaranteed new hero before ranking up to get SHANNA(legendary) or REI(epic) since according to the cards availability description its impossible to get any cards that is not available in your current rank so you will surely get 1 out of 2 hero also planning to maintain my RECRUIT rank and get the next item box for skill to get METEOR SLAM(legendary)... but i was fooled instead i got CLUSTER(common) hero available on private rank really?
It was fun and amazing. I love the way how skills and superpower works on each of the characters. It was diversed and fun to see and discover.
I love this game but my hero skin that I obtained just missing. I have used that skin only one day. Please fix that bug.
For being a fairly basic and easy to pick up offline moba game it's actually not bad. It has a bit of a Nintendo Wii Lego game feel to it.
Why am I always getting a epic skill/rocket and legendary skill /meteorslam but not getting any legendary heroes and epic heroes I really want epic and legendary heroes like morrod and rei and I'm not lucky why is this game like this common always the first to get
Good graphics amazing skills. more map and more characters to come. i love this game because it's Offline you can play even if you don't have an Internet or Data. keep it up developers. God bless!
Im so inlove in this game,it is so nice that i can play it even without internet connection and its a good RPG game the quality is good but my only problem is i cant even unlock a new hero its hard to get some in the lucky box the only way to get some hero is connect to internet then open the special box
cons; it's almost difficult to get new heroes as the level of boxes can only go from 5-10% and the waiting time can be a bit difficult. plus, the hero events are lowkey hard to get past, it feels like you're up against gods with events. pros; it's a really solid game, the controls are smooth, everything feels nice. rating it four stars purely because of how it's almost so good, but these few issues i mentioned should be nerfed, at least a little bit.
Needs bots! The game gets repetitive every mode since its more of a battle royale. Four stars seems generous.
It's a really fun game but I'm a lil upset about the value of each skins and some items. They're too expensive. I can buy one but I feel that it wasn't that worth it to buy one skin for 600+ gems. Overall, the game is fun and I have one suggestion: Why don't you add something like a 3 lane maps with turrets and jungles? It'll be fun! Plus balance some characters tho, some are really over powered
Game where smooth as well as controllยฎ To many ads* Characters/skills are impossible to obtain* When you reach higher ranks bots will use legendary skills and heroes which has higher stats than you* grinding for keys? It's useless they will give you paper boxes= 30 coins 1 ticket and 2hero cards to upgrade your useless tank. Paperbox Paperbox paperboxxxxxxxxx.. Pssh. Garbage.
Awesome,this game really hits the mark,hope some new changes like timing of skills and hiding in grass will be fixed on the upcoming updates,but overall its awesome,fun and addictive
The game is good but why I'm need to watch ads to open box? It's too irrelevant to it's name "offline" but you need internet to get new heroes. I'm happy on this game, but you should let us to buy heroes through coins or gems.
Wow this game is awsome i like it. I like the graphics, controls, heroes. Its cool๐Ÿ˜Ž So i give it a 5 stars ๐ŸŒŸ
Wish I could rate it lower man...I had an account on a different hero strike( the old one) ..and they decided to make a new one,while I loose all my old data,time and money that I've spend on old one just so they can stop running the old app(Hero Strike)..now I have to make a new account...naw...
It could have been a great game. But it's annoyingly infested with advertisements per match or per opening a chest. Who the hell likes to play a game when there are advertisements pop-ups every minute.