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Heroes Mobile: World War Z

Heroes Mobile: World War Z for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Wolf Game Studio located at 北京市东城区沙滩后街. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Super game and in less mb they have given a good game its like clash of clans but with marvel heroes keep it up I love this game
Rating 1 star because it will NOT let me leave the league I'm in. Even if we're not in a war it still won't let me leave it keeps saying "can not leave league while in war". But other than that the game is fun and enjoyable but please remove this bug and I will raise to 5 star
Heroes mobile World War z I like this game on this game istwenty heroes on twenty heroes there have six super heroes and this game is data game
for high level players game is very boring. No updating for 2 years now...Dear developers, if you want to stay in this market YOU NEED TO UPDATE ASAP. Add new features, heroes, equipment, raise top lv of upgrading, whatever...DO SOMETHING!!!
Its a very good game but I would say that y'all could plz reduce the time on upgrading things and lower the price for upgrading things to plz
Great game but league chat won't work and I can't send or receive troops..... Pleeeeaaaassssseeeeeee fix for better review
I really like the game there’s a lot of great content, being able to not only level a home village and a builder base there is a lot more competition. I like how the systems work how you are available to be attacked for your home village but you are given the option to battle and to be battled when you would like for your builder base.
Nice game! But it should be upgraded more, I do not know, is there any option to creat a id, so that I may use it evenif I ever delete it. Developer should gaive features like Clash of clan and sould add more scenery.
It's really lots of fun and very very relaxing I enjoy this game very much it is similar to Clash of Clans but still has got a little bit of Different Twist to it which makes it a lot of fun just love it
This ia a super game wonderful but arena should be unlocked at level 2 command but level 4 is too high solve this
I love this game, it's my favorite game of all time, I love almost everything on this game, and one of my favorite is donating, but in donating you either spend a lot of gems or mess up your troop training. I always use quick train, and if I donate troops from my camps, it messes up my whole entire quick train, and I don't want to spend all my gems just to give someone a couple troops. I think there needs to be a separate army camp that has a barracks attached to it, and you can train troops to fill that army camp, you also can't use the troops from that army camp to attack, you can only use those troops to donate, the barracks attached to the camp is always at the same level as your highest leveled barracks you have, please take my suggestions into mind and try to work on this in the next update.
I Give 5 star becouse this game is enjoyable, I hope you can read this so that you can come up with an idea. I hope one day you can create new Army, Heroes, and spells to make it more enjoyable to play and if there are many, you can download it because it is beautiful and you can not be lazy to play and it is fun to play every day☺
The only game, and I mean ONLY game that has ever held my attention for an extended time. I’ve played virtually every one of the standard strategy games (Game of War, Hobbit KoM, etc) and I lose interest eventually. However, this game has variety, difficulty, balance, and strategy. One of the greatest games ever brought to the app store.
The game was great but please fix the design editor on layout its difficult to place the walls one at a time and it cant be moved once you place it you have to remove it to move it on another place. App developer please notice this :)
Its good I gues it has all the feature game from (Clash of Clans, Clash of Lords, etc... Games) Pretty unique
Its an interesting game I play clash of clans but it is not so interesting but when I see this game and play think that is done by mistake and delete this email and any attachments is intended only for the meeting fast mam is a good morning Ma'am please find attached the meeting fast mam is a good morning Ma'am please find attached 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😙😙😙😙 to the meeting fast mam is a good morning Ma'am please find attached the meeting fast mam is a good morning Ma'am please find theplay thus
First of all the sound effects when u finish a building,bushes textures and gem box textures taken off from coc (clash of clans)and too big of a tutorial they can shorten it up and remove off alot of useless talkings and they can change the elixir storages textures and every texture even the walls are so similar to coc.
League chat is not working,full of arabic chat spam in world chat and the troops are ignoring enemy heroes when they are attacking building.I cant even see my troop request.Is there even a moderator here because it feels like an abandoned game.
Everything in this game is great. I had my whole family play they loved it everyone who played this liked it at least everyone I know. I think if you like the 2D base games you will love it. They make updates regularly especially on holidays and also make new troops. If you think you don’t like it try it first I promise you as soon as you start you can’t stop. The only thing is the upgrades are long but it’s a 2D game what do you expect. Please try it out I think you will like it.
It's like Clash of clans. Good game,but just make the graphics beautiful than this. I recommend this game to all Clash of clans Gamer.
Wow! This game is too much nice and good . The graphics are also nice. Its look like Clash of Clans. Thx for developer who make this cool game.
This game is awesome and it's just like clash of clans so i keep it in 4 stars but i don't keep it 5 stars cause every i played there's always hacking so i install it and delete re install again and delete until then i'm going bye bye rate.
Nice game this game have some gliches like when u attack then our hero's so not attack on opponent heroes that's the biggest minus point... And also improve graphics like clash of clan smooth graphics and also smooth mostion of heroes and troops...
This game is very nice.I have never played game like this. It is very very nice game and my friends and families are also playing this game. And they loves this game very much.
Its so good its like clash of clans but better but clash of clans is still better i play this because clash of clan u need to wait it to be done
Ok this is one of my favorite games is has no forced ads, and has tons of effort put into it. Sadly I think the builder base or the night base is really just a distraction from the real village everything also is way to expensive. The gem mine is amazing in every way. Once again the builder base is way to expensive, also I feel like walls are just the most expensive thing for both villages. Also I feel like the builder village has only prototype defenses, I don’t know if that was an intention. All in all it is an amazing game, and you guys are super talented. You should get this game if your reading just to see what it’s like. Good game keep updating it.
I like this game because its so many item like free speed free gold,oil etc.. And its so easy to upgrade your building.
Great game. Home in next update. They added more defense and heroes... And the command upgrade increase 1. So it will become command 12
It’s a very good game; molding strategy and cooperation between clan mates together with fun graphics and events creates fun gameplay for everyone. A few minor things could be added to both improve the gameplay and make it more fun - being able to block unwanted players from a clan, which could allow clans to have play and not worry about suspicious/annoying players. Also, one addition that would be helpful is making it so that you don’t have to re-train your Tripp’s after story mode attacks, which could make multiplayer gameplay easier to access while still getting achievements in story mode. Adding restrictions like providing players with specific troops to use instead making players use their own armies would be a good idea. That change could expose newer players to higher level troops, improving strategy and experience. Lastly, one possible addition could be adding a chat room for high level players to give advice on gameplay and strategy so newer players can improve their bases and attacks.
Your game is good.But the main problem is when i enter the game it shows net problem but i have a good net connection and the freezes.
Love the game! The game got a lot more fun with the builder hall update. I’m only town hall 8 but I’ve been enjoying it the whole way through. I feel that the upgrade time could be a little bit less, mainly because whenever I’m upgrading things that take 3-4 days, I’m afraid to attack because I’ll get attacked.
Yeah... It Good... But when You Get Your Base in Level 5 or 4 you're Gonna Fight Level 50 Base... Omg but its OK sometimes I See level 3
Used to like it when started it's so boring after reaching a high level. In addition, a lot of bugs, auto exit while playing causes loss of cups, no updating at all. In total, cons are much more than pros.
I love this game so much it’s really fun but one thing you should change is the bomb towers. They can only attack ground troops but they are towers and should be able to attack air Troops as well. And one more thing, you should really make the upgrade time a little shorter. Not the cost just the upgrade time.
When I play heroes mobile I remember clash of clans and clash of zombies and they are the best games ever and this game blows my mind and it changed my life. The game has easy controls and the idea of this game is so cool. Many people will say "OH MY GOSH"when they install and play this game 😁👍👌✌😁
My god this game is awesome just like clash of clan 😍 i love this game but there are some bugs like gliching and in future update i hope you guys have 5 hero more ❤️
I like it because it's a strategy game and I like games like this because it takes a while to beat and you have to choose wisely and use your materials
It’s fun and well supported. My favorite thing about this game is that you don’t have to spend any money to progress. I have never spent one dollar on in app purchases and I am a very high level and maxed out base. Money will get your there faster but they don’t force you to spend money to progress all the way to the top.
I really like this COC-like game, I just recently got into the game because of a friend. I think it would be really cool if there was an option to attack your own village with your troops, to test you base design out. Not having to train them or anything but obviously keep the same capacity and levels that you have. I think it would be interesting to see how my village would last against myself. Anyways thanks for all the fun
Best of all these games (clash of clans and clash of zombies) i like the skip options for construction. It is so fair to invest time on this game❤️. But please don't make it commercial after some time.
I love Clash. This is one of my favorite games ever! There are a few things I would add. I think you could add private messaging where you could message other players without been in a clan. It’ll give you more privacy than the global chat. Now you may not want to get this complicated, but I had an idea for combining troops and spells to make different tiers and still have a laboratory to upgrade your troops and spells also. There is nothing wrong with this game. I love it a lot - there are just a few things I think you could add to the game to make it even better!
Great game but there has to be a easier function for the game when you have to build a base, food for thought! Set up a function that would allow us to download the base we would like to build from off the internet then download it into the game and the base would be built and then place the defense and everything else where wanted.
I've playing this almost a month so its a nice game so plss add something heroes and commad and any armories plss im giving it 5 star
This is the game like coc .If you increase troops I will prefer all coc gamers to play this game .By the way your game is nice
I used to play this before and I love it so much I'm just sad because they made few changes like the heroes and events they removed a lot of it but now I'm happy with it..
One problem in this game.developer sir please update the game.all member waiting for your come back.please come back and gift more than new update.special sound system
Literally took all the best parts of CoC and made them better. The combat is great and the game is very generous without spending money. My only issue, is the frame rate. There is no way to change graphics settings and after dropping more than 20 troops my rate crawls almost to a stop and my troops pretty much drop one at a time. Turrets just mow 150 troops down one by one. Please fix this and you'll have a perfect game.
Game is full of glitches. I've had people attack my base and get one star but get credited three stars. Ive had hundreds of gems disappear, constant disconnects, freezes, etc. The game support does a horrible job and ignores your problem and tries to give you 50 gems as an apology, which doesnt fix the issue. ive actually spent real money on this game and it was fun while it lasted, but the creators of this game ignore its glitches and thats horrible. Find a different game.
Nice game can upgrade building so fast with a speed up and heroes base on your experience nice game 5 star 4 me
It is a great game! You start out in a broken down weak village. Spend time building and upgrading your village, by collecting resources. You collect resources from collectors for gold and elixir in your village. And you also defend your base against other attacking players. You can also attack bases yourself getting trophies along the way to rank up. After your village gets experienced you can join a clan. And In that clan battle with other clan members in clan wars. However I don’t recommend this game if you are low on time, it is time consuming. And I’m happy that it’s still developer supported.
This is really nice game.but there should be a update where we can battle against our team to see who is stronger.
The only way I can say it is this game is trash Waste of time playing it The game starts you off and basicaly dumps you with nothing so u have to grind for hours to start The game dosent seem very developed as there isnt that much and I think it's been given up on as there is never updates If you are thinking about downloading dont bother Ok yes there are alott of 5 star reviews but that's just people trying to get free stuff so its dumb This game is seriously just bad and a waste
This is worst game that i play!!! When i raid someone base sometimes the games crush and forcely close, and when i open again the village that i raid the loots i get, is not even add in my storage!!
This game is all around fun and addicting. You start off pretty crappy, but as time progresses you see amazing bases in global or in your clan, and you think to yourself I wanna be like them. With so many updates and improvements. I have 2 little suggestions however, for the Builder Base, I personally feel like it shouldn't just be another village you have to devote time and effort into, I feel like it should've been a new way to get resources etc. And one more suggestion is to add a day and night cycle to the game, and maybe a feature where attacking in the night gets you a bonus. Other than that, I love this game! Keep up the good work and HAPPY CLASHING!
Worst game i was even not able to open it.. Even requested with devs through sending messages. With gmail id..
I'm new to this, but this game and its graphics are awesome!. I love it. Plus it feels real sometimes to me. Ps keep up the good work. 👍😎
It is almost same like coc but i prefer this for now and i don't know how it work out later if therr is any uodate notification Thanks for making me addicted to this...
Terrible, if you have kids that play this I wouldn't recommend it at all due to the amount of discusting language and abuse In world chat, I have ayed this game for one year so witnessed it first hand, not only this I've messaged developers of the game about this issue and nothing has been done to resolve this, the game hasn't had any updates in over one year with terrible lag, war constantly breaking, such a shame as game has great potential so not recommended by me 👎
Very Good and had a lot fun without problem. that's why i give 5 star and also Good Gaming with smoothly and easy complete any quest with expert thing.
This is a fine game but it's kind of like a big copy if clash of clans and many other . I would have given it a low rating in fact I did before but then it just stop ed working so be careful .
I love the game very much, but I have an idea. The wait for the building is long, but that’s good so people will buy gems and u guys can make a living. How bout have two builders work on one building and have it as half the time so it goes faster and if someone wants to build something else then that one builder can leave that site and movie to the next building. Other wise great game keep heading the right direction.
Loved your game, I have been into Mobile strategy games for about 5years now. and this game is one of the best one after Clash of Zombies 1 & 2. Keep up the good work. User requirements: We need more content to play, as of now, thats what is lacking. but I trust you guys, that there is more to come down the road. Also, I am one of those users who love to support the development team for more and better content. Cheers (UserNo: 10004515)
It is almost like the clash of clans. The only difference is that in Clash Of Clans the heroes unlock after a certain townhall level. But in this game the heroes are like troops. So, don't wait , just go for it.
This game is packed with exciting and challenging events around every corner. The game is literally full of all types of team effort events and is always challenging you to push to the next level and is so addicting from day one to several hrs down the road and counting! Way to go the team for putting a great game together. You must try this game and see for your self, you can’t go wrong! From my clan family to you...welcome!!
Just wow game. Download it. The developers are very brilliant.This is my favourite game ever and ever.
This game is really cool and fun but in the early games the heroes are very op and it just destroys everything that crosses there path especially when you have more than 2 heroes.
The graphics are not that good and sometimes confusing..a lot of heroes which is good and are fast face compare to COC my concern is the matching system and the defending heroes are far stronger than the attacking ones and one hero has the ability to wipe out a huge army so yeah I'll keep this at 3